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  • Miguel.Ledesma Ledesma

    As a Dominican American,i hope he represents the DR in the WBC.

  • Joel Brea
    Joel Brea 18 days ago

    Mangu pawer 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴💪💪💪💪💪

  • Luis david encarnacion

    Que viva la República Dominicana me siento 100% orgulloso de ser Dominicanos Aquino es un fenómeno Dios lo bendiga grandemente.

  • jclbuxfan
    jclbuxfan 19 days ago

    He has 13 hrs now in less than 100ab . 🔥😳😳

  • jclbuxfan
    jclbuxfan 19 days ago

    What a beast . Pay this man Reds

  • Jose suriel
    Jose suriel 20 days ago

    HR a lo ken griffin jr

  • Rogelio Castillo
    Rogelio Castillo 21 day ago +1

    Pero el traductor para que

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike 27 days ago

    Awesome job 44 !!!

  • Michael Peralta
    Michael Peralta 29 days ago

    Platano power. As a Dominican We are very proud of you aquino for the numbers that you are putting out there. Keep on making like that.

  • James Carter
    James Carter 29 days ago

    Rookie Aquino is off to great start. He looks like the next home run champ for years to come,

  • Trumps America
    Trumps America Month ago +1

    This man deserves a statue.

  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose Month ago +7

    Am I the only one that actually loves his batting stance

    • sanjuan100100
      sanjuan100100 Month ago +2

      That's Tony batista stance .google it 😉

  • Chenn Forajido
    Chenn Forajido Month ago

    Yo, that stance is hella weird.

  • Pistachio
    Pistachio Month ago +3

    Swinging for the river every time... Adam Dunn 2.0

    • wheezerYT
      wheezerYT Month ago

      @Matt Rose -- Way too small a sample size. Remember how Jay Bruce lit it up when he first came up? That lasted a couple of weeks and then.....

    • Matt Rose
      Matt Rose Month ago

      I don't know he looks better than Adam Dunn. He could hit for contact as well. Adam Dunn couldn't hit for contact at all.

  • Wes 4511
    Wes 4511 Month ago

    1:15 why are they posing? Lol

    HOUSTON 4 LIFE Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but Yordan Alvarez's video of 3 HR only gets 1 HR in that video? This man gets all his 3 HR's in this video but Yordan doesn't? I see u MLB I see u

    • sanjuan100100
      sanjuan100100 Month ago

      Yeah but Alvarez is not a rookie a cuban veteran.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Month ago

    MLB have really fucked the game, no one asked them to mess with the ball.

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 Month ago

    If the Reds can maintain this core plus their current pitching nucleus for a few years they are gonna be scary good. Aquino, VanMeter, Suarez, Votto, Winker, Dietrich, Barnhardt. Then they got Castillo, Gray, Bauer, and Wood. Crazy depth just need to mature the young guys.

    • BingeFest1
      BingeFest1 Month ago

      Collin Edgington yea I did they just got so many future stars

    • Collin Edgington
      Collin Edgington Month ago +1

      BingeFest1 forget senzel? And Iglesias?

  • royalxxxg G
    royalxxxg G Month ago

    Really surprise the numbers he’s putting up. His minor league stats are not spectacular. Best of luck to him.

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin 19 days ago

      I think you need to look at his AAA stats from this year before he was called up.

  • maria casado
    maria casado Month ago +4

    Bamos arriba Aquino confiando en Papá Dios Ciempre

    • maria casado
      maria casado 22 days ago

      @kesmo1425 ok trankilo gracias pol tu consejo

    • kesmo1425
      kesmo1425 26 days ago

      @maria casado
      pero si no eres mas que una ignorante, eso lo explica todo!! Ve y sigue así, gente como tu no llega a nada. Y yo no pierdo mas mi tiempo

    • maria casado
      maria casado 27 days ago +1

      gitano, lo que pasa que el se la quiere da en profesol

    • maria casado
      maria casado 27 days ago

      Yaaa profesor gracias profesor Girafales

    • the gitano
      the gitano Month ago +1

      @kesmo1425 Pero tú entendiste Cervantes

  • DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    Much respect to reds fans filling up the stadium no matter the teams record. Unlike orioles fans who don’t deserve to even have a team anymore.

    • wheezerYT
      wheezerYT Month ago

      @DeadMoNeyProductions BP I do see a lot of red there, yes, which is nice, but also many Cub jerseys. Seriously, the stadium doesn't fill like that on a regular basis unless the division rivals are in town, especially if it's Chicago or St. Louis. I live here and watch them on TV fairly often, and other than Opening Day, it's otherwise just never that full unless they're actually contending.....and they are kinda/sorta still in contention, but not for long.

    • DeadMoNeyProductions BP
      DeadMoNeyProductions BP Month ago +1

      wheezerYT I see a lot of red in the stands. Look during the homers it’s a lot of red jerseys and reds shirts

    • wheezerYT
      wheezerYT Month ago

      LMAO! The stadium is always half-full of Cub fans when they're in town. Same when the Cardinals hit GABP.

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson Month ago +2

    And he's wearing Eric Davis'
    (My childhood hero)

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago

      Rex Sexson And Adam Dunn, the only Red to hit the ball in the Ohio River

    • Jason Rodgers
      Jason Rodgers Month ago

      Not a reds fan but was a Eric Davis fan so I dont like that hes wearing 44 lol

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez Month ago +16

    Dominican power in the house!!

    • wheezerYT
      wheezerYT Month ago

      @DealArea305 -- Yeah, because he has tree trunks for arms.....oh wait. No, he doesn't.

    • sanjuan100100
      sanjuan100100 Month ago +1

      @DealArea305 Roids made in USA if not ask Mark .and Barry..😉👍not us ☝️

    • Wes 4511
      Wes 4511 Month ago +2

      @DealArea305 you should be a comedian

    • therealiity ls2hardforyou
      therealiity ls2hardforyou Month ago

      He got nothing to do vs the new king YORDAN ALVAREZ :)

    • DealArea305
      DealArea305 Month ago +1

      ROID POWER you mean!

  • cameo burns
    cameo burns Month ago +15

    Now don't go trading the guy!!!
    Let me buy the jersey first.🔥

  • Border Reiver
    Border Reiver Month ago +1


  • Jays Raps4eva
    Jays Raps4eva Month ago +2


    • sanjuan100100
      sanjuan100100 Month ago

      @Brian Schaffer are you serius man .....😒😒😒

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago

      Brian Schaffer I doubt you could do better

    • Laid Back Fan
      Laid Back Fan Month ago

      He's still a rookie, he has plenty of time to work on it.

    • Brian Schaffer
      Brian Schaffer Month ago +1

      10 strikeouts already.

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago

      Jays Raps4eva It’s obviously working, he’s the only Reds player to hit 7 home runs in his first 10 games, Aquino can definitely smash them, even Suarez can’t believe it, and he is one of the best powerhouses of all National League.

  • QualitySportNews
    QualitySportNews Month ago +64

    Aquino made Reds fans forget about Yasiel Puig really quick 😂

  • Roger Beshens
    Roger Beshens Month ago

    The new slider in MLB is the Football Slider. Now every team has it not just the Astros who started to throw it in 2017, In May 2018 I got on Twitter and told pitchers to throw it like a Football, STIFF WRIST, use a fastball grip on label 2 or 4 seam. Just stay on center of ball. Comes out of hand perfectly, will drop 3 feet thrown over the top and sweep 3 feet like Andrew Miller from 3/4 slot. Notice how Amir Garrett, Boyd, Stroman, Crick, Flaherty, Glasnow, Musgrove and 100 more have new sliders? It's this one. Look at my videos on here or see who I got to throw it in a game 4 days after I told him.

  • SeñorTortas
    SeñorTortas Month ago

    I mean, he's got serious power but all three pitches were meatballs down the middle.

    • sanjuan100100
      sanjuan100100 Month ago

      So u think u can hit that meatballs

    • Gideon Klump
      Gideon Klump Month ago

      Hey, just enjoy the moment. Everybody has to ruin this guys moment. Let’s just enjoy this, because we may never see it again.

    • SeñorTortas
      SeñorTortas Month ago

      @Josten Beato Yeah you're right. But the other two wren't, and the first one is right in his swing path.

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago +1

      SeñorTortas That’s the pitchers fault not his

    • Josten Beato
      Josten Beato Month ago +7

      First pitch was literally a ball...

  • El Chancho
    El Chancho Month ago +21

    The broadcaster was getting waterboarded on the first Homerun 😂😂😂😂

    • TCuber
      TCuber Month ago

      Ryan Benavides motor

  • Evan magic k Sports 2
    Evan magic k Sports 2 Month ago +5

    Let’s go reds

  • Evan magic k Sports 2
    Evan magic k Sports 2 Month ago +3

    Arttttttttttttttttteis Aquino

  • Jo Yo
    Jo Yo Month ago +15

    Reds World Series either 2020 or 21. Calling it

    • SomePerson
      SomePerson Month ago +1

      Tbh I feel like they need a little more time than that for the farm before they’re ready to win but I definitely see them winning the World Series in the near future

    • Jonathan Zygmunt
      Jonathan Zygmunt Month ago


    • Beezer Beats
      Beezer Beats Month ago +3

      Too many short term contracts but honestly they could do it this year. As long as the bullpen wins the tough games and Amir garrett focuses it can happen

  • Marcove Charlie
    Marcove Charlie Month ago +38

    The call on the first home run was like the sound spongebob made when he discovered Mrs. Puff was stealing his boat.

  • IsmokeHiphop Live
    IsmokeHiphop Live Month ago

    This Kid Going To Be A Problem.....Lets Be Honest All Real Baseball Players Know It's Not That Easy......Most Definitely going to be the future.

  • Willie Parker
    Willie Parker Month ago +2

    I wish these guys learn English and so MLB will promote them

    • Bud Mon
      Bud Mon Month ago

      Why don’t you all learn some Spanish to? Oh no? No interest? Okay then.....

    • TheRandomRedSoxGuy
      TheRandomRedSoxGuy Month ago +1

      He wasn’t even really using his translator, his replies were in English anyway

    • Manuel Rodriguez
      Manuel Rodriguez Month ago +5

      precisely that, he is doing .. learning english

  • Yuria’s Halo
    Yuria’s Halo Month ago +17

    Ugly stance. I luv it.

  • MrUHOH415
    MrUHOH415 Month ago +7

    Yoooo no way.
    The way Thom says his name is cool

  • Rozen
    Rozen Month ago +2

    Cubs should consider to intentionally walk him tomorrow... AQUINO on FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sports 311
    Sports 311 Month ago +1

    The way he’s batting almost sideways, that’s should be illegal. I mean he made it look way too easy

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago

      Sports 311 Why should it be illegal SO many good batters used to do it a lot like Ken Griffey in his rookie season, he eventually stopped, but his rookie season was one of the best seasons he had, Aquino has the right to stand that way, I think you’re just salty because you are a Cubs fan

    • Eli Raider
      Eli Raider Month ago +1

      Sports 311 you’re mentally instable

    • RK521
      RK521 Month ago +4

      That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard lmao

    SLIME BROS Month ago

    Give me those pitches, I could knock them out!

    • FireHawk101
      FireHawk101 Month ago

      SLIME BROS Very doughtful, you can’t hit 404 or 387 feet

    • Connaska
      Connaska Month ago +2

      Yeah, ight

  • Two ToNe
    Two ToNe Month ago +9

    Two Rookies both hitting three in one night, dang

  • Liam Velasco
    Liam Velasco Month ago +5

    2 million subs, 12 views

  • Luis jose Capellan
    Luis jose Capellan Month ago