Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Tidy guru Marie Kondo comes to the rescue by helping people tackle the clutter that's holding them back. It all comes down to one question: does it spark joy? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo launches globally on Netflix January 1st, 2019.
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    Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • Jenn K
    Jenn K 20 hours ago

    Wow someone said this was about "decluttering" your house. This is not declutter, these are hoarders who needed real professional help. WoW

  • Shottoru
    Shottoru Day ago

    found the meme.

  • Motul Autech
    Motul Autech 2 days ago

    she smol

  • Protoman
    Protoman 8 days ago

    So is this like hoarders for people that aren't crazy?

  • Come Flag with Me
    Come Flag with Me 8 days ago

    I went through all of season one, tossed out anything that didn't make me happy including things that brought back bad memories and I'm surprised at how much I love my house now.

  • nosh nkm
    nosh nkm 8 days ago +1

    Our my KonMari method... ( blush
    Sexy charming lady...
    ♡( ᵕ̤ɜ)ᵕ̤ᴗᵕ̤ )🇯🇵💖🇺🇸

  • GabulousTV
    GabulousTV 8 days ago

    The burning question in life.

    The ONLY question you must ask yourself:

    *In Marie Kondo accent*
    "Does it spark J O Y ?"

  • Kara __
    Kara __ 9 days ago

    i see this bitch all over youtube its so annoying

    CHI TAYLOR 13 days ago

    You must ask yourself,

    *does it spark joy?*

  • セルマー
    セルマー 13 days ago


  • Just a normal Person
    Just a normal Person 14 days ago

    *_Instagram memes has entered the chat_*

  • Victor K.
    Victor K. 14 days ago

    I'm Frozen I can't let it go!

  • ᴀ sᴀᴅʙᴏɪ.
    ᴀ sᴀᴅʙᴏɪ. 14 days ago

    Is cleaning and tidying clothes that hard?

  • SpaghettiandSauce
    SpaghettiandSauce 15 days ago +1

    Marie Kondo is just preposterously cute.

  • E X
    E X 18 days ago

    Life Changing

  • japotaku
    japotaku 18 days ago

    Cuando escuchas a esta japonesa y entiendes bastante de lo que dice 😍

  • Adrianna Autumn
    Adrianna Autumn 19 days ago

    I have a letter from a girl ex bestie that say something bad behind me. And decluttering that letter is.... so damn hard.

  • Margaret Evans
    Margaret Evans 19 days ago

    I'm sorry if someone told you to jump off a bridge - would you? Keep whatever you want - it's your life your memories. I am a very tidy person. My house is not full of clutter, but if you love your home full of clutter it's up to you. Snowshill Manor in Oxfordshire is a National Trust house full to the roof with collections, so full that the owner lived next door in a small barn. If it wasn't for him some wonderful pieces of history would be lost. Do what you want. Don't follow others like a sheep.

    • Adrianna Autumn
      Adrianna Autumn 19 days ago

      That's what the point of sparks joy. I'm saying this because after i read her book i declutter some of my sentimental letter from people who had left my life. those letter it contains love and only good memories. However it is only in those letter, in real life i don't have it anymore. Letting go is a part of being happy and moving foward. But this is my story. You can do you. All I'm trying to say is, she help me to let go.

  • Carly Booth
    Carly Booth 20 days ago +1

    If I followed Marie Kondo’s method I’d be living in a padded cell. I have clinical depression so literally nothing sparks joy.

  • Leah Lichtenstein
    Leah Lichtenstein 20 days ago

    Can she come to my house

  • OmniAster 0
    OmniAster 0 20 days ago

    My Favorite Anime

  • Adele Therese
    Adele Therese 20 days ago

    Wish I had Netflix....

  • khadija nurul hasan
    khadija nurul hasan 21 day ago

    I am happy for her for having her own show but this is the most dullest organizing show I have ever watched. And also her techniques are so not original. I also think besides her, the show itself is in a very dull format and there is something lacking in it.

  • The Rekounas Show
    The Rekounas Show 21 day ago

    How is she so fucking cute

  • Chad Has AIDS
    Chad Has AIDS 21 day ago

    So It's A Show About A Jap Cleaning Rooms?
    What's Next Largest Shit Competition Only On Netflix!

  • Naufal Muhammad
    Naufal Muhammad 22 days ago

    it's a meme fellas

  • JohnathanLeeSprite
    JohnathanLeeSprite 22 days ago

    Eh... f*cking throw everything out?

  • Chen Jin
    Chen Jin 24 days ago

    best anime on netflix

  • Estefany García
    Estefany García 24 days ago

    I need this on Netflix Latinoamerica.

  • Gangsan Kim
    Gangsan Kim 24 days ago

    Feels similar to Queer eye

  • Zaenal Muttaqien
    Zaenal Muttaqien 24 days ago

    Marie kondo mau beresi kosan mila ga?

  • Roshan Dil
    Roshan Dil 24 days ago

    Netflix and Chill 😂😂😍

  • Sam C
    Sam C 25 days ago

    Purification Day

    Children (esp little*) Children Are Sacred and Absolutely Pure
    God Smiles When They Play (On Their Own)** On The Streets/Playground Or
    Anywhere In Space-Time Across All Universes
    These Children Have Nothing , Absolutely NOTHING to Fear

    Anyone. Anything That Even Dares To Think Of Doing Harm
    To My (little) Children Will Be PURIFIED

    In This General Purification Guideline:
    1. Guiding Gentle Stream Up To Torrent Of Diamond-Water
    2. God's Law Abiding Rod
    3. Divine White Phoenix Black Hole Diamond Water Fire ( PURIFICATION : Eternal Cosmic Annihilation)

    A Special Cosmic Convenant
    There Shall Never Again Be Another Purification Day After (3/2)

    Everyday Is a Holy Day
    The Process Has Is Now Part Of Reality

    Jon Benet Ramsey and Fellow Lost Children and Our Love For Them Burn Our Hearts
    These Angels Walk With God Eternal

    My Name Is The Lord

    *Untainted by Puberty and Sexuality
    ** Carefree and without any worry

  • mr_croissant_taker
    mr_croissant_taker 25 days ago


  • Fatima Caballero
    Fatima Caballero 26 days ago

    Marie kondo ven a mi casa 😇😀😁😊👑👑👑

  • kookieh
    kookieh 26 days ago

    Jeez really need this gurllll

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue 27 days ago

    Asian cuteness invasion.

  • Finn
    Finn 27 days ago

    She’s so clean & tidy. :)

  • Garret Edenred
    Garret Edenred 27 days ago

    This show causes arguments in formerly happy homes. Life changing in an unpleasant way.

  • Argent 2
    Argent 2 28 days ago

    When you need show that helps people clean their rooms than you know we got problem in society

  • Jason
    Jason 29 days ago +1

    This show triggers roasties and Marie is a goddess

  • KazCade
    KazCade Month ago +1

    Damn, where is Jean Claude Van Damme when you need him.

  • us er
    us er Month ago

    “Choose items that spark joy” the way she said that why did I start crying what

  • exo’s Love shot
    exo’s Love shot Month ago

    Why am I smiling looking at this??

  • Lex Miyazaki
    Lex Miyazaki Month ago

    Dude between her and Jordan Peterson、people are about to have their house and rooms absolutely immaculate

  • Malaikalily Xox
    Malaikalily Xox Month ago

    At first I thought it would be crap but after I watched this I love it 💕💕

  • Norie M.
    Norie M. Month ago

    I feel each episode is a little bit (or too) short. We need longer versions and hope to see more details. Anyway, thank you so much for giving us this impressive program, Netflix-sama! (Love from Japan)

  • Crypto Kaizoku
    Crypto Kaizoku Month ago

    Ok so she is Japanese Version of Monica Gellllerrrrr

  • The Home Business Owner Blog

    I love this concept, I think the most important thing is that people think that having more stuff makes them happy but it does not and that's the concept which this show is all about. I love the marketing message so much that I used it as an example in my home business series.

  • ShadyClark
    ShadyClark Month ago

    She needs to an episode with special guest Dr. Jordan Peterson.

  • Lauren Shank
    Lauren Shank Month ago

    This is such an inspiring show.

  • Sam GG
    Sam GG Month ago


  • Charikaj Paco
    Charikaj Paco Month ago +1

    ever since i learned how to fold my clothes im folding like her method ..i organized my things just like her. my mom thought me

  • OkashiiAmerican
    OkashiiAmerican Month ago

    Ah I was hoping the show would be in Japanese cause she's pretty fun to watch. It would've been good listening practice but it looks like it's mostly English.

  • Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

    She can "spark" my "joy"

  • Y O J I M B O 用心棒

    This sparks anger in me

  • Emil Lagerroos
    Emil Lagerroos Month ago

    The universe strives for disorder. Someone pls teach this woman entropy.

    • Locke
      Locke Month ago

      Holy shit, this dude knows what entropy is? 200 iq confirmed you're too goddamned smart for this site.

  • MrOuji89
    MrOuji89 Month ago

    Man she really took that The Japanese Warrior Monks' Guide to Tidying Up from the simpsons episode and made herself rich

  • sirius
    sirius Month ago

    marie kondo makes me cry with joy she's so sweet we dont deserve her

  • Vera Simić
    Vera Simić Month ago

    This whole 'method' is just common sense... Congratulations to Marie, she made a flourishing business out of our dumbness.

  • Ioannes Carlgar
    Ioannes Carlgar Month ago +1

    Reality show hipster bullshit.

  • Renaud Cyr
    Renaud Cyr Month ago

    Conceptual trailer for people who live in trailers.

  • Yasin T
    Yasin T Month ago

    Remember that guy has so many sneakers? I found this is a pretty smart way to organize your shoes. www.amazon.com/dp/B078YN4MJ9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_aWlyCb2YNP048

  • Incognito
    Incognito Month ago

    Trash. Someone should send her back to Japan. That ought to spark a lot of joy.

  • The Classic Man
    The Classic Man Month ago

    This video sparks joy...

  • Tulugak
    Tulugak Month ago

    God I absolutely adore Marie Kondo

  • Wittgensteined face J.

    Kondo removes the messiness of our room and even the mask of racist!
    Why anti-Kondo people say something to her even though she didn't say anything to them.

  • K. S.
    K. S. Month ago

    So my mom could have had her own show and made lots of money? There's nothing new to this, it's "normal" housekeeping in many parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia. Why do people keep falling for this?

  • Nikko
    Nikko Month ago

    she sparks joy. oh yeah yeah.

  • NeutralGenericUser
    NeutralGenericUser Month ago

    Next on Netflix: taking out the trash with Quenisha Lashanda

  • Devin Peirce
    Devin Peirce Month ago

    Lazy ass American got to get it together

  • Alexander Yushchenko

    japanese people's hosue have more clutter than those featured on the show

    • cookieface80
      cookieface80 Month ago

      They have smaller houses/rooms. That's why.

  • Anne-Marie Cartier
    Anne-Marie Cartier Month ago


  • S L
    S L Month ago

    0:36 hop

  • Mm Mf
    Mm Mf Month ago

    Netflix keeps going downhill :(

  • Venessa Siaosi
    Venessa Siaosi Month ago

    Honestly I love it! I like where she's coming from, also this can help me with my own problems lol 😅

  • DJ's Max Knowledge
    DJ's Max Knowledge Month ago

    Check out Marie Kondo's story here: thexvid.com/video/gKeS7nRMe7M/video.html

  • Hego Damask
    Hego Damask Month ago

    The controversy here is this sweet lady, sweetly cleaning shit passively highlights qualities of our culture (I'm U.S. bred) that we don't like to acknowledge/ make excuses for/ get uncomfortable when are brought up

  • Slippah
    Slippah Month ago

    Great Netflix is changing into TLC "let's laugh at mental diseases and fat people".

  • Thomas Neyu
    Thomas Neyu Month ago

    Asian fairy midget cleans room with giggles

  • riddlekillerkiller
    riddlekillerkiller Month ago +1

    Does it...spark joy?

  • ali freitekh
    ali freitekh Month ago

    Clean up your room -JP-

  • Miss Feminist
    Miss Feminist Month ago

    omg shes so short and precious we dont deserve you marie

  • Roberto Martínez Cifre

    Esa Marie Kondo es tonta... más que tonta

  • Twentyfirstpilot
    Twentyfirstpilot Month ago

    Seems like the less intense/anxiety inducing version of Hoarders on A&E, I'm on a minimalist journey myself so I might reactivate Netflix again just to watch this (and Bird Box) then cancel again. Y'all should also watch the Minimalism documentary on there too, it changed my life!

  • Derek Rowe
    Derek Rowe Month ago

    Her cold sores at 0:56 do not spark joy. But how she got them probably did.

  • Hey there
    Hey there Month ago +2

    Yes! This promotes anti-consumerism and maybe minimalism :D

  • eff yoo
    eff yoo Month ago

    Western women are such narcissistic and lazy fat slobs.

  • Mrshootinputin
    Mrshootinputin Month ago +1

    Mari Kondo sparks joy in my life. 😉

  • Mrshootinputin
    Mrshootinputin Month ago +1

    Mari Kondo my new waifu and is best girl.

  • Cjgoku Homes
    Cjgoku Homes Month ago

    We even need a web series to clean up stuff :D

  • YoYo Younis
    YoYo Younis Month ago

    I reckon its true, that when you tidy up you need to let go of things that you really don't need, that's how you create a mess, thinking oh maybe I'll need this later or this thing has memories so I dont want to get rid of it

  • Wesley Beaty
    Wesley Beaty Month ago

    Believe it or not, but I work for a company that has various amounts of storage containers, shoe organizers, etc. And when I say that there were DOZENS of women buying the same storage stuff fifteen different times IN THE SAME DAY, I had to ask the last customer I saw at my register to see what was up, I simply asked: "What is going on"? "Why are so many people getting these containers? Is there some major natural disaster on its way"? And she talked to me about this series, the trend it has sparked, it's very enlightening and practical, we are all responsible for what we do with our spaces, they truly are a reflection of who we are.

  • Cvp1969
    Cvp1969 Month ago

    I see a South Park episode coming ..

  • TheNoobHunter91
    TheNoobHunter91 Month ago

    Do you deal with Data Hoarding?

    • MrAwesomeGamer99
      MrAwesomeGamer99 Month ago

      +TheNoobHunter91 Its not DATA hoarding when you have unlimited data storage that gets Indexed for easy searching... Therefore, it's all tidy and ORGANIZED...

    • TheNoobHunter91
      TheNoobHunter91 Month ago

      +MrAwesomeGamer99 No u

    • MrAwesomeGamer99
      MrAwesomeGamer99 Month ago

      Fuck you

  • Zuko here!
    Zuko here! Month ago

    I want to clean my room, but I just did it yesterday....

  • Saanvi Sharma
    Saanvi Sharma Month ago +1

    *I don't have any stuff* to arrange

  • Alex Armani
    Alex Armani Month ago

    Marie condom

  • Mikey S
    Mikey S Month ago

    Just shows you can really be successful at anything

  • Monica Sanpe
    Monica Sanpe Month ago

    Love Marikondo