The Top Secret Tapes | 9/11: The Final Moments of Flight 93 | History

  • Published on Sep 3, 2020
  • 9/11: The Final Moments of Flight 93 Premieres Friday, 9/11 at 8/7c
    Family members of passengers aboard United Flight 93 listen to a top-secret recording revealing the final moments from inside the plane, in this clip from "9/11: The Final Minutes of Flight 93."
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Comments • 2 503

  • Pat
    Pat 8 months ago +2960

    They did what everyone wishes they could do in heroic fantasies. They fought back and nearly got control. They couldn't save the plane but they saved 100s of lives in Washington. DC, and saved historic buildings and made us all so proud. I still cry thinking of their patriotism.

    • Kaafir Murtad boycott next worldcup
      Kaafir Murtad boycott next worldcup 4 days ago

      Patriotism? This has nothing to do with nationalism lol. It was about humanity.

    • Joseph H
      Joseph H Month ago

      Exactly Pat. Exactly. They tried their best to take the plane back, but before they could get control, the terrorists flew the plane into the ground. The terrorists must have figured there was no way they would get the plane to Washington while fighting all those heroes, so they decided that the next "best thing" they could do was kill all the passengers of flight 93. The passengers were not intending on crashing the plane, which is how the story is portrayed, but did heroically fight the terrorists back and prevailed by thwarting their plans to fly the plane into the Whitehouse. The consequences of which, not only in terms of the additional number of deaths, but of American morale, would have been unfathomable. Imagine the Whitehouse and what it represents, looking similar to the aftermath of the towers?!!! That's one possibility. Another possibility, though less likely but plausible, was that the USAF may have shot down the plane as they already had authorization to engage any non-responding aircraft shortly after the towers were hit. This would also explain the crash site of 93 which was spread over five miles and not localized as in a normal crash. I think that as the passengers were fighting the terrorists, the USAF fired on it. Either way, the passengers, pilot, USAF were all heroes in stopping a dreadful attack on the nation's capital.

  • Katie Weeks
    Katie Weeks 8 months ago +920

    The passengers and crew aboard United 93
    taught me what being an American was about.
    Total strangers that came together and fought back.
    They understood the assignment and did what they had to do…
    True HEROES.
    We will NEVER FORGET YOU. 🕊🤞🏽🇺🇸

    • Robert Collucci
      Robert Collucci Month ago +1

      @Oxford Winchester thank you for your bravery serving our great country Soldier. Thank you

    • Sky
      Sky 4 months ago +1

      @Arizona D That’s not stupid .There are incredible things that the human species never thought they could do , till they are at the brink of life and death. It’s waiting for the plane to crash vs overtaking the terrorists with the hope of a miracle of landing the airplane . I guess people jumping off the WTC towers probably feel the same thing , being burnt alive vs jumping off the tower with the hope of a miracle of landing safely somehow .

    • Arizona D
      Arizona D 4 months ago

      Attacking the members of Al-Qaeda in a flying plane, and thinking that you can pilot without previous knowledge or flight lessons is the stupidest thing ever!I now know, where the movie writers get stupid ideas from.But also is maybe far from truth...

    • Chief Of Anesthesia
      Chief Of Anesthesia 5 months ago

      @Save Ukraine Couldn’t resist could you?

  • Kuro The Car Spotter
    Kuro The Car Spotter 8 months ago +1140

    Who's watching this on the 20th anniversary of this horrible event? R.I.P. to all the Firefighters and Workers who sacrificed their life's for others.

    • 1966catb
      1966catb 23 days ago +1

      @BoDiggety because I was leaving Western Australia to head home to QLD, we all went out as a goodbye . Got home and stayed up chatting while watching tv. Had some programme on when next thing, Sandra Sully (Australian News Reader) came on live at around 11am (I think). I can’t remember the exact time but because WA was 3 hours behind Eastern Suburbs, we were still up and literally watched every minute of it. I’ll never forget that day. Most of us will never forget that day. The sad irony was that I was pregnant, so flew home that very night. 4yrs prior, I flew home to Australia after 6yrs living in the Uk and Middle East. Was the same night Princess Di was killed.

    • BoDiggety
      BoDiggety 23 days ago +1

      @1966catb It was almost 9 in the morning Eastern Time. What time was it in Australia when it happened? Did it come on right away after the 1st plane hit?

    • Larissa
      Larissa Month ago

      @Alice Maria only one dog called Sirius died because he was left in his kennel. All the rescue dogs survived.

      BLACK HOLE ENTRY 7 months ago

      @Donna Brooks What you say is somewhat true. However, 911 is the number we all dial whenever there is an emergency...and there were plenty of emergencies on that day, as a total of 2996 people died. While much of the world celebrates Christmas and New Year, this makes 9/11 associated with the number we dial in an emergency...and there were a huge number of emergencies on that day, including the lives of many of the first responders. BTW, this is not my original idea and claim no credit, but I am only restating what others before me have already said. BHE

  • Erika Spence
    Erika Spence 10 months ago +293

    I’ll forever be in awe of the bravery and valor of the passengers.

    • ghosted
      ghosted Month ago +3

      @RealAlcibiades wtf u mean bruh he was a hijacker

    • RealAlcibiades
      RealAlcibiades Month ago

      RIP Saaed al Ghamdi

    • ghosted
      ghosted 2 months ago

      @Smokey High y u put spaces between the !

  • tiranchula
    tiranchula Year ago +3391

    This year it'll be 20, that's the day our world changed forever.

    • Alexander.T
      Alexander.T Month ago

      Sadly mate your comment didn’t have any merit to it, things got worse. People now video things instead of helping. Swing and a miss.

    • The Wiseman
      The Wiseman Month ago

      @Micah Alexander Davis beginning of the endless wars and great reset

    • The Wiseman
      The Wiseman Month ago

      @CarbonFiberCarpet you only make me feel hopeless for us all

  • A A
    A A 8 months ago +125

    A group of strangers fought together to save the lives of others that day. And they did. RIP to them all. We will never forget.

  • heather
    heather 11 months ago +100

    This sends chills down my spine, idc if I’ve heard it for years. What an absolute heroic thing they did. They could’ve easily sat like ducks paralyzed with fear and I couldn’t have blamed them a bit. Instead they flipped a switch, I honestly think the hijackers weren’t expecting that at all. They knew if they went down, it wasn’t going to be willingly. God bless them all and rest their souls. We couldn’t ever repay them.

    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt 2 months ago +3

      Yeah. The only difference between flight 93 and the others was that passengers on flight 93 had heard of the planes that hit the towers already and they knew that something similar was to be their fate. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by attempting to regain control of the plane. Passengers on the previous flights were holding onto hope that everything would turn out OK if they just did what they were told. The hijackers were even telling them that everything would be OK as long as they remained seated and that they were returning to the airport. They also told them they had bombs on the plane and would blow everyone up if they tried anything. I like to think that if the passengers aboard the planes that hit the towers knew exactly what was in store for them, they'd have went down fighting too. Sad day for everyone, whether we had family members that lost their lives or not. I still remember this like it was yesterday and ill think about that day even on my deathbed.

  • Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas
    Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas 8 months ago +754

    I can’t imagine the fear those innocent people felt on that Horrific Day 💔 it’s the 20th Anniversary in 9 days and I just want to say, we will NEVER forget any of the victims, and I pray that you’re all at peace, and prayers to the families that have to relive this tragedy year after year. 🙏🏼💔😢💜

    • Marcos Costa
      Marcos Costa 11 days ago

      @Josh Traffanstedt Ok Josh. It was a very sad day I remember as if it was yesterday and yes it did effect on me as I was shocked at what was going on and sad for the people so if you claim that I don't feel any effects than I am sorry you feel that way. Have a good day!

    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt 2 months ago +1

      I second this. This is one of those events that effected you on a human level whether you knew any of the ones that were lost or not. This was an attack on humanity, not just Americans. People in Europe, Asia, Australia, and all over the world watched these events unfold and cried right along with us. We seen the absolute worst of humanity that day, followed by the absolute best in humanity with first responders and just average joes and janes that decided they wouldn't stand idly by and helped first responders too!

    • Marcos Costa
      Marcos Costa 3 months ago +1

      Nice name lol I have a Chihuahua myself. She's awesome! I was a freshman in high school when this happened. RIP all victims. Very sad, dark day :(

    • Wild Cats Life
      Wild Cats Life 8 months ago

      Yes it sad but it’s their day to go to other world I can feel the pain still

  • KaceyIlliot1669
    KaceyIlliot1669 Year ago +3944

    Release the entire tapes..its been long enough now.

    • knosis mercury
      knosis mercury Day ago

      @F5Storm1 & we're talking abt the actual audio,, not the transcripts 😉

    • knosis mercury
      knosis mercury Day ago

      @F5Storm1 umm, yea.. no it hasn't 😂😂

    • F5Storm1
      F5Storm1 Day ago

      It has been released

    • knosis mercury
      knosis mercury Day ago

      They wont release them, because it never happened

  • rhino79
    rhino79 8 months ago +118

    Why has the cockpit recording never been released? It's been 20 years! We should be celebrating this evidence of the bravery and heroism of the passengers.

    • Ball
      Ball 21 hour ago +1

      @NeoPhantomYT ok

    • Ball
      Ball 21 hour ago +1

      @Misguided Angel ok

    • Misguided Angel
      Misguided Angel 22 hours ago +1

      @Legendary Bleu if a plane hits the ground going that fast what do you expect? There are many examples of this

    • Misguided Angel
      Misguided Angel 22 hours ago +1

      @Ball well um ya it was released to the families that's what this whole video is about, it's family members telling us what they heard on the recordings

    • NeoPhantomYT
      NeoPhantomYT 2 days ago +1

      @Ball well that seems pretty obvious. The family members are the ones giving us the information that can be heard on the recording. So that would make me believe they have listened to them.

  • M B
    M B 8 months ago +266

    20 years ago today. The pain will never go away. We all remember where we were on that day and how it changed the world. RIP to those that perished that day.

    • Wild Cats Life
      Wild Cats Life 8 months ago

      If you love someone, never pain go away

    • FourWingedAngels
      FourWingedAngels 8 months ago +1

      Our family had already lived in Oklahoma, and the bombing of the Alfred P. Murray building. So when this happened, I was a bit more prepared on how to handle my shock around our kids. I simply couldn’t believe that this could happen again, though.

  • Oldag75
    Oldag75 8 months ago +13

    I hope that the hijackers experienced intense physical pain from the passengers' assault. I hope that whatever improvised weapons were employed against them, caused agony.

  • Imu Sama
    Imu Sama Year ago +689

    Flight 93 deserves the Medal of Honor for protecting their fellow Americans and defeating the terrorists

    • Nani Diaries
      Nani Diaries Month ago

      @Mandalorian Jedi ok first of all we’re talking about flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania we’re not talking about flight 11 or flight 175

    • cchris874
      cchris874 7 months ago

      @Mandalorian Jedi
      When no proof exists, better to drop out of the discussion. Another day in the life of TheXvid.

    • cchris874
      cchris874 7 months ago +1

      @Mandalorian Jedi
      There are examples where aircraft significantly exceeded the design speed limit and were still in essentially one piece and flyable. Egyptair flight 990 is one. Turkish Airlines 981 went into a dive where very early on the plane's never exceed speed warning was going off. It reached 497mph seconds before impact, all in one piece except for the cargo door which came off at normal climb speed.
      Design limits are theoretical and don't always have a rigorous test to prove the calculated estimates. I remember reading about one plane, probably the 727, where they did the wing flex test. In this case the wing flexed something like almost double the design limit before it shattered in a ferocious ear-shattering crack. I'm very sure I could look that up again if I did a bit of googling.

    • cchris874
      cchris874 7 months ago +1

      @Mandalorian Jedi
      As Chomsky has said, the only person you should trust is yourself. But I would go further. You shouldn't trust even yourself because we all are constantly getting things wrong. So no I don't trust you, but respect your comments. I need to see evidence, not assurances.
      Can you kindly provide proof that flight 175 could not have flown beyond 500 knots at 1,200 feet. The proof must be there if you believe it. I have proof otherwise, but I'd like to see yours.

    • Mandalorian Jedi
      Mandalorian Jedi 7 months ago +1

      @cchris874 again I am a Mathematical professor and Engineer at Intel, trust me those buildings were hit with explosives and a cgi television airplane attack like you see in the movies.

  • Brian Eutzy
    Brian Eutzy 8 months ago +401

    They turned fear into personal strength!!! They won that fight, saving countless lives and gave us all hope. God is Blessed to have these ppl at his side.

    • dearestjade
      dearestjade 2 months ago +1

      No matter what, all those people that died (besides the hijackers and bad people), the real innocent people, we’re needed in heaven. We may not understand now, or ever, but those hundreds of people who died, we’re needed by God. He didn’t plan for the devil to try and take over with the attack, but God knew that in the end, the devil would be less victorious than he thought. Because, while the devil’s “work” was done killing those people, he forgot that these innocent people were now all on God’s side, ready to watch over each and every living person here then and today.

    • Amna
      Amna 8 months ago +4

      @Engela Vlok praise god when things go nicely, criticize humans when they don't. Nice.

    • Engela Vlok
      Engela Vlok 8 months ago

      @crumbsnacker its not God it's evil..stop blaming God for things humans do!

    • Brian Eutzy
      Brian Eutzy 8 months ago

      @crumbsnacker I'm sorry you feel this way. I know nothing I type (say) will change that. But I respect your opinion and your questioning it...all of it. When I was watching it happen on T.V., my first thought this a movie or real? And like a tiny meaningless piece of nothing...(meaning Myself) I watched the second plan SLAM into the second tower....I don't remember what I said but I know it was a lot!!! I prayed the whole time...the whole time. And the towers fell and thousands died for no reason. Why? And where were you? I asked that for days after and I am too still waiting on answers. Stay safe and well.

  • Emily Belmontez
    Emily Belmontez Year ago +220

    It’s good that the family members have heard the tape. Otherwise they would forever not know what really happened to their loved ones.

    • Amobi Uzukwu
      Amobi Uzukwu 2 months ago

      I know the hijackers crashed the Plane what a shame to the passengers they we're trying saves lives.

    • Cab Garcia
      Cab Garcia Year ago +16

      I cant imagine the relief and despair and all the mixed emotions that they went thru

  • PweDePie
    PweDePie Year ago +521

    So terrifying moments.... RIP to those who have perished.

    • Chris Pease
      Chris Pease 8 months ago

      @Cod mobile Cod mobile saddam you mean? He died in 2006

    • Smokey High
      Smokey High 9 months ago

      @CatFacesAreCool5 ihes right !, watch for the declassification !

  • AndyArmstrong88
    AndyArmstrong88 8 months ago +43

    Such brave heroes and this upsets me every time. The most upsetting thing if you’ve listened to the recording is how the passengers fought back and we’re very close to taking the plane back, and in the background you can hear the aircraft computer screaming woop woop pull up woop woop pull up. Rip 💜

    • Amobi Uzukwu
      Amobi Uzukwu 2 months ago

      The hijackers crashed that Plane into the field.

  • Ruby Church
    Ruby Church Year ago +422

    RIP to all those that died. all the good, normal, everyday people in the world mourn for you and wish that this day never happened.

  • Robert Golden
    Robert Golden 8 months ago +42

    It’s always better to fight back when faced with evil. RIP. You guys are all heroes.

  • Gilbert Hurtado-Miller
    Gilbert Hurtado-Miller 8 months ago +15

    RIP to those heroes of United 93 who decided to make a stand and fight back 20 years ago today. They gave their lives and saved many more in the process. You will never be forgotten.

  • Deanne kliene
    Deanne kliene 11 months ago +10

    I'm so proud of those citizens for their attempt at saving their lives! They were very courageous! Home of the brave! God bless them! I believe in my country!

  • layla !
    layla ! 8 months ago +15

    this is an absolute tragedy, my heart absolutely aches for the beautiful souls who have lost their lives on that day. my heart goes out for the people who have lost someone who has passed away from 9/11 and for those who have passed away from 9/11. may you rest in peace my loves:(.

  • Indy Chloee
    Indy Chloee 4 months ago +2

    this breaks my heart, they almost had control of the plane and although didn't make it out alive they saved 100's of lives. so brave, can't even imagine the pain they must have been feeling during their last moments ):

  • Chief Of Anesthesia
    Chief Of Anesthesia 8 months ago +42

    Almost 20 years to the date and I still get chill and saddened when I see this. Our country has never been the same. There is no justice great enough.

    • Ken Chambers
      Ken Chambers 8 months ago


    • Moise Mensah
      Moise Mensah 8 months ago

      The world hasn't been the same. Humanity got altered beyond recognition and recovery on that day.

    • charlene evans
      charlene evans 8 months ago

      and now we negotiate with the taliban, disgraceful

  • Simon
    Simon 8 months ago +3

    You can tell how proud they are of their family members for their bravery and that it gives them some comfort.

  • * Enchanted *
    * Enchanted * Year ago +115

    I'm very proud to call myself an American!! Were all very PROUD of all of you who were fighting for your lives that day. You are all HEROES!!

    • RealAlcibiades
      RealAlcibiades Month ago

      RIP Saaed al Ghamdi

    • FireHorizon47
      FireHorizon47 8 months ago

      I’m Australian, we have great ties with you guys in America, so proud of you guys. Stay safe this 20 year anniversary.

    • Anne M.
      Anne M. 10 months ago


    • J D
      J D Year ago +2

      And fighting for our lives. We owe them more than we could ever repay

  • Julie Vander Leest
    Julie Vander Leest Year ago +93

    Think about how much worse that day would have been if they crashed into the capital. The passengers and crew were complete heroes.

    • J M
      J M 6 months ago

      @Mark Lampo what?

    • Mark Lampo
      Mark Lampo 8 months ago

      @BG RG The orders from Cheney were to defend the White House at all cost; that means let the plane hit the Capital Building. "The order still stands."

    • BG RG
      BG RG 8 months ago

      they never would have crashed into the capital orders had already been given to take down the plane,what we will never know is who really took the plane down

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin 8 months ago +2

      @ESPN LUVER At that point they had evacuated a lot of the buildings because the plane was known to be coming but they still saved some people who were still in there I guess but anyone still in there shoulda left. That woulda been crazy to see though.

    • heather
      heather 11 months ago

      @Thomas Paine i bet you weren’t even born 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Winning Walkers
    The Winning Walkers Year ago +15

    I've always been curious to hear the cockpit voice recording, but reading the transcript and hearing the family members describe what they heard might be the closest we'll get. I understand why they haven't released it publicly, but we're coming up on the 20 year anniversary now. It was a horrific event, but I think the American people should be entitled to know the full extent of what happened, especially on Flight 93.

  • Sunny Delight
    Sunny Delight 8 months ago +18

    Chilling and sad all at once. They are absolute heroes. Saved the lives of many in Washington 🙏❤️

  • Anthony Choyce
    Anthony Choyce 8 months ago +8

    Such a painful moment in history. RIP to all of the victims.

  • jrockfn
    jrockfn 8 months ago +19

    Man I thank everybody who saved people from those buildings. They did what we all wanted to do

  • Josh Estes
    Josh Estes 8 months ago +34

    20 years today. Remember it happening like it was yesterday. The sadness in the air while we all watched it unfold live will never be forgotten

  • Hiroasu Akika
    Hiroasu Akika 8 months ago +29

    I was a baby when this happened, but I grieve this as much as any other American citizen. Every year around this date I make sure to refresh my knowledge of this tragedy and remember the ones lost, and the ones left behind and still suffering.
    To all who personally experienced the horrors of that day 20 years ago the dead and living both, I give all of my well wishes and prayers for their peace.
    We will never forget that day when the whole of America came together as a family united in grief, and held each other up through the days after.

    • Uk Dave
      Uk Dave 25 days ago

      I was 22 in 2001.
      I still recall it and pray almost every day, it never happens again anywhere.

    • RealAlcibiades
      RealAlcibiades Month ago

      RIP Saaed al Ghamdi

    PREPPERSQUIRREL Year ago +33

    I pray that I have the bravery and courage that these guys had during this moment if I’m faced with a situation such as this. Thanks Todd

  • Konnie Rood
    Konnie Rood Year ago +23

    Such a sad, sad day. God bless them for trying to fight for their flight. God Bless their loved ones. I will never forget that day.

  • Tamerra
    Tamerra 7 months ago

    I was a freshman in high school when this happened. I was young and had no idea how serious this was. Hearing this at the age of 34 gives me chills. Respect ✊🏾 to all the heroes of 9/11.

  • MG
    MG 9 months ago +1

    I was born in 2000. Hearing about 9/11 is heartbreaking. May we not forget these bravery heroes!
    Can't believe it's been 20 years, oh my heart.

  • Gibson SG
    Gibson SG Year ago +940

    “LETS ROLL” Inspiring words of heroes

    • omarhijaz
      omarhijaz 5 months ago

      @Mikail Mooraj Todd Beamer

    • Grand Am
      Grand Am 7 months ago

      @TheKristyFlores BS!!!!!!

    • Sarah Northman
      Sarah Northman 7 months ago

      @Mikail MoorajTom Burnett said it. They talked a lot about Tom in this video. He was one of the main passengers that fought back.

    • bill hanna
      bill hanna 8 months ago +1

      @TheKristyFlores The Airline it self said "No cell phone coverage on this plane from early 2000 "

  • Lucas Gilles
    Lucas Gilles 2 months ago +1

    That’s so scary but heroic. Just imagine how bad things would’ve gotten if they hit the capital. Prayers out to everyone who helped bring the plane down 🙏

  • Rose Griffith
    Rose Griffith 8 months ago

    20 year anniversary. Hard to believe.I truly believe that the passengers of flight 93 were very close to taking back their flight. God bless them all.

  • DM McHugh
    DM McHugh 10 months ago +5

    The passengers' actions were heroic and they prevented the plane from completing its mission. I sometimes wonder what would have been their next step if they could have taken control of the plane from the hijackers. Could they collectively have landed the plane ? Were the flight crew still alive ?
    Hard to believe this will be the 20th anniversary in 7 weeks.

  • kh
    kh 8 months ago +242

    "You guys ready?" "Let's Roll"
    Goosebumps ❤🇺🇸

    • Queen Butterfly
      Queen Butterfly 8 months ago


    • BG RG
      BG RG 8 months ago +2

      that story was just too made for movie feel to it

    • bill hanna
      bill hanna 8 months ago +2

      Bots every where tonight

    • loboalamo
      loboalamo 8 months ago +3

      About to roll again.

  • JB
    JB Year ago +957

    I want to hear the actual recording.

    • I
      I 11 days ago

      @Michelle Behr You’re wrong. You’re talking about the voicemail left by Cece Lyles to her family while she was on the plane. The conspiracy theory is that she is heard saying “it’s a frame” at the end, which isn’t even a normal phrase used except if we’re talking about picture frames. People say “he/she/I was framed”; “it’s a frame” in that context isn’t even grammatically correct, so conspiracy types are reaching. Actually listening to it, slowing it down, adjusting audio levels and replaying, no words can distinctly be made out, at best interpretations.
      Some conspiracy types say she recorded this on the ground, or for a simulation. They say they can hear someone saying “good job” after. If so, then why did she say “it’s a frame”? That’s not something said if you’re trying to sound believable. You don’t go to all these lengths to record a fake phone call, then say SURPRISE! ITS A HOAX!! at the end. Plus, people claim the government pulled off this huge operation, but they aren’t competent enough to delete the last two seconds from a “phony call”?
      Other conspiracy types say that this was Cece’s way of exposing “the truth” to her husband; by uttering a vague “it’s a frame!” phrase at the end of her call. This is the funniest one, because it implies that she either chose to get on a plane to die in furtherance of a conspiracy but has last minute second thoughts, or that somehow in this brief plane trip she “discovered the truth” (no mention of HOW this happened is ever put forward, just that she did, somehow!)

    • brad taylor
      brad taylor Month ago

      @Michelle Behr cece lyles

    • Grand Am
      Grand Am 7 months ago

      There ARE NONE

    • Carla Axelson
      Carla Axelson 8 months ago


  • yvonne D.
    yvonne D. 8 months ago +22

    To think what those people were feeling at those very last moments before the planned went down is heart wrenching. God bless their souls. They are our heros.

  • Brisa Nonthe
    Brisa Nonthe 8 months ago +28

    This day forever engraved in my heart and soul, never forget.
    RIP for the innocent and the heroes. 20 years in a few days and will never forget 9/11

  • Melissa Wiggins
    Melissa Wiggins Month ago +1

    I ugly cry whenever I listen to the story of flight 93. I can't imagine what those people were going through; all they knew is that they had to stop more people from dying by sacrificing their own lives. They came to the conclusion that if they all had to die that it was going to be on their terms and it was just so beautifully sad. I'm proud to be part of a nation whose citizens took hold of a terrorist situation and fought back. I hope their families are very proud of them and that their lost loved ones rest in peace.

  • Sandford Fields
    Sandford Fields Year ago +21

    The passengers were Heroes! R.I.P ! God bless family and friends of these brave people!

  • Support your Troops & Athletes

    My heart breaks for all aboard flight 93 and passangers on the other planes. They were heros on 93 for sure devoting their lives for the entire country. I would love to have a chance to go visit and pray at their memorial. God rest their souls and condolences to their family and friends.

  • Kat C
    Kat C 11 months ago +7

    My God! The desperation to survive and the bravery of these people will live on forever! That they knew what was going to happen was the worst part.

  • jangyjangskie
    jangyjangskie 6 months ago +1

    Just saw the movie on Netflix about united 93. Kept getting chills. They're very heroic for what they did. RIP

  • Matthew Noto
    Matthew Noto Month ago +3

    They all knew that they were going to die and just like the heroes they were............they weren't going to die without a fight. GOD BLESS THEM ALL. YOU ARE HEROES AND WE MISS YOU.

  • jakey5
    jakey5 Year ago +156

    God bless those who tried to fight back , God bless them all

    • ChasCapri
      ChasCapri 8 months ago

      @I Repost Funny Memes I'm sorry please forgive me Father for I have sinned..

    • I Repost Funny Memes
      I Repost Funny Memes 9 months ago +4

      @ChasCapri yeah! No one cares!

    • ChasCapri
      ChasCapri 9 months ago +2

      @ErrxrG!itch I'm sure someone cares.

  • Chelsea Aquilina
    Chelsea Aquilina 11 months ago +18

    Seriously I’m Actually shocked I can’t believe that it will be 20 years this year. And even though I wasn’t born in America I am partly American and I am so beyond proud that those heroic people did everything they could that day to save each other.

  • Is it over yet?
    Is it over yet? 5 months ago +1

    Mark’s mom left him a voicemail, telling him what the planes were being used for, & told him to fight back with everything he had 💔

  • Diane Mahair
    Diane Mahair 10 months ago +4

    I remember this day like yesterday. My 3 kid's where all in elementary school and I at work. They locked down the schools in the area and remembered how petrified I was that I couldn't get to my babies. Then when they released the kid's I hugged them so tight.
    I felt so bad for all involved. Such a sad day. I'll never forget.

  • Miss Kimberly
    Miss Kimberly 11 months ago +1

    My son and I were on the flight roster of United Fl. 75. We were flying home after visiting my family.
    My uncle worked for United. He had gotten us tickets on his buddy passes. We were flying on standby. Our original flight was the last one out on September 10th. The flight was full, so the gate agent booked us on the first flight out in the morning. Flight 75.
    My uncle said, "Let's stick around for a bit. Sometimes, they'll do the seat check and come back out for the standby people who are still waiting". So we waited.
    And waited.
    Just as we were standing up to leave, the gate agent ran out to tell us they had one seat in first class. My son, who was almost two, had to sit on my lap. He screamed the entire flight home.

  • Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson Year ago +21

    True hero's. They all need a day of recognition. The people of all four planes do. Twenty years of pride for those men ,women and children.

  • Salome Khorshid
    Salome Khorshid 3 months ago +1

    True HEROES 💔💔💔 God knows what pain they have gone through at that moment! But they fought back and tried to gain the control or at least save the lives of others! The world will never forget them! So innocent! 💔

  • Fred Pendergrass
    Fred Pendergrass 8 months ago +1

    These men and women are true heros. To them I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Reese Ann M. Santiago
    Reese Ann M. Santiago 4 months ago +1

    They nearly got tge control, im so proud of them atleast they fought! I feel the pain and tension of them please rest in peace you're truly a hero

  • Destiny Thomas
    Destiny Thomas 8 months ago +53

    Hopefully one day we will get to hear the tapes in full. We owe it to the victims to know what they suffered

    • Courtney Ross
      Courtney Ross 8 months ago +4

      @The Lie Detector BOOM - you said it right there, without saying it. That plane was shot down.

    • Destiny Thomas
      Destiny Thomas 8 months ago +4

      @The Lie Detector I understand. It makes me sad. I just hope their family has some sort of closure

    • The Lie Detector
      The Lie Detector 8 months ago +16

      That will not happen. The government doesn't want us to know what REALLY happened on that flight.

  • Veronica Herrera
    Veronica Herrera 8 months ago +1

    God bless the legacies of the passengers and the crew who never made it home that day. They are forever in our hearts and they are etched into the soul of America. 🙏🏽🕊🕯

  • Lilia
    Lilia 7 months ago +1

    “If we don’t make it in there, we’ll die!”
    That’s heartbreaking.. 💔

  • Anyhony Ardito
    Anyhony Ardito Year ago +250

    Rest in peace all you brave AMERICANS you are not forgotten and evil lost that day.

    • Sassy Ess
      Sassy Ess 10 months ago

      @Anne M. I’m sure the families of those that died would disagree with you but, if you are ok with that kind of collateral damage? I think that means, you’re a true patriot!

    • Anne M.
      Anne M. 10 months ago +1

      @Sassy Ess They didn't reach the target.Evil lost that day.

    • Sassy Ess
      Sassy Ess Year ago

      @Thomas Paine I agree and, I stand corrected

    • Sassy Ess
      Sassy Ess Year ago +3

      Did evil lose that day?? The U.S. government allowed 3000 plus people to die that day. But hey, if you see it that way.

  • All about my cats
    All about my cats 11 months ago +10

    The people in the capitol were not worthy of the sacrifices these souls made to save them. True Patriots.

    • ask;lfa;kldfs; fdsfd
      ask;lfa;kldfs; fdsfd Month ago

      there were 5,000 people in the capitol that day, all of whom had families. watch your mouth. saying that you are okay with people dying because you disagree with them makes you no different than those terrorists.

  • Frank McGarry
    Frank McGarry 4 months ago +1

    Why haven’t the tapes been released after 20 years? These people deserve to have their story heard, in their own words.

  • Fairy
    Fairy 8 months ago +2

    Real hero’s. May every single soul lost this horrific day have a blessed rest. Never ever forgotten

  • emp
    emp Year ago +33

    Extremely brave human beings! They all came together as strangers that morning going about their business and leave together as one and heroes. Hiw amazing!!!

  • Alexandria Taylor
    Alexandria Taylor 7 months ago +2

    They were so heroic. If not for the passengers on flight 93 there would have been a lot more lives lost that day.

  • Just_me
    Just_me 8 months ago +1

    These people were SO brave. Truly proud of them):

  • Robin Rosander
    Robin Rosander Year ago

    I don’t think it will ever be long enough to forget. I just watched another video that showed more of what is thought to have happened. These men and women were more than heroes, we can only wish to be half as brave or strong as they are. Of all those who died that day, these are the real Americans who showed what they were willing to do to be free that no harm would come to others. Thank you.

  • Tim O'Brien
    Tim O'Brien 8 months ago +2

    Hard to believe it was the 20th anniversary earlier this week. As I said in other 9/11 posts . It must of been (& still is ) devastating not knowing that hug, kiss goodbye or have a nice day @ work was the final thing & last time you'd see that loved one.

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez Year ago +53

    Heart breaking i was a small kid when this happened, I played hooky from school, i remember watching this on tv but not really grasping or understanding what was going on... now im an adult with a child who randomly remembered this and wanted to watch a few videos.. I pray for those we lost and their family's may this never happen again..

    • Lukas Akadian
      Lukas Akadian 4 months ago +1

      We got sent home from school immediately after the second plane hit. We watched that on TV in the classroom. I remember getting back home and turning on the cable TV in our living room and finding out about the Pentagon hit and the flight 93 crash. I continued watching the news the whole rest of the day and drug my big chest of legos into the living room bc I couldn't look away.
      My mom didn't understand why I was back home already so I pointed to the TV. They were replaying the south tower collision at that second and giving analysis, and I'll never forget her horrified gasp and the look on her face. She had just woke up.

    • Jack30355
      Jack30355 8 months ago

      Same. For some reason I didn’t go to school that day. I remember watching it love and thinking that a first it was the clip from a movie. It was surreal

    • Moise Mensah
      Moise Mensah 8 months ago +1

      I was 10. I never witnessed such destruction, ever. My great uncle fought in Vietnam but nobody after him in my family has ever bore witness human destruction and suffering in such an unfathomable extent.

    • Viviana Morrison
      Viviana Morrison Year ago +1


    • Debbie Scott
      Debbie Scott Year ago +7

      @Angel F thank you for your service. 🇺🇸💪

  • Mr__Music
    Mr__Music 8 months ago +47

    From Red vs Blue:
    There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to save the day, and because of their sacrifice the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everybody lives happily ever after. But the hero never gets to see that ending. They'll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They'll never know if the day was really saved. In the end they just have to have faith.

  • Katelyn Ingle
    Katelyn Ingle Year ago +13

    Heroes! Bless those amazing people and their families!

  • Gabriel Mcguire
    Gabriel Mcguire Year ago +1

    Everyone who died that day was a hero. Darkest day of my life as an American. Never forget 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

  • M JEF
    M JEF 7 months ago +1

    20 years and it brings tears to my eyes.

  • Grillo1985
    Grillo1985 Year ago +274

    Every morning when i wake up i always say to me:” Let’s roll” they are heros of the heros for me. They changed my mind. When i have a really bad day i think to them, what they’ve done. What teached to us. i am italian i went to the Us to bring my respect.

    • Drexl Spivey
      Drexl Spivey 8 months ago

      @Grillo1985 Steve I see your grammar is still terrible 😳

    • Dawn Stonerock
      Dawn Stonerock 8 months ago +1

      Grazie' sir!! Thank you!

    • Grillo1985
      Grillo1985 Year ago +3

      @C W thank you ❤️i’ve read an italian version of the book and i saw the movie. Really sad. I hope to comeback again in the Us.

    • C W
      C W Year ago +2

      Welcome to you and your respect! Have you read the book about this flight? It’s fabulous!

    • Grillo1985
      Grillo1985 Year ago +1

      @Viviana Morrison 🙏❤️

  • Barry Lee
    Barry Lee 8 months ago +1

    Heroic effort by brave men to fight to the death.

  • Brittany Weaver
    Brittany Weaver 8 months ago +7


  • Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan

    20 years for 9/11 when the world changed. I can still remember seeing the towers hite by American 11 and united 175 and the pentagon. But united 93 was something I’ll never forget. These 40 passangers will be remembered as the people who stood up as one

  • 1D /Larry forever
    1D /Larry forever 8 months ago +2

    I'm here on 9/11/21 I wasn't alive when it happened but I've heard story's about how horrible it was. To anyone who lost a family member, friend, or anyone who died in this event I am so sorry for your lost everyone will forever be missed

    • 1D /Larry forever
      1D /Larry forever 8 months ago +1

      @Lizawrites yeah it truly is heartbreaking what happened 💔

    • Lizawrites
      Lizawrites 8 months ago +1

      You didn’t want to be there, but it’s awesome you’re here.

  • Corbin Williams
    Corbin Williams 8 months ago +1

    These men and women are true hero’s. Godbless them and their families!!🙏🏽🥺

  • Worldwide Adventurer
    Worldwide Adventurer 25 days ago

    I was 7 when this happened living in San Diego and to know that a few of the terroists were actually living here at that time months before their attack just REALLY haunts me 😳

  • Pam MILLER
    Pam MILLER 8 months ago +1

    The unbelievable courage of the passa ngers on flight 93 they all knew they would die but they did the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Beau76712
    Beau76712 8 months ago

    God bless these American heroes. God, I wept for them...twent years on...and yet still I weep.

  • Mel House
    Mel House 8 months ago +49

    RIP to these real life heroes! The current political division we have in this country is distracting us from the simple fact that we are all human and that it is in our nature to unite against evil. Never forget 🇺🇸

  • Face 0923
    Face 0923 8 months ago +1

    God Bless those people. Never forget these people and their families .

  • William Blair
    William Blair 8 months ago +52

    I always felt that if the plane could have stayed at a higher altitude, they just might have pulled off this takeover.

  • sugarbeartay
    sugarbeartay Year ago +62

    I have to tell myself every now and then that this is real. It's just too devastating.

  • Pat Watson
    Pat Watson Year ago +9

    The man who owned the farm that flight 93 crashed on said the plane exploded the crashed, and a jet flew off low and fast, shortly after telling a reporter that,the man and his wife died

    • Nick Webb
      Nick Webb 11 months ago +3

      Where did you get this info??

  • jaylene mcfarlane
    jaylene mcfarlane 8 months ago +1

    R.i.p to everyone who died including the other people in all planes

  • Rebecca Watson
    Rebecca Watson 8 months ago +96

    “You could hear the pain he felt when he was hit” well I’m glad about that.

    • roquefortfiles
      roquefortfiles 8 months ago +4

      I wish the plane got landed safely and while they were doing that every one of those hijackers was beaten senseless.

    • ladyofstarfall
      ladyofstarfall 8 months ago +7

      I would’ve hurt him a lot more but I’m glad these heroes got some hits in.

    • Rebecca Watson
      Rebecca Watson 8 months ago +4

      @Brian Johnson absolutely

    • Brian Johnson
      Brian Johnson 8 months ago +9

      and hopefully more of it in the afterlife

    • M T
      M T 8 months ago

      Me too

  • OJH
    OJH 6 months ago +1

    1:46 Ahhhh, I remember seeing an actual footage of the plane moving like this in another 911 video, it was kinda wobbling back and forth, turning side to side, "feathering its wings" one of the flight observers said. Like either someone the person who was steering the plane was injured, did not fully know how to fly, or a fight broke out in the control room while someone was tryin to fly the plane. Seeing sort of the inside look of the plane and comparing the outside look of the plane and the motion of it gives alot more details/clues. Its so intense just thinkin about it omg☠

  • Tuğba COŞKUN
    Tuğba COŞKUN 10 months ago +1

    I can't imagine what they've been gone through.

  • Danielle -
    Danielle - 10 months ago +6

    So heartbreaking. I was in grade 5 when this happened. I'll be 29 this year.

  • Jenna Rodriguez
    Jenna Rodriguez 8 months ago +1

    We will never forget those who lost there lives. And the heros who saved lives. America strong. God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  • Puneet Jerath
    Puneet Jerath 10 months ago

    Brave passengers flight 93 I am proud these heroes may God rest in peace

  • anne greenwood
    anne greenwood 8 months ago

    true hero’s so tragic an event that changed our world forever i can’t even imagine what those poor people went through may they rest in peace

  • Jeff Wright
    Jeff Wright 8 months ago +1

    I hope and pray that if I am ever faced with any degree of major adversity , I possess half the courage that these brave men and women did on this flight. America- Let's Roll!