Sons of Anarchy - Watch Ryan Hurst bid farewell to Opie

  • Published on Dec 1, 2012
  • 'SOA': Watch Ryan Hurst bid farewell to Opie
    The song is called "Goodbye, Dear Friend," by Deer Tick
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  • Keith Kilian
    Keith Kilian 7 days ago

    Went from Opie to Gerry Bertier in 4 minutes

  • Maurico Pipistrello

    B R O T H E R H O O D

  • Kaaleb Dark
    Kaaleb Dark Month ago

    Opie is/was my Fav. I love Ryan in which way he played this/his character

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Month ago

    That first look after he shaved was Bertier, that brought me back big time

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans Month ago

    I cryed when opie died

  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks Month ago

    That episode of opies funeral was the absolute saddest episode of any TV series I've ever watched

  • John Yeomans
    John Yeomans 2 months ago

    Man I loved Opie, he went through so much shit and yet stayed loyal to the club and never gave up where a normal person would have 😢

  • Ifraaz Hussain
    Ifraaz Hussain 2 months ago

    One of the best vids i have seen this was a hard farewell Ope was dope

  • brenda griffin
    brenda griffin 2 months ago

    beautifully handsome man

  • Summer Medlin
    Summer Medlin 2 months ago

    When they started crying i started crying like a little bitch

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 months ago

    Opie should have never been in the club. He wasn’t cut out for it. In the first few seasons, he did nothing but screw up everything he did. The guy was a train wreck.

  • TheBardeng
    TheBardeng 2 months ago

    Is this any tradition? I knew the samurai did it, but if someone cut your hair off it was a shame. Damn I miss the samcro

  • teresamariecaglehitt
    teresamariecaglehitt 2 months ago

    The bond they have while filming SONS.❤️❤️ my heart can feel the goodbye 🥰🥰😭🤗❤️

  • Cabeson Portillo
    Cabeson Portillo 2 months ago

    Been years since this happened and it still fucks with me how Opie went out ....SOA my favorite show of all time

  • Van Inn
    Van Inn 2 months ago

    Sad to watch, but good to see they love each other that much

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl 2 months ago

    Haven't seen his shaved face since Remember The Titans.

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl 2 months ago

    I cant handle Ryan and Charlie crying, I just cant.

  • To. XIC
    To. XIC 3 months ago

    opie without beard.. looks like post malone

    ARKANOiiDE 3 months ago

    Opie was DOPE, thank you Ryan for playing him :) I fucking hope theyll give you a nice story arch and character development, in walking dead man, not just a tall big fake zombie dude ;] All the best to ya, thanks for years entertaining me in SoA ;]

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 3 months ago

    Holy shit he looks so different without a beard

  • 500dolce
    500dolce 3 months ago

    Opie was and will forever be my favorite SOA character💕

  • Nobody OK
    Nobody OK 3 months ago

    Charlie ❤

  • z s
    z s 3 months ago

    Best show EVER.

  • z s
    z s 3 months ago

    I'm balling like a baby. I love opie. Team opie for life

  • Dena Turner
    Dena Turner 3 months ago

    Every time I come across this video I always have that moment of "WAIT!.... hold up.... is that Drew Lachey?"

  • mamaveros
    mamaveros 3 months ago

    Please do the prequel to SOA...

  • Tonio Broly
    Tonio Broly 4 months ago

    This is called ...Life....

  • Punisher 3955
    Punisher 3955 4 months ago

    It's amazing to see the real sense of brotherhood they got while making S.O.A I like to imagine as they said they final goodbyes they said I love you brother

    KYLE MARSH 4 months ago +3

    Wow Opie without Beard looks like a 23 Year Old. And with Beard like 45 Yo 😂

  • Amy Stone
    Amy Stone 4 months ago

    Years after Opies death and the cease of SOA I still come here to watch so many clips(and still wear my beat up SOA hat almost daily) This clip is so great😢

  • Katarina Ilijić
    Katarina Ilijić 4 months ago

    I was sobbing when Opie died, I'm sobbing watching this even it's been a couple of years from the show.

  • FearmenV
    FearmenV 4 months ago

    Brothers, you in my heart!

  • Sexygirl1989
    Sexygirl1989 5 months ago

    Opie was the gentle giant of the club . I love Opie.

  • Marlene Liz
    Marlene Liz 5 months ago


  • Diane lilmisty84
    Diane lilmisty84 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh 😭 What a sad but beautiful way to say goodbye 💕

  • Steven Mcc
    Steven Mcc 5 months ago

    Saddest shit to see

  • Nolan Bouw
    Nolan Bouw 5 months ago

    And then he became beta.

  • FoxHound
    FoxHound 5 months ago

    This actually made me cry more than Opie's death it self

  • I.Q. Sandro Zúñiga
    I.Q. Sandro Zúñiga 5 months ago

    Tacos de pastor de Opie!! That's what I call an emotive farewell, I did cry when Ryan and Charlie cried, cause along with their TV show, they patched me up as a SOA member! Thank you for your commitment bros

  • Ritwika Datta
    Ritwika Datta 6 months ago +1

    Watching Charlie cry makes you realise how close they have grown during the course of the show in real life. And now years later, Ryan and Charlie are still good friends doing so many activities together. Love their friendship.

  • Rambo Singh
    Rambo Singh 6 months ago +1

    OPIE ❤️❤️❤️ one of the most loving character of all time. It was totally meant for Ryan Hurst!

  • Xander H
    Xander H 6 months ago

    Damn 😪😿

    ODYSSEY OVERLOAD 6 months ago

    My wife and I stopped watching the show for an entire year. I was crushed when and how they killed OPIE. Swore I'd never watch again but I couldn't help it. Great show!

  • Ryan Fernandes
    Ryan Fernandes 7 months ago +1

    I've cried as a grown man watching this every time but yeah Jst makes me realise I am Human n Yes this,was n will be my all time favorite show

  • Sophie Reddy
    Sophie Reddy 7 months ago

    Dude this video gives me a good cry every time I watch it.

  • TK VimSavage
    TK VimSavage 7 months ago

    Years later and those tears here are still real... Psst ryan do us a favor and leave Darryl alone cause Opie would love Darryl...

  • Kristina Baldwin
    Kristina Baldwin 7 months ago

    Mine and always will be

  • Christian Arsenault. Mc ßandit christian arsenault

    Le pire boute pu barbe

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 7 months ago

    Now I’m his motherfucker plays beta on the walking dead legendary actor

  • BIES
    BIES 7 months ago

    i'm 32 yrs old and this is the only one series which i want to watch again in my whole life. mayby i should. thx 4 great emotions with this.

  • mthwr
    mthwr 7 months ago

    God this is sad

  • Sharay Whitney
    Sharay Whitney 8 months ago

    Who else cried? 😩😭😭😭😭🙋‍♀️

  • Димка
    Димка 8 months ago

    2019 T_T

  • ice in my hair cause i'm cold b*ch

    I've lost it after Charlie. His portrayal of Jax's character was the rawest and most natural thing I've seen on TV.

  • Buket Akşahin
    Buket Akşahin 8 months ago

  • CrystalGTV
    CrystalGTV 8 months ago

    I’m four years late and gosh I just finished the finale and I couldn’t control my emotions, I cried like a baby! This show really touch me deep and thats all because of Charlie Hunnam (Jax) that man is not only sexy hes also the goat! RIP Jackson, Unser, Gemma, Tara, Bobby, opie , juice , clay and so on!

  • Beth McG
    Beth McG 8 months ago

    Every time I watch this I break down all over again. Ryan Hurst man. What a legend. Opie Winston is a character I will certainly never forget and will treasure forever. Ryan portrayed him so well that we all fell in love with Ope and for that, he is truly an unforgettable man

  • tobeygun
    tobeygun 8 months ago

    How is this so beautiful?

  • miss malfunction
    miss malfunction 8 months ago

    He issssssssss back Welcome Beta :)

  • Marco Landini
    Marco Landini 8 months ago

    Ed io .. .. io continuo a piangere ogni volta che vedo sto fottuto video! Opie