• Published on Aug 12, 2017
  • Everyone suffers from stomach problems until we venture to a temple made of solid gold. Cute puppies, strange musical instruments, & incredible works of art are seen. We top it off by picking up 4 random hitchhikers & giving them a ride they'll never forget.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 538

  • Sadness Haze
    Sadness Haze Month ago

    10 Bath is 25cents or something like that lmao

  • mike valenzuela
    mike valenzuela Month ago

    This is some minecraft shit

  • gen bly
    gen bly 3 months ago

    Elton: this is the cutest dog I've ever seen
    Circa: what about me dad 🐶

  • Emmi-lee Merrick
    Emmi-lee Merrick 4 months ago +1

    Elton:" I'm going to try to get one of the girls in Fitz's lap."
    Me: dying from laughter and tears legit falling down my face because I'm laughing so much.

  • Ava Hautamaki
    Ava Hautamaki 7 months ago +1

    When are you going to buy a bear

  • Rosey Cloud
    Rosey Cloud 8 months ago

    that has to be thailand (im from thailand)

  • krnstory
    krnstory 10 months ago

    U should go to greece

  • Nova Lively
    Nova Lively 10 months ago

    BTW don't eat the seafood! lol watching these videos of Thailand almost made me cry since I just recently came back from there

  • Heather Broussard

    I love that Elton calls every animal buddy and it’s the cutest thing ever

  • Jay Dubs
    Jay Dubs Year ago

    thats not holy dodu thats holly sh*t

  • EJ
    EJ Year ago

    ngl the thumbnail looked like a minecraft creation lmao

  • Louis
    Louis Year ago

    I love gold

  • Arcyan
    Arcyan Year ago

    waste of gold..

  • schalazeal07
    schalazeal07 Year ago

    Uncle Elton is sooo cray cray!!

  • Ehthi Paw
    Ehthi Paw Year ago

    Visit Burma next!

  • mathra07
    mathra07 Year ago

    Jay is low key my favorite!

  • JayJay825
    JayJay825 Year ago

    Fitz is hot

  • template gamers
    template gamers Year ago

    dog is so cute

  • hai dai
    hai dai Year ago

    Is this how Americans act???! ANNOYING!!!

  • the_openers_of_eyes
    the_openers_of_eyes Year ago +1

    these people go on the craziest fucking trips

  • Sennya Baalu
    Sennya Baalu Year ago

    Thought this was the Golden Temple, India lol

  • yongbky
    yongbky Year ago

    The thumbnail is beautiful 😍😍

  • Call Me Orbit
    Call Me Orbit Year ago

    shit shit shit shit everywhere tod goes shit

  • Space Ace
    Space Ace Year ago

    Elton: I think that this Buddah was sponsored by True Move 4G LTE
    Jay: I bet he gets really good reception
    Elton: How else do you think he spread his message to so many people
    Jay: Oh I hate you so much
    Flitz: Terrible I’m leaving Tiland

  • Quinn
    Quinn Year ago

    I just went there 1 months ago😭

  • Alannah Wetzel
    Alannah Wetzel Year ago

    no wonder where are gold went😄

  • Linda Kanyarat Saetang

    You should go to explore the abandoned hotel in Chiang Mai.

  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. Year ago

    Go to the catacombs of Paris

  • yandocw
    yandocw Year ago +1

    Like so they can see

  • yandocw
    yandocw Year ago +1

    Hay you guys should go scuba diving and look for thinhs

  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. Year ago


  • Oh yea yea in your mouth

    Culturaly insensitive

  • Emyson Blue
    Emyson Blue Year ago

    so uhh just like in suicide forest your camera audio is acting funny here too... it starts at 4:11 stops at about 4:21

  • annabelle !
    annabelle ! Year ago

    okay but did anyone else hear the same kind of microphone interference noises that were in the suicide forest video around 4:15 to about 4:20 ish

  • Elis ThaBesth
    Elis ThaBesth Year ago

    When I saw the title I immediately imagined someone trying to dig the temple and steal it :D

  • Jennifer Sylvester

    Holy DooDoo = Holy Shit

  • Anthomia Fan girl

    Minecraft Got A Update

  • Hope Yalikeit
    Hope Yalikeit Year ago

    Philippines next please with Sam, Corey and Colby.

  • ThatIntrovertGirl

    That sassy dog at 4:51 is a stray dog who lives in my university(that you drove by at 0:56) the students are so fond of him he even have his on fan page on facebook😂😂😂 he's such a celebrity dog

  • Skin Silo
    Skin Silo Year ago

    The static sound is still playing ever since the suicide forest

  • Belle ThePrincess

    Where is this?

    • Belle ThePrincess
      Belle ThePrincess Year ago

      Primary Me yeah that's what I thought too but I wasn't sure👍🏼

    • Primary Me
      Primary Me Year ago

      Belle ThePrincess I think this is Thailand

  • ItWillBeOkayLove
    ItWillBeOkayLove Year ago

    Steal it

  • Codez Gaming
    Codez Gaming Year ago

    How do they managed to get that much gold?!?!?

  • Pussy Ass
    Pussy Ass Year ago

    The cringe

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Year ago

    Y'all should go to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose!

  • Bethany Hecky
    Bethany Hecky Year ago

    Notice how it's all the guys screaming and the girls are silent ;)

  • Amber Friedrich
    Amber Friedrich Year ago


  • Blabbajabba
    Blabbajabba Year ago

    I miss heith y is he never in any vids

  • Shardei x
    Shardei x Year ago +1

    That dog is my spirit animal

  • Naomi Wong
    Naomi Wong Year ago

    I've been to Thailand last year around December for my birthday. It's so beautiful! Glad you had fun too!

    ZOSH MYSTIC Year ago

    pleaseeeeeee go to the witches tunnel

  • Cat Rolla
    Cat Rolla Year ago +2

    on their trip to suicide forest, they had audio problems because they were surrounded by spirits. 3:51 to 4:24 when they visit the buddha, you can hear a faint sound of the audio problems like they had in suicide forest, because they were near a spiritual being.

    JEDI GECKO Year ago

    Exsploar Guam

  • Fuzed Mind
    Fuzed Mind Year ago

    Rate me on Uber, 5/5.

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai Year ago


  • TheBlackillusions

    this is a beautiful place. too bad his shoes were stolen on a holy place :(....

  • Box Beaters
    Box Beaters Year ago +1

    How are you guys back n Japan ( sorry if its not right) I watched a Sam and Colby vid and you where at the house?!?! 😖

    • Box Beaters
      Box Beaters Year ago

      lukey penguin thanks I was confused 😂.

    • Angel Jhope
      Angel Jhope Year ago

      Kaylee Myra sometinea they dont post until they are back home so they can be in someone vid, the post a vid of theirs

  • Smooth Milk
    Smooth Milk Year ago

    ELTONNNNN explore Bablo island in Amusberg(idk how to spell) in canada bring a crowbar ( you need to break in) be careful they don't like outsiders. It's an abandoned amusement park and a magician died there, stay overnight and bring the ouija board

  • Panic! At The Black Parade

    Wtf why is NO ONE referencing twenty øne piløts like wtf????

  • Gospodin Krumpir
    Gospodin Krumpir Year ago


  • Bronik123
    Bronik123 Year ago

    i beat those girls in the car where like.................. wtf

  • Rëågåñ
    Rëågåñ Year ago

    7 hours until suicide forest video!!!

  • Abi Panks
    Abi Panks Year ago +1

    You said the sucide forest video would be up at 10am Sunday it's now 6pm Sunday ..

  • Tyler Rin
    Tyler Rin Year ago +3

    It's 12:00 pm and he still hasn't posted the suicide forest thingy um ....

    • Kcoston
      Kcoston Year ago

      it's 2:30 pm

    • Shelby is on Drugs
      Shelby is on Drugs Year ago

      Preston Plays it's an hour after 10. But, still. I can't wait

    • M3m3 Preston
      M3m3 Preston Year ago

      Plant Boii he put on twitter it would take time to process and upload in hd

  • Artisticanna Alexson

    Don't Point your feet of Buddha

  • Yessenia Corlett
    Yessenia Corlett Year ago +2

    Upload you damn Japan hunted forest god damn it

  • Jet
    Jet Year ago +1

    With my luck, those girls wouldve stolen my kidneys.

  • Neysa Decha
    Neysa Decha Year ago


  • George Harnden
    George Harnden Year ago

    more overnight vids please

  • Kayla Dixon
    Kayla Dixon Year ago +5

    Can we all just appreciate the trip videos instead of constantly whining about the suicide forest video? Elton works hard on these ffs

  • Anna Considine
    Anna Considine Year ago +12

    I would just like to remind you all that Elton said he would buy a bear at 1 million subscribers...

    • Anna Considine
      Anna Considine Year ago +3

      Miguel Guajardo that's true. But the point is that he has to buy a bear 😂

    • Miguel Guajardo
      Miguel Guajardo Year ago +1

      Anna Considine I don't think anything happened between them they just don't live together anymore so it probably makes it harder for them to set up these trips

  • Willow Castanova
    Willow Castanova Year ago

    ALMOST 1,000,000 SUBS

  • Dennis Is the best

    Its amazing

  • Nickol Heinen
    Nickol Heinen Year ago

    When are you uploading the second part to Colby's suicide bridge video?? I am dying to see it!!!

  • April Gilleland
    April Gilleland Year ago

    2:13 rip headphone users

  • allyse2002laxton
    allyse2002laxton Year ago

    i love how when elton started driving crazy, todd's legs just opened super wide

  • Clarizze Garcia
    Clarizze Garcia Year ago


  • Shaynie Chaloupek

    "Yeah, I'd love to bang her."~Toddy 2k17

  • Alyssa D
    Alyssa D Year ago

    Did you get a blessed knot tied on you by a monk there?

  • Alee Catt
    Alee Catt Year ago

    Elton really got his shoes stolen..

  • Lili Bug
    Lili Bug Year ago


  • homo sexual
    homo sexual Year ago

    All the girls in the van looked Kinda unempressed

  • homo sexual
    homo sexual Year ago

    Eyyy I went there a few years ago cool asf but real boring with no friends

  • Erin Mandarin
    Erin Mandarin Year ago

    😂😂lol 7 1/2?! elton i could literally wear your shoes

  • Liam Schwabel
    Liam Schwabel Year ago

    Who else thought it was a video game by the thumbnail

  • Ajit Parmar
    Ajit Parmar Year ago

    Did y'all get a nice Thai massage

  • Harley Vlogs
    Harley Vlogs Year ago

    Thailand is beautiful and so is Uncle Elton

  • Vapelordnord 760
    Vapelordnord 760 Year ago

    Where the suicide forest over night??????

    • Sarah Grant
      Sarah Grant Year ago

      DynamicTrout316 he tweeted that he'll post it 10 PST but it may take awhile since it's gonna be 59 minutes long

  • YT-Oneshot
    YT-Oneshot Year ago +3

    wOW suicide forest is crazy looking

  • Sara Nickel
    Sara Nickel Year ago

    Those girls

  • That one gamer.
    That one gamer. Year ago

    What happened to me today
    1. I clicked on this video
    2. There was a bug on my iPad
    3. I had to get my iPad fixed

  • Frenchie Fries
    Frenchie Fries Year ago +2

    "All these girls got in here and dont realise what a great driver i am"
    *uhh 5 men and some ladies were killed in an accident and havent been found alive*

  • Karlee Kid
    Karlee Kid Year ago

    Yeah boiii

  • Cameron Le Surf
    Cameron Le Surf Year ago

    Elton don't forget, in your video titled "We're Buying A Bear" you said if you get 1 million subs your buying a bear. Better start saving up!

  • colton laughridge

    I'm 15 and I wear a size 8.5

  • Hannah Doty
    Hannah Doty Year ago

    It's not holly doodoo it's holly shit

  • Danielle Arrowood

    i wish i could travel like you do i get more and more jealous every time i watch your traveling videos.

  • Nobody
    Nobody Year ago

    Looks like something off of over watch

  • Lorde_jessie
    Lorde_jessie Year ago

    I wear 7 1/2 in mens.

  • Eisabel T
    Eisabel T Year ago

    Just a dad killing, and embarrassing his kids. 😂