Lies & Revenge||Glmm

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • I’m so so so sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been struggling with a lot of stuff lately😞💖 but I’m still here I won’t give up on my channel just yet!! Enjoy💫💘

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    this deserves much more likes!

    small gacha tuber here ;)

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  • Chess Ly
    Chess Ly 3 hours ago

    The song title is "Out Running Karma" by Alec Benjamin right??

  • Andrinna Nikolaou
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    zcbk hjk 9 hours ago

    Есть кто русский?

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    jamileht garcia 10 hours ago

    Ok Wo Wo girl take a slow you justo met him ok not cool

  • Moon Wolf Foxx
    Moon Wolf Foxx 11 hours ago

    I hate Colorado
    I live there
    Every building is so short
    The air is sick the only forests are in the mountains but unless you live very very close to them it's a once every 1-2 year experience going, the weather is retarded in summer it's 90s-120 degrees in fall it is like summer than one day the temperature goes from 100 to 20 and it stays that way for the rest if fall than in winter it drops to -20 sometimes than in spring it's still cold AF than it raises to 80 one day randomly, and everyone is fake...

    Idfc if u like Colorado, but I hate it here, I'm trapped

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    I saw this)
    This is Ava she is zero
    One like = One year older

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    Go to it is soooo cool you get to spill cranberry Sprite on people

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    MiaPsings :: 15 hours ago

    “you LOVED That I loved YOU”

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  • Gost gamer you love for ever

    He is sad but HE cheatet in her

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    Itz_little 21 hour ago

    I know I'm super late TwT

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    😲😲🥺🥺🥺!!! I really like ur videos! Hhhhh sooo ummm sooo...idk just good and mad too! I lovee

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  • Vasileios Manafas
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    My friend name is Prim 😂

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    LPS Animations Day ago

    hell yea! leave that stupid boy!

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    Nora Arif Day ago

    Wow i like it so much

  • Megagoldlordi The Lightness

    4:52 Skip to the song!

  • bayarsaikhan daichuud

    SO SAD I AM GONNA CRY!!!!!!!!

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  • Abigail Railing
    Abigail Railing Day ago

    The song is called outrunning karma

  • Your local Crackhead

    Ya know the first song is called Outrunning Karma-By Alec Benjamin so you better see the tittle before you use a song 😕

  • Echo Best
    Echo Best Day ago

    My ex boy friend did the same thing he broke up with me for someone else but my current bf is the guy who helped me through the pain

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  • maddie_meadow vlogger

    xD sad times

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    kaden Rimson Day ago

    My name's kaden

  • MailintheweirdoGurl YT

    Uhh if you didn't know the first song is called outrunning karma from Alec Benjamin if you didn't know not to offend you

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  • sara alghanbar
    sara alghanbar Day ago

    When they say’’all the poor people you’ve forsaken’’
    I hear poor as poop

  • XxGachaLilyxX
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    Not meaning any hate or anything, just an unpopular opinion of mine, maybe next time add a disclaimer that there was going to be killing and illegal stuff (getting away with murder?) in the video cause some kids might get the wrong idea

  • Ma Ivy
    Ma Ivy Day ago

    Part two?

  • It’s Lil Cookie
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    Title: lies and revenge
    Me :revenge of Minecraft?

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    Its Roseyice 2 days ago

    Love this

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    How do you guys change your picture

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    CannedTUNA 97 2 days ago

    I love how u used outrunning karma by Alec Benjamin

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    Ladybug K 2 days ago

    Omg primrose from the hunger games yass queen!!!!

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    (Vioce crack)

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    Gacha logic: *-dO yoU wAnT tO gEt iCe crEaM?-*

  • gacha Jasmine lover line

    I little feel bad for Bella's ex boyfriend

  • Just Jess
    Just Jess 2 days ago +1

    Boyfriend dumps her for her friend


  • Itzcottoncandy Studios

    It’s call outrunning karma not lies not hate still really good🥺

  • •M A N G O S O D A•

    Do you know what affairs means

  • Mr Duck
    Mr Duck 2 days ago

    I’m glad this isn’t a glmv where she cuts

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  • Lara Ner
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    (I’m obsessed with the Hunger Games if you didn’t know)

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    Sunster Flows 2 days ago

    PRimRoSe eVerDeeN😬

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    2 questions.
    1. Wtf is this
    2. Why is it in my recommended

  • XxxAnimexxX
    XxxAnimexxX 2 days ago

    I love it ! Especially Alec Benjamin song I’m a huge fan of him -^-“ your so underrated and creative !

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    The Gacha Violinest 2 days ago

    75% people with there 👇 examples
    25% begging for likes.

  • Unicorn Phases
    Unicorn Phases 2 days ago

    You really copied the name from hunger games that’s NOT cool and I’m sorry but hunger games is a sacred series and should not be mocked in Gacha life please and thank yiu

  • Laura Ferengi
    Laura Ferengi 2 days ago

    No not sad times!

  • Gummy Online
    Gummy Online 3 days ago

    Ok sorry I don’t like the video but do what you want to do :3 Keep doing what you like to do

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    Click here if you saw sad times face

  • misan wu
    misan wu 3 days ago

    I dont know but i feel bad id there ears go down

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    y0u all suck_ 3 days ago

    PART 2.

  • SKoOtEr :P
    SKoOtEr :P 3 days ago

    Wait, as in Primrose Everdeen