IS 11 REGENERATING!?! Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 "The Rings of Akhaten" REACTION!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 "The Rings of Akhaten" REACTION! Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 REACTION! To watch the next episode RIGHT NOW, UNEDITED to S10E12 NOW ► PATREON:
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  • failwhale34
    failwhale34  Month ago +37

    What'd you think of this episode?! Can we hit 1000 likes for the amazing speech by 11?! Love ya'll To watch the next episode RIGHT NOW, UNEDITED to S10E12 NOW ► PATREON:

    • Rhys Gasson
      Rhys Gasson Month ago

      Where is episode 7 gone if season 5

    • Josef Schiltz
      Josef Schiltz Month ago

      @ChanCeNecK Same here. I love that, within the space of a minute, The Doctor - from 16:28 - first; quotes Muriel Rukeyser and then; does a quick Carl Sagan bit and moves swiftly and effortlessly to Lewis Carroll. What wonderful juxtaposition.

    • ChanCeNecK
      ChanCeNecK Month ago +1

      This is still one of my top 5 all time favourite episodes. I watch it every year with my mom on christmas.
      Time of the Doctor (my favourite) is on New year´s eve.....

  • Sabaition
    Sabaition 2 days ago

    This episode was great up until Clara and the leaf up appear. Had the Doctor defeated the parasite it would have been a much more powerful showing of the weight he carries... Instead they pull a BS ending killing the parasite with the concept of "possibilities." Every object can represent memories that never were. If not for that this probably would be the best episode of 11's series. Because it was definitely Matt Smith most powerful moment acting in it.

  • Corey Lawson
    Corey Lawson 9 days ago

    Thank you for your reaction to the speech. I've seen lots of reactions to this episode and I never really feel anyone connects on the emotional level I did. I go back and watch that scene all the time because it is so powerful.

  • Small Yet Knowing Clown

    It's not Romana you donut, it's Susan.

  • Benedict Hammond
    Benedict Hammond Month ago +1

    This episode was so sweet and well done, I would have been completely fulfilled if this was the regeneration episode of 11

  • Happi Mabi
    Happi Mabi Month ago

    you have epic reactions

  • Mark Hayden
    Mark Hayden Month ago

    There's a reason the tardis doesn't trust clara

  • BlackGirlMarvel
    BlackGirlMarvel Month ago

    Fires of Pompeii...yea keep that episode in your brain. Also, failwhale34 never ceases to fail in a great reaction!

  • Leila Ettahri El Joti

    One of my favourite episodes from the Smith era (if not my favorite). The soundtrack is epic as well. Great reaction man 👍

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson Month ago

    The helmeted creatures looking for Mary have always reminded me of the Skull Twins from LEGO Space Police III:

  • Adam Schmitz
    Adam Schmitz Month ago

    I love all of Matt Smith speeches as the doctor, they all give me the chills.

  • Haylee Sci
    Haylee Sci Month ago +1

    the gem of season 7 imo

  • Tanno
    Tanno Month ago

    It's weird to try and put this into words, but I really appreciate you crying to this episodes, and any others. It just really shows the pure emotion you're getting from watching.

  • Austin Gonzales
    Austin Gonzales Month ago

    Great review sir! Clara and the Doctor have great chemistry and Murray Gold's music is just great. Just my opinions. I look forward to more of yours!

  • CoralCarne372
    CoralCarne372 Month ago

    Did you realise this was where the *angrily adjusts bow tie* meme came from

  • DravenGal
    DravenGal Month ago

    For those of you who haven't seen this, I STRONGLY recommend it! It's awesome! It's related to this episode.

  • DravenGal
    DravenGal Month ago

    Did anyone notice that the car that almost runs Clara's father down is the same one that killed Rose's Dad? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure.

  • gary louk
    gary louk Month ago +1

    You didn’t watch the minisode!

  • Jamie Aspinall
    Jamie Aspinall Month ago

    How do you get the video footage from what your reacting to?

  • Jason Knight
    Jason Knight Month ago +3

    When little Clara runs up, look at her sweater.
    It's showing two hearts.

  • defenderofthenorth52
    defenderofthenorth52 Month ago +5

    “Is it a dying sun, did he pull a Rose?”
    The Doctor: “It’s a dying sun.”
    *failwhale looks at camera* 😏

  • bananas are good
    bananas are good Month ago

    even tho matt smith is not my fave doctor by quite a bit, he is possibly the king of monologues in who haha

  • hichaelmartline
    hichaelmartline Month ago

    "I've walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman!"
    I guess you could link this to the 4th Doctor & E-space but I like to think it's also applies to 8 & the anti-matter universe.
    Also I love how this ending music is 11's regeneration theme.

  • Jean-Baptiste Vauthier

    Dude, i can't explain how i love so much watching you react to dw, it hit really deep and make me all emotional again, i can't say anything but thank you you're amazing!

  • Jean-Baptiste Vauthier

    one of the best episode of this season, with ep5, the final and what comes after ;)...

  • kcha237
    kcha237 Month ago

    This was a spectacular conclusion to a mediocre episode. Ive always felt it was a shame that some of Matt's best work is in an episode that many people will not return to after seeing it once. Luckily, he is so good that his entire run is littered with stellar performances. I wonder how many people here skipped right to the part of the review when the doctor and clara faced off with the sun god.

  • Eric Mishima
    Eric Mishima Month ago

    You need a cat door in your bedroom door. Where's Dooskie? ;)

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago +1

    This speech and 12’s speech in the zygon episode are my two favorites (:

  • Luna and Blake Productions

    How you’ve not gotten copyright striked is surprising

  • Tammy L. Faulkner
    Tammy L. Faulkner Month ago


  • MusikCassette
    MusikCassette Month ago +2

    the doctor could have payed for the motorcycle with Amy s Glasses.

  • Bozo Russo
    Bozo Russo Month ago

    one of the worst episodes in new who

  • Shannon Donnelly
    Shannon Donnelly Month ago

    I couldn't help but laugh when u said "that's really sweet.... But she's dead" 😂

  • Monster munchies
    Monster munchies Month ago

    That speech was so fking epic!

  • dave IsDave
    dave IsDave Month ago +6

    When he's crying as he says "I've watched universes freeze and creations burn" omg the feels!!!! He looks so fricking broken 23:01

  • Mohammed Alghimdi
    Mohammed Alghimdi Month ago

    Make sure that you watch (The NIGHT of the doctor) mini episode befor watching THE DAY of the doctor Movie

  • Seth Rotherforth
    Seth Rotherforth Month ago +2

    I love this episode, and while I always felt the "Clara kills it with the leaf" ending seemed a bit weak, I understand that without that leaf, the doctor wouldn't be here, so it does make sense in the end.

  • Robin Vettier
    Robin Vettier Month ago +1

    It's funny because, I watch a lot of DW reactioners, and every time, the closer we get to the Time of the Doctor, the more anxious I become, although I've seen what happens a thousand times already

  • Robin Vettier
    Robin Vettier Month ago +9

    "is there a reason why they could not use the TARDIS?" good point well made, this will be back

  • spencer o'keeffe
    spencer o'keeffe Month ago

    Wow the whole she's a different Clara without even the name Oswin really went over your head didn't it

  • DannyDarko27
    DannyDarko27 Month ago

    People say that Smith is the king of speeches, but I think every doctor incarnations give the ultimate speeches

  • spencer o'keeffe
    spencer o'keeffe Month ago +3

    When he's going "She's in the MCU" and I'm like ooo he's gonna get it by himself..."The Winter Soldier"...he was so close. She's Bucky's date to the "Modern Marvels of Tomorrow" since show where Howard Stark shows off the flying car that doesn't work in Captain America The First Avenger

  • Constant Geek
    Constant Geek Month ago +1


  • StormWolf
    StormWolf Month ago

    A while back there was a thing they'd do at conventions where they gave the actors of other Doctors various New Who Doctor speeches. One of the best was Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) doing Eleven's speech from this episode:
    Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor) was also given the speech:
    It's really neat to hear the speech done in different ways that are so perfect to each individual Doctor. Six going all brash and expressive, and Eight being more calm.

  • Luke Evans
    Luke Evans Month ago +2

    The most lowkey chilled out episode of who imo always loved it

  • Zeugl Rigger
    Zeugl Rigger Month ago

    This was a rehearsal for the regeneration

  • Velociraptor
    Velociraptor Month ago +11

    Jenna's not in Winter Soldier. She was Bucky's date to the expo in First Avenger.

  • MTG
    MTG Month ago

    When DW was good

  • Halleloolahoop
    Halleloolahoop Month ago +1

    This would be a great regeneration scene to be honest

  • Halleloolahoop
    Halleloolahoop Month ago +4

    Clara actually had a backstory and a personality at the start. Shame that didn't last.

  • Alexandra Shepiro
    Alexandra Shepiro Month ago +1

    Fantastic Episode! Epic speech!!!

  • deltahalo241
    deltahalo241 Month ago

    A lot of people complain about the leaf defeating the God in this episode, but I think it makes sense when you consider that the Universe literally went out of its way to have that leaf hit Clara's father, just so that he could meet her mother and that Clara herself could be born. It's not just the symbolic idea of the leaf representing infinity, it's the Universe bending itself to create Clara.

  • Joseph Koester
    Joseph Koester Month ago

    When I first saw this episode I thought the doctors memories were to vast and had killed the thing.

    NBHOOPZ Month ago

    Jeeeez, I see the goals on the whiteboard. Keep up the work bro

  • Novaximus
    Novaximus Month ago +6

    My favorite expression of this doctor is when he gives that look of I mean business...grinds his jaw to the left and right and adjusts his bow tie. Oh shit. It's about to go down.

  • Holden B. Huffman
    Holden B. Huffman Month ago +7

    I never noticed how much that did look like regeneration energy until now.

  • robvanriot
    robvanriot Month ago

    If we ignore the fact that the physics of the Akhaten star system are totally's a beautiful episode.

  • Soul Index
    Soul Index Month ago

    Oh god, after you pointed out the bad greenscreen, I couldn't unsee 😭 It's like they left out the entire node tree for keying out the hair and edges 😭

  • Andrew Brecher
    Andrew Brecher Month ago +1

    Dude, you already got an epic call on the pyramid thing, then you tried to get a second one? You got greedy, man.

    • failwhale34
      failwhale34  Month ago +1

      I really did, smh. I just want to be in the writers room so bad 😔

  • Derek Macdonald
    Derek Macdonald Month ago

    the best first episode i think. clara with her great smile and doctor with is awesome speech