Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • A 15-year-old Tennessee boy was surprised with gifts from his classmates after they learned he'd been bullied. Azzy Robinson was the target of bullying a few years ago and it tore him apart. "[It] made me feel like I was worthless and didn't really mean anything to anyone," Robinson told Inside Edition. His mom said Azzy became "reclusive and would sleep all the time." But when Azzy switched schools, his new classmates wanted to do something nice for him, so they surprised him with presents.

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  • Teona Bell
    Teona Bell 53 minutes ago

    This brought tears to my eyes 😢🙏🏾

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 2 hours ago

    How to not get bullied

    Just be less gay and get a haircut, jesus, what a Bush.

  • Gabrie -studios
    Gabrie -studios 5 hours ago


  • zyzzcarlos
    zyzzcarlos 13 hours ago

    We need more kids like those new students

  • Mrs. Kwan
    Mrs. Kwan 14 hours ago

    My profile picture is better than all y’alls

  • Madison williams
    Madison williams 17 hours ago

    feel sooo wonderful for this boy.......only wish there were children like this when i was a teen......there were NO KINDNESS amongst teenagers when i was growing up!...and i was always left out.....even as a young adult in my 20's..pple often laughed at me..like i was some kind of alien-clown!

  • かわいい猫 cute Kat

    We love azzyland :3

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston 20 hours ago

    Great to see an uplifting story!

  • 10,000 Subscribers No Videos

    Awwww lol

  • tee dee
    tee dee Day ago

    Omg these kids 😭😭 that’s so awesome what these kids did for him

  • ディアスジェレミー

    He's a nice kid and all but gotta be honest here, *_it was because his haircut._*

  • Kin Wah Wong
    Kin Wah Wong Day ago

    That's love right there.

    BEANBOY Day ago

    faggot ass hair

  • JAMES Rouseau
    JAMES Rouseau Day ago

    He need to keep those friends for life!!!

  • Noah Fisher
    Noah Fisher Day ago

    Awww, i wish i was his friend

  • Emma-Noelle Erfourth

    This makes me happy because i was a victim of bullying

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Day ago

    That kid is a freak. He deserved it.

  • Tatyana
    Tatyana Day ago

    I love this

  • Stan Finney
    Stan Finney Day ago +2

    That just made my day

  • Khalid Elmekki
    Khalid Elmekki Day ago

    This touched my heart

  • King Jones
    King Jones Day ago

    I liked the video only because of the Inside Edition theme at the end.

  • hollywood415dc
    hollywood415dc Day ago

    You know how me create caring loving adults, by creating caring loving kids. Simple recipe. Starts at home

  • Sm0l Fr11_.
    Sm0l Fr11_. 2 days ago

    “Im proud to be me...for ONCE”

    That got to me

  • Roman Mead
    Roman Mead 2 days ago

    I started crying😥

  • Brittany Jackson
    Brittany Jackson 2 days ago +3

    God Bless his heart and protect him in the name of Jesus Christ!

  • Wookie Patrol
    Wookie Patrol 2 days ago

    Man I wish there was more love like this in the world. What a great example of kids showing us adults how to treat each other the right way. Good stuff!

  • gwmgbwi
    gwmgbwi 2 days ago

    Good kids.

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 2 days ago

    Why would you bully such a sweet guy??

  • Rebekah Jones
    Rebekah Jones 2 days ago

    Aww that made my day!

  • K G
    K G 2 days ago

    A haircut might decrease the bullying. Come on, mom

  • harambe the kid
    harambe the kid 2 days ago

    They gave him a ar-15 and he soon shot up the school

  • im daunte
    im daunte 2 days ago

    woah, this is my school

  • Eli and Chuck E Cheese Playtime

    Aww good job kids! Proud of them.

  • J B
    J B 2 days ago +11

    Azzy is such a handsome young man
    I hope he does big things

  • PSU Wrestling
    PSU Wrestling 2 days ago

    Why would you do that to a kid, if he was a bullied depressed kid you don’t want to be singled out in front of your class room. You don’t want to be broadcast around the nation, I hope the boy is doing well, but someone should of stepped in and not made this child a poster boy for bullying.

  • Add R
    Add R 2 days ago +1

    Soo nice and sweet

  • M.Lorraine Roberts
    M.Lorraine Roberts 2 days ago +1

    I would have luved to be his friend n school jus because of his hair 😍

    • J B
      J B 2 days ago

      M.Lorraine Roberts his hair is 🔥 he could do commercials with all of that gorgeous hair!

  • Moe Staccs
    Moe Staccs 3 days ago

    Kid stop being a pussy and lift some weights..hold your nuts and fight back..

  • Gracie Thankful
    Gracie Thankful 3 days ago +7

    God bless you. May God Jesus and Holy Spirit watch over you. Protect you. Read Psalm 91

  • Scrappy Muscle
    Scrappy Muscle 3 days ago

    God bless this kid

  • Black To The Future
    Black To The Future 3 days ago

    They only did that so he wouldn't shoot they school up. Smart kids.

    • Rob Bowman
      Rob Bowman Day ago

      Well with assy as his name I would shoot up school

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross 3 days ago

    So glad he got out of that situation. Don’t let others destroy your self worth. What a fantastic group of young people who’ve obviously been raised right. Your parents should be so proud of all of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • William Baehr
    William Baehr 3 days ago

    Look at the kid's eyes. He's a man trapped in a young body. You watch... this isn't the last we've heard of Azzy Robinson. Big things in store.

  • Amy Marrufo
    Amy Marrufo 3 days ago

    ❤️this is cute

  • Kenzie Perez
    Kenzie Perez 3 days ago

    Azzy kinda cute so was his friend the one that gave him the shoes but that’s nice why can’t everybody be helpful and nice to people that have been hurt and bullied 😊

  • Jaden Fuller
    Jaden Fuller 3 days ago

    Who lives in Murfreesboro ?

  • Jake C
    Jake C 3 days ago

    Uhh wtf was this about?

  • Star Voyager
    Star Voyager 3 days ago

    Damn! This video is only 80 seconds long and I am already cutting onions!! 👊

  • Colton C
    Colton C 3 days ago

    I just watched your speech brother , Your a good dude Azzy , I’d be lucky to have a pal like you man and anyone who can’t see that dosent need you bro !!

  • Rachel Freeders
    Rachel Freeders 3 days ago

    I would be mortified if a bunch of kids in my class bought me clothes.

  • LilithGamer 204
    LilithGamer 204 3 days ago +2

    Omg this is sooo sweet!!!

  • Aace Grabot
    Aace Grabot 3 days ago

    That made me cry oh my gawd it’s so sweet 😭❤️

  • シAnøx
    シAnøx 3 days ago

    bless this boys heart :')

  • Wise Words From Tyrone
    Wise Words From Tyrone 3 days ago +5

    Man there is so much hope in this world. I hope he’s doing better now!

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 days ago

    As a sneakerhead I cringed so hard when the girl said "new nike sneakers" instead of the actual name.

  • jim thomas
    jim thomas 3 days ago

    jezus... look at its hair... its no wonder it was bullied.....use common sense

  • Samreen Rahman
    Samreen Rahman 3 days ago

    “I’m almost proud to be me for once.”
    Oh damn-

  • Chanxxお弁当
    Chanxxお弁当 3 days ago


  • Marc Amico
    Marc Amico 3 days ago

    I honestly don't mean being "that person." But,his classmates should've given him money to get a haircut. Lolol!!!

  • Maria Rojas
    Maria Rojas 4 days ago

    I don't know how I'd handle my child getting bullied

    COOKIE GOODNESS 4 days ago +1

    Man this made me tear up for real.

  • LION X
    LION X 4 days ago

    At least he didn't shoot up the school

  • King Porg
    King Porg 4 days ago

    Is he poor or gay

  • Sashimi Sushi
    Sashimi Sushi 4 days ago

    This made me tear up- this is so niiiice 😭😭

  • ImranAK
    ImranAK 4 days ago

    We need more ppl like them

  • MadakiNomaroishi
    MadakiNomaroishi 4 days ago

    Democrat kids always bully people 👌

  • Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation

    Looks like a loser, would probably bully him

  • Sveta Nedelja
    Sveta Nedelja 4 days ago

    Wheres the dad

  • Fly WhiteBird
    Fly WhiteBird 4 days ago

    I love Azzy too good job guys !💞❤

  • Huh Vuy
    Huh Vuy 4 days ago

    Teach our children, to help instead make worse and instant zen, even a bully will stick up for the weakest, “ nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” Teach the line of positive vibration and all will focus

  • Cease Frosty
    Cease Frosty 4 days ago

    This wouldn’t ever have happened at my school.

  • Rasheed Divac
    Rasheed Divac 4 days ago

    Our children act more adult than we do

  • Emily Munson
    Emily Munson 4 days ago

    What was he bullied for to begin with? He’s a normal looking teen, doesn’t seem odd at all, and the kids at his new school had nothing but nice things to say about him. The kids at his last school must have been jealous of his kindness.

  • Kailyne Ospina
    Kailyne Ospina 4 days ago

    I would love to be his best friend :o

  • meeka shantel
    meeka shantel 4 days ago

    To see a kid hurt like that hurts. (For once it feels good to be me.) OH WOW.

  • Wile E Coyote
    Wile E Coyote 5 days ago

    Probably being bullied in other school for not having designer trash. Unreal

  • Toshea Collier
    Toshea Collier 5 days ago


  • Demon Baby
    Demon Baby 5 days ago


  • M Huh
    M Huh 5 days ago

    Suprised no Reddit investigative incel or Twitter digger tried to track some history of white supremacy out of this like the last 10 bully awareness videos.

  • Vito Sky
    Vito Sky 5 days ago

    Thanks 4 being Good Humans!!!🙏👋👌

  • Julio Covington
    Julio Covington 5 days ago +6

    “HUMANITY” ..is not just a word... it’s a WORLD full of loving people!!
    Great stuff!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Ella Cruz
      Ella Cruz Day ago

      Julio Covington
      I mean humanity isn’t a world, but okay

  • XxBluebirdxX
    XxBluebirdxX 5 days ago

    You would get bullied in my school if had bad shoes or if they were not Nike’s Reebok or adidas.

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 5 days ago

    This is so sweet

  • Ghost Lachance
    Ghost Lachance 5 days ago

    Bruh it’s so sad and happy at the same time 😭😭😭

  • texting storys
    texting storys 5 days ago

    Not a single soul:

    • Amelia Rose
      Amelia Rose 2 days ago

      And then there was one...
      Hang in there bro.

  • pine marten
    pine marten 5 days ago

    Azzy would make an excellent chimney sweeper.

  • positive vibes
    positive vibes 5 days ago

    I wanted to cry this is so heart breaking how he was bullied. Bullying needs to be ILLEGAL both kids and parents need to face MAJOR charges.

  • ZukoCS
    ZukoCS 5 days ago

    Idk why but I’m more focused on the kid with the AirPods xdd

  • below
    below 5 days ago

    He made me cry

  • That’s the tea sis

    AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! This made me cry❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  • Hj_13 Loveu3000
    Hj_13 Loveu3000 5 days ago

    I’m balling like a baby rn uh and I don’t cry often

  • Felicia Romero
    Felicia Romero 6 days ago

    Sweet 👼

  • angelo c
    angelo c 6 days ago

    That kid need to man up and stop beign such a pussy

  • SINISTER 666
    SINISTER 666 6 days ago

    Of course he gets picked on, get that poor kid a haircut. Einstein was a genius, however im not gonna grow my hair like him.

  • Pearl iix
    Pearl iix 6 days ago +1

    Poor Azzy 😭

  • Sam Hewitt
    Sam Hewitt 6 days ago

    I wanna be his friend :(

  • BuzeDang
    BuzeDang 6 days ago

    His hair looks cool

  • James DeMoss
    James DeMoss 6 days ago

    Be proud to be you everyday lil hommie!!! 💯💯💯

  • conjured_up_skeletons

    I got bullied cause my name's Vai. To Latin kids, Azzy sounds hilarious.

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple 6 days ago

    Just be you and I will try my best to be me.