Billy Corgan and Morgan Stebbins - Carl Jung's Red Book Dialogues - Part 4

  • Published on Nov 24, 2009
  • Billy Corgan and Morgan Stebbins participate in Carl Jung's Red Book Dialogues at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on Nov 14, 2009.

    The footage was shot by an attendee to the event and has been posted courtesy of Conor McMahon. Thank you Conor!
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  • Danny Vasquez
    Danny Vasquez 9 years ago

    Very little about the book. It was mainly about Billy and I was hoping for more about Carl Gustav Jung. Nevermind eh, Billy's quite an interesting bloke..

  • Jeremy Broihier
    Jeremy Broihier 9 years ago

    I really wish we had the rest of this to view. It was just starting to get really interesting, and tied back well to the whole collective consciousness/perception/uncovering that goes with any discussion inspired by Jungian ideals. If the rest is available, please post--

  • ducanuca il
    ducanuca il 9 years ago


  • Simon Hunt
    Simon Hunt 9 years ago

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  • Adam Walsh Work
    Adam Walsh Work 9 years ago

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  • paradoxdesigns
    paradoxdesigns 9 years ago