Billy Corgan and Morgan Stebbins - Carl Jung's Red Book Dialogues - Part 4


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  • blobin1231
    blobin1231 7 years ago

    i cant beileve no one has commented in such a long time, and why havent there been any more videos since 1 YEAR ago

  • Danny Vasquez
    Danny Vasquez 9 years ago

    Very little about the book. It was mainly about Billy and I was hoping for more about Carl Gustav Jung. Nevermind eh, Billy's quite an interesting bloke..

  • Jeremy Broihier
    Jeremy Broihier 9 years ago

    I really wish we had the rest of this to view. It was just starting to get really interesting, and tied back well to the whole collective consciousness/perception/uncovering that goes with any discussion inspired by Jungian ideals. If the rest is available, please post--

  • ducanuca il
    ducanuca il 9 years ago


  • Simon Hunt
    Simon Hunt 9 years ago

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  • Adam Walsh Work
    Adam Walsh Work 9 years ago

    Ah Billy Ive loved The End....for years - love playing along with my guitar up.........think it didnt get the exposure it deserved because - that particular Batman film was bad (and thats coming from a Batman fan!) and also you didnt put it on your videos DVD or best of......

  • paradoxdesigns
    paradoxdesigns 9 years ago