Darth Vader Compilation | Star Wars Rebels | Disney XD

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • The compilation arc of Darth Vader vs Kanan, Ezra, and the Ghost crew in the series Star Wars Rebels.
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Comments • 1 179

  • the Great Auk
    the Great Auk Hour ago

    Vaders back is broken from carrying this show

  • Hailey's Comet
    Hailey's Comet 18 hours ago

    I am liking this, but the animations are hilarious xD

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore Day ago

    Whoa, so - Darth Vader is, like, one of the baddies, right? 😲

  • HermeZ
    HermeZ Day ago

    Vader could have killed them hundrets of times when they dueled.

  • Mirac Uluocak
    Mirac Uluocak Day ago +1


  • Theodormarlo Hembra
    Theodormarlo Hembra 2 days ago

    Everbody gangsta until you hear that iconic vader breathing

  • Hunnah0055
    Hunnah0055 2 days ago

    that was very well done. and amazing work in Starwars. I want more of the series in different eras like the old republic or 1000s of years in the future with cooler tech

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 2 days ago

    Those are some thin lightsabers...

  • Joan LLinàs Bas
    Joan LLinàs Bas 2 days ago

    Darth Vader shots at the rebel flagship: pierces the shields and blows holes in the armor.
    Darth Vader shots at the Ghost: doesn't do dandy.
    Am I the only one who wanted Vader to win?

  • DeadSilent87
    DeadSilent87 3 days ago

    if you watched clone wars... watching the scenes with Maul / Vadar and Ahsoka makes you get the massive feels

  • Sanchal Roy
    Sanchal Roy 3 days ago

    James Earl is the most intimidating voice of villainy. What a resonating, creepy, spine chilling voice. No one can top that.

  • Sanchal Roy
    Sanchal Roy 3 days ago

    I like how they show Vader’s true power. Rebels really did a great job telling the story of the Empire. He really honed all his skill and trained to be even more powerful. He is not to be reckoned. Watch out rebels. I always preferred Darth Vader over his former self Anakin.

  • Demolisher 2256
    Demolisher 2256 3 days ago

    Takanuva: HEY that’s my line

    if you get that reference you are my best friend

  • NeidalRuekk
    NeidalRuekk 3 days ago

    'Sith have no fear'

  • Hades1021
    Hades1021 4 days ago

    When you want to see some kids die. "I saw him killing younglings."

  • David Pursell
    David Pursell 5 days ago +4

    Me and my bud playing battlefront 2
    Me: hey m8 were are you?
    *hears the imperial march in the distance*
    Me: oh no.
    My bud: OH YEAH!!!!
    Then everybody died, the end.

  • Steel Wings
    Steel Wings 5 days ago

    You cannot beat Darth Vader, but if your lucky you might survive him.

    • Maul
      Maul 3 days ago

      Steel Wings false

  • John O'Reilly
    John O'Reilly 6 days ago

    everything except the main characters is good

  • jayo1212
    jayo1212 6 days ago

    @22:03 That might explain how the mask became asymetrical in the original trilogy...

  • jayo1212
    jayo1212 6 days ago

    "Ahsoka . . . why did you leave? Where were you when I needed you? You were selfish! You abandoned me! You failed me! Do you know what I've become...?" I think we've all had at least one person that we've had those exact thoughts about!

  • MarCuseusFX
    MarCuseusFX 7 days ago

    James Earl Jones *IS* Vader. No one else even comes close.

  • Rango pistacho
    Rango pistacho 7 days ago

    Disney admit it
    Vader is the only reason your show is remotely popular by old fans and you did a good job of him and I think you can learn from lucas

  • Spectre -7
    Spectre -7 8 days ago

    7:32 The way he says 'Rebels' is his way of saying he really hates the Rebels.

  • Cobra Son Of Raditz
    Cobra Son Of Raditz 8 days ago +2

    Happy they brought back James earl jones for darth Vader

  • It’s Omnix
    It’s Omnix 9 days ago +1

    Every time i watch the Ahsoka vs Vader fight i always wish vader would have gone back with ahsoka

  • Silent Gamer2015
    Silent Gamer2015 9 days ago +2

    "the you will DIE!"

    oh snap he didnt say be destroyed, he actually said die

  • James Malik
    James Malik 9 days ago

    +Disney XD Can you make a compilation of Thrawn?

  • Asuna,Kirito and Yui isabella

    I love you ''Darth Vader"😘

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 10 days ago

    Imagine if Ashoka was Able to bring Anakin skywalker back. But the Anakin and Ashoka would have to battle vader

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews 10 days ago

    Has anybody ever noticed that vaders style of attack is basically just swinging his lightsaber from side to side? Just me?

  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales 10 days ago

    Vader vs Ashoka is an epic battle. The sequel trilogy needs that.

  • 周亞全
    周亞全 10 days ago

    22:04 yellow eyes O.O

  • Cody Borrelli
    Cody Borrelli 10 days ago

    It's hard to believe the guy I we were rooting for in clone wars becomes this

  • Anthony Oliver Parker
    Anthony Oliver Parker 11 days ago

    I need all of these as well as all of Clone Wars on blu ray!

  • Docile Catfish
    Docile Catfish 11 days ago

    14:18 That guy wiped the sweat off of his hat.

  • Gülsah Cirak
    Gülsah Cirak 12 days ago +1

    Darth Vader is My Favourite character

  • Kevin Geremia
    Kevin Geremia 12 days ago

    This on retrospective paid so much homage to the original movie. The lightsaber designs, the flashes when they clashed. The stormtroopers with bad aim. Darth Vader. Was happy that I saw this show to it's fruition. Looking forward to the clone wars.

  • Necro
    Necro 12 days ago +2

    Vader got a hard nerf in this series. He's so much stronger than this. What do you mean he can't catch the Ghost crew?

    • Maul
      Maul 3 days ago +1

      Necro they nerfed Maul too

    • Lets Discuss That
      Lets Discuss That 10 days ago

      Necro thank you this show is a joke how do people not get that

  • Jude Halsey
    Jude Halsey 13 days ago +31

    “But Lord Vader won’t know that.”

  • Quo Niam
    Quo Niam 13 days ago

    9:50 this is how you dog fight in space, just turn over and fire backwards

  • Taka Konobe
    Taka Konobe 13 days ago


  • StrongNerd
    StrongNerd 13 days ago

    This show has some cool moments, but I could not get into it. The way the characters move always seemed too excessive to me. Like they were making movements where they didn't and it always irritated me.

  • Kira Korusawa
    Kira Korusawa 13 days ago

    you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor take her away

  • Spider films
    Spider films 13 days ago

    4:54 why not stab him???

  • Melvin Schade
    Melvin Schade 14 days ago

    We need a real Darth Vader in this World!

  • AV Estudio - Angervision Estudio

    That is im more dangerous with 2 jedi swords, je je je

  • AV Estudio - Angervision Estudio

    Im not scared of darth Vader

  • AV Estudio - Angervision Estudio

    I like lord vader so much! Is my favorite
    Villiain of star wars, that serie im gonna
    Finish it

  • Rafael Rios
    Rafael Rios 15 days ago +6

    Darth Vader is 20 stronger than Ahsoka
    Ahsoka is 20 times stronger than Ezra

  • Paul Trestrail
    Paul Trestrail 15 days ago

    Seriously the Anakin/ahsoka scenes get me so emotional, ahsoka might actually be my favourite Star Wars character

  • Tristan R
    Tristan R 15 days ago

    Wow, I thought ashoka had died, but no.

  • Uniform Tango 74
    Uniform Tango 74 16 days ago

    When James voices Vader, it really completes a star wars movie/show.

    • Gilmartin Pares
      Gilmartin Pares 4 days ago

      Don't forget Starkiller as Maul it's like a force unleashed reunion

  • Delinquent
    Delinquent 16 days ago +1

    they didnt get his helmet right

  • The Hollow Thadd
    The Hollow Thadd 16 days ago

    Why do Kanan and Ahsoka have literally the exact same skin tone?

    • LOSO
      LOSO 16 days ago +1

      Why do you care??

  • Daniel Tobias
    Daniel Tobias 16 days ago

    i like the way the light sabers look

  • IT's ME
    IT's ME 16 days ago

    We would be honored if you would join us

  • gokalp kolenoglu
    gokalp kolenoglu 17 days ago

    what hapened to that woman after that "visit"?

  • dlw123 william
    dlw123 william 18 days ago

    nice compilation--thanks for the post

  • lanufong
    lanufong 18 days ago

    6:35 Oof

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell 19 days ago

    Who is the voice actor??

  • deadpool 7567
    deadpool 7567 19 days ago

    First obi wan now ahsoka

  • Altruce
    Altruce 19 days ago

    Why Darth vader can't just be immune to force choke or force push

    • Gilmartin Pares
      Gilmartin Pares 4 days ago

      Cause to quote Han Solo : that's not how the force works

  • Altruce
    Altruce 19 days ago +7

    when you hear heavily breathing

    you are gonna die

  • Mr Internet Guy
    Mr Internet Guy 20 days ago

    The Only Good Parts of Rebel’s, aside from Scenes with Ashoka and Maul

  • AdeptKing
    AdeptKing 20 days ago

    17:32 This makes me wonder if Anakin ever came back to visit Ashoka as a force ghost. Since she survived the empire, Anakin is redeemed now. It would be nice if we got to see him at least show himself to her as a redeemed Jedi.

  • hughJ
    hughJ 21 day ago

    Never watched this show and I'm not a fan of Star Wars anymore, but whoever was responsible for the cinematography and camera animation deserves a pat on the back. A lot of the framing, camera movement, and ship movement look like practical effects shots using models and camera on a motion control rig.

    JUSTIN ELROD JROD 22 days ago

    The part Vader talking to palpatine through hologram I wish we could have seen palpatine what he looks like and his robes and disfigured face if its different from season 4

  • MasterMazeProductions
    MasterMazeProductions 23 days ago

    TCW and Rebels have such better writing than most of the movies its just sad at this point lol. Can't wait to see this quality of writing in a major movie again

  • David Myrick
    David Myrick 24 days ago

    Here is a bit of a plot hole. Vader tells his men to move in on the rebels and block their escape route. Does that mean that the ships can stop other ships from hyper speed....if soooo what about ep. 8.....and that whole hper speed jump thing destroying the ships....star wars confuses me

  • Kassie Koleckar
    Kassie Koleckar 24 days ago

    “The force is strong with him” lol it’s Vader

  • Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming

    *Dies due to lightning*

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn
      Grand Admiral Thrawn 22 days ago

      His suit was designed in a way to be particularly vulnerable to lightning. A failsafe so that Palpatine could keep him in check.

  • The epic one
    The epic one 24 days ago

    Don’t play the Boba Fett theme in Starwars if Boba Fett isn’t in the scene

  • very mad lad
    very mad lad 25 days ago

    i feel so bad for anikan

  • Samurai Momo
    Samurai Momo 25 days ago +1

    3:12 That was very Kallus of him....

  • Yves Bros
    Yves Bros 26 days ago +1

    The clon van lord vater

  • Tony C
    Tony C 26 days ago +2

    Not the biggest star wars fan, but Vader is a legend.

  • DJ_Fishtail
    DJ_Fishtail 26 days ago +10

    6:00 I just hear Obi-Wan saying "Anakin when I tell you to run, run."

    But nah he's an armour boi now.

  • Ethan Trimble
    Ethan Trimble 28 days ago

    Grand admiral thrawn in my opinion is the best Star Wars villain ever

  • Karik khnum the son of darkness

    Nice tetragrammaton triangle @23:35

  • Karik khnum the son of darkness

    You abandoned me ! You failed me ! Do you know what ive become ?

  • Arikm7
    Arikm7 28 days ago

    Asoka is the only redemption for the Jedi.. wouldn't it be amazing if they brought her and Ezra into Episode 9? If you listen closely to Ezra's scene with the owl, you can hear Princess Leia's message to Obi-Wan... so maybe...

  • Captain Phoenix
    Captain Phoenix 29 days ago

    Whatever anybody says, between Rebels and Rogue One, Vader is something the Disney continuity has gotten ABSOLUTELY right.

  • Duane Thompson
    Duane Thompson 29 days ago

    Vader for President!

  • O O
    O O 29 days ago +1

    I really like this show. I just don’t like Ezra and the animal guy

  • O O
    O O 29 days ago

    Star Wars media the last few years have made me afraid of Darth Vader again.

  • arsenalfish21
    arsenalfish21 29 days ago +2

    What is the theme played in the first 15 seconds of the video called? I can never find it!

  • Juan Gracia Marques
    Juan Gracia Marques Month ago +14

    I love how Vader uses the hand gestures and postures that Anakin used in clone wars

  • alfa01spotivo
    alfa01spotivo Month ago +3

    Darth Vader in this show was so well done! Him vs Ahsoka had me in tears, such an epic moment!

  • Burgess Meredith
    Burgess Meredith Month ago

    When is Lucasfilm and Disney gonna realize how important Ahsoka is to the fans and explore her story further in depth and in a respectful way. She is one of the few chars thats been around from the beginning til the end of all the major conflicts within star wars and has played a role in shaping major character's story arcs. Disney could give her a movie or give her a show ,sit back and watch the cash role in. She is in 95% of fans top 5 most liked chars and treating her as if she's unimportant will be one of the biggest wasted opportunities in the history of this IP.

  • Lion The king of siege

    “It’s not your fault,officer.But Lord Vader will know about it.”

  • Dusk- Satyr11
    Dusk- Satyr11 Month ago +1

    You can see that Vader isnt completely void of all positive emotion as you see he still cared for ahsoka enough to give her the chance of no death,fighting or conflict and let her give the information willingly

    • Mad Max
      Mad Max 20 days ago

      Anakin is still trapped inside Vader. They are mentally two different people.

  • TheDarkTicoKnight12
    TheDarkTicoKnight12 Month ago +1

    Darth Vader is my No.1 villain.

  • Jens Jensen
    Jens Jensen Month ago +1

    I like how Vader still fights like its 1977 and turn that in to showing how strong his brute strength is.

  • wood1155
    wood1155 Month ago +3

    The best thing they did for Rebels was include Ahsoka and Vader. This elevated the plot to maximum !

  • MrMayhem318
    MrMayhem318 Month ago +3

    5:26 Did...did he just B-Smack Ezra?

  • Tallinu
    Tallinu Month ago

    Asoka Tano is probably my favorite character from the light side I hope Disney understands her value and one day makes good on the promise of this scene.

  • My Youtube Comments Are Now Shadow Banned

    18:32min _''it's over Ezra... I have the high ground!''_

  • Urban Scoundrel Productions

    Am I the only one that thinks it crazy growing up with the clone wars hero Anakin Skywalker only to watch him turn into someone who has a brutal and vicious nature as Darth Vader I guess it is true you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett Month ago

    I would have died to see Vader vs Maul in rebels man.

  • Tntking Jr
    Tntking Jr Month ago

    4:53 he could have easily killed Kanan right there