Joe Rogan on Edward Snowden and New World Order


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  • StopCoercingMeIntoUsingGoogle+andMyRealName

    This is the first "wonker" guest I ever saw on JRE fuck you government shill Snowden Is a Hero to the people not the elites of course, and will be known as a hero in the future.

  • sleepingninja quiettime

    I like to see Joe's sources.

  • Simon Auger
    Simon Auger 8 days ago

    Im trully surprised, Mike Baker, at your astonishing moral limitations. Ed Snowden should be shot, not for blowing the lid, but for taking part. A dragnet over the whole world you dumb piece of shit. Im literally stuck doing what Im told. Any business or enterprise that I start will be destroyed or better yet, easily controlled without direct action, by people who control the dragnet. How much more totalitarian can it become? Next thing you know people wont have babies quick enough to replace the suicides and some nitwit scientist will posit that its because we are too comfy and safe?

  • Robert De Palma
    Robert De Palma 8 days ago

    Let me get this right from Snowden's perpsective... he was willing and wanting to join the army to KILL people for the U.S. government and America but refused to peacefully spy on other people lost his mind over this and fled the U.S. through treason... as well who hired him... don't they do psychological test and questions and forgot ask him if he's willing to kill for the country over spying? We might have all the wrong players in place...

  • Ch3ff J
    Ch3ff J 14 days ago

    Government hand up this guys ass to the elbow

  • Jld 123
    Jld 123 20 days ago

    Why do they do that?

  • WeaponizedLGBT
    WeaponizedLGBT 20 days ago

    Maybe he woulda gone to trail.
    But it is, so...
    *Fuck US Authority.*

  • Joel HC
    Joel HC 22 days ago

    > I'm a free man
    > I pay my taxes
    Contradiction. Choose one cause you can't have both.

  • Scroo Lewse
    Scroo Lewse 22 days ago

    Sellout muthafucker.......what did joe say..give me a glipsh behind the curtain and ill say anything you want!!! They've had words with him...revealed themselves cus joes gone total 180.

  • Javi Bustos
    Javi Bustos 23 days ago

    Lmao the misinformation about snowden is too much. Do they remember how snowden ended Up in russia??? He was looking to go to South America but the U.S made sure that didn't happen.

  • 7kHenko
    7kHenko 24 days ago

    fucking idiots

  • xeQtr gaming
    xeQtr gaming 26 days ago

    yeah irresponsible to tell the people that the goverment is doing illegal shit DUMBASS
    i dont get joe no more, too popular to speak the truth its silly. i liked joe better 2 years ago

  • Conspirazy
    Conspirazy 26 days ago

    Snowden is way smarter than this guy. If we're being objective.

  • willzy75 Rivero Ranger

    russia is the enemy..?? they may be your enemy Joe, but they aren`t mine or my families enemies..the reason people don`t like russia is because they wont bow down to americas new american century so the media pollute their viewers into seeing russians as bad people..i`m sick of gov`s and their media whores, joe may as work on cnn now..

  • Theresa Travis
    Theresa Travis Month ago

    Just a little DODGIE!!!!

  • Recessive Gene
    Recessive Gene Month ago

    This guy knows nothing about the Snowden story, just the gossip and propaganda

  • Peter H
    Peter H Month ago

    Joe "I'm a free country" Rogan

  • Digital Nomad Investor

    Exposing the crimes of the US intel community should not be a crime.

  • MindgrubTV
    MindgrubTV Month ago

    Joe “I am a free country” Rogan

  • ajkdhsalfgnewidpcvjcjqd8w9agvespfld]j cmkpiwsgxq

    Snowden for President!

  • Perry Bowlin
    Perry Bowlin Month ago

    What a dick ! How did you get hooked up with this asshole ?

  • clay collins
    clay collins Month ago

    I'm sorry but I'm going to stop listening when you start a story and two sentences in you say, "this has a point I'll get to it in a second" then a second later you say, "oh man I don't even know the point of this story"

  • Nate W
    Nate W Month ago

    Term limits for senators at 12 years? How about we jusf make federal gov't the same size it was in 1789 with the same amount of power? Then there wouldn't be any incentive for corporations to buy politicians: problem solved.

  • james peters
    james peters Month ago

    Fuck snowdin he's a fucking Trader to America and we should deal with a spy spy Spy like a fly that you catching in a Webb

    SENCE Month ago

    You commit yourself to protect the operations when you sign up. Dude ever heard of the nazis? They were commited to what they signed up for.

  • Matthew Parry
    Matthew Parry Month ago

    Fuck baker extremist statist

  • spaceshipearth999
    spaceshipearth999 Month ago

    This guest speaker is a shit talking clown.

  • Martin Juul Andersen

    So its a crime to pubcally prove that the Federal Government commits crimes... What a fucking joke!

  • Armour V Lightning Strike

    snowden is CIA sent to take down the NSA cos they saw that the CIA would not be necessary

  • Last of a Dying Breed

    These comments are hilarious, One could argue that Ego is a disease for some people, putting it lightly.

  • infoassassin84
    infoassassin84 Month ago

    You gotta realise that this is their job and they'll push as far as they have to. This ain't a conspiracy.

  • Wolfsoldier
    Wolfsoldier Month ago

    I'm very happy to see that almost all the comments below show support for Snowden! The talking heads above though have me scratching mine!...I thought Joe was a libertarian.....

  • Kevin Goetz
    Kevin Goetz Month ago

    high school dropout..? is Joe Rogan an intellectual giant now?

  • Jeff Hook
    Jeff Hook Month ago

    The one-world government gangsters create chaos as a pretext to tighten up security. Yes, that's right Joe. They do it by promoting everything that divides: from feminism to male patriarchy. From the ridiculous LGBTQ movement to mass-Muslim immigration -- anything that can weaken and break down society. They don't have to commit the terrorist attacks themselves, they just have to ship in the criminals and prevent them from being deported. Then sit back and let it happen.

  • Marie Neely
    Marie Neely Month ago

    Ask Dinesh DeSouza if he should face the court system? I can not believe in this day and age that anyone can face the system and get justice. It's just a luck of the draw and that's not justice. Edward Snowden is a freaking hero. Anyone who exposes corruption in their own government us a hero

  • Doug Atherton
    Doug Atherton Month ago


  • jeff cracknell
    jeff cracknell Month ago

    Fuck your ads !

  • Anthony Hazard
    Anthony Hazard Month ago

    What a waste of effort! The concept of country has nothing to do with civil rights but rather property. W
    How your statement applies to EDDY is beyond me. He has no right to violate his word and not suffer the consequences of betrayal. If you agree with this criminal act than higher him a lawyer Put your money where your mouth is. If you don't than you are liberal Demo. As in complaining but expecting some one else to pay for it

  • Jon Folz
    Jon Folz Month ago +3

    Snowden is a genius and a better American than most of us. This guy is cashing in on his Intel service yet Snowden saw fit to honor the constitution and his employer: We the people.

  • colin porter
    colin porter Month ago

    At the end of the day Snowden was trying to tell the American public were their tax money was being spent. The fact that tax money was used to train illiterate Afghan farmers to be terrorist and to encourage Jihad to get more Afghans to become terrorists leading to the formation of modern radical extremism is something that needed to be told to the public. The government spends billions pushing military worship as patriotism and labeling whistle blowers traitors while funding and supporting the worst dictators tyrants and terrorist all over the world while claiming to be the bastion of freedom and democracy leads to the same type of cognitive dissonance Germans felt for the Nazi party. After the war everyone thought no way Germans did not know what was going on meaning the were complicit in the atrocity. Native Americans were ethnically cleansed yet the immigrants formed a sports team called the redskins imagine Germans forming a sports team called the big nosed Yids. This would be on a moral par with having a team called the redskins.

  • thatoneguy youknow
    thatoneguy youknow 2 months ago

    If you get your information from joe Rogan or other people just like him... you my friend are a fucking fuck tard ass hat☺

  • Government shill Rich
    Government shill Rich 2 months ago


  • hypokrit07
    hypokrit07 2 months ago +1

    evryone trying to go through the system gets squashed. edward snowden is a hero. this guy is a gatekeeper.

  • San Mcnellis
    San Mcnellis 2 months ago


  • San Mcnellis
    San Mcnellis 2 months ago

    Dude a liar.

  • San Mcnellis
    San Mcnellis 2 months ago

    He not her.

  • Pond Jumper
    Pond Jumper 2 months ago

    This is where I do side with the conspiracy theorists, this guy stuttered his way thru this interview, Rogan should have picked up on this, Snowden and the Govt broke the law, why only Snowden held accountable?
    This guy is upset that someone embarrassed his institution.

  • youngtone93230
    youngtone93230 2 months ago

    Wow! C'mon Joe! Wtf! Snowden did what most people are scared to do!

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos 2 months ago

    They paid him not to snitch he snitched in that regard snowden failed.

  • Ethano
    Ethano 2 months ago

    even if they didn't do a false flag they ARE taking advantage of that to erode rights and take guns there joe, god he's a low IQ ignorant arrogant mouthpiece

    JERAMIE BARTOSH 2 months ago

    You see how these pathetic Fox worship and praise every government official, brainwashed pieces of s***, sticking up for the next f****** clown

    JERAMIE BARTOSH 2 months ago

    Use that handkerchief to wipe the nut off your face

    JERAMIE BARTOSH 2 months ago

    I think these guys might have f***** each other before this episode?

  • AlecTheMotorGuy
    AlecTheMotorGuy 2 months ago

    The question boils down, if the government is doing something illegal but it’s happening during a classified operation can that information be brought out for public scrutiny?
    This guy would say no, but I say yes, as soon as the government gets caught doing something illegal they should lose they’re ability to have classified information. Maybe then, they would try and keep their noses clean.

    SABERMOZES MUSIC 2 months ago

    I really start to not understand joe?

  • Rod Champ
    Rod Champ 3 months ago

    With this guest you don't even have to listen to what he says - just the way he talks is enough to know he is an unpleasant person

  • Temper Thurman
    Temper Thurman 3 months ago

    Joe Rogan changes his opinions according to his guests. He lacks the integrity to have a position of his own and stick with it.

  • sicDaVid
    sicDaVid 3 months ago

    total misrepresentation of snowden

  • Danny Becker
    Danny Becker 3 months ago

    You haven’t had a real conspiracy theorist on your show yet, even conspiracy theorists think them guys are representing the real theory horribly inaccurate

  • Chris England
    Chris England 3 months ago

    To my mind, Snowden is a very brave young man.
    He risked everything to show you yanks what your own government thinks of you.. and I do mean everything.
    Your men in black have a long list of men, women and children who have been 'dealt with'.. car accidents, heart attacks, shootings.. etc etc.
    To put his head above the parapet was brave, whatever anyone says.
    As for him 'going through the right channels... well, what channels exactly?
    You lot ought to be dragging your politicians outside by their collars and stringhing them up..
    Instead, you all start calling 'traitor' on a bloke who tried to open your eyes.


  • richard moore
    richard moore 3 months ago

    if snowden stayed in america he would have been brown bread. 100% done the wright thing.

  • Ty Auer
    Ty Auer 3 months ago

    If the law is unjust it is not only ones right to not obey but it is their duty. -Thomas Jefferson the fuckers are spying on us. They have all but done away with the Constitution. Politician salaries are bloated and recieve kickbacks while regular Americans starve on 7.25 an hr. The powers that be have failed us over and over and now they outright fuck with people via targeted individual phenomena. I threw it on THA GROUND!!!!! IM NOT A PART OF YOUR SYSTEM!!! MAAANNNN??!

  • Dean Ford
    Dean Ford 3 months ago

    We should be having conversations about hanging people? I can see your old as fuck, I didn't realize you were born in the middle ages.
    As for your comments on Snowden and how he should face the court system: The American Justice system is one of the most corrupt in the 'free' world. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Whether you believe in the shadow government, new world order, whatever or not, you can't be THAT blind as to see what Snowden actually did.

  • oboogie2
    oboogie2 3 months ago +1

    Regarding Snowden, this guy states so emphatically that "you sign up to protect your agreements..." while seemingly forgetting that you also swear to defend and protect the Constitution, which overrides any other agreement. The very personification of cognitive dissonance.

  • Joe Schidek
    Joe Schidek 3 months ago

    when snowden was in high school he got mono and missed 9 months so he decided to get his ged. he did drop out but he didn't even need schooling! 140 is considered genius and he had a 145 on 2 separate tests

  • Joe Schidek
    Joe Schidek 3 months ago

    snowden said if he would come back and stand trial if he would be heard by a court of his peers. unfortunately he is being charged with espionage and there is no trial or jury. they stand you in front of a bunch of assholes that sentenced you!

  • Bryan Gabbard
    Bryan Gabbard 3 months ago

    I'm just sick of our people being sent to the meat grinder so some greedy dick can make a buck.

  • bitcoin mining
    bitcoin mining 3 months ago

    Free Speech - Your free to say want you want - as long as you don't say certain things. Its an advertising slogan - Please your a free man. Yes we do have it a lot better than most countries in the World, but is that a good enough reason to sit back and be content with the state of our liberty - We all have a responsibility like our forefathers to better the World we live in for our Kids and the generations after.

  • Joseph SF 68 J
    Joseph SF 68 J 3 months ago

    what is Joe reading when he was looking down at something. Haha ..Is this staged..Haha just kidding..

  • Brother Livingstone
    Brother Livingstone 3 months ago

    NWO is now. This country is not free. Every dollars you make returns to a product. Try to design make or create anything and you need a license. You need a patent you need approval. You are not free. You are housed in drywall and released to your job and to tired to search anything out you google and except paradigms go to sleep do it again.The Earth is billions of years old..ok. Stars are billions of light years away and old..ok. Homosexuality is natural..ok. A 6 year old kid deciding to change sex is noble awwww..ok. Cops shoot an unarmed black dude after another school shooting..protest and vote they say. Gentrification..the weinstein scandals the immorality points rigidly at the falsehoods promulgated by the media. By television. Television rewards deviance and dalliance. The best shows are those that can merge fiction with reality so seamlessly. Its an art but at this level of play in America art isnt an imitation of life but life has become an imitation of art. Its all smoke and mirrors. What happened to pay phones and house phones? Smashed with impunity overnight. Dating is done. Taxis are dinosaurs.This could be change or change could be a mutation to a greater monster. A society that believes its own lie will soon eat the fruits thereof. Either Snowden fucked up or the information he had was sooo extreme and we haven't even scratched the surface on what he truly has which someone will make up and manufacture and make a vid probably misinformation or some delusional youtuber.

  • David Yoder
    David Yoder 3 months ago

    Being ex CIA this guy obviously has a warped view he's not going to say what he really thinks. CIA is behind a lot of dirty stuff

  • Kathleen McCormick
    Kathleen McCormick 3 months ago

    Snowden is a hero. This guy is a zero.

  • Paul Suarez
    Paul Suarez 3 months ago

    Joe you shithouse.

  • D Wally
    D Wally 3 months ago

    Edward Snowden is a God damn American hero! Also he did not choose to go to Russia, he was stranded there because the US government cancelled his passport. Fuck this asshole and I'm really disappointed in Joe on this one for not shredding this douchebag

  • marc gabel
    marc gabel 3 months ago

    Russia has always been the enemies. The people that have been in charge of the U.S. are evil child rapist and the U.S. should be the worlds enemy. We will see if they they get locked up soon.

  • Stewart K
    Stewart K 3 months ago

    The thing about Joe Rogan that differentiates him from a regular ignoramus is that his mind can be changed

  • helium 30
    helium 30 3 months ago

    what happened joe,now he is just a conformist,wouldnt be surprised he was paid off to u turn everything he once espoused.

  • Tony Killen
    Tony Killen 3 months ago

    Real Jews come from the holy land and hate Zionists and Israel Zionists come from the khazar khanate and have took over nearly every religion government and royal families and the banks they actually control nearly the whole world thank god for putin and Poland Hungary and England fuck the Eu dictatorship the sooner the better it's gone from Ireland 🇮🇪 the eu control everything we are not a free country anymore

  • WhiteRhino -
    WhiteRhino - 3 months ago

    The NSA isnt honoring the Constitution, therefore I think that what Snowden did is completely right and he had no obligation to honor a commitment to the NSA after learning about the unconstitutional spying.

  • DmanDice
    DmanDice 3 months ago

    Why does this guy sound like some of the people I argue with on the internet lol

  • TrevaBlues
    TrevaBlues 3 months ago +1

    “You’d have to have some deep technological information to protect that.” - um yea that was his profession.

  • Cody Bishop
    Cody Bishop 3 months ago

    So much for those “intel committees”. The RNC just let the Putin and Trump off Scott free

  • Chester DuFour
    Chester DuFour 3 months ago

    I think Joe has moved towards asking more questions in his interviews rather than presenting information, I believe he is doing it to attract the attention of people who don't think so outside of the box. some of the things that us conspiracy theorists believe would be a huge turn off especially for most americans. I believe Joe saw this in his ratings early on and has changed the way he does his talk show to attract the attention of other people only for them to stumble upon the questions we all ask ourselves.

  • TheDon Willie
    TheDon Willie 3 months ago

    1 minute in i had to check comments because I knew this was some bullshit being spewed out

  • Simon Bowie
    Simon Bowie 3 months ago

    Go to Russia and postcast with Snowdon

  • War pig Hammer
    War pig Hammer 3 months ago

    Snowden beat the USA . He must be a high school dropout. He showed the planet of wrongdoing. No matter the reason. He is now needed for punishment from wrongdoers equally as guilty. How can a fair trial ever be.

  • lifeisconflict
    lifeisconflict 3 months ago


  • SmartAlec TheMotorGuy
    SmartAlec TheMotorGuy 3 months ago

    Snowden was obeying his oath to the constitution. Who gives a damn about what he signed. Your oath to the constitution trumps all others while working in government.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 3 months ago


    BTS_ LOVE 4 months ago


  • Tdot321 Action
    Tdot321 Action 4 months ago

    What happened to Joe ... I just stay clear away from these progressivism SJW. How did I get to this page? F@#K Joe Rogan!

  • Jozf
    Jozf 4 months ago

    You should list Joe's guest in the title line

  • Kshitiz
    Kshitiz 4 months ago

    Snowden is a moron.

  • Einaras Juodelis
    Einaras Juodelis 4 months ago +1

    This guys accent is mad.

  • upplsuckimcool16
    upplsuckimcool16 4 months ago

    And that senator idea would NOT take away the influence.... have you never heard of the revolving door? A senator goes in......... gets promised a VERY HIGH paying job in this company if you only vote my way when your term is up.........
    no.... Publicly funding all elections is the solution to that problem. The above solution is nothing but..... well finding a piece of corn in your turd.... or finding a pea.... let's make it so we find pea's and we won't get anymore corn...... yeah but you're still playing in a pile of shit!

  • upplsuckimcool16
    upplsuckimcool16 4 months ago

    Joe I don't think people automatically went straight to "it's a government plot" I think that really took hold when we found out the government lied on just about every detail when it comes to these things, and then you can look back in history to see the track record..... I mean......

  • LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds

    Joe .. wonder if you have the strings to pull Snowden into a PodCast through screen of course

  • whoopy goldspit
    whoopy goldspit 4 months ago

    being a patriot is standing up for the constitution and preserving that constitution.

  • Agent 99186
    Agent 99186 4 months ago

    Joe "my opinions change, depending on what guests I have on" Rogan.

  • GSRJ
    GSRJ 4 months ago

    Snowden face the court system? It seems stupid to talk about anyone guilty facing the court system anymore. Lately it seems as though the most undeserving people are having to waste their time and money to prove themselves innocent. All the while the most vile people in politics are getting away with using our taxes to support their failing agendas.