Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry.
    This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is !
    I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :)
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  • PressTube
    PressTube  4 years ago +4794

    So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

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    Natalies Outlet 4 years ago +471


    • ALDANI
      ALDANI 7 months ago

      and u also❤️❤️

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Year ago +7

    You’re nuts putting the tools in molten aluminum without a preheat.. and the bubble thing.. be careful I have had friends injure themselves bad. It’s a good idea to put vents in the sand that allow the gas to push through the mold without bubbles..
    thanks for sharing.. love the setup

  • Senpai- sama-
    Senpai- sama- Year ago

    Let’s appreciate how much effort he puts into making these videos for us instead of clickbating us 👌👍👍👍

  • Rochii. i
    Rochii. i Year ago +12

    8:43 the way that the water immediately evaporates is so damn satisfying!!

  • Rebecca Kozenevski
    Rebecca Kozenevski Year ago +3

    Finally someone made a polished foil ball that doesn't have any tiny holes in it!

  • Jums
    Jums 4 years ago +460

    The sounds of him flattening the sand was so satisfying

    • AussieWolf
      AussieWolf 4 months ago +2

      Wait nvm it was Sand Tangus but still, I’m not entirely sure how to spell it- I’ve not gone to the channel in a while-

    • AussieWolf
      AussieWolf 4 months ago +2

      There’s actually a entire channel for that sort of stuff- it’s really good before bed! It’s sand tanga however you spell it btw-

    • dbsti 300
      dbsti 300 Year ago +1

      Sounded like a giant hornet.

    • Sofoora Adam
      Sofoora Adam Year ago +1

      @AcHyO sorry i call dirt soil

    • AcHyO
      AcHyO Year ago

      @Clashingnoob some ppl has the matrix pfp

  • Kamomile Tea
    Kamomile Tea Year ago +1

    Ok this guy wins TheXvid. He wins.
    Not only did he *not* clickbait us, but he did this challenge better than I'd ever seen.

  • Exeqiit
    Exeqiit Year ago +1

    2:24 this is so satisfying bro love your vids keep it up 👍

  • Naiba kie
    Naiba kie Year ago

    Using damp sand to cast aluminium is terrifying. It's a good thing the aluminium had so many impurities in it.

  • aji ajantha
    aji ajantha Year ago +5

    Always watching the videos of this channel in 2x speed.... I'm loving it🤩

  • benis man
    benis man 2 years ago +498

    Some guy: “We have made the best Japanese polished foil ball!”
    PressTube: Hold my beer.

  • Vitor Maia minitrucks

    Melhor que a do manual mundo

  • Mughal Art
    Mughal Art 2 years ago

    I love your channel you are so creative

  • Sabrina Javed
    Sabrina Javed Year ago

    Amazing work 😃

  • Lucas Quintão
    Lucas Quintão 2 years ago +1

    Kkkkk MUITO BOOOOM!!!!!

  • John Mark
    John Mark 3 years ago +572

    Congrats. You made the world's largest door knob.

  • Khamsin Shamal
    Khamsin Shamal Year ago +1

    Beautiful aluminium ball. 👍🏼😊

  • Ape Together Strong
    Ape Together Strong Year ago +10

    Watching this video after 2 years. Still a thing of beauty,but seeing the thumbnail reminds of the hard times I was facing 2 years ago

    • Ape Together Strong
      Ape Together Strong Year ago

      @Elijah Wright I was facing some tough work with my career. I still am but that time , I was miserable and this is a vid I saw back then to cut through it

    • Elijah Wright
      Elijah Wright Year ago

      What hard time? 🤔

  • Prof Rainbow
    Prof Rainbow Year ago +1

    This is awesome!!! Aluminum is my favorite metal :)

  • Rapujące Kalesony

    Krzychu kurła to jest AMELINIUM tego nie pomalujesz.

  • LazyAidKitt
    LazyAidKitt 2 years ago +1232

    Not clickbait so i respect that.
    *+1 Sub*

    • Incapacitated Toad
      Incapacitated Toad Year ago +2

      @2K TEENS Keep your pride, begging isn't going to do anything for your channel. If you want subs then you have to earn them. Also subs aren't everything. The viewers still have to view your content, otherwise subscribers play a smaller part in pushing your videos. I really do hope your channel succeeds, but I don't think this is the way to promote it.

    • murphy rout
      murphy rout Year ago

      +1 as you do

    • Kiki
      Kiki Year ago

      2+ sub

    • Richard John Louis Danan
      Richard John Louis Danan Year ago +1

      +1 𝓡𝓮𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓬𝓽

  • Kumar Shreyansh
    Kumar Shreyansh Year ago

    That shine after removing the final residue was lit🔥🔥

  • Gary Myers
    Gary Myers Month ago

    I get that it’s a ball and it aluminum and even that it was foil before you melted it, but the thing about a foil ball is that is beaten from actual foil over a prolonged and tedious process. There’s a zen quality to the pursuit and, not a minor point, it is surprisingly light for its appearance because is has a lot of air gaps between layers; it is not solid. You have a shiny aluminum ball and it is very nice and you spent a good bit of zen like time on it, but it is not a foil ball. It is a cast ball.

  • Vance Place
    Vance Place 2 months ago

    What were you using to degass the molten aluminum?

  • Yogender
    Yogender 8 months ago

    Beautiful video 🔥

  • Tucker Roe
    Tucker Roe 4 years ago +13

    You put so much work into your channel I love it, great video.

  • Yoshi Acihsoy
    Yoshi Acihsoy Year ago +17

    I realized within the first two seconds that this project is beyond my skill level & my wadded up aluminium foil will never look this beautiful

  • {Hattack}
    {Hattack} 11 months ago +1

    1:10 I like how the foil box says “extra dik/20 meters”

  • David McCoul
    David McCoul Year ago +3

    How did you smooth out the hole for the lathe pole and surrounding bumps? Did you fill, sand, and polish there as well?

    • Nothing Realy
      Nothing Realy 8 days ago

      He didn't...... he never showed the back of the ball.

  • Swann Cugnet
    Swann Cugnet Year ago +1

    What about the hole made by the shrinking of the aluminum when it cools?

  • Princess Mercy Goetia
    Princess Mercy Goetia 2 years ago +8

    After cooling, it looked a bit like the moon. After a good sanding and polishing, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    • That One guy
      That One guy 2 years ago +1

      You saying the moon is not gorgeous

    • amskeels
      amskeels 2 years ago

      It looks good. I myself would have polished it to where there were no pits. That's just me.

  • The Susanoo
    The Susanoo Year ago +1

    Top d+ 👋❤

  • Kaylin Johnson
    Kaylin Johnson 2 years ago

    i can never get my balls to look this shiny and he did it in one video. well at least i know it can be done.

  • Nalla Bachha ♡
    Nalla Bachha ♡ 10 months ago +1

    Nobody.... Literally nobody....
    Ben : Let's make a real gun from foil paper 😂😂

  • handjobs for the homeless

    You got some balls to release this video!

  • Lokesh Garg
    Lokesh Garg 4 years ago +39

    You have made the best one out there on TheXvid.
    I don't think any TheXvidr has done it this good. Kudos man

    • Rich Shoemaker
      Rich Shoemaker 2 days ago

      BigStackD...check this dude out.

    • Mr Wisski
      Mr Wisski 4 years ago +2

      Yeah, the challenge is not to make a shiny ball of metal. Otherwise BB manufacturers would be worshipped by tools like you.
      The challenge is to spend hours, weeks, maybe months, creating BY HAND, with PRIMITIVE HAND TOOLS, an object that is as close to perfection as you can make it. Dedication, perseverance, attention to detail. This video has made a mockery of those things, and this guy is almost AMERICAN in how he despises these worthy goals, and pisses all over them.

  • viggo van houtte
    viggo van houtte Year ago

    I am from belgium to.
    where did you get you castingsand?
    Thank you!

  • OzzyCoop
    OzzyCoop 2 years ago

    I'm not too familiar with sand casting of this scale but I've done small figurines and stuff. Why would there be no vents to allow escape and to pull the metal into the mold? A gas vent.

    • OzzyCoop
      OzzyCoop 2 years ago

      Also the step of removing the polishing compound is satisfying.

  • Vegeto Is The Best
    Vegeto Is The Best 2 years ago +1

    I love the aluminium just wiggles when he put a bit in it

  • Betty Swunghole
    Betty Swunghole Year ago +3

    I guess it takes some nerve to operate all that hot, dangerous must have balls of steel....oh, wait...😂

  • Idontreallyknowtbh
    Idontreallyknowtbh 4 years ago +3044

    When u thought it was clickbait...

  • Katie
    Katie 11 months ago

    WOAHHHH so shiny!!!! Love it

  • Mv Herrick
    Mv Herrick 2 years ago

    Hi my name is Mike. I was very impressed with your video. But I think I can help you make a perfect sphere without drilling a hole in it. My hobby is making spheres out of different materials especially stone. If you would like to contact me maybe we could work together to make the perfect sphere. If you would send me your phone number I’ll send you some pix of some spheres and my shop. Hope to hear from you, let’s talk. Best regards, Mike H PS, I think I can get a higher polish on the sphere for you as well as being perfectly round.

  • Amogh Verma
    Amogh Verma Year ago +2

    5:55 in case that aluminum liquid bursts and falls on your hand......
    My god!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Imagine 😂

    • Amogh Verma
      Amogh Verma Year ago +1

      @AcHyO I hope that conveys....

    • AcHyO
      AcHyO Year ago +1

      @Amogh Verma edit the comment then

    • Amogh Verma
      Amogh Verma Year ago +1

      @AcHyO Yaa😂

    • AcHyO
      AcHyO Year ago +1

      You mean imagine?

  • SUNA-X
    SUNA-X Year ago

    When you listen and whatch a lot of heavy metal videos youtube recomends you real metal stuff and thats awesome 🤘

  • Ex Inferis
    Ex Inferis 3 years ago +16

    This is one of the most interesting videos I've seen on TheXvid, by a country mile. If I had the equipment I'd give it a go myself. But it was a joy to see you do this.
    And it's nice to hear aluminium pronounced correctly!

    • Kiki Della siepe
      Kiki Della siepe 11 days ago

      I used to make these by rolling the ball on my table and then sanding them with sandpaper it's a lot more work but it'll still turn out great!!

    • AN0NY M0USE
      AN0NY M0USE 2 months ago

      @Zachary Huss *spelt

    • thisisyourusernameondrugs
      thisisyourusernameondrugs 4 months ago +2

      @Zachary Huss it's only North America that calls it aluminum, it's not just Brits saying aluminium

    • Zachary Huss
      Zachary Huss Year ago

      It’s spelled Aluminum and pronounced without the non-existent “i” in there 😂 I WILL FIGHT ALL YOU BRITS ON THIS

    MR PRINCE Year ago +1

    Nice video sir ❤️❤️

  • Disha Tiwari
    Disha Tiwari 11 months ago +1

    Oh it's just an aluminium ball
    After some time
    What you know bout rolling down in the deep 😂

  • Lucas Fernandez
    Lucas Fernandez Year ago +1

    My brain: touch
    Me: but its molten aluminum
    My brain: touch

  • Simi 123
    Simi 123 Year ago

    i like that the compact one was bigger then the non compact in the thumbnail

  • Bitplex
    Bitplex 4 years ago +287

    The melting phase was so supremely satisfying to watch.

  • kA1eb sauce
    kA1eb sauce Year ago +4

    instead of a foil ball, could you make a "soda can ball" the traditional way?

  • Perla Suárez
    Perla Suárez Year ago +7

    Escuchar esto con audífonos es otro nivel

  • davidca96
    davidca96 Year ago

    I love raw aluminum it looks so nice.

  • Vedant Paramesh
    Vedant Paramesh Year ago

    He must be really good at tearing aluminium

  • Fader Sudd
    Fader Sudd 3 years ago +376

    That ”hammering” sound is so satisfying i dont even know what

    • Manoj Sharma
      Manoj Sharma 2 years ago

      @Robotex Gaming AVENGERS:ENDGAME (last tune tribute to iron man)

    • P a u l i n a
      P a u l i n a 2 years ago


    • Manoj Sharma
      Manoj Sharma 2 years ago

      @1000 subscribers goal with no videos yeah that subject

    • Manoj Sharma
      Manoj Sharma 2 years ago

      @Loppicapp avengers endgame last credit sound

    • Casey Peak
      Casey Peak 2 years ago


  • Jasonthehammer
    Jasonthehammer Year ago

    I wonder if you can keep use foil that has grease and other food items still attached

  • Påñtšü Mäśtęr
    Påñtšü Mäśtęr 11 months ago +13

    I like he doesn’t turn the ball around at the end cause there’s a GIANT HOLE IN THE BACK.

  • ashley dalton
    ashley dalton 4 months ago

    Really cool where did you learn to do all the stuff you do much love from Indiana USA

  • David Eranosian
    David Eranosian Year ago

    the sped up sand tapping is pure ASMR

  • Half Insane Outdoor Guy

    could someone explain why he had to degas this? I've melted many pounds of aluminum and never considered doing this. I dont think I've ever had to.

  • lakearea
    lakearea Year ago

    Would there be any other way to make these but about an inch smaller all the way around and hollow without using a smelter?

  • Vinuta Mulgund
    Vinuta Mulgund Year ago +2

    5:50 is sooo satisfying

  • Judith Ajoku
    Judith Ajoku Year ago +8

    For some reason when he started cooking and steering that aluminum I got hungry 😂😂😂😂😂

  • holden
    holden 4 years ago +14

    i always find the tamping of the sand to be the most satisfying part of any casting video

    • Kamal AL-Hinai
      Kamal AL-Hinai 4 years ago

      Sounds like a triggered alien

    • holden
      holden 4 years ago +1

      ew the finished ball was so noticably not round. disappointing.

  • Adreno Technico
    Adreno Technico Year ago

    I loved the way you used investment/lost wax casting

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz Year ago

    What was the grade of red clay sand used?

  • Chicken soup
    Chicken soup Year ago

    Mom can we get that ball?
    Mom: no we have a ball at home!
    The ball at home:

  • Monty de Boer
    Monty de Boer 2 years ago +1

    I’ve seen many of these types of videos but this is by far the best video yet and I thought it was clickbate....

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C Year ago

    Great video! And no clickbait! :-)

  • Soup Wolf
    Soup Wolf Year ago +1

    Imagine touching a ball as smooth as that .-_.-

  • Rudraksh Yadav
    Rudraksh Yadav Year ago +1


  • JT H
    JT H Month ago

    Hint - for easier pouring put in a gas vent at the very top of the casting - put you pour gate just a little off center the gas will vent and when ur pour is complete the metal will come up the vent hole.. I used to be a moulder/core maker / iron pourer in a foundry when I was 18 years old - I'm 71 now ... good luck --- also for a smoother casting pack your dirt after 3 or 4 inches goes into the mold

  • RcNickster
    RcNickster 3 years ago +24

    very nice bud.. Well done.. I wonder about the dangers of off gasing from the melting of aluminum foil.. Glad to see it was done outside.. Thanks for sharing and some very nice work.. Thumbs up.. :)

    • Vulcan Princess
      Vulcan Princess 3 years ago

      fair point, good to know!

    • MaryANytowl
      MaryANytowl 3 years ago +1

      @Vulcan Princess, pure hydrogen gas is scarce in Earth's atmosphere, and any hydrogen that actually enters the atmosphere generally rapidly escapes Earth's gravity. It is so negligible that I'm pretty sure it'll be okay. 😄

    • Vulcan Princess
      Vulcan Princess 3 years ago

      i know its negligible but i wonder if it affects the atmosphere/ozone

    • Gerald Martin
      Gerald Martin 3 years ago +1

      The gas from melting aluminum is primarily hydrogen. Sodium silicate is often used just before pouring and removing the dross. This will also help eliminate pitting, which was fairly obvious in the sphere casting.

    • Sue R
      Sue R 3 years ago

      @Vulcan Princess that's why it's outside & you don't hang over it breathing it in!

  • Incredible
    Incredible Year ago +13

    Finally, I found that correct way of doing this!

    • Seth 1
      Seth 1 Year ago

      Just put it in the microwave it’s way easier

  • GMMod
    GMMod 2 years ago

    Wow!!!!!!!!!. Amazing because 1. Not clickbait 2. It looks great. GG

  • princess##
    princess## Year ago

    Nice work👍👍👍👍

  • nandha kumar
    nandha kumar 8 months ago

    Amazing job

  • Aminath Azna
    Aminath Azna 2 years ago +149

    In the making of the thing
    The stuff sounded soo satisfying
    BTW final project 12:27

  • Mohammad Sami
    Mohammad Sami Year ago

    Legends say he is still polishing that ball.

    SAJEK Year ago +13

    When you spent such a long time to make a ball and after finishing you don't have any idea of what to do with it..........

  • kids Zone
    kids Zone Year ago

    Very very very very nice👍👍👍

  • sayed Hassan
    sayed Hassan Year ago

    You are pronounced it right this is aluminum 👍

  • Akbar Qureshi
    Akbar Qureshi 2 years ago +7

    At first i tought it was a click bait but u have done some serious stuff bro keep going 👍👌

  • Mayra Putra
    Mayra Putra Year ago

    How long does it take to make ONE Japanese Mirror Foil Ball🧐

  • PHX Assassin
    PHX Assassin Year ago +1

    Who else finds the sand satisfying

  • lee Boy
    lee Boy Year ago

    That's pretty awesome man

  • Yogesh Sahu
    Yogesh Sahu Year ago

    WELL DONE 👍👍👍👍

  • Animus Jocandi
    Animus Jocandi 4 years ago +61

    I think the purpose of the sphere made by the Japanese is to be able to create a smooth surface from crumpled aluminum foil using manual technique. By melting it is possible to make a winged horse with perfection. But I understand what the intention was.
    But even so, it gives a certain agony to see that the sphere was not balanced and perfect.

    • a
      a 4 years ago +2

      Mykaya Rose lol

  • serial_TV
    serial_TV Year ago

    Love it!!!!!!...❤️

  • AsianPersuasion
    AsianPersuasion Year ago +2

    I looked at the thumbnail left to right so I thought you were doing to turn an aluminum ball back into foil xD

  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy Year ago

    Great video. But it messes with my OCD knowing its not a symmetrical sphere. 😄

  • Hypnos12
    Hypnos12 Year ago

    Good work dude!

  • Flower S.
    Flower S. 4 years ago +28

    Wow all that work for one video I'm impressed for how much time it took.

    • Emiel Houthuijzen
      Emiel Houthuijzen 4 years ago +2

      Alexa M. There are still people actually putting effort into making a video. Unlike 70%-80% of almost every youtube vid

  • beast Kangaroo
    beast Kangaroo Year ago

    Ich liebe deine videos ben du bist mein lieblings youtuber!

  • Bubbles The Fish
    Bubbles The Fish Year ago +2


  • AsianPersuasion
    AsianPersuasion Year ago +13

    Don't let the cooling of the Aluminum Ball distract you from the fact that he just waterboarded his yard for minutes

  • Broockle
    Broockle Year ago

    i'm surprised it poured through that tiny straw

  • Just Willy 101
    Just Willy 101 4 years ago +560

    Did anyone else enjoyed the noise of the fast forward? Lol I did