This Is How ITZY Was Formed

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • A little educational video about how ITZY was formed/discovered! From Pre-debut to now! ITZY ICY, ITZY Dalla Dalla, ITZY Members, ITZY JYP, JYP Entertainment!
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  • InternetsNathan
    InternetsNathan  5 months ago +115

    Hey WAVE! Maybe this can be a new series?? Let me know what you think! Also still stuck between Yuna and Chaeryeong lol
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    • Martin Tat
      Martin Tat 8 days ago

      Do more of these

    • Fian Fazlie
      Fian Fazlie 5 months ago

      This is great! Would love to see how Girls’ Generation is formed too. Ps their 12th anniversary is coming up, 5th August:)

    • Makoiyo
      Makoiyo 5 months ago

      I would love a series!

    • A Hanus
      A Hanus 5 months ago

      I like it! I would definitely watch more of these about both new groups and older 👍

    • Stardust Fox
      Stardust Fox 5 months ago

      Yes please I like to see this kind of videos

  • RockBeauty :3
    RockBeauty :3 Day ago

    Midzy here and they are all my bias .

  • flor martinez
    flor martinez 8 days ago

    Lia use to live around my area I think? I remember my old high school friends mentioned they went to elementary school with her. It’s so cool because Wendy from Red Velvet is from my town too so it like Kpop stars are everywhere lolol

  • chang soup
    chang soup 9 days ago

    yuna mentioned that because of her sister wanting to see btob at an award show, she had to follow her and ended up getting scouted by jyp 😳

  • Althea Baltazar
    Althea Baltazar 13 days ago

    livin that Y/n life i see👀 and... DONT TOUCH MY KOOKIE🥺 jokeeee

  • mooliecatz
    mooliecatz 14 days ago

    funny enough I was thinking one of the reasons I like this group so much cause all the members have a style that fits one of the big 3 companies. Lia fits SM, Yeji and Ryujin YG, and Chaeryeon and Yuna fit JYP.

  • Multifandom Ass usual !

    Yuna is 2 years older than me 🥺

  • hello
    hello Month ago

    i know i am so late here , but it would mean so much to answer my question.
    when you are talking about lia , when you said ' she is the newest jyp trainee to debut ' . what does that mean? sorry i am dumb , please reply , thank you !

  • Emmablanky -
    Emmablanky - Month ago

    YUNA IS 16 i tut she was at least 18 she’s rlly tall i’m literally one year younger and then s doing nothing in life lol she’s so talented i stan

  • Grace Rivera
    Grace Rivera Month ago


  • cluckcluckX3
    cluckcluckX3 Month ago’s ChaeryeonG!

  • Tsokodi Ntsoane
    Tsokodi Ntsoane Month ago


  • Jay-Dee Wessels
    Jay-Dee Wessels Month ago

    I'm glad Ryujin declined with YG entertainment
    That company is full of scandals and mistreatment

  • Aries
    Aries Month ago

    I’m gonna keep a close eye on future kpop mv . They could feature future members of the next big kpop groups!!

  • Raphael Giglio
    Raphael Giglio Month ago

    I had no idea Yuna and Chae we’re apart of bts highlight reel, I love that so much

  • chingu buddy
    chingu buddy Month ago

    gfriend please!!

  • Russ Paradero
    Russ Paradero Month ago

    Chaeryoung's personality didn't change since Sixteen. Loved this girl. But I loved Ryujin more 😅

  • The_Jeepers_Turtle
    The_Jeepers_Turtle 2 months ago

    Holy crap! I just finished watching “Second 20s.” Never would have noticed Yeji

  • Clara Acar
    Clara Acar 2 months ago

    Your pronunciation on iz*one is wrong... Just pronounce it like izone🤣🤣🤣

  • Sharon XD
    Sharon XD 2 months ago +1

    My bias is yeji and no offence this triggers me it isn’t a problem but i just want to say this please pronounce those words properly

    Btw I’m korean 👍🏻

  • Elizabeth Kelly
    Elizabeth Kelly 2 months ago

    How the fricky dicky did I not notice them in the BTS highlight wheel??

  • cia
    cia 2 months ago

    yuna is 15 and why didn't you talk about yuna being on the stray kids show

  • Vanessa Castillo
    Vanessa Castillo 2 months ago

    Stan ryujin

  • Jaymee Renee
    Jaymee Renee 2 months ago

    When u said yuna was born in 2003 I almost spat my water out, this bitch is a year older than me and already be doing the most

  • ilham ilham
    ilham ilham 3 months ago

    They are same as my age😥and i am looking at them and saying "wooh!look at these girls!" to my sister😴

  • Danish Iman Twice
    Danish Iman Twice 3 months ago

    Waitttt Yuna Is Just 2 Years Older Than Me Rly???

  • Mark Isaiah Baligod
    Mark Isaiah Baligod 3 months ago

    You murdered their names tho

  • Platinum Stargazer
    Platinum Stargazer 3 months ago

    Great Video Nathan! You have established yourself as THE TheXvid authority and go to online encyclopedia from the West on Kpop

  • AlexIsDepressed
    AlexIsDepressed 3 months ago +3

    Lmao I thought this was a “what happened to Itzy?” video. I’m dumb

  • Krysuna
    Krysuna 3 months ago +1

    ryujin was blessed for being loyal to jyp, if she switched to YG she’d be locked in their dungeon. 💞
    I feel bad for Somi though, she switched to TBL right before the whole seungri situation happened

  • Chuanyun Guan
    Chuanyun Guan 3 months ago +1


  • justdarylyeung
    justdarylyeung 3 months ago +1

    Idk if it’s just me, but I find that chaeryoung very unattractive

  • Sakura Faith
    Sakura Faith 3 months ago

    Just here laying in bed watching TheXvid videos while there are girls my age that are famous & successful in life 😢

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 3 months ago

    Do SEVENTEEN next

  • andrew wong
    andrew wong 3 months ago +1

    "In American age'" , didn't know that different countries have different age lmao , no hate just felt funny :)
    Yeji bias

    • Justified Game Enforcer
      Justified Game Enforcer 3 months ago

      I’m not Korean myself, but my understanding is that South Korea’s age system makes it to where you start at age 1 when you are born. Then, you don’t add a year to your life until the next year (ex: 2019 now, a year is added to your age at the beginning of 2020.)
      If anybody is Korean here in the comments, feel free to correct or verify this.
      American age is pretty much starting at age 0 when you are born, then add a year to your age on your birthday each year (for anyone who doesn’t know, I just felt like adding this to effectively compare the differences).

  • Red Ghost
    Red Ghost 3 months ago

    I like Yuna because she is the same age as me and I like yeji because she has a interesting shaped eyes

  • Red Ghost
    Red Ghost 3 months ago

    Mine is Yuna or yeji

  • Blaze Storm
    Blaze Storm 3 months ago

    Yuna and Yeji- both have charisma for days.
    Am I the only one who thinks that Lia's visuals are actually the weakest in the group?

  • • P e a x c h y •
    • P e a x c h y • 3 months ago

    When I clicked the video, it gave me a jyp ad and it was twice Feel Special the entire MV!

  • superkawaiiblossom games

    I was born in 2002 one year older than me I'm 17 so they probably 18

  • Resdy Tunggal
    Resdy Tunggal 3 months ago

    Waa the idol want her, that why i like her❤🤣

  • Antoinetta Evanjoline
    Antoinetta Evanjoline 3 months ago


  • ItsMeTheLittleUnicorn XOXO

    U know whats crazy my birthday is also on 17th April and my sisters is on 21st July

  • Zen ZEN
    Zen ZEN 3 months ago


  • Itzel Gamboa
    Itzel Gamboa 3 months ago

    I feel famous cuz my nickname is itzy but like... STOP STEALING MY BRAND

  • Sana the Snake, Sanake
    Sana the Snake, Sanake 3 months ago

    Pfff, debut in 16 years isn't something special

  • Sana the Snake, Sanake
    Sana the Snake, Sanake 3 months ago

    It's "Yeji" not "Yeejee"

  • soggy milk
    soggy milk 3 months ago

    i love yuna but got bias wrecked by yeji.. i love her eyes 🥺🥺🥺

  • liyana raisah
    liyana raisah 3 months ago


  • SushiKat
    SushiKat 3 months ago

    Yuna’s not 16 in international age, she’s 15. I should know, I was born in the same year and I’m one month older 😅😅

  • Dimas Mursyid
    Dimas Mursyid 3 months ago

    Yo.. im feeling old watching itzy lol..

  • M C
    M C 4 months ago


  • Farhat Kamiab
    Farhat Kamiab 4 months ago +1

    One thing is that if somi didn't leave jyp yuna wouldn't be in itzy because somi was supposed to be in yunas spot but she left so they added yuna to itzy before the debut because if you see the predebut group photos somi is there instead of yuna

  • Lisa's TV
    Lisa's TV 4 months ago +1

    Ryujin and lia😍😍😍

  • Mikka Carltongee
    Mikka Carltongee 4 months ago +3

    Pls do blackpink ver.

  • xX DubChaengMiTzu Xx
    xX DubChaengMiTzu Xx 4 months ago


  • sierraisstressed
    sierraisstressed 4 months ago

    Crazy to know I’m the same age as some of them

  • Mariana Lozano
    Mariana Lozano 4 months ago +4

    Lia being in SM would of made sense too since they're about visuals and AMAZING vocals, glad she's here with ITZY though!

  • Flxming Rxses
    Flxming Rxses 4 months ago


  • Jm Bautista
    Jm Bautista 4 months ago

    I knew ryujin since she appeared in mix9 hehehe