Visiting Gymshark's $7,000,000 New Gym

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Honoured to be a part of such an awesome family of likeminded people, let alone be invited to train in such a brand new facility like this. I hope you guys enjoy the video & thank you, as always.
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Comments • 810

  • Frederik Jepsen
    Frederik Jepsen 16 hours ago

    Those hooks on the bag hurts my wrists

  • Madhura Ch
    Madhura Ch Day ago

    Do try not to laugh with simon

  • Sakthivel Prakash

    behz, we want Charity Match football again

  • Logan Beckman
    Logan Beckman Day ago

    You inspire me to get fit man, appreciate what you do

  • Mills Y
    Mills Y Day ago

    Please never fight on the ksi logan paul under card

  • Isaac Schmeer
    Isaac Schmeer 2 days ago

    You should do a boxing match

  • Killergamer7
    Killergamer7 2 days ago +7

    Everyone, Ethan's next vid will be an r/RoastMe Vid. Mark. My. Words.

    • Jonah
      Jonah 11 hours ago

      I mean he posted it on his Instagram but sure

  • Maxim Rodrigues
    Maxim Rodrigues 3 days ago

    Damn, he’s worked so hard like look at him in 2016 and now look at him

  • Adam Studman
    Adam Studman 3 days ago +1

    should've been called 'going to the gym with a fancy josh peters'

  • Midas Mauritzson
    Midas Mauritzson 3 days ago

    5:35 what’s the song

  • Tobias Gronbeck
    Tobias Gronbeck 3 days ago +2

    The song in the background when he is "muscle upping", what is it called?

    • AS 10
      AS 10 10 hours ago

      darude sandstorm

    • Mewted
      Mewted 18 hours ago

      Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

    • amaan ramzan
      amaan ramzan Day ago

      vossi bop-stormzy

  • Jonathan Endrerud
    Jonathan Endrerud 3 days ago


  • Claire Speight
    Claire Speight 3 days ago

    I started to work out when he did because my goal is the make it into pro wrestling im 15 now so i got inspired by behz

  • Bevan Nel
    Bevan Nel 3 days ago

    Mate, do a workout with Obi Vincent!

  • Psemek
    Psemek 3 days ago

    13.45 song name?

    • ZoFlo
      ZoFlo Day ago

      notion - time

  • Frank Hoog
    Frank Hoog 4 days ago

    0.09 no s or e beyond t
    His point

  • Frank Hoog
    Frank Hoog 4 days ago

    0:09 whenever you open that door it says something else

  • Big Juice Gaming
    Big Juice Gaming 4 days ago

    Small bodied

  • cxplayxc
    cxplayxc 4 days ago +1

    that rap music dose not fit a bit

  • ThePotatoePillow
    ThePotatoePillow 4 days ago

    u think ur fuckin ripped mate chill

  • jose garrao
    jose garrao 4 days ago

    3:40 That's what she said

  • Tim Clark
    Tim Clark 4 days ago +1

    One of the few natural gymshark athletes

  • AFuriaz -
    AFuriaz - 4 days ago

    Beard is stupid

  • Scaz Scaz
    Scaz Scaz 4 days ago

    It's quite fun to watch him on his journey but I feel as he's still a gym noobie he shouldn't be giving out all this "advice" like he's been in the game for time

  • xGamingKing 38
    xGamingKing 38 4 days ago

    What shoes is he wearing

  • FXG
    FXG 4 days ago +3

    You know its a good gym and giving gym vibes when the playlist is on point

  • Bob Cratchit
    Bob Cratchit 5 days ago

    Why would people choose wight lifting over sports such as boxing?

    • Hawkelek
      Hawkelek 5 days ago

      Bob Cratchit to get bigger

  • theweavo 84
    theweavo 84 5 days ago +1

    At the start song I give your girl clamida

  • Karan Chauhan
    Karan Chauhan 5 days ago

    What's the music at 5:00

  • Rocket League
    Rocket League 5 days ago

    You worked so hard you deserve to flex

  • acidzzz
    acidzzz 5 days ago

    You should thank ksi for making the earthquake music video on you.

  • D7N 1DR
    D7N 1DR 5 days ago

    Way too cocky

  • Lonely Naruto
    Lonely Naruto 5 days ago

    JJ: 'Its big and black' 3:40

  • Jessica Elle
    Jessica Elle 5 days ago

    How long do you work out for and how many days? I'm trying to tone up but I go twice a week and it's definitely slow progress.

  • Lewis Collins
    Lewis Collins 5 days ago

    What’s the song at the start called?

  • TroDan
    TroDan 5 days ago

    woah man never knew you went gym

  • Shmoist
    Shmoist 5 days ago

    That thumbnail is jokes

  • cale
    cale 5 days ago

    intro song??

  • Sonny Bradley
    Sonny Bradley 6 days ago

    5:45 copyright bro

  • Lawrenz Silva
    Lawrenz Silva 6 days ago

    i got a video ad from a youtuber saying that Gymshark stole his app. Saw the ad on this vid. Got too bored and skipped. Anyone saw this too?

  • Slayzz
    Slayzz 6 days ago

    5:28 - Niko Omilana? 😂

    PLATINUM 6 days ago +1

    *opens doors to the sound of gangsters paradise*

    say goodbye to the revenue bois, UMG gonna drop in with that copyright

  • Nick Akimov125
    Nick Akimov125 6 days ago

    Those muscles man , amazing job brother 🔥

  • Ramses hernandez nava

    Who nows... the music on the start

  • Chef Boyardee Streams

    ily behz, always wus my fave sidemen

  • Peeper
    Peeper 6 days ago +1

    Oh no he has AirPooods In he can’t hear us

  • Chicken Milk
    Chicken Milk 6 days ago

    Well done it’s pretty inspiring what you have done

  • Xyhroh
    Xyhroh 6 days ago

    Of course, Ethan's flexing in his thumbnail

  • SandyFish
    SandyFish 6 days ago +1

    3:41 just like jj

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 7 days ago

    MAN do gym videos more !! İt motivates me and thousands of people a lot Keep going 💪🏼

  • afromob !
    afromob ! 7 days ago +1

    Ethen is going to get copyright striked because of the background music

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 6 days ago

      5:35 Ur sooo getting copyrighted (music)

  • WorldofJcc
    WorldofJcc 7 days ago


    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 6 days ago

      Stopped watching as soon as I heard Stormzy Vossi Bop.

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin 7 days ago

    5:35 sTORMzYYyyYyy
    8:05 now THAT is pump up music

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 7 days ago

      5:35 Ur sooo getting copyrighted (music)

  • Brandon Avent
    Brandon Avent 7 days ago


  • Dirk Voorhoeve
    Dirk Voorhoeve 7 days ago

    what's the difference between a close/wide grip?

  • Cameron Maughan
    Cameron Maughan 7 days ago +6

    Ik Ethan’s body transformation is decent but he’s only got an average body now like he bigs him self up way too much 😂

    • Lxxx A
      Lxxx A 4 days ago

      Cameron Maughan literally lmfao

  • Max Chainey
    Max Chainey 7 days ago

    Why is he taking the piss calling him ‘noodle’

  • Fortnite Daily clips

    Yeet George Hickton is my mates Brother

  • butlerr
    butlerr 7 days ago +1

    He’s lowkey still got droopy tits

  • alex leon levtchenko

    What was that song that you used at the start?