Man Utd Up For Sale? Man Utd News

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • Man Utd owner's The Glazers are selling a large chunk of shares in Manchester United. Is Glazers Out becoming a reality? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Comments • 617

  • david waller
    david waller Month ago +1

    Newcastle United takeover

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra Month ago


  • sam bosco
    sam bosco Month ago

    How do I buy shares

  • Stuart Holehouse
    Stuart Holehouse Month ago

    They will sell the shares run it into the ground then buy it back at a cheaper price.

  • barbudo12
    barbudo12 Month ago

    If the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia were astute they'd go all out for buying the club, raising footballing standards by putting footballing people in charge, and watch their popularity soar!

  • barbudo12
    barbudo12 Month ago

    The greedy and shortsighted Glazers will drive the club into the ground!!!

  • arubaconga
    arubaconga Month ago

    Besides the Glazers, George Soros is also a partner.

  • graham organic greens

    u would post anything to make pennies

  • Adam Rowland
    Adam Rowland Month ago

    Get relegated and start again best thing for man Utd

  • Mark Kennedy
    Mark Kennedy Month ago

    The africans arent buying shirts now

  • Kevin Dobbs
    Kevin Dobbs Month ago

    Their paying fecking debts either go completely or invest further.

  • Paul Occleston
    Paul Occleston Month ago

    Dont be kidded on by all of the rumours. Just like pre season when we was supposed to sign a midfielder and striker & what not. Didnt happen.We have shocking owners and a terrible chairman. Think they are just going to hand the club over to some rich arab. Not a chance.

  • Steve ooo
    Steve ooo Month ago

    No voting rights.... Sounds like a kreonke deal

  • njords77
    njords77 Month ago

    The Glazers would know there's plenty of cashed up groups that would love to take the club on their books. And if they gave up shares with voting rights it would open doors to possible future takeover. Clearly their only intent is to hedge against declining value in the business.. to me this highlights their priorities and contradicts recent statements about being focused on future long term success on the pitch. Perhaps that was just lip service to preserve continue decline while they prepared these shares for market.

  • goodheadnigel
    goodheadnigel Month ago

    Bull💩💩💩💩. Report on some proper news

  • Collins Nchanji
    Collins Nchanji Month ago

    Doom days ahead for Utd. Like it or not .be sure a miracle we finish in top six.

  • Fred Nana
    Fred Nana Month ago

    This is wat we United fans need

  • MAN_S__3344
    MAN_S__3344 Month ago

    Whoever has a spare 5000000000 pounds please buy United ?

  • Adam Mir
    Adam Mir Month ago

    Fergie should buy the shares

  • Positive Robbo
    Positive Robbo Month ago

    Over the last 24, to 12 hours.....
    Yes United are going backwards,
    Hence. The reporter's are doing the same.
    And Do you know what you're saying?????

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar Month ago

    Sell the club to an Arab

  • Jimbob Junior
    Jimbob Junior Month ago

    Time for United fans to put your money where your mouth is STOP moaning do something That means you goldburg

  • simo blue
    simo blue Month ago

    Its not the worst position you've ever been in utd have been relegated hopefully it will happen again

  • Paul Littlehales
    Paul Littlehales Month ago

    This is just another way of the glazers taking cash out the they have since day one

  • hendra abe
    hendra abe Month ago

    Good news

  • Mickstar
    Mickstar Month ago

    United is devaluing by the day , got to get the leeches out

  • Aarol Montague
    Aarol Montague Month ago

    Sir alex never give a smile if he got a bad result but Ole did! Cant see the future under ogs..only adore him as a united player but not a manager

  • Cikanos Cikanos
    Cikanos Cikanos Month ago

    Make club to play 100% ..not sold n buy a player very well..plz give a gud game every week ..plzzzzz ..we love the club very well ..every week make we all sad ..come on a gud game every week

  • david latimer
    david latimer Month ago

    Hopefully this is the start of them getting out and they don't ruin us in the process

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Month ago

    United are finished

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Month ago +1

    I'll keep supporting the lads because I have over the past 27+ years; but something's definitely gone... The Glazers simply have to go.

  • David Clixby
    David Clixby Month ago +2

    The glazers will never sell Utd.its too much of a cash cow for them.

  • Yung Rigos
    Yung Rigos Month ago

    I don't understand why they planning for the future,us the fans are supporting now and we want the team to play good now, them telling us that they will be ready in 3 years time isn't right then we might aswell start supporting for Man Utd in 3 years time again

  • - Youngish -
    - Youngish - Month ago

    You. Are. An. Idiot.

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon Month ago +1

    if thousands of fans dislike every official man utd youtube video, that should send a message to the sponsors and board.

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox Month ago

    I hope the shares reach a dollar 😂 then glazers will have to do something

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis Month ago

    No voting rights no point

  • Heil Raichu
    Heil Raichu Month ago

    Got more chance of seeing my nan getting decked by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone than the Glazers selling United tbh.

  • skullgamez
    skullgamez Month ago

    Wtf shortest announcement ever hello and bye

  • Greg Richards
    Greg Richards Month ago

    First person I'll fire is Ed.

  • Greg Richards
    Greg Richards Month ago

    Who wanna buy shares when club been run like crap past 7 or 8 years. I'd rather buy the whole club.

  • anth1878 Obrien
    anth1878 Obrien Month ago

    I was skipping round my front room when. I first seen the Head line I thought they where gonna sell the club but just glaziers pocketing more money 🤬🤬🤬🤬🙈🙈🙈

  • Irshad Zamir
    Irshad Zamir Month ago

    Come on guys what happened to "Ole at the wheel " lmfao, rashy and lingy gonna take you lot to the top aye !

  • bunchlead
    bunchlead Month ago +1

    So the share price is falling and the club devaluing. So imagine if the fans hit them with a boycott too.
    They’d be screwed.

    KWAHI LEONARD Month ago

    Yes sell Manchester United

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe Month ago

    Woody go get lost

  • Terry Grealey
    Terry Grealey Month ago

    Mark are you aware that during the summer, a sister of the Glazers took out a loan against her United shares?
    I'm convinced the Glazers are about sell the club, but they have to announce only a partial sale so as not to panic the remaining share holders which could wipe millions off the club's value before a sale is finalised.

  • Ade Hall
    Ade Hall Month ago

    C’mon Mark... the Glazers haven’t paid anything for Man Utd with their money... it was bought in debt. They’ve taken a shed load of money out of the club every year and now they’re not just milking the club, they’re taking the gold top cream whilst they can. After all, how can they demand directors fees when the club is going backwards? So this is their directors fees, just realized in a different way. We need a new fan chant...
    “Pay the interest, on the debt, Man United,
    Cos we the know that’s how the Glazers play,
    Pay the interest, on the debt, Man United,
    And send directors fees, to the good ole, USA”...

  • Shaun Taylor
    Shaun Taylor Month ago

    Careful Mike Ashley might buy them.

  • Douglas Buckland
    Douglas Buckland Month ago +2

    This club is a complete Embarrassment and a big Laugh in stock they suppose to be a big club they are a complete joke to the world of football

  • 3chords
    3chords Month ago

    Rats and sinking ships

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Month ago

    Who the hell would put money into those bloody idiots, the leaches, Glazers, They live off other peoples previous successes, - their own successes - WHAT A FECKING JOKE !!!

  • Andy Ferguson
    Andy Ferguson Month ago

    Best news in years if true

  • Alalak Jakaja
    Alalak Jakaja Month ago

    Any share under 50% means nothing 😂

  • Xaris Demetriou
    Xaris Demetriou Month ago

    Sir Jim Radcliff will be new owner

  • Bet Inter
    Bet Inter Month ago

    The special one effect... I love Mourinho...

  • Sky masterson
    Sky masterson Month ago

    Straight Brexit strategy young British player for the long run

  • Jarod Reddig
    Jarod Reddig Month ago

    Why even do this show??? Ugh got my hopes up

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan Month ago

    You don’t sell shares when they are low.. well not in this case.. I’m not sure how legit this is

  • JediRabbit
    JediRabbit Month ago

    Come on you rich Arabs you know it makes sense...