Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 2 Episode 8] "Sabatiello's"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 1 672

  • Dorien vdb
    Dorien vdb Year ago +425

    Thanks for uploading, i've been binge watching this!

    • d41337n8r
      d41337n8r 4 months ago

      This was implied to mean this show.

    • bigstace101
      bigstace101 9 months ago

      I think you mean binge watch these. Unless your just watching this episode on repeat. If so my bad. :)

    • BigElectricCat
      BigElectricCat 10 months ago

      Ahhhh. "House in Greenwich" THAT'S why she's with this guy!! $$$$$$$$$

    • BigElectricCat
      BigElectricCat 10 months ago

      Same, here!! They're uploaded so clearly; so beautifully. Thank you so much!! Subscribed!

    • Jorasah Johnson
      Jorasah Johnson 10 months ago

      girrrllll me too

  • katy pryde
    katy pryde Hour ago

    Gordon orders water ...... its blaaaaaaaand lol

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 23 hours ago

    "Customer is always right"
    My ass they are

  • Anderton Chigoneka

    Why does he look in air after he speaks it is really weird

  • Archangel_Omega
    Archangel_Omega Day ago

    Sammy: i wanted to kill her but i didn't
    Hmmm i kinda wish you make an attempt to kill her, so sammy can be put in prison

  • Puertorican Princess

    His girlfriend is to cute and to good for him .I couldn't stand his attitude

  • Puertorican Princess

    When the owner said "I got the best balls" I wanted chef Ramsey to say "No i got the best balls". Lol

  • CVFhyum 789xsdeT
    CVFhyum 789xsdeT 2 days ago

    He has a quintuple chin lmao

  • Fallen Deus
    Fallen Deus 2 days ago +1

    Why is every Italian a cocky fucking guido, all just a bunch of wanna be faggot mafioso, kill youself you fat fuck . Seriously italians are the most obnoxious pieces of shit in the entire world and they always have the excuse of "hey im italian", no you and every wanna be gangster should just neck yourselves you are a trash of race of humans beings.

    • Fallen Deus
      Fallen Deus 22 hours ago

      yeah well too bad too many of them act this way and give the rest of them a bad image... this is the kind of shit that stereotypes are born from.

    • Brandon Jones
      Brandon Jones 23 hours ago

      Not all Italians are that way. I know a good bit of Italian people and NONE of them act this way. They are the most laid back, chilled people I've ever met and by God will honestly make sure your belly is full

  • Real Storyteller III

    i dont understand why women like Lauren are with shit-suckers like Sammy

  • ladyfootZ
    ladyfootZ 4 days ago +1

    Jose not stupid.......... you try stuffing him under the bus he's gonna THROW your ass under it.

  • Fredo_Credo
    Fredo_Credo 4 days ago

    Sammy's a fucking narcissistic douche...

  • Narutofanbilly
    Narutofanbilly 6 days ago

    How lazy with food. Gross

  • Jack S
    Jack S 8 days ago

    damn lauren is cutie.

  • Pornstar Kayn
    Pornstar Kayn 12 days ago +10

    They re CLOSED :
    Sabatiello's closed in October 2008, a Chowhound review prior to closure was negative. Prior to closing there was a sign outside the restaurant and a flyer handed out that read "Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's favorite Italian in Fairfield County".

    Sammy opened Sabatiello Gourmet Pizza in Riverside in December 2008 which closed as the rent was not paid. Sammy was arrested for trashing his restaurant and unauthorised use of credit cards. He can now be found working as a Chef in New York at The Appalachian Market, a gas station that also serves food, Pizza being a speciality.

    Sabatiello's aired on November 13 2008, the episode was filmed in February 2008 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 2 episode 8.

    • GaBisKat
      GaBisKat 8 days ago +1

      I just wish Lauren got rid of him.. she seems nice and deserves someone better than a crazy guy with anger issues

    • ejmuerte rise from the dead
      ejmuerte rise from the dead 8 days ago

      Haha he at least he deserve that bitch fat mafia

  • james dayes
    james dayes 13 days ago +1

    Sammy is a man child

  • Luke Gervais
    Luke Gervais 14 days ago +1

    Without a doubt this place is closed.
    He told him to nuke it.
    She had the right to refuse. Though I do see why he stood there for her to cut in

  • Random Pez
    Random Pez 15 days ago +2

    sammy is an adult baby in his free time

  • Dinosaur Player
    Dinosaur Player 16 days ago +4

    "shooting" your betters when in fact you should be learning from them. -
    Gordon Ramsay to me seems a great person because

    - hands-on approach
    - understanding the quality must be in the product.
    - manage the outcome and in the income.
    - understanding the importance of change to achieving that end...
    - TRUE alpha male behaviour,
    Time and time again he faced opponents here that tried to intimidate or cheat him and he still tells them how it is... getting right in their face... BUT he is not taking a leadership position, in other occasions, he is just as comfortable to get his hands dirty as he is comfortable following the lead in the kitchen.

    but above all... he does it because he wants these people to change...he confronts their ego and keeps pushing them through their pain barrier... and that is because he has a good heart, I do think he felt for some of these folks but above all, he cares for customers...
    Seeing how raw chicken or dirt infects the foods being served really triggers him... because it is about health... - healthy good food = a healthy good body.
    Good food, cleanliness are 2 major factors that prolonged human life...

    • GaBisKat
      GaBisKat 8 days ago

      Yeah, watching kitchen nightmares just gave me more respect for this man.. he's willing to have people in denial, screaming, and being just awful, but is still able to stand strong and help them how he can.

  • Jonathan Harger
    Jonathan Harger 21 day ago +1

    That lamb was perfectly cooked that woman is just a twat

  • Jonathan Harger
    Jonathan Harger 21 day ago +2

    Steak is like the easiest thing in the world to make you throw it in sear it throw some butter and some garlic and thyme and spoon it over while it cooks and boom it’s good how do you fuck up steak

    • Deja Chhun
      Deja Chhun 20 days ago +1

      I think some ppl lack common sense. I'm a bad cook and I can cook steak.

  • Jhonny 2SL
    Jhonny 2SL 22 days ago +2

    Sammy without psychopath could be best italian chef in the world

  • Taylor Bohn
    Taylor Bohn 23 days ago +10

    The girlfriend is way too hot for this dipshit. Pisses me off

  • Adam the Spiny GIANT
    Adam the Spiny GIANT 24 days ago +4

    Rumor has it, after the restaurant closed, Sammy was arrested for assault.

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards 28 days ago +6

    never seen someone FREEZE lasagne

    • E. Williamson
      E. Williamson 21 day ago

      my mum over stocks our food and meals at home and even she hasn't ever frozen a lasagna

    • Lilly Sco
      Lilly Sco 23 days ago +1

      You've never seen frozen lasagna in a grocery store? It's nasty but I mean frozen lasagna is everywhere.

  • Jack _of_alltrades
    Jack _of_alltrades Month ago +4

    he properly knows its bad XD

  • Oh Noodles
    Oh Noodles Month ago +2

    My Italian/english friend would be disgraced by this. I think his whole family would be

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams Month ago +3

    If ur food is good u would nver have complaints. And by u being in debt so much thats not enough to realize ur business is shity. Damn shame he really is in denial

  • Angel the Reshiram
    Angel the Reshiram Month ago +10

    This episode along with Burger Kitchen, Mill Street Bistro, and Amy’s Baking Company have the most frustrating, abusive owners ever

  • MercyBanisher
    MercyBanisher Month ago +2

    I cant believe this dude Jose, what man can't grill a steak??

  • My Videos Are Sad
    My Videos Are Sad Month ago +5

    I can’t eat this
    *takes another bite

  • Anthony mccluskie
    Anthony mccluskie Month ago +11

    For him to talk to me like that and we didn't shoot him? If your in the mafia why do you need a restaurant? Clown

    • Flugabwehrkanone
      Flugabwehrkanone Month ago +2

      To launder money. If it goes under, his associates might get pissed at losing their investment. It would be the restaurant version of _Casino._

  • Sturdy Alpaca
    Sturdy Alpaca Month ago +4

    Sammy started an a hole... in ended like a man.

    • Drago Dragneel
      Drago Dragneel Month ago +1

      Sturdy Alpaca Exactly Gordon completely changed him in just one night it’s amazing how Gordon gets through these people’s thick skulls and big fat egos

  • Simmie Davis and band /Timbara

    Im fumigating!Lol

  • You don’t need To know

    Sammy need to work on his comebacks, he’s like a salty sixth grader

  • fromiseyou
    fromiseyou Month ago +18

    how sammy did even had a girlfriend??? god... women are really used to recycling trash huh

    • Reese Schuler
      Reese Schuler 16 days ago

      That’s why im a lesbian

    • BBMute
      BBMute Month ago +2

      when that women jump around too mny dick..she stop at the wrong dick

  • Eccadairius
    Eccadairius Month ago +9

    Sammy Versus Gordon... winner: Gordon!

  • Ash MCcGill
    Ash MCcGill Month ago +5

    Is it just me or did the head waiters name change from Marco to David? 😂

    • Rain Strife
      Rain Strife Month ago +1

      Frankie Phillips I think they’re two different guys; they look different to me

  • Devrik Coleman
    Devrik Coleman Month ago +3

    Anyone else catch those cakes at 15:44 😂😂😂

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano Month ago +7

    If you are true italian you would prefer fresh lasagna over frozen

  • Urs Schaffer
    Urs Schaffer Month ago +14

    I don't understand this guy. He asks one of the greatest chefs and most successful entrepreneur for help and then he behaves like a moron!!

    • Emerald Erin
      Emerald Erin 28 days ago +1

      They want a magic fix and wave of a hand and everything is perfect, so when Gordan comes in and gives hard truths and hard work that is needed they don't want to hear it because it's not the quick fix they want.

    • VanderWall Stronghold
      VanderWall Stronghold Month ago +1

      Almost all owners on this show are like that. Not all, but most.

  • Pelger
    Pelger Month ago +12

    that sammy is a complete idiot, why is it always people like that that have the money to open a business?.
    and how or why is the girlfiend there? she should dump that pathetic idiot.

    • Drago Dragneel
      Drago Dragneel Month ago +2

      Pelger Facts she is a beautiful woman that deserves to date someone better than him

  • Juan Lopez Corona
    Juan Lopez Corona Month ago +4


  • Sāfto Rangen
    Sāfto Rangen Month ago +8

    dude is he on some uppers? hard to believe that he didn't take *something* 🤔

  • Jack Reach
    Jack Reach 2 months ago +4

    Is this place still in business?

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +3

      J J. Hahahhahahahahhahahha

    • J J
      J J Month ago +5

      Closed in 2008

  • Asterix Obelix
    Asterix Obelix 2 months ago +7

    Sammy has an Italian mob attitude - nobody critiques me - of they do, they should be shot. How does his girlfriend put up with - hope she is not abused

    • Asterix Obelix
      Asterix Obelix Month ago +1

      +KaVantae BryantKyles Thank you. I have had this tag for 10 years - I used to read the comic book, Asterix and I was a big fan of this character.and his friend Obelix

    • KaVantae BryantKyles
      KaVantae BryantKyles Month ago +1

      cool name Asterix obelix unique.

  • krhub79
    krhub79 2 months ago +5

    "I'm so upset inside, I'm f*&$@*# fumigating" 😂😂😂💀 He is cockroach-like.

  • Rog Poll
    Rog Poll 2 months ago +8

    Moral of the story: Do not ever forget where you came from.

  • Lord Raptor
    Lord Raptor 2 months ago +3

    Lol, this Sammy guy is like a Rob Riggle skit.

    • Thomas Goodman
      Thomas Goodman Month ago +3

      Mob money

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +3

      He's literally clinically retarded, and somehow he has a decent girlfriend and a $1,000,000 business. WHAT? This shit blows my mind.

  • Simmie Davis and band /Timbara

    Soup of yesterday lol

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +3

      Soup of the day. Which day? 3rd of July 1923.

  • ChrJahnsen
    ChrJahnsen 2 months ago +14

    Probably the most well deserved grilling of a dickhead owner in KN history.
    - "It's not bad! Oh come on, he spits it out! It's not bad!"
    - "You're fucking delusional! It's mushy, it's watery, it's fake and it's fucking disgusting. You're jumping up and down like a big fucking buffoon and 'Woohoo, it's good!'"

  • Gonzales Frederic
    Gonzales Frederic 2 months ago +9

    Frozen lasagna... Then, the coolers of any supermarket have some. No need to frequent an establishment that serves that as it is not a restaurant but rather a place named restaurant and run by idiots who think that people served costly crap come back or count on a flux of tourists who, unaware, may compensate for the locals, they aware, no longer coming.

  • Bro4Life456
    Bro4Life456 2 months ago +4

    accurate representation of CT people... coming from someone who has lived in Ct their whole life... this is how EVERYONE acts

  • Serena Fulton
    Serena Fulton 2 months ago +24

    "Who does he think he is telling me how to run my restaurant!"
    *literally is award winning celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey*

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +1

      Serena Fulton. Gordon Motherfucking Ramsay.

  • Tennis Future
    Tennis Future 2 months ago +2

    Jose fucked up everything.

  • Laura Fim
    Laura Fim 2 months ago

    The foods is sooo GROSS

  • sun beagle
    sun beagle 2 months ago +3

    17:40 Customer shaming at its pinnacle.

    • Timmering
      Timmering 29 days ago

      Derek Charette calm down

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +2

      Derek Charette. Please don’t talk about my mother like that.

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +2

      Well... that fat arrogant alcoholic bitch sipping her little spritz of wine there is a stupid cunt to be quite honest, and I would of told that cunt to get up and get her fat stupid bitch ass the fuck out of my establishment, rather than trying to cater to her. Some people just need to be shown the door, because they are miserable pieces of shit that get pleasure from causing negativity in others. That cunt is one of those people. There's a reason why she is single at her age, and a typical wine slurping misercunt.

  • sun beagle
    sun beagle 2 months ago +5

    Great stuff. An Italian ego maniac, oh stand back.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 2 months ago +2

    Nice felonies racked up there Sammy

    • Chesco
      Chesco 2 months ago

      What felonies?

  • Claire Chapin
    Claire Chapin 2 months ago +11

    I make the best food. Must be why all the tables are

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +1

      Claire Chapin. These people could served deep fried dog shit and claim it is the finest food. Everyone loves my deep fried dog shit, it’s a local delicacy.

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka 2 months ago +4

    This restaurant is clean and has great dector.
    The food is horrendous I mean it is bland and nit fresh

  • Maivjyk
    Maivjyk 2 months ago +4

    Nobody talks to me that way! So how should he talk, send smoke signals? The reason they are sub standard is because they cannot take constructive criticism. Nothing worse than people who are puffed up and conceited and haughty.

  • Max B
    Max B 2 months ago +6

    A restaurant with actual good decor & a clean kitchen, but sucky foods. Wow

  • BlackMoridin
    BlackMoridin 2 months ago +6

    Quick tip... Look at 32:58 and feel it..... FEEL IT.... trust me it's hilarious!!!

  • Karen Stephens
    Karen Stephens 2 months ago +6

    If I didn't make great food, I wouldn't be here ! Calls in Ramsay coz his resturant is failing...

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago

      To be fair, even restaurants that have sensational food fail. Just recently, a local Chinese restaurant closed. They had the best staff and some of the best food I have ever eaten. It was quite pricey and the cheaper Chinese restaurants have more customers.

  • kevin bernales
    kevin bernales 2 months ago +4

    Another moron man named "sammy".

  • Radwa Stylinson
    Radwa Stylinson 2 months ago +8

    sammy: *lies*
    also sammy: dont call me a liar

  • Juan Nunez
    Juan Nunez 2 months ago +2

    5:13 That Was So Escripted.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 months ago +13

    "If it's not fresh we don't sell it".
    It's Frozen

  • Matthew Micelli
    Matthew Micelli 2 months ago +8

    "Actually, I've got the best balls in town."

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago +3

      Matthew Micelli. That’s what she said

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr 2 months ago +13

    Ok that was the most disgusting lasagna I have ever seen. I have had tv dinner lasagna better than that.

  • Joky Bones
    Joky Bones 2 months ago +11

    He looks like a GTA character!

  • I’m Kpop Trash
    I’m Kpop Trash 2 months ago +6


    You nice, keep going

  • Sexual Taco
    Sexual Taco 2 months ago +26

    Binge watching in 2019

  • Dorian Loupis
    Dorian Loupis 2 months ago +2

    Does anyone know why this place closed down??

    • Nikki Dingle
      Nikki Dingle 2 months ago

  • Caden Cressman
    Caden Cressman 2 months ago +11

    Look at the ass on her 15:43

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago

      Derek Charette. WTF? Who talks like that? Strange as fuck.

    • Ash MCcGill
      Ash MCcGill Month ago


    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +1

      oh dear god. sweet baby jesus that is one turd cutter right there. good observation!!!

  • Perpetually Annoyed
    Perpetually Annoyed 2 months ago +19

    Sammy's girlfriend is waaaay too good for him. Why tf is she with him?

  • Heather Galaher
    Heather Galaher 2 months ago +2

    19:34 Hey that’s Gordon’s line

  • corey garceau
    corey garceau 2 months ago +6

    lol that place closed down like a month later

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago

      corey garceau. Seems to be a reoccurring theme.

  • Megan G
    Megan G 3 months ago +31

    The lady with the red shirt calling Sammy out on the microwave is a badass❤️

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago

      Megan G. Sammy’s response was better. Faulty Towers 2000.

    • Megan G
      Megan G 2 months ago +3

      Juan Nunez Was she maybe egged on by the producers a bit? I’m sure. But her approach to the whole thing was so nonchalant and hilarious😆

    • Juan Nunez
      Juan Nunez 2 months ago

      Most likely She's an Actress

  • Gary Rice
    Gary Rice 3 months ago +11

    I told him its my signature dish do the right thing manni put it in the microwave lol.

  • Margrette M. Wilson
    Margrette M. Wilson 3 months ago +3


  • Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett 3 months ago +12

    Last 2 episodes we're super quiet. This loud one scared me lol

  • missy
    missy 3 months ago

    most staged one so far

    • Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice 2 months ago

      missy probably you can’t believe something lke this happens so you think it’s staged. plus the music and editing is what makes this show more dramatic

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +1

      +Gus Fogle Are you retarded? (Yes, you are). People like me that have worked in restaurants for a long time know that these shows are not staged or scripted, because this is exactly how some restaurants operate. You don't have to make shit up, because most of these idiots running these restaurants are doing this all on their own. The small number of ''extras'' and ''owners'' that say the show is staged are lying because they can't handle the fact that they made complete fools of themselves. While some of the customers are planted in there for obvious reasons, and there is a lot of editing.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago +1

      +Gus Fogle
      Its just the way a lot of these american reality TV shows are edited.they all have this TV dinner vibe to them.the editing is responsible for most of the artificial presentation of the interactions.this doesn't seem scripted to me and a lot of those people who came out against Ramsay were some of the least successful.which doesn't mean much considering that the success rate of his interventions is only about 20%l

    • Gus Fogle
      Gus Fogle 2 months ago

      +Craze YT Are you serious? This is one of the most scripted shows to ever air under the guise of "reality television". There are numerous interviews with extras and even restaurant owners who talk about how staged this show is. Keeping in mind that editing plays a large part in it, but lots of events like huge numbers of dishes being returned to the kitchen at once are in fact staged.

    • Craze YT
      Craze YT 2 months ago +2

      If it were staged, it wouldn't be even remotely entertaining pal, please educate yourself on spotting staged and proper events. :)

  • Earth in a box
    Earth in a box 3 months ago +26

    I just have to say that the woman who kept sending it back, recognized that it was just microwaved and not actually cooked, then argued with Sammy until she left. I JUST WANT TO SAY SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 3 months ago +15

    lol looks like all chefs in the US think a cold, hard brick of frozen food is "fresh"

  • clavi
    clavi 3 months ago +4

    I dont think sammy has any idea that the only words Carlos know how to say is "yea" lmfao

  • 魏征延
    魏征延 3 months ago +12

    That's Italian lasagna not Chinese lasagna? Excuse me how ignorant are you?

    • TheKaiTetley
      TheKaiTetley Month ago

      魏征延. Chinese lasagna is the best. Not a lot of people know lasagna is Chinese.

  • Hannylaidy Lima Esquivel
    Hannylaidy Lima Esquivel 3 months ago +4

    He just needed a touch of family warmth

  • Choo
    Choo 3 months ago +6

    Thats how mafia works

  • Allie Maldonado
    Allie Maldonado 3 months ago +8

    Why are the owners so sweaty lol every episode, I swear

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette 2 months ago +2

      you've obviously never worked in a restaurant you stupid bitch. do you have any idea how much pressure running a restaurant is? The guy's $1 MILLION in debt.

    JOSEPH FERNANDEZ 3 months ago +7

    32:00 ramsay has been thinking of this guy as an arrogant piece of work but then is stunned when he see's himself in sammy

    Xx AFROMAN xX 3 months ago +28

    "This kitchen is spotless,immaculate"

    *WhAt ThE FuCk Is ThAt*

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC 3 months ago +27

    why are biggest assholes in this show italians xD

    • Ash MCcGill
      Ash MCcGill Month ago +1

      Because American Italians seem to be entitled as fuck and I guess there are also too many Italian restaurants

    • Chesco
      Chesco 2 months ago +1

      Fake Italians. Real ones are classy.

    • Shrinidhi Ghatpande
      Shrinidhi Ghatpande 3 months ago +2


    • Dean Winchester
      Dean Winchester 3 months ago +7

      this loser cunts still think they are italian mob bosses from movies.. when they are just a failed restaurant loser

    • Moonbeam Moonbeam
      Moonbeam Moonbeam 3 months ago +5

      I've noticed that a lot of the restaurants he goes to help are Italian.

  • 30kitagreen
    30kitagreen 3 months ago +13

    Gordon should copyright the word bland, considering he uses it every episode.

    • Z Lou
      Z Lou 3 months ago +5

      He also says "fresh and vibrant" often. LOL

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 3 months ago +12

    "I'm so upset inside. I'm fumigating."

    • Ash MCcGill
      Ash MCcGill Month ago

      Orn Gorn proof that Americans don’t understand what words mean

  • The Casual Gamer
    The Casual Gamer 3 months ago +17

    How does an arrogant baboon with a giant ego get a girlfriend like that? I would love to understand why women are attracted to that type of men.

    • Ash MCcGill
      Ash MCcGill Month ago

      Seems like he wasn’t like that before. Clearly he’s an idiot at work but that doesn’t mean he’s the same outside or in his relationship. Much like I doubt Gordon screams in his wife’s face if they have a row. It’s the context that matters. Not only that, but it seems like he’s in denial and definitely dealing with some issues, she probably feels bad for him but I doubt it’d carry on long term if he doesn’t change.

    • Ash MCcGill
      Ash MCcGill Month ago +1

      Alex Redfox lol nice to push down other women to make yourself look good while generalising them 👌🏻

    • Simmie Davis and band /Timbara
      Simmie Davis and band /Timbara 2 months ago

      Money. They know how to get it. He list it all, but look at all the years he had it

    • Sophie Jameson
      Sophie Jameson 2 months ago

      I have no idea. I wouldn't be interested.

    • Ryan Komitor
      Ryan Komitor 2 months ago

      The Casual Gamer Confidence. In the case of Sammy it manifests itself as arrogance.

  • Cow Gamer Gamer
    Cow Gamer Gamer 3 months ago +10

    People love my food
    Lady send the food back about four times

  • Justin Novales
    Justin Novales 3 months ago +3

    24:18 looks like Anthony Padilla

  • Carlos Ruperto
    Carlos Ruperto 3 months ago +2

    Jose looks like a chubby Mr. Bean