• Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Nothing brings the lols like whoopee cushions
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Comments • 10 812

  • LtCopeGaming
    LtCopeGaming 5 months ago +2119

    In a sit down bathroom stall at a really nice restaurant and this guy walks in as I rip a humungous porcelain splitting fart. Well, I hear him stop for a second. He then opens the door to the stall next to mine, sits down and says, "player two has entered the game."

    • Keegan Hall
      Keegan Hall 7 days ago

      Josh 01 does it matter if it’s real or not, still funny 😂😂😂

    • Scott Baxendale
      Scott Baxendale 10 days ago

      Farts are funny

    • M.J. Films
      M.J. Films 21 day ago


    • Josh 01
      Josh 01 28 days ago

      Dray Martinez I’m actually in a lot of pain rn

  • Sterling Harvath
    Sterling Harvath 27 minutes ago

    I don't like what you're doing to Rexy

  • Maddy G
    Maddy G 47 minutes ago +1

    9:26 is the bell 🔔

  • Pedeatha Lonon
    Pedeatha Lonon Hour ago

    I was at a meeting th en something made a noise when the noise was made i tried to fart with it but i was late😓

  • Corvus Crump
    Corvus Crump 3 hours ago

    I think y’all should drop golf balls on the thing

  • Corvus Crump
    Corvus Crump 4 hours ago

    My girlfriend and I were laying in bed and she was about to cuddle me and just as she dropped her leg on top of me I let out a massive fart, the loudest fart I’ve ever let out. She jumped about a meter. We laughed about it.

  • Nicer Typ
    Nicer Typ 13 hours ago +2

    5:36 i thought here was a helicopter 🚁

  • Răzvan Oros
    Răzvan Oros 13 hours ago +1


  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson 16 hours ago +1

    I farted in the middle of a natplan test when I was young I dead silence the entire hall just turned and looked my way

  • David Parker
    David Parker 22 hours ago +1

    Honest Channel Name: Dudes yell at the camera for 15 min and there's 30 seconds of them dropping things.
    Don't get me wrong, it's worth it, and I've watched tons of your videos, but holy crap It's mostly me skipping though your yelling to get to the money shots. That's all it is. Just yelling and yelling and yelling, and then something cool happens, followed immediately by more yelling.

  • Jeff Force
    Jeff Force Day ago +1

    Once I farted so loud in my school cafeteria (there was at least 130 students there) and EVERYONE made silence and I was so embarrassed

  • Storm Racing Team
    Storm Racing Team Day ago +1

    Stepping on a barking spider

  • Mike Felber
    Mike Felber Day ago +1

    *So many juvenile laughs XD. #Fact: The oldest recorded joke is a fart joke

  • Louise Triplett
    Louise Triplett Day ago +1

    One time in the middle of class I farted and then someone behind me started playing fart sounds for the rest of class and EVERYBODY laughed at me 10 kids peed their pants 😶😥😣😅🐴🐆🐅🐱

  • Adrián Torres
    Adrián Torres Day ago +1

    try to drop yourself while in a ball like the pink one you drop first

  • Johnny Maynard
    Johnny Maynard Day ago

    I was in school in the bathroom and once my friend told me funny jokes then I kept farting then I crapped my pants.

  • Jared Lockridge
    Jared Lockridge Day ago

    Midair bulliet Crash

  • Rebecca Nolan
    Rebecca Nolan Day ago

    hey are you dudes Aussie cuss i am

  • Ethan Rumti
    Ethan Rumti Day ago

    One time i was making a fart noise And when i did that. My dog looked at her but And my dog was like was that me? (TRUE STORY)

  • Maximillian Litwack
    Maximillian Litwack 2 days ago

    5:37 sounds like a helicopter

  • John Jaykus
    John Jaykus 2 days ago

    Contest:TheXvid career

  • Scotty Wray
    Scotty Wray 2 days ago

    We wore in the car and I sack the car out we stopped all the doors went open

  • Jackson Gonzales
    Jackson Gonzales 2 days ago

    I figured out why they always wear sunglasses all the time! Because they’re high all the time.

  • LB 747
    LB 747 2 days ago

    Pass the gas

  • AnarchyPlanet
    AnarchyPlanet 3 days ago

    It’s likely an apocryphal story, but “it stands to reason,” says Jim Dawson, the author of “Who Cut the Cheese.” The real story behind the prank’s rise to April Fools’ Day pre-eminence begins in another locus of bathroom humor: 1930s Canada. It was there that JEM, a Toronto rubber company, introduced a contraption known alternatively as the “poo-poo cushion” and the “boop-boop a doop,” until, in 1932, it settled on “whoopee.” A collector named Stan Timm owns an early model: it’s green, with a wooden mouth and a drawing of a gun-toting boy wearing a devious smile and a kilt.

  • Stacey Adamson
    Stacey Adamson 3 days ago

    7:57 the woman in the background lol

  • Madeon Musics
    Madeon Musics 3 days ago +1

    The sound that the whoopee chushion make, it's the sound of a full auto gun! so i decided to name it the ak-farty sevent (AK-47) ;)

  • Gray Coval
    Gray Coval 3 days ago +1

    When you said likes I thought u said lax challenge like the pooping med

  • PlayStation- Bot
    PlayStation- Bot 3 days ago

    What’s nigals nephew’s name is going to be?

  • Benjamin Peck
    Benjamin Peck 4 days ago

    How many wrecking balls do you have?

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman 4 days ago

    I was with my mum,dad,brother and grandad but then this lady walked out in front of me and my grandad was in front of her. He didn’t realise that she was there so he decided to fart, but he farted in the women’s face😂

  • Shanon Clein
    Shanon Clein 4 days ago

    Uhhh uhhh drop something like co- no pancakes and Rexxy with it me and my dad thought it was funny

  • Annabella Burgoyne vlogs

    My cousin farted so hard she put a big hole in there pants

  • Jack Bopp
    Jack Bopp 5 days ago

    Drop a ton of water on woppy

  • Elijah Patterson
    Elijah Patterson 5 days ago

    I took my dog for a walk and and she stoped and let her rip and it went like whomp war

  • Mathew Nicholls
    Mathew Nicholls 6 days ago +1

    Vote For Pedro

  • Jim Wyatt
    Jim Wyatt 6 days ago

    When someone farts ask what did that ass hole say. most of the time they will answer, I don’t know . Then I will say I don’t know ether but he had really bad breath 😷

  • kourey wheeler
    kourey wheeler 6 days ago

    hahah Booty Belch

  • The Gaming velociraptor


  • Ana M
    Ana M 7 days ago

    Way back in the early to mid 90's, my dad had this habit of locking all the car windows when he had to fart in order to gas me and my brother out. We thought it was hilarious... So one time, we were driving home from the Taco Bell Drive Thru, Dad and brother in the front seat, me and the dog sitting in the backseat. We hear the windows lock, and Dad lets a loud one rip. As the car stops at a light, my brother and I both release our own toots... Then THE DOG rips ass! Dad immediately puts all the windows down. The guy in the convertible on our left glances over, and you could see the moment the smell hit him... It was soooooooo bad!!!

  • Lauren vs. Carter
    Lauren vs. Carter 7 days ago

    I was in and then I farted So loud

  • Belinda Valledy
    Belinda Valledy 7 days ago

    I put a woopy cushion under a pillow and made my grandma sit down on the woopy with out her noing by talking to her on the chair

  • ShadowRifter
    ShadowRifter 7 days ago

    Apperrently adding gravey to a woopy cushion adds a hole new dimention to the joke

  • MXR Rocky
    MXR Rocky 7 days ago

    I would like to see if you guys can get the giant lawn dart through the big holes in Peter the giant zorb ball NO DAMAGE

  • Rehan Qureshi
    Rehan Qureshi 7 days ago

    You so gay

  • Em_and_Em
    Em_and_Em 7 days ago

    when you are doing a rest in school and you fart and then every one stairs at you.

  • ceeb2 thoj
    ceeb2 thoj 7 days ago +1

    It sounds like We'llllllll **farts** YAAAAAAA

  • David Watson
    David Watson 7 days ago

    Making food ghosts. Producing turdulence. 😀

  • Paul Nielsen
    Paul Nielsen 7 days ago

    Best fart story is breaking the fart barrier with an ex while lying in bed after you know what and talking about how even though I don't have a six pack I still have strong abs. Touch them while I flex them. Apparently I over flexed a bit and out came a giant fart.

  • scot's pots
    scot's pots 7 days ago

    Drop a survival pod

  • Evan Huntley
    Evan Huntley 8 days ago

    I had a dream years ago that people could only move by farting...that is, the farts propelled people but they were stilled super embarrassed

  • Jack Ranck
    Jack Ranck 8 days ago

    I was sitting in my English class and we were taking a test and I stretched and just let one rip and my entire class looked at me

  • Preston Wall
    Preston Wall 8 days ago +1

    Was sitting on top of the lounge and farted then had a mad follow through on to my sisters hed below

  • angela irelan
    angela irelan 9 days ago


  • simon jackson
    simon jackson 9 days ago


  • Chandler Pennington
    Chandler Pennington 9 days ago

    My step dad farts and he don't say excuse me and he farts a lot

  • Tessa Yackle
    Tessa Yackle 9 days ago

    I farted in class and every one heard it 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Lyn Pulido
    Lyn Pulido 9 days ago

    it sounded like a bomb when it dropped

  • Argonian Video
    Argonian Video 10 days ago

    8:20 Battlefield 4 grenade in building sound replay button


  • Theyab Alhersh
    Theyab Alhersh 10 days ago

    I was playing football with my cousin an I farted 14 times in a row