A Tour Of Matchroom Boxing With Promoter Eddie Hearn

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
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Comments • 182

  • Smack 2
    Smack 2 15 days ago

    Always thought it was matchbox?!

  • A Cat
    A Cat Month ago +1

    Every time eddie says mathroom, it sounds like matrum

  • Cranky Rebate
    Cranky Rebate Month ago

    Eddie hair fiber Hearn

  • HatlessMuffin
    HatlessMuffin Month ago +2

    So glad David Brent is doing well.

  • Master Z
    Master Z Month ago +1

    Haha, they call that dude Green Book

  • Caeser Or Nothing
    Caeser Or Nothing Month ago

    David Brent is oozing out of Eddies pores during this. The hammer line is so Brent its actually scary 😂😂😂

  • Derek Trotter
    Derek Trotter 2 months ago

    Shows how much promoters rip off fighters

  • Bles
    Bles 2 months ago

    This is great

  • fabulous fabulous
    fabulous fabulous 2 months ago

    why Eddie is not employing black people

  • Mark Zola81
    Mark Zola81 2 months ago +1

    That's the 2nd froch groves fight Eddie

  • Callum Lewis
    Callum Lewis 2 months ago

    If I was Hearn? I’d be getting rid of the Don King photos

  • ragnarlodbrok
    ragnarlodbrok 2 months ago +2

    My God! He has to be self aware about how hilarious he is!

  • DNF Danninetyf
    DNF Danninetyf 2 months ago +1

    This is what the Hearns have and Frank has a desk in a shed.

  • Toby Morrell
    Toby Morrell 4 months ago

    How about a tour of Adam Smith's rape dungeon next?

  • Herman Kepani Jr
    Herman Kepani Jr 5 months ago


  • Facts over Fantasy
    Facts over Fantasy 5 months ago

    Talksport fat shamed Fury by getting girls to compare his physique with Joshua..........then someone smaller and fatter beats the crap out of their golden boy AJ 🤣.

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 5 months ago +1

    Interesting they pay for their gloves

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 6 months ago

    Eddie the hit man HURN SAYS ....KLICHKO v JOSHUA best fight..
    AFTER KLICHKO IN GERMANY was UNANIMOUS DECISION lost to Tyson FURY when he was the king at 37 years young ......and JOSHUA beat him at an old 42 years OLD and a BEATEN CHAMPION ....!!!. TYSON FURY 7 days later was stripped Due to MANDATORY reasons lost the I,B,F BELT Due to the rematch clause... and it looks like Ruiz whos just DESTROYED JHOSHUA into Quitting the Belts may too LOSE the W,B,O BELT DUE to MANDATORY reasons and the rematch clause...!!!

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman 6 months ago

    Bit scruffy

  • Aman Chahal
    Aman Chahal 6 months ago

    2:25 seconds I can’t stop laughing out loud!

    • Briefcase wanker
      Briefcase wanker 18 days ago

      Aman Chahal it was massive, I do think what he said was a bit far. But it was the beginning of something new for the HW division

  • EzWork Boxing
    EzWork Boxing 8 months ago


  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 9 months ago

    Great watch that

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 9 months ago +1

    I would love to pour concrete though the windows and fill it up every room

  • Brand New Day
    Brand New Day 11 months ago +3

    Eddie ‘David Brent’ Hearn

  • Ting Chi Wong
    Ting Chi Wong 11 months ago

    Eddie Hearn is the best promoter

  • jimmy oneill
    jimmy oneill Year ago

    His room is full of other peoples success in life lol

  • C Hutch109
    C Hutch109 Year ago

    Signs are filthy

  • Yehudah Ohayon
    Yehudah Ohayon Year ago

    His dad payed 200k for the house it's probably worth over 5mill now

  • James Adcock
    James Adcock Year ago

    Knock knock who's there ronnie snr oh shit

  • Doogie Carpit Burger

    I enjoyed growing up with fuck all, it was great, just always having FUCK ALL everyday, all the time... Good old days...
    And guess what... I've still got fuck all...

  • Rashed Miah
    Rashed Miah Year ago

    No diversity at match room

  • Chris t
    Chris t Year ago

    Eddie the original ring girl pervert

  • Todd Feehley
    Todd Feehley Year ago +3

    All said and done Eddie hearn's like him or not will go down has the greatest promoter in boxing history look what he's done in 5 past 5 years

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski Year ago

    Can we see his silver spoon collection...

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 Year ago +1

    What a great company to work for.

  • Anthony Mcken
    Anthony Mcken Year ago

    Black boxers have made a lot of money for the Hearns but yet you can't seem to hire one Black person in the Matchroom "engine room".

  • grant gilmour
    grant gilmour Year ago

    get the brasso out

  • Cash 4 Cat
    Cash 4 Cat Year ago +16

    Fair play to The Silver Spoon Kid, could of put his feet up and lived off daddy's dough but he never and has got that built in desire to be successful!

  • Dubrae fox
    Dubrae fox Year ago +1

    You Britts are so weak & soft... Dylan White running from Ortiz, AJ running from Wilder and Fury, Saunders running from Andrade and VADA, Hearn running from any questions about any of it!!! And you suckers keep buying in

    • chloe cassidy
      chloe cassidy Year ago +1

      Dubrae fox you muppet!

    • Nick Caesar
      Nick Caesar Year ago +2

      Dubrae fox Ortiz and whyte are fighting in December...



  • Ged Barrow
    Ged Barrow Year ago

    How the other half live ey. Jesus

  • The Wilder Fan Club
    The Wilder Fan Club Year ago +1

    A better propagandist than Joseph goebbels. Do people really this man..... Full of shite

  • Gavin Rankin
    Gavin Rankin Year ago

    Is it through Eddie invested in ivykoin? If so very smart guy 🤑👍

  • John Moore
    John Moore Year ago

    Beddie hearn

  • Huhkim Tggcd
    Huhkim Tggcd Year ago

    Camera 🎥 man is unprofessional

  • Michael H
    Michael H Year ago +1

    Cringe TV

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards Year ago +1

    this set up is very chavy. cockney manor home doubled up as the arthur daley lock up business premises...

    • Ryan Rodney
      Ryan Rodney 25 days ago

      I bet yours is better is it Ben , it’s a fucking pimp mansion don’t be a hater

  • Leon Harpley
    Leon Harpley Year ago

    The viceroy of ouida

  • Paul French
    Paul French Year ago +2

    Ripe for a good burglary

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Year ago +1

    Joshua v Wilder is one of the biggest fights of all time, it needs to happen in Las Vegas 100%

    • Ian Muir
      Ian Muir Year ago +1

      Why ? we good venues here

  • Marcus Harmon
    Marcus Harmon Year ago

    What it's like to grow up with the silver spoon eh omg

  • Gerry B
    Gerry B Year ago

    Where's Frank ??

  • Legend Gamerz1
    Legend Gamerz1 Year ago +1

    Who is his dad

    • Callum Lewis
      Callum Lewis 2 months ago

      Legend Gamerz1 Barry Hearn Had the golden generation of fighters. But he now looks after the fishing,Darts,Snooker,football ect.

  • Shaine Williams
    Shaine Williams Year ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • The Cook
    The Cook Year ago

    4 belts, one division

  • sarah bluestacks
    sarah bluestacks Year ago

    3.55 get your facts rights Eddie, it wasn't the first fight was it.....

    • Kev O'Connor
      Kev O'Connor Year ago +1

      He obviously meant the 1st Wembley Fight he promoted. Geez, a simple slip of the tongue and you get on your high horse.

  • Karl Hollywood
    Karl Hollywood Year ago

    Bet the garage is more monsta

  • The DARK HUGHES Hughes

    Green book provisional Irish Republican Army 🇮🇪

  • jason antigua
    jason antigua Year ago

    Barry actually paid £275000 back in 88-89 I knew the guy he bought if from.

  • Brad L.L
    Brad L.L Year ago

    I could have watched that all fucking day !!!
    Love Eddie Hearn 😍
    And I’m a fucking geezer !!!😜