The Adult Actress Tier List *Stream Highlight*

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Shoutout to everyone who was in the stream! I don't really have a schedule so turn on notifications to see when I post and go live! I love yall UwU okay bai!**_+
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  • Cap_SavBoy
    Cap_SavBoy 4 months ago +775

    Girl's Lockeroom: omg I hate gym
    Boy's Bathroom:
    The Adult Actress Tier List *Stream Highlight*

    • Amanda.0w0
      Amanda.0w0 29 days ago

      SSR Vegito not funny, didn’t laugh

    • SSR Vegito
      SSR Vegito Month ago

      Chad Is awesome there’s this thing that says different ppl have different sense of humor dumbass

    • jackson
      jackson 2 months ago

      @Aaron Edmiston not funny, didn't laugh

    • Aaron Edmiston
      Aaron Edmiston 3 months ago +9

      Cap_SavBoy * coach walks in asking what the noise is *. Sees dudes watching tier list and joins in

  • TalkanianRetrogaming

    Riley is a s tier model..... how you dare??

  • Bill Field
    Bill Field 2 days ago

    Mia Malkova is my mom. No cap

  • Deleto Blue
    Deleto Blue 2 days ago

    Your capping hanime is triple S tier

  • TriHard
    TriHard 5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure this man is retarded

  • Egg
    Egg 6 days ago

    Forgot Gina Valentina

  • Latrell Benson
    Latrell Benson 9 days ago

    Watch dami

  • golf wang
    golf wang 9 days ago


  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 10 days ago

    As soon as I seen the piper slander I left fue this video man

  • Nu Fwy
    Nu Fwy 14 days ago


  • pietroromeo2004
    pietroromeo2004 15 days ago

    I’m upset that Rachel Starr ain’t here

  • Im Revenge
    Im Revenge 17 days ago

    F for Brandi????!!!!

  • a *4
    a *4 18 days ago +1

    august ames deserved b because i feel weird watching a dead girl get fucked

  • S. Jay
    S. Jay 18 days ago

    This nigga wylin he said Brandi not it

  • Lil Shitalker
    Lil Shitalker 18 days ago

    we need part 2. to may mans girls where left out

  • lunizzlz
    lunizzlz 19 days ago

    girl watching holaaaaaaa

  • Lord Xavier
    Lord Xavier 19 days ago

    Damn, my boy
    got a type lol

  • Ryan Ramirez
    Ryan Ramirez 22 days ago

    Mia Melano and Autumn Falls bruh!!

  • isaac is dumb
    isaac is dumb 22 days ago

    Lisa an look like maga mind

  • lil adi / yung gas can

    Where tf johnny sins at?

  • / xXEDAXx \
    / xXEDAXx \ 25 days ago +3

    Sad thing i knew all of them at age 14

  • Fade
    Fade 26 days ago +1

    Who else know
    Kendra Sunderland have a seductive meeting with her boss

  • papa escobar
    papa escobar Month ago

    everybody saying Lana Rhoades but no one mentioning Kylie Paige smh

  • Sebastian -x333
    Sebastian -x333 Month ago

    So we all sleeping on holly Hendrix smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Doodle Hood
    Doodle Hood Month ago

    Honey gold shoulda been

  • Swiiperr
    Swiiperr Month ago

    17:09 she got that Stevie face from smosh

  • Wowz3r / Equis
    Wowz3r / Equis Month ago +1

    This man take pride in his pornsmenship

  • kimchi
    kimchi Month ago

    you forgot the skinny nigga who is always in brazzer ads

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Month ago

    Disrespectful to Elsa Jean, Adriana chechink and megain rain

  • Brandon Piperjack
    Brandon Piperjack Month ago

    The blackest bitch in that video is Teanna Trump!! Wtf Horizon. You dont like eating chocolate??

  • snake yomama
    snake yomama Month ago

    Where Lana Rhodes at

  • I'mgonnashitinyacheerios

    Nah fuck you I don't care if they don't shave and it well known Riley does the nasty that she's known for doing that sort of stuff she has very few boundaries she hardcore

  • Jose
    Jose Month ago

    yo if anyone still here, what y’all think bout Pristine Edge?? 👀👀👀

  • Phoo Beats
    Phoo Beats Month ago

    Mia malkova
    Lana Rhodes
    Adrianna chechik
    Karlee gray
    August Ames
    Lena Paul
    Gianna micheals
    Mia khalifa
    Dillion harper
    Katrina jade
    Leah gotti
    Abele danger
    Alexis Texas
    Angela white
    Holly Michele’s
    Kendra Sutherland’s
    Kelcy monroe
    Janis Griffin
    Tina trunk
    Lena the plug
    Adar Fox

  • Prød. TrâppyJâck

    what am I watching

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller Month ago

    You forgot lana rhodes

  • Nolan Edits
    Nolan Edits Month ago +1

    My man dissing the milfs

  • SK. Sano
    SK. Sano Month ago

    Where Eva lovia at tho

  • Ernesto Villegas
    Ernesto Villegas Month ago

    This nigga taste is disgusting 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Shynzo
    Shynzo Month ago

    How many kids god hard by watching this vid plus LJ

  • Peenguibo87
    Peenguibo87 Month ago

    Nah bro you tried. You left out way too many quality bitches

  • smack DADDY
    smack DADDY Month ago +2

    Thank you ive been waiting for some one who appreciates kimmie as much as i do

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon Month ago

    You’ll love this one from Mia on the hub. view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cf53b0f86e13

  • KIPPER _f0x
    KIPPER _f0x Month ago +1

    He finger licked his-
    Jerk of hand✋👅

  • 5haDoW
    5haDoW Month ago

    19:09 to 19:28 is all I need

  • TBear
    TBear Month ago

    No Leah Gotti?

  • Jared Hunt
    Jared Hunt Month ago

    U a fool and a half for no Adrianna Cechik

  • Jayson Kelley
    Jayson Kelley Month ago

    Lana Rhoades should be there

  • DIEGO Yurrr
    DIEGO Yurrr Month ago


  • Alexis Yao
    Alexis Yao Month ago

    if youre a face guy you might like alina lopez

  • ForkBoars
    ForkBoars Month ago

    legit clapped my hands when kimmy go into s tier

    IM BAD AT GAMES Month ago

    is is just me or does
    this nigga have a type

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter Month ago

    Okay but dani Daniels, Dillion harper, and Janice be hitting different

  • karatecousine
    karatecousine Month ago

    ummm where is gina valentina??

  • Gods_Left_Nut _
    Gods_Left_Nut _ Month ago

    Lana Rhodes, Adriana chechik

  • Kesler O
    Kesler O Month ago

    Wessidelive did a better tier list

  • Shmarrt
    Shmarrt Month ago

    No Asa Akira?

  • 10k
    10k Month ago

    nigga forgot lana rhodes

    PLSNOT2DAY Month ago

    the lack of black women got me contemplating the unsub

      PLSNOT2DAY Month ago

      wow this man is lacking flavor smhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Chamoy Cuh
    Chamoy Cuh Month ago

    You missed moriah mills