The Adult Actress Tier List *Stream Highlight*

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Shoutout to everyone who was in the stream! I don't really have a schedule so turn on notifications to see when I post and go live! I love yall UwU okay bai!**_+
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  • Carlo loke lim
    Carlo loke lim 18 hours ago

    next time do the males

  • just somebody
    just somebody Day ago

    Huzzz a man of quality

  • Ephraim
    Ephraim Day ago

    I’m so glad I found this channel 😂

  • Maddazouk
    Maddazouk 2 days ago +1

    Love the crash bandicoot music no cappppp

  • Gatorkissman
    Gatorkissman 3 days ago

    Where is:
    Cali Carter?
    Destiny Dixon?
    Peta Jensen?
    Nicolette Shea?
    Alexis Fawx?
    Nicole Aniston?
    Suzy Gala?
    Tia Cyrus?
    Shyla Stylez? (Rest in peace)

    Maybe I don't mind fake tits as much as the majority, but damn these girls are hot as fuck.
    **Just realized I watch too much porn**

  • F.B.I agent KabuuTops
    F.B.I agent KabuuTops 5 days ago +1

    How is Riley raid not S tier... oh wait I just exposed myself

  • Barett Diffenbaugh
    Barett Diffenbaugh 5 days ago

    You forget lena paul

  • akaGemini
    akaGemini 6 days ago +1

    What tf is the outro song

    TURKI 6 days ago +1

    how dare you put Brandi love on F tier you fucken beanhead she is the real best milf out here in this bitch nigga

  • Jacheesy
    Jacheesy 6 days ago

    Nice u should check out my tier list

  • Courtney Herrmann
    Courtney Herrmann 7 days ago

    On behalf of the female viewers, yes y’all really be looking like wolves eyeing off potential prey lmao

  • K0Fa Danks
    K0Fa Danks 10 days ago

    I’m salty there’s no ebony ass on this list

  • Ashton Dameron
    Ashton Dameron 12 days ago

    Where Dillion harper? Nvm wait wtf you better back that up. F tier. Get to out here with that

  • doritos overload
    doritos overload 12 days ago

    Hentai better than porn, fite me

  • Flash93933
    Flash93933 12 days ago

    Kelsi Monroe is an S bro

  • Dippahh
    Dippahh 13 days ago

    On god Mia Malkova was the easiest S Tier in any tier list bruh

  • F.A.P White Chocolate Wonderful

    It's so casual

  • Osiris
    Osiris 13 days ago +1

    How you gon forget Lana Rhoades, Lena Paul, and Gianna Michaels damn

  • Hakaiyoo
    Hakaiyoo 14 days ago

    Bro what about asa akira

  • dead money
    dead money 14 days ago

    Where's taylor white?

  • Andrew Phung
    Andrew Phung 17 days ago

    Face is always where it’s at 😤😤😤

  • euphoria
    euphoria 17 days ago

    How do some of y’all talk about pornstars like they NBA athletes man its weird

  • Ravendave Twentyfour
    Ravendave Twentyfour 18 days ago

    Dude this was sexist objectifying and racist and also against women that be natural broooooo u gonna die

  • Jasmine Montgomery
    Jasmine Montgomery 18 days ago

    mia and riley are some of the most boring bitches

  • TTIG
    TTIG 18 days ago

    **types in Google search bar furiously**

  • da rk
    da rk 19 days ago

    Lana rhoades

  • Ken Y
    Ken Y 20 days ago +1

    leah gotti= S
    dillion harper= SS
    krystal boyd= SSS
    little caprice= SSSS

    • _ _
      _ _ 8 days ago

      Ken Y dillion harper looks like seth macfarland

  • DrMihailgreen
    DrMihailgreen 20 days ago

    genious video idea

  • Danger
    Danger 21 day ago

    Alexis Texas S tier noooo

  • Yeboi
    Yeboi 22 days ago

    Mia I only got 1 scene to think of with her and the same with teanna trump

  • Reco
    Reco 23 days ago

    Real men’s discussions

  • Mike Hockhurtz
    Mike Hockhurtz 23 days ago +1

    Brahz Lana rhoades is like the biggest name in the game atm and you forgot😥😥

  • cheap mart
    cheap mart 23 days ago

    sasha grey????

  • Seymore Sanchez
    Seymore Sanchez 23 days ago

    Where was Kendra Lust?

  • AlmightyShibe
    AlmightyShibe 24 days ago

    you really gonna forget about cecilia lion

  • LovelyBuildsHuh
    LovelyBuildsHuh 25 days ago

    August killed herself for making fun of a gay dude

  • Chris Stryker
    Chris Stryker 27 days ago

    Kelsie Monroe is an A/S tier

    URIEL FIX PC 27 days ago

    Ayyy man wuts up with the video from like 8 hrs ago

  • Blxe Flares
    Blxe Flares 28 days ago

    Angela white and August Ames S+

  • Alxinho959
    Alxinho959 29 days ago

    If you’re not into Milfs don’t rank them

  • michael banks
    michael banks Month ago

    Great video

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot Month ago +1

    Megan Rain and Madison Ivy?

  • Acyldan will do
    Acyldan will do Month ago

    The question everyone wants to know: DOES THIS NIGGA WASH IS HAIR?

  • ChannelOf Random
    ChannelOf Random Month ago

    Rip August Ames

  • OMNiX
    OMNiX Month ago


  • David Rice
    David Rice Month ago

    Elsa jean?

  • RDS Stainton
    RDS Stainton Month ago

    Brandi love is straight S no cap

  • cptn
    cptn Month ago +1

    brandi love abella danger and kimmy granger all s tier imo

  • Relaxulage
    Relaxulage Month ago

    Why doesn't anyone know ella hughes?

  • Justin Rivait
    Justin Rivait Month ago

    Where's my chick Dillion Harper at?

  • Sipho Silimela-SHEEPOANIME

    Dis a real man's tier list!
    P.S I’m a female viewer.
    P.P.S Thank you for clarifying that HH better than Hanime

  • Eric Adrien
    Eric Adrien Month ago

    where's nicole aninston?

  • Kylan Edwards
    Kylan Edwards Month ago

    brooo why don’t u have 3 billion subs yet?? omg ur so funny and u deserve so much moreeeee❤️

  • Yamlak Belete
    Yamlak Belete Month ago

    Also Teanna S tier or u racist

  • Yamlak Belete
    Yamlak Belete Month ago +4

    You sleep on Autumn Falls fam she looking like a rookie of the year candidate

  • Nate S
    Nate S Month ago

    yes bro that august ames and abella danger vid is fye

  • Bouvvieau
    Bouvvieau Month ago

    Jada Fire is a A tier

  • Roddy Rod
    Roddy Rod Month ago

    S tier: Aidra Fox/ Angela White/ Lisa Ann/ Kimmy Granger/ Abella Danger/ August Agnes/ Brandi Love
    Everyone else is whatever

  • Saad Almabrouki
    Saad Almabrouki Month ago

    i've never seen a black guy with so much disregard to booty

  • Joey Marshall
    Joey Marshall Month ago +1

    Put in Nicole Aniston, peta Jensen, Lana Rhodes

  • Twrd
    Twrd Month ago

    dude i can never find out when you stream so i'm always like not in them

  • Jonathan Ricks
    Jonathan Ricks Month ago

    Garbage list all white bitches smh

  • Dante Da 1 one
    Dante Da 1 one Month ago

    I’m surprised that no one has time stamps for this shit

  • HxmZa
    HxmZa Month ago

    *Brandi Love is S tier.*

  • Rylan Richards
    Rylan Richards Month ago

    Belle Delphine trash 🚫🧢

  • Brock J
    Brock J Month ago

    I didn't even know August was dead, F.

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams Month ago

    No offense bro but imma need to slide you for the last one 😂 like what is you doing exactly nah you do you

  • Prince Link600
    Prince Link600 Month ago +19

    This man is censoring himself on a video about ranking pornstars.

  • Bearie roblox
    Bearie roblox Month ago +3

    Bruh were leah gotti at? Shes a sold S

  • Omnin
    Omnin Month ago

    Where’s lana rhodes or adriana chechik?

  • Young NT
    Young NT Month ago

    Teanna trump the best

  • heli chopper
    heli chopper Month ago

    Sarah banks and autumn falls are S. Don't @ me, ay horizon where the black pornstars at.

  • Keana Dianne
    Keana Dianne Month ago +3

    I have so many problems with this list what is going on... Riley is at least A tier, Dillion is at least B, and how dare you leave out Fae Raegan? This is blasphemy

  • kB
    kB Month ago

    nigga Lana?

  • stooper brody
    stooper brody Month ago

    Horizon I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to Kendra Sunderland, I just watched one of her videos and it was truly an experience. I've never seen an adult film with such great acting.
    Thank you.
    - a lonely white boy no one knows

  • Alpha Black
    Alpha Black Month ago +7

    I have real respect for my man after this video. He know where to put Mia

  • Brxytn
    Brxytn Month ago

    U forgot Karlee Grey

  • M Mc
    M Mc Month ago +1

    Bruh u did kelsi monroe dirty

  • Albion Till We die
    Albion Till We die Month ago

    What the fuck did I click on boys I was looking at football (soccer tier lists

  • El Viejon
    El Viejon Month ago

    Where the hell is lana rhoades tho

  • FridayNightRaider
    FridayNightRaider Month ago

    This earned you my sub. Congrats.

  • UNO Fat Bloke
    UNO Fat Bloke Month ago

    Belle Delphine isn't attractive with makeup and without

  • Martha Stewart
    Martha Stewart Month ago

    not very diverse eh

  • xXAjay PaddaXx
    xXAjay PaddaXx Month ago +1

    Ya'll niggas can thank me for getting Belle delphine on that mother fuckin list

    If you watched the uncut stream at around 10:29 i asked in the chat
    "where is Belle Delphine" but horizon mentioned it and said to wait till the end of the stream

  • ayylan
    ayylan Month ago

    Bruh Brandi love fucking fire dude

  • Dank Boi
    Dank Boi Month ago

    Mia Khalifa is a SOLID


    LUIOFFICIAL Month ago

    I'm proud to be apart of this... unlike my employer

  • put your mom in a cage


  • Jón Sig
    Jón Sig Month ago

    August ames is fucking s

  • Vincent Meyer
    Vincent Meyer Month ago +1

    How you not gonna add gina valentina, katya rodruiges and adriana checkik

  • Samir Safah
    Samir Safah Month ago

    Kinda fucked that he ratin a dead one

  • ShadyCatGames
    ShadyCatGames Month ago +2

    Lana Rhodes? She’s 1# on the hub as we speak

  • Phillip Carter
    Phillip Carter Month ago

    Insta thot tier list

  • Aldo Carswell
    Aldo Carswell Month ago

    Horizon always on W’s

  • XXX Suhpram
    XXX Suhpram Month ago

    Adriana maya goated

  • Ulises Valdivia
    Ulises Valdivia Month ago +2

    This tier list couldn’t be any more accurate😂 Except for Brandi Love😤

  • Zenci Giyen Adamlar
    Zenci Giyen Adamlar Month ago +1

    You have a good taste mannn...

  • Tekashi
    Tekashi Month ago

    kawaii_girl and Lena Paul at S no 🧢

  • Boosted b0ss Sounds
    Boosted b0ss Sounds Month ago +2

    Bruh where is Lana Rhoades

  • Hugo Blikman
    Hugo Blikman Month ago

    S tier is jonny sins