That's the Game - SNL

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • A gang member (Chris Redd) attempts a mutiny against the boss (Kenan Thompson) that doesn’t go as planned.
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    #SNL #HarryStyles #SNL45
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Comments • 2 629

  • Kaitlyn Greatlyn
    Kaitlyn Greatlyn 9 hours ago

    This feels like such a Key and Peele sketch - Im dying its so funny

  • Samuel Dorado
    Samuel Dorado 10 hours ago

    I don’t know who’s more stupid, Quan or his two henchmen who still thought it was a good idea to stick with him even thou he knew nothing.

  • madeline johnson
    madeline johnson 14 hours ago

    my bestfriend and I reenact this all the time and we can nvr make it through without laughing 💀

  • KiLolo Mack
    KiLolo Mack 16 hours ago

    Homeboy from STL is funny.

  • Nisah Begum
    Nisah Begum 22 hours ago

    That’s like 30 grand
    Harry: 👁👄👁

  • sv 1day
    sv 1day Day ago

    Lol 100

  • smoothmeekz
    smoothmeekz Day ago

    The whole time I thought Chris Redd had a hat on til the end when they zoomed out from him smfh 😅🤣😂

  • jmiogo
    jmiogo Day ago

    Saturday night "live"

  • Return Of The Mack Lessons

    "You got that handled, right QUAAANNN!?!?" 😂😂😂

  • Blade Brown
    Blade Brown Day ago

    Makes me wonder; What 50% did Quran run?

  • step
    step Day ago +1

    80% u tripping dawg.. 100% deal!

  • Hea Amasio
    Hea Amasio Day ago

    This sketch is underrated

  • Filippo Musenga
    Filippo Musenga Day ago

    chris redd is amazing. respect

  • Glassy
    Glassy Day ago

    harry saying bruh tho

  • VthaVixen
    VthaVixen 2 days ago

    Power parody 😆

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 days ago

    “NO ITS NOT” lmfao

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander 2 days ago

    He'd rather stick to booty sweat ;)

  • River Way
    River Way 2 days ago

    Power Book 2 is looking good

  • Tyler Jhonson
    Tyler Jhonson 2 days ago

    When you try to take charge at work, but you have no idea what to do lol

  • ramslak
    ramslak 3 days ago

    "Yuzz biznizzz"

  • DeMarcus Brooks
    DeMarcus Brooks 3 days ago

    This dude is completely trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • nerifernandez1
    nerifernandez1 3 days ago

    This could be the best long-form campaign ad for higher education. 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🏫

  • remyboss17
    remyboss17 4 days ago +1

    2:54 to 3:31, Lol, I'm wondering, did SNL just give drug dealers the secret to being successful? Or did they just make all that up.

  • Carlo Barbosa
    Carlo Barbosa 4 days ago

    It's like leto's joker taught quan the game bruh

  • louie t
    louie t 4 days ago +1

    harry saying bruh just feels so wrong lmao

  • Saxo Blakeman
    Saxo Blakeman 5 days ago

    Breaking bad season 3

  • Cory Thompson
    Cory Thompson 5 days ago

    If he didn't no anything about heroin why did he call it junk right there?? Lol got ya

  • Cory Lee
    Cory Lee 5 days ago

    DAAAAAMN!! I didn't know there was a new Key n Peele out!

  • Black on Black ent.
    Black on Black ent. 5 days ago

  • Bird boy TBB
    Bird boy TBB 6 days ago +1


  • 210Dinero
    210Dinero 6 days ago


  • n u i t ۵
    n u i t ۵ 6 days ago

    Harry's gangster voice is everything man. 😩

  • ProducedByFieri
    ProducedByFieri 7 days ago

    is noone going to talk about how hard that beat is?

    JASON KALANI 7 days ago

    Finally a good SNL skit. This is awesome

  • Lina Fomenko
    Lina Fomenko 7 days ago

    LMFAO quans backup guys are smarter than him

  • Lauren Harris
    Lauren Harris 8 days ago

    This is exactly how I would be selling drugs 😂😂😂😂

  • MidnightCry7
    MidnightCry7 8 days ago

    Whahahaha 🤣

    AHS ATX 8 days ago +1


  • Indya Jazmine
    Indya Jazmine 9 days ago

    “Uh uh uh” 0:30 lmfaoooooo it’s the little things🤣

  • Carlos de la Portilla

    This is some of the best material by SNL in a long time. I’ve rewatched it several times

  • Militantreturns
    Militantreturns 10 days ago

    Worst drug lord Ever

  • aragorn767
    aragorn767 11 days ago

    This is one of the best SNL skits I've seen.

  • Stephen Starseeker
    Stephen Starseeker 11 days ago

    Chris nailed it, they got a good synergy. Kenan was a pro like always.

  • Wolf Lord Bradley
    Wolf Lord Bradley 11 days ago

    Damn, I didn't think snl still had it. How glad I am to be wrong!

  • Disco47
    Disco47 12 days ago +1


  • H20 AllNetCiTy13
    H20 AllNetCiTy13 12 days ago +3

    Ima start saying “deal” every time someone tell me to do something😂😂

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 12 days ago

    This is freaking great! Lmao

  • Lisp Free
    Lisp Free 12 days ago +1

    That was 30 Grand!
    Quan: Ah haaaa

  • PNW-Plyometrics And Fitness

    I didn't know key and peele were writing for snl now

  • MidniteGaming
    MidniteGaming 13 days ago

    Is that pt. Snafu on the left???

  • Vaneesa Dotson
    Vaneesa Dotson 13 days ago

    Have y'all ever notice the first comment always has lots of likes, it don't be funny or clever but it racks up a lot of likes, WHY?

  • Brendan Adams
    Brendan Adams 13 days ago

    This is strangely informative on how to run a cartel

  • 311drgonzo
    311drgonzo 13 days ago

    Screw this bullet in.
    Yo you can't screw in a bullet

  • siekierq_sad_alliance
    siekierq_sad_alliance 14 days ago

    who is that guy saying 'thats buissness'

    • h,
      h, 13 days ago +1

      Harry Styles

  • FabianStone PSN
    FabianStone PSN 14 days ago

    Nigga that's cake mix

  • Edjail Mendes
    Edjail Mendes 14 days ago

    😁😂😅🤣🤠, That's the Game!

  • NotYourRealMom
    NotYourRealMom 14 days ago

    The only skit I've liked w Kenan. Excellent work.

  • Comatose Production
    Comatose Production 15 days ago


  • Que Bee
    Que Bee 15 days ago

    This skit could’ve been a lil longer😩 4:30 isn’t enough!! Drug deal gone right🤣🤣

  • And I’m Kanye West
    And I’m Kanye West 15 days ago +1

    ...................does harry have f-f-feed in b-b-b-braids 👀 idk how I feel bout this