Ben Shapiro Vs SCHOOL PANEL in an epic interview


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  • Adam Baird
    Adam Baird 6 hours ago

    19:14 excuse me what the fuck

  • Richard Brabbs
    Richard Brabbs 9 hours ago

    Heres a thought don't go to universities there full of kids who know nothing about real life and calling them the snow flake generation is doing a disservice to snowflakes ben is a rare thing a intelligent man from california rare as hen teeth

  • Keefo
    Keefo 9 hours ago

    Why are Ben Shipiro's eyes blacked out?

  • Ghost Anonymous
    Ghost Anonymous 11 hours ago

    Ben Shapiro for the Supreme Court, 2019!!!!!

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson 11 hours ago

    Ask Ben a question,
    Ben's brain has return 5,847,948,938 results in .0032 seconds

  • BeerGrills
    BeerGrills 14 hours ago

    “Mr. Shapiro, you an agitator?” Lol 😂

  • BeerGrills
    BeerGrills 14 hours ago

    Quite happy I went to SEC universities.

    KING ISRAEL 21 hour ago

    Ha! A white boy complaining about being discriminated against! Welcome to the club. Get this guy some cheese with his whine. No logic you bring is going to bring any sympathy. Its called karma and she is just beginning to be a bitch. 😰

  • nitin khoshya
    nitin khoshya Day ago

    this first guy was good speaker

  • VenomZ
    VenomZ Day ago

    22:05 Every time I watch a Ben Shapiro video

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy Day ago

    He literally talks to them like he’s on his show I fucking love it 😂😂

  • Jess Byer
    Jess Byer Day ago

    If Ben Shapiro changed his mind about running for President, my vote 🗳 would be his.

  • nixonwasframed
    nixonwasframed Day ago

    That one guy looks like Adam Carolla

  • The Way of The Masseuse

    Its been over the beginning of time that ALL cultures treat lighter skinned people better and feel that they are better. Its even in the bible. Its just recently that we as a people are trying to equalize people and look past such trivial things such as color.
    I'm getting pretty tired of the use of the word "snowflake".......

  • The Way of The Masseuse

    I love Ben but I just wonder if he had the Jewish elders put their mouth on his new born baby's penis in their strange practices or if he put a stop to that as it is quite insane...

  • bluu
    bluu 2 days ago

    If more white people in the world were poor, then there would be more white people incarcerated, more white people involved in crime, increased police pressure in white neiborhoods and less chance of being successful for white people

  • bluu
    bluu 2 days ago

    The problem has nothing to do with race and entirely to do with economic status. A poor white kid has the same disadvantages as a poor black or hispanic kid, and a upper class black kid has the same chance of success as an upper class white kid. There is no such thing as white privilege beyond statistically being likely to be born into a richer family. People mistake the disadvantages black people have for being due to their being black, when in actuality it is due to them being poor. Its just that there are more poor black people in the world than poor white people, and so "white privilege" is created.

  • Fmblogger04
    Fmblogger04 2 days ago

    Why do you think the Left are after College Kids? College kids lack experience in real life and they think being a rebel is cool ("Yeah, lets protest so we can get high and party") - so they are easy to convince of Leftist Bullshit. Once a human has acquired experience & intelligence he quickly sees through the BS -- but by then the damage has been done, and they are after the next young generation.

  • Joe Jameson
    Joe Jameson 2 days ago

    Laundry is the only segregation we should participate in. It's the ONLY place where whites should be separated from the colored!!!

  • Joe Jameson
    Joe Jameson 2 days ago

    So when my black wife of 20 years tells me that she loves my "silly white ass", is that microagression?

  • Ralph Valkenhoff
    Ralph Valkenhoff 3 days ago

    If I understand this correctly, I pay taxes and some of it goes directly to the very institutions that "unconstitutionally" prohibit this fine, intelligent young man from speaking simply for having an opposing political view. I find this to be offensive.

  • Reggie Mckenzie
    Reggie Mckenzie 3 days ago

    I'm actually not against ben Shapiro, but the thing is if I say that the earth is flat then everyone will laugh at me and say I'm dumb and in general most people wont jump on my side because there's no good evidence but why do you think that people are jumping on the whole white privilege thing so fast? Yes, I'm aware that most people dont need real evidence to believe something but at the same time you literally have to claim conspiracy that just about the whole country see somethings up and only a small group of people are saying they don't see it at all ,and mind you this small group so happens to be white ....all I'm saying is that it's a really big coincidence you know ? But I do actually agree with much of ben says but I do believe that there racism, people who say there is not is just idealistic and delusional...but yes I do believe that the education is corrupt but I also blame America in general. You cant blame your country from how the people are becoming and not blame the system that's breeds it . America breeds this behavior so then why are the left and right or fighting? It's just a show guys .ben is too smart not to notice this. But hey ,you have to be asleep to achieve the American dream

  • Dean Burton
    Dean Burton 3 days ago

    Im a fan of shapiro but when he talks all i think is sheldon from big bang theory

  • Cakeman 2915
    Cakeman 2915 3 days ago

    Ok, this is epic.

  • millerrsd
    millerrsd 3 days ago

    Wisconsin sucks. Madison and Milwaukee have gotten so crime ridden and liberal that it's scary going there at all. I live a few miles away from the Wisconsin Dells and I'm surprised nobody's been kidnapped from there or murdered recently. Madison has news like that every morning. Milwaukee is Milwaukee.

  • Mindys world
    Mindys world 3 days ago

    Of course white privilege comes up by the black woman. I can say that as a white person, idk what privilege she's referring to, but I've had to claw my way to where I am now. I've had to work my a$$ off to accomplish what I've accomplished. What is "white privilege" and why didn't I accomplish what I've accomplished easier since hey... I'm white! 🙄

  • Mindys world
    Mindys world 3 days ago

    When censorship becomes accepted and expected, you've lost the war!

  • Don Nichols
    Don Nichols 4 days ago

    Look what black people do to white people it's time to fight back

  • Brian DaSilva
    Brian DaSilva 4 days ago

    22:05 “thats a good point”

  • A Spencer
    A Spencer 4 days ago

    These people, who can't distinguish between speech and a physical attacks, have learned (or been taught) how to exploit, abuse, and corrupt every condition of human interaction we have. They operate with the same type value system that someone who cheats welfare programs or people who engage in "swatting", (for those who don't know, swatting is the practice of internet trolls calling the police to falsely report a crime in progress with the goal of having police send the S.W.A.T. team to kick in someones door.) It's the narcissistic, entitled mentality of playing the system, exploiting the good will and resources of a community for personal gain and gratification.
    And the administrators who create these rules (time, pace, and manner) they selectively enforce to advance one ideology and suppress all others are driving the machinery of civilization off a cliff and into the realm of barbarism and chaos. Free speech exists for serious reasons, reasons these people do not seem to understand. Look at the places in the world where the state is run by an ideology. When people are unable to engage in free speech and open debate, actual violence is the result. I cannot imagine how these whiny and entitled crybabies would fare in a society where people are publicly beheaded for things like heresy (some of them might be fine, as long as they get to swing the sword). This ideology of intersectionality has far more in common with a religion or cult than it does with a political movement. If we do not expose these people for what they are, intolerant and childish, abusing our social fabric, slanderous by labeling everyone they disagree with as racists or trans/ homophobic, claiming their humanity is denied or equality somehow threatened by a difference of opinion. Understand that these people have weaponized these terms and are counting on you feeling the need to defend yourself from whatever character argument or bigotry label they will inevitably throw at you because they cannot win an argument on merit alone. Do not be caught off guard, know that if you even hint that you might disagree with anything they say, accusations of racism or some form of character damning slander will inevitably follow.

  • Yelena Pinkhasova
    Yelena Pinkhasova 4 days ago +1

    Ben Shapiro.

  • Dennis L
    Dennis L 4 days ago

    Why did Ms. Plaskett make a statement and then not allow a response from Ben S. before changing the subject. That is not an open forum.

  • Hazukisan UK
    Hazukisan UK 4 days ago

    Love for Ben Shapiro from the UK. My knowledge of US politics is limited but after watching multiple interviews and Q&A sessions involving Mr Shapiro , his openness to answer questions and respond to negative views against him impresses me and I feel that he has a true understanding of one of the main rights that all US citizens have which is freedom of speech and also the freedom to have an opinion although it may differ from others. This guy is the kind of person that US politics needs and has needed for a long time. God bless America love from UK

  • thewaterman122
    thewaterman122 4 days ago

    We live in a time where conservatives are the ones arguing for equality regardless of race or religion, and liberals are arguing for a war on a specific group of individuals.

  • Eric Abril
    Eric Abril 5 days ago

    Plaskett is a rat piece of shit. Desperate for sympathy for something she knows nothing about. She should accept who she is, instead of hating white people she doesn't know. Ugly racist bitch.

  • TkUSA 1776
    TkUSA 1776 5 days ago

    The only privilege there is is the privilege of being born into a loving good doesn't matter if your family is poor or rich it doesn't matter what color you are. The odds of you succeeding in life are higher because you had love, support, parents who taught you and worried about you and gave you a good start in life.

  • mike smith
    mike smith 5 days ago

    here is the sad part... IF he decided to run for president, he would win. he would have his first inaugural speech. he would be assassinated. there are so many people that love mr. shapiro, but the few that couldnt handle his "common sense" knowledge would plan attacks on him on a regular basis. he is so smart and so well equipped to handle every conversation that the weaker minded people would feel inferior and believe that he is a threat. im not a voter, but i guarantee... if he ran for president, i would vote!

  • 7Earthsky
    7Earthsky 5 days ago

    This world just isn't worth fighting for no more....It's run by cunts the world over...Bring on the nuclear war....The cockroaches left over would do a better job running the Earth.

  • wtw60532
    wtw60532 5 days ago

    This guy is extremely well spoken and has done so much to bring about actual real articulate arguments.

  • heavyd777
    heavyd777 5 days ago +1

    The identity politics game is a shadow for fascism and progressivism is the bastard child of communism. Fascism always starts on the left.
    In the 1930s, Hitler used brown-shirted thugs, and Mussolini used black-shirted thugs. The Nazi and Fascist thugs would harass businesses that were not sufficiently supportive of their dictators' policies. Private citizens would be harassed, threatened and eventually beaten or shot. Government officials not considered sufficiently supportive might be killed or scared badly enough to fall in line. The mobilization of the mob to strike fear in the hearts of its opponents is literally a tactic used by fascists, Nazis and communists.
    That makes it all the more ironic to see the so-called "anti-fascists," or Antifa, in America adopting both the black flag of fascism and the red flag of communism. The anti-fascists and so-called democratic socialists are increasingly engaged in a sustained effort to harass those they disagree with while calling anyone who disagrees with them "Nazis."

  • jkichigo
    jkichigo 5 days ago

    Why is school panel capitalized? These clickbait titles are so annoying lol

  • Casey Ronson
    Casey Ronson 5 days ago

    Fools! There is no other real free democracy on Earth!

  • RedHeadRising
    RedHeadRising 5 days ago

    Apparently I have white privege despite growing up with a single drug-addicted parent who was barely ever able to afford our bills, despite being bullied my whole life because of my looks, despite not being able to attend college due to lack of finances and having to take care of younger siblings. Yeah. Super privileged.

  • Harry F
    Harry F 5 days ago

    The lady at 15:00 minutes, ugh. What a highbrow.

  • P Whittaker
    P Whittaker 6 days ago

    in the Madison Wisconsin forum, there's a simple solution, Ben speaks, then the protestors get to have their turn. Problem is, no one sticks around to listen to the protestors. So they intrude on Ben time and cause the upheaval.

  • Shamara B
    Shamara B 6 days ago

    Is he naturally like this or does he train to have all these answers with the quickness? There's literally one question I haven't heard him answer

  • fernando escalante
    fernando escalante 6 days ago

    We are all responsible for our actions and future. Its out there, go and get it!! No one is stopping you! If you’re poor, im sorry, its gonna be hard to get to the top but its dosble dammit!!!!!!!!!!

  • jdmarti100
    jdmarti100 7 days ago

    I drink the same coffee as Ben. Haven't slept in days

  • lancead
    lancead 7 days ago

    Too many people today are offended about everything and anything you can think of...

  • J&M Tarif
    J&M Tarif 7 days ago +2

    Ben stumbled on his words...

    because he got allergic to snowflakes.

  • Youaltubex
    Youaltubex 7 days ago +1

    Millenials are fucked. But Gen Z is saved thanks to Ben Shapiro and Jordan peterson.

  • rich strong
    rich strong 7 days ago

    Ben for president

  • RAguy
    RAguy 8 days ago

    Shapiro is the messiah.

  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael Rhodes 8 days ago

    Shapiro is amazing!

  • E N
    E N 8 days ago

    An excellent verbal pugilist. Advocate for free speech.

  • William Bass
    William Bass 8 days ago

    It is as simple as this. When I grew up there was a saying! "Stick and stones may break my bones. But, Words will NEVER hurt me!

  • Eric Embrey
    Eric Embrey 8 days ago

    I really wish we could all start thinking more clearly, critically and objectively. Firstly, life is not fair. It just isn’t. Some people hit the genetic lottery in ways that are mind-numbing-tall, good looking (at least for the culture and time-period), smart, free of physical/mental disorders etc. They are rewarded at every turn and it’s not fair, it really isn’t. And then there’s the “green issue,” the money. If such a person comes from a family that doesn’t worry about money and affords them every opportunity that people without money don’t have (access to first rate healthcare, networking capability of the family system), AND have “good enough” parents (who are not narcissistic enough to provide basic and consistent presence, connection and emotional support), then things get even more unfair. These people have easier access to the pie, or in their youth, at least they think they do (things might not seem so often an infidelity/divorce or some other major loss later on). Now, let’s pile on the things that create even more unfairness: male, White, straight, extroverted, the list goes on. These things are unfair because they allow a person to avoid the stress of questioning themselves, creating a sense of “wherever I go I am okay no matter what.” Nonetheless, we must all cope with the human condition (identity crises, grief and loss, old age, freedom), which clearly puts us all in the same boat, at least in the grand scheme of things. But because life is unfair, there is an incredible temptation to dip one’s toes into pathological victimhood (and this is compounded if a child develops the building blocks of a victim identity due to trauma, alcoholic parents, abuse and the like). Perhaps though, if we are authentic, searingly honest and genuinely self-aware, we can look at each other in the face, in full vulnerability, and simply validate the truth: “I understand you have experienced stress I have not experienced (for example, the very real anxiety women have to go through due to sexual assault). That is real to you and I validate that. And I am so glad we can just agree on the unfairness of the world without attacking, criticizing, hating, demoralizing, confusing everything or tearing each other down in any way. Because when we can do that, we can start to get unstuck from where we’re at, which is the absolute worst place for any of us, ever.

  • J Van
    J Van 9 days ago

    All Universities need to end. There is no hope for the American Institution of Acedemics, it was consumed by Marxism generations ago, the only hope for Freedom and the Democracies is a new system. Its coming, they can't fucking stop this. Peace.

  • Brian  Damage
    Brian Damage 9 days ago

    If common sense was more common Shapiro would not be as big as he is now.

  • Gyrave
    Gyrave 10 days ago

    Mr Desantis just straigt up fanboying haha

  • slightyoptimistic
    slightyoptimistic 10 days ago

    This is what happens when you let communists control common core and the educational bracket.

  • Clayton Clarke
    Clayton Clarke 10 days ago

    There shouldn't be government Grant's and shit to private organizations to limit free speech or is rejected by people that disagree with their views. We need to reform or education system.

  • curt02762a
    curt02762a 10 days ago

    This is in front of congressional panel not a school board

  • MegaSyahidan
    MegaSyahidan 11 days ago

    I don't understand where this idea that being black makes you more knowledgeable on "values" came from.
    And I find it absurd that a lot of African-Americans(mostly blm activists) think that they can't be racist bc they have "experience" racism(or cause you are black)and should be more privileged bc of slavery in the past.
    The slavery argument is ridiculous bc truth is just about every group (Asians, Africans , Middle East and Europeans) have experienced slavery.

  • PhillyBiker16’s EAST COAST

    The very idea that hate speech is a real thing is so Fuckin Stupid really, when I was Growing up I was taught stick and stones break bones but words can't hurt you, LOL could you imagine one of these Snowflake sissy's playing the Dozens, lol as soon as you said "Your mamma so Fat her favorite perfume is Ragu roasted tomatoes and Garlic" Lol There little soft pussy sissy bitch feelings would GO INTO FULL TRIGGERED SAFE SPACE MODE FOR ASSUMING they have a mom in the first place plus YOU FAT SHAMED HER TOO LOL

  • TheEndIsNear123100
    TheEndIsNear123100 11 days ago +1

    well probably going to be a racist by saying look at what is going on in Zimbabwe and south Africa i have no problem them employing any skin color in to a job were he/she actually does and is capable of doing the work but when they gets the job not because they are more capable but rather gets the job because of skin color then you wonder why things is the way it is? Why im i not the president or run the electric company or is in charge of the government budget has nothing to do with my skin color it simple has to do im not qualify and capable of doing those things.

  • Mike Steen
    Mike Steen 12 days ago

    Ben for supreme court

  • Steven
    Steven 12 days ago +1

    Demographics are proof of White privilege ? oh good lord, how do u even get in that state of mind XD

  • Alan Bunker
    Alan Bunker 13 days ago

    I wonder if MLK ever had white people listening to him intently in a forum such as this one in the video.
    Does Ben S. feel a fraction of the intimidation of the civil rights protesters of the 1960's, of the anti-vietnam protesters who were sometimes treated to a dose of teargas or worse, or what about gay rights activists?
    My point is that Ben S. feels like his speech is being oppressed or suppressed. Yes, I think it is on some campuses. But he has many outlets for his message, to say the least. Go look him up on the internet. He has published 7 books(which were not burned or banned), he was a nationally syndicated columnist, editor-in-chief for the Daily Wire, hosted his own show(which was allowed to be broadcasted), and was editor-at-large at Breitbart for several years(no college students or administrators shut that business down).
    Yes, his freedom to speak in front of college students has been suppressed by college students and abetted by some college administrators.
    But with all the free speech he has exercised using the powerful outlets I outlined above, I mean, how much free speech does one person really need?
    Most people don't get 15 minutes of fame.
    It's hard to feel sorry for this guy.

  • William Banks
    William Banks 13 days ago

    President shapiro is coming

  • mccglastron1972
    mccglastron1972 13 days ago

    And the biggest problem this country has is not once mentioned here, and is the clear cause of the problems they are discussing... The Marxist/Communist/Socialist = Democrat party complete control of the education system and indoctrination of the students. That's why it has gotten so much worse in the 18 years I've been watching, because they pump out more activists into the population every year. From education it has spread to damn near all news media, Hollywood, tv shows, music... damn near everything I hear, read, or watch is democrat non-sense.

  • zyl zyl
    zyl zyl 13 days ago

    The school panel are a bunch of puppets , as long as they get that direct deposit , they dint care about the community .
    Which is very ironic , due to the fact that they have those seats for the "sole" purpose of the community interest .

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil 13 days ago

    We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down because its offensive..including the truth. Ben Shapiro is tactful, insightful, intelligent and mostly 100% correct...and needs to be heard across the world.

  • Eric Starnes
    Eric Starnes 13 days ago

    A bit of a misnomer in the title - this is from a Congressional hearing from 2017 (if I remember correctly) on Free Speech on American Campuses.
    On a different subject - wouldn't the best option be to defund any public university (obviously from the state level) that allows students to run wild? From the Federal side, I guess the best option would be to stop any grants going to any public university that engages in this crap. Cut the money by 1/2 and make the universities decide what they want to fund. Frankly, I would cut funding for any public university that has a Women's Studies Dept. or Cultural Theory Dept. and make the SJWs fund it themselves.

  • Crimson Sails
    Crimson Sails 13 days ago

    Ben failed to distinguish between the reality of privilege and the abuse of its argument just to claim moral superiority and shut opponents up

  • billy mathews
    billy mathews 14 days ago

    when has there ever been in this days been a privilege for white skin people isn't saying that racist

  • georgemarsone
    georgemarsone 14 days ago


  • 111111 33
    111111 33 14 days ago

    the best way to survive societal implosion is to "know nothing",,,,,, it seems that those with academic creditials seem to know everything , to be opposed by the likes of Ben Shapiro. Ben S is right but watching him work against the tide of idiocracy is akin to watching a man empty the pacific with a tea spoon !

  • ThatOnePerson0503 :D
    ThatOnePerson0503 :D 14 days ago

    The thing the man is talking about at 17:00 is something I've felt in public schools and a lot of places I've visited, yet I tend to lean conservative.

  • bus king
    bus king 14 days ago

    In S.Africa, I'm led to believe,companies are required by law to have a certain percentage of black graduates in their management structure,the result being that said companies scour the universities for the top grads and compete against each other with ever more lucrative offers to secure them,so basically the VERY top black grads can name their salary,I was also told that thjs law was basically unnecessary as they were doing this anyway(majority of them)

  • Art Houston
    Art Houston 14 days ago

    Those who wish to restrict speech are not aware that they are engaging in an evil that can easily overcome their lives should their views be applied against them. Being a free people requires that annoying people can speak. Deciding who can speak, and where, is a dictatorship.

  • Ishkabibble
    Ishkabibble 14 days ago

    "are you an agitator" ?? just like shapiro had said in his statement, only if your agitated ....looking for offence under every rock. TRUMP 2020 !!

  • Arty Harhar
    Arty Harhar 15 days ago +1

    When I was a kid it was "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me". Now on college campuses words are dangerous weapons. What you see happening on campus happens everywhere else when the vast majority of the collective thinks the same and has the power to enforce group-think. A collective that all thinks the same is scary enough but if you do not limit their power ..... well that's when millions of people die.

  • Chase Backman
    Chase Backman 15 days ago

    Anybody watching this is a bad ass. :)

  • str8husler
    str8husler 15 days ago

    Plaskett is a rasict

  • C j
    C j 15 days ago

    To bad ben doesn't stand for all first amendment fights. Not just the right to talk at schools.

  • Richard Quinones
    Richard Quinones 16 days ago

    Shapiro's a fucking idiot

  • K Stewart
    K Stewart 16 days ago

    It has to be the LEFT- WING NUTCASES that give this the thumbs down. The MORONS that yell, scream, and otherwise try to stop people like Shapiro from speaking at college campuses. THAT goes for many of the left-wing tenured professors poisoning young minds and are also, ALL FOR, eliminating speakers that do not conform to their ideology. Is it just a coincidence that these types of brainwashed students now emulate their professors?

  • Star_1_Man
    Star_1_Man 16 days ago

    hell hate crime! Wow! I guess the following would be considered rightfully HATE SPEECH CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ETC!

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace 16 days ago +1

    God bless Ben and his work and his message!

  • Chicago Guy
    Chicago Guy 16 days ago +2

    Actually straight white males like myself should have a say so y? Aside from usually being the smartest person in the room look at our historical resume. We have every right to weigh in on these pathetically easy arguments. U don't have to b a psychiatrist to understand racism or gayism or wut it's like to b a down trodden little girl, especially if ur a white man who is blue or white collar and uve grown up in the public school system and still have a correct vocabulary! This is such a crybaby conversation. Let's talk about black privladge. Affirmative action or white silence and also my first hand experience growing up in inner city and bring now 40yrs old I've seen way more racism in black and browns against whites, period! With me I've always been a confident white polish first-generation American and I'm tall and strong and have always out worked others around me and yet the non white employees have always scoffed me from wut I would say is jealousy which leads to racism. Us whites r not jealous of anybody we just thrive. U will now a person by their fruits, their actions. God bless us all and may his holy Spirit guide us to peace.

  • Matt2ew
    Matt2ew 16 days ago

    Ben Paints a Good Picture for those interested in Art.. Those interested in Family Bonds must also become interested in Painting and Artistic Work.

  • Josiah Springman
    Josiah Springman 17 days ago

    It’d be a real example for the committee members if there was a demonstration of protesting that Shapiro deals with during the meeting! Not a real protest because the security would stop it but Shapiro’s supporters acting as protesters. No one should be allowed to disrupt a speech. You can’t infringe on someone’s right to listen just because you don’t want to. Also if I know someone is giving a speech I don’t like I just won’t go and if someone says something I disagree with I have the right just to leave.

  • Matt K
    Matt K 17 days ago +4

    Police used to respond to something called "disturbing the peace," which is what those kinds of protests are--a disturbance of peaceful assembly.

  • jgraz42
    jgraz42 17 days ago

    BEN FOR PREZ!!!!

  • sjurdurkjv
    sjurdurkjv 17 days ago

    The utterance of truth will always offend those who defend the lie. First off: THERE IS such a thing as absolute eternal truth: it is defined in the Holy Bible. It will always offend the wicked. So be it. John 8:44 says it so well: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
    Those who would ban speech are those who are afraid of the truth, mostly because they are of their father the devil.

  • Rad Madara
    Rad Madara 17 days ago

    15:11 Man stfu

  • demsR fags
    demsR fags 18 days ago