Ben Shapiro Vs SCHOOL PANEL in an epic interview

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Ben Shapiro Vs SCHOOL PANEL in an epic interview

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  • Charlize Barron
    Charlize Barron 5 hours ago

    As a 43 year old college student (apparently, one Master's isn't enough these days) , the saddest thing I've encountered in the constant indoctrination on the behalf of every teacher I've had over the course of four years. White privileged, income inequality, gender bias, etc., etc., are taught in all classes in Sociology and many of these ideologies bleed into psychology, history and even English courses. This has to stop. I'm not paying to be indoctrinated. I'm paying for an education. One needs to be exclusive from the other. Teachers need to leave their bias' at home and not impart them on the eighteen, nineteen, etc., year old students who have brains that aren't fully developed. Ben Shapiro should run for President one day. He speaks truth and logic from a knowledge base one can respect ...much like Jordan Peterson.

  • Joe A Benavides
    Joe A Benavides 5 days ago

    I find it curious that the Democrats see Mr Shapiro as white when this man has stated over and over that he is Jewish which means he isn’t seen as white by white supremacist, but then you see the democraps of color are hailed as hero’s for spewing their anti American bull shit

  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister 8 days ago

    MS Plaskett claiming that blacks don't have the same opportunities as the so called privileged white while sat in a high position of politics, clearly highly educated (thought obviously not using it) and wearing clothes clearly in the triples 000's. Yeah you are oppressed 🙈

  • matthew burgner
    matthew burgner 10 days ago

    It just stops. I could have watched this for hours.

  • pleviner722
    pleviner722 11 days ago

    Ben Shapiro, destroying the “far left’s” ideology of idiocracy, one speech at a time.

  • Walleye Hunter
    Walleye Hunter 12 days ago

    Why isnt he the president of the United States? He is so well spoken and makes so much sense.

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 14 days ago

    Facts. Black lies matter and white cry baby liberals are the issue. Black people are the most homophobic and racist community.. look at all hate crimes, homophobic attacks and trans death, I guarantee black people make up more of those... look at parents more likely to throw their kids out for being gay, it’s so much higher in the black community, they had to set up a separate group...

  • Tom Elliott
    Tom Elliott 26 days ago

    I'm 54 year old white male, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can get my white privileges?
    I've worked my bollocks off all my life, and everything I have I've had to get myself.
    if anyone of any ethnic group wants what I've got then put the effort in.
    stop blaming every one else for your lazy, blame it on society attitudes.

  • Richard Kaplan
    Richard Kaplan 28 days ago

    I hope G’ will keep you safe,
    Please don’t go to unsafe places, we need you for next president.
    Amen can ye ratzon

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown Month ago

    I love hearing what Ben has to say, he’s very intelligent and keeps himself very informed on what is going on in today’s society

  • Me and The boys
    Me and The boys Month ago

    The real discrimination is disliking someone just because there a white male

  • Plug 14
    Plug 14 Month ago

    Someone must have taught them this behavior and it seems to be only students. I personally have not found any of this in my day to day life and I meet all sorts of people from every walk of life.

  • wade Just wade
    wade Just wade Month ago

    I know someone who says he's Hispanic. Moved all the way here from Asia

  • M.W. Poss
    M.W. Poss Month ago

    Ben Shapiro simply knows the facts. What is and isn’t the truthful and factual essence of any given issue. We can’t even get some of the idiots shooting their mouths off, to understand the definition of a fact. This should be simple by dictionary definition. Because some people have now butchered that definition, it makes intelligent conversation all but impossible. This means that civil discourse has now, for all intensive purposes, come off the rails. We can look at our political picture now and easily understand why nothing gets done. I don’t give a rats ass whether it’s Trump or Pelosi, the left and right are all as close to braindead as you can get. No one is looking at the real true facts of any issue, so they can form an intelligent observation of what will really happen, if a certain action is put into play. It’s just not being done.

  • Graham Pedersen
    Graham Pedersen Month ago


  • Chino Vash
    Chino Vash Month ago

    Where more, now! Me want more now please. Dumb white skinned man want more of dis...

  • Kaden Hepner
    Kaden Hepner Month ago

    Stress causes physical harm? What.

  • Pythias
    Pythias Month ago

    Leftists: LGBTQ people have the right to express their gender identity in any way, shape, or form.
    Leftists: Conservatives don't have the right to express their philosophical or political thoughts in any way, shape, or form.

  • Pythias
    Pythias Month ago

    It's true that powerful speech can cause psychological psychological damage and therefore (negligible) physical damage. But you know what else can do that? Authoritarianism. Excessive restrictions.

  • Dominic Van Lokeren

    Thank you Ben Shapiro. One in a billion

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago

    I find it funny how the black woman who clearly has privilege brings up white privilege. Lol.

  • Kenneth Pizzi
    Kenneth Pizzi Month ago

    Shapiro is one of the most brilliant, young minds out there today bringing logic and common sense to arguments the Left chooses to ignore.

  • PresentsOfNature
    PresentsOfNature Month ago

    All the perceived negative "isms" of this world are real. However, the power in which we give over to these hauntings can and will dictate what and who we become if we let it. For instance, is social racism real? Of course it is but it will not rule over me and mine. Ageism, yep...but no one is going to block me. As a nation, our past is horrible and atrocities are still happening to this day. However, my job is to encourage others to acknowledge the enemy and keep walking forward. This does NOT require blindness. The equation of knowing that social racism and race privilege exists... equaling a harder, sometimes trickier path to success, doesn't nullify or exclude individual responsibility to succeed. We can say this and not be disrespectful to those who cannot see a way out.
    I did NOT escape through some luck lotto...I trust in God, I walk by Faith not by sight (but again I am not blind). No matter how painful things have been I always man, woman, cat, dog can withhold from me what my God has demanded to be mine. It's been a long road but our kids will be even better than us. Will they still be behind (in general terms) to their white counterparts?...I do not know, but we are teaching them to run really fast and keep Jesus first. Is it fair for them to run this hard? Maybe not... but my grandmother was a maid but I am not, so we run. My great grandfather was hung but I am not so we run. My mother was the first woman in our family to work for the federal government. RUNNING.My Uncle's served in the army forces. RUNNING. How dare I give up when they did not. Even when I have been victimized I am not a victim forever.
    We hope to teach our children to love people and to give others a chance to love you. Finally, know who you are so that when all the negative "isms" come to tell you that you are" less than" you can take it for the joke that it is!

  • Wagon Wheel
    Wagon Wheel Month ago

    He is right on with his arguments. He speaks well and he has facts to back up everything he says.

  • Robert Garrick
    Robert Garrick Month ago +1

    Thank you for being the voice of reason!

  • TFfolkes
    TFfolkes Month ago

    I'm a. Black woman trying to choose big words and not say mofo. Race is societal

  • Allen Meza
    Allen Meza Month ago

    New law in Texas banning "free speech spaces" in colleges signed by Governor Abbott. Stating all spaces in college are entitled to the first amendment.

  • Jade McLove
    Jade McLove Month ago

    Amazing these gay liberal assholes are hacking my you tube account so I can't watch this video.

  • The Great Walrus
    The Great Walrus Month ago

    Name 3 white privileges in 2019

  • The Great Walrus
    The Great Walrus Month ago

    I have advice for protestors of what a person beyond their intelligence is saying: it can only be an insult as you take it as such

  • Honest Gas Handmade

    im so glad im not having kids...

  • James Ryzlot
    James Ryzlot Month ago

    Ms Plask-ette - you are actually a white but tanned individual black is black and it aint you


  • James Ryzlot
    James Ryzlot Month ago

    Ben - you talk too fast - pace yourself to be understood

  • James Ryzlot
    James Ryzlot Month ago

    Nobody ever gets fired from a university - so we end up filtering down to the dregs of humanity. Yank their funding


  • Anonymous Anonymous

    People of color are not allowed to speak on "white privilege" ... It defies the laws of social justice and its inherent identity politics.

  • VITA kyo
    VITA kyo Month ago

    White privilege ? You wouldn't like to be me .

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide Month ago


  • valentino vale
    valentino vale Month ago

    I love you sharpio , you stand for the constitution , incredibly brilliant man , i realy look up to you .

  • boneman538
    boneman538 Month ago

    10:10 “grand intelligencia” - yup, that’s what the power structure believes. Ego inflation and superiority complexes run amok. Now it’s time, manner, and place restrictions.

  • Glen Mcculley
    Glen Mcculley Month ago

    One lone PC warrior, March on young man. Shapiro 2020!!!!!

  • David K
    David K Month ago

    White privilege is a myth. Black privilege is real. Change my mind.

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Month ago

    I agree we must be educated.

  • J. B.
    J. B. Month ago

    I would never send my kids to college..... The biggest scam on Earth.....

  • N B
    N B Month ago

    I would suggest that by stopping or restricting speech; there is the unfortunate chance that people could be pushed towards violence! My theory for this is based on the point that by expressing ones opinions verbally is surely a form of release of frustration. So by not being able to address a frustration verbally, someone may end up expressing it in a disproportionate manner which can manifest as violence! So I would suggest that by making false allegations of “hate speech”, to allegedly stop violence; there is in fact the risk that you may be prompting violence!

  • truckyou truckyou
    truckyou truckyou Month ago

    I'm white and for some reason I didn't get my white privilege card where do I go to get this benefit there obviously has to be some place that gives you benefits just because you're white I would like to know where they are

  • a dog on a plane
    a dog on a plane Month ago

    Facts don't care about your feelings.

  • xManYakzx
    xManYakzx Month ago +1

    679 haters of shapiro and growing 🖕 eat it snowflakes,trans etc!

  • jjcs1381
    jjcs1381 Month ago +1

    Ben is right on point. I agree with him and think he speaks the truth.

  • burger flipper
    burger flipper Month ago

    What a white supremacist. He even wears the KKK symbol on his head in Congress. Can’t go one sentence without saying nigger. Smh

  • David King
    David King 2 months ago

    White males suffer from the same affliction as the Jews, we are too successful.

  • Brad Gudim
    Brad Gudim 2 months ago

    Measure the speech by decibels.

  • Alexander Cantu
    Alexander Cantu 2 months ago

    Ben Shapiro should be president he recognizes the insanity of the government and alot of the population. He only wants to uphold the constitution and i believe truly cares about our nation.He is not a racist by any means

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 months ago


  • DeeKay
    DeeKay 2 months ago

    15:11 can someone tell me what word she just said? Is that a real word? dimoshtible? Dahmashtible? someone help me please xD

  • H K1
    H K1 2 months ago

    Ben do yah ever take a moment to breathe...

  • Stephen Young
    Stephen Young 2 months ago

    White privilege is nothing but another BS hook to hang bias on. Most white men work their ass off for what they one gave them shit because of their skin color.

  • Kirk Carpenter
    Kirk Carpenter 2 months ago

    good thing for youtube where you can watch anyone speak, where political bias is is only limited to one video at a time. watch two views on a particular topic and make a educated decision after listing to both sides. FREE SPEECH with no limitations!!!!!

  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom 2 months ago +1

    Jail for handing out constitution? Wow. The commies are out of control.

  • The Greatest Evil
    The Greatest Evil 2 months ago

    144p really? in 2018? please stop posting very very low quality crap and let the real content creators do this.
    fucking 144p!!

  • Tomas
    Tomas 2 months ago

    Safest zone is at your home in locked bathroom!
    P.S. internet disconnected, if not - you can be insulted over internet similar to the guy like Shapiro 😅

  • Cindy Newell
    Cindy Newell 2 months ago

    You are very smart

  • Jeffrey Omonibo
    Jeffrey Omonibo 2 months ago

    Im black and that guy just said religious and political debate shouldn't happen on campus.. Wake me up when it's 2030

  • Montexan
    Montexan 2 months ago +16

    FACTS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #benshapiroforpresident

    • Happy Life TV
      Happy Life TV 13 days ago

      im a pastor and this is my sayings a long time ago...

  • P
    P 2 months ago

    Those that fear any type of speech discard all freedom and enslave themselves to the predominant ideology, making themselves impotent to effect even the most minute positive change. The predominant ideology then becomes totalitarian.
    Many parents and most schools are failing children. The responsibility of both parents and educators is to prepare children for adulthood. This requires children to learn how to effectively handle agression towards them and control their own.
    The left is as aggressive or maybe more so. Just in the comments on TheXvid you see those on the left aggressively using name calling and slanderous remarks. Yes, both sides do, but take a look at political comment threads, compare and contrast the number of argument driven vs insult driven comments by those that provide enough evidence as to their bias.
    This concept that all agression is negative is ludicrous. Yes there is agression that is negative but what business ever succeeded by passively waiting for customers to come to them. Do successful businesses and business people have to use agression to advertise and persuade potential customers?
    It is time to start fulfilling our responsibilities to our children. It is time for college administrators to fulfill their responsibilities to their students. We need to teach how to handle agression not try to avoid it.

  • Jason Teresi
    Jason Teresi 2 months ago

    Everyone should have a right to use their voice. "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours." Andrew Shepherd - The American President.

  • K Watkins
    K Watkins 2 months ago

    So, the fact that anyone in your country may experience less fortunate circumstances that everyone who fares better must then step down so as not to outshine the ones who are not so privileged so that they can enjoy those privileges instead of the ones you think have them now.

  • sirslaughter00
    sirslaughter00 2 months ago

    I hate when summer comes around because I get more tan and my privilege level decreases.

  • DeGraff C
    DeGraff C 2 months ago +2

    Ms. Plaskett's condescending tone is insufferable. I wonder how she got her position with all the racism and white privilege out there. She must have worked soooo hard to overcome that disadvantage... soooo hard...

  • Jeffrey Montgomery
    Jeffrey Montgomery 2 months ago +1

    what was the original source for this? I'd love to see it in its entirety.

  • Good Vibe
    Good Vibe 2 months ago +6

    Ben.. must be frustrating to be the smartest person in the room... having to deal with all the ignorance. Glad you got the tenacity to do it because someone needs to.

  • Good Vibe
    Good Vibe 2 months ago +1

    Certain listeners are "emotionally harmed" what the hell have we devolved to? A population of emotional 3 years old uninviting everyone to their birthday party.

  • Good Vibe
    Good Vibe 2 months ago +1

    Left always wants to shut it down because they are dumbed down. The have NO INTELLIGENCE, NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT.

  • Good Vibe
    Good Vibe 2 months ago


  • David Clark
    David Clark 2 months ago +1

    People don't like Him because they are jealous of His intelligence and the demeanor in which He brings it, and bring it He does!

  • Sergio Medina
    Sergio Medina 2 months ago

    Ben has never listened to an entire rap song in his life? That's totally a lie.

  • Michael Chmiel
    Michael Chmiel 2 months ago

    "It's okay to use physical violence to stop verbal violence". The Left's hypocrisy at it's finest.

  • Gavin Clack
    Gavin Clack 2 months ago

    I think what Ben is trying to tell everyone is that society cannot exist if every person has the same equality. If everyone was smart and rich then society would collapse as a whole ! Smart people need stupid people to make them rich and stupid people need rich people to eat so they can keep breeding more stupid people to work.

  • Old Iron
    Old Iron 2 months ago

    654 fascists were microaggressed and disliked this video.

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh 2 months ago

    I hate that we all can't just be people black white yellow w/e its 2019 bad things have happened in the past and it's not perfect today either but all this race crap today is making tomorrow worse not better. I'm as white as u can get (Irish) my wife is Haitian our kids are mixed and I am worried about what they will have to go thru later in life when I didn't worry when they were born or as much at least why are we going backwards.

  • AJ Maynard
    AJ Maynard 2 months ago

    Did Mr. Palmer really say that emotional harm can come from hearing things you don't agree with?!?
    😂😃😅😆😂 Just when you think you've heard it all...oh, no! I've been emotionally harmed by listening to Mr. Palmer's speech! Someone quick! Tell me how I should react to this hate speech!
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂As a matter of fact, wait.....I just realized I've been harmed emotionally by listening to people all of my life!! Where do I begin?? I should get something for all the abuse over the years, right?!?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago

    Dude is my HERO

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 2 months ago +1

    why is a crime not to believe in the holocaust in Canada and European countries that's some real Nazi shit:)-ben should address this

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 2 months ago +1

    its a crime to deny fritz habers final solution for non jews:)-lmfaao

  • Tekboy 808
    Tekboy 808 2 months ago

    you know your society is screwed when rainbow unicorn theories are widely accepted while truth and science is crapped on. the universities these days are teaching our youth how to destroy free speach and how to push your nonsensical theories on people who are just trying to survive. it is absolutely insane what is going on in this country, that this is what passes for "education" and "higher learning". it is absolutely disgusting and will leave a long lasting crap stain on american history, i'm embarassed and afraid for all of the americans who died in vain and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the people in this country, only to be crapped on by these young, easily influenced morons who want excessive privelages and don't care at all about the massive amount of bloodshed that was required so they can have the freedom to be overly entitled disrepectful idiots. they are nothing more than native terrorists, pushing nonsense agendas that are destroying the typical family unit and society in general. what is more horrific is they have no clue as to the damage they are doing, or they just simply don't care. i hope morals and common sense will make a come back, but it seems self entitlement, selfishness,victim mentality, and laziness has become the replacement.

  • Jeffrey Watt
    Jeffrey Watt 2 months ago

    White privilege; working twice as hard as others just to get what they are given for free.

  • Elicenio Cordero
    Elicenio Cordero 2 months ago

    This guy is so amazing..

  • Incabus69
    Incabus69 2 months ago +3

    Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are glimmers of light in a pathetic world of ignorance and fools.

  • Daniel Langdale
    Daniel Langdale 2 months ago +4

    If you don't like something being said by a person just leave the event. If you don't like an artist, don't go to the f-ing concert

  • Anthony Hargis
    Anthony Hargis 2 months ago +5

    Name one person who might hold their own in a "Presidential Debate" with Ben!

  • bensdadfrank
    bensdadfrank 2 months ago

    My dad used too say, “common sense.”

  • Larry Lund
    Larry Lund 2 months ago

    There is clearly a misunderstanding on ones level of education such as a Doctorate enabling wisdom within that person. This is an epic untruth. A Doctorate holder may be simply a college educated idiot. That equates to a lack of empathy, a constant "knee ready" to jerk or get triggered to enable their butt hurt gene. It is highly likely that "no child left behind" actually left many if not all children behind. The problem always comes to the decision makers wisdom. They are either lacking wisdom or they possess it. We shall see this in their actions. That is if you even know what to look for. For some of these small minded radical one active neuron brains there is only a one way track. Off or on. Ron White said it best. "Ya can't fix stupid."

  • Jesse 1437
    Jesse 1437 2 months ago

    Rational, factual it will be ignored by liberals DC.

  • alienresearchlab
    alienresearchlab 2 months ago

    7:34 "...forbidden speech..." What the hell is that and who elected this guy? There is no forbidden speech. Say what you want. We live in America - the home of the free and the brave. Fuck.

  • reddogg dier
    reddogg dier 2 months ago +1


  • william Welch
    william Welch 2 months ago

    Dude!...shapiro makes me feel like a yucky person here and there but i need that shit and i wish i was more like him...#jelly#butiloveit#myniggaforlife

  • Lost Gamer
    Lost Gamer 2 months ago

    3:35 why did homeboy tap his watch?

  • Laker Madness
    Laker Madness 2 months ago

    What the hell is "white privilege"??? My last 3 supervisors at werk were not white men... WTF?

  • Robert
    Robert 2 months ago

    My white privilege pays less than every one that’s not white.

  • Robert
    Robert 2 months ago

    The colleges don’t want the students to know there being brain washed. That’s whey they try to keep out speakers

    Mithsuka HIRIMUTHUGODA 3 months ago

    OK now this is an epic video title!