Ben Shapiro Vs SCHOOL PANEL in an epic interview

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Ben Shapiro Vs SCHOOL PANEL in an epic interview

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  • michele goddard
    michele goddard 15 hours ago

    Grothman makes the statement that he is SHOCKED that there could exist in colleges an environment where there would be almost NO ONE who voted for someone (Trump) who represented half of the people in the US..... really? Has he ever looked at the demographic that votes for Trump? By percentages Trump voters aren't college educated. Many times because they see higher education as an evil place where if your kids go there they would have their "minds manipulated" into believing that, oh I don't know, advocate for equality of gender, races, etc. I agree the left has gone a bit to far in some rare instances, but this is true of the narrow groups on both the far left and the far right. Also, conservatives want to remind the left that free speech is not speech free of consequences. But when Conservatives spew ugly racist ideas and then get run off campuses, they turn into snowflakes and cry foul. Typical. Just like Devin's Cow. Just like Trump loves free speech when conservatives are talking but advocated for the restriction of free speech when it is critical of him. Lastly, Desantis, student loans are NOT the government funding education, they are LOANING money that we have to pay back, at interest. Its not tax dollar funded.

  • michele goddard
    michele goddard 15 hours ago

    Although I agree with some of the logic in his argument, I do find it duplicitous that conservatives advocate for charter schools which are paid for by tax payers dollars and yet want the freedom to create a learning environment which is exclusionary of its "doctrine" for example a Christian schools would not allow a class on the Koran or even evolution, but when it comes to college campuses which are often paid for by these students and if an overwhelming majority of the students don't want a Nazi or white supremacist or any other group that espouses hatred, should that not be within its rights as a private institution? How is it that conservatives don't want the government interfering in private businesses but are demanding that the colleges which are private entities, must capitulate to these groups who are not wanted by the majority of their paying customers (students).

  • Marc Ran hay
    Marc Ran hay 21 hour ago

    607 snowflakes give it the thumbs down .pour a little pansies

  • trf12567
    trf12567 Day ago

    The right needs to deploy leftist tactics. If a school refuses to let concervative speakers on campus, they need to destroy school property and put fear into the college board members. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

  • Honesty4yoass
    Honesty4yoass Day ago

    I can’t believe this is even being looked at. Freedom of speech is LAW and I’m not sure why this process is even happening. People who don’t allow other people to SPEAK and interrupt someone giving a speech just because they don’t like what they’re saying or disagree with them, should just get locked up. You start locking people up for infringing in freedom of speech and freedom of speech will once again be what it once was.

  • Polar
    Polar Day ago

    Been dirt poor all my life. Where is my white privilege.

  • Be Like Mike23 D
    Be Like Mike23 D 2 days ago

    In this day and age where black people and minorities in general have more advantages than ever before it is extremely irritating to hear complaints about this thing called white privilege. I wonder if black ancestors from slavery times could see how blacks are living today and then hear their great grandchildren who they paved the way and suffered for complain about white privilege... how would that make them feel? Probably angry enough to want to give them a good slap in the face but even deeper than a secondary emotion they would be hurt, saddened, feel as unappreciated as humanly possible. Even more recent relatives such as the people from the civil rights era, MLK and Malcolm's generation... the sacrifices they made and DIED FOR, for blacks in the present day that benefit from those sacrifices... to see how far we've all come as a people because of those sacrifices yet white privilege is being used as an excuse for the turmoil of present day black society. It's just such a cheap copout if you put it in perspective. Its offensive to the black ancestors from slavery, the ancestors from Civil rights, the modern day white society, and I'm sure its extremely offensive to the present day blacks that DO NOT use white privilege or ANY excuses because they are aware of how good they have it today and they worry about doing things to improve their own lives and their families and they are successful because of that. And those who continue to make excuses for their hardships will continue to suffer and that goes for all people not just blacks because excuses are for lazy people who want everything handed to them or handled for them. It's not rocket science, you get out what you put in to life so stop blaming everyone else and look in the mirror because the only answer to your happiness will be looking right back at you.

  • Anton Petrov
    Anton Petrov 3 days ago

    Shapiro for President!)

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 3 days ago

    I like him and wish I was as smart as him.

  • Lisa spinosa
    Lisa spinosa 3 days ago

    I'm sick of this white privilege crap. I'm white. I'm broke....wheres my privelege?

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones 3 days ago

    Plaskett case seems to think she knows my life better than me. Id like to talk to her and ask her if i can have my privilege, because im 43 and still havent had it yet. Are any of you getting a "white people check" in the mail? im not getting one, i work my ass off.

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 3 days ago +1

    Hell yea he so smart president he tell the true when people are being dumb. 😎 love the way he is

  • scott chaney
    scott chaney 4 days ago

    America has become an emotionally and spiritually weak nation. Everyone gets a ribbon ideology is ruining us.

  • wildchd1
    wildchd1 4 days ago

    I hope to god he runs for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • etherium cryptorama
    etherium cryptorama 4 days ago

    I wonder what percent of the people that watched this video went to check out the thug life shapiro vids

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael Hardy 4 days ago

    White privilege is a myth.

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 4 days ago

    What the hell is this black lives matter B.S.?! ...

  • Fox Moulder
    Fox Moulder 5 days ago

    It is horrible that so many colleges and universities are poisoning our young men and women. When they move on to jobs and political roles, we will be in big trouble. I think there is a lot of brainwashing going. They tolerate only their views and anyone with an opposing view is evil, fascist, a Nazi, etc.. They forget that freedom of speech is a right. If you do not like someone else's view, then do not listen or attend the event. Are they so afraid that Ben will change someones mind? If you take time to listen to him, there is nothing hateful in his speeches. What is hateful is what these colleges and kids are doing.....suppression of speech. How is that right?

  • Dianne Warren
    Dianne Warren 6 days ago +1

    The fact that police, of this magnitude, for conservative speakers is even necessary is indicative of what the colleges are promoting and actually teaching. So basically a conservative attending class there would be subject to being told THEY are less than human.

  • Harry C Pharisee
    Harry C Pharisee 7 days ago

    Black Lives Matter should've been a rational revolution. But in Orwellian fashion it reconstituted white racist tactics into black racist tactics. Ms. Plaskett unironically used the same justifications white racists in power did in the 60's. "Well the law/overarching narrative/whatever says such and such. Therefore there should be no problem." I.E. "The problem is your fault." This utter horseshit is tearing our country apart... again.

  • kjf 365
    kjf 365 7 days ago

    Calling "White privilege" is an excuse to be racist just as much as "they're less than human" was an excuse for slavery

  • Kevin  Watson
    Kevin Watson 8 days ago

    No we need him on our side

  • Michael Genova
    Michael Genova 9 days ago

    The University Faculty pushing this agenda are also privileged white males. Lol

  • M.J. Callaghan
    M.J. Callaghan 10 days ago +1

    4:03 lol Ben was like oooo “snow flakes” might not be appropriate for this setting- YEET.

  • Joel Ruiz
    Joel Ruiz 10 days ago +1

    As a latino minority from Puerto Rico I approve of MR. Shapiro there’s nothing wrong in his speech carry on sir

  • Wycweli Ich Bieli Az Beda Tu Mdleli

    Whyyyyy wtf people

  • Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    The generation graduating are babies. Everything offends or hurts their feelings. You have to go to unimaginable levels to offend to me. I’m white so my feelings do not matter

  • Austin Hagerman
    Austin Hagerman 11 days ago +5

    I'm white no criminal record and can't get a job beside the black, brown folk down at Wal-Mart and I'm currently jobless. White privilege 👍

  • Robert Vo
    Robert Vo 11 days ago

    Fuck my Alexa! I need Ben!

  • Steve Cook
    Steve Cook 11 days ago

    collages need money. I do not nor will not ever hire ANYONE from ANY school or collage (please note the separation) that does or ever offers a safe space or gender study class. With that said why would anyone go into any debt knowing that the chances of landing a job just got smaller? Now how do they get by in life? move back to mommy's basement so the rest of her kids might learn and start to think. I know truth hurts.

  • Riley Werven
    Riley Werven 12 days ago +4

    If Ben ever runs for president there won’t be a single debate where he doesn’t absolutely wreck

  • dave estes
    dave estes 12 days ago +1

    watching Shapiro is habit forming this man is incredibly smart and doesn't back down

  • Make Londor Whole
    Make Londor Whole 12 days ago +3

    Let's be real. The left has more privelege than all whites combined. Who else can silence someone's right to speak and go unpunished?

  • Jack Taryon
    Jack Taryon 12 days ago +1

    Big surprise that the black woman researched and believes that white privilege is a thing that does not require evidence or proof.

  • FFgamesftw
    FFgamesftw 12 days ago

    Yeah I’ve had a few people try to tell me I was being racist back when I worked retail. Our store had a pretty standard return policy but people of course hated it when the thing they wanted to return was outside that policy. As an employee I was not allowed to go against the policy. I could call my manager and at times they might make exceptions.
    This was the same process I did for every single customer. Of course that didn’t stop several people saying that I was racist and only was enforcing said policy because they were black. Was extremely annoying

  • yes man
    yes man 13 days ago

    Black lady in yellow top looked like her head was about to spin 360 while she vomited pea soup. Angry for sure.

  • brandon thacker
    brandon thacker 13 days ago

    Shapiro has one of the best arguments to disprove the delusion of "white privilege". I notice he started to go into it and then the lady skips straight to another topic not allowing his to address it after she gave her opinion on it.

  • CoolJL
    CoolJL 14 days ago

    "Hate speech" is the most hateful term coined up by Ctrl Left puppet masters. It's only there to take away free speech, where those who decide what is a hate speech can, and will, classify anything to be a hate speech if it suits them.

  • The Villainy
    The Villainy 14 days ago

    The sad thing about what Sapiro is doing to re-educate the re-introducing LOGIC. The world shouldn't have to be re-introduced to this. Which means the world has now become insane and stupid. I will always support logic...and a specific need for emotion only when feasible.

  • Christopher Nussey
    Christopher Nussey 16 days ago

    I wouldnt call it VS he swema like he's trying to eliminate a serious case of "Lack of Being Special"

  • Sondra Aenis
    Sondra Aenis 16 days ago

    And start suing the crap out of them for the violation of the Constitution of our free speech

  • Sondra Aenis
    Sondra Aenis 16 days ago

    Well maybe every Patriot every conservative should not sign up for college and show quit college for one year on every one of these campuses hidden in the pocket

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69 16 days ago

    "white privileged" but hes on that panel....

    KEITH PEINDL 16 days ago

    How are all these morons in position of power?? It's just amazing. They are all victims trying to push emotions and feelings. All the boomer teachers are ruining the kids and living high on the hog from taking advantage of them.

  • Brian Hensley
    Brian Hensley 17 days ago

    "Mr. Shapiro, are you an agitator? " lol, like if you are a commie that hates America and free speech, I'll bet he does seem agitating!

  • donald spencer
    donald spencer 18 days ago +3

    People hate Shapiro because he represents something that people today hate, knowledge and truth.

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson 18 days ago

    Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro - I LOVE THESE GUYS!

  • makara80
    makara80 19 days ago

    At around 4:50 via a 'Mr Lawrence': "A dramatic increase in white supremacist incidents on campuses"

    Hmm, are these _genuine_ "incidents" or merely the largely fictitious/exaggerated ones perpetrated by non-existent gangs of white supremacists who, amongst other dubiously alleged hijinks, create swastikas out of turds et al....?!

    Either way, this is the first I've heard of apparently coordinated groups of nasty waycists invading college campuses, at least beyond the aforementioned fictional variety fabricated by members of the far left to feebly justify their own despicable behaviour....

    SOTIA POI 20 days ago

    That piece about privilege makes too much sense.

  • NoisyBoi87
    NoisyBoi87 21 day ago

    You dont like what I say? So now its hate speech?? Lol this world has gone insane and it will only get worse before it gets better.

  • Bwanna Huntress
    Bwanna Huntress 21 day ago

    Dear Snowflakes,
    Repeat after me...

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but,
    Names will never hurt me."

  • Beehive Eater
    Beehive Eater 21 day ago +1

    He sounds like kyle brofloski

  • Kevin Jolley
    Kevin Jolley 22 days ago +1

    Agree w/Shapiro or not. He is CRAZY SHARP! Reminiscent of STEPHEN MILLER (Whitehouse Strategist. If u r unfamiliar, TheXvid him. U’ll be thankful)

  • Sizzle Wrap
    Sizzle Wrap 23 days ago

    Bam black lady, you just got Shapiroed.

  • teddy pendergrass
    teddy pendergrass 23 days ago

    i dont think the average citizen has the slightest clue of just how bad things have gotten in american universities. The events at Evergreen should have been an eye opener, yet the media all but brushed it under the rug. When a liberal leaning teacher at evergreen says "i don't think its a good idea to ban white students from school for the day" ends up getting fired and chased off campus for being a "nazi" you can see the fruition of the propaganda and brainwashing . Shortly followed by hard left leaning students taking the school principle hostage, roam the campus halls with baseball bats looking for conservatives and threatening the police with violence if they step foot on the campus.. Saying that the universities are very left leaning is like saying the vietnam war was a neighborhood skirmish by teenagers with water balloons. Average people would be shocked on a daily basis if they really knew what was going on in these universities.

  • Vince Drapes
    Vince Drapes 24 days ago

    Ben is amazing and extremely talented and educated

  • RoJo
    RoJo 24 days ago

    I’d beat a professor’s ass if he/she tried to assault me for something I said. But I’d let him/her throw the first punch, then I’d beat their ass. Of course, if it was a woman, I would go easy on her, unless she was stronger than me, in which case, I would fight to win/survive.
    As far as I’m concerned, surviving is winning. Not with my life, but with my rights. As long as I am correct, I win.

  • Joyce Schmitt
    Joyce Schmitt 24 days ago

    @E Cox...
    I'm right there with you!!! His intelligence is astounding!! But with his gift of intelligence comes his special gift of arguing and debating without letting his feelings take over. Whatever issue is being debated, he researches it and is armed with facts. I absolutely love watching him argue. Ben Shapiro is multi gifted and it is definitely not put to waste!!

  • wiccanen
    wiccanen 25 days ago

    jeez ppl who are easely offended now a days needs to get "thicker skin", if that does not happen.. society and our humanity is going into beastmode (ppl who hurts for own gain vs. ppl who just want to live in peace). and i see no other option now for the peace ppl is to go on the defensiv to protect that peace instead of being constantly run over by the ppl who wants to destroy the society just so they can feel more powerfull and in control. and im not talking about a curtain type of ppl, i mean worldwide.

  • Homefield Advantage
    Homefield Advantage 25 days ago

    Mr. Jordan is a retard

  • Homefield Advantage
    Homefield Advantage 25 days ago

    22:05 Mr. Desantis "that's a good point"

  • Homefield Advantage
    Homefield Advantage 25 days ago

    I absolutely love this guy. He speaks from a stance of intelligence and equality, his views are so true, atleast I agree with 99% of what I hear. I'm saving 1% just incase. Every debate or lecture I've heard, he doesnt backpedal his thoughts, and he goes forward against all odds. I wish I could just shake his hand

  • Rathernot Disclose
    Rathernot Disclose 25 days ago

    If stress from words should count as physical violence because stress causes harm, then aren't schools abusing children by giving them exams and homework and having a grading system at all?

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 25 days ago

    How can there be white supremacy in a white country?... Why don't none white leave

  • David Lara
    David Lara 26 days ago

    what is white ? last i checked , the spanish conquered the new world. "spanish" citizens were of a variety of races not just one ( german, irish, spanish native born, english, african, south african, russian , czech ETC...) participated in the take over of newly discovered land. just as america today , we are a melting pot of multiple races trying to label what does not actually exist and hasn't since the beginning of time. who do we declare white and what do people actually suggest doing to those that "look" white? whites become slaves? i think not. everyone is so diverse now that generalized labeling is quite naive and a reflection of a simpleton snowflake.

  • Andew Tarjanyi
    Andew Tarjanyi 26 days ago

    This argument is well articulated and correct, however, if discourses and detailed studies of that period wrongly referred to as "The Holocaust" then it is disingenuous and without meaning or substance.

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith 26 days ago

    Shapiro 2020?

  • Niugini Ice
    Niugini Ice 27 days ago

    Shapiro is the balance for America, get him in the Oval Office

  • Vyse Arcadia
    Vyse Arcadia 27 days ago

    Ms. Plaskett and anyone like her, minority or otherwise, that believes in "White Privilege" are complete assinine dumbasses that need to be re-educated. Because they've been brainwashed into this idea that white people get extra benefits. Where was my god damn affirmative action as a white man to get into universities and colleges? I did get any special treatment like a minority and if we get right down to it, there are more evidence of "Black" or "Minority" privilege than there EVER will be for whites. Fuck any of you that thinks otherwise. You should be ashamed of yourselves in believing in it.

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    It is precisely the people that are not gay that made anti gay legislation. It is precisely people that were not catholic that had wars against the catholics-- and not just muslims... This is what Freud called the narcissism of small differences. It is precisely people that are not black that made racist legislation that negatively affected black people. It is precisely men that oppressed and still oppress women--for thousands of years now. It is precisely the people that have no experience with a given sort of people or person that make laws and rules, guidelines and motivations of thought which negatively affect these people, because they lack the fundamental ability of empathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because someone can form a logical argument against something, which SEEMS to be logical, doesn't mean anything... This is just ridiculous, unconscious, arguments from authority, specifically relating to orthodox, analytical philosophy where a person starts with a belief and just goes to extremely lengthy extents to prove this fundamentally presupposed opinion! I mean, come on! Ben went to law school! He is a fucking lawyer... Ben Shapiro is a circumlocutive piece of trash, just like all lawyers... Especially lawyers! ... Not to mention Jewish.

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    I think at the root of it all Ben is uncertain about and uncomfortable about his own beliefs, and feels offended himself, and he uses all of this insane amount of rhetoric and verbiage, probably, as an unconscious defense mechanism--specifically projection and reaction formation.

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    Ben Shapiro... You don't debate. You accuse people of wrongdoings just like the people you criticize. You are a massive hypocrite and a disgrace to rational discourse.

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    CRAVEN?! What! Ben Shapiro!? Oh thou liveth by the sword?! YEAH RIGHT!

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    It is not a matter of free speech... It is a matter, more importantly, of people coercing others and brainwashing others to act in accordance with their thoughts in order to push certain political agendas... WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT BEN SHAPIRO DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Flaming Philosopher

    You DON'T have free speech at a university... There are specific locations at a university where you can express free speech to the greatest extent... because it is often disruptive and harmful to the daily life of students.

  • Chris Wylie
    Chris Wylie 27 days ago

    Agree with alot except Shapiro frequently and convienently uses his Jewish heritage to clearly identify with victimhood, while denying the non Jewish victims of the Holocaust, such as non Jewish Poles, any black person(in particular mulattos of German black descent who Hitler claimed a disgrace to German heritage), Jehovas witnesses, homosexuals, social democrats, trade union leaders and on and on. Yes Jews suffered atrocities. But how about America during this war dropping two atomic bombs, killing thousands of innocent Japanese citizens and then throwing Japanese Americans in the US in concentration camps with no charges? Jewish people have enjoyed a monopoly on victimhood for political and economic reasons and for a guy so against the culture of victimhood privilege, he shouldn't drop the Jew card so much.

  • Karen wv
    Karen wv 27 days ago

    Exactly Mr desantis

  • Karen wv
    Karen wv 27 days ago

    They actually told him he could not enter to just watch and listen to speakers there. If he tried they would arrest him. But yet they don't arrest people who are setting fires, turning over vehicles, rioting on campus, but someone who wants to go and hear a speech he is threatened arrest. The world is upside down, inside out, what's right is wrong what's wrong is right. Thanks you far leftest demons

  • Karen wv
    Karen wv 27 days ago

    Yes I seen that video

  • Karen wv
    Karen wv 27 days ago

    This man is like a walking fact machine amazing no uhm uh or anything just straight forward and FACTS

  • Karen wv
    Karen wv 27 days ago

    The best way to show the left or right is to take them with you UNANNOUNCED let them see first hand. But doubt they will go UNANNOUNCED because they won't be able to stage their photo op

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos 28 days ago

    I'm pro-left, and this guy is a legend. What a genius. (Not american left, in my country we don't have this problem, yet...Maybe because the left is more or less in the middle, in the USA I wouldn't be left because it's as radicalized as the right.)

  • Ray Gauthier
    Ray Gauthier 29 days ago

    Its just common sense

  • corporal1107
    corporal1107 Month ago

    The left feared lost of control and when it happen they have resorted to destroying the very concepts that elected their past candidates. Logic reveals intention no matter how deceptive. The result will be a departure most will not accept was possible 20 years ago. A Country with no real identity.

  • Burning Scribbles
    Burning Scribbles Month ago

    Ms. Plaskett is full of crap

  • Vevay1961
    Vevay1961 Month ago

    Shapiro is smarter than ALL Democrats combined. But then so is everyone else that isn't a Democrat.

  • Buck Robertson
    Buck Robertson Month ago

    I am with you E. Cox

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar Month ago

    i don't know whats going on, but it seems west's diversity power backfiring more.

  • yougosukmynuts
    yougosukmynuts Month ago

    Absolute insanity that this even has to be discussed. It's so Orwellian.

  • marcel cormier
    marcel cormier Month ago

    Ben for president

  • Christian Morriswilliams

    It's like just about everybody here in Florida that thought one thing about or current governor but he went beyond what any political party thought so far. Remember I am a Democrat but I am loving out Florida governor right now on everything he has done so far.

  • Christian Morriswilliams

    What is funny is that I am a mixed race person ( black/white). I am a Democrat but I agree with Ben on just about everything he said. Well everything he says.

  • BadOmen
    BadOmen Month ago

    It really bothers me that the black woman on the panel has the unbelievable nerve assert her idea that she believes in white privilege. How does she imagine she got where she is? Luck? Maybe it was affirmative action which inherently is a program specifically designed to be biased in favor of black people regardless of qualifications. Hmm.. kinda sounds like a black privilege to me. We don't hear massive complaints toward people to check their black privilege do we? Interesting....

  • Matt O'Dowd
    Matt O'Dowd Month ago

    Institutionalized Fascism

  • Mark Owen
    Mark Owen Month ago

    Shapiro is a smart dude

  • Deplorable Me
    Deplorable Me Month ago +1

    Plaskett is clearly a racist, hate baiter. How sad a person of her character is in her position.

  • Shymen O, Roeds
    Shymen O, Roeds Month ago

    Play the whole thing

  • tammy davis
    tammy davis Month ago

    Is there another video? It's just cuts off like the Sopranos lol

  • Coneman3
    Coneman3 Month ago

    Only in USA could Ben Shapiro come across as intelligent. USA has such a low level of public debate and a culture of idiocy. Ben's logic is kindergarten level, he appears to win arguments simply because he reduces everything to an unrealistically simplistic level. He is only superficially impressive but anyone with any real intelligence can see through him.
    Free market capitalism model only works in theory, by advocating it you only allow rich to screw poor more and make society more dysfunctional. I look forward to the day 'idiots' like Ben are proven wrong and ignored.

  • Big White
    Big White Month ago

    It took the black woman 2 seconds to say white privilege