reacting to first time using ghoul trooper... (old fortnite)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • reacting to first time using ghoul trooper... (old fortnite)
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    Today, I react to me using the og ghoul trooper in fortnite back in old fortnite!!! SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay, and leave a LIKE for more Fortnite Funny Moments!
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  • Randumb
    Randumb  5 months ago +1686

    that is all.
    jk use code dumb

  • Ian Bain
    Ian Bain 16 days ago

    Your funny🥶

  • Jacob Florendo
    Jacob Florendo 22 days ago

    I would watch your old videos because its still game play of fortnite and i ❤️fortnite

  • Ben Guppy
    Ben Guppy 29 days ago

    Use code random

  • radyatha arka
    radyatha arka Month ago


  • ToXiiC Editz
    ToXiiC Editz Month ago

    20th April 2019 - Randum; "100,000 likes"
    3 months later: - everyone else; 79,000 likes

  • FaZe Zylon ‘_’
    FaZe Zylon ‘_’ Month ago

    Your boated in those days mate your insane

  • Charlie Hope
    Charlie Hope Month ago

    He's talking to himself again

  • Vado of Legend
    Vado of Legend Month ago


  • Vado of Legend
    Vado of Legend Month ago


  • James Howland
    James Howland Month ago


  • Cindy Hayes
    Cindy Hayes Month ago

    Sniper pro

  • Yes Sir
    Yes Sir Month ago

    Back in the og time there was no snipe meter it just said you sniped someone

  • Daber Kidy
    Daber Kidy Month ago

    If randumb wants a like he can get it

  • ツOptix
    ツOptix Month ago

    It never get 100,000 likes

  • Clorox Blеach
    Clorox Blеach Month ago

    3:10 you couldn't see distance till way later you bot

  • Empire CrownmanYT
    Empire CrownmanYT Month ago

    At least he’s honest

  • Moon_Sharrk
    Moon_Sharrk Month ago

    Sub 2 me for cookie

  • toxic Taki
    toxic Taki Month ago +1

    Your old self is better than me now

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda Month ago

    Random you saying old tilted I don’t think there was a tilitled during this time

  • Nate Castano
    Nate Castano Month ago

    I read ur lips u said year

  • sparkyy
    sparkyy Month ago


  • Aidan Hernandez
    Aidan Hernandez Month ago

    Randumb try saying something but he he instead says "OMG" THE OLD (INSERT THING HERE)"

  • Claire Glanville
    Claire Glanville Month ago


  • Ebombs
    Ebombs Month ago

    8:11 that wasn’t in the game yet

  • Heheheh Hehe
    Heheheh Hehe Month ago

    Instead of goofy goober it’s default doogers

  • Whyme 00F
    Whyme 00F Month ago

    Dont bee dum use Kode dumb

  • Mr. Cowboy 100
    Mr. Cowboy 100 Month ago

    His name was still Red_Randumb

  • Manny Morales
    Manny Morales Month ago

    PC Players = Gods. Defaults on all platforms = ultra tryhard. Console players = mostly decent (Can be pro). Mobile players = same as console level.

  • trustyy
    trustyy Month ago

    OMG THE OLD TRAP OH MY GOD. Randumb is going crazy over og traps. AliA intro

  • Jackson Rowland
    Jackson Rowland Month ago

    Luv ur vids bro!!

  • Ed Henry
    Ed Henry 2 months ago

    It is my birthday

  • Jimmy Duplessis
    Jimmy Duplessis 2 months ago

    When he said I wish I could see the meters on the snipe.... you couldn’t back then they added that later

  • Jacobus Hill
    Jacobus Hill 2 months ago

    Hey randumb aren’t you a bit old for voice cracks😂

  • Wholesome. Sol
    Wholesome. Sol 2 months ago


  • Wholesome. Sol
    Wholesome. Sol 2 months ago


  • Thiện Nhân Ngô
    Thiện Nhân Ngô 2 months ago

    Anyone in 2019

  • ExplorationLiteGaming
    ExplorationLiteGaming 2 months ago +1

    RIP real defaults 2017-2019

  • Toggy T
    Toggy T 2 months ago

    There wasn’t meters from snipers in season 1...

  • Toggy T
    Toggy T 2 months ago

    Rdumb there’s no tilted in season 1 ...... this game is in season 1 ..... it was added in season 2

  • Ghost wolf
    Ghost wolf 2 months ago

    Can I friend you randum

  • SrgtKayden
    SrgtKayden 2 months ago

    At like 8:15 ur like I wish I could see the meters but I blocked it off there was no meter count

  • TDS Flux
    TDS Flux 2 months ago

    Omg trap omg burst omg music omg omg omg😐

  • vZefyx
    vZefyx 2 months ago

    U look so different
    Anyone one to checkout my Montage I'm making a new one today or tomorrow B-)

  • NetherKeeper
    NetherKeeper 2 months ago


  • Elygames 01
    Elygames 01 2 months ago

    So beast in sniping OMG

  • Lucas Mendoza
    Lucas Mendoza 2 months ago

    There was no meters it just said red randumb sniped _______

  • Black Panda
    Black Panda 2 months ago

    Why do u talk so much

  • c4c_g4m3r 0_0
    c4c_g4m3r 0_0 2 months ago

    #roadto2mil good work

  • Jsj010 YT
    Jsj010 YT 2 months ago +2

    So colourful lol thank god I grew up with black ops and modern warefare

    WRÆTH 2 months ago

    Anyone here from 3976

  • SirdiFNM
    SirdiFNM 2 months ago

    Nice creator code intro

  • Goofy cheetah076
    Goofy cheetah076 2 months ago


  • Tyrese Manuel
    Tyrese Manuel 2 months ago


  • Wyatt Nass
    Wyatt Nass 2 months ago

    may you play with fans?

  • yaboi
    yaboi 2 months ago


  • Rewindz
    Rewindz 2 months ago +1

    Randumb: I wish I went tilted
    Fortnite back then: tilted wasn't a thing

  • CrAzE NoVa
    CrAzE NoVa 2 months ago

    use code:T-Series

  • ashley davis
    ashley davis 2 months ago


  • duckymaxiduck xox
    duckymaxiduck xox 2 months ago +1

    Like this if you’re older than 4