Tottenham Hotspur vs Olympiacos (4-2) | UEFA Champions League Highlights

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
  • After falling two-nil down after 20-minutes, Spurs rallied in the second half with a Harry Kane brace sending them into the last 16.
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  • Tronci
    Tronci 10 days ago

    Ball boy at 4:12 knew what he was doing

  • Fero
    Fero 11 days ago

    This should Spurs new lineup in 4-2-3-1:

    GK - A Quick Ball Boy
    LB - A Quick Ball Boy
    LCB - A Quick Ball Boy
    RCB - A Quick Ball Boy
    RB - A Quick Ball Boy
    LDM - A Quick Ball Boy
    RDM - A Quick Ball Boy
    LM - A Quick Ball Boy
    CAM - A Quick Ball Boy
    RM - A Quick Ball Boy
    ST - A Quick Ball Boy

  • Will Brown
    Will Brown 11 days ago

    What a game

  • J TheGamer
    J TheGamer 19 days ago +1

    Meanwhile spurs' weakness is defending and mourinhos best tactic is a DEFENDING tactic

  • Divya Sebastian
    Divya Sebastian 29 days ago

    Assist ball boy goal hary Kane

  • Krishna Bajaj
    Krishna Bajaj Month ago

    Everyone is crediting the ball boy but I think aurier deserves a bit of praise coz he could have thrown it backwards

  • Sam Woollard
    Sam Woollard Month ago

    What a comeback

  • don't be dumb
    don't be dumb Month ago

    Play 6:55 at 0.25x speed

  • MrJaynash
    MrJaynash Month ago

    Can’t stand Jose but respect to him for appreciating the efforts from the ballboy

  • Sam Pepper
    Sam Pepper Month ago +1

    @1:40 Harry Kane.exe has stopped working



    BABATUNDE EH Month ago

    5:18 the olypiacaos player has been shot lol

  • Michael Brock
    Michael Brock Month ago +1

    Tottenham got gift wrapped a couple of goals.

  • Masoom Ahmed
    Masoom Ahmed Month ago +2

    Who is here after the ballboy got invited for dinner at Tottenham?

  • M. A. G Happy New Year 2020!

    Big Huge Win For Jose For His New PL Club In An Champions League!

  • Tony Dalston
    Tony Dalston Month ago

    Spurs are getting stronger & stronger- Jose is definitely the special 1

  • Husein Djelilov
    Husein Djelilov Month ago

    where is Lloris ?

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 Month ago

    Tottenham 1-2 3:12
    Tottenham 2-2 4:16
    Tottenham 3-2 5:37
    Tottenham 4-2 6:39

  • Sufyan Mohammed
    Sufyan Mohammed Month ago +1

    Kane didn’t even. Touch the int. he last goal

    JACK ROBINSON Month ago

    Come on man u

  • Nathaniel Roberts
    Nathaniel Roberts Month ago

    4:11 ballboy

  • Frasier 88
    Frasier 88 Month ago

    Tottenham line up = 😀😁😂🤣😃😛😆😃🤣😁😀
    Arsewipe line up = 🥺🤡🤢🤮🤪🥴😳😩😭☹🥱

  • Crypto Crusader
    Crypto Crusader Month ago

    The big question is how long can they keep Kane

  • Nicola Davis
    Nicola Davis Month ago

    Q. ..c. C. C. C. C

  • VC YT
    VC YT Month ago

    King Kane was like a Trojan horse to the Greek team :-)

  • McBain WoW
    McBain WoW Month ago

    Ballboy should get an assist for that 😂

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago +1

    4:10 how was that not given as a foul?

  • my dog baily
    my dog baily Month ago

    how many times has he got to be sacked before the penny drops.

    MrTJKTV Month ago

    That ball boy is so intelligent wtf :) 2-2 Tottenham win 4-2 gg

  • Pi7on -
    Pi7on - Month ago

    Mourinho all of a sudden turned me into a Spurs fan...

  • Jpts13
    Jpts13 Month ago

    Still doubt him but hope I’m proven wrong

  • Sonaldo is King
    Sonaldo is King Month ago

    Arsenal 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Harvey MacDiarmid
    Harvey MacDiarmid Month ago


  • Harvey MacDiarmid
    Harvey MacDiarmid Month ago

    I’m surprised Jermaine Jenas isn’t living up Alli’s arse

  • Harvey MacDiarmid
    Harvey MacDiarmid Month ago

    Well done Mourinho 3rd time lucky maybe?

  • Craig Jarrett
    Craig Jarrett Month ago

    New boss syndrome

  • RamizianVlogs
    RamizianVlogs Month ago

    Mourinho is basically footballs Santa clause because he goes to different clubs and the clubs present is a trophy

  • Ironflag Tim
    Ironflag Tim Month ago


  • Alban
    Alban Month ago

    Eriksen’s fire has re ignited now. Must be something about Jose but he looks like he cares about Spurs again

  • I V
    I V Month ago

    Kane is different class.

  • Dmdmug
    Dmdmug Month ago

    Whoever scored the 1st goal reminds me of ronaldinho

  • 320speed
    320speed Month ago +1

    Jose is overrated.

  • Jbs Byrne
    Jbs Byrne Month ago

    Eric-son in past with most proberbility hit the free kick in the back of the net.

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat Month ago +11

    Who's watching this in bed 2019


  • david robert
    david robert Month ago

    Love the way Mourinho is literally playing all Spurs attacking players at the same time. It seems like he just wants to go all out attack. Also Kane best striker in the world.

  • Blades Man
    Blades Man Month ago

    Well done spurs hope u do well this season,quality team now with Jose at the helm.

    • Frasier 88
      Frasier 88 Month ago

      and well done reaching the premiership, sheffield look like a team that mean's business 😲

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Month ago

    Divey Alli

  • Dylan Fowler
    Dylan Fowler Month ago

    When the Special one can turn 11 players turn into 12! COYS!!

  • Charlie Slack
    Charlie Slack Month ago

    The person who created the second goal was the ball boy

  • Robin Arden
    Robin Arden Month ago

    Leaky defence : 2 games, 4 goals

  • Fatona Oladimeji
    Fatona Oladimeji Month ago

    No 1 on trending for three days!

  • Kostas Tzirakis
    Kostas Tzirakis Month ago

    Nobody referred about the 2nd goal of Tottenham should be disallowed because Aurier touches the line when he does the throw in

  • Heartbreak Kid
    Heartbreak Kid Month ago +1

    I like how certain footballers think they can get away from kicking someone like that. I am a Arsenal fan but that is so uncalled.

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  • Matte Matte
    Matte Matte Month ago

    Olympiakos fans are better than every fan club in England.

  • james nog
    james nog Month ago

    Ball boy deserves a medal for that quick throw in.

  • tas adam
    tas adam Month ago

    3:21 What he tryna do fight god for missing the ball? clumsy 🤣

  • Zen Cropper
    Zen Cropper Month ago

    How did Tottenham get away with the foul leading to the second goal?

    SMS IMPULSE Month ago

    What’s Roy Keane saying now??

  • Cesar Foltran
    Cesar Foltran Month ago

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