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Joyner Lucas - Look Alive (Remix)


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  • Big Thief Sweaty
    Big Thief Sweaty Hour ago

    Showed this to my cat

    Now he’s a fucking lion

  • Taylar Gilchrest
    Taylar Gilchrest 4 hours ago

    #508 all on my side ❤❤❤

  • bosstown bullys
    bosstown bullys 4 hours ago

    Joyner please drop some new shit! Got me stressing for some real rap!! I can only play your old stuff so many times

  • Nathan Clemons
    Nathan Clemons 12 hours ago

    Sicker than a Strep y’all know bout that microbiology 😂💯

  • Soulja Boy Tell 'em
    Soulja Boy Tell 'em 14 hours ago

    He and Drake should collab where he's on the verse and Drake's on the hook.

  • _Duds
    _Duds 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or does joyner kinda sound like gambino?

  • Kevin Mckenzie
    Kevin Mckenzie 14 hours ago


  • MOTIV-8-U
    MOTIV-8-U 14 hours ago

    Holy shit you are the master of word play. Smart bars are what will make you a legend.

  • Kyle Giering
    Kyle Giering 16 hours ago

    Joyner nd russ next up

  • Hotbox Comedy
    Hotbox Comedy 19 hours ago

    i laughed so hard at "i ain't got no fucking job."

  • chris schultheis
    chris schultheis 22 hours ago

    Shout out to the 5 GREATEST rappers of all time!!!
    DYLAN DYAN DYLAN DYLAN AND DYAN! Cuz he spit hot fire!!

  • Steve Garza
    Steve Garza 22 hours ago

    Bars for days.🔥💯💪🏼

  • Mauro Silva
    Mauro Silva 23 hours ago

    Pusha thanos and the incredible Joyner have both handed L's to drake. He's paralyzed again like in his Degrassi days so now he can't even stand up for himself

  • adrian santiago
    adrian santiago 23 hours ago


  • Luaan
    Luaan Day ago

    better than original

  • Alexander Gonzo
    Alexander Gonzo Day ago

    straight...............HEAT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Uncle 'DeeJayy BHIsraelite

    Wow thats personal...

  • UnforgivenRiven
    UnforgivenRiven Day ago

    The beginning sounds kinda like Ksi's little boy song.

  • Reuben Elkins
    Reuben Elkins Day ago

    i just came so fuching hard

  • Aaron Q
    Aaron Q Day ago

    Say God exist in rap... now rewind that shit back

  • Shamrock Lee
    Shamrock Lee Day ago

    Hands down the best rapper alive! Joyner went to #1 on my fav rapper list from the very first song. Rap was seriously dying until Joyner came

  • Randy derochie
    Randy derochie Day ago

    I really dig these animated videos joyner does... I wonder what software he uses?

  • Bob Suares
    Bob Suares Day ago

    I showed this to my sleeping dog....

    He starting nodding his head

    Then he woke up and wagged his tail

  • Malakai Harris
    Malakai Harris Day ago

    We do 6ix 9ine like Tekashi!!!!⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • Mr. JoKeR
    Mr. JoKeR Day ago

    "this is my band im dylan" lol very true cuz he spit hot fire

  • Angel C
    Angel C 2 days ago

    Best remix bro noone can beet this remix nigga

  • Ariel Orpeltz
    Ariel Orpeltz 2 days ago

    Sounds like logic

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 2 days ago

    I think my gun gotta crush on you you about to meet your secret admirer

  • Gabe Lopez
    Gabe Lopez 2 days ago

    This sounds way better the original

  • Terence Sheppard
    Terence Sheppard 2 days ago

    There hasn't been a day yet I haven't bumped this..👀💥💥💥

    MMVXII 2 days ago

    #JoynerSeason is in full effect 🔥

  • DoeBoy313 313
    DoeBoy313 313 2 days ago

    So fast😱😱💯⚠🚫🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Wild Gamer
    Wild Gamer 2 days ago

    Not taking away from the fact that this is straight fire R.I.P xxxtentacion joyner and the only rappers I liked and I will miss x but as long as joyner is alive in good

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 days ago

    The 7.4k people that disliked were drake fans

  • Bryson Baird
    Bryson Baird 3 days ago

    I listened to this for like 1 hour a day when it first came out

  • Bryson Baird
    Bryson Baird 3 days ago +1

    This song makes me want to fold the dishes and clean the clothes😂👌🏻

  • JBiNN
    JBiNN 3 days ago

    I was at that concert lol upfront all night jammin out. Shit was fucking fire.

  • YoungSani 04
    YoungSani 04 3 days ago

    Even tho he said some illuminati shit I still fw him 💯

  • Koco Edits
    Koco Edits 3 days ago +1

    Rip x

  • VoidableNibba
    VoidableNibba 3 days ago

    I swear i heard a naruto reference

  • Kaan Beskardes
    Kaan Beskardes 3 days ago

    This is so good.

  • zed s
    zed s 3 days ago

    Every remix I can never listen to the original song again

  • Nisha x
    Nisha x 3 days ago

    Why dislike

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 3 days ago

    Well damn..... 🔥AF

  • Wolfie Dxv
    Wolfie Dxv 3 days ago

    Why isn't this on Spotify?

  • King Savage
    King Savage 3 days ago

    “I think my gun gotta crush on you, you’re about to meet your secret admirer” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • raj loronzo
    raj loronzo 3 days ago

    Yeah make the original fire drop .

  • 30Logan20
    30Logan20 3 days ago

    I showed this to drake

    now he's fake

  • Thegetergaming Ps4 edition

    I live in Memphis

  • JCO
    JCO 3 days ago

    Still haven't heard the original lol

  • crentain
    crentain 3 days ago

    Everytime i hear this beat on the radio i get mad cause its drake and not him

  • robert darnell
    robert darnell 3 days ago

    He does to other people’s beats what lil Wayne used to do to other people’s beats

  • Nathan26 Bundle7
    Nathan26 Bundle7 4 days ago

    This is so fucking ass lmao

  • marrisa fagundes
    marrisa fagundes 4 days ago

    Are you roasting drake

  • DrakonPlayz
    DrakonPlayz 4 days ago

    I lost my soul in the first 20 seconds

  • Da CookieGod
    Da CookieGod 4 days ago

    whoever animated this. needs *A LOT* of work.

  • Lewis Rose
    Lewis Rose 4 days ago +2

    Shown this to my teacher

    Now I’m teaching the class

  • WolfIe Playz
    WolfIe Playz 4 days ago

    Just.... fire

  • C D
    C D 4 days ago +1

    Came here because my heater broke

  • Kabo Canty
    Kabo Canty 4 days ago +1

    This is what the sun was listening to when it was created

  • Lucas Costa
    Lucas Costa 4 days ago


  • Sam Newman
    Sam Newman 4 days ago

    AMAZING TRACK!! Please check out MY NEW SINGLE KARMA! on my page!! show me some love and support! spread the love people

  • jordan hellawell
    jordan hellawell 4 days ago

    I showed this to England football club....

    They actually won the world cup! 🔥

  • Pyrex Tv
    Pyrex Tv 5 days ago +1

    All you a lie
    Nigga, I ain't ever been a "yes" man
    All you gonna die, you can get murdered on webcam
    I don't get tired; sweat through a headband
    You might look alive, that's 'cause you don't really know you a dead man
    [Verse 1]
    This is God's plan, someone stop me
    I've been sent here from Illuminati
    Evil scriptures written on my body
    Me and Satan pull up in a red Ferrari
    Don't be trying to put your fucking arm around me
    44 shots traumatizin' from the .45, hit 44 more
    Carbon copies say you kamikazes
    That's for e'rybody
    Mama, Poppy
    Sister, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Auntie
    This is not Versace, this is hot hibachi
    This is Hiroshima, this is Nagasaki
    I'm Mahatma Gandhi, a fucking humanoid Anunnaki
    With plenty hammers when I'm riding shotty
    Better use your manners when you talk about me
    Ain't too hard to find me
    I've been killing niggas, still ain't nothin' left though
    Joyner Lucas sicker than a strep throat
    Spanish bitch that wanna give me besos
    They must've forgot I was next up
    Speed out your crib right after I clean out your shit and then put All of your fucking money in a escrow
    Fuck what you saying, I'm not the one that you play with
    I think they really mistaken, I wasn't next up?
    You thought wrong and you all gone, all done
    I just might bring back Don Juan, I just might bring back Sean John
    Tell P Diddy that I'm on one
    I'ma beat it down with a Du-Rag
    Pussy ate out, that's a PopCon
    If I don't fuck with you, that's too bad (god damn)
    Ho, you played out like the thong song
    Ain't no bygones being bygones
    I should murder niggas when I buy guns
    Ho, you get stretched like Nylon
    This is my band, I'm Dylon
    All I wanna do is just drop bombs on you cheerleadin' niggas with the pom-poms
    My Jamaica bitch got socks on, every time I hit it she be like, "wagwan"
    Peter Piper picked a pepper, and I picked the pressure
    Pick a fight, I pick a side, I put you on a stretcher
    Peter Piper picked up a nine, I put it together
    Started poppin' at the people, they 'bout to meet the Beretta
    Better meet the metal, I'ma need a Fujita to measure
    Put you deeper than what's deep of the sea of the desert
    I've been scheming while I'm creeping, like fifty feet to the Jetta
    Niggas speed and hit the pedal, put my feet in the metal, god damn!
    508 all on my side, they gon' ride, they gon' ride
    Nigga, this a homicide, oh my god, oh my god
    I said I was gon' retire, bitch I lied, bitch I lied
    I ain't got no fucking job, this my life, this my, wait-
    [Verse 2]
    All of y'all wishy and washy
    All y'all my kids in a car seat
    I take my dime to hibachi, we do 69 like Tekashi
    Lyin' in the sand, too much time in your hands, I think I need to find you a hobby
    God got a plan, hope that God hold your hand, I think I'm 'bout to catch me a body!
    Tell all my teachers that I said I'm back on my G shit and I'm coming back to get even
    I went on tour and got paid, now I'm back in the region, I let off this mac for no reason
    You are now witnessing greatness, I'm practically preaching and this is the passion of Jesus
    And all you basic motherfuckas are lacking achievement, and I've just been laughing and geekin'
    Back to business, I got mad intentions, I ain't perfect, I done made some bad decisions
    But it's competition, I'm a savage winning
    You can have the digits, I'm a mathematician
    I don't see you niggas, I've been lacking vision
    You've been acting different, I've been acting distant
    I'ma do some shit to bring me mad attention
    You gon' do some shit that send me back to prison, whoa!
    This is uncomfortable, you just keep putting your feet in a fire
    I think my gun got a crush on you, boy, you 'bout to meet your secret admirer
    How you do shit you don't wanna do? I do that shit just to keep me inspired
    I used to hit it and leave when I wanted to, now I hit it and be sleepin' inside her, woo
    Roll up on 'em when I pull up on 'em, put that motherfucking smoke up on 'em with that holy water
    Joyner Lucas, I'm a holy mona leader motor runnin'
    Man, too many niggas know about it, but I thought about it
    Prayed about it to the Lord about it in the morning, but I gotta show 'em what it's all about and I'ma call 'em out
    I ain't that nigga you could talk about, you better calm it down
    Don't be tryna give me the runaround, I'ma shut 'em down god damn, wait
    508 all on my side, they gon' ride, they gon' ride
    Nigga this a homicide, oh my god, oh my god
    I said I was gon' retire, bitch I lied, bitch I lied
    I ain't got no fucking job, this my life, this my
    [Verse 3]
    This is God's plan, someone stop me
    I was sent here from Illuminati
    Evil scriptures written on my body
    Me and Satan pull up in a red Buggati
    Don't be tryna put your fucking arm around me
    Bring the drama, it ain't hard to find me
    This a lucid dream, this a out-of-body
    UFO flying while I'm riding shotty
    I'm a ninja, pull up on a Kawasaki
    187 on the cops behind me
    This is Hiroshima, this is Nagasaki
    I'm Mahatma Gandhi in a Maserati, god damn
    Now call me Papi
    Plenty hammers when I'm riding shotty
    Better use your manners when you talk about me
    It ain't hard to find me, motherfucker
    My name Joyner

  • ValkurionFTW
    ValkurionFTW 5 days ago

    Joyner killing this one ..

  • Anthony Norcott
    Anthony Norcott 5 days ago

    bruh i like never comment but this shit honestly so lit, joyner better be top chart at some point. boi got bars for days. been a fan for a minute happy to see the dude getting recognized!

  • Desk Spawn
    Desk Spawn 6 days ago

    All the dislikes are just salty logic fans haha

  • Henrikson Samuelson
    Henrikson Samuelson 6 days ago

    Joyne Spitting fire in all his songs... Fire!

  • The Final Killcam
    The Final Killcam 6 days ago

    That Peter piper shit was unreal

  • Ricky Lewis
    Ricky Lewis 6 days ago

    Check out 10 year old dancing to this it's dope 🔥 don't forget to hit that like if you watch the video

  • Shaun Rampat
    Shaun Rampat 6 days ago

    Damn he go in

  • Stacey Ohh
    Stacey Ohh 6 days ago

    Wait 2:32-2:38 !😂

  • JT The Clicker
    JT The Clicker 6 days ago

    I listened to both versions, I do not know if it would be bias because I like Joyner but his version is better than Drake's. Drake is a great artist himself though no lie, but Joyner got this one lmao

  • Solo Pee
    Solo Pee 6 days ago

    They sleep on THIS MAN..

  • Chau Dylan
    Chau Dylan 6 days ago

    Joyner + Xxxtectacion = Fire

  • wavyvision
    wavyvision 6 days ago

    “Me and Satan pull up in a red rarri” buy back your soul

  • Kyree Robinson
    Kyree Robinson 6 days ago

    Only better then the original bc of bloc boy

  • Eden Hernandez
    Eden Hernandez 6 days ago

    First 30 seconds has more lyricism than most new rap songs

  • Me Jay
    Me Jay 7 days ago

    Finally some real raw rap yes! Makes me wanna punch a hole through a wall and smile about it😁

  • Brayden Bishop
    Brayden Bishop 7 days ago

    “This is Hiroshima, this is Nagasaki” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ali Khalil
    Ali Khalil 7 days ago

    new fan up in this byooootch!!

  • Tylin Jay
    Tylin Jay 7 days ago

    Every time I hear the original version, I rap these lyrics. LIT ASF

  • Kyla Davis
    Kyla Davis 7 days ago

    Wtf is up with all these "showed this to ur mom" comments? Like y'all really got no lives sitting up here posting dumb shit for likes?? And half y'all be loving the shit out of illiterate ass comments "posted this to for your mim" (147 thumbs up)**

  • dreadlock LOSKI
    dreadlock LOSKI 7 days ago

    Dope af

  • liam saunders
    liam saunders 7 days ago

    This is so much better than the original

  • Big Bear
    Big Bear 7 days ago


  • livesofthefreemasons
    livesofthefreemasons 7 days ago +1

    Fuck Logic, he still riding that "I'm white and can rap" wave. We get it - you're mixed. If he was black and had the same songs he'd be irrelevant as fuck.

    • Kabo Canty
      Kabo Canty 4 days ago

      livesofthefreemasons kinda faxxx

    CRAIGMACMANE 7 days ago

    Hold up, this dude is LITTTTTT , every time thoo

    CRAIGMACMANE 7 days ago


  • patrick eli
    patrick eli 7 days ago

    your a fucking faget that should stop rapping

  • Omar bennett
    Omar bennett 8 days ago


  • Eric Jefferson
    Eric Jefferson 8 days ago

    I find myself coming here everyday

  • Ben Hitchcock
    Ben Hitchcock 8 days ago

    He needs to stop steeling everyones songs😂😂 to good

  • Devin Banks
    Devin Banks 8 days ago

    Ehh Drakes version is better

  • elaine papoulakos
    elaine papoulakos 8 days ago

    U killed it at union stage...but shit, u been killing it 😁😍

    JUS FRANTIC 8 days ago

    Don’t like how he went to far about logic and jess breaking up but still bars

  • Magik Curry
    Magik Curry 8 days ago +1

    " I think my gun has a crush on you, you about to meet your secret admirer", oml I'm fucking done

  • A 1
    A 1 8 days ago

    Who else was here for the first song

  • Patrick Debriere
    Patrick Debriere 8 days ago

    My dream house is in a ass

  • Patrick Debriere
    Patrick Debriere 8 days ago

    Do u say penus or dick I say both lol. Do u say pussy or virgina