Shane Burgos thinks he would match up well with champion Max Holloway | UFC 244 | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • UFC featherweight Shane Burgos speaks with ESPN MMA's Brett Okamoto after Burgos' TKO win over Makwan Amirkani at UFC 244. Burgos discusses what he thought he did well throughout the fight and says he thinks him and featherweight champion Max Holloway would match up well.
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Comments • 91

  • The Handicrapped Stain

    I like this dude, his fight against Kattar was looking quite good until that punch to the temple, continued with uppercut. Overall this dude is good and entertaining.

  • Liam Scope
    Liam Scope Month ago

    It’s good for him that he got to fight on the best card there’s ever been but if he was on any other card apart from the Usman vs Colby card he would of got a lot more recognition cos there would of been less amazing fights

  • Daniel McElroy
    Daniel McElroy Month ago +1

    Shane the type of guy to talk in a perpetual state of Fast Forward.

  • Fastfoward prospects

    Dude is on something😂 Twitching like a meth head!

  • Jules D
    Jules D Month ago +1

    Usada test this fool and figure out what stimulants he’s on....... he better not have an exception to take something...... he’s clearly taking more than the recommended dose, dude sounds like he’s been doing lines of adderall right before the interview

  • Kay Saint Pierre
    Kay Saint Pierre Month ago +3

    He talks like DJ haha

  • jamil salim
    jamil salim Month ago +1

    Get off amphetamines bud

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago +2

      jamil salim right? It’s so clear this dude is on something, every time I’ve seen his interviews it’s clear he’s on adhd meds

  • Da GingerBread Mane
    Da GingerBread Mane Month ago +4

    Adderall should be classified a performance enhancing drug

    • artiew87
      artiew87 Month ago

      @Jules D loser, this is right after he won the fight. he's excited and unless you're an apathetic, mentally challenged sloth, you might talk fast too in a situation like this.

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago +1

      He’s taking to much medicine if he has adhd, he shouldn’t be that hyped up, either way he’s abusing meds and it’s helping his performance, he will 10000000% get in trouble in the future for abusing his meds, normal people do not talk like this, I can’t even think of another fighter that talks 50% as fast as him.

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago

      Da GingerBread Mane I noticed it in his pre fight interview last fight, has nothing to do with being hyped he talks like this all the time, and if he had adhd then he wouldn’t be talking a million miles a minute, if you have adhd and take adhd medicine it doesn’t make you hyper, it makes you feel” normal” because your replacing the missing chemicals in your Brain that lead to adhd, the reason why it acts like a stimulant for people without adhd is because your adding double the amount of “chemicals” in your brain, so in other words if you have adhd taking adhd medicine isn’t gonna make you act like he is acting,

    • Da GingerBread Mane
      Da GingerBread Mane Month ago

      @Jules D yeah.. I know that he is probably hyped from that big win.. and he may have adhd, but that doesn't seem normal to talk like that.. and cbd works for adhd as well.. and isnt as dangerous

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago

      Da GingerBread Mane this dudes clearly on something. Anyone saying otherwise is dumb..... people don’t natural talk like they have been doing massive amounts of coke all day

  • sahib singh
    sahib singh Month ago +2

    Phenomal performance but max lives in DEEP water I’d chill on that

  • ok
    ok Month ago

    isnt this guy kind of gigantic for a featherweight?

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago

      ok yep and he’s on stimulants......

  • Andy M
    Andy M Month ago +1

    Great fight Shane, talk about beast mode!👊👊👊

  • Jared John
    Jared John Month ago +19

    They all say they can beat max until they are in there with him 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jofar Glotanin
      Jofar Glotanin Month ago

      @Jared John Max nutrider?

    • Jared John
      Jared John Month ago

      McSkillet Ortega fan😂?

    • McSkillet
      McSkillet Month ago

      Jared John Stop prending like Max is invincible when he lost the fight before his last one, and you didn’t mention anything about featherweight

    • Jared John
      Jared John Month ago +2

      McSkillet help me out was that at featherweight it lightweight?...

    • McSkillet
      McSkillet Month ago

      Didn’t Dustin beat Max recently?

  • TheProdigy-NL-
    TheProdigy-NL- Month ago

    Great fighter ! Cant wait to see him fight again !

  • Fruttmaster
    Fruttmaster Month ago +4

    Wow slow down Shane. You barely broke into the top 10. Now it's just about to get interesting

  • arizona tea
    arizona tea Month ago

    Sounds like walker fans yesterday.....

  • Joseph Martins
    Joseph Martins Month ago +3

    I fear this guy. That beating was too violent. Was watching with one eye closed

  • Philip Hernandez
    Philip Hernandez Month ago

    Its because hes Puerto Rican

  • Jules D
    Jules D Month ago +4

    Dudes on adderral no doubt

  • ReT iCeZz
    ReT iCeZz Month ago

    Humble like it👍

  • P JB
    P JB Month ago


  • Cameron J
    Cameron J Month ago +7

    Johnny Walker got walked 😂

    • Viva Palestina !
      Viva Palestina ! Month ago

      no Johnny walker just was served two bottles of Johny Walkers.

  • Das Right
    Das Right Month ago

    Shane STFU. You're not even nowhete near the level of Max. You need to put in more work before you can even mention Maxs name.

  • Oxbig 951
    Oxbig 951 Month ago +1

    why the dislikes tho

    • Jack H
      Jack H Month ago

      Oxbig 951 hr has bad teeth

    • Hunain H
      Hunain H Month ago

      Must be SBG (conor's gym) fanboys.

  • Ajin Sato
    Ajin Sato Month ago +4

    Idk about Max. Max definitely would've finished his opponent alot sooner than he did. He might have the cardio but Max throws in high volume. 100 punches to the head from will make you think otherwise.

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores Month ago

      carlDJS Lol yeah that’s why Holloway pulled out of 226 for cutting too much weight.
      The guy couldn’t even cut weight to LW for the Khabib dight

    • carlDJS
      carlDJS Month ago

      @Eduardo Flores His own size? It was pretty clear that Poirier is a much bigger person than Max is, and Dustin has already stated that he sometimes thinks about moving up to WW because he's growing out of his frame. As tall as Max may be for FW, that does not mean he's big enough for LW.

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores Month ago

      Ajin Sato yep

    • Ajin Sato
      Ajin Sato Month ago

      @Eduardo Flores By who? Dustin Poirier?

    • Eduardo Flores
      Eduardo Flores Month ago

      Ajin Sato Max got whooped when he fought a guy his own size

  • Windmill cancer survivor ?windmill

    Everybody under coach K. Runs out of ⛽️😭😭😭😭

    • JustAdo
      JustAdo Month ago

      @really real Dang I guess him as a coach got highly overrated thanks to Conor.

    • really real
      really real Month ago

      @JustAdo philps won by ko but had lost his last 2 or 3 id say he was about to get cut so he got lucky hes a big slugger. also the canadian who won the ultinate fighter has lost his last 2 under jk. very bad run

    • Rorojam Yotkm
      Rorojam Yotkm Month ago

      JustAdo Dillon Dannis, James Gallagher

    • Andy M
      Andy M Month ago +1

      Not looking good for SBG at the moment for sure

    • JustAdo
      JustAdo Month ago

      Has any fighter of his won any big fights this year?
      Cuz even Nelson lost twice this year.

  • siilky johnson
    siilky johnson Month ago +19

    Killer mentality dude

  • angrytacos
    angrytacos Month ago

    dont know about that

    DJ BLACK SHADOW Month ago +12

    Corey Anderson killed ur boy Jhonny walker 😂😂😂 where all his fans now 🖕😂

      DJ BLACK SHADOW Month ago

      @rxx do you believe now he's not the one 😎

    • rxx
      rxx Month ago

      Im here

    • Billy Jean
      Billy Jean Month ago

      l l_l Evil Knivel l_l l I think everyone is a walker fan it’s Just they didn’t buy the Hype and dislike his bandwagon fans, not walker himself

    • l l_l Evil Knivel l_l l
      l l_l Evil Knivel l_l l Month ago +11

      Idk why the hate on Walker after this he started 5 years ago has self confidence and is humble but now that he lost fuckem right? I dont get it

  • Nick Maihofer
    Nick Maihofer Month ago +17

    He is as fast with his fists as he is with that talk! By all means, Shane Burgos! That is a compliment! Nice work!

    • Jules D
      Jules D Month ago

      Nick Maihofer lets wait for him to popp for adderall...... he’s clearly on meds that make him talk that fast

  • David Andronico
    David Andronico Month ago +15

    Big future for Shane!

  • totuuden torvi
    totuuden torvi Month ago +14

    Gg burgos has nice fighting style. Makwan start great but Burgos are different level today!

  • matthew mcdermott
    matthew mcdermott Month ago +3

    It was a GREAT fight, thanks for the show my man!!

  • MrRemixV3
    MrRemixV3 Month ago +29

    Jesus he talks fast

    • All Gucci Drip
      All Gucci Drip Month ago

      He doesn’t even sound like a NYer, especially a Bronx guy

    • Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur Month ago

      It's his brain. His mind is very fast, faster than the average man. His work in the octagon is a reflection of that

    • Philip Hernandez
      Philip Hernandez Month ago +1

      Its because hes Puertorican

    • OG Jin Bling
      OG Jin Bling Month ago

      Hahaha. Yeah he's 2X speed. Lots of New Yorkers do but he's extreme.

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana Month ago +6

    He would have to improve his defence against Holloway but if he can utilise that power and stamina then anyone is a good match-up for him!

  • Gang Member
    Gang Member Month ago +39

    Kevin lee just killed Gregor!!

    • Frank Possible
      Frank Possible Month ago +2

      Viva Palestina ! And we saw holes in Kevin’s chest.

    • Viva Palestina !
      Viva Palestina ! Month ago +2

      Kevin saw holes in Gregors game

    • Daniil Fetisov
      Daniil Fetisov Month ago +6

      At least he could hang out with Askren😴

    • Mystic Mac
      Mystic Mac Month ago +6

      I felt him tap. -Gregor

    • Turbo S
      Turbo S Month ago +6

      Gang Member glad he went to tristar

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax Month ago +13

    Kevin Lee with the big knock out, head kick to the dome and Gelespies lights went out

  • ltr 450 Rider
    ltr 450 Rider Month ago

    Future champ

  • Skin Tasty
    Skin Tasty Month ago +1