Trump says he's "draining the swamp," but is he?

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • President Trump promises he will "drain the swamp" if he's reelected, but many of his appointees have lobbying or corporate ties. CBS News White House reporter Kathryn Watson joined CBSN to discuss the president's promise.
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Comments • 343

  • Teddy Preston
    Teddy Preston Day ago

    Draining the swamp would be useless because all the putrid is coming from the top!

  • lisa brygger
    lisa brygger 20 days ago

    It does seem the swamp is trumps people

  • Joachim Buch
    Joachim Buch 27 days ago

    CBS = Fake News. Go broke.

  • Maxwell Morgan
    Maxwell Morgan Month ago

    Dirty deeds aren't cheap.

    It is good when the truth of dirt no longer works. Now instead of covering over the truth, we the people who back the justified are digging it up. The Democrats repeated attempts to control President Trump has left them spinning on their swampy stump. They don't care about how dirty they look any more, and the Lord knows that they are up to their ears in mud and poop. Of all the crimes they have tried to pin on Trump, a phone call that can be seen as wrong, and or appropriate is what they settled on. They know they have lost already, because this is how children act when they know they are wrong, but want you to think they are right still. Now for the whole of this year, it will be the same crap coming from the Democrat side. Only when we boot them out or have a civil war will we get our America back the way she should be, and that is a God fearing nation that shows the Heavens all do respect. So, on that note I say to you good folks. Heck no, you ain't gonna take over my country again just so you can kick us around, and crap on us on a daily. Keep up the good work Mr. President, because we Christians are counting on the good Lord to fix things by way of you. Yes my friend, that means that you are a chosen one, but don't let it go to your head, because it can. ;) Later!

  • Y Y
    Y Y Month ago

    translation: The covfefe spirits and living are not powerful enough,m so sole drain the
    W HITE
    A NGLO
    M ALE

  • James Emmenecker Sr.

    He's coming for you too

  • Ray Doe
    Ray Doe Month ago

    Mr Trump is guilty of the genocide that is currently taking place among the kurdish people in Syria.

  • hottpoker
    hottpoker Month ago

    He meant WIDENING the swamp.

  • hottpoker
    hottpoker Month ago

    He can't drain the swamp, Trump's Mr. Corruption. The whole world knows it.
    He's such a disgrace.

  • Craig
    Craig Month ago

    Trump wins 2020

  • Real'gold 4 sure
    Real'gold 4 sure 2 months ago

    Draining the swamp" and turning it' into the poison tree.

  • r r
    r r 2 months ago

    so if you were a lobbiest you cant work in goverment anymore?

  • B bo
    B bo 2 months ago

    Not only has he not drained the swamp, he’s now filling, has filled, all the great consumer protection agencies with former lobbyists. Men and women who had sued the agencies as lobbyists just months before are now in charge. Coal mining lobbyists now running the epa. For profit k-12 lobbyist now secretary of education. Interior dept. now run by lobbyist who had sued the agency to build bigger dams.
    What part of truth do maga people not understand? Are they clueless or just plain stupid?

  • Heritage Karma
    Heritage Karma 3 months ago

    See who Epsteins girlfriend is telling on.......all democrats with BIG names......

  • charles foltz
    charles foltz 4 months ago +1

    Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king. -Dylan

  • jeffs Fx
    jeffs Fx 4 months ago +2

    The storm is here.
    Epstein arrest is the beginning

  • Roland Syyles
    Roland Syyles 4 months ago +1

    Donald J. Trump as... *_"SWAMP THING!"_*

  • dakrontu
    dakrontu 5 months ago

    Trump is only draining the swamp to make room for his own swamp creatures.

  • Wolves Can Dance 2
    Wolves Can Dance 2 5 months ago


  • Virginia B. Britton
    Virginia B. Britton 5 months ago

    The swamp is now an inland sea , and it is polluted.

  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry 5 months ago +1

    nowadays the white house is in damage control!

  • Water Maker
    Water Maker 5 months ago

    Putting lobbiest in leadership positions is hardly draining the swamp. Trump is more corrupt than any administration in history.

  • steven mcclelland
    steven mcclelland 5 months ago +1

    no, he is loading the swamp...not getting usa out of wars he promised also...B.SHIRT...

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 5 months ago

    HeyTrump Zombies.... Hope Hicks and Manafort have the dirt on this orange thing... its only a matter of time before they sing.... prepare yourselves...

  • Hamilton Jet Sport Association

    Absolutely,stay tuned

  • gladys
    gladys 5 months ago

    This administration is the most corrupt in the history of politics. Using Air Force one for a trip to Hawaii by his cabinet, and buying an office table for $12,000 by another cabinet, etc. Now who has the swamp now.

  • Sheryl Whauwhau
    Sheryl Whauwhau 5 months ago

    Rewarded the swamp with big tax cuts. How stupid can some people be, supporting this clown.

  • Stuart WARD
    Stuart WARD 5 months ago

    Donald Trump is a genius. He promised to 'drain the swamp' and he is doing it. He is using a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel. He hires / appoints Swamp Monsters, they get investigated, charged, prosecuted and jailed. Job done. Don't tell me this is anything but un-adult-aerated genius...

  • jade foshee
    jade foshee 5 months ago

    trump and his administration is the swamp.

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown 5 months ago

    Ryan Upchurch

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago

    Trump is the creature from the black lagoon. A. K. A. The gillman. That's why he isn't worried about air pollution! 🐸🐍🐸🐍🐸🐍🐊🐊🐊

  • stephen davis
    stephen davis 5 months ago +2

    He IS the swamp. IMAX theatre don't project as much as the Orange Scourge does. Unreal.

  • Dan Jorgensen
    Dan Jorgensen 5 months ago +1

    Drain the swamp? Where did you find swamp creatures Bolton, Pompeo and Abram Levinson? Trump has the swamp hiding under his toupee

  • joel repp
    joel repp 5 months ago

    No. FDJT

  • Pat Byrne
    Pat Byrne 5 months ago +7

    He’s offering swamp water cocktails to his adoring fans. Different koolaid.

  • brenda poole
    brenda poole 5 months ago +3

    FAKE----FAKE-----Fake news as always, nice to see you guys stick to what you are good at.

  • Jason Jensen
    Jason Jensen 5 months ago

    When he made his first Cabinet appointment of Rex Tillerson of Exxon, nothing could have been Swampier, other than every move he's made before or after, including having been a 30 year Base for Democratic Political Corruption, while other folks exactly like Trump still are. Supporting any Corporate Democrat, such as Biden, is NO Different than Voting For Trump. Same Outcomes, guaranteed. Fighting Climate Change? Fracking Democrats are EVEN WORSE than the scumbag criminals Drilling. The correct answer is Nobody who takes Corporate Funding, ever. Or, you're for the Corruption, yourself.

  • CaptRon817
    CaptRon817 5 months ago

    I can only imagine the U.S. if the libtards put one of their idiots in office!! Folks, should remember an old saying, " nothing is free" and if a dembo gets elected you will find this out big time!!

  • Erick Smith
    Erick Smith 5 months ago +1

    I failed at "Trying Not To Laugh"

  • Politically Factual
    Politically Factual 5 months ago +5

    Fake news CBS. People are waking up from your democrat bs reporting, unfortunately for you.

  • Caustic Caucasian
    Caustic Caucasian 5 months ago +6

    Mmmm, propaganda from the mouthpiece of the Swamp itself... weird.

  • Drew K
    Drew K 5 months ago +7

    Well Trump is an alligator, so if he 'drains the swamp' he'll have nothing left to go off of

    • Lei P
      Lei P Day ago

      Trump 2020. Drain the swamp 😎💪🇺🇸

  • Article Twelve
    Article Twelve 5 months ago

    I just feel bad for the young boy... imagine him thinking this is normal life...

  • Take madik
    Take madik 5 months ago

    Why tf would you want to drain the swamp

  • Andromeda451
    Andromeda451 5 months ago +3

    I can't wait for the horror of MR. Trump's second term. The snowflakes will melt and maybe some celebs that promised to leave last time WILL this time.

    • RMK
      RMK 5 months ago

      @MyEyesBled like last time?????

    • MyEyesBled
      MyEyesBled 5 months ago +3


  • unity love
    unity love 5 months ago

    trump is the swamp!

  • Kevin McClintock
    Kevin McClintock 5 months ago +4

    CNN claims they are "unbiased and fair," but are they?

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen 5 months ago

      Can Monopolies, such as the 5 entities who own 90% of all Media, be created without complicit Corruption from the Government they buy in both corrupt parties? It's 100% Corrupt.

  • David Powell
    David Powell 5 months ago

    You really don't have to ask yourself such a stupid question. It would be like saying "can humans breathe underwater?". That would a NO by the way - although the Trump supporters would likely swear you can if Fox News says so.

  • Julesmo
    Julesmo 5 months ago +3

    His draining technique is very similar to Hitler. Same style of racism as well.

    • David Barney
      David Barney 5 months ago

      This might be the dumbest thing I'll read all day.

  • Barbara Augustin
    Barbara Augustin 5 months ago +10

    Draining the Swamp 🤣but he is the swamp 🤣

  • Justyn Mychael
    Justyn Mychael 5 months ago

    Iran must be backfilling said swamp.

  • Jeffness Stuff
    Jeffness Stuff 5 months ago

    Destroying the Democrat's. I'd say yes !

  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 5 months ago +6

    Haaa the only swamp that's been draining is the trash in his own crew, jailed, resigned, fired. Pffft

  • Tom Voke
    Tom Voke 5 months ago +1

    tRump IS the swamp.

  • Mary Mccarson
    Mary Mccarson 5 months ago

    leave it to fake news to ditch on the President no matter what he does .....he's using the smartest and most experienced people he finds .....I say more power to him ....

  • qazyman
    qazyman 5 months ago

    He's draining your viewership too. CBS is fake news.

    • Rose Phoenix
      Rose Phoenix 5 months ago

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      PS I am handicapped space buff language and less half of a responsibility that what's going on everywhere on United States of America on 50 states and specially for my wound to work because sometimes that in the future where something's going to happen of a negative impact you know but if you don't know then how you going to know in the future anyway is your choice that's the only thing it is is your choice and please be positive okay because you must have to understand very carefully if not the future is going to be something like very wrong and sometimes. What's going to happen next I need view of a choice place to understand very carefully okay

  • Vanya Monyaev
    Vanya Monyaev 5 months ago

    How much money did he use for supporters?

  • John Lee
    John Lee 5 months ago +1

    Swap Thing says what?

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens 5 months ago +1

    Willie Nelson for president 2020

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams 5 months ago

    Yeh. Draining it into the oval office.