Trump says he's "draining the swamp," but is he?

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • President Trump promises he will "drain the swamp" if he's reelected, but many of his appointees have lobbying or corporate ties. CBS News White House reporter Kathryn Watson joined CBSN to discuss the president's promise.
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Comments • 334

  • Mike Tittle
    Mike Tittle 8 hours ago

    The swamp is corrupt, immoral,, parasitic, anti-American Washington DC

  • jeffs Fx
    jeffs Fx 4 days ago

    The storm is here.
    Epstein arrest is the beginning

  • Roland Syyles
    Roland Syyles 11 days ago

    Donald J. Trump as... *_"SWAMP THING!"_*

  • dakrontu
    dakrontu 27 days ago

    Trump is only draining the swamp to make room for his own swamp creatures.

  • Wolves Can Dance 2
    Wolves Can Dance 2 Month ago


  • Virginia B. Britton

    The swamp is now an inland sea , and it is polluted.

  • Antione Berry
    Antione Berry Month ago

    nowadays the white house is in damage control!

  • Water Maker
    Water Maker Month ago

    Putting lobbiest in leadership positions is hardly draining the swamp. Trump is more corrupt than any administration in history.

  • steven mcclelland
    steven mcclelland Month ago +1

    no, he is loading the swamp...not getting usa out of wars he promised also...B.SHIRT...

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled Month ago

    HeyTrump Zombies.... Hope Hicks and Manafort have the dirt on this orange thing... its only a matter of time before they sing.... prepare yourselves...

  • Hamilton Jet Sport Association

    Absolutely,stay tuned

  • gladys
    gladys Month ago

    This administration is the most corrupt in the history of politics. Using Air Force one for a trip to Hawaii by his cabinet, and buying an office table for $12,000 by another cabinet, etc. Now who has the swamp now.

  • Sheryl Whauwhau
    Sheryl Whauwhau Month ago

    Rewarded the swamp with big tax cuts. How stupid can some people be, supporting this clown.

  • Stuart WARD
    Stuart WARD Month ago

    Donald Trump is a genius. He promised to 'drain the swamp' and he is doing it. He is using a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel. He hires / appoints Swamp Monsters, they get investigated, charged, prosecuted and jailed. Job done. Don't tell me this is anything but un-adult-aerated genius...

  • jade foshee
    jade foshee Month ago

    trump and his administration is the swamp.

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown Month ago

    Ryan Upchurch

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Trump is the creature from the black lagoon. A. K. A. The gillman. That's why he isn't worried about air pollution! ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ

  • stephen davis
    stephen davis Month ago +2

    He IS the swamp. IMAX theatre don't project as much as the Orange Scourge does. Unreal.

  • Dan Jorgensen
    Dan Jorgensen Month ago +1

    Drain the swamp? Where did you find swamp creatures Bolton, Pompeo and Abram Levinson? Trump has the swamp hiding under his toupee

  • joel repp
    joel repp Month ago

    No. FDJT

  • Pat Byrne
    Pat Byrne Month ago +5

    Heโ€™s offering swamp water cocktails to his adoring fans. Different koolaid.

  • brenda poole
    brenda poole Month ago +3

    FAKE----FAKE-----Fake news as always, nice to see you guys stick to what you are good at.

  • Jason Jensen
    Jason Jensen Month ago

    When he made his first Cabinet appointment of Rex Tillerson of Exxon, nothing could have been Swampier, other than every move he's made before or after, including having been a 30 year Base for Democratic Political Corruption, while other folks exactly like Trump still are. Supporting any Corporate Democrat, such as Biden, is NO Different than Voting For Trump. Same Outcomes, guaranteed. Fighting Climate Change? Fracking Democrats are EVEN WORSE than the scumbag criminals Drilling. The correct answer is Nobody who takes Corporate Funding, ever. Or, you're for the Corruption, yourself.

  • CaptRon817
    CaptRon817 Month ago

    I can only imagine the U.S. if the libtards put one of their idiots in office!! Folks, should remember an old saying, " nothing is free" and if a dembo gets elected you will find this out big time!!

  • Erick Smith
    Erick Smith Month ago +1

    I failed at "Trying Not To Laugh"

  • Politically Factual
    Politically Factual Month ago +5

    Fake news CBS. People are waking up from your democrat bs reporting, unfortunately for you.

  • Caustic Caucasian
    Caustic Caucasian Month ago +6

    Mmmm, propaganda from the mouthpiece of the Swamp itself... weird.

  • Drew K
    Drew K Month ago +4

    Well Trump is an alligator, so if he 'drains the swamp' he'll have nothing left to go off of

  • Article Twelve
    Article Twelve Month ago

    I just feel bad for the young boy... imagine him thinking this is normal life...

  • God Father
    God Father Month ago

    TRUMP 2020โœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • Caleb harris
    Caleb harris Month ago

    Why tf would you want to drain the swamp

  • Andromeda451
    Andromeda451 Month ago +3

    I can't wait for the horror of MR. Trump's second term. The snowflakes will melt and maybe some celebs that promised to leave last time WILL this time.

    • RMK
      RMK Month ago

      @MyEyesBled like last time?????

    • MyEyesBled
      MyEyesBled Month ago +3


  • unity love
    unity love Month ago

    trump is the swamp!

  • Kevin McClintock
    Kevin McClintock Month ago +4

    CNN claims they are "unbiased and fair," but are they?

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen Month ago

      Can Monopolies, such as the 5 entities who own 90% of all Media, be created without complicit Corruption from the Government they buy in both corrupt parties? It's 100% Corrupt.

  • David Powell
    David Powell Month ago

    You really don't have to ask yourself such a stupid question. It would be like saying "can humans breathe underwater?". That would a NO by the way - although the Trump supporters would likely swear you can if Fox News says so.

  • Julesmo
    Julesmo Month ago +3

    His draining technique is very similar to Hitler. Same style of racism as well.

    • David Barney
      David Barney Month ago

      This might be the dumbest thing I'll read all day.

  • Barbara Augustin
    Barbara Augustin Month ago +9

    Draining the Swamp ๐Ÿคฃbut he is the swamp ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Justyn Mychael
    Justyn Mychael Month ago

    Iran must be backfilling said swamp.

  • Jeffness Stuff
    Jeffness Stuff Month ago

    Destroying the Democrat's. I'd say yes !

  • adam forbes
    adam forbes Month ago +6

    Haaa the only swamp that's been draining is the trash in his own crew, jailed, resigned, fired. Pffft

  • Tom Voke
    Tom Voke Month ago +1

    tRump IS the swamp.

  • Mary Mccarson
    Mary Mccarson Month ago

    leave it to fake news to ditch on the President no matter what he does .....he's using the smartest and most experienced people he finds .....I say more power to him ....

  • qazyman
    qazyman Month ago

    He's draining your viewership too. CBS is fake news.

    • Rose Phoenix
      Rose Phoenix Month ago

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      PS I am handicapped space buff language and less half of a responsibility that what's going on everywhere on United States of America on 50 states and specially for my wound to work because sometimes that in the future where something's going to happen of a negative impact you know but if you don't know then how you going to know in the future anyway is your choice that's the only thing it is is your choice and please be positive okay because you must have to understand very carefully if not the future is going to be something like very wrong and sometimes. What's going to happen next I need view of a choice place to understand very carefully okay

  • Vanya Monyaev
    Vanya Monyaev Month ago

    How much money did he use for supporters?

  • John Lee
    John Lee Month ago +1

    Swap Thing says what?

  • Slim Pickens
    Slim Pickens Month ago +1

    Willie Nelson for president 2020

  • ElJefe45acp
    ElJefe45acp Month ago

    Cbs,liberals and the democratic socialist communist party are the enemies of this country

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams Month ago

    Yeh. Draining it into the oval office.

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams Month ago +2

    Trump is the biggest, nastiest frog in the swamp.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston Month ago +3

    Trump IS the swamp. he is the gunky hairball that clogs the pipe and collects all the sewage and crap that follows.

  • jimmy nee
    jimmy nee Month ago +1

    if you are still draining the swamp, what has taken you so long? wasn't that one of your 2016 campaign slogans? you need to come up with something new, that people have not heard before otherwise, its your 39% all the way and good bye trump, hello Biden 2020, hello Warren 2020, Hello Booker 2020. You trail all your opponents now!

  • ricardo alvee
    ricardo alvee Month ago

    Lol imbeciles know damn well he lied but precede to validate stupidity ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Kathleen Bush
    Kathleen Bush Month ago

    Good on draining of swamp as heโ€™s the biggest most criminal slime in America. Get out of country traitor trump.

  • Joseph Stine
    Joseph Stine Month ago +2

    he IS the swamp!

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke Month ago +1

    the luciferian cabal controls the whole gov., media, finance, military, and hollywood....these newscasters and trump are puppets

    • Slim Pickens
      Slim Pickens Month ago

      By luciferian you mean white people right

  • Gilly Babi
    Gilly Babi Month ago

    Trump likes $, no? lol.... If so, there's 0 chance he will drain the swamps, but to build his larger improved version of swamps.
    If you are to vote for a true leader that will end corruption, look for candidates with ZERO corporate or super PAC donation aka "dark money". We need to support grassroot campaign to end corruption...

  • Dead MooseMeat
    Dead MooseMeat Month ago +1

    CBS is: Next
    Hold my Joint

  • Stupid Paranoidflake
    Stupid Paranoidflake Month ago +11

    HAHAHHA Bullsh*t! He never drained the swamp, he just filled it with his own special brand of diarrhea.

  • Wonder Woman Smith
    Wonder Woman Smith Month ago

    God bless our beloved President Trump & his beautiful family. May the Lord Jesus Christ keep him safe from the anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan Jews & violent racist Negroes controlling MSM spewing out the garbage u hear & see 24/7. MAGA AGAIN! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • C Los
    C Los Month ago

    If your draining the swap why r u and all your family still there

    • Paul Borst
      Paul Borst Month ago

      Because they're not done yet.

  • Scott Richmond
    Scott Richmond Month ago +1

    It would be enough for me if he would just drown in it. Or have a stroke. Or choke on a Big Mac.

  • The vaping Polisher
    The vaping Polisher Month ago +1

    Yes and itโ€™s coming soon . Democrats will be going to prison aka gitmo.

  • Neka Nostalgia
    Neka Nostalgia Month ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ wait, they are the f****** swamp rats what do they mean!? Only thing draining is the Republicans whokeep resigning or getting fired. STFU with the BS POS fake president! Deaf and blind followers!!

  • Gold Clap
    Gold Clap Month ago

    For how long

  • Lori Kanz
    Lori Kanz Month ago +1

    Wow. This is deja vu reporting. He said he's draining the swamp, the morons at his rallies will chant whatever he says. The media take a close look to see that no, he is not draining the swamp. He is draining our country of resources and decency. This all happened and was reported on in 2016. It's not longer news. It's pitiful.

  • Dana Mcnatt
    Dana Mcnatt Month ago +1

    He's certified crazy.

  • A Crazy Canuck
    A Crazy Canuck Month ago +3

    hahah the dislike ratio.. You're the swamp CBS News!

  • Jerry M.C.
    Jerry M.C. Month ago

    He's done far more than any liberal ever did.

    • Aaron Munguia
      Aaron Munguia Month ago

      Still hasnโ€™t drained the swamp tho

    KiTT FOXXE Month ago +1

    The swamp has been draining it just there's some big huge Democratic clogs. They need to plunged out

  • Ronaldo Ebron Gojar

    Trump 2020!!!!

  • Matt Yeow
    Matt Yeow Month ago +1

    Is it still a question at this point? Not only did he NOT drain the swamp, he overfilled it with more garbage than ever. You'd have to be a special kind of stupid to still fall for this...

  • Goman
    Goman Month ago +3

    He's draining the swap that he created and there are many more swap creatures to go.

  • ChickenYouAte
    ChickenYouAte Month ago

    But what about shrek

  • Covfefe Hamberder
    Covfefe Hamberder Month ago +1

    Lol Of course he isnโ€™t. The swamp is overflowing and trump is the Swamp Thing himself.

  • Detroit Seeds
    Detroit Seeds Month ago

    Lobbyists were not the target of the "Swamp" insane idiology of leftist poloticians are. CBSN, CNN, MSNBC etc... are also on that list! Get ready, 4 more years of cleaning out the garbage...Its coming!

  • Norlin Kalamazoo
    Norlin Kalamazoo Month ago

    What delusional false narrative journalism. Yes the swamp/cesspool is being drained. Unlike the swamp, that has no use for truth, laws or the Constitution, the President's DOJ is bound by truth, laws and the Constitution on which or country was founded on.
    For justice to be served it will take time to build legitimate and lawful cases against the swamp creatures.
    Just so you know Kathryn, your fake news "discussion" is nothing more that a despicable left leaning hatchet job.

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow Month ago

    If their is a deep state its Christian talk radio.Their the one's wanting security all the time! Even though they already have all the guns!

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith Month ago

    fake news CBS and the liberal lie making complex known as the media ....lets be straight hes draining it of liberal idiots...thank god...

  • JJoe
    JJoe Month ago +16

    Imagine being part of the swamp and then criticizing the president for not draining you fast enough. ๐Ÿคก ๐ŸŒŽ

    • Covfefe Hamberder
      Covfefe Hamberder Month ago +2

      Lol Yeah, that makes sense. But youโ€™re right. Fascist see the free media as an enemy because it exposes them.

  • George Garcia
    George Garcia Month ago +4

    Yes,half his staff is gone.

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow Month ago

    Swamp, swamp.

  • Sue Q
    Sue Q Month ago +8

    his base is so brain dead they will believe anything he says , just look at all those fools cheering.

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen Month ago +2

      Almost as bad as those of my fellow Democrats who believe Corporate Funded Politicians have any ability or interest in doing what they pander to you.
      Imagine a whole group of people simply forgetting that Trump was a 30 year ally of Corrupt Politicians who took over the Democratic Party and copied every aspect of Reaganism, starting with Corporate Funding, Trickle Down Economics and War Mongering for Profiteers, while lying to your faces all those decades.... and YOU STILL DON'T GET IT? But they should? How about YOUR INTEGRITY????

  • SlowBrony
    SlowBrony Month ago +1

    But is he? Rly just be honest
    Its no....

  • Anon Omous
    Anon Omous Month ago

    if he's draining the swamp, show me the 'proof'... Otherwise, he's just another 'blowhard bullshitter'.

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino Month ago +2

    All his people got arrested and kicked out lol

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea Month ago +7

    Omg these trumptards will believe anything

    • Covfefe Hamberder
      Covfefe Hamberder Month ago

      gale cinque We donโ€™t need to think that. We see it clearly with our own eyes. Even the fat orange toad conman in Chief knows it. He said he could go out on the street and shoot someone in the face and not lose any supporters. He knows he has a thoroughly brainwashed base that he can take advantage.

    • gale cinque
      gale cinque Month ago

      Keep thinking that.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea Month ago +4

    No hes not. If he is why is mitch mcconell still a senator

    • Hoehner Tim
      Hoehner Tim Month ago +1

      Hillary is still walking free too.

  • Facy Smith
    Facy Smith Month ago

    A Ugly green dress

    FLASHTRASH Month ago


    EDWARD BROWN Month ago

    What about Obama running all over the European nations and Kerry in Iran? They are still trying to manipulate these country's . I think this is treasonous and breaking the Logan law. They need put in jail before they start a world war which is there goal

  • Banfield Flyer
    Banfield Flyer Month ago

    The "swamp" are career politicians who are primarily interested in votes, not the country's best interests. The "swamp" is the perpetually biased media that are only looking for 'gotcha' moments, with reportage based only upon 'what if's' and 'could have's, but rarely, if ever, proven out with an "I told you so.'' The President has done a lot, but no one can do everything at once. The simple fact that "fake news" has become a term commonly used around the world, indicates exposure of the swamp; I even heard the Chinese Ambassador use it in an interview the other other day. Considering this channel, I expect some name calling if anyone replies. If that's the case, please add some depth to the conversation, not just shallow insults.

  • 5KindsOfSmoke
    5KindsOfSmoke Month ago +1

    Trump is working with the cards he has, but he's been draining the swamp for the last 2+ years.

    • 5KindsOfSmoke
      5KindsOfSmoke Month ago

      โ€‹@Raven Rodriguez If you have specific needs, please consider starting your own thread. There are people who will be happy to assist you!

    • Raven Rodriguez
      Raven Rodriguez Month ago

      Question: Who was part of the swamp before Trump got into office? Specific names please, since blanket statements is just foolish.
      Follow up question: How many people who left the swamp were put in there by Trump himself?

  • Doc Tom
    Doc Tom Month ago


  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago

    Trump is an abomination.

  • Pamela Melvin
    Pamela Melvin Month ago

    We already knew he was running for a 2nd term shortly after his inauguration in 2017. .he has been on the campaign trail since 2017 to keep feeding his followers more LIES. .the moran is FILLING UP THE SWAMP with more of his criminal buddies NOT DRAINING IT!!! Get a grip AMERICA!!!!

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese Month ago

    He is draining the swamp all the little creatures like CNN,MSNBC,CBS,COMEY,MUELLER,HILLARY,BRENNAN and all lower trolls are now able to be seen for the haters, liars,and communist traitors by the majority of greatful Americans to president Trump. So thank you Mr President I will vote for you again 4more years!!!

  • Nicholas Santos
    Nicholas Santos Month ago +3

    Really a swamp creature draining the swamp, be for real you thrive in it

    • Norlin Kalamazoo
      Norlin Kalamazoo Month ago

      What happened? Did crooked Hillery confess? I really doubt that. She has been lying for so long, she doesn't know what the truth is.

  • Alex Hennigh
    Alex Hennigh Month ago +3

    Those idiots probably dont even know what drain the swamp means.

  • Captain Danger
    Captain Danger Month ago

    While you CBS are MSM it is hard to think anything will happen unless we, the people, make it happen. We are being bamboozled by both sides. Everyday there is some report that justice is coming. There is enough to indict the likes of Clinton, Comey, and Obama right now and nothing is happening. We're getting a song and a dance. Too many swamp people are still entrenched in positions of authority and they will simply continue to sandbag until Trump is out of office, then he can say 'well, i tried. My time ran out.' It's why I will not be surprised if his loss is in the bag. The question becomes, 'when this happens, knowing what we know, what do we do about it?' There's no putting the lid back on the jar, the genie back in the bottle, what is known cannot again be unknown. Are we strong willed enough, as a people, to take action ourselves? I believe this has all been a test to see if we will and, thus far, we are failing. We talk the talk on social media but we don't walk the walk and yes I feel as culpable as everyone else but do not know what to do or how to do it.

  • Tim Parr
    Tim Parr Month ago +3

    I think he meant "I am the swamp". He's had the most pathetic cabinet and staff in history, failed to divest himself and profits off of foreign dignitaries.

    • Tim Parr
      Tim Parr Month ago

      @Hoehner Tim "I can do more when it's not an election year" is not colluding. The FBI is free to operate stings. No one said "listening is a crime". They are just showing his lack of intelligence and integrity. Trump Towers has hundreds of units that might be under surveillance for numerous reasons. That doesn't mean Obama knew. How DARE you speak of Obama lies when Trump can't go a frigging day without lying? 10,000 lies documented. He's a demon.

    • Covfefe Hamberder
      Covfefe Hamberder Month ago

      Hoehner Tim Your stupidity is sad, and amusing at the same time.

    • Hoehner Tim
      Hoehner Tim Month ago

      Trump was colluding with the Russians? According to the Mueller report the FBI was setting up meetings between Trump and the Russians but he turned down their offers. It's impossible to prove collusion when Trump said "no" to offers of help. That's in the Mueller report. At the moment the Dems are accusing him of "LISTENING" to the Russians. As if listening is a crime. The only time listening is illegally is when you're illegally wiretapping someone. That was Obama not Trump. Obama had the FBI lie to the FISA courts to get the warrants to do wiretaps. Remember when Obama said they hadn't tapped Trump Towers? He lied. PS. If collusion were a crime Obama would be in jail because he got caught on video and audio colluding with the Russians when he thought he wasn't being recorded.