Top 10 Fox Characters Coming to the MCU

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Because of the Disney Fox Merger, these Marvel Superheroes and Supervillains can finally come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this new influx of great Marvel Characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, who do you want to see join the MCU first?
    Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains:
    List Entries and Rank:
    #10: Annihilus
    #9: The Shi’ar
    #8: Doctor Doom
    #7: Super-Skrull
    #6: Magneto
    #5: Deadpool & the X-Force
    #4: Silver Surfer
    3, 2 & 1: ???
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  •  5 months ago +98

    With this new influx of great Marvel Characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, who do you want to see join the MCU first?

    • bontags harmone
      bontags harmone 4 months ago

      Xmen, i wanna see scarlet witch say "no more mutants" and kill them all.

    • BuckPack
      BuckPack 4 months ago +1

      @Molu 2011 xmen

    • Mr Secret
      Mr Secret 5 months ago

      Every last character in MCU :D

    • Jesse Sanchez
      Jesse Sanchez 5 months ago +2

      Storm - Hoping she shows up in Wakanda sometime. I think part of the reason the marriage was broken up was because of the split in the movie franchise. Now that they're back together. T'Challa and Ororo have a chance.
      Merger also means that Cap's shield might get reforged. Only made of Vibranium in the movies. Comics it's a composite of Vibranium and Adamantium.

    • Jose Ignacio
      Jose Ignacio 5 months ago +1

      Avengers vs Xmen. Civil War was the coolest MCU movie. Heros battling other heroes always better than some generic world conqueror.

  • Mocro Holleeder
    Mocro Holleeder 2 days ago +1

    Hulk wolverine and silver surfer made me an marvel fan

  • Korean MEMES Is nice

    Is the X-men version of quicksilver gonna join the mcu or????

  • super gamer boy
    super gamer boy 11 days ago

    Avengers Infinity war is not avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes 0:35

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh 14 days ago

    Blastaar, New Mutants, the Starjammers, X-Factor, Exiles, Excalibur, Captain Britain, Cable, Apocalypse, Legion, Shadow King, Onslaught

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy 18 days ago

    Excellent excellent picks.

  • Gamer 22207
    Gamer 22207 Month ago +1

    Quicksilver get revived

  • R Islomzoda
    R Islomzoda Month ago

    I hope Disney joins Deadpool to MCU without a reboot to his film series and without a change to the R rating.

  • Atomic Reaper
    Atomic Reaper 2 months ago

    Who Else is Ready for The X Men and The Fantastic To Join the MCU 😎🔥💯

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis 2 months ago

    Mr Sinister must appear

  • alien from other planet


  • Rip torn
    Rip torn 2 months ago

    Adderall in threat little nemo on hbo

  • Caraglla YT
    Caraglla YT 2 months ago

    2:24 afraid that won't happen

  • Scott Manns
    Scott Manns 2 months ago

    When the MCU bring the Xmen into their universe please give them their original Super Hero costumes!!!

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 3 months ago

    I want to see mcu make solo movies for evey xmen members like cyclops the movie also i wish logan fought during ww2

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 3 months ago +1

    Notice how skrulls and thanos have the same chin?

  • Kurt Bertumen
    Kurt Bertumen 3 months ago

    Thanks marvel studios you can make characters in the concept arts from any fox film that can make a reboot to pop culture og films. at least until Phase 4-5

  • Piccolo Nail
    Piccolo Nail 3 months ago

    Kinda don't want the Fantastic Four cause I mean , look at the movies.

  • Kath Bae
    Kath Bae 3 months ago

    Yeessss silver surferrr!

  • toxic anxiety
    toxic anxiety 3 months ago +1

    Spider-Man Far From Home?

  • Black ops ghost hacked
    Black ops ghost hacked 3 months ago

    Everyone read this comment, they will bring fox characters through what is happening with Spider-Man far from home, mysterio is from the multiverse

  • nicholas burrough
    nicholas burrough 3 months ago

    2:25 endgame oof

  • zackychan finacial
    zackychan finacial 3 months ago

    Tony is dead...

  • Liam McNicholas
    Liam McNicholas 3 months ago

    What a misleading name.

  • APM RonRon
    APM RonRon 3 months ago

    With this merger, I am really, really hoping Storm gets introduced in the MCU via Black Panther sequel and then have her do a stand-alone solo origin movie after that. THAT WOULD BE AWESOOOME! PLEASE MARVEL! MAKE IT HAPPEN. It would then be a nice way to introduce X-Men to the MCU

  • Pride trooper Jiren
    Pride trooper Jiren 3 months ago

    The fantastic four has been getting a lot of shit the past decade I think they need a comeback in the mcu

  • VKG
    VKG 3 months ago

    Why did you have to say "Tony Stark and Company" wtf man not cool

  • Lilly Dee
    Lilly Dee 3 months ago

    Well, there went my dream of the X-men finally being done right. Fox's X-Men SUCKS, (Hugh Jackman as Wolverine being the only good choice, otherwise the casting was totally wrong) Man I was really wanting a recast, and omg please no Channing Tatum as Gambit-yuck.

  • Sercroc
    Sercroc 3 months ago

    they better do apocalipse rght this time

  • Raven
    Raven 3 months ago

    Cool Crossover:Avengers,Guardians,X-men,X-force,Defenders,Inhumans,Fantastic Four,Runaways

  • GamingPro1003
    GamingPro1003 4 months ago

    For as much as I can’t wait to see all the different characters that’ll join, I’m equally interested in what ACTORS can and will join; I’d really like to see James McAvoy and Christoph Waltz

  • Red Art
    Red Art 4 months ago

    McAvoy would be great replacement for hugh as wolverine. I saw split and man does it feel like he was channeling his inner Logan in that movie when he turned beast

  • Bigibro
    Bigibro 4 months ago

    Man fantastic four, X-men and the silver surfer were my childhood

    KRIS TENGCO 4 months ago

    Well I dont know but same said that they well introduce the StarJammers in MCU Phase 5 with Silver Suffers and Galactus as villain.

  • Hoan Hot Ho
    Hoan Hot Ho 4 months ago

    I want deadpool and galactus in mcu

  • Swapneel Naidu
    Swapneel Naidu 4 months ago +1

    If this deal happened before endgame production began then instead of that quantum realm bullshit they would use deadpools time machine instead and the conflict would decrease way too much

  • VMHReflux
    VMHReflux 4 months ago

    #1: The Doctor. Source: Dr. Who

  • Eternal Panda
    Eternal Panda 4 months ago

    What about Deadpool?

  • Jose Cortez
    Jose Cortez 4 months ago

    All I care and know is that its too late for a House of M arc.

  • Shang Was Here
    Shang Was Here 4 months ago +1

    Scrows are not evil that was shown to us in captain marvel

  • Quiet Demon
    Quiet Demon 4 months ago

    I’m just glad the fantastic 4 can finally be given a high quality interpretation as we know the previous ones have been ... well ... you all know

  • jump bros 12
    jump bros 12 4 months ago +1

    Can't wait when deadpool and spiderman meet

  • Just a gamer 21
    Just a gamer 21 4 months ago

    If Disney makes deadpool or wolverine pg I'm gonna rage quit

  • Ujo Rage
    Ujo Rage 4 months ago

    I know Hepzibah is a bit of a furry like character but though she has a minium possibility of appearing in movies for possibly ever, I still need her.

  • Alexis Muñoz
    Alexis Muñoz 4 months ago

    When Deadpool comes in (I’m an idiot so I I’m not sure if they can actually do this) I hope he’s still played by Reynolds and Wolverine still by Hugh Jackman

  • Omar Soliman
    Omar Soliman 4 months ago

    Namor the Sub-Mariner

  • Lorenzo Soto
    Lorenzo Soto 4 months ago

    I need Deadpool in the next Avengers movie

  • crimsonstorm34
    crimsonstorm34 4 months ago

    I think the next big get together marvel movie should be "Secret Wars." Beyonder would be awesome to bring to the big screen.

  • Bill Holt
    Bill Holt 4 months ago

    Meh, i think you’re too over enthusiastic at this point...

  • Deadpool Gaming
    Deadpool Gaming 4 months ago

    I wonder if most the X-men are alive or got fingered by thanos

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah 4 months ago

    Regardless of how terrible, Fox did an amazing job with Silver Surfer, meaning MCU will try too hard to reinvent the wheel.

  • muhd shahriman
    muhd shahriman 4 months ago


  • BuckPack
    BuckPack 4 months ago

    Is this confirmed?

  • Kaye Dodwell
    Kaye Dodwell 4 months ago

    Bring The 2005 cast of the fantastic four to the MCU

  • Jesse Higgins
    Jesse Higgins 4 months ago +1

    Magneto has another daughter; Polaris: the Mistress of Magnetism!!!

    • Maria Fernanda Isturiz Barajas
      Maria Fernanda Isturiz Barajas 4 months ago

      I wonder if the MCU will change back Wanda and Pietro Maximoff's origins, if they're going back to being mutants again, the only downside of this is that Pietro is dead and he'd never have the chance of meeting his biological father if Magneto becomes Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's father again. I also wonder how will Polaris be introduced in the MCU and how will she and Wanda meet each other. I really hate that they killed Pietro off in Age of Ultron instead of keeping him alive, it doesn't help either that Vision is dead now too in Infinity War, meaning that Wanda lost everyone she deeply cares about.

  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik 4 months ago

    Galactus over Doom and Magneto? Please...

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 4 months ago

    Dorkly already proved that Magneto would be unstoppable in the MCU.

  • apl py
    apl py 4 months ago

    i only care about deadpool honestly, i would love to see him interact with the original avengers

  • Alireza Rajabi
    Alireza Rajabi 4 months ago

    Not completely, I was thinking of king pin.

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 4 months ago

    Their is no way deadpool is not gonna be in the MCU

  • stunner Makh
    stunner Makh 4 months ago

    I wanna see hulk and the thing arm wrestle

  • Fabien Aguiton
    Fabien Aguiton 4 months ago

    We don't need Deadpool.

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon Gonzalez 4 months ago

    This video reminded me of Ryan Reynolds' Instagram post. Deadpool & Spiderman movie. xD

  • Play Maker
    Play Maker 4 months ago

    Magneto joining the MCU be like
    Magneto joined the group*
    Iron Man left the group*
    Vision left the group*
    Black Panther left the group*
    Captain America left the group*
    Thor left the group*
    War Machine left the group*
    Black Widow left the group*
    Hawk eye left the group*
    Falcon left the group*
    Winter Soldier left the group*
    Thanos left the group*
    Magneto added Quick Silver*

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones 4 months ago

    Who else thinks Galactus will replace Thanos as the main mcu villian after endgame is done?

  • Roy Snook
    Roy Snook 4 months ago +1

    Doom should be higher on the list, definitely in front of superskrull

  • Asahel
    Asahel 4 months ago

    Wow Disney is unstopable

  • Tived Nagol
    Tived Nagol 4 months ago

    Imagine Deadpool pointing out how Chris Evans played both Johnny Storm and Captain America. I feel like that needs to happen.

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen 4 months ago

    Marvel NEEDS to make a movie with Old Man Logan AND The Punisher

  • JohnnyRocks7
    JohnnyRocks7 4 months ago

    I can’t wait for Bart Simpson in the MCU!

  • King_ Marcos
    King_ Marcos 4 months ago

    Nobody can replace Hugh jackman as wolverine. That’s just faxts. He was meant for that role

  • mm mm
    mm mm 4 months ago +1

    yeah time for X-Men and ff4 to join MCU. time for wolverine join avengers

  • mm mm
    mm mm 4 months ago

    cable and thanos need to meet

  • LaMar Finesse
    LaMar Finesse 4 months ago

    You guys had the balls to mention Mystique's name at the end lol. How dare you?

  • LaMar Finesse
    LaMar Finesse 4 months ago

    Dr. Magneto? Really? I don't have to see him on the big screen till 2032. I'm good, Fox did so much with him already. What's left?