Allosaurs Vs Everything! - The Isle

  • Published on Mar 27, 2016
  • Well it's time to try this dinosaur out and I have to admit maybe being one isn't too bad. But you literally have to kill everything, or it will kill you!
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  • Casey Kipf
    Casey Kipf 6 days ago +1

    When you were fighting the black t rex the group that killed you were apologizing in the chat lol they realized that you were real...

  • Flash The Notable
    Flash The Notable 16 days ago

    16:48 just why

  • Proto
    Proto 22 days ago +2

    11:24 "ain't no allosaur of mine" 😂

  • aidan almarines
    aidan almarines Month ago

    beavers a cannibal allo

  • lpsPrincesswolf
    lpsPrincesswolf Month ago

    its been 3 years im sure that those guys have seen the video by now and are screaming at themselfs "WHY DID I DO THAT I JUST KILLED A TheXvidR I AM NOW NAMED AND SHAMED WHY DID I NOT BELIEVE HIM I AM SO DUMB!!!!!!!"

  • Th1stl3 Wh1stl3
    Th1stl3 Wh1stl3 Month ago +1

    beaver: *eats allosaur*
    *Mins later*
    another allosaur: *eats allosaur*
    beaver: thats a traitor! it's eating it's own kind!

  • Silverslicer
    Silverslicer Month ago

    16:39 for the beginning clip.

  • Spinosaurus and suchomimus Channel

    I mean your so handsome😚😂

  • Spinosaurus and suchomimus Channel

    Beaver your do handsome😚

  • Fiedozinoraptor
    Fiedozinoraptor 4 months ago +1

    Did I just find Beavers' GIRLFRIEND ?!?!?!

    Don't know how awkward it must be, working for him when I'm older.
    Like, awkwardness at every Beaver-Wendy meeting.

    Also, I'm male.

  • Boombox
    Boombox 4 months ago +1

    Beaver: he ate his own kind kill him
    Beaver 3 minutes ago: can I eat my brethren

    KIMONI DUNCAN 4 months ago


  • Feather Song
    Feather Song 5 months ago

    Omg you are such a giggle bug. 😂

  • Lisa Oliver
    Lisa Oliver 5 months ago


  • Noble Puma
    Noble Puma 5 months ago +1

    they said beaver sorry in chat XD

  • Noble Puma
    Noble Puma 5 months ago +1

    Beaver: 2:32 eats his own kind. Calls another allo a trader for eating his own kind 11:09 XD

  • Kitten Fest
    Kitten Fest 6 months ago

    All of you t-bagging the blue T. rex XD

  • Luis Ledezma
    Luis Ledezma 7 months ago +1

    They go in big groups back then

  • Luis Ledezma
    Luis Ledezma 7 months ago +1

    Allow are Assholes

  • Tubby Tockley
    Tubby Tockley 9 months ago +1

    Zackasaur is my Dino name instead of Zac

  • wow really
    wow really 9 months ago

    trikes are dicks

  • the Phoenix
    the Phoenix 9 months ago

    Man guess they are feeling shamed and named on youtube

  • lui boi
    lui boi 9 months ago +1

    Whitney's laugh tho...

  • BlueLemon oo7
    BlueLemon oo7 9 months ago +2

    i miss the og the isle :C

  • David Rosenquist
    David Rosenquist 10 months ago


  • Kapten RedNeckZ
    Kapten RedNeckZ 10 months ago +1

    17:38 (Turkey heading to spawn lake) xDD

  • RaidenJohn Playz
    RaidenJohn Playz 10 months ago

    Hi Whitney I am a Filipino and a Cebuano

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos 10 months ago

    Why does Whitney get more kills than beaver ?😂😂

    • the Phoenix
      the Phoenix 6 months ago

      Lmao all beaver mostly does is run and look at his friends fight to the death againts a trex or a giga or somethin

  • Venom
    Venom 10 months ago

    also you don't know how allosaurs lived...

  • Venom
    Venom 10 months ago

    how can she sit there and not crack up laughing at your laugh...

  • NeonGaming Dino indo
    NeonGaming Dino indo 11 months ago

    Lol nice video I laughed at the intro xD

  • the pokemon are REALL pokemon

    Shame the prick

  • Boss Aslin
    Boss Aslin 11 months ago

    I hat that guy that killed you Im helping It be your mission

  • Punjy Pug
    Punjy Pug 11 months ago

    Gamingbeaver you are my fav TheXvidrs!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Patrick Willis
    Patrick Willis 11 months ago

    Why don't you start as a baby dinosaur to grow up I'm a see me of those videos in a long time your pal Patrick

  • Smile Dog
    Smile Dog 11 months ago +2


  • Skate Raptor 1
    Skate Raptor 1 11 months ago

    The last 1-4 of the game, you weren’t even involved you were spectating

  • Valentino Domingo


  • Grace and George
    Grace and George Year ago

    All my devices are subbed to u ( iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung TV, Sony TV, iPhone X, iPhone 8+, iPhone 7, PC

  • TTV Killerz
    TTV Killerz Year ago

    What a brick

  • Greg Riojas
    Greg Riojas Year ago

    He has jwtg I think like 364 videos

  • vasmcplays
    vasmcplays Year ago

    Anyone watching december 2018?

  • Aayush Patel
    Aayush Patel Year ago

    The allo who killed you will be hence for be called “the bad egg from the allo pack”

  • Kristin Sellers
    Kristin Sellers Year ago +1

    Wait is she ur wife ooooooorrr u said she's pretty and you said snuggle or something I forget what exactly you said buuuuuuuuut wut

    • the Phoenix
      the Phoenix 6 months ago

      They are boyfriend and girlfriend ,beaver got a girl and i am single LMAO

  • Mariela Martinez
    Mariela Martinez Year ago

    The allosaurus ate the allosaurus corpse and beaver assumed the allosaurus as a " traitor " yet beaver ate his own kind too

  • Diaper raptor
    Diaper raptor Year ago

    I hate that allo that killed you he's a meany

  • Mendy Kay Roberts

    You are the best youtuber

  • Foxy Roxy
    Foxy Roxy Year ago


  • bactiguy
    bactiguy Year ago +2

    Victory claimed in the name of the allosaurs but many deaths prevail in this world war I

  • Thegaming Aussie
    Thegaming Aussie Year ago

    Breaver next time u do the f1 joke after they kill u say dude it’s a joke damn it

  • john timmins
    john timmins Year ago

    that guy who thought you were fake is an idiot lol i just looked threw your video for argument sake 170 JW the game videos before u made this 1 lol i wouldn't have been able to remember that either. that guy should try to make too make over 200 videos try remember how many he has like lol Shammed on TheXvid i agree lol

  • Freya and James game

    can you make a video on how to install the isle

  • Usop Ar
    Usop Ar Year ago

    7:44 "there's something there that wasn't there before" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eva Skyla
    Eva Skyla Year ago

    Ok I am a big fan of you but you ate your own kind and then you judge somebody else been doing the same thing that you did 😑

  • Luis Alejandro López Carabaño

    11:07 to 11:13 you did it to

  • The Charming Gachatuber

    Umm. Im sory i thought u where fake. My bad

  • Kaleigh Sease
    Kaleigh Sease Year ago

    The girl who is playing with you

  • Kaleigh Sease
    Kaleigh Sease Year ago

    Who's that girl in the background

  • Frostbyte God Of All Dragons

    Your a wimp

  • D W
    D W Year ago

    Bever you are so cool shuot me out.