• Published on Mar 25, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 932

  • John Mcguinness
    John Mcguinness 3 hours ago

    i want you to turn into a whitch

  • Christina Delgado
    Christina Delgado 23 hours ago

    Become a witch

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Jenn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I would love to put together a shadow box for you for your Grandmas apron. If you have any recipes from her in her handwriting I would love to copy them and laminate it for inside the box. Let me know.

  • Jessica Sun
    Jessica Sun Day ago

    Plsssss become a witch! And check out harry potter if u havent yet and im sry for commenting late in this video, but i didnt have a device when u uploaded this so....

  • The world of stories

    You should have Terri come over and see the baby and see what the baby's future is again

  • Kayla Svegl
    Kayla Svegl 3 days ago

    Do a family tree video and see what happens

  • Emalee Schleiermacher

    Okay, Colleen looks absolutely GORGEOUS in this video. Not saying she doesn’t look gorgeous in all of them but she looks ESPECIALLY GREAT in this one 😍😍❤️❤️

  • Gacha may
    Gacha may 4 days ago


  • Mary Emel
    Mary Emel 4 days ago

    my great-great grandma the dark magic

  • Unicorn Queen Vlogs
    Unicorn Queen Vlogs 5 days ago

    Be come a witch I want to see some witchcraft

  • Flaming Cactus
    Flaming Cactus 6 days ago

    heeeeellll yeeeee i love this

  • Harris M
    Harris M 7 days ago

    Omg can you please tell Gabbie Hanna and gloom about terry so so Gabbie can talk to her grandma and kassie/gloom can talk to her sister

  • Tasha Mae
    Tasha Mae 7 days ago

    King Saul went to a seer or medium the witch of Endor maybe... (can’t remember specifics, it’s in one of the Samuel books) and she did summon a dead prophet. I agree with your mom for the most part and love how you had two different view points in your vid and it was still “good vibes only”. Best thing to do is pray for truth to be revealed and continue seeking, don’t jump into anything quickly, always test the spirits.

  • Owl jay
    Owl jay 8 days ago

    “If you guys want me to become a witch comment below” lmao yes do it the first step is to obtain a broom.

  • Autymn Beaubouef
    Autymn Beaubouef 8 days ago

    I want to see you become a witch

  • Mia Valles
    Mia Valles 9 days ago

    Please become a witch!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ASMR queens
    ASMR queens 9 days ago

    I want to talk to My dead relatives

  • FunctionalViolet
    FunctionalViolet 11 days ago

    Become a physic girl! Also, if it was a secret about Angelica or someone with an similar name did that secretly then your mom won’t know because she did it secretly.

  • Sophia Grace
    Sophia Grace 11 days ago +1

    How do people do this stuff??? Also, YYAAAAASSSS GURL BECOME A WITCH!! ❤️❤️

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez 12 days ago

    I stand this witchcraft/Physic ability

  • Angie Rapp
    Angie Rapp 12 days ago

    omg I am freaking out because my grandmas name is Angie/Angela and she is always reading books about witches and I just thought that I would share this crazy coincidence

  • Kerrianne
    Kerrianne 12 days ago

    I don't know what is true and what isn't. I just love learning things. I grew up in a very religious home, but it was also a home where I was allowed to explore and come to my own conclusions. Loved when your Mom said that as well. I have always found "spooky things" interesting.

  • Coco Playlist
    Coco Playlist 13 days ago +1

    I wish I could do this to contact my grandma

  • mlp fnaf
    mlp fnaf 13 days ago

    I really want you to use magic

  • mlp fnaf
    mlp fnaf 13 days ago

    Be a witch

  • GabbyPanda0008
    GabbyPanda0008 13 days ago

    WITCH WITCH WITCH! Also, I dunno what to believe. . .

  • Teresa Feltner
    Teresa Feltner 15 days ago

    I don't think your crazy to believe in psychics, I don't believe it's evil. But, you may want to do some family tree research, if possible.

  • Aracknorr
    Aracknorr 15 days ago

    Seriously research Wicca, literally anyone can be a witch. You may or may not have the the same abilities as her, still can be a witch!

  • Tristin Wright
    Tristin Wright 15 days ago +1

    I think this stuff is so interesting and I’ve been obsessed with magic my whole life and i believe in the physic and I think that it is possible that you are a witch and you should try it just to see what it’s like and if you don’t like it or don’t think it’s real then just say, “ Thank you next” 😂

  • Charlotte Vlogs and more

    I am a witch and dnt mess wit black magic but i am not daying u could or coildnt do it

  • Pandacorn_Playz
    Pandacorn_Playz 18 days ago


  • Jadin Graham
    Jadin Graham 22 days ago

    YaZaaaaaaaaaasssszssssssss qqquuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn

  • Daniel Bomb
    Daniel Bomb 23 days ago

    Omg it's really cool, haters back of btw :)

  • CookieGurl
    CookieGurl 23 days ago

    When she was talking to her mom and was cooing the baby she was like “are you bored your so cute” I was like “I.....u,mm do that with my cat......😐”

  • Amy Tela
    Amy Tela 23 days ago

    8:40 Flynn had his outfit on backwards

  • jt rover
    jt rover 24 days ago +1

    Did Colleen's session with Tyler Henry ever air on his show? I remember her talking about it, but I've never seen it. Anyone??

  • Olivia Sherman
    Olivia Sherman 24 days ago

    Be a witch girrrrrrrrlllll

  • Shea holmes
    Shea holmes 25 days ago

    Can you do ryan

  • Maddie Daynorowicz
    Maddie Daynorowicz 25 days ago +1

    I have the same shirt that Colleen is wearing

  • Tessa Todd
    Tessa Todd 26 days ago

    I love your hair so much omg I can’t get over it

  • HiBentley
    HiBentley 26 days ago

    Psychics are scams

  • Alex Brian
    Alex Brian 27 days ago

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  • Mariah H
    Mariah H 27 days ago

    Oml yes be a witch!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Meriel Brady
    Meriel Brady 28 days ago

    guuurrrrlll do it you neeeeed to try to be a psychic

  • Gacha Tsunamé
    Gacha Tsunamé 28 days ago

    become a psychic!

  • Devon Livingston
    Devon Livingston 29 days ago

    Yes become a witch but don’t go to witchy

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores Month ago

    colleen I REALLY NEED TO tell you that i have a crush on your friend that is a boy :) hes really cute :P

  • Destiny Watson
    Destiny Watson Month ago

    Be a witch

  • Keira Zeller-Ewing
    Keira Zeller-Ewing Month ago

    Salem with trips I'm a wich

  • Hannah&Leelou Xx
    Hannah&Leelou Xx Month ago +1

    Terry should do it on your mom!

  • Two sugar Cookies
    Two sugar Cookies Month ago

    Whos the father of flynn?i forgot

  • Annabelle Lozzi
    Annabelle Lozzi Month ago

    No Witch☹️

  • Arianna Start
    Arianna Start Month ago

    Girl..... Be a witch!!!!

  • logan dyer
    logan dyer Month ago +1

    Her shirt says STAY GOLD

  • gracie crawford
    gracie crawford Month ago

    " Girl i'm not talking to u "

    _ Colleen Ballinger

  • Christine DiFranco
    Christine DiFranco Month ago +1

    Girl I love these videos you have to become a witch!

  • Caitie Lyn
    Caitie Lyn Month ago


  • Rose Whiting
    Rose Whiting Month ago +1


  • Welcome To the weird side of YT


  • gacha_queen
    gacha_queen Month ago +1

    I just realized I wasn't subscribed....I just subscribed

  • Annie Rumin
    Annie Rumin Month ago


    BTS FAN Month ago +1

    Terri must be doin' some MEGA RESEARCH...

  • Kenji Costantini
    Kenji Costantini Month ago

    Yes this is really cool.

  • Hamilton Potter
    Hamilton Potter Month ago

    Become a witch and go to hogwarts

  • bigflutterbutterfly

    I’m with Colleen’s mum on this...

  • Sun Stone
    Sun Stone Month ago +1

    I FRIGGING love Terry I have a few ghost stories reply if you wanna hear'em!

  • Aparna Naik
    Aparna Naik Month ago

    Yesssss....become a witch...

  • Drunk Drywaller
    Drunk Drywaller Month ago +2

    wow this lady is super talented! Takes a lot of skill to scam someone

  • Mark's ass is sUpEr FLUFFY

    Corey looks super buff here

  • Lucia Suarez
    Lucia Suarez Month ago

    Noooooo if you become a witch wean you die you will go to hell.
    It your opinion

  • Jamie Ebron
    Jamie Ebron Month ago

    How did she die!

  • katie lednor
    katie lednor Month ago

    yes do wichchraft

  • Alex Andria
    Alex Andria Month ago

    im not sure whas going on but terry is amazing

  • Zuva Claire
    Zuva Claire Month ago

    we would love a wich!

  • Ann Machamer
    Ann Machamer Month ago +1

    Become a witch please...?

  • Rune Vancraywinkel
    Rune Vancraywinkel Month ago

    Did you see Morgan Adams, because she has a girl ghist friend called Angie hahah

  • Western Q
    Western Q Month ago

    Be a witch

  • Lavender Hue
    Lavender Hue Month ago

    lmao ok like you wouldn't throw a scarf on your head and sing some made up hymns in a shitty accent ad go muslim for a day, so why would you be a witch for a day? It's a valid religion, so why would you profit off of harmful stereotypes?

  • Christopher Maloney

    This is sooooo weird bc my name is angela

  • Angelina Nguyen
    Angelina Nguyen Month ago

    Colleen's mom : don't talk to demons
    Colleen : I don't want to talk to no demons

  • John Sayers
    John Sayers Month ago +1

    im not saying its real...
    but im not saying that it isnt
    i dont believe that witchery is a good thing
    it is not what i believe in
    i was raised strongly christian and that is not what my morals say at all
    i do believe that she knows this stuff for a reason
    but plz dont become a witch

  • The Khaleesi
    The Khaleesi Month ago

    Well we can see how that witch video went, she deleted it, maybe she should have actually tried researching about witchcraft and wicca for a month and actually getting involved instead of that disgrace of a video. You cant become a christian, muslim, jewish etc for a day so why is a witch allowed?

  • Jess Ellis
    Jess Ellis Month ago

    Hottest witch!

  • Joelle Wolf
    Joelle Wolf Month ago

    Colleen is really glowing in this video

  • Crystal Huffman
    Crystal Huffman Month ago

    I have a aunt that wears a apron all the time and name starts with A. Also in my family I have relatives who have done and some who still do witch craft. I also have premonitions I can see things in the future and sometimes other things.

  • Anna Kalla
    Anna Kalla Month ago

    I love the witchery

  • Pink 41807
    Pink 41807 Month ago

    i feel like the man is the guy in the video with the birth story is the guy in the armies

  • Amy Mackintosh
    Amy Mackintosh Month ago

    BE A WITCH 🧙

  • Cookiegirlz XD
    Cookiegirlz XD Month ago

    I don’t know what to believe

  • Cheerleader 0914
    Cheerleader 0914 Month ago +1

    Yes you need to do it. I think you should try to find out more about this person who was keeping the secret

  • Mimi A
    Mimi A Month ago

    Yo mamas right 👌🏽

  • Diamond Cat
    Diamond Cat Month ago

    Luv your makeup in this video (looks so natural and beautiful!)

  • LPSCandieCanez
    LPSCandieCanez Month ago

    Terri is half god half demon

  • Megan Hutchins
    Megan Hutchins Month ago

    Can we just appreciate how AMAZING Colleen looks!? She is on fire!

  • Kay and Ky
    Kay and Ky 2 months ago


  • Elementa Dimension
    Elementa Dimension 2 months ago

    Please be a witch I’d love that!

  • Aqua Juwel
    Aqua Juwel 2 months ago

    This I don’t get, if people like her can talk to dead people, why just not ask the names of the dead person. The thing is, they uses cold reading, they ask questions, Coleen gives the answers.......

  • Jana Amr
    Jana Amr 2 months ago

    The women is sooooo lier...not true

  • Mindy Sklar
    Mindy Sklar 2 months ago

    I think it's me it's my grandpa he loves b.m.

  • Sierra _Playz
    Sierra _Playz 2 months ago

    Love you Colleen