Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake!
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    This #Wedding #Dress #Cake was so much fun to celebrate Safiya Nygaard getting married! It has a lot of intricate lace detailing, sprinkles, and fondant. What other videos would you like to see?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  5 months ago +8807

    I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻

  • Unknown_ Potato
    Unknown_ Potato Day ago

    I wish this was made after safiyas video with the every flavour of cake video

  • Melissa Wiens
    Melissa Wiens Day ago

    Safiya is so much taller than you it’s really distracting haha 😆

  • Brynleigh Locklear
    Brynleigh Locklear 2 days ago

    Princess arora and malefacent 😂💖lol I love you two so cuteeee

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry 2 days ago


  • Fresh Creepypasta Narrator

    You ever wonder what they do with all the cake she makes???

  • Fresh Creepypasta Narrator

    Girl who does your hair wow

  • Alyssa A
    Alyssa A 3 days ago

    R.I.P PAPA PIZZA 😔❤️🙏🏻😇

  • Nicole Florence
    Nicole Florence 5 days ago

    It's funny seeing their style difference...........its like a bar and cookie as a puppy🤣

  • Sarah Seriah
    Sarah Seriah 6 days ago

    Rosanna is so tiny and precious and Safiya is just towering over her in all of her bat queen glory

  • Amanda Purello
    Amanda Purello 7 days ago

    woah!!! thats an amazing cake!

  • Carra Stables
    Carra Stables 7 days ago

    So cute 😃

    EMMA MALLOY 7 days ago

    it's lunch, i'm at school and I have a science test next period. My decision, rewatch a video from 5 months ago about Safiya and Ro making cake

  • Ana Barrera
    Ana Barrera 8 days ago

    Tus vídeos son espectacular

  • Aaron DeHaan
    Aaron DeHaan 9 days ago

    0:56 her face

  • Cerberus_Cosplay
    Cerberus_Cosplay 9 days ago

    Safiya: *keeps spinning finger*
    Me:*flashbacks to Markiplier*

  • Seidy Aguirre
    Seidy Aguirre 9 days ago


  • Taylor Fults
    Taylor Fults 9 days ago

    safiya: well I melted like 200 lipsticks made soap stayed in a pod in Japan ummmm oh and I also wore 12 foot long jeans so yea

  • Gacha Todoroki
    Gacha Todoroki 9 days ago

    Now we know Freddie is really short! Because When she stands next to Saf she is super short! And i always thought Ro was super short! But wow Freddy is really short

  • Olivia k Yeet
    Olivia k Yeet 9 days ago

    Yall should bake together more often like if u agree

  • Old person story teller with no Life

    Ok I wanna know where do all the cakes Rosanna make go to?

  • Harriet Lillian
    Harriet Lillian 10 days ago

    Anyone else feel like ro is standing on a stool lol

  • esti ellis
    esti ellis 13 days ago

    Markiplier flashbacks (2:30)

  • Layla Williams
    Layla Williams 13 days ago

    She didnt link the picture of the cake-thingy

  • Sup Hello
    Sup Hello 14 days ago

    You should make a nail polish cake with simply nailogical

  • Fatima Zahra Vlogs
    Fatima Zahra Vlogs 14 days ago

    PLOP: 6:07

  • maitrayee pal
    maitrayee pal 16 days ago

    Please collab with Tina young

  • Pumpion
    Pumpion 16 days ago

    Pause at 11:25. You're welcome.

  • Maya Rouillard
    Maya Rouillard 16 days ago +1

    eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows

  • nicole honniball
    nicole honniball 16 days ago

    We all know that Ro got her eyebrows done LOL

  • Caroline Hampton
    Caroline Hampton 16 days ago

    Saf is so awkward I love it!!!

  • Ami_is_the_qeen Ami_is_the_queen

    I REALLY love her and say I said congrats 🥳 hope you have a amazing life with your hubby and the rest of your family
    Also everyone else reading this I hope you also have a amazing life to hehehe 😂

  • [[ •ZODIAC•WOLVES• ]]

    When they were screaming "IM IN!" I died a little inside

  • Tulsi Kanodia
    Tulsi Kanodia 17 days ago

    Okay, but the doll in the cake looked soooooo much like Saf. Looks to nice.

  • Sakeena Gamell
    Sakeena Gamell 17 days ago +1

    I really thought she had a character voice
    Haha nope

  • Goldie Doodles Art
    Goldie Doodles Art 17 days ago

    Who’s watching this after they posted their marriage video! I am 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Michelle Gomez
    Michelle Gomez 17 days ago

    Um she did not list the measurements below idk what to do

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki 17 days ago

    Safiya: A *sake* bath
    Me: *Alcohol bath?*

    Also Me: *Damn it I'm 11*

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead 17 days ago

    You should feture Moriah Elizabeth and make a squishy cake

  • Raine Perico
    Raine Perico 18 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who notice Ro’s eyebrows is a little bit thick I mean it’s so thick no hate just love ❤️

  • Kaydrian Badgett
    Kaydrian Badgett 18 days ago

    No person is going to bring up the fact that she made a thing with Shane Dawson of all the fast food restaurants combined

  • Tyler Solman
    Tyler Solman 18 days ago

    I love Sophia she's amazing' I watch her all the time Tyler is cool too even though he wasn't in the video😁

  • Isabella Harden
    Isabella Harden 18 days ago

    Safiya stands out so much in Ro's WHITE kitchen. Lol.

  • Dylin Pizzutello
    Dylin Pizzutello 18 days ago

    can u pls collab w emma chamberlain????

  • Gamer the Manna
    Gamer the Manna 18 days ago

    Your eyebrows is triggering me rosanna

  • Jolyne Cujoh
    Jolyne Cujoh 19 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how Ro's brows look on fleek?

  • Mutsumi-623
    Mutsumi-623 19 days ago +1

    The lady giantess and the local pixie get together for some iced coffee and cake

  • Nerdy Cookie
    Nerdy Cookie 19 days ago

    A collab with Cristine (SimplyNailogical) please💞

  • Faith Dragneel
    Faith Dragneel 20 days ago

    I baked and decorated a cake for my moms birthday in the age of 10. It was my first time.

  • Marwah A.
    Marwah A. 20 days ago

    they didn't do a cross section of the cake!

  • Elleyna Velez
    Elleyna Velez 20 days ago


  • Moonshadow Garden
    Moonshadow Garden 20 days ago

    Here after I saw Ro in Safiya´s wedding video to rewatch.

  • AngelFromHell
    AngelFromHell 21 day ago

    Ro when saph said 'ok'... hahahaha!

  • Drew Wiseman
    Drew Wiseman 21 day ago

    Ro you should do a 24hrs baking challenge!!!!!

  • Cynthia Poulose
    Cynthia Poulose 21 day ago +1

    It's amazing too, how similar to the actual dress this cake was, in the end....

  • Gameing channel
    Gameing channel 21 day ago

    Can you do one with simply nailogical

  • Donald Carter
    Donald Carter 21 day ago

    i louve u gs

  • Abood Amin
    Abood Amin 21 day ago

    You Should invite Christine to your channel and make a holo cake

    • Golden Bacon
      Golden Bacon 21 day ago

      Cristine with no h
      And Cristine has said before that edible Holo might not exist

  • Beata i Andrzej Kowalscy


  • EastCoastLady
    EastCoastLady 21 day ago