• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Found a couple of flat earth discord servers full of real flat earthers
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  • Memeulous
    Memeulous  3 months ago +11466

    Should go without saying but please don't go over and spam these servers, this video is for entertainment and a laugh so pls don't go and annoy them x

    • Rainbow Tuber
      Rainbow Tuber 11 hours ago

      Hi George Andrew(s).

    • YGreater 750
      YGreater 750 Day ago

      How about watching some documentary instead of calling us idiots?

    • Creepy Marshmallow Cat of Doom
      Creepy Marshmallow Cat of Doom 2 days ago

      @Article 13 Although they are disgusting, we cannot change their minds so please do not bother them.

    • TheRealArcher 56789
      TheRealArcher 56789 4 days ago

      Im now a respected member on one of the servers, so I definitely didn’t spam

    • JustAWeeaboo
      JustAWeeaboo 6 days ago

      Too late

  • ArchieAce 12
    ArchieAce 12 2 hours ago

    Your so funny your my favourite youtuber

  • TableForkTheThird
    TableForkTheThird 3 hours ago

    9:38 this guy is so high😂😂

  • ItsDr.Steveツ
    ItsDr.Steveツ 8 hours ago +1

    *oops I forgot to join*

  • Truth Will Set You Free! 777

    Actually flat earthers are Einstein's in their own department, thus proving themselves to be in a league of their own moronism!
    môr′ŏn′ism; 1.) A person who is considered foolish or dumbfoundingly stupid.
    2.) A person with extreme intellectual disabilities having a mental age of 7 to 12 years and generally lacking communication and social skills enabling a major degree of academic or vocational education.

  • Spidey Blox
    Spidey Blox 10 hours ago

    This video is so funny i laugh my butt off😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  • Balrajeet
    Balrajeet Day ago

    These people were seriously dropped on their heads

  • Courtney Berry
    Courtney Berry Day ago


  • iiSp4rky
    iiSp4rky 2 days ago

    Maps display the earth, maps are flat, so the earth is flat x👏😌

  • Chaikou
    Chaikou 2 days ago

    My and my crew raided that discord lmao i didn't get banned i left too soon next the raid group got banned cuz one of the members was sharing a abused video and another person reported him ah good times. ;)

  • dima Abdul
    dima Abdul 3 days ago

    жопа, она круглая кстати. XDD

  • 1La fo reeS
    1La fo reeS 3 days ago

    Globe religion spinning with no sense😂

    • Me
      Me 2 days ago

      1La fo reeS Walter

  • Mucho Mango
    Mucho Mango 4 days ago

    As a fellow George, I approve

  • Bacon Bitz
    Bacon Bitz 5 days ago

    I haven’t heard crud in years

  • Sean Horwitz
    Sean Horwitz 5 days ago

    Why is whenever George says something mildly entertaining Josh just repeats it and wheezes

  • Toaster Man
    Toaster Man 6 days ago +3

    FE community logic:
    Other planets are round✅
    Pictures of the earth taken by NASA exists❌
    Earth is round❌
    Earth is flat✅
    Time zones exist❌

  • gilb
    gilb 6 days ago

    that first guy thats called eryc if i remmember corectly was so toxic jez(btw if my english isnt perfect is cuz im italian)

  • chevvo
    chevvo 6 days ago

    That first flat earth server also has a anti vax server and delete anything disproving them. One guy in there did an experiment and it showed the earth was round the other day and omfg he was so shaken by it he kept saying "there has to be an error"

  • Lucia Navales
    Lucia Navales 6 days ago


  • Racist Cat
    Racist Cat 8 days ago

    l0l theres an little kid that thinks that the earth is flat and he's talking to some guy thats like 30-50 like fr..... and he actually fucking thinks that the earth is flat....

  • IndyCarFan265 RBLX
    IndyCarFan265 RBLX 8 days ago +1

    Me when I get banned from any Discord server: 5:18

  • Roiben Blitz
    Roiben Blitz 8 days ago +2

    Omygud this is the same flattard server I joined a couple weeks ago.

    I sent a link to a *CGI ANIMATION* depicting the circular patterns of the stars at different points in the hemisphere on a spherical earth vs a flat earth
    asking for thoughts and describing that this can be witnessed in person.
    Their response?
    then something about trying to censor them
    then they deleted my posts and banned me.
    ... good.. stuff..?

  • Owen Brooks
    Owen Brooks 8 days ago


  • Emerita Cortez
    Emerita Cortez 9 days ago

    Wait im curious why tf did they just get angry for no reason and is asking for things...? I am genuinely confused

    • Emerita Cortez
      Emerita Cortez 9 days ago

      Like, what if the new person is a genuine flat earther and they just treat them rudely...?

  • Juan Gerardo Ayala Jr

    Big bald George

  • Piri tual
    Piri tual 9 days ago

    3:55 me giving presentation on literally anything and having to list sources

  • Semi Order
    Semi Order 10 days ago

    btw this is the video that some random person posted in the video

  • Doner Kebab 07
    Doner Kebab 07 10 days ago +1

    I keep rewatching this vid it’s too funny 😂 keep up the good work Memeulous

  • Fionn Monstyr
    Fionn Monstyr 10 days ago

    This is one of the best videos a TheXvidr has ever made ... make more ... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • predux4win
    predux4win 10 days ago

    eArTh iS dOnUt

  • hoseokie-
    hoseokie- 10 days ago

    okay guys, george isnt bald. we’re one step closer

  • George Trajanoski
    George Trajanoski 10 days ago


  • Sam Brady
    Sam Brady 11 days ago

    Did anyone else see the comment jesus is still on earth😂😂😂

  • PGN - Homie Tiger
    PGN - Homie Tiger 11 days ago

    Y tf did I get a co-op advert there’s a co-op like a few miles from where I live about 0.32 miles

  • slenderboi
    slenderboi 11 days ago +2

    If the earth is flat, then why are there hills?

  • QF MR
    QF MR 11 days ago

    Now I know I’m not stupid.

    I’m just lazy.

  • Lisak FoxArmy
    Lisak FoxArmy 12 days ago

    omg all of you are idiots earth is clearly not flat nor round
    its a fucking block MINECRAFT CONFIRMED IT

  • Simply Sims
    Simply Sims 12 days ago

    The earth cant be flat because when its new moon the earth is making a shadow over the entire moon, so if the earth was flat the shadow would only be a line over the moon...

  • JMB Pro
    JMB Pro 12 days ago

    Bunch of autists believing that the earth is flat

  • dylan doge
    dylan doge 12 days ago

    squeaking josh

  • Kashoot me Please
    Kashoot me Please 12 days ago

    If there is iron in the centre of which makes us able to use compasses, how does this work if the world is supposedly “flat”?

  • Edwin Napa
    Edwin Napa 12 days ago

    What a couple of morons

  • ThatOneRandomWeeb
    ThatOneRandomWeeb 13 days ago

    If the earth is flat how is my life still going down hill

  • nz msp girl becky
    nz msp girl becky 13 days ago

    i miss josh and meme together :(

  • Citizen Z
    Citizen Z 14 days ago

    The Ice Wall is a flat earther server

  • Harry Devlin
    Harry Devlin 14 days ago

    So how’s the wife

  • Drunk Mongs
    Drunk Mongs 16 days ago

    Gonna be funny when the truth comes out

    • Me
      Me 2 days ago

      Drunk Mongs There is no earth

  • Defaulti skinni
    Defaulti skinni 16 days ago +4

    -Flat Earthers

  • HI Dude
    HI Dude 16 days ago

    I want to curb stomp everybody that believes that the earth is flat

  • Nova- Ma9ic
    Nova- Ma9ic 16 days ago

    One of the best vids ever made by u

  • Nova- Ma9ic
    Nova- Ma9ic 16 days ago

    It’s so cool to see other flat earthers around the globe

  • Destiny Police
    Destiny Police 17 days ago

    It would've been funny if jonny sins showed up in the images

  • Chargrilled Productions

    To be an asshole your profile pic should’ve been Elon Musk.

  • ThatFunnyGuy Brandon
    ThatFunnyGuy Brandon 17 days ago

    I legit watched this twice. 🙃😆

    EDDIE THE DRAGON 17 days ago

    i joined them and all what they did is mute me lol

  • Creative Gamer
    Creative Gamer 17 days ago

    What a bloody punk.

  • Arnold 2670
    Arnold 2670 18 days ago


  • Beau Janssen
    Beau Janssen 18 days ago +1

    This Eryx guy is like actually the worst, he is still well active today and just everyone hates him

  • WizardsCode
    WizardsCode 18 days ago

    1.4k flat earthers watched this

  • TheSteelCandle
    TheSteelCandle 18 days ago

    Joshy is better

    IAFUFFFALBMB H1 18 days ago

    Have a Bin-Tastic Day!

  • DJ Epsilon.
    DJ Epsilon. 18 days ago

    5:50 that laugh is killing me.

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 19 days ago

    0:32 you see the name ^kevin^? I got banned by him I think and I was saying “THE EARTH IS ROUND!!!!” And omg that was amazing
    I’m gonna message him saying the earth is round

  • Jeongguks Thicc Thighs

    Joshy: "What did I do?!"
    **while shouts at flat earthers, takes the piss and starts to type in all caps**

  • Jacob Parry
    Jacob Parry 19 days ago

    Y'aight m8?!?!

  • EthicalGro
    EthicalGro 19 days ago

    RAID flat earth discords

  • 乙卂ㄒ丂ㄩҜ丨几ㄖ

    so much forced laughs...

  • Absolut Random
    Absolut Random 20 days ago +1


  • xSpectreSxx
    xSpectreSxx 20 days ago +1

    The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe. Oh wait...

  • Rex Hendrix
    Rex Hendrix 20 days ago +1

    Memeulous' profile picture looks like the pedophile that took my kids

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 20 days ago

    Big Bald George 😂

  • Jefecito
    Jefecito 20 days ago +7

    Eryx is literally a walking Discord stereotype.

  • The Neon Apple
    The Neon Apple 20 days ago

    i don’t really know if the earth is round or flat i just think that the earth is a cat

    im gonna get flamed.

  • Sebastian Curelea
    Sebastian Curelea 20 days ago

    9:01 LMFAO

  • Fluffy Playz
    Fluffy Playz 20 days ago

    that guy was funny the dude said
    Once war hammer drops
    gets flated. 3:13

  • Fluffy Playz
    Fluffy Playz 21 day ago

    Already from the start of the video 😂 I'm already dying from laughter

  • BLAST 3000
    BLAST 3000 21 day ago

    The earth is actually a triangle

    *Illumimati confimed*

  • Lil Gati skrrr
    Lil Gati skrrr 22 days ago

    I shat my pants watching this

  • Matt Polk
    Matt Polk 22 days ago

    Stick a go pro to a jet and do a lap of the planet, ide like to see a flat earther dispute it then

    TOASTY BREADBOI 22 days ago +1

    Hello *Flatties*

  • Idk what this is yeet Sun

    Your mom geuy lol

  • Earth
    Earth 23 days ago

    ive been banned on two alts there

  • YouPlayz
    YouPlayz 23 days ago

    earth is a cube

  • xyre
    xyre 23 days ago

    What!! You left that server? It was full of intelligent people you punk.

  • Monique Felix
    Monique Felix 23 days ago

    8:16 when they greet each other fucking sends me 😂bahahahaha

    QWERTY 23 days ago

    Its just me or memeulous sound like Soviet womble

  • Michel
    Michel 23 days ago

    But what am I suppose to get over if everything is flat though

  • Kylie Mendiola
    Kylie Mendiola 23 days ago

    The flat is earth

  • Fucking grass
    Fucking grass 24 days ago

    Seriously, though, Eryx is so annoying, lmao. Probably has a very sad and lonely life and is now bitter with everyone else.

  • Randy Vines
    Randy Vines 25 days ago

    Isn’t it great when this is 100% fake? Was funny but kind of makes it pointless if it’s all just an act

    • Randy Vines
      Randy Vines 21 day ago

      @Idk what this is yeet Sun k whatever

    • Idk what this is yeet Sun
      Idk what this is yeet Sun 22 days ago

      Randy Vines well I don’t care what you think I am on the server lol

    • Randy Vines
      Randy Vines 22 days ago

      @Idk what this is yeet Sun wow that really clears everything up! I really believe that none of this is staged!

    • Idk what this is yeet Sun
      Idk what this is yeet Sun 23 days ago +1

      It wasn’t I am actually in it lol

  • KrashSyteGaming
    KrashSyteGaming 25 days ago

    *OH CRUD!*

  • Joshua Marais
    Joshua Marais 26 days ago

    Eryx: bring something scientific

  • Monkey Madness
    Monkey Madness 26 days ago

    I believe in turtle earth

    KASEJI 26 days ago

    I am dying of stupidity..

  • Earth
    Earth 26 days ago +1

    It would be better if you said
    *Hello fellow **_fatties_*

  • Panda IZ Cool
    Panda IZ Cool 26 days ago

    0:26 I put in the code and joined the group

  • War thunder/ Ultra non-official channel

    1,4K flat earthers disliked this video

  • cringe kween
    cringe kween 26 days ago

    ᵃʸ ᵍᵉᵒʳᵍᵉ

    ʰᶦ ʲᵒˢʰʸ

  • Mikaelson Game of War
    Mikaelson Game of War 26 days ago


  • Luc Skywalker
    Luc Skywalker 27 days ago

    Why are Globies so fucked up