Fixing Xbox One X's - I Wasn't Expecting This - Disappointed

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Fixing Xbox One X's - I Wasn't Expecting This - Disappointed! In part 1 and 2 of these videos I fixed a total of 5 Xbox One S consoles. Now I tackle the last four Xbox One S consoles AND the two Xbox One X consoles. But what I found was surprising.
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    About This Video: I bought a lot of 18 broken game consoles. They were listed as "salvage" and in this video I find out why!
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  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix  5 months ago +1177

    What do you think...was I ripped off?

    • Patrick Palmer
      Patrick Palmer 11 minutes ago

      I like the hat

    • Patrick Palmer
      Patrick Palmer 12 minutes ago

      I think you have a lot of nice pair parts

    • MrSammy
      MrSammy 3 days ago

      😒 so whos the seller so we can expose them? 🤔

    • MrSammy
      MrSammy 3 days ago

      😒 uh yeah, u bought a pallet of scraps from repair shops, they r only worth a few dollars per unit

    • kenny kenny
      kenny kenny 3 days ago

      Maybe it is because your USB?Update files does not match?

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez Day ago

    He said "best buy"...LoL

  • Greta Sartori
    Greta Sartori Day ago

    Why do you wear two mics?

  • Informedia Tech
    Informedia Tech 3 days ago


  • MrSammy
    MrSammy 3 days ago +1

    😒 buddy, they sold u the scraps from repair shops, so they are only worth maybe $10 per unit at most

  • Dr. C
    Dr. C 4 days ago

    Us: dude.... you got ripped off!!
    Him: dude.... 1 million views ;)

  • Lord_Kuku
    Lord_Kuku 5 days ago

    Yes you are most definitely ripped off first off it's an Xbox buying one of those you're getting ripped off even if you bought one brand new

  • XxDarkness157xX
    XxDarkness157xX 7 days ago +2

    I died when i saw no mother board lmaooo great videos btw

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  7 days ago +2

      Ha, too! Glad you're enjoying them

  • Lord_Kuku
    Lord_Kuku 7 days ago

    Of course you got ripped off their Xboxes what did you expect

  • KujaNiv100
    KujaNiv100 8 days ago

    The 2nd most issues concerning update problem... why I'm not suprised sincethis happens on a microsoft device!

  • J
    J 12 days ago

    Let's see some Xbox 360s red ring of death fixes🤘🤘🚫🔴🚨

  • Stuart Conner
    Stuart Conner 14 days ago +3

    Moral of the story:
    Microsoft hardware is crap and fails in ways that can’t be diagnosed.

  • Ñądjỉm MàḈḧi Ñ'ỉmpöŔt ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

    damn dud yo got f***ed real bad

  • Cilvar Frey
    Cilvar Frey 16 days ago

    13:02 Those damned Canadians. Probably glued those down with spare maple syrup. Melt it down, and put some on your pancakes.

  • Daniel Carlin
    Daniel Carlin 16 days ago

    Did we figure out the power issue??

  • 02stampede
    02stampede 17 days ago +2

    I had this happen to me about 10 years ago. I bought a huge lot of ipods for a couple grand. I get them in and realized they had all already been gone through and put back together with bad parts. They each had 3 or 4 unrelated problems which was just too much to be a coincidence. I ended up selling some of them but lost money for sure. Lesson learned.

  • sup2069
    sup2069 17 days ago

    Give that ass hat negative feedback for being a shady salvage seller.

  • Kurt Stone
    Kurt Stone 17 days ago

    @TronicsFix if you're going to fix high powered consoles, you have to be willing to do reballs. Was in that business for a long time

    • Kurt Stone
      Kurt Stone 11 days ago

      @TronicsFix it's one of the most common problems with any gaming console. You'll be able to salvage a lot more of them when you do

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  17 days ago

      I've been fixing PS4's & Xbox One's for 5 years and don't do reballs.

  • Jack Olsen
    Jack Olsen 17 days ago


  • Jack Olsen
    Jack Olsen 17 days ago


  • Jon Stark
    Jon Stark 19 days ago +1

    When should we expect the promised 4th video where you look at the partial power consoles?

  • Keith miles
    Keith miles 19 days ago

    Sir I Enjoy your street I have a question do you have any PS4 slim’s for sale I want to get one for my daughter if so what website you are on and how much keep up the good work if you can do one on repairing TVs big screen TVs

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 20 days ago +1

    I would report that seller and do everything to get a refund due to that one that was basically an empty case with the ports glued in to make it look like it had the mother board in it... that is straight up fraud.

    • sup2069
      sup2069 17 days ago

      Dont think it will go far. Its listed as salvage/parts things will be missing. But to warn others of their shady practice, just drop a neg with a quick description. Or talk to seller for a refund w free shipping back. If they decline, neg feedback.

  • Skrixzy
    Skrixzy 20 days ago

    Lucky he put it on TheXvid and got monetised otherwise that would suck so much.

  • michael aldan
    michael aldan 21 day ago +2

    had the same problems with my ex, she would power off every time i wanted to play, i even applied paste but...didnt work....went to the bar that friday and looked for a newer model..

  • Junkman
    Junkman 21 day ago

    Sounds like these were pre-checked and the hard to fix ones were sold on eBay xD

  • TV Tech
    TV Tech 23 days ago

    That scammer got you good.

  • TV Tech
    TV Tech 23 days ago

    hardrive click of death.

  • Bert R
    Bert R 23 days ago

    on another computer, can you clone the working drive to the drives that need to be updated or those that need the OS reinstalled? to save time on updating each drives just to see if it works.. on one motherboard with a short somewhere, probably one of the surface mount capacitor is shorted, similar to some laptop motherboards.. Ive seen someone here in youtube traced the shorted cap with ease by applying enough voltage to overheat it and be replaced..

  • craige Craig channel
    craige Craig channel 23 days ago

    Eazy I just subbed to your channel lol them xboxs I bet your pissed I would be . them boards aren't totaled I'd check the apu as as you no that the ps4 has same problem with the power up problems ps4 I clamp the apu with 3 washers at each tightening screws .the xboxis powering up problems can be the apu, clamp it like the old xboxis. Right ,the problem you have with updating can be caused from the WiFi board replace that with parts you have some times it can fix the problem then update it with your USB go for the latest firmware not the old firmware. I fix a lot of stuff tvs are my main money earner and i look about as you do I got a pallet full of smart tvs for a thousand pound i got 30 tvs I repaired 28 two need new screens .I totaled profited 2 thousand as all the tvs were from a factory .there was defects mostly cappaseters that have had isuse and a thew with no psu boards. If you need Eny help say the word. I might need your help one day lol . The old xboxis were more reliable than the ones that are out today. I fixed a xbox the other day only had black lines in the screen lol .I fixed this with the reset to factory settings have you tried to do this with the error code ones ??.the xbox was given to me from a friend who found this in a bin and only took less than 20mins to fix what a steal .Eny way you look good at what your doing and I enjoyed watching some one else fixing stuff for a change lol .soon as people know about people like us that can fix enything they come nocking and it's mad how the word get about so quick .we live in a sling away world and one day that will change and when it does they will be a lot of jobs for people like me and you .lol sorry about the sa and my spelling is poor .but like I say I can fix enything all self taught and also have created some mad inventions my self nearly done one project anti gravity. I'll explain if you want about this as you might just find this interesting . And if you are ill give you some more info on this .also can be used as a weapon faster than a bullet and it's done with magnets a coil and surges of pure power lol

  • Gamewire101
    Gamewire101 23 days ago

    Number 15 made a very different sound when it turned off compared to the other xboxes with partial power.

  • John Who
    John Who 24 days ago

    This is one of the most frustrating videos I've seen

  • Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer 24 days ago +6

    Conclusion: Not cost effective to repair a batch of faulty Xbox's for a living but as a hobby only for the self satisfaction feeling when you do find ONE or more that is repairable! Interesting to watch never the less

    • TronicsFix
      TronicsFix  24 days ago

      Depends on the batch and the price you get them with anything else.

  • Egy Wolf gamer
    Egy Wolf gamer 25 days ago +3

    The good thing that you’ll get the money doubled from these videos 😀

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard 25 days ago

    I'd imagine the ports being glued into place was a return scam. Someone had a xbox one x with issues and stoled a whole mainboard out of a new one then returned it. Very likely in today's times.

  • Bara H
    Bara H 27 days ago

    Wow Xbox Ones are trash

  • DakMoto Dualsport Adventures

    The one with no motherboard was probably a return to Walmart or other retail store.

  • #Pokie
    #Pokie 27 days ago

    u might need to remove the usb when the applying part of the install comes on since it will apply the instalation agin and restart it, i had the same issue when installing windows on my pc aswell as when i wiped my xbox

  • QoMSoL
    QoMSoL 27 days ago

    I don't even have an Xbox (nor do I intend to buy one) but these vids were strangely fascinating :'D

  • Maks
    Maks 28 days ago

    You didnt get ripped off, because you got a lot of views

  • Chris Yeargin
    Chris Yeargin 28 days ago

    At least you'll get your money back on these videos

  • GamingOrungutang
    GamingOrungutang 28 days ago

    Do ps4

  • JonathanRWY
    JonathanRWY 29 days ago

    He would get more watchers if the xbox started on fire and burned off his eyebrows

  • karlo john lao
    karlo john lao Month ago


  • Sub 2 Vincus HD on YT
    Sub 2 Vincus HD on YT Month ago +1

    did anybody noticed that he said 16 xboxes an begining

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago

    Just watched your three videos back to back. I love how you deliver your videos. Easy to understand, informative and interesting. BUT you didn't tell us whether you put them on eBay and if so, what money did you make after your initial outlay. I'd like to know. :) Really enjoyed the videos.:)

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief Month ago

    This guy should collaborate with jerry rigs every thing guy, seeing him fix ehat he destroy would be amazing

  • bandit
    bandit Month ago

    Buying a new xbox that works is still loss 😭

  • Pavix1976
    Pavix1976 Month ago +3

    Have you ever looked at Louis Rossmann's videos? You are meticulous enough that you could do macbook repairs

  • Roger Argueta
    Roger Argueta Month ago

    I have 7 xbox 360s... you think you can fix them?

  • Genesis
    Genesis Month ago +13

    The best advertisement for Microsoft's 3-year extended warranty.

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Month ago +1

    When are you going to do the partial power videos?

  • Garys Adventures
    Garys Adventures Month ago

    That one xbox may have been a display model

  • Sergio Alas
    Sergio Alas Month ago

    Hey man, can you help me out with my Xbox one x.
    It wont turn on.... Here is what happened:
    It was yestarday Oct/5/19 It was raining and there was lightning and the xbox was plug but I wasnt using it... And a few min latter I tryied turning it on and it did not turm on...
    What do you thnik it is? And do you have any suggestions?

  • game boy 64
    game boy 64 Month ago

    Now I want to buy a broken Xbox 1 x and send it to you 😂




    I from malaysia i see your fixing xbox and playstation so fast...simpel good job man


    I have xbox 360 3 year i play do fixing but is ok...☺

  • Alan Liau
    Alan Liau Month ago +1

    Blame Canada!

  • Test West
    Test West Month ago +4

    This is just the evolution of depression