• Published on Jan 26, 2022
  • Chipping with komptec the big hack
    What’s going on with david brown 1690 pipe work
    Brush mod
    And spreader fixed
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  • Morgan Taylor

    Quiz question: A generator that runs of the PTO for when you get power-cuts or want mobile power

  • Dave Reynolds

    Very,very nice job on the barn you have a very talented crew, they should be commended for all the different projects you guys have done in the last 600+ days!!

  • Christine Gibbins

    Makes me so mad to hear of these frauds, and the nightmare with getting back what's yours. Looks like a useful day in the workshop. Quiz is a PTO run Generator, we might all need those if the power supplies falter. You take care.

  • Charles Yeo

    The pipe on the 1690 might be a free return pipe to the back axle so when you tip a trailer and lower the trailer the oil pump is not pumping on a dead end.

  • John Enright

    The second pipe is possibly a free return Ollie. Used to have David browns and always very slow to drop. Might have been used for stake driver etc

  • Tommy O neill

    Hi Olly I just wanted to say Great video today and sorry to hear about you getting hacked and it is good to see that the fertiliser spreaders Is fixed and I am a 100% today

  • Keith K
    Keith K  +1

    The pipe converts a double acting spool to a single by letting oil away through that pipe into the back end instead of causing back pressure through spool chest especially when tipping trailer's!

  • George Ehlers

    So frustrating to be hacked and robbed mate hope you get it sorted


    Sorry about the scam Ollie hope you get it sorted the barn looks great fert spreader is working well its a PTO generator sheds looking nice and tidy hope you get sorted with Facebook wont be easy Eddie

  • Spanner Monkey

    Sorry to hear about the fraud issue mate, hope you get it sorted. I'm so glad i don't do Facebook, think I'm to old fashioned for it🤦‍♂️😂👍

  • siggy_7
    siggy_7  +1

    Good job on that shed, looks well. I reckon the quiz question is a PTO generator.

  • Chris collins

    I’d pay for the unlock on the tractor for the drill. Using section control is a dream when on wide drills. Got a new horsch 12m sprinter before autumn, love it.

  • Layton Phillips

    Great video olly , hope you get fb sorted, is the pipe for a return or constant flow for a sweeper? Nice wheels on brush, a generator. 99%.

  • greensleeves89

    Sorry to hear about the fraud, hope it gets sorted asap!! If you read this before tomorrow, could you wish my partner Jolyon Drew a happy birthday tomorrow (28th Jan) if possible please? We watch your vids on TheXvid every night & it would be a great birthday present for him😊

  • H

    Great video olly the old buildings are lovely the shed turned out really well

  • Steve
    Steve  +1

    Regarding the pipe on the DB. It's probably a return for oil allowing the spool leaver to stay in position when lowering a trailer.

  • Darren Day

    That’s a great idea with the wheels on the broom 👍🏻

  • Wil mid Wales

    Hopefully you will get it all sorted out soon and get back what was taken first shed of three 16k hens tipped today think its a genny looks a bit different from from mine but there is a 300hp motor in front of mine wil mid Wales

  • Law Lock Tools

    Nightmare regarding the hack! Looks like an alternator off a generator to me?? The barn is looking good mate

  • Graham Barton

    Great video , sorry to here about hacking , hope you get money back . Quiz question is a generator that drives off the back of a tractor.