Half in the Bag Episode 151: Slender Man


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  • Jimi Taco
    Jimi Taco Day ago

    8:08 Any chance you'll give us a review of "Pickle Pickin'?"

  • Jason Beam
    Jason Beam 4 days ago

    I'm not the first in this comment section to mention them, but how cool would it be if someone funded a theatrical Marble Hornets flick with the original crew working on it?

  • David Matteson
    David Matteson 4 days ago

    Wait u guys r in tosa?

  • Alberto Miura
    Alberto Miura 4 days ago

    Can you please review Spiderman into the Spiderverse?!

    • Zero Black
      Zero Black 3 days ago

      They usually dont review cartoon movies

  • Lucius E
    Lucius E 6 days ago

    Slender man is the most boring idea for a movie. For the most part the scary/creepiness of slender man entirely based upon the idea that he just shows up places and no one really knows what he is or what he does. Though there are stories about proxies or whatever where slender man supposedly turns some of the people he takes into “proxies”, which I guess means like he controls them or they are crazy and work for him or something.

  • philiphied
    philiphied 7 days ago

    Normally enjoy your reviews but this review really is aimless and boring. I guess it is just like the movie.

    AXE MURDERER 9 days ago

    11:00 When you guys were looking at the Wisconsin map, didn't you realize the missing children had all disappeared around Plinkett's house?

  • Nathan Dunn
    Nathan Dunn 9 days ago

    Why was The Mummy featured alongside all the bad Sony films? Yes it was bad, but it was made by Universal so what is the point of showing it in that joke and not any other bad movies from other studios? Did yo guys think a Universal Monster movie was made by Sony?

  • Social Anxiety
    Social Anxiety 10 days ago

    Mike's impression of an out of touch movie writer/producer is top notch

  • Yuzuru A
    Yuzuru A 11 days ago +1

    23:00 or maybe she was just a little psycho cold blooded killer and invented this stupid excuse to the cops.

  • Rbo SMF
    Rbo SMF 11 days ago

    It’s creepy when someone talks about someone else getting stabbed, and then you get these tingling sensations around your body like someone is stabbing you.
    I hate that feeling.

  • Redblue
    Redblue 11 days ago

    Edit: It's Terror In The Woods(2018), it's fucking terrible in the right way.
    So I saw something on TV a while ago I could've sworn was this movie, not that I've watched it. The girls were closer to the actual age of the perpetrators and the acting was honestly spot-on as far as a couple of retarded little girls trying to kill their friend. In a painful way. I wish I'd looked at the title, because it'd be worth watching you guys suffer through.

  • eFeXuy
    eFeXuy 12 days ago

    Then who was phone?

  • LaCokaNostra81
    LaCokaNostra81 12 days ago

    jason and Freddy are based on a true story

  • Frameshift
    Frameshift 12 days ago

    This video is the first ive heard about this movie and probably the last as well.

  • Jimmy Chongo
    Jimmy Chongo 12 days ago

    "we definitely don't want to take any credit for this movie"
    Oh c'mon nobody could ever believe that the creatively brilliant minds behind "Space Cop" the film that defined an entire generation could ever produce garbage like "Slender Man"

    COBALT-Co 14 days ago

    The entire movie is just a huge insult on every level. It's honestly impressive. There's the real-life angle, the fact that it's a cash grab that is so pathetic even the makers are ashamed of, and that it completely turns off the people they needed to appeal to- the marble hornet fans.

  • Jokrr Face
    Jokrr Face 15 days ago

    My source anuuus is pretty F-ing soar bum

  • Sharif
    Sharif 18 days ago

    Whoo greenlit this

  • Tellmeimaninja
    Tellmeimaninja 22 days ago

    We already got the definitive piece of media about Slenderman. Marble Hornets ended years before this movie came out.

  • P. Bee
    P. Bee Month ago

    A good example of writing an elusive monster/horror with established rules would be Junji Ito's works. Some specific ones being Army of One, Uzumaki, and Splatterfilm. All three stories have "monsters" that aren't fully explained nor elaborated upon, but they still have defined rules that make the stories more suspenseful and interesting. Hell, the Slenderman mythos would probably work really well in an Uzumaki-type story! Rules don't kill the horror! Rules MAKE the horror!!

  • Aydon Look
    Aydon Look Month ago +1

    As a teenager who's about to be a young adult, I can confirm that teenagers do say grasshopper.

  • Nick Booze
    Nick Booze Month ago

    Why was that intro so cute? i love Mike.

  • Palmer Adams
    Palmer Adams Month ago

    When Mike is shouting he sounds like Dana Snyder as Master Shake

  • Andrea Pareti
    Andrea Pareti Month ago

    9:23 Spiderman 2? I see what you did, there.

  • natanael murga
    natanael murga Month ago

    That thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • anand altantsog
    anand altantsog Month ago

    Jane doe was masterpiece but this movie is pure trash
    Sure slenderman was scary back then but it lost it horror touch
    Not just white albino bald guy with a business suit
    Its the fanfic....
    They ruined slenderman

  • averagejoe455
    averagejoe455 Month ago

    Marble Hornets
    Tribe 12
    All better Slenderman stories. All on TheXvid.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney Month ago +1

    I've seen some good Slender Man fan films.

  • Patrick McShea
    Patrick McShea Month ago

    Ayy Thorp, WI here dontcha know. XD Spotted COW

  • Johnny Alpha
    Johnny Alpha Month ago

    God damit Sony.

  • Skrim
    Skrim Month ago

    SCP movie when?

  • blood_ _money
    blood_ _money Month ago

    Ant Man Vs The Wasp is film of the year

  • Smerg the Dargon
    Smerg the Dargon Month ago +1

    You what creepypasta(s) would make for a _good_ movie? SCP.
    Just make a movie out of the Containment Breach game - you've got a bunch of monsters with well-established rules in the game already, and more than 4,000 other ones to pick from the wiki to make a good story.
    With the taskforce as a fightable enemy and SCPs as an unfightable enemy, you can have both action and horror scenes while maintaining a consistent tone - you know, the kinds of movies that're pretty much guaranteed to do well, at the moment.
    Or, make anthology movies with a few individual SCPs - could follow researchers, agents, taskforce members, civilians, conspiracy theorists. There's so much you can do with the material available.
    Hell, you could throw in a comedy section of experiments done with SCP-914.
    Can we get an SCP cinematic universe? It's more sensible than the Dark Universe.

  • Andre Popcorn
    Andre Popcorn Month ago

    They should of reviewed the first pokemon movie

  • Saber0003
    Saber0003 Month ago

    A Slenderman movie could work as a found footage movie, in the same vein as Blair Witch, where you don't see or learn much about the Witch, you just experience the encounter.
    Heck, just put Slendy in the background of a few shots of Blair Witch and remove the interviews at the start and you *have* a Slenderman movie.

  • SpellboundWolf
    SpellboundWolf Month ago

    I bet the creator whatshisface didn't even get any money for this damn film. Oh well.

  • Byron Gardner
    Byron Gardner Month ago

    I was actually really looking forward to this film cause the trailer looked cool and I'm a fan of creepypasta games and such. But after seeing all the backlash it got for being shit and you guys pretty much saying its not even really a movie now that they cut out all the good stuff I will still watch this but that won't be any time soon

  • Steven Beshears
    Steven Beshears Month ago

    I like the Mill Creek logo...

  • Natalie Mahan
    Natalie Mahan 2 months ago

    I wish they referenced marble hornets in relation to creating an interesting narrative with internet lore

  • derunsympath
    derunsympath 2 months ago

    lmao creepy pasta

  • Mad Minute
    Mad Minute 2 months ago

    Spotted a slender Rich Evans in Jay's hair at 11:32

  • Will Day
    Will Day 2 months ago

    Weren't there Slendermen who dropped apples on people in Yellow Submarine?

  • steven aloisi
    steven aloisi 2 months ago

    haha loving the term "clicheighties"

  • Noel Nol Null
    Noel Nol Null 2 months ago

    I think it would've been better if the movie was a prequel to the game that made it popular. I guess that's be too much thinking on the writer's part

  • Shane
    Shane 2 months ago +1

    Slender Man.
    Not starring Rich Evans.

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils 2 months ago

    11:33 a fly is crawling on jay's head

  • takerdust
    takerdust 2 months ago

    I am Cain. I will help you..

  • TimeWarpDrive 77
    TimeWarpDrive 77 2 months ago

    I was like " oh yeah, that movie exists!"

  • Benjamin Appleman
    Benjamin Appleman 2 months ago

    I honestly forgot about this movie existing

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 2 months ago

    grashoppers... are GREEN, brah? I dunno, I'm 37, you're two even older fucks. If you don't understand what teenagers are saying, it might just be written well? Also reasons why there's none of 25:00 stuff is because this movie is trying to create the threat that comes from the INTERNET. It's not doing that WELL, but that's what it's trying to do.

  • Ignacio Cañas
    Ignacio Cañas 2 months ago

    So, basically, fuck this movie and go watch Marble Hornets.

  • Bottom Glass Cinema
    Bottom Glass Cinema 3 months ago

    When the 12 year old girls behind you are laughing at the film just as much as you are, you know they've failed to make a horror film.

  • The BoJack Horseman
    The BoJack Horseman 3 months ago

    Since you drove to Kenosha, your time would of been better spent riding on the useless streetcars.

  • Luigi Nastro
    Luigi Nastro 3 months ago

    This movie gave a new meaning to the word boring.
    And awful.


  • vivamexico254
    vivamexico254 3 months ago

    You would think that it would be a bit easier to make a scary movie with an eldritch abomination

  • Jonn Doe
    Jonn Doe 3 months ago

    Could only make It 10min In, I can only assume that the actual movie Is worse than this vid by the way you guy's are fumbling through It.

  • That Announcer Guy
    That Announcer Guy 3 months ago

    If you want to watch anything about Slender Man just watch the Marble Hornets series

  • shortylickens69
    shortylickens69 3 months ago

    this doesnt mean its any good, but the film cost 10 million to make and pulled in just about 50 million. it sucks but its hardly a failure.

  • Flynn Papandrea
    Flynn Papandrea 3 months ago

    "The Slindamin!" Very good. Oh, and go see Hellfest. I know! I knooow! I know what yer thinking. "Another uncreative slasher that's 30 years too late?" Well, you're not wrong about the uncreative part, but it's constantly ahead of the audience, finely directed with terror, tension, because it understands what it is. Solid horror

  • aBoxfulOfVids
    aBoxfulOfVids 3 months ago

    21:24 WHAT

  • Movies Over Matter Productions

    34:00 , you're so cute Mike!

  • KellsKats
    KellsKats 3 months ago

    I wonder what they’d think of Marble Hornets.

  • Gabe Pharris
    Gabe Pharris 3 months ago

    How is putting shit in the trailers that's not in the movie the fucking definition of false advertising?I don't get how that's allowed, I imagine they justify it with "editing" but like this is outrageous lol

  • Greg Truong
    Greg Truong 3 months ago

    I like Crispin :)

  • LastFractionZero
    LastFractionZero 3 months ago

    "Two girls got so fucked up by the internet that they tried to murder their friend."
    Two fucked up girls tried to murder their friend and then blamed something they read on the internet.
    Some of the kids I went to school with grew up to be horrible violent people. In grade school they all watched the Friday the 13th series, the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and the Child's Play series.
    Did they get so fucked up by the VCR and blockbuster rentals?
    Why do you think creepypasta is more dangerous to the psyche of children than slasher movies? Why did some people in your parents generation consider slasher movies to be more dangerous to the psyche of children than scary campfire stories?

  • IAmAndrew
    IAmAndrew 3 months ago

    Who's ready for the Jeff the Killer movie?

  • Nucular
    Nucular 3 months ago

    "More disappearing characters than the Avengers Infinity War!"
    *thunderous applause*

  • limpydick lenny
    limpydick lenny 3 months ago

    man, that's whack. There used to be these found footage shows people used to do abut the slender man, and for being low budget internet shows ,they had good scares and a neat story. shame these lazy fucks were just trying to cash in on a stabbing and made a bland film

  • huggysocks
    huggysocks 3 months ago

    You don't get it, the twist is that Sony sacrificed the movie to save them from some bad PR. In the end slenderman killed the film... and something about a tree.

  • Ramona Stoianova
    Ramona Stoianova 3 months ago

    Tbh Mike can get it

  • go outside
    go outside 3 months ago

    Let's go kenosha

  • Mephilis 78
    Mephilis 78 4 months ago

    It's like Blair Witch 2, they cut everything out.

  • Mephilis 78
    Mephilis 78 4 months ago

    Urban legend is the perfect way to describe Slenderman. Even the people who know it's just a made up internet thing, generally talk about it as if it's the Jersey Devil, or something. Like it's some kind of legit folklore.

  • Mephilis 78
    Mephilis 78 4 months ago

    Coming Summer 2019 From Sony ........ SCP: Bisexual Doorknob

  • Chaos Shadow
    Chaos Shadow 4 months ago

    In fairness to the premise, one of the earliest Slenderman series (Marble Hornets) actually establishes that Slenderman is a mental virus whose presence causes progressively more psychotic behavior in his victims as he seeps further into their psyche. I think the idea of that happening in the movie was less based on the real life incident and more based on this origin (which itself seeps into a lot of other Slenderman mythos).
    That said they really should have studied Marble Hornets to learn (1) how to properly set up Slenderman as a background stalker (in Marble Hornets, he's so subtly interjected into the background of most of his appearances that it causes a constant feeling of paranoia in the audience, granting an unusual but powerful tension even in scenes where it's just two people arguing about their student film), and (2) that once you move away from Slenderman-as-supernatural-stalker and into memetic mind-virus that directly drives people crazy it gets *really fucking stupid*.

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 4 months ago +1

    MarbleHornets did slenderman way better and that was some passion project early-TheXvid thing. Slenderman mythology just cant work for a movie, or a franchise. It's a basic horror concept, as these guys said like Nightmare on Elm Street, or hell even Silent Hill, but there's nothing more to it. That's what happens when your source material is a single-page creepypasta from the internet

  • Tyler McWilliam
    Tyler McWilliam 4 months ago

    Mike's face at 30:27

  • Declan Carr
    Declan Carr 4 months ago

    Sounds like you might as well of gone and watched MarbleHornets.

  • valcaron
    valcaron 4 months ago

    that thumbnail tho

  • David James
    David James 4 months ago

    Why's Slenderman considered threatening? He's got no muscle mass. Anyone could push him over.

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight 4 months ago

    If I were making this movie... 1) no way slenderman's name would appear in it. 2) there wouldn't be a single teenage girl within a mile of this production.

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight 4 months ago

    If the production budget is accurate, then it may have broken even, no?

  • Timothy Becker
    Timothy Becker 4 months ago

    These goddamn hillbillies can't even get the backstory right. Everybody knows Slenderman started as fan fiction about Rich Evans.

  • Emperor Paulpatine
    Emperor Paulpatine 4 months ago

    I saw it with a group of friends. It wasn't as bad as we were hoping. It was just kind of lame.

  • Skip 8610
    Skip 8610 4 months ago

    Can Sony do anything right? KEK

  • 99legion
    99legion 4 months ago +1

    How the fuck are you gonna take out all of the violence....... when that's the whole mother fucking point. So what? Snowflake fucksticks will be offended? They can fucking kill themselves being offended by this.

  • oval
    oval 4 months ago

    ugh, the cinematography looks awful

  • Benjamin Wolfe
    Benjamin Wolfe 4 months ago +1

    I think Marble Hornets is the best we will get for Slender Man in terms of video media. It's also the original asaik.

  • The Parity Check
    The Parity Check 4 months ago

    The video I clicked on said this video was uploaded a year ago!! How?

  • Ghostfan
    Ghostfan 4 months ago

    Typical Hollywood, doing something years to late, just after a murder inspired by Slenderman so they have to cut half the movie. They're a bit out of touch.

  • bigwills53
    bigwills53 4 months ago

    I had no clue you guys were from Wisconsin. FUCK YEAH

  • Querty Beighteen
    Querty Beighteen 4 months ago

    VCR repair in 2018 where Best Buy has been long out of business. LOL Mr Plinkett is literally their only customer.

  • Terminal Cancer
    Terminal Cancer 4 months ago +1

    In b4 an SCP movie is in production.

    • Pear Of Salamanca
      Pear Of Salamanca 4 months ago

      SCP has potential for a cinematic adaptation. It has oodles of potential. It has more potential than a Slender Man movie in 2018, I'll tell you that (almost all the potential was harnessed into EverymanHybrid, Marble Hornets, etc., years ago).

  • Nehemiah
    Nehemiah 4 months ago +5

    Mill Creek logo looks like Wingdings!
    Mill Creek logo looks like Microsoft Clip art!

  • TheGCritic
    TheGCritic 4 months ago

    This movie probably isn't scary, but what's scarier is the VHS of Rhinestone, the Stallone movie I think, behind Jay.

  • Sven Rosentreter
    Sven Rosentreter 4 months ago

    There's a simple idea for a Slenderman film: He shows up in your old TheXvid videos

  • cristian alvarez
    cristian alvarez 4 months ago

    thought The Mummy was universal? Ah well, I guess the joke is that it might as well be sony.

  • cristian alvarez
    cristian alvarez 4 months ago

    I half think they make these movies just so Mike and Jay can review them and go on being miserable.

  • fressfisch
    fressfisch 4 months ago

    might very well be the best half in the bag thumbnail ever