Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
  • "Sweet but Psycho" Available Now
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    Directed by Shomi Patwary
    Actor: Prasad Romijn
    Ava Max is a unique new talent, crafting pop anthems with a much-needed dose of fiery female empowerment.
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  • Ava Max
    Ava Max  Month ago +3061

    Loved hanging with Songkick in London! Check out the full video here: AvaMax.lnk.to/ImportedAY

  • Kureijī Satsujinsha
    Kureijī Satsujinsha 16 hours ago +1

    Her hair reminds me when Azula cut her hair while getting ready to be crowned. She went full on psycho there.

  • Mini Ninja
    Mini Ninja 17 hours ago

    She’s the evil twin of Leah Ashe

  • Ihave2burgers
    Ihave2burgers 17 hours ago

    Sia hair + idk who else's hair = PSYCO MAX

  • Albert Kongjengbam
    Albert Kongjengbam 18 hours ago

    This reminds me of Pink
    (Please don't leave me) 🎧

  • KG Kashkaldakov
    KG Kashkaldakov 18 hours ago +1


  • Juliethl Carmona
    Juliethl Carmona 19 hours ago

    Q onda con tu pelo amiga

  • Celine Leger
    Celine Leger 20 hours ago

    Ça me ferait mouillé comme pas possible vue que j'aime les queues

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý
    Quyết Nguyễn Quý 20 hours ago

    không thoát được đâu các con trai.

  • um cara psicótico
    um cara psicótico 22 hours ago

    ai mamãe ai mamãe

  • Marcos Vinícius Guimarães

    Eu amo tanto essa música não paro de ouvir divaaaa

  • Laura Aleixo
    Laura Aleixo Day ago

    Alguém Brasileiro

  • Cookie QUACKY
    Cookie QUACKY Day ago +1

    Here from ladbaby btw Second gotta hurt

  • Eren Baskal
    Eren Baskal Day ago +2

    So yes , they are big...

  • Gilie Maillet
    Gilie Maillet Day ago +1

    Leo Moracchioli brought me there with his cover^^

  • Rafal G
    Rafal G Day ago +1


  • Rafal G
    Rafal G Day ago +1

    you're awesome!

  • Marcio Mariano
    Marcio Mariano Day ago


  • Mathilde Tournier

    Ava Max tu es toujours aussi talentueuse, magnifique et tes musiques toujours aussi fun ! 😇👏🏼❤️🏳️‍🌈

  • Bridget Woods
    Bridget Woods Day ago

    The video is similar to taylor swifts blank space music video

  • The Gay Bitch
    The Gay Bitch Day ago

    You know stripping and then touching him while he is unconscious is sexual assault

  • Aphrasia polaris

    jsi sladká ale psycho

  • Hope World
    Hope World Day ago

    Caraca, que voz é essa mano, a voz dela é simplesmente incrível 👌🏻👏🏻

  • Tititirei Tititi


  • Grandas Girl
    Grandas Girl Day ago

    U will get all agitated and pissed off have a Belfast bomber and sit down

  • Grandas Girl
    Grandas Girl Day ago

    U dont scare me Mr I learned from the best

  • Ali
    Ali Day ago +1

    it has been 1 year since this song came out yet i feel like i've been hearing it my whole life tf

  • Aysec
    Aysec Day ago


  • Yasmeen Trevor
    Yasmeen Trevor Day ago

    I love this song I can't stop listening to it !!!

  • Antonio Ortega
    Antonio Ortega Day ago

    Fu and Fua Sour Patch Candy Fu and Fua 🎃🎄🎃 Antonios and Stefanias Antonio and Stefania Lol Lol Laugh Out Loud LolKkK $$$ &&& @@@ 🎃🎄🎃💞💙💍💎😘✈🏆🍭🎄🍬🚏💈🚬💉🍻🙏🎮🎈🍗🎃🎆🎲🎭😎🎃🎄🎃.

  • Mailson Pereira
    Mailson Pereira Day ago +2

    Algum BR quando ama a Ava Max❤

  • Μαρια Κατερινου

    *I thought that i hit those high notes*
    *But i hit neighbours window*

  • Lucileide Pereira
    Lucileide Pereira Day ago +1


  • タブー
    タブー Day ago +1


  • Sean Kelle Pesquisa

    His song is about her

  • Billie Butera
    Billie Butera Day ago

    for the otaku they will know it's yandere

  • Mrs. Potatohead
    Mrs. Potatohead Day ago

    whos that guy thoo he cute o.o

  • Brice Tosten
    Brice Tosten Day ago +2

    Ava max👍👍👍💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💖💘

  • oo 0wao
    oo 0wao Day ago

    yandere confirmed

  • Kumiko Bond
    Kumiko Bond Day ago +4

    Ocean deeper a cycle
    Some don't recycle
    At night I'm screaming
    "Why why why why won't you?'
    Ocean higher a level
    You pretend to marvel
    At night I'm screaming
    "Why why why why won't you?

  • Chinh Phạm
    Chinh Phạm Day ago


  • Edna Dinha
    Edna Dinha Day ago

    Essa música só me lembra de uma pessoa

  • Kali Prasad Senapati

    Sweet but psycho
    Definitely a yandere

    AFSE GIRL Day ago +4

    Это намного лучше чем параша 2019 года💜💙

    AFSE GIRL Day ago


  • Loydjon Cruz
    Loydjon Cruz Day ago +1


  • LwinGlobal
    LwinGlobal Day ago

    The views you can get showing some boobs and cleavage!

  • Dream pass pass
    Dream pass pass Day ago

    3:27 effect water

  • Loven Aldrich Crisologo


  • Araceli Espinola


  • Sophia S
    Sophia S Day ago

    this was posted on my birthday and we were playing music and i dont know how i missed this!

  • Miriã Borges
    Miriã Borges Day ago +1


  • Bronze Destroyer

    Am I the only one that can't take my eyes off the watermelons?

  • Dáviton Btt
    Dáviton Btt Day ago


  • rhian harrison
    rhian harrison Day ago

    ava max is just a better Taylor swift

  • züleyha ceylan
    züleyha ceylan Day ago

    nice video to promote violent fantasies,dislike from me

  • Hinotama Fyreheart

    I usually listen to metal, but this is really nice.

  • Roger Menezes
    Roger Menezes Day ago

    um hit é um hit

  • Jasmine Ranieri
    Jasmine Ranieri Day ago

    My song describes my personality

  • Makiesh Bernadas

    She's freaking me out because she's sweet but a psycho ,she's torn and so am i,oh I forgot I'm all out of salt