Alec Baldwin can't stand his wife Hilaria.

  • Published on Oct 29, 2021
  • Amazing/appalling stuff. Hilaria was so thirsty she left her crying kids in the car so she could put on a Spanish accented act for the paps. Alec kept shutting her down. "Excuse me" - he'll have hell to pay for that later.

    Via TMZ: Alec Baldwin is speaking on the death of Halyna Hutchins for the first time on camera -- and he had a lot to say. The actor addressed a swarm of paps Saturday who were hounding him in Manchester, VT, where he and his family have been laying low since the fatal incident ... but have been getting followed around, including on the open road, where the Baldwin family literally pulled over to confront the photogs ... whom Alec says made his kids cry. Alec came at them head-on with none other than his wife, Hilaria, at his side ... and they spoke their piece on where things stand, without divulging too much about the investigation.


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  • Tim Sacks
    Tim Sacks 2 months ago +155

    His performance on being a sorry friend of the deceased was brilliant.

    • Mr London Go
      Mr London Go 2 days ago +1

      The camera operators are very brave standing in front of Alec though!

    • Lady Katherine
      Lady Katherine Month ago +14

      That he had never met or heard of, before the movie! Some "friend" Alec!

  • Agnetha F
    Agnetha F 2 months ago +358

    She is like the most annoying fly that keeps getting in your face, buzzing around your food and a minute later you find floating in your drink.

  • squished300ztt
    squished300ztt 2 months ago +614

    Still faking the accent even during this? That’s dedication!

  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves 2 months ago +107

    His “remorse” is as real as his wife’s accent 😒

    • boomerhgt
      boomerhgt Month ago +2

      Yeah pretty much what a couple these two horrors make

    • Sarah Morales
      Sarah Morales Month ago +4

      We wEre FrIeNdS!!!

  • Dojan
    Dojan 2 months ago +41

    She literally can't stay away from the camera, it's ridiculous.

  • Stacey Shaffer
    Stacey Shaffer 2 months ago +313

    That’s his wife? Wow! What a nightmare! I’m embarrassed for him. Did her accent just magically disappear? She’s been caught in so many lies about her heritage it’s a joke. Good luck Alec, you gonna need it.

    • Darren Slattery
      Darren Slattery 7 days ago

      Senorita Hilaria

    • Checyn Hadi
      Checyn Hadi Month ago +9

      They are perfect for each other 💀

    • Justin T
      Justin T Month ago +10

      She looks like she's been hit with a cheese grater

    • Eden
      Eden 2 months ago +13

      This is the "beauty" this freak deserved!

  • TN F
    TN F 2 months ago +64

    Maybe Hillary should sit with her crying kids instead of desperately trying to be in front of the camera.

    • Karybak Karybak
      Karybak Karybak 2 months ago +6

      The woman makes her “living” by exploiting her children. Of course she needs to be in front of the camera and not tend to the children.

    • Keith B
      Keith B 2 months ago +5

      one would think

  • Lrays Lrayss
    Lrays Lrayss 2 months ago +133

    He talks to and treats his wife like she’s one of the journalists asking the questions.

    • Crixus
      Crixus Month ago +3

      Eh. Guy just killed someone, is gonna face hundreds of millions in lawsuits, career done, etc. He treated her accordingly.

    • Ted371
      Ted371 Month ago +7

      She was pushy and rude, so his instincts took over.

  • Baylor Sailor
    Baylor Sailor 2 months ago +75

    He is doing everything he can to talk his way out of responsibility.

  • Stefan Forslin
    Stefan Forslin 2 months ago +123

    Hilary is like "Oh, paparazzis! i must make sure i can take a part of the attention!"

    instead of looking after her kids. She is without any doubt the mother of the year!

  • Gods Girl
    Gods Girl 2 months ago +289

    “The kids are in the car crying”
    So like any good parent , leave them in there crying and don’t comfort them, while you’re out videoing on your phone🙄🙄🙄

    • A Little Wheiser
      A Little Wheiser 2 months ago +2

      @Frances Larson GOD HELP their children.

    • Frances Larson
      Frances Larson 2 months ago +1

      @Katherine Hicks God bless their children...

    • Katherine Hicks
      Katherine Hicks 2 months ago +11

      She should have been in the car with the kids. She served no purpose standing there with a phone.

    • Joanne Murdock
      Joanne Murdock 2 months ago +5

      Yep! Narcs. At their self serving best!

    • sexy buns
      sexy buns  2 months ago +1

      Well they were only talking for a few minutes to make the paparazzi go away

  • Ron Morey
    Ron Morey 2 months ago +87

    She’s outraged at the guy not knowing the name of the woman her husband shot to death. Nice try little lady.

  • Tim Kennedy
    Tim Kennedy 2 months ago +283

    Her Spanish accent is soooo cute!! "How you say in English?? 🥒 Cucumbers..." Two narcissist train wrecks....😁😁😁😁

    • Donna D
      Donna D 20 days ago


    • Not Interested
      Not Interested Month ago +1

      She's a white supremacist.

    • Pinksupergrl95
      Pinksupergrl95 Month ago +1

      HilariOSO!!10 Cucumbers for this🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒

    • Sly B
      Sly B 2 months ago +1

      @Robot Tron 😅😅

    • Robot Tron
      Robot Tron 2 months ago +9

      @Sly B living la hillaria loca

  • Selina Ray
    Selina Ray 2 months ago +88

    For real though, she did walk up to him like a fan, like what is she doing? 😂 He doesn’t want her to say anything because he knows she’ll say something STUPID (again) and get him in even more trouble.

    • Ali oooeel
      Ali oooeel Month ago +1

      But she said something good tho "name"

    • slotty gw2 wvw
      slotty gw2 wvw 2 months ago

      Tell ya those nut job mods at tmz are as confused as 10 pedophile working at the fbi

  • Franken Furter
    Franken Furter 2 months ago +35

    For a guy who just "accidentally" killed a good friend, he doesn't seem upset at all. No sign of grief imo.

  • Colette
    Colette 2 months ago +25

    She just spent the past decade using that phone in her claw to exploit and film every personal moment her children have had in exchange for Instagram influencer status. There is no way they were crying at the sight of cameras. She actually usually notifies the media when they are going out. Cameras are like air to those poor children.

  • Laura H
    Laura H 2 months ago +25

    Man I have a ton of empathy for Alec Baldwin in this situation. But his wife is insufferable for so many reasons, this video just scrapes the surface

  • Janet C
    Janet C 2 months ago +13

    All he had to say was, "I'm sorry but I've been advised not to speak to the press as it is an open investigation, so I'd appreciate it if you would stop following us, thank you." If the children really were crying in the vehicle, Hillary should have stayed with them to comfort them. Not a good look for either of them.

  • George Mcclinchy
    George Mcclinchy 2 months ago +148

    Wow. My life as a janitor is soooooo much better than his, I keep people safe during covid and i sleep well at night.

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 4 days ago +1

      @King MoJo Why is it so hard to believe? He probably sleeps better at night than the CEO of the company he works for… More money more problems is a REAL thing.

    • Robyn Ragone
      Robyn Ragone 24 days ago

      You're awesome George. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    • Anne Blubaugh
      Anne Blubaugh 25 days ago +1

      Thank you! :)

    • Dr. Eugene Nyx, MD
      Dr. Eugene Nyx, MD 27 days ago +1

      Thank you sir! We appreciate you

    • Amaris
      Amaris 29 days ago +1

      @J his life sucks

  • Paul Schneider
    Paul Schneider 2 months ago +109

    Does anyone still remember when Alec Baldwin called his daughter a “mean, thoughtless, little pig”? What’s he gonna call Hillary now?

    • Candice Parr
      Candice Parr Month ago

      A mean, thoughtless gnat.

    • Desirée Rodríguez
      Desirée Rodríguez Month ago

      IKR??! and nobody cared!! Everybody laugh... Bet he doesn't talk to his daughter now...

    • Sarah Murphy
      Sarah Murphy Month ago +3

      Yes...I think he and his spanglish wife are a pair of narcissist who have been in on the grift since they met. Come on when he met her parent and they spoke English with an American accent why didn't tell Hilarious to stop being a bigger idiot than him 🙄🙄

  • Da Rev
    Da Rev 2 months ago +62

    " the day i arrived in Santa Fe to start shoooting "
    Choice words Alec

  • Kevin Rose
    Kevin Rose 2 months ago +14

    Of course, she's annoying what is left for her to do when making babies and swiping credit cards at luxary stores is not an option??? Hilaria is simply HILARIOUS.

  • AmexL
    AmexL 2 months ago +228

    Looks like a great marriage, he treated the paparazzi *slighlty* better than his own wife.

    • dragonways333
      dragonways333 Month ago


    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse Month ago

      @Angie G pun pun punnnnn ....

    • Angel G
      Angel G 2 months ago +7

      @Ann She needs the shiz smacked out of her yes read the million replys how she is rude a narcisisst She is a HORRIBLE human being That is not something normal they say about people ANN she the shit the smaked of her YES

    • Ann
      Ann 2 months ago +8

      @Angel G Definitely don't anyone "smack the shiz" out of your partner. Regardless of the extremely irritating annoyance, ... just don't. Definitely not the answer.

    • Angel G
      Angel G 2 months ago +15

      I would have smacked the shiz out of her for interrupting me and she was 1000 miles away in her home when things happened So not cool to interrupt WOW

  • Sadie Sadie Married Lady
    Sadie Sadie Married Lady 2 months ago +37

    She is trying to capitalize on this event to get un-cancelled.

  • Chloe Kit
    Chloe Kit 2 months ago +13

    I love how he disarmed her she tried to be the tough lady defending her husband & he shuts her down lol

    • mo jadah
      mo jadah 3 days ago

      She was going for the “spicy Latina” persona in that moment and he said, not now”. I guess the role playing ain’t so cute now that sh*t’s gotten real.

  • retic67
    retic67 2 months ago +15

    Did anyone notice that he spoke as if he was just an observer of this tragedy rather than a participant?

  • Suzanne Brady
    Suzanne Brady 2 months ago +92

    She has so many kids with him.. she’s flipping out that they will go broke now !

  • Casey Anderson
    Casey Anderson 2 months ago +51

    Alec doesn’t get to say a single thing about guns ever again. He says he isn’t an expert... that’s not only the understatement of a lifetime but he completely violated basic gun etiquette 101

  • Tina Owens
    Tina Owens 2 months ago +32

    Great parenting skills! Lets let the kids scream alone in the car while we go answer reporter questions!

  • lgracelyn
    lgracelyn 2 months ago +25

    Oh wow these two are just insane! What a couple of creeps..both fighting for camera time...I love when Alec shoves his loud mouth wife off camera! They both deserves Oscar's...Hilaria is desperate for attention wow..

    • Robert Hertz
      Robert Hertz Month ago +1

      He shoved that head of her ALOT. PROBLEY. L A TE AT NIGHT. EVERY NIGHT.

  • Karen Milligan
    Karen Milligan 2 months ago +18

    At least Alec took the time to speak with you in this time of dealing with and coming to grips with this tragedy.
    Condolences Alec on the loss of your friend.

    • boomerhgt
      boomerhgt Month ago +1

      He pointed a gun at his friend and pulled the trigger.....gun safety 101 never point a gun at anybody.

    • slotty gw2 wvw
      slotty gw2 wvw 2 months ago +1

      Imagine watching fake news tmz?

    • Jeff Goes Random
      Jeff Goes Random 2 months ago +8

      Condolences? Alec and many were negligent. To blame. Condolences to the widower and family, not negligent, involuntary manslaughterer Alec...big lawsuit and criminal charges coming. No Alec condolences...

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 2 months ago +345

    Omfg and she’s still doing the fake accent, she’s actually insane

    • Bryce Magloo
      Bryce Magloo 8 days ago

      @Showmestategirl The difference is, Hillary Lynn Hayward Thomas (Baldwin) was born, raised, and educated in the United States. Hillary's mother is Kathryn Howard, and her father is David Thomas Jr.

      Hillary Lynn Hayward Thomas doesn't have one drop of Spanish blood.

      Now try to comprehend this genius; imagine if Raphael Nadal claimed to have been born in China, and walked around speaking with a fake Chinese accent. Plenty of people would think he's insane, just like many, many people think Hillary Lynn Hayward Thomas is a fraud and insane !!!!!

    • gigi black
      gigi black Month ago +4

      @Amelia delCastillo Because she’s not actually Spanish. She’s American and has been faking an accent to appear more ‘exotic.’ And probably continued it when she saw she could profit off of being Latina.

    • Royal Zak
      Royal Zak Month ago +3

      They're both definitions of Hollyweird whack jobs.

    • Madi Diamond Hands
      Madi Diamond Hands Month ago

      That was NOT a Spanish accent

    • Maravilla
      Maravilla Month ago +2

      I didnt realize that was a thing with her until i looked it up and i can’t help but laugh at how weird that is

  • Debra Stevenson
    Debra Stevenson Month ago +1

    The level of stress, heartbreak and tragedy for the husband and child who no longer has their wife/mom that they are enduring, I can see why they are behaving that way. I don't understand why some people are being so judgemental and hateful! Such souless people accusing them of exactly what you're guilty of! Pray for them and be respectful!

  • stephen geraci
    stephen geraci 2 months ago +82

    I feel bad for everyone involved, just a tragic accident, but Alec's wife seems very Karen(ish) in this video. She's pulling the classic Karen move of filming with her phone. Come on Hiaria, this is Karen 101

    • Enk Naran
      Enk Naran Day ago

      @Kromatika Interesting. How do you know?

    • Kromatika
      Kromatika 2 days ago

      She's hideously lonely and has some kind of condition, probably FAS or Aspergers. She has certain physical oddities that speak to subnormal brain function.

    • Florida Girl
      Florida Girl 2 months ago

      I think she is so desperate to be famous and thought of as a real celebrity, she can’t help herself. I’ve felt she was like this since the beginning. She’s desperate to have the attention on her. I can’t stand her. She doesn’t even compare to Kim. I’m confused why he chose her. Kim had grace, and intelligence that “Hillary” will never have.

    • Jeff Goes Random
      Jeff Goes Random 2 months ago +1

      This was not an accident like a car hitting another bumper. This was negligence. Much different.

    • Enk Naran
      Enk Naran 2 months ago +1

      She seems annoying but it seemed like she wanted to help. And recording is Probably a good thing. Just in case the paparazzi try to cut things out of context. It seems like Alec is recording too

  • Keith B
    Keith B Month ago +8

    She is even more dislikeable than Alex which is amazing

  • April August
    April August 2 months ago +1

    I actually feel so bad for Alec. It seems like he really can’t catch a break. So tragic

  • Trick gum Nerney
    Trick gum Nerney 2 months ago +595

    Shocked she isn’t doing a headstand in this interview.

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 4 days ago

      @fascinatinglist this!! They kept cropping her out and she kept getting as close to Alec as she could so she could be in the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m like MOVE they not there for you 😂😂

    • Stephh
      Stephh Month ago

      Dead 😂

    • M S
      M S Month ago +1

      Does anyone else feel like the JOKER MOVIE might have been based off Alec Baldwin in real life

    • Keith B
      Keith B Month ago

      @fascinatinglist NICE!

    • Laura Indira
      Laura Indira Month ago +1


  • Prin Cess
    Prin Cess 2 months ago +25

    “My kids are in the car crying” .. 🤔 So why Annoying Controlling spotlight wife is choosing to get in front of papparazzi instead of waiting in car with crying babies? y’all, don’t they have like 2 babies under 1 year old?? This is not a typo I know the math doesn’t make sense.

  • Christian Hardwick
    Christian Hardwick 2 months ago +6

    Because you’re following them and they know. She’s using her Spanish accent here to sound more serious.Hilarious !!

  • Mary Ellen Tingley
    Mary Ellen Tingley 2 months ago +48

    Seems like there was a chain of people handling the gun before Alec fired it. They ALL should have checked to make sure there weren't live bullets in it. Alec should have been the final person to check the bullets since he discharged the gun. The person who is going to pull the trigger should do a final check before firing, especially when using guns on a movie set!

    • boomerhgt
      boomerhgt Month ago +1

      Gloria O'Hara bullshit safety is everybody's responsibility you moron

    • kevin bacon
      kevin bacon 2 months ago +1

      @Jasonsmith1998 oh shit. Dammm straight. Lol

    • Jasonsmith1998
      Jasonsmith1998 2 months ago +5

      If it was a suicide scene then he would have checked first

    • Mary Ellen Tingley
      Mary Ellen Tingley 2 months ago +4

      @Gloria O'Hara It starts with the amorer, but whoever is going to pull the trigger of a gun on a movie set better make sure there are only blanks in the gun! It's how responsible handling of any gun should be. And should NEVER point a gun at anyone.

    • Gloria O'Hara
      Gloria O'Hara 2 months ago

      It's not Alex's job to check the gun that's why you hire an armorer

  • Lilac
    Lilac 2 months ago +23

    Baldwin is trying to make himself look innocent, like he's merely an actor is was just doing his job. He seems to have forgotten that he is also a producer of this movie. If I understand correctly, producers are responsible for quality control.

  • operatorblack
    operatorblack 2 months ago +293

    Imagine what they’re like together behind closed doors given the restrained aggression we witnessed here. It’s a stressful time, but stressful times make people drop the mask.

    • A Z
      A Z 5 days ago

      @Justin Macarrhur what do I know? FACTS.

    • Justin Macarrhur
      Justin Macarrhur 7 days ago +1

      @Hangry Hippo agree.

    • Justin Macarrhur
      Justin Macarrhur 7 days ago +1

      @A Z shut up. Wtf do you know? Nothing.

    • Hangry Hippo
      Hangry Hippo 7 days ago +2

      I’m NO Baldwin fan, but it’s amazing how many virtuous zen Buddhist monks are in this comment section. People who never experience the emotions of stress and irritation in their daily lives, EVER!

    • bobs
      bobs 22 days ago +1

      why do you care about these people and what they're like behind closed doors

  • Marcie Az11
    Marcie Az11 2 months ago +6

    I know she's trying to protect her husband but it comes off totally awkward and not helpful right now. Tempers and emotions are all over the place and will be for sometime. Let these people be while there's an active investigation going on. Alec Baldwin looks like he's on the edge about to break!

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 2 months ago +4

    That is Alec Baldwin‘s nanny, she is from Spain. She is very loyal to the family.

  • ccarlosy paulette
    ccarlosy paulette 2 months ago +2

    Thanks Mr. Alec for sharing did the right thing pulling over and answering some questions...tbis is a terrible incident. I just wish the best to every party condolences to the Hutchins family. Your wife interrupted a lot here.

  • Juliette York
    Juliette York Month ago +3

    After 20 min talking to the press on the side of a road, the killer finally says, “My kids are in the car crying...” WHAT? Señora Pepino stood out there, ignoring her crying babies, who were alone in a car, so she can get her mug on camera. These people are a disgrace in every way. Those poor kids.

  • Suzanne Kassie
    Suzanne Kassie 2 months ago +5

    Oh wow he “took her to dinner” , what a great guy / generous “friend” he is! 😝

  • buyerofsorts
    buyerofsorts 2 months ago +12

    "Its URGENT, URGENT that you understand I'm not an expert in this field".

    You don't need to be an expert Alec, ya just need to know more about guns other than you hate them before you point and shoot at someone with something you HATE so badly.

    • Robert Hertz
      Robert Hertz Month ago

      Point aim SQUEESE fire than blame some one other than YOURSELF. Method acting at its FINIST.

    • slotty gw2 wvw
      slotty gw2 wvw 2 months ago +1

      Alec shot her on purpose he is a murderer

  • Words, words, words
    Words, words, words Month ago +3

    I love it when the paps ignore her. It drives her nuts.

  • Happy Dog
    Happy Dog 2 months ago +8

    Proof that a narcissist does sometimes marry another narcissist ….Reminds me of my ex and his now wife lol

  • Gordie
    Gordie 2 months ago +273

    she should just translate everything he says into bostonian spanish, her native tongue.

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 4 days ago


    • Marshall Matthew Fan
      Marshall Matthew Fan 2 months ago

      Im sure that how she got busted.

    • margaret tomko
      margaret tomko 2 months ago


    • EtienneSimone
      EtienneSimone 2 months ago

      @CitrusButter ok good I was worried for you there for a sec.

    • CitrusButter
      CitrusButter 2 months ago

      @EtienneSimone I wasn't talking about Alec o.0 I didn't even find him attractive when he was young.

  • Grandma Ginger
    Grandma Ginger 2 months ago +30

    Funniest shit ever. I think they both might be bananas or daydrinking.

    • AA LM
      AA LM Month ago

      You might day drink after something like that too.

  • Helen Fong
    Helen Fong 2 months ago +6

    He has a history of being an alcoholic & drug addict. Due to the circumstances, I hope he doesn't fall off the wagon. Him being the producer, he needs to take some of the responsibility.

  • mel grant
    mel grant 2 months ago +14

    Never mind prison Alex must be terrified of his wife she looks menacing

  • Nicole Angel
    Nicole Angel 2 months ago

    Well.... we know who rules that clan... Good God! I feel for Alec. Condolences go out to Halyna Hutchins family. RIP

  • Kris Bauerle
    Kris Bauerle 2 months ago +733

    A caring mother would have been in the car with her crying children. Her actions speak volumes.

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee Month ago +3

      @Anna Banana Yea its called high paid nanny but maybe you can be friends with Alec.

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse Month ago

      @Youdouble ShitshitShe probably begged for him to pull over.

    • Candice Parr
      Candice Parr Month ago

      Of course her kids are crying. Whining and complaining work for mommy and daddy, it's what they know to do

    • Candice Parr
      Candice Parr Month ago

      @Thornback bwa haha! He shot someone. Damage is done

    • No to Vaccines
      No to Vaccines Month ago

      @Sophie W your sentence structure behaves like a kid.

  • Moji 311
    Moji 311 Month ago +3

    “Now turn it off.” She likes giving commands. They must command each other around the homestead. Lol

  • Giannina Conidi
    Giannina Conidi 2 months ago +1

    Take me back to "It's Complicated" when life was much less complicated for Alec Baldwin.

  • Sino Rich
    Sino Rich Month ago +2

    He should have already been charged. The scene they were practicing didn’t even call for the weapon to be fired. He was acting recklessly with a firearm. Any one of us would have been charged already.

  • Bos La Moss
    Bos La Moss 2 months ago +2

    If I were that reporter she scolded, I would've asked her why she couldn't remember the English word for cucumber when she grew up in and around Boston and went to a private school in THE most affluent town in Massachusetts.

  • Keith B
    Keith B 2 months ago +5

    1:54 look at Hillary emphatically shaking her head "No" until Alex contradicts her and then her face is frozen, expressionless....

  • lesa Hanson
    lesa Hanson 2 months ago +10

    Hilaria acted like a jealous child bc her sibling was getting all the attention. "Me me me give me some attention too😞"

  • tim mellis
    tim mellis 2 months ago +2

    I understand that he and his family are devastated by this event. BUT Alec, imagine if you weren't part of the privileged class! Your life would be over. We can't kill someone and say: "I didn't know it was real and/or loaded". That does NOT work for us. They would look at us like we were mad. The rest of our lives would be inside the judiciary system- endless jail, probation officers, hatred, no job. It would be completely different and way way way worse for us- the non-privileged class.

    I'm reading that you shot and killed someone and women around the world are extremely concerned FOR YOU! Just to repeat and so you know, that does NOT happen to us. It's alone in jail for us. No women will want us.

  • xenium1516
    xenium1516 2 months ago +3

    😂 I love the wife backing her man up. She understands this is really hard for him, so she is stepping up. Don’t be so mad at her, and you can tell she really loves him.

  • Marshall Matthew Fan
    Marshall Matthew Fan 2 months ago +602

    OMG..Alec has to be a real nice guy to be married to her...3 minutes and 40 seconds of her is more than i can take in a life time.

    • Maria Gabrielle
      Maria Gabrielle 9 days ago +1

      @Tracey Mattison she needs to take care of her kids

    • Maria Gabrielle
      Maria Gabrielle 9 days ago +1

      Yeah, AB's a peach 🍑

    • Marshall Matthew Fan
      Marshall Matthew Fan Month ago

      @Frida writes I was loading on the sarcasm like the average American loves too..

    • Frida writes
      Frida writes Month ago +1

      He's not a nice guy! God people are so gullible... both of them are vile people

    • Moji 311
      Moji 311 Month ago

      Like attracts like. A narcissist resonance there.

  • libre denuevo
    libre denuevo 2 months ago +5

    *I cant stand that woman either at all* *...she looks really really weird.....They go out in public without any low profile and it seems to be a mockery honestly ....His wife is odious... she seems to be desperate to capture the attention of the cameras and seems to enjoy it, hiding it with being "disgusted" ... about what? She should be ashamed of doing stupid things publicly*

  • Dee Bell
    Dee Bell 2 months ago +5

    For someone who wants to be left alone she keeps getting in front of the camera. Flying around like a little fly.

  • Keith B
    Keith B 2 months ago +5

    Alex secretly wants to go to a maximum security prison to finally get some peace and quiet

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin 2 months ago +3

    How you can flip it to reporters trying to get the story is beyond me. He's a controling narcissist and she signed up to be his barbie doll. When he is allowed to speak u won't be able to find him. It's easy to walk out and say I can't talk.

  • Yolie Remeza
    Yolie Remeza 2 months ago +2

    Finally I see Alec try to put “Hilaria” in her place!!! 👏🏼
    Hilary bullies the interviewer for forgetting Halyna’s name at that moment. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I wish she had met that reaction when she forgot the word for cucumber and onion. 👿
    Maybe that’s why those two got along, bullies.

    Although in this interview Alec has proven he has come a long way from his days of being aggressive towards paparazzi.

    He is definitely showing more composure than his wife who seems to think she is the one they should be interviewing EVERY SINGLE TIME Alec gets interviewed when she is around.

    She can’t stand it that he is more important than her. That’s why she loves to undress for the camera, to get more attention and followers. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think she is a bigger egocentric narcissist thank he could be.

  • Strawberry Blonde Milk

    "I've been ordered not to answer any questions because it's an ongoing case"

    But I can do a 40 minute interview with abc news in which I act my ass off ...

  • Twilla Sandoval
    Twilla Sandoval 2 months ago +3

    Do you know the thing that’s the most interesting about this is he defends guns on the movie set but he puts them down out in the public where people can carry and protect themselves😂😂😂

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 2 months ago +1

    Such grifters. WOW. Their narcissism is just through the roof. Amazing how they make themselves out to be the victims here. Hilaria is beyond DISGUSTING.

  • Bablooka Jonez
    Bablooka Jonez 2 months ago +2

    She’s strutting around and interrupting like they’re there for her 😂

  • Daniel Berg
    Daniel Berg 2 months ago +2

    How on God's blue earth does he think he's a victim? His kids are crying because they are following a father that recklessly killed someone.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill Month ago

    You are right in your analysis. After watching the interview and previous videos of Alex Baldwin he doesn’t allow anyone to tell him what to do or keep him waiting. When you have raged like this man has with dealing with people it will always come back and bite you in the ass. Remember his wife approaching him (35 seconds into their video interview on the road) the “Excuse me” tone he had towards his wife, (in other words he probably wanted to say get the hell out the way and don’t interrupt me) except others were present. Great job in your analysis.

  • Madd Pappa
    Madd Pappa 2 months ago +5

    Her accent is totally gone! Even though I can’t stand him, I feel sorry for him- he killed an innocent person a mom😭

  • Zack Parsons
    Zack Parsons 2 months ago +515

    Never has a married couple deserved each other more.

    • Silence Do Good
      Silence Do Good 3 days ago

      @annatanneberger1 dude, this is a Wendy's

    • Bebe Langford
      Bebe Langford 2 months ago

      @Lisa Jones omg.......she's stays with this controlling freak and has child after child with him. Trust me, this couple dances the dance they dance-she chooses to stay with him and is not by any means a victim. Their dynamic together is perfectly toxic.

    • De Spencer
      De Spencer 2 months ago +1

      One Hilaria plus one Hilaria equals two Hilarious 🤣

    • Keith B
      Keith B 2 months ago

      @Kathy Myers 🥒 🥒 🥒

    • Keith B
      Keith B 2 months ago

      @Lisa Jones wives from Spain are great 🥒 🥒 🥒

  • Deborah Cooper
    Deborah Cooper Month ago

    The more I see of these two the more I feel sorry for their children!!

  • Radu P
    Radu P 2 months ago +5

    Why do I get the very subtle impression that the first time he says "She was my friend" i get that he has the tiniest smile in his expression. then, it's almost like he becomes aware of that, makes a poker face and then repeats the same words. weird

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown Month ago +2

    Freedom of press in public Hillary! You can’t tell another citizen what to do. You and Alec are perfect together. 🙄

  • Underrated Unity
    Underrated Unity 2 months ago +2

    Looks like that was a new thing, him telling her excuse me and to fall back, hope it starts happening more because she's completely inappropriate
    And the press not knowing the victim's names?!

  • Joe Kaz
    Joe Kaz 2 months ago +11

    "I can't say anything"
    Runs his mouth for 3 minutes

    • Keith B
      Keith B 2 months ago

      he's not real bright

  • Lucia Sosa
    Lucia Sosa 2 months ago +2

    So sad, when I first saw this elsewhere I assumed that the lady was an interested reporter, so it made sense he was annoyed and shooing her off. Learning that she is his WIFE, oof. Rest in Peace, Halyna :( Such a waste

  • Wendy Robson
    Wendy Robson 2 months ago +1

    As it stands right's under investigation! It wasn't done deliberately but it's a serious situation! Some one has to take responsibility for this death and the person who was wounded!

  • TabCherie
    TabCherie 2 months ago +1

    He's distraught and experiencing a whirlwind of emotions/thoughts....I could only imagine. As any and all human beings do and would. If he is being spoken to then he should be the one answering...that just makes sense. She was being aggressive. He was trying to appease and be left alone. I think he handled himself well. What happened to giving people some grace. I'm sure all of you consumed with his every move have never acted out of character, eh...come on now.

  • Mary Chandler
    Mary Chandler 2 months ago +158

    she is certainly keeping the Spanish accent going...

    • Joe Kaz
      Joe Kaz 2 months ago +2

      @Amelia delCastillo because she got busted for pretending to be Latina. Its old news

    • Avengerie
      Avengerie 2 months ago +1

      @Amelia delCastillo Emily Castle, I presume?

    • beeochg4
      beeochg4 2 months ago +2

      @Amelia delCastillo i think it matters cause the white lady thinks she’s Spanish all a sudden

    • beeochg4
      beeochg4 2 months ago +2

      @Keith B I think someone hit her in the heat with a burrito and she woke up thought she was Spanish

    • I Don’t Care What You Think
      I Don’t Care What You Think 2 months ago +1

      Under great duress!! That’s admirable!!

  • Daphne O.
    Daphne O. 2 months ago +4

    She does know Alec is the one that killed the woman, right? Her righteous indignation seems misplaced.

  • R:A.C. Espinosa
    R:A.C. Espinosa 2 months ago +2

    You should change the title for something like this: “Alec Baldwin’s wife can’t stand stalkers.”

  • John D
    John D 2 months ago +4

    If the kids are crying then why isn’t she in the car with them, they want to talk to him not was hard to understand her fake accent😂😂😂😂

  • AzOutlaw7
    AzOutlaw7 2 months ago

    "I've been ordered not to say anything"..."what else have you got?" Such an extremely preventable, extremely sad situation.

  • Lucille Gass
    Lucille Gass 2 months ago +363

    Why is she trying to answer for him?! Why is she so mad? Now he's stuck at home with her all day! If the kids were crying why isn't she there in the car with them! Can't stand this woman,she looks so mean!

    • BeckyG.
      BeckyG. Day ago

      @Debbie Duffy me too!

    • Let me tell you My experiences in Life
      Let me tell you My experiences in Life 20 days ago +1

      She's a "fake ass spanish" Karen 🤣

    • LG
      LG Month ago

      @Krystal She thrives on the attention. It's all an act. If she was worried about the kids she would be in the car comfort them instead of recording them with her stupid freaking iPhone. She's insane.

    • Sebrina Shelton
      Sebrina Shelton Month ago +2

      I mean, I don't like her, but paparazzi are fucking annoying, I'd be mad too.

    • Gloria O'Hara
      Gloria O'Hara 2 months ago +1

      @Krystal thank you!!that's what I said..they have a slew of young kids..

  • Adina Vargas
    Adina Vargas Month ago

    I never thought I’d say this but after seeing the way his wife behaves, I feel bad for AB. Those poor kids are crying in the car and she’d rather make more of a scene out there then taking care of them.

  • luna
    luna 2 months ago +2

    LMFAOOO Her spanish accent isn’t leaving 😭😭🤣

  • Chillychese
    Chillychese 2 months ago +3

    This is coming from someone who doesn't want you to own guns. Anyone with a brain will tell you live rounds should never be on set. They were using the gun for target practice at lunch

  • Hoptoit
    Hoptoit Month ago

    “I’ve been ORDERED by the sheriffs department, I cannot answer any questions….” Goes on to give an ‘unscripted’ interview. Yep, bury yourself a bit deeper Alec

  • GinaStarVideos
    GinaStarVideos 2 months ago +2

    She definitely could have been with her kids... While he answered the questions

  • JL
    JL 2 months ago +1

    Never cut corners with firearms. Yes Alec does hold the responsibility of this accident from not hiring a qualified armor to not checking the firearm. To be such a anti-2nd Ammendment idiot he can't can't even live by his own rules.
    Now he's trying to act like the victim. No no Alec the victim is who you killed with a revolver.

  • BLS13
    BLS13 2 months ago +1

    With ALLLLL the emotions thought I was going to feel watching this >>> were all obliterated by this 'Woman', what a complete & total Disaster. She is frightening. What the F is she doing !??!!?

  • Matty Allen
    Matty Allen 2 months ago +4

    Puts a new meaning into "shooting a movie"