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  • Narn Bread
    Narn Bread 2 hours ago

    Kengan Ashura's CG is pretty decent.

  • SatoruwaFeng
    SatoruwaFeng 17 hours ago

    For a good while now I've been lazily shortening CG into the even shorter "siege" because a lot of cg nowadays feels like it's trying to ravage my brain castle.

  • NakkiPeruna
    NakkiPeruna 18 hours ago

    Beastars and kengan ashura are pretty good cg anime.

  • Chris Beaty
    Chris Beaty Day ago

    Berserk was one of the greatest travesties of in our time. We waited for years and years to get a new adaptation, and they ruined it. Fans of the series are forever jaded to the fact that we will never get a real Berserk anime.

  • Nas TGC
    Nas TGC 2 days ago

    ok what's the anime at 5:25??? i wanna watch it

  • Samuel Peterson
    Samuel Peterson 2 days ago

    hey it's good in sci fi anime like gundam and yamato granted they only use it for machines, the reverse would be hilariously unnerving

    • Samuel Peterson
      Samuel Peterson 2 days ago

      correction: gundam ms igloo is goddamn terrifying i meant unicorn

  • Kamaboko Gonpachirou

    that Yuri!!! on ICE reference killed me 😂

  • Xandit Davis
    Xandit Davis 3 days ago

    Bad cg is passable if the entire show is cg... such as Rwby the strangest show I can’t bring myself to watch.

  • Creaker 11
    Creaker 11 4 days ago

    Jojo Part 1-3 intro is like the pillarmen of good intro cgi

  • XirU
    XirU 4 days ago

    Honestly, a lot of the times I do like bad cg, sometimes it really introduces a pretty big feverish and strange feel when the design is complex and have color contrasts. So I can't really agree on everything.

  • The Everything Sandwich

    Let me present: BanG Dream 2nd Season

  • Kittens Eclipse
    Kittens Eclipse 5 days ago

    I feel like 3D anime wouldn’t be shit if it didn’t try to be 2d, or use the good parts of cg to blend the two

  • the5711
    the5711 6 days ago

    hehe bigblackhawk60 hehe

  • loonarmyluvieonceblinks follow me

    jojo fans camping out in the comment section but you can’t even blame them cause the openings do be hitting different

  • Lysarc
    Lysarc 7 days ago

    Then there's Beastars

  • R T
    R T 7 days ago

    Initial d background

  • TheRagingInfernape
    TheRagingInfernape 9 days ago

    Bad CG: Exists
    Hentai done in flash animation: *Finally! A worthy opponent!*

  • Arrow Games
    Arrow Games 9 days ago +1

    *Cough... Arifuereta was terrible in CG

  • Olyvier Monteau
    Olyvier Monteau 10 days ago

    Land of the lusterous: 3d Steven universe, basically...

  • annie1one
    annie1one 11 days ago +1

    5:45 AN ANGEL!

    FIHEE 11 days ago

    How about final fantasy?

  • Captain Bumpkin
    Captain Bumpkin 12 days ago

    He should watch dragon ball super broly it has epic cg

  • HTK256
    HTK256 12 days ago

    Girls und panzer had good cg Imo

  • Siegfried Meyke
    Siegfried Meyke 12 days ago

    Actually, I think Polygon is getting worse with each release, just compare the quality of Transformers Prime with Godzilla, TF Prime was a TV show and the Godzilla movies were theatrical releases. It's like night and day.

  • Cylentic
    Cylentic 14 days ago

    Look, an eagle!!
    *kicks bear*

  • iCatMini
    iCatMini 14 days ago

    Demon slayer uses good cg

  • Nephilim Arts
    Nephilim Arts 16 days ago

    Hey Bruv do a video with @Clemps it’s f**kin hilarious

  • TheGreatSeraphim
    TheGreatSeraphim 16 days ago

    Look up 'Freak of the week' a music video by some metal band where they use CGI as a guideline to draw the complicated things. Everything is hand drawn so there is no bad cgi to ruin immersion. (There is also a how its made video on the channel)

  • 3348 3348
    3348 3348 17 days ago +1

    I’m just waiting for the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan to be mentioned.
    EDIT: lol that didn’t take long

  • ScreamingMidgit
    ScreamingMidgit 17 days ago +1

    Psycologist: Guts Uchiha isn't real. Guts Uchiha can't you.
    Guts Uchiha: 9:28

  • Challupa 41
    Challupa 41 17 days ago

    Who is that in the thumbnail?

  • sliver sugar
    sliver sugar 18 days ago

    you wanna terrible cgi anime go watch forest fairy five fairy tale

  • Nernn Of Saragoth
    Nernn Of Saragoth 19 days ago

    one punch man season 2 the centipede had good cgi

    MYSTER 19 days ago

    Thomas and Friends is the best CG anime.

  • Marthaine Eire
    Marthaine Eire 19 days ago +1

    Beastars cg is dope

  • Nick Owens
    Nick Owens 20 days ago

    Trigger’s new movie ‘Promare’ is by far the best example of mixing 3D & 2D animation. It definitely helps that they are both stylised to the point where they match.

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water 20 days ago

    this might be kinda late buuut Initial D and Wangan midnight car racing animes have good improving cg

  • The Demon874
    The Demon874 20 days ago

    8:48 what Anime is?

  • Moose Salad YT
    Moose Salad YT 21 day ago


  • 1000 subs to make me feel good

    i hate cg who wit me

  • Jarod Burroughs
    Jarod Burroughs 22 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the show at 5:24 is?

  • Randomness Realized
    Randomness Realized 22 days ago +1

    The bad cgi only exists if the base animation is hand drawn. If every thing is cgi. Congrats everything looks bad (unless your cgi is good)

  • Lapo Giulietti
    Lapo Giulietti 22 days ago

    Which it the anime with cg nazis?

  • IDoNtKnow IDK
    IDoNtKnow IDK 23 days ago

    Naurto 2002 No CG 2010 CG

  • The Real Ranger NightHawk

    Hey Harlock was good

  • Otaku Bread
    Otaku Bread 24 days ago

    A new anime called beastars have a good cg in my opinion, well it's a cg anime and the characters are all animals, but I don't know abt the others opinion tho.

  • Furry.exe
    Furry.exe 24 days ago

    the black butler cg horse carriage.

  • Planes N' Stuff
    Planes N' Stuff 24 days ago +1

    Did everyone just forget that DSi quality zoom out from the turtle scene in the beginning of skypea

  • Dragon Skunk Studio
    Dragon Skunk Studio 25 days ago

    I'm gonna try to camouflage my CG 3D model to make you think it's pure 2D.
    See if I can get away with it.
    If it's the last thing I do.

  • Anime อนิเมะ

    have a look at 'Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou ep.4' , that's the real nightmare.

  • Weenie
    Weenie 25 days ago

    Anybody know the anime in 6:20?

  • ᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏᴠᴇɴ
    ᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏᴠᴇɴ 26 days ago +1

    bad cg is the original girl who kept saying senpai to that high school guy. idk yandere similater?

  • Zebra
    Zebra 27 days ago

    A Silent Voice did it okay, if I remember correctly, they drew some background characters and some are CG

  • kino chan
    kino chan 28 days ago

    Land of the lastorous is the best example ever !

  • David Najera
    David Najera 28 days ago

    You know, the animated shorts for the game Honkai Impact 3rd were pretty good. I noticed it was CT fairly fast and it was done really well.

  • Marcel El Assadi
    Marcel El Assadi 29 days ago

    Demon Slayer's CG is really well used

  • Edward Chan
    Edward Chan 29 days ago

    Honourable mention: Star Blazers
    Space Battleship Yamato was originated as a classic, hand drawn anime (Yamato S1, 2, 3).
    As CG becomes popular, it started using bad CG in newer series such as Yamato Rebirth.
    But then, one of the series stood out, and that was Yamato 2199, a complete overhaul of original Yamato S1.
    Sadly, bad CG returned/ got overused in the latest series: Yamato 2202.
    The End

  • Roxy Wingstone
    Roxy Wingstone 29 days ago


  • 徐溰岑
    徐溰岑 Month ago

    What about Noragami? Does that have CG?

  • Green Potato T
    Green Potato T Month ago

    Demon slayer