Bad CG in Anime

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
    Edited by: Bakashift
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Comments • 6 765

  • Dr. Thomas
    Dr. Thomas 11 hours ago

    Did you know that the Chika dance is actually CG?

  • SmashSpice Studios
    SmashSpice Studios 13 hours ago

    every time gigguk says cg you have to take a shot

  • Sailor Cap
    Sailor Cap 14 hours ago

    Precure also used CG

  • Useless Turtle Pie
    Useless Turtle Pie 15 hours ago

    0:53 Luka Luka night feverrrrr??

  • Петя Миронова

    Precure has the best CGI anime dances, no joke.

  • EEmonkey
    EEmonkey Day ago

    4:25 Don't lie to me like that.

  • Nathan Ellis
    Nathan Ellis Day ago

    What would people class Girls Und Panzer under? Good use of CG or bad? I actually think it worked really well, for the most part.

  • SirMrMcJack
    SirMrMcJack 2 days ago

    I personally like the Appleseed movies BUT... it has a little strange look to it. Especially in the early movies. But they're still pretty good.

  • Simon Richard
    Simon Richard 3 days ago

    2:58 The green truck in the right lane looks a lot like a Soviet ZiL-130

  • Lumpy Stilskin
    Lumpy Stilskin 3 days ago

    Ultraman 2019

  • YenYen
    YenYen 3 days ago

    have you seen the cgi crowds in *when the wind rises*? me neither.

  • Dazman
    Dazman 3 days ago

    3D animation really needs better representation. It has an insane amount of potential and shows like RWBY and Land of the Lustrous really bring this to light.

  • NFA- Genesis
    NFA- Genesis 3 days ago

    Hey god eater was pretty good you should check it out gigguk

  • GOD
    GOD 4 days ago

    Jojo dayo

  • Loo Shun thuan
    Loo Shun thuan 4 days ago

    Ye, ..what is cg again ?

  • Charles Oliner
    Charles Oliner 4 days ago

    I tested the email address. It's not real.

  • 『Ignis Vis』
    『Ignis Vis』 5 days ago

    Damn Land of the Lustrous looks so good that is like fapping your eyes

  • Jackson
    Jackson 6 days ago

    initial d first stage


  • caesar andrews
    caesar andrews 7 days ago

    it gundammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Temari Nara
    Temari Nara 7 days ago

    Thought I was the only one who watched Kado...

  • Owen 1337
    Owen 1337 7 days ago +1

    Rest in peace, monty

    • Vivek Tarkunde
      Vivek Tarkunde 4 days ago

      An inspiration and pioneer in his field. We love him.

  • JAXi
    JAXi 8 days ago

    I'm not sure if I should cry or laugh while watching this

  • T0xic Boi
    T0xic Boi 8 days ago

    A good CGI crowd is in Cells at work

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 9 days ago

    You wanna know what hayao miyasaki said about cgi in anime?


  • Rose YT
    Rose YT 9 days ago

    *Laughs in jojo*

  • Gratis Beu
    Gratis Beu 10 days ago +1

    *O look an angel!*

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb 11 days ago

    Well the demon slayer CG isnt all that bad

  • Oryxly
    Oryxly 11 days ago

    We still got BAD CG in some anime, yet we are blessed with this.

  • NiCk[]Cringe Incorperated[]

    Jojo has epic CG openings.

  • aiden
    aiden 12 days ago

    sauce for 4:27

  • Kanden
    Kanden 12 days ago

    RWBY the entire thing is 3D, but paints the backgrounds 2D.

  • Akame gat killed
    Akame gat killed 12 days ago

    Leave ajin alone that is the exception...

  • Idaret
    Idaret 12 days ago

    9:53 music ?

  • Aephesilon
    Aephesilon 13 days ago +1

    4:56 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • egg Gregory
    egg Gregory 15 days ago

    Because there is no budget.
    It's because anime fans don't spend money.
    I hate anime fans who complain but don't spend money in anime.

  • A H E G A O queen
    A H E G A O queen 15 days ago

    *r w b y*

  • JackieLOL
    JackieLOL 16 days ago

    I like how Knights of Sidonia is getting recognition

  • SOoM Emerald
    SOoM Emerald 18 days ago

    Want some good cg? Watch any and I mean any Yugioh movie


    gigguk are you mumbo jumbo

  • ZyperWaveUltra
    ZyperWaveUltra 20 days ago +3

    High Score Girl has great CG though.

  • q smith
    q smith 21 day ago

    does goblin slayer and RWBY count as bad CG?

    • Vivek Tarkunde
      Vivek Tarkunde 4 days ago

      GS? Maybe, depends on how you look at it. RWBY? I will admit it started rough, but they were on a shoestring budget to start with if we're being completely honest. And the story and choreography and music are amazing all throughout.

  • Moxxi
    Moxxi 21 day ago

    the CG in the current airing Kimetsu no Yaiba is pretty good

  • Lil Link
    Lil Link 21 day ago +5

    Me: I fear no man, but that thing
    *looks at bad CG*
    Me: it scares me

  • Anti Flat-earth bot
    Anti Flat-earth bot 21 day ago

    My eyes hurt now

  • klance4life
    klance4life 22 days ago

    Isn't jojo bizarre adventure CG

  • Pig Nebula
    Pig Nebula 23 days ago

    7:08 That dude just absolutely ate it!

  • Alexander Walker
    Alexander Walker 24 days ago

    The cg of the Godzilla trilogy was poor but workable.
    The plot and characters on the other hand....
    *_HOLY FUCK_*

  • Sendirian
    Sendirian 24 days ago

    who tf is SiJi??

  • Gui Gazzinelli
    Gui Gazzinelli 25 days ago +2

    Initial D First Stage CG was PS1 quality, and the transitions between 3D and 2D felt completly weird, but in the Fifth Stage it looks amazing and the transitions feel pretty natural.

  • Lain
    Lain 25 days ago


  • Aisaaax
    Aisaaax 26 days ago

    Just look at Wakfu. CG that looks like a hand-drawn cartoon can be done. I'm sure that with just a bit of adjustment of style of characters it'd look like a prime anime.
    The problem here is that those anime studios apparrently suck at CGI.

  • Enn Emm
    Enn Emm 26 days ago


  • Gabriela Gallardo
    Gabriela Gallardo 26 days ago

    Remembers Fate Stay Night 2006: *cries*

  • MrPenguin
    MrPenguin 26 days ago

    bad cg is naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 27 days ago

    Anime with bad cg character looks like 3d porn

  • Avi
    Avi 27 days ago

    Your not gonna show envy’s true form from full metal alchemist:brotherhood ?

  • Dennis Philburn
    Dennis Philburn 27 days ago


  • progste
    progste 28 days ago

    Still images are better than bad CG

  • ELTRION _127
    ELTRION _127 28 days ago +1

    Ufotable: *"Hold My Beer.."*

  • 誇大広告
    誇大広告 28 days ago

    Ok I know the dragon prince isn’t an anime but . . . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • xwood
    xwood 28 days ago

    Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

  • Kalo Dawg
    Kalo Dawg 29 days ago

    Anime at 6:17?

    • Lookalucaa
      Lookalucaa 18 days ago

      A scene from the Fate series

  • Kareshi - SML
    Kareshi - SML 29 days ago


  • Misirlou 13
    Misirlou 13 Month ago

    fuck you I cant unsee the bad cg crowds anymore why would you do this

  • Alvargon
    Alvargon Month ago

    11:42 XDDD
    I can only ask, why?

  • Xochitl Markey
    Xochitl Markey Month ago

    Is it a bird, a plane?
    *No it's High-Score Girl.*

  • Billy Brauer
    Billy Brauer Month ago

    Look at CG in Chinese anime. They somehow are ahead in the CG crowd department

  • Harrier Rex
    Harrier Rex Month ago +1

    there's no reference for girls und panzer :(

  • Kurokage The Scrub
    Kurokage The Scrub Month ago

    Oh, hey at least we Arpeggio of Blue Steel fans have some good CG for ourselves!
    ...All 6.5 of us.

  • Titan Writer
    Titan Writer Month ago +1

    Imagine going outside and everyone besides you and your friends are in the fourth dimension.

  • coverant a
    coverant a Month ago

    9:43 backgrund music?

  • hehe saucy
    hehe saucy Month ago

    5:38 anime?

    • Titoepf X
      Titoepf X Month ago

      monogatari make sure u go on reddit or something with the correct watch order

  • Mashimo
    Mashimo Month ago

    Ultraman be like:

  • Yoven Chadien
    Yoven Chadien Month ago

    CG was pretty good in yugioh tho

  • KanaC -
    KanaC - Month ago

    Berserk 2016-2017 is a travesty on par with Holocaust maybe worse

  • Jonhel Gonzales
    Jonhel Gonzales Month ago

    What does CG MEAN again???

  • bronze189
    bronze189 Month ago

    Why the fuck do they not animate their CG with good CG programs like blender and just hire a well known 3d animator to do background stuff they don’t want to draw.
    Hell i would have preferred instead of the stupid cg in the berserk 2017 and 2018 and overlord using bad CG to make a shit CG army, that they just hire a 3d porn animator i mean have you seen the overwatch porn XD

  • Caleb Ellison
    Caleb Ellison Month ago

    Demon slayer is fucking gorgeous tho don’t @ me

  • Jessi Maldonado
    Jessi Maldonado Month ago

    Good CG is the cg people use in Gundam unicorn and Mazinger Z infinity.

  • Gjggfhgc
    Gjggfhgc Month ago


  • Luck Out
    Luck Out Month ago +2

    9:09 can anyone tell me what anime this is?

    • Luck Out
      Luck Out Month ago

      Nathália Grams Teixeira sorry, I meant the one at 9:09. I just did 9:08 because it kept more of the clip in. Thanks for telling me the name of that other one though, seems interesting!

    • Nathália Grams Teixeira
      Nathália Grams Teixeira Month ago

      I can be wrong, but I think it is knights of sidonia

  • PEAsant Max
    PEAsant Max Month ago

    I'm suprised he really didn't mention initial d

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi Month ago

    The new fire emblem cg is amazing it just looks like anime

  • 10k sub challenge with only 4 videos

    why how did this make me get a headache

  • I'M LEN
    I'M LEN Month ago

    houseki no kuni was one of the best anime i have ever watched that had been cemented into my memory, mostly because of its animations of course but the story made me laugh and fear for the characters more than most dramatic anime i had already watched, and im still waiting for season 2 for it dammit

  • River Becomes A Storm

    Where would Netflix's Ultraman stand on this spectrum?

  • Уро Борос
    Уро Борос Month ago

    как я тебя понимаю чувак)))

  • Donatello Flankarces

    What about jojo openings

  • Donatello Flankarces

    This gave me a heart attack

  • ツ
     Month ago

    i never get tired of this video. Do it again.

  • Traumglanz
    Traumglanz Month ago

    Your video replaced berserk as first place result for "Bad CG" in my google search. Impressive.

  • Sean Ferguson
    Sean Ferguson Month ago

    Gotta have had cg if you want it on a video

  • The anime persons .!?

    Don't know if Polygon Picture worked on an Iron Man series but exact same CG and effects. From what I remember, it was pretty good.

  • Lulu
    Lulu Month ago

    Fate stay night dragon. That is all

  • Emmanuel Mboya
    Emmanuel Mboya Month ago

    Come on Ajin isn't bad the CGI is actually good

  • Kingkilla 777
    Kingkilla 777 Month ago

    What anime is the girl form in te thumbnail

  • Little Big Dragon
    Little Big Dragon Month ago

    Did parasite use cg?

    JOSE SOTO Month ago

    Kantai collection kept switching between art styles...

  • kaung kaung
    kaung kaung Month ago

    Its Godzilla
    No its CG

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago

    **laughs in RWBY**

    • Vivek Tarkunde
      Vivek Tarkunde 4 days ago

      It gets better. And they were on a shoestring budget to start with. The story and choreography and music are epic all throughout tho.