I Swapped Clothes With My Boyfriend For A Week


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5984

    HELLO BBs!!! yes, i made tyler give me his clothes for a week (and made him wear mine too, lol). which outfit was your fave? do you wear your significant others clothing?? check out the vid in which tyler wears my outfits here! thexvid.com/video/o4iht1ldinc/video.html

    • Esra z
      Esra z Month ago

      Dress like game of thrones characters for a week

    • Eva Mudro
      Eva Mudro Month ago

      Hey Safiya have you ever tried dry cleaning the Darth Vader sweater? love you!!

    • Lucy Cobabe
      Lucy Cobabe Month ago +1

      Every new year we watch lord of the rings. I'll tell Frodo you said hi.

    • Joe Demetrio
      Joe Demetrio 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard you mean your husband in 2018 your going to be married or in 2019 we don’t know

    • Anton Brimage
      Anton Brimage 2 months ago

      The tag ALWAYS stays on Timbs and we call them Timbs never Timberlands lol

  • Voiceman
    Voiceman 15 hours ago

    I'm just gonna say what everyone is thinking Tyler is f#$%&ing hot

  • Claire's Cooking and reviews

    your my favorite youtuber!

  • Yadenise Aguirre
    Yadenise Aguirre 17 hours ago

    the last outfit was like a modern Selena fit

  • Léa Rodrigo
    Léa Rodrigo 2 days ago

    Lol i’m lonely forever


  • Charley Alysha
    Charley Alysha 3 days ago

    Tyler should weir your cloths for a week

  • Peters palace
    Peters palace 3 days ago

    Shes so cute

  • Matteo Alexander Al Alvarez

    Tyler has a baby face and it's cute

  • A'yana Husband-Booker


  • Sydney Francis
    Sydney Francis 7 days ago

    Why does Tyler look kinda like Sonny of Sonny & Cher in the day 7 picture?! I love it!!

  • Rylee Leavitt
    Rylee Leavitt 9 days ago

    Baby Saf is so cute!

  • Vaishali Sakharkar
    Vaishali Sakharkar 12 days ago

    9.01 tyler is wearing the shirt he wore for i swaped my clothes with my girlfriend

  • Tiffani Bokano
    Tiffani Bokano 12 days ago

    Tyler shave your face right now

  • noname justus
    noname justus 14 days ago

    You guys are cute. Dying for your next video!!

  • sandra pendleton
    sandra pendleton 14 days ago

    I love that I understand all of your references. Video rocks my socks 💖

  • GACHA addi
    GACHA addi 14 days ago

    you hand wash it in a sink an hang it up outside.it works!

  • GSMachinist
    GSMachinist 15 days ago

    I'm just imagining doing this with my boyfriend.... He's a men's XL and I'm a women's XS. His neck is the size of my thigh.

  • Juliette Hanna
    Juliette Hanna 15 days ago


  • Desarae
    Desarae 16 days ago

    Saf: *literally grows her hair out for future videos*
    *Also* Saf: *doesn't wash clothes for a swap video*

  • Eva Crossley
    Eva Crossley 16 days ago

    You guys and Shane and Ryland are tied for my favorite internet couple😂💕

  • Teressa Moeller
    Teressa Moeller 17 days ago

    Such a man thing with the boot tag. My husband would never take the tags off if I didn't, but I usually buy his clothes so he's shit outta luck. 😉

  • Disgaybled Princess
    Disgaybled Princess 17 days ago

    I could never do this, my bf is 30cm taller then me xD I sometimes wear his tshirts and often wear is jogging pants to sleep in.

  • Millie Robbins
    Millie Robbins 18 days ago

    love u guys ❤️😂😎

  • Ponies are pretty
    Ponies are pretty 19 days ago

    The second outfit...i was oogling at Safiya. She can literally pull off anything

  • KikyoNiwa7
    KikyoNiwa7 19 days ago

    This video is adorable.

  • Hunter L.
    Hunter L. 19 days ago

    okay i love the acid washed outfit on saf

  • Claire Adams
    Claire Adams 20 days ago

    Is it bad that I've been watching your channel (not every new video and some old) and didn't know that Tyler had an account until today?

  • Bean Flicker
    Bean Flicker 20 days ago

    that triggered tf outta me when you tried to take the hang tag off the timbs

  • Lauren Ludovice
    Lauren Ludovice 22 days ago

    You were saying that polos are out of style but they are forced to be in style at my school because they are part of the uniform

  • Larissa Souza
    Larissa Souza 22 days ago

    My dad has his Timberland boots for almost 10 years now, and It's just like Tayler's. With the tag LOL.

  • Hope Morales
    Hope Morales 23 days ago


  • Heiress 2dathrone
    Heiress 2dathrone 24 days ago

    Is Tyler bi racial??

  • Yung Otis
    Yung Otis 25 days ago +2

    girl you need to make more videos cuz i already watched them all :(

  • lara lara
    lara lara 25 days ago

    I liked the blue unisex outfit of safiya the most 🥰

  • Sophie Schreier
    Sophie Schreier 25 days ago

    Wow you have the worlds cutest boyfriend. And you’re the worlds cutest girlfriend. Wow

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 27 days ago

    saf don’t lie. You’re a girl, you steal your bf clothes. 😂

  • PoisonPvP _
    PoisonPvP _ 27 days ago


  • Pratyusha Naresh
    Pratyusha Naresh 28 days ago

    "It's cooler that way!". 😂😂

  • Sugarfree skull
    Sugarfree skull Month ago

    For day 4 she needs to tie a light grey cardigan around her collar and make A LOT of dad jokes because Sanders Sides

  • JiffyDral
    JiffyDral Month ago

    Sorry to bring KPOP in but... at 3:34 Twice Dahyun had that in their MV What is Love? btw I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SAF AND TYLER!!!!

  • Sophie Monigold
    Sophie Monigold Month ago

    My hubby is 6'1 220 and I'm 4'11 110 plus I swear size 6 & he is 12.5 in shoes so this would be a nightmare worths of outfits for me lol but I do steal his hoodies now & again I just wear them as like, dresses lol

  • Countryboiii Iloveyouuu

    she isnt wearing eyeliner throughout the video and its making me uncomfortable

  • Tabitha Bentle
    Tabitha Bentle Month ago +1

    How to Wash The Darth Vader
    Sweat Shirt Hand Wash It and
    Hang It Up to Dry On a Hanger Over Night and If It's not Dry in
    The Morning Let it Hang out
    For a Few more hours

  • soccerchamp0511
    soccerchamp0511 Month ago

    Use one of those mesh laundry bags to wash the Vader sweater.

  • Paige Roberts
    Paige Roberts Month ago

    You need to wash it inside out

  • Peacefrog
    Peacefrog Month ago

    Tommy Timberlake😁😁😁

  • ButterCream Gaming
    ButterCream Gaming Month ago

    Where could I buy a Tyler?


    The dollar store?


  • Charlie-Anne Wright

    gotta keep the tag on the tims

  • Holly Adams
    Holly Adams Month ago +2

    *Meet Isla*
    She doesn't want likes to grow older.
    She doesn't want replies to get friends.
    She just wants you to have an amazing day.
    And the 4th word in the last sentence is beautiful.

  • Bernadette Scheiber

    Mmmh, Saf looks delish in those clothes.... 😈

  • Amanda's Library
    Amanda's Library Month ago


  • RKusmie64
    RKusmie64 Month ago +1

    It seems like having clothes from waaaaayyyy back is a 'guy thing' lol...my husband still wears wrestling shorts from high school :D

  • Kimberly Cabanas
    Kimberly Cabanas Month ago

    WAIT. Safiya.. "If only I knew how to dance at all" **GASP** Girl... you gotta do one of those learn to dance challenges.. like Ashley did. Or... get Tyler to do that with you, maybe???

  • joesylmarie
    joesylmarie Month ago

    I smile because I got all the references. I love my era. hahaha

  • Evie W.
    Evie W. Month ago

    Saf’s mouth started twitching when Tyler said he was stylish and I nearly died.

  • Annabelle 28
    Annabelle 28 Month ago

    Anyone watching after they got engaged?

  • Gwen Stacy
    Gwen Stacy Month ago

    Yeah my bf wears the same things all week, but when he sees people every day he changes his shirt or puts a different sweatshirt on just so it's not as obvious. He also regularly wears basketball shorts under his jeans just so he doesn't have to change which I still dont fully understand after 2 years but okay

  • Anthony Curnow
    Anthony Curnow Month ago

    Tyler: I look like a knuckle
    Me: *looks at my hairy knuckles*
    Me: yeah

  • The Herpling
    The Herpling Month ago

    Oh shit I have those exact timberland shoes

  • Alexa Okwuosa
    Alexa Okwuosa Month ago

    Fridays one was really cute

  • Alexa Okwuosa
    Alexa Okwuosa Month ago

    Thursdays one was really cute

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago

    Just when i thght they wasn't a better couple out there than Jenna & Julien... I see these 2!!!!😍😆😁 Fantastic couple!😃😄

  • mystcyoongi
    mystcyoongi Month ago

    SAF: wear something fancy
    Tyler: *shows up in basketball shorts*

  • Chrisnia Y
    Chrisnia Y Month ago

    Day five was like old Hannah hart

  • Crystal Wolcott
    Crystal Wolcott Month ago

    It said swapped...I really wanted to see Tyler in her clothes, lol.

  • Limabeanjellybean
    Limabeanjellybean Month ago


  • Elizabeth Sullivan
    Elizabeth Sullivan Month ago

    Their relarionship is my goal in every way

  • Drop Soil
    Drop Soil Month ago

    Keep that mans tag on his boots; it does look cool...mine are still on so I know. 🤔

  • cringe Queen
    cringe Queen Month ago

    I liked outfit 2 and 3 and 7more than the others

  • Starpointer
    Starpointer Month ago

    2:30 my dad has the exact same blue sweater!

  • Caitlin Payne
    Caitlin Payne Month ago

    Here for the references

  • Thetheninjagummybear

    I can wear my boyfriend's clothes, but he's so much bigger than me that they kind of just hang off of me. I use his shirts as pajamas.

  • Alissa Anderson
    Alissa Anderson Month ago +1

    I would love for you to do a video where you compare the price of any womans outfit to any mans outfit. Both of you pick out outfits for multiple events that vary from casual to formal and see the difference

  • Mara Murnan (Student)

    at the end of the video tyler is wearing a purple mesh ballerina tutu. im surprised that there arent more comments about that

  • PongoXBongo
    PongoXBongo Month ago

    Holy high waistlines. Hang on the hipbones, any higher is overkill. Your natural waistline is where your belt stops your pants from falling down. ;)

  • Olivia Scott
    Olivia Scott Month ago

    Have him wear your clothes

  • Hannah Hundermark
    Hannah Hundermark Month ago

    Girls look good in anything, but if it was the other way around..


  • MyBubbleInSpace
    MyBubbleInSpace Month ago

    Omg, Safiya! Your booty in Tyler's pants is so gorgeous! Men's jeans just look awkward on me, I'm honestly so jealous! Also, you should have dedicated a part of the video to Tyler in your clothes too.

  • Khyati Tiwari
    Khyati Tiwari Month ago

    I don't know why but those outfit suites and fits her better then him

  • Everything Ziggy
    Everything Ziggy Month ago

    at 3:06 it looks like men behind he r are holding hands lol

  • Hadia Sultan
    Hadia Sultan Month ago

    Not gonna lie... I binge watch safiya’s videos while doing laundry. 👌🏼 and I get it done.

  • Pearl Ashton
    Pearl Ashton Month ago +1

    "that is one of my only belts though"
    "You have so many belts and they are all in the same place dammit"

  • AngelLita
    AngelLita Month ago

    Turn the sweatshirt inside out and laundry it that way on warm/cold or cold/cold. It will make the design last way longer.

  • Darclaia
    Darclaia Month ago

    Pause at 17:17 it is hilarious 😆😂

  • Jamie Klai
    Jamie Klai Month ago

    I love how they practically are the same size

  • Michel Jimenez
    Michel Jimenez Month ago

    Did anyone else think when Saf said raid my boyfriend's closet she said rape my boyfriend's closet.

  • Flashback Mary
    Flashback Mary Month ago

    You called the first thing a “Quarter Zip” or something. In Ireland we say “half zip”

  • Hailey
    Hailey Month ago +7

    and now theyre engaged :) i love it!

  • Madison Barlow
    Madison Barlow Month ago

    You look so good in Tyler’s clothes!!

  • Kay_lin ._.
    Kay_lin ._. Month ago

    I don’t know why but this video is basically saying that Tyler needs new clothes (except his timberlands and darth Vader) lol his 4th grade shorts ily 💖👫😂

  • Jessica Lipp
    Jessica Lipp Month ago

    I still can't believe they are getting married!!! :)

  • Maci Smith
    Maci Smith Month ago +1


  • Maci Smith
    Maci Smith Month ago

    Who’s been here Sence 1 m subs or before

  • Esra z
    Esra z Month ago +1

    Dress like game of thrones characters for a week. Please

  • The Stella Stuff
    The Stella Stuff Month ago

    Ngl Safiya really made these look good

  • Cherry Veasey
    Cherry Veasey Month ago +1

    The picture of them at 0:40 is soooooo relationship ship goals 😍🤤❤️😏

  • Maggie Fam
    Maggie Fam Month ago

    First 2018-2019 anyone feoncé

  • Vyolette
    Vyolette Month ago


  • Davina Scheper
    Davina Scheper Month ago

    Yup. Tie it. The knot. I know you're engaged right now, but I just need to express your perfectness for each other.