Minecraft Sky Factory - PIG REBELLION #32

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Minecraft Sky Factory! Ped wants a sugar cane production machine, which is utterly worthless and our system as taken a hit because the pigs are mounting a rebellion.
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Comments • 89

  • Marquae McDonald

    1mil and 69

  • Wolfy AKA Wolfboy1666

    I’m watching whilst playing the mod pack along with them but I add extreme reactors because I saw their struggle 🤣

  • KlaxonCow
    KlaxonCow 22 days ago

    9^8 = 43,046,721 sugar canes = 1 octupal compressed.

  • KlaxonCow
    KlaxonCow 22 days ago

    "I don't know what breeding's got to do with work" - Ben, 2K19
    All the royal princesses ever: feelsbadman

  • Emperor Bunny Bun
    Emperor Bunny Bun 29 days ago +1

    Thank you, Ben, 9^8 was the correct answer in my heart.

  • Jane Kado
    Jane Kado Month ago

    Octuple compressed sugarcane makes Little Maids run in a circle really fast and then their heads explode.

  • -
    - Month ago


  • Kyler Windhorst
    Kyler Windhorst Month ago

    9^8 = 43,056,721

  • Reece with out socks

    This episode is just animal farm

  • FkmnMaster
    FkmnMaster Month ago

    Jeff Benzos

  • Thomas Holt
    Thomas Holt Month ago

    It can be made into biofuel

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. Month ago +1

    Why is ped still using whole logs in the furnaces...

  • Riley Davidson
    Riley Davidson Month ago

    Ben you should make wither star generators and use your deep mob machine to fuel it, or maybe even do it with endermenand ender generators, or a single ped with a tinkers looting sword murdering endermen

  • M_island Wherry
    M_island Wherry Month ago

    Good luck with getting 43,046,721 sugar cane, it'll take awhile

  • Gareth Scott
    Gareth Scott Month ago

    Simple Generators has the Culinary one; if you've got the cookie and donut saplings going you could use all that excess food for fuel!

  • shacro
    shacro Month ago +1

    pig pigillion

  • Steele Man
    Steele Man Month ago +27

    Pedguin: "What do you meeeeean?"

  • Cuereus777
    Cuereus777 Month ago +1

    I set up my bonsias with filing cabinets And individual porcline smelters. Not even packaging it into amber just straight resign and acorns. For a single player world i have a but ton of resources I've also started using intergated dynamics/tunnels.

  • marwin alonsagay
    marwin alonsagay Month ago

    4782989 sugar canes ped you're on a sugar rush

  • Slymey _
    Slymey _ Month ago

    You were close with the amount of sugar cane, except its 43.046.721

  • Hikky
    Hikky Month ago +1

    pig+charcoal= smoky bacon

  • lucky egg ranch
    lucky egg ranch Month ago +3

    Duncan needs to go back to his dinosaur park series its been like 6 years

  • TheGooeyman's Channel

    Ben sounds super sick

  • Minecraftjake8585
    Minecraftjake8585 Month ago

    I dont think pug like win you got arm up his butt lol

  • Duuk M
    Duuk M Month ago +1

    Ben, double click the search bar to make it go back to normal

  • Neoson cao
    Neoson cao Month ago +5

    I did the math. If I am correct then i would take Ped at least an estimated 94 weeks to get 1 octuple compressed block if they keep the server running for 24 hours straight non stop

    • Seth K
      Seth K Month ago +1

      I would round it up to 95 weeks, given it's 94.90017857, but sure. They do need 43 046 721 sugar cane though, which is considerably more than Duncan's 4 million

    • - Lijosu -
      - Lijosu - Month ago

      huh that is not too bad

  • Diamos
    Diamos Month ago

    So, the pigs are revolting.

  • Buzz The Buzzard
    Buzz The Buzzard Month ago

    13:58 ...channeling Lewis.

  • lepracornish
    lepracornish Month ago +1

    Duncan set off my Alexa whist I was watching this ffs 😂

  • Buzz The Buzzard
    Buzz The Buzzard Month ago

    Duncan in control, using the mods,
    *me...loving it!!!*

  • Buzz The Buzzard
    Buzz The Buzzard Month ago +6

    Actually loving the Minecraft music in the background!
    Immersion 100

  • Phillip Grimes
    Phillip Grimes Month ago +2

    BRUH Ben please cuble click your JEI searchbar....i cant take it anymore xD

  • murlocsaver
    murlocsaver Month ago +3

    Epilepsy warning... Just... The entire time Ped or Duncan look at the timer going at a bajillion per tick.

  • Zoey
    Zoey Month ago +7

    "Actually I guess we're the freeloaders" - Pedguin, discovering the truth of capitalism

    • ATRAYA
      ATRAYA Month ago +1

      In what way is that a description of capitalism?

  • Ryan Baerg
    Ryan Baerg Month ago +2

    How have they not realized the pigs get off once its full of power??????

  • K-dis Boher
    K-dis Boher Month ago +2

    3:23 I literally get the exact same system with an observer, a piston, and a single bit of redstone and some hoppers on PS4 editon so you know they are making things even more complicated using mods

  • Marcus Daloia
    Marcus Daloia Month ago +2

    I wonder if they realize that they could just use a cactus to break the sugercane when it grows high enough.

    • aceclark101
      aceclark101 Month ago

      Or they could just, you know, craft a harvester.

    • Marcus Daloia
      Marcus Daloia Month ago +1

      @Scubysnax2012 The thing about that is that most of the parts would be self-replicating so they could just make more to compensate for the efficiency loss.

    • Mini_Squatch
      Mini_Squatch Month ago +2

      The yogscast, understanding the basic vanilla way of making an automated sugarcane farm? Surely, you jest. The answer is no, they don't, because as ben stated, they're terrible at minecraft.

    • Scubysnax2012
      Scubysnax2012 Month ago +2

      That could cause loss as cacti break items into nothing.

  • Black Steel Kita
    Black Steel Kita Month ago +22

    "they've unionized!" bad memories of Graveyard Keeper all of a sudden...

    • Mini_Squatch
      Mini_Squatch Month ago

      Yeah, that donkey's such an ass, isn't it?

  • Eloc Nyub
    Eloc Nyub Month ago +1

    Wither Skeleton's drop Charcoal I think

  • ビヘ
    ビヘ Month ago

    Do u guys just record this and then go to ttt?

    • jonnyawsom3
      jonnyawsom3 Month ago +2

      no, they live stream it and then play TTT on another day

  • DemTacs
    DemTacs Month ago

    Why do I have to think of tavaresh donkey, after watching this Episode?

  • Dr When
    Dr When Month ago +5

    Cant he grow triple compressed sugar cane to cut down on time?

    • Scubysnax2012
      Scubysnax2012 Month ago +1

      Or make one octuple and grow that? I’m not certain, but I think the compressed versions can’t grow. It’s usually used for projecte power gen (not rf but the power to get more expensive items, icr the name)

  • FratinandMadrik
    FratinandMadrik Month ago +5

    What's that song called at 10:40? I'm sure I've heard it before, just can't remember the name

    • Grand Master Cultist Of Ben
      Grand Master Cultist Of Ben Month ago +1

      @FratinandMadrik Haha
      That my friend is called
      Step 1:
      Download xylophone sounds
      Step 2:
      Spam left click
      Step 3:

    • FratinandMadrik
      FratinandMadrik Month ago

      @Grand Master Cultist Of Ben Whilst I appreciate the answers, I wasn't referring to War, but the fast-paced xylophone song in the background

    • Grand Master Cultist Of Ben
      Grand Master Cultist Of Ben Month ago

      Its by Edwin Starr

    • Cuereus777
      Cuereus777 Month ago +1

      Its called war. Though I don't remember who it's by

    • Scubysnax2012
      Scubysnax2012 Month ago +1

      It’s called: what is it good for? By Ben ;)

  • Chris Piasecki
    Chris Piasecki Month ago +7

    Check your math Duncan, it's 43,046,721

    • The_ Jodake_
      The_ Jodake_ Month ago

      Andrei Sanchez Yeah, they could. But they won’t do that because they’re not great at doing smart things.

    • Andrei Sanchez
      Andrei Sanchez Month ago +2

      The_ Jodake_
      If he just decided to set up 60 more sugar cane he can get an octuplet by the next session provided he leaves it running

    • The_ Jodake_
      The_ Jodake_ Month ago +3

      Yeah, he apparently thought "Single Compressed" was the base state.
      Speaking of which, I did the math. Looking at timestamps on the previous episode, I determined that snad takes 5 seconds to grow 6 sugarcane. (look at 21:41 - 21:46) With one Octuple compressed being 43,046,721 normal sugarcane, it would take 43046721/(6/5) = 35,872,267.5 seconds to grow enough. This translates to 597,871.125‬ minutes, or 9,964.51875 hours, or 415.18828125‬ days to grow enough. Considering that next year is a leap year, it would be late January to early February in 2021 before that single machine creates enough to make a single block of octuple compressed sugarcane, depending on when this was recorded. So no, I don't think that they'll ever make that.

    • MiniRagnarok
      MiniRagnarok Month ago +1

      I counted Alexa and she was one nine short.

  • Wolftamer Wolfcorp
    Wolftamer Wolfcorp Month ago +142

    I chuckle every time they fail to comprehend the that the pigs aren’t working because the machines are full of power

    • Jacob Hanshew
      Jacob Hanshew Month ago +1

      It's especially annoying because they discovered that a while back and have already forgotten

    • Fluffy Squirrel
      Fluffy Squirrel Month ago +1

      Hmm, right at the end though the machine wasn't full of power, but it still didn't attach. Bit strange

    • Daniel Friend
      Daniel Friend Month ago +3

      Duncan actually figured it out before but he forgot. Weird right? A yog completely forgetting a game mechanic. /s

    • X
      X Month ago +20

      it is pretty stupid that the treadmills eject the pig every time the machine fills up, it should just either keep the pig on it, or have the pig stand still on it. poor design, it'd be like your coal generator spitting all your coal on the floor the moment it fills up the machine with power

    • jonnyawsom3
      jonnyawsom3 Month ago +5

      @OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA it was, but it evolved over the years

  • itwazza1
    itwazza1 Month ago +1

    need power cell!!!!!!!

  • Chris Piasecki
    Chris Piasecki Month ago +2

    I'm using all the wood from bonzi trees to power everything,just have a threshold set for the computer,and the rest goes into furnace generators and the power goes into batteries then out to the machines. once the generators are full and my threshold is met,any excess goes to a bin.

  • Katie Wahl
    Katie Wahl Month ago +96

    Ben, please double click on your search bar to return your inventory to normal. Pleeeeeease

  • TheReal CattoGaming
    TheReal CattoGaming Month ago +63

    You can turn sugar cane into bio fuel in a crusher!

    • jonnyawsom3
      jonnyawsom3 Month ago +6

      and i'm fairly sure it could've been burned/used in a food/culinary generator

    • Jacob Turcotte
      Jacob Turcotte Month ago +4

      Turn the cane into bio fuel!!!!!!

  • Xbox/PC Gaming Co.
    Xbox/PC Gaming Co. Month ago +15

    Would it be simpler to build a failsafe on the pigs? If the packers are too full up on energy a switch flips to power a battery connected to Ben’s mob unit.
    Good idea bad idea?

    • 1 Layer Doodler
      1 Layer Doodler Month ago

      @Eventide arrogant of you to believe of their sanity

    • Eventide
      Eventide Month ago +4

      @Black Steel Kita Yeah seriously they can do the whole bank of pigs if they want.. but have it all feed into the same battery, then drain from that battery to power everything else. This is turning into Lewis's original lag factory where he didn't want to put a storage buffer anywhere in the pipes, so he just had this infinite loop going in the pipes causing the game to run at like 5 fps. Sane people use buffers/batteries.

    • Black Steel Kita
      Black Steel Kita Month ago +13

      or just have all the generators (pig power included) siphon into a single network, like, ya know, SANE PEOPLE.

  • DrmeduimAnt
    DrmeduimAnt Month ago +8

    Ah yes,it not like there was too much power on to that one packager and there was no need for energy,it the pigs are rebelling

  • SoratheWonderful
    SoratheWonderful Month ago +3

    It was coming: the pig revolution