Guess That Hidden Talent (GAME) Ft. Rob Riggle


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  • Rafael Hannah
    Rafael Hannah 8 months ago +8056

    I think stevie no longer has a body, she's just a voice now, she's etheral, onmipresent

  • Clement From Pokémon
    Clement From Pokémon 2 hours ago

    My hidden talent is being good at foot stooling in smash

  • Nik'sVids 12
    Nik'sVids 12 8 hours ago

    the cat was in his other hand

  • Morgan Ashley
    Morgan Ashley 12 hours ago

    I loved them as a trio 😂

  • Thelma
    Thelma 14 hours ago

    i can make three tounges(i call it ass tuenge)

  • Molly Pritchard
    Molly Pritchard 17 hours ago +1

    Rob: *screams*
    Rhett: I take it all back, I take it all back!s
    Rob: Witch witch witchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruptured Urethra

    This is just like ABC’s ‘To Tell The Truth’

  • Bloom Potato
    Bloom Potato Day ago


  • Fluff Murray
    Fluff Murray 2 days ago

    uhh dannys hidden talent is keeping a tiny ceramic cat in his pocket and tossing it from hand to hand?

    neato :3
    werent expecting that were you?

  • Dystany
    Dystany 2 days ago

    Krystal is so pretty wtf

  • Kingofbears
    Kingofbears 2 days ago


  • Sam Franklin
    Sam Franklin 2 days ago


  • DinosaurLova 2005
    DinosaurLova 2005 3 days ago

    Me: *casually dying of laughter at the tiny kitty on the tray*

  • Jayden Lyde
    Jayden Lyde 3 days ago

    21 jump street and 22 jump street

  • rölli peikko
    rölli peikko 3 days ago

    I think the sword swallower is the one who can swallow swords

  • NKW-Personality
    NKW-Personality 3 days ago

    Did anyone else hear a crack when nakia did her talent

  • cdog199800
    cdog199800 3 days ago

    Does nikia or Kristen have a boyfriend? XD

  • Joe Baskow
    Joe Baskow 4 days ago

    10:55 he put it in his left hand instead

    DRK_ ZOMBI 4 days ago

    He’s the fat dad off of the cat in the hat isn’t he

  • Teddy Chen
    Teddy Chen 4 days ago

    Bet he can’t spin a purple pillow 😏

  • Maribel Carlberg
    Maribel Carlberg 4 days ago

    Rob after every person: WICH what he said before that: I hate to say it but vrs what he thinks: I don’t hate to say it it’s true!!!

  • the meli monster
    the meli monster 5 days ago

    Rob fit well with the boys

  • Jill Hundahl
    Jill Hundahl 5 days ago

    9:24 Damn, like Houdini? wtf pretty sure he was a magician

  • iminabandyo
    iminabandyo 5 days ago

    8:29+ was that her back cracking

  • Xtal Marcuccio
    Xtal Marcuccio 5 days ago

    Rob: *Screams*
    Me: *Cracks up*
    Rob: Witch! Witch! WITCH!
    Me: *Falls out of my chair dying*

  • Elec_Replayz _
    Elec_Replayz _ 5 days ago

    *W I T C H*

  • Michael YT03
    Michael YT03 5 days ago

    8:48 I hate to do this again but - WIIIITTTTTCCCCHHHH
    11:40 0o0

  • beanut butter
    beanut butter 5 days ago +1

    @ Everyone sexualizing and objectifying Krystal

    *S T O P*

  • Space Dude
    Space Dude 5 days ago

    I have the talent to use imagination to not be hungry or thirsty. But in order to do that I have to watch someone else eat or drink

  • The DVC
    The DVC 5 days ago

    nakia and Krystal look very good

  • Aj magavi
    Aj magavi 5 days ago

    Rob is hilarious

  • xydoit
    xydoit 5 days ago

    Rhett was in panic when she ate the sword.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 5 days ago

    Rhett's dream. Make cats go away.

  • Ballistic Vic
    Ballistic Vic 6 days ago

    Dayummmm Krystal 👀

  • Maung Chit Tway
    Maung Chit Tway 6 days ago

    christopher kinda looks like ninja

  • DEADP00L4900
    DEADP00L4900 6 days ago +2

    Rob looks more like nick cage than nick cage

  • F l o w e r B o y T a e h y u n g

    I'm laying in bed at 9:52 at night and after Nakia demonstrated touching her head to her butt I literally was about to start clapping in respect

  • Double Slash
    Double Slash 6 days ago


    MJDOESRANDOM CRap 6 days ago

    Did rob make a pun

    CITRON 6 days ago

    HE WAS A WITCH!!!!!!! WITCH!!!!!!! -ROB RIGGLE

  • why wasnt i born in south korea aish

    6:43 when someone walks in to you in a public restroom

  • denis miro
    denis miro 6 days ago


  • Lucy Case
    Lucy Case 6 days ago

    3 magicians?
    Houdini, Penn and Teller

  • Jaxon Anderson
    Jaxon Anderson 6 days ago

    is it just me or can you hear her back cracking at 8:30

  • Bakugo Katsuki
    Bakugo Katsuki 6 days ago

    The cat one tho

  • MrBlueck
    MrBlueck 7 days ago +1

    Which of these people can make a cat desapear
    Peluchin Entertainment can do it
    (Sorry edgy joke but had to be done)

  • brebnan rebb
    brebnan rebb 7 days ago


    GALACTIK_ MONKEY 7 days ago

    6:43 when someone takes ur food

  • Joyce Thompson
    Joyce Thompson 7 days ago

    Rob reacting to the kitten on the tray of pics=WWWWWWIIIIIIIIIITTTTCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panas G
    Panas G 7 days ago

    Jpw does one find out he or she can swallow a sword?

  • AlexgamekidHD
    AlexgamekidHD 7 days ago


  • CrazyTrain Gamer
    CrazyTrain Gamer 8 days ago


  • Hannah Fosty
    Hannah Fosty 8 days ago

    What were the yellow boxes on the fronts of the podiums? And why did they keep switching??

  • TMS2021 Audrey C
    TMS2021 Audrey C 8 days ago

    Big maccccc

  • Rhussel Alejandro
    Rhussel Alejandro 8 days ago

    gotta replay it many times, i was watching Hayley's reactions and i forgot to watch the main hidden talent act.

  • Muthana Hussain
    Muthana Hussain 8 days ago

    My hidden talent is being a dissapointment amirite

  • Daniel Saysy
    Daniel Saysy 8 days ago

    *Tiny Kitty*

  • Dark1 Legend2
    Dark1 Legend2 8 days ago

    Who else heard the cracking of nakia's back

  • Akira Seven Moore
    Akira Seven Moore 9 days ago

    He waved his hand
    He *kept* the cat in his *left hand*
    Put the cat under his knee
    And made a click noise, and showed it.
    It’s obvious

  • Jefferson Macam
    Jefferson Macam 9 days ago

    I saw Rhett look at rob's answer on Nakia

  • Jaylen Adams
    Jaylen Adams 9 days ago

    Who else saw link have an orgasm when she swallowed the sword

  • littleowleyes
    littleowleyes 9 days ago

    Krystal stands like a performer! I had her as the sword swallower because of that!

  • Emily Zelda
    Emily Zelda 9 days ago


  • GlaceonGamer TCG
    GlaceonGamer TCG 9 days ago


  • Xero Xyn
    Xero Xyn 9 days ago

    *W I T C H!*

  • TI_Intensity TV
    TI_Intensity TV 9 days ago


  • Drama Llama
    Drama Llama 9 days ago


  • xxMythical Beast
    xxMythical Beast 9 days ago

    Tyron thats not ur real name right..? .. im so sorry

  • Billyawn Xu
    Billyawn Xu 10 days ago

    I think I heard nakias bones crack

  • audrcher897 HUL
    audrcher897 HUL 10 days ago


  • S Seyed
    S Seyed 10 days ago

    Nakia has no bones (SHES JELLY WOMEN)

  • LunarMoon
    LunarMoon 10 days ago

    10:55 best asmr 10 / 10

  • Chilliadi Studios
    Chilliadi Studios 10 days ago

    Can the real Slim Shady please step forward

  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

    Danny is a fake

  • Xenia
    Xenia 10 days ago

    I guessed that Krystal swallows swords!!! There’s just something about a girl that swallows swords that really shows

  • HelloTardis
    HelloTardis 10 days ago

    Krystal is

  • Will Van Veelen
    Will Van Veelen 10 days ago

    danny held the cat in the other hand cause watch how he dose NOT grab the cat you can't do that and he held his hand closed with the cat in it

    DCLOCKE5 11 days ago


  • drunkinmky gaming
    drunkinmky gaming 11 days ago

    *I'M TYRONE*

  • ShutUpSveinn
    ShutUpSveinn 11 days ago

    Thank you, my opinion on Rob has gone significantly higher from his role in Modern Family

  • Nova Star1508
    Nova Star1508 11 days ago

    4:55 I can spin one on my hands AND feet😂😂 is that a talent?
    8:30 is it just me or I can hear bones cracking?

  • bobtheboy bobtheboy
    bobtheboy bobtheboy 11 days ago


    when threatened, the wild Rob will emit a yell close enough to the sound of a screaming panda.

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Nakia doe 😬

  • Reid Trahan
    Reid Trahan 12 days ago

    I can spin a pillow on my fist

  • Rex Legacy
    Rex Legacy 12 days ago

    Rob Is Like WIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!

  • Tiffany Pearsall
    Tiffany Pearsall 12 days ago


  • Sonja Sieker
    Sonja Sieker 12 days ago


  • Derek P.
    Derek P. 12 days ago

    Nakia is extremely beautiful. Her talent looks like her back should be broken, I don't see how that's possible!

  • Natalie Gvozden
    Natalie Gvozden 12 days ago

    I hate rob Riggle in Middle scholl

  • JC Music
    JC Music 12 days ago

    Krystal has a very useful talent

  • Gaming_With_Rylee 10
    Gaming_With_Rylee 10 13 days ago

    I only know rob Bc he played BIG MAC in NIGHT SCHOOL

  • Toran Dreemurr
    Toran Dreemurr 13 days ago +1

    Link had a sword and didn't nearly kill someone!

  • Nik Vlogs
    Nik Vlogs 13 days ago

    Her name is Krystal with a K for sake

  • Chris LOco
    Chris LOco 13 days ago

    Love the intro and love the vids Keep up the good work!👍👍👍👍👍🤘🏻🤘🏻😙😙😙

    GUCCI MAMA 13 days ago

    awsome fake fart like if agree

  • JodyJadeTV
    JodyJadeTV 13 days ago

    Friend : hey Gabe drop and give me 5
    Gabriel : hold my beer

  • Aub F
    Aub F 13 days ago

    Danny was great, when he brought the cat back I love the way he whispered tiny kitty all whimsically

  • Space Freak147
    Space Freak147 13 days ago

    I only recognise Rob as that jerk in the High School movie, not hating😄