US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Officials warn public of dangers at secretive Nevada base and signal that the Air Force stands ready; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin report from the Pentagon. #SpecialReport #FoxNews
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Comments • 14 767

  • Rice
    Rice 4 hours ago

    The Russian bot part got me 😂😂

  • FNU Tenzin Urgen
    FNU Tenzin Urgen 4 hours ago

    I have no idea what this is, so confused

  • Jeremiah Kirby
    Jeremiah Kirby 4 hours ago

    Have fun storming the castle boys!

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes 4 hours ago

    Is Fox News run by a middle-aged suburban mom? They take these obvious jokes seriously.
    Btw, I love that they completely ignored the naruto running part

  • Michael Kendzior
    Michael Kendzior 4 hours ago

    Great story??? What about the facts, if your a racist unethical scumbag your a repub. Own it, your fake president does. 10000 lies about America, who the hell would ever vote for repubs, i know, the mindless scumbag voters that dont know better.

  • iiCYJay
    iiCYJay 4 hours ago

    Instead of raiding it, why don’t we dress up as aliens so they can take us in......??????

  • sean
    sean 4 hours ago

    They already moved the base.

  • Diego p
    Diego p 4 hours ago

    Oh its just clickbait? I already booked my ticket though

  • TrainerAQ
    TrainerAQ 4 hours ago

    Russian bots? Really? I think they are real people but just like any event that is coordinated through Facebook, no one is going to show up.

  • AshPlayz- Gaming and more!

    Press F to admire the biggest wooosh of all time.

  • Twinkie / Nightmare
    Twinkie / Nightmare 4 hours ago

    lemme snatch them aliens

  • Hold Up
    Hold Up 4 hours ago

    I want to clap them alien cheeks

  • FFroztie
    FFroztie 4 hours ago

    Irony meme

  • Rutexas
    Rutexas 4 hours ago

    Russian bots or CIA bots? Fox news, like all news outlets are getting their feeds from the Ministry of Disinformation. To what end? Diversion on top of diversion!

  • T M
    T M 4 hours ago

    i wont be surprised when a group of mental midgets try to get in, and die for their efforts.

  • CyberFr3dbearPlush
    CyberFr3dbearPlush 4 hours ago

    Lost my last brain cell

  • Dicaru 007
    Dicaru 007 4 hours ago

    Imagine someone from another country joining from vacation and they shot him....wouldn't that start WW3?

  • AJtheDestroyer
    AJtheDestroyer 4 hours ago

    Meme culture really messing with these old people 😂😂

  • xXRegivren Xx
    xXRegivren Xx 4 hours ago

    I will do everything for those alien tiddis!

  • Kevin Vargas
    Kevin Vargas 4 hours ago +1

    Definitely Russian bots, if your a Russian bot like this comment.

  • Mystery
    Mystery 4 hours ago

    And then they said Russian bots

  • jo m
    jo m 4 hours ago

    Send trump supporters first

  • Jessica
    Jessica 4 hours ago

    I feel like they're just trying to scare the people that want to go 🤣

  • Ismael Lovera
    Ismael Lovera 4 hours ago

    You dare underestimate the power of suicidal internet dwellers?

  • tiana
    tiana 4 hours ago

    If Nevada turns into Stranger Things I'mma be pissed and happy at the same time.😩

  • OneEyedCassetteTape
    OneEyedCassetteTape 4 hours ago

    Nah they got it all wrong we want to see cat girls not aliens😔 smh

  • Mystery
    Mystery 4 hours ago

    I don’t think anybody realized this but our government literally just threaten us. This video was made to scare people and say they will be killed this was a threat.

  • Andrew Conklin
    Andrew Conklin 4 hours ago


  • pete L
    pete L 4 hours ago

    1 million people become 1 million chickens eventually, I guess.

  • Dallin McRae
    Dallin McRae 4 hours ago

    This was wild from start to finish

  • Jessica
    Jessica 4 hours ago

    I'm so confused some people are saying it's a joke and some say they are actually going 🤔

  • Hopstep 3s
    Hopstep 3s 4 hours ago

    They must not know we got the battle bus

  • Josesito Carrillo
    Josesito Carrillo 4 hours ago

    I dont care

  • Dicaru 007
    Dicaru 007 4 hours ago

    If we just use our Vape/Juul clouds at the same exact time, we can use it as cover so they wont be able to see us

  • JustinLovesCats
    JustinLovesCats 4 hours ago +1

    Us: _wE cAn MoVe fAsTeR ThAn tHeRe BuLLeTs!_
    Airforce: *Surprised Pikachu*

  • 707homer
    707homer 4 hours ago

    Fox news forgot to mention that they will be running like Naruto!

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim 4 hours ago +1

    In future history books children will read about area 51 and the big scare people got when internet trolls said they were going to storm it

  • Mate Mate
    Mate Mate 4 hours ago

    Air force when no one shows up to area 51 on sep 20: 🤡🤡🤡

  • Yeet boi BTS
    Yeet boi BTS 4 hours ago

    ( • . •)
    />👽 want this alien
    ( • - •)
    />👽 have it I stole it from area 51

  • The_Right_Nut _
    The_Right_Nut _ 4 hours ago

    Where you at bois

  • angel Lunar
    angel Lunar 4 hours ago +1

    *area 51 people trying to storm area 51talking to area 51 guards*: why so serious?

  • Deadleg
    Deadleg 4 hours ago

    Really Russian bots.......

  • bill wabo
    bill wabo 4 hours ago

    this nation is going paranoid 😂

  • j e s s e
    j e s s e 4 hours ago +1

    some people might get killed? a small loss for a magnificent victory let’s see them aliens

  • Micah Reese
    Micah Reese 4 hours ago

    Now I'm going too thanks Fox

  • -Gacha Sauce-
    -Gacha Sauce- 4 hours ago

    *So they noticed...*

  • herby the elf
    herby the elf 4 hours ago

    *you fool, you fell for one of the classic blunders*

  • Dicaru 007
    Dicaru 007 4 hours ago

    This is a perfect example of America Turning on it's own people because if we all just go in there and they shoot us...that'll represent a bad democracy.....LETS DO IT BOIS

  • Unbox Gamer
    Unbox Gamer 4 hours ago

    IDC I'm going this isn't a meme anymore let's go Bois

  • Alexander Fetters
    Alexander Fetters 4 hours ago

    lol dude.. you don’t storm a military base

  • American Proud
    American Proud 4 hours ago

    You people that want total chaos are really stupid and ignorant. Our money funds the government but that doesn't mean that we should know about the things that are being done on a daily basis. As long as America is on top of the world who cares. 99% of the brain dead Americans can't even understand how the corrupt demonic democrats are turning everyone against each other. If all the other countries want to see our beautiful country fall, that's for a reason. Other countries want what we have. People stop putting stupid videos out. If you cross the line your trespassing and you can be shot. The rules are for a reason. Respect the rules and laws or die by them.

  • General Cryptogram
    General Cryptogram 4 hours ago

    September 20
    The Great Alien War

  • shmx
    shmx 4 hours ago

    I only care about the naruto runners and nothing else

    XxGRINDCORExX 4 hours ago

    "Russian bots", seriously? The average American is THIS stupid?

  • Owen 090
    Owen 090 4 hours ago

    They can’t stop all of us, some brothers may fall, but the many shall thrive and get to see the aliens 👽

  • DSPlays
    DSPlays 4 hours ago

    When the government can't take a joke.

  • Hondeer
    Hondeer 4 hours ago

    We should convince ANTIFA that Area51 houses Fascists.

  • LamboGalaxy 420
    LamboGalaxy 420 4 hours ago

    this got beat on trending by dude perfect

  • Basic Bot
    Basic Bot 4 hours ago

    Russian Bots 🤡😂

  • XY Z
    XY Z 4 hours ago +2

    Don't forget to practice your handsigns before you Naruto run the whole base... Who knows when you might need a Katon jutsu or two. And yeah uchichas take the lead for that genjutsu.

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 4 hours ago

    I’m so glad I live in this era 🙏🙏🙏

  • vape water
    vape water 4 hours ago

    If we go we can see some anime alien girls

  • Doctor Santoro
    Doctor Santoro 4 hours ago

    "Russian Bots", I'm done with Fox News

  • butthole parkinsons
    butthole parkinsons 4 hours ago +1

    This is the “news” Fox covers

  • Mason Taylor
    Mason Taylor 4 hours ago +1

    I like how they take it seriously even the news does.

  • D.t 999
    D.t 999 4 hours ago

    more like storm hollywood..all the clones and weirdos are there

  • Iliana Adame
    Iliana Adame 4 hours ago

    Welp memes are taking seriously.....

    Well not Sprite cranberry

  • Foxtrot 5000
    Foxtrot 5000 4 hours ago

    Now there’s more people who heard about the raid and more are probably going to show up

  • XD_ Gak_
    XD_ Gak_ 4 hours ago

    Now people are actually going to do it

  • LaBelle424242
    LaBelle424242 4 hours ago

    Leave it to Fox News for the Elderly and Incompetent to take this seriously. Hope they all show up and make a party of Area 51, and take home alien girlfriends. G-d bless us, everyone.