September 11, 2001 (9/11/2001) Forensic Reconstruction

  • Published on Apr 6, 2015
    If you are interested in 9/11 this video is a must see.
    This video is a forensic recreation of the events that transpired on September 11, 2001. It is created to better understand how events unfolded on that day and to streamline much of the incoming information from various sources into one cohesive video. It does so using FAA and Air Traffic, NEADS, and Fire Fighter recordings mated to simulations of the flight paths’ of the planes involved.
    It is put together using minimalistic and best source information gathered to present the best picture possible within audible space. WNBC channel 4 in New York provided the best review of the events of the day from a news source. Great care was taken to assure accurate timing so that events happened as they happened originally. It was necessary to adjust some audible events to allow for perception and in these cases they were kept as close to the original time as possible.
    Thanks to all the officials who released their videos regarding the events of 9/11 and help make this investigation possible.
    A special thanks goes to cjnewson88 for simulations of the 4 flights (favorite him and see the original separate flights @ ) which allowed me to complete my vision.
    Also thanks to FLT111 who provided additional flight records could not be found anywhere else. (His youtube is here: . His information motivated me to go back and make the video perfect for time.
    And a final thank you to all those that put themselves in harms way and those that gave their lives on 9/11/2001. Your sacrifice will
    not be forgotten.
    This was produced using PowerDirector 13.
    This video was not created to support or deny any conspiracy associated with the events of 9/11.
    For added knowledge, the flight recorder for Flight 93 was never released so it could not be added to this video, but you can view the transcript by clicking this link -
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  • Antony Frampton
    Antony Frampton 4 years ago +126

    This is exceptionally good and probably the closest we'll get to an accurate re-enactment of that tragic day

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  8 months ago

      @TheSecretWindowSpot I agree. I spoke with the producer of United 93 as well and he loves this video. Unfortunately in movies it would be difficult to make a movie like I have for general consumption. Maybe some day we will.

    • TheSecretWindowSpot
      TheSecretWindowSpot 2 years ago

      ive tried finding a movie that was made about this day. And the best they ever made was United 93. That movie was more powerful than the WTC movie. The WTC movie should have been better, and with better acting. Its a disgrace when shit movies are made for such an imortant and horrific day, that needs to be remembered better than that shit. This video is pretty well done! Good work to the one who made it. Rest in peace to all the victims!

    • Ruple Thaker
      Ruple Thaker 3 years ago +1

      @VIPPrimo Very welldone VIPPrimo.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +12

      Antony Frampton thank you for that assessment. It means a lot.

  • cjnewson88
    cjnewson88 7 years ago +126

    Outstanding. You have outdone yourself. Well done, an excellent reconstruction of events. Fantastic.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  8 months ago +1

      I just wanted to wish you the best on this anniversary and all your help and continuing the fight you are so effective at.

    • Ruple Thaker
      Ruple Thaker 3 years ago

      It's really good.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago

      cjnewson88 did you ever think these things would get this big and have young kids all over the world asking about it?

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  7 years ago

      @André R. Meyer You are very welcome.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  7 years ago

      @André R. Meyer After reviewing radar returns from separate credible matching sources I can confirm that all planes were on radar from take off to impact. In the case of 175 even more so as the transponder never shut off. For the threshold that the 767 can take reference Egypt Air 990. I'm not sure if you have any air crash history but that should show you how far it can go before a break-up or loss of control. Operation Northwoods has too many references that are not feasible in the given situation. For instance they would not need to impact the World Trade Center when they could simply say a terrorist destroyed a plane off the coast or any other variation described in the original North Wood documents. Then to have 4 full size commercial jets instead of a Cesna as Northwoods described, well, best to describe that as over-overkill. You may also want to reference the declassified intelligence regarding Al Quada and other terrorist groups leading as far back as 1991. If they were working on this for that long why did they declassify Northwoods in '98? That would be quite the confession.

  • Seanimusprime98
    Seanimusprime98 3 years ago +33

    That statement from 2:51:56 to the end just made break down in tears and goosebumps. As if that was the first time the name for this event was given. You literally ended this video with the words September 11th, 2001. I applaud you for adding that emotional feel at the very end. Great job on this entire video good sir

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +11

      Warpathimus Thank you. It was a 6 month labor of love. Something that needed to be seen by the people so we wouldn’t forget and it could answer all the questions. I hope it helped you find a resolution.

  • Beano Vids
    Beano Vids 3 years ago +13

    Excellent reconstruction. Thank you for this insight, and I respect you for the effort you put into this!

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +2

      Billy The Redcoat I hope to someday see it played in the 9/11 Museum in NY.

  • Daniel Bumbalo-Callahan

    Amazing job. I have had this bookmarked for years. One minor suggestion would be to have the notes just show once at the top of the screen instead of on each telemetry. Like I said, very tiny quibble and it's only because sometimes it's hard to see all of the comments as they flash across, but it takes nothing away from how much work you had to have put into this

    • Daniel Bumbalo-Callahan
      Daniel Bumbalo-Callahan Year ago +1

      @unclesporkums Gotcha, that makes sense then. Still amazing and informative to watch

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums Year ago +2

      I'm sure he would have, but those four flight simulator videos were each done as separate videos by another user. VIP just put them all together.

  • singularity39
    singularity39 3 years ago +11

    2:07:00 is so sad and inspirational for me. The fact that those people risked their lives to save more people is just heart-warming. And the fact that I live only 10 miles away was chilling at the time. Amazing video, you really captured the tone of the event.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +3

      Thank you. In some respects I apologize for doing a good job. It's unfortunate that we all had to experience those events. It was easily the most televised moment in history. I may have lived 3 hours away, but in those moments we were all New Yorkers. We were all neighbors... and we all felt the pain.

  • MandH14
    MandH14 4 years ago +61

    Exceptional research and execution. A+

  • g0-b0y
    g0-b0y 3 years ago +157

    4:00 American 11 departs from Boston Logan Airport for Los Angeles International Airport at 8:02 AM
    18:00 Hijacking on American 11 begins at 8:14 AM
    18:20 United 175 departs from Boston Logan Airport for Los Angeles International Airport at 8:14 AM
    24:15 American 77 departs Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles International Airport at 8:20 AM
    24:45 American 11 Transponder is switched off as flight attendant Betty Ong calls the control center at 8:21 AM
    28:48 American 11 Hijacker-Pilot Mohammed Atta mistakenly makes two radio transmissions meant for passengers at 8:24 AM
    31:00 American 11 makes a 100-degree turn south to follow Hudson River to WTC at 8:26 AM
    38:00 American 11 Hijacker-Pilot mistakenly makes third radio transmission at 8:33 AM
    42:20 United 175 and American 11 go over the same area, United 175 reports seeing Flight 11 and hearing a suspicious transmission.
    46:35 United 93 Departs Newark Int'l Airport for San Fransisco Int'l Airport at 8:42 AM
    48:30 Hijacking on United 175 begins at 8:44 AM
    50:35 American 11 hits North World Trade Tower at 8:46 AM
    53:00 CNN reports a "light aircraft" has hit the north world trade tower at 8:50 AM
    56:10 United 175 Makes a massive turn towards New York as it shuts off its transponder at 8:56 AM
    57:20 Hijacking begins on American 77 at 8:52 AM
    1:00:40 United 175 encounters a near-collision with Delta 2315 missing by 200 feet at 8:56 AM
    1:00:50 American 77 Transponder is shut off as it turns around towards Washington DC at 8:56 AM
    1:06:40 United 175 hits the South World Trade Tower at 9:03 AM
    1:32:30 Hijacking on United 93 begins at 9:28 AM
    1:36:10 United 93 Hijacker-Pilot Ziad Jarrah Mistakenly makes a radio transmission meant for the passengers at 9:32 AM
    1:38:25 American 77 has the pentagon in sight, but makes a massive 360-degree turn in order to hit the western wall at 9:34 AM
    1:40:00 United 93 makes a massive turn towards Washington DC at 9:35 AM
    1:41:45 American 77 hits the western wall of the Pentagon at 9:37 AM
    1:43:25 United 93 Hijacker-Pilot Ziad Jarrah makes second mistaken radio transmission at the time the black box starts recording at 9:39AM
    1:45:50 United 93 transponder is switched off, around the time passengers begin sending calls to their loved ones at 9:41 AM
    1:50:00 United States Airspace is shut down the same time CNN reports a fire at the Pentagon at 9:45 AM
    1:55:00 United 93 hijackers become worried about the passengers and crew starting to create a revolt plan at 9:50 AM
    2:00:00 United 93 passengers and crew get ready to start their revolt at 9:55 AM
    2:02:20 United 93 passengers begin their revolt at 9:57 AM
    2:03:15 The south tower of the world trade center collapses at 9:59 AM
    2:03:30 Ziad Jarrah begins to rock the plane back and forth to repel the revolt at 10:00 AM
    2:07:10 United 93 crashes in a field in shanksville pennsylvania at 10:03 AM
    2:10:00 Washington DC government buildings begin evacuation at 10:06 AM
    2:32:40 The north tower of the world trade center collapses at 10:28 AM
    2:51:10 The western wall of the Pentagon collapses at 10:47 AM
    2:51:41 World Trade Center 7 collapses at 5:20 PM

    • JoshieBoy3449
      JoshieBoy3449 2 years ago

      Matthew Summers Just let the kid be, please.

    • Shawn Seal
      Shawn Seal 3 years ago +2

      @Matthew Summers little piece of friendly advice my guy, lighten up, for your own good, life is to short to spend it uptight, you sound young, but when you get older, all that built up animosity will give you high blood pressure, strokes, heart problems, aneurysms, nothing good and a lot of potential bad..
      good luck to ya Mate

    • Shawn Seal
      Shawn Seal 3 years ago +1

      @Matthew Summers not everybody does, that's why I also used English, saying how I was kidding, then telling him that it was great info.. so emoji is no good,.. and now apparently English is out too... well, my Spanish is sub par, French is not very good, and my Italian is even worse,.. so,
      this is where we part ways my man,
      Au revoir,

    • Shawn Seal
      Shawn Seal 3 years ago +1

      @Matthew Summers I dont think you read my message in its entirety.. Haha,

    • Shawn Seal
      Shawn Seal 3 years ago

      😳.... you guys think he even watched the whole video?... 🤔
      Haha, just kidding, great info!

  • Christine Michele
    Christine Michele 3 years ago +26

    Watching the updates after the original. Getting chills and tearful as ATC starts saying, “American 11, American 11... American 11. Boston. If you hear Boston center iden...” ugh. Thank you for this recreation. It should definitely be shown in High schools and colleges. RIP. Never forget.

    • Darsynia
      Darsynia 3 years ago +1

      The thing that kills me is they noticed RIGHT away with 11. They didn't respond to a flight level change and immediately the air traffic controller was seeking to regain contact.

  • Lady Blazes
    Lady Blazes Year ago +5

    You have done an invaluable service to mankind in the way you put this presentation together. Exceptionally well-made. Bravo.

  • Jason Garret
    Jason Garret Year ago +8

    I’ve listened to this video countless times since it was published on TheXvid and every time I can understand how this could happen. There just wasn’t the right communication channels to defend this type of attack despite everyone involved doing the best they could with the information that they had. Maybe the military practiced what to do but I doubt they rehearsed the communication that would be needed between the civilian and military command. It doesn’t seem like any one agency had all the details in time to respond to these attacks.

    • onegirlrev
      onegirlrev 11 months ago +1

      @VIPPrimo Beautifully stated. It will stand.

    • Jason Garret
      Jason Garret Year ago +3

      @VIPPrimo thank you for the reply, I think this video is great in a educational and informative way. The setup of just replaying everything in real time with all the original recordings gives me and others the chance to just observe what really happened.
      I flew recently and the captain had a strong crosswind final and by the time we touched down we had bounced around quite a bit. That just made me think how incredibly terrifying all those passengers must have felt. Unimaginable really. It’s probably not fair to compare a bumpy landing to any air emergency that involves loss of life though. Anyway great points, I do agree it will be scary if anybody tries this again and test the response of our defenses. Thanks again 👍for creating this.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  Year ago +5

      People like you, people truly who desire the truth and knowledge of what happened, are why I made this video. Hearing your statement just tells me that people get it, that it wasn’t a waste.
      It’s hard for people to remember today how we just didn’t think an attack on the US could happen. I remember saying as far back as ‘96 that we were asleep and it made us vulnerable, we thought we had it all figured out, but nobody could imagine this. I don’t care how many exercises they did, it wasn’t remotely on our mind. The phones that didn’t reach people who were suppose to be at their desks, the breach of Boston to call Otis directly and then NEADS without permission. People were doing everything they could. Nasypanny was sending jets out to look for ghosts. Needles in stacks of needles. Scrambling to get ahead of a problem that was literally over before it started. A war that lasted three hours, but would span many, many years of conflict.
      Time really was our enemy. The day after ‘93, the planes operation on the laptop of he same criminal that bombed the tower. It had already been set in motion, all it needed was financing. We were watching Clinton as the pot started to boil and by August 2001 it was actually the 11th hour. The day it happened we were quickly trying to catch up. 20 minutes to find the hour long flight and jets that took an hour just to get to NY. We weren’t going to make it. Langley jets scrambled for planes we didn’t know existed, directed out to defend an attack from the ocean that would never come, 12 minutes for Flight 77 and 30 minutes for them to get back. The timer started to catch up on the White House when passengers on Flight 93 decided to finally get ahead and take action. For one moment we were ahead and lost brave souls to our ignorance.
      As we stood in the rubble of Sept. 11 we woke up from our sleep and asked what happened.
      We haven’t learned much. We forgot so much. Now we fight the wrong battles. We forgot how we got there and our kids never lived it and in a few short years even our memory will fade.
      But I hope this video stands. I hope that a brave few relive the moment and realize what happened and why so that the fire never goes out. For the first time in modern history, for three hours, a war was fought on our soil and we lost.

  • Cloakerson
    Cloakerson 3 years ago +15

    Incredible. This is simply amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago

      @Freedom Lover OMG, if there was a mute option I would celebrate and throw a party! If they added the option in TheXvid to mute tracks I'd remake this tomorrow!
      One thing I did do was assign "channels" to "voices" on this one. You'll notice the main ones choose a side, but you're right I think the news tries to fit into both side channels instead of specifically the front channel.
      Thanks for the input though. I wish I could've made it easier to hear. I hope down the road I can get a production group to get on board and help me perfect this and I'll make sure to keep your input in mind because they're great ideas.

    • Freedom Lover
      Freedom Lover 3 years ago

      @VIPPrimo I agree with the other posters, kudos! My only wish is that there was a way to mute the news coverage at times, it made it quite difficult to hear the military and airplane communications. That aside, I applaud you and admire your dedication and persistence on this very worthwhile project!!

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +1

      Cloaker thank you for the input. It’s greatly appreciated. You’re welcome. It was well worth the work I put in just to hear compliments like this. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Susie Floozie
    Susie Floozie 3 years ago +4

    This is an excellent reconstruction on so many levels! The morning of September 11, 2001, I overslept till 11 am and was completely oblivious anything had happened. Watching video footage later just didn't feel like seeing it unfold in real time. But somehow this multilayered approach with everything mapped out so precisely actually gave me a sense of shared foreboding that I've always missed. Thanks!

  • Chanel HP
    Chanel HP 8 months ago +1

    Thank you for all the effort you have put into this video... hope someone who wasn't old enough to remember that day learns a lot from this, and understand why some of us will always be haunted by that day.

  • B
    B 3 years ago +17

    2:33:26 that firefighter pretty much summed up all of America’s feelings that day. I’ll always remember this like it was yesterday. Great job on the video.

  • Fairly Vague
    Fairly Vague 3 years ago +34

    Wow, a channel who not only actually answers questions but also who’s answers aren’t invariably ‘fucktard’! I found this particular video one of the best I’ve ever seen, fantastic having everything synced. I’d previously watched the individual videos of the 4 flights and listened to the various ATC and military communications and obviously seen the news footage from various outlets but having it altogether makes it so much easier to fully comprehend how and why those few short hours changed the world forever. Thank you
    RIP Never forget 💫

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +1

      David Berry I think what he means is every time you talk to someone in regards to 9/11 you get a negative response and it’s very true.

    • David Berry
      David Berry 3 years ago +1

      Fantastic video though really, top marks .

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +2

      Fairly Vague I appreciate that! Yes the last link was dead but the Wiki was available so I put that in. I was going to send it directly but TheXvid wouldn’t direct me to your original post. Again thanks for the input! What you’re saying was exactly why I did it.

  • sorenpx
    sorenpx 2 years ago +7

    This is very interesting and well-done. I'm sure it took you a long time. Thanks for the hard work.
    Going to forward it to a friend.

  • Randy Joe
    Randy Joe 3 years ago +1

    Excellent video. I’m sure that it took a lot of time and effort to make. Thanks for your efforts. It is a long video but that is the only way to relive the incident as it actually happened.
    From this day forward, every time that I see footage of the south tower collapsing, I will think about flight 98 as well, because it was at that moment that the passengers stormed the cockpit of flight 98. The south tower collapsed at 09:58. Flight 98 crashed at 10:03. Thanks for making me realize that, among other things.

  • Shawn Seal
    Shawn Seal 3 years ago +8

    I cam only imagine the long hours required to go through all this data and compile it all in chronographic order. Im curious how many hours you would estimate it took you? (If you want to share) either way, it must have been a labor of love, and it shows in the final product, can't think of too many videos on here I've watched that were anywhere near this long, without loosing me before the end, this one had my attention the whole time, anyway,
    Your dedication to making this video is much appreciated by me, and no doubt many others who find it.

    • Patri Shy
      Patri Shy 2 years ago +1

      @VIPPrimo Woo!u made a
      great job!!

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +1

      Shawn Seal thanks for sharing! One of the benefits of making these is seeing through the fog of war. It’s like you know it’s there, but you can see clearly as you see frantic people acting within it. I’ve already reviewed the entirety of the event and I have questions about response times, but I could tell you what bullet sound was the one that, self-inflicted, took Paddock’s own life.
      One of the biggest problems I saw was responders didn’t realize how mobile the people inside were. If I remember correctly Flamingo reported a shooter inside, but it wasn’t inside, it was someone who had run from the venue and told a desk guy to report a shooter. The whole time police were already in the building saying, “we don’t hear anything, nobody is here.”
      One of the most telling videos was a body cam of a police officer on duty in the venue. He came out immediately when report of shots fired occurred. He had a bird’s eye view and immediately said where the shots were coming from. Officer’s who tried to cover the venue were shot at from behind, not from the venue.
      So to let you know, it was clearly only one shooter. Paddock was the guy and we will truly never know why he did what he did. The note on the desk was bullet drop rates. That’s all he left.

    • Shawn Seal
      Shawn Seal 3 years ago +2

      @VIPPrimo wow! That's amazing! I was living down in there in Las Vegas when the attack took place, I've since moved to N. California, but have been obsessed with finding as much out about what happened that night as I can, I've been working in Casinos for over 20 years now, broke in as a dealer, moved up to Casino Manager. And that night I was on shift at a casino in Henderson, about 12 miles from the strip, it was such an unbelievable night, just seeing the news trickle in on people's phones, then I had the TVs in table Games all turned to news on it, even had maintenance show me how to get the audio to come through out PA speakers, and the security department's at all the casinos down there, they all communicate with each other, to alert everyone if there is a card cheat in town to look out for, or to try to locate a thief, and that also includes Law Enforcement, they all get friendly over time, and when something happens, its like a network of pass it along to the next guy, anyway, that night Law Enforcement was alerting all there contacts to be advised of multiple attacks on multiple properties. I didnt leave that night until almost 4am, and when I left our guys were still on alert of possible ongoing attacks.. around midnight, all of us department managers got together in a conference room and discussed whether or not we should clear out the casino, and actually close down, which in 20 years I've never once heard of a discussion to do.. we had the support of our CEO who was out of town but told us hed back any choice we made, based on what we felt,. We eventually decided to not close, unless further info came in, but my point is, to put that Major US City of 1.5 million people, plus the tons of tourist that are always in town, to put it the state of almost all out panic, like It was that night, I've just always, since the night of, struggled believing 1 grumpy old man, bummed about slot losses, could be responsible for that level of havoc, the loss of life, I'm not saying I think it was this or it was that, I dont know, but I would like to have all the info possible to see for myself what transpired..
      (Sorry for the insanely long reply, I just haven't talk to anybody who still interested in the matter, so, I will be eagerly awaiting your work on it, thank you in advance!)

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +3

      Shawn Seal just so you know I’m currently working in the Las Vegas shooting Forensic Reconstruction.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +5

      Shawn Seal that is very difficult question to answer. About 2 years before the video was started I noticed that no independent investigation would ever be made by 9/11 Truth so I decided to start my own. I was amazed at how easy you could acquire information, but the first thing you have a problem with in these things is putting it all in order. I’d see a time and realize that was before or after something that was key. These were things the 9/11 Commission report didn’t really get and Truth didn’t come close on.
      Well after awhile I started getting fed up with not having something linear to see it all. I had the FAA recordings that were released, NEADS followed, and after looking around for flight creators CJNewson had already made them (so you’d have to ask him how long his took too). They were a little off time, but damn good. That’s when I realized I could make this and asked to use them. He not only said yes he almost made me swear I’d complete it.
      At the time I was working 80 hours a week and putting this together in my spare time. It took 6 months to get the first video done and of course after I completed it a ton of information came in supporting it so I made a second one that took another few months, from about November to April I think.
      The second video was pretty dialed in but I had reached the limitations of computers and software and although I wasn’t happy I realized I was down to editing frame by frame and processing alone took around 24 hours. So I finally hobbled to it’s conclusion and sent it out happy that I took it as far as I could.
      Honestly I would love to make a third, but if I did I would want a production team to help me make it. One where we weren’t limited by computer constraints and I wouldn’t do it unless CJNewson was involved either. Honestly this wouldn’t exist without his hard work as well.
      As far as I know no compilation like this exists anywhere else in the world and I would like it featured in NY at the memorial.
      Thank you for the question and I hope this event gives you the understanding you need to see that day as it was. #neverforget911

  • Beena Plumber
    Beena Plumber 3 years ago +13

    I got all the FAA/NORAD tapes plus all the FDNY (Manhattan & Brooklyn)/EMS/repeater tapes, an older flight simulator, and I've been thinking of doing something like this for ages, but after seeing yours, it only validates one of my concerns - too much work! You've obviously devoted a TON of time to this project, and the product is awesome - better than anything I'd envisioned for my project, which I'd never have gotten around to anyway. You're right in your comments for your earlier version - their's nothing like a simultaneous model to get a real picture of what happened, and though you didn't even have to show it all, this model makes it totally clear how much confusion there was between the FAA and NEADS, and WHY. Awesome job, and thanks for saving me the work! (Which I wouldn't have gotten around to, I'm sure.)

    • Executive Automotive Society
      Executive Automotive Society 3 years ago +3

      Beena Plumber I’ve been in bands since 1991 and I know Audacity well. I started studying sound equipment in high school. It was a special extra curricular class but well worth it.
      When the events happened I lived near Boston. We took a big hit that day. Nobody I knew lost loved ones but I had friends who lost a lot. One friend was watching a families dog and suddenly the family was gone.
      My uncle in law even worked at the trade centers and it was impossible to get him on the phone. We finally found out he had called in sick that day. It was a day where you heard a lot of incredible luck stories. He ran to a local store and picked up a camera and his video coverage was featured on the news. The 9/11 Truth movement got it and used it to say there was melting steel in the building. He didn’t even know until I asked for the CD. I still have it, but I didn’t use any of the footage.
      Towards the end of this video you’ll hear an interview with Harvey Kushman. I strategically picked the best news coverage of the day. Harvey nailed it. He was involved in the first WTC bombing trial and for those in the know the incident was no shock, but what they did was “far beyond the scope of what we could imagine,” as Harvey put it.
      I’m going to look up that Cake program. It won’t help me here but as I put together the Vegas Shooting Reconstruction it’s really going to put me to the test. On that I have to line-up bullets. Best of luck.

    • Beena Plumber
      Beena Plumber 3 years ago +1

      @Executive Automotive Society Wow, you were even more ambitious than I realized! When I was in my 20's, I could (and often did) work 80-hour shifts, but I've never had a commute like that. It's hard to have a life.
      I have very little experience with video editing software. The video portion of anything I did was something I only vaguely thought about. If I only used a single video source at a time, heck, I could do that with MS Movie Maker. I hadn't really thought the video stuff through. I just thought I'd get some software, learn how to use it, and presto. (That almost never works for me, btw.)
      I'm a sound guy. I teach studio recording at a middle school. My focus was mostly on putting the sounds together in a way that could be followed. I did that much already with the fire/ems/repeater tapes, but when I found the audio and a pdf transcript for the FAA and NORAD, I started thinking again about how that could be incorporated.
      I use Audacity for nearly everything I do - open source, very powerful freeware, but now there is also commercial freeware called Cakewalk by Bandlab that is very powerful, and it works a lot like the industry standard ProTools. I prefer to stick with the open source/freeware because I can't assume my students can afford even the cheapest software, and I encourage them to work at home as well as in the school's computer lab. (The school's IT guy agreed to install Audacity in the computer lab, but not the commercial stuff.)
      One sound tip (and I don't know if this applies to your video because I haven't listened with headphones - just a tip for your file) is to hard-pan the sounds you want to separate with panning. (I know you separated sounds with panning because I could hear it, but only through my crappy laptop speakers.) That way the listener has the option to listen to only two audio sources instead of 3 if they prefer, though sometimes I think you might have more than 3? Whatever the number, you did a great job of making them understandable, even through my crappy lappy. I could focus in on any sound I wanted to pay attention to. Airline pilots monitor 3 channels this way. At the airline where I worked, center was for current ATC comms, right was the company frequency, and left was secondary ATC, usually automated stuff like weather and navigation identifiers, but occasionally other stuff as needed. I rode jumpseat as a dispatcher, and I was always impressed at how clearly you could hear everything that way.
      Mostly I focused on NYC emergency services, and I wanted to play that audio with simultaneous network news coverage. I liked the juxtaposition of the collection of fools, loudmouths, and mostly stunned TV anchors trying to find the right words. Some had all the words, but they were dead wrong, you know how it was that day. The more confident the reporters were, the more likely they were to be mistaken. It makes the better reporters really stand out. Anyway, I wanted to contrast that whole world with the reality that none of the reporters knew about - what was actually happening in real time in the towers, what information they did or didn't have, and the unimaginably incredible professionalism and courage, to a person, in the world of the emergency responders who were actually living what we were so shocked to be watching. I could hardly make myself a bowl of cereal when I turned on the TV that morning, here in safe Minnesota. I was not functioning. The reporters were marginally functioning, but the emergency responders were in their element. They knew exactly what they needed to do and got on with it, no hesitation. The FDNY dispatchers were absolutely calm and cool. And Battalion 7 (Battalion Chief Orio Palmer), wow. Listening to his calls as he climbed to the 78th floor of WTC 2, knowing what was about to happen to him, it's emotionally wrenching. After listening to all his calls as he went up, I felt like he'd become my friend. But the first time I heard that tape, I didn't know how it ended for him personally.
      Contrast that with the reporter who was so certain it was "at least a 727," as if the bigger numbers meant bigger planes.
      It's not fair for me to come down on the reporters like this. They were in an impossible position too, and they had an awesome responsibility to try to keep us all calm and not panicking in the streets. They did their best as professionals, though a few of them slipped. I'm sure a fair few firefighters did too, but all I have is their radio traffic. The reporters were in front of us constantly.
      But the reporters also represent what most of us were thinking and feeling that day, so what I think is at the heart of what I wanted to do was to show ordinary people what was really happening while some of us were bickering about whether it was a 737 or a commuter plane or even a bomb, because even though we were speechless, we Americans know how to argue ;-)
      I will be watching your video here many more times, I'm sure. Thanks again for all the hard work and passion.

    • Executive Automotive Society
      Executive Automotive Society 3 years ago +1

      OMG, you have no idea! I don't know what type of hardware you have but back in 2015 I was ill prepared to start this journey. This thing definitely wouldn't come together with the software provided by the base operating system. I had used PowerDirector before and 13 had just come out so I decided to go long and purchase the entire thing, event he Audio Software and I'm glad I did because it got cluttered fast. Then I started getting all this high definition footage and layering it and it just logged jammed the computer over and over. There was a time when I was just going along frame to frame fixing stuff and it was painful to say the least. So I purchased a new computer and after 7 layers of footage and sound being applied even it started having issues. I might add that I was working at a Jaguar/Land Rover dealership with a 2 hour commute a day and probably 80 or so hours a week dedicated to my job, so it was come in, work an hour, leave and come back. Endless days off were dedicated to fixing little things and finding more info. Finally I finished it and released the 9/11 As it Happened video and mere days later I received the time stamp break down off all the ATC communications. That's when I realized that some of the turns and communications were not in line the way they needed to be. So I had to go back, edit each flight, edit the audio second and redo each flight from beginning to end and then put them back together. Now I had 4 giant high definition files that literally tried to crash my computer at every turn and I still had a ton more sound bites that had been re-edited and needed to be added! After some more love and care to my hardware I finally got it to agree with me and I could limp through fixing the video you see before you. It just got to a point where even if I wanted to add more I couldn't and was getting a lot better on what needed to be included and stuff that was just arbitrary (like jet sounds being removed). Each video was completed and re-edited about 10 times to preserve the timing alone that everything happened and to recheck the alignment. It was painful, but when I saw the completed work I was about 75% happy with it. Even when I completed it realized there was stuff missing, like the second video of the Pentagon impact and certain videos that covered the aftermath of it. I wanted way more Pentagon video coverage, but even most of that didn't have a time stamp to let you know when it was taken so I couldn't add it in (it was one of my rules, if I didn't know when it happened I wouldn't add it). It took me 6 months to put it all together, and then another few months to update this one where I was fairly happy. If I were to do it again and do it the way I want it I would have a production crew with professional level equipment to get it all together and make it look diamond and there is a diamond way of doing it, like I was editing channels of sound that way you could actually turn off a channel and just listen to the military or just listen to the FAA. So much stuff I could've done and gave instructions to it, but again the software and hardware had literally been stretched to it's breaking point and then pushed just a little further. At the end of it I get comments like yours and it really shows me that it was worth doing and being the only one out there that has done it makes it even more special (I was sure someone else had tried it, but nope). I want the video put in the NY 9/11 Museum at some point or hopefully they would help me redo it we could do something insanely cool. Thank you again for your input. It means a lot.

  • Monique Marceline
    Monique Marceline 6 months ago

    This an amazing contribution to society you have given us with this video. Incredible detail & work. Thank you.

  • Darsynia
    Darsynia 3 years ago +12

    44:30 starts a period of time where you can see both American 11 and United 175 are FLYING OVER THE SAME TERRAIN, and 175 is being asked by air traffic control to see if they can see American 11 in the distance to verify its flight level, since their transponder is off. This is super powerful. You can see a 'boot' shape in the river that 11 is flying over very clearly, and 175 is not yet over the river but you can see the shape in the distance ahead of it. 175 ends up flying quite a ways past the river and doesn't turn to follow it (I believe it's the Hudson) until after it is hijacked. I knew about this event but not visually, viscerally like this was illustrated so well in the video.
    This is very well done and helps to visualize the way the flights intersected with each other and how the interactions between them were so powerful and poignant. 175 asked to pinpoint 11 in the distance. 175 hearing the cockpit announcement by the hijacker in 11. 93 being told 'beware cockpit intrusion' and acknowledging this minutes before they were attacked--and the pilots keying their mics so that the sound was transmitted to air traffic control. Painful and chilling.

  • Official Suzy Andy
    Official Suzy Andy 3 years ago +27

    This is one of the most important videos on TheXvid.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +7

      CD-i guy now that’s what I like to read!

  • Brett Pettit
    Brett Pettit 7 years ago +31

    This is outstanding, it makes me have a better understanding of that day. Great video, Never Forget.

  • Winter Lynn
    Winter Lynn 3 years ago +50

    I was supposed to be in school that day. I lived out on long island NY and my mom had paperwork she needed to drop off at the USCIS district office in the city. She didn't know what time she'd be home so she asked me an my brother to come and a trip to NYC seemed like a fun way to spend the day as opposed to being in school. My brother declined and went to school instead. We took the LIRR in and arrived an hour later at 815am to NYC. The directions my mom had gotten were horrible and we ended up at the wrong building which was less than a block away from the WTC. A security guard was giving my mom new directions and that's when we heard a loud humming of an engine followed by an explosion. It nearly knocked me to the floor and my very 1st thought was that a bomb had went off somewhere. Ran outside and saw the tower smoldering and people running in all directions. We stood in shock with a decent sized crowd of people just staring. After awhile we were just turning to leave when I heard an engine roaring I didn't even have a chance to process what was happening when it suddenly seemed like armageddon. It was the 2nd plane hitting the south tower. I just remember the glass,debris and papers raining down around us and thinking I'd be struck at any moment and killed. I looked straight down at the concrete because everytime I looked up I'd see injured people some burnt, some bloody and I caught sight of a man lying on the ground convulsing while some people were tending to what seemed like a wound to his head or neck. My mom was grasping my wrist so tight that later I had bruises on it from her grip. We eventually ran into a tiny coffee shop with a group of 30 or so people where we tried to call my older brother and it was while we there that the south tower eventually collapsed. The whole shop turned pitch black as the soot outside covered the windows. Once it cleared we left and tried to get out of ny but everything had been shut down. Waited on a long line to use a pay phone to call family we had nearby and waited hours for them to pick us up so at least we had a place to stay for the night. 1st thing we did was call my older brother who was home watching everything unfold on TV an was worried sick about us. He felt horrible because he realized he had given us the wrong directions and had no idea where we were. It all seemed like a bad dream at the time. I remember the smell of NYC that day. It was a combination of burnt wires, chemicals and death. I'll never forget that smell as it seemed to stick with me for weeks. I developed PTSD and panic attacks after this horrific day and wasn't until summer of 2015 that I was finally able to watch anything related to 9/11. My aunt worked for Morgan Stanley in the WTC but thankfully she had missed her train that morning and never went. I didn't intend to write such a long comment so to anyone still reading-thanks! Lol. To the uploader-You made an incredible video here that I wish I could say I enjoyed but it brought a lot of memories back. Still though the attention to detail is great and very informative. Horrible day in history and one my family and I will never forget. My mom to this day still apologizes for bringing me to the city that day and my brother still apologizes for messing up the directions. I don't hold it against them whatsoever. That day made me realize at a young age how important it is to appreciate life and not take a moment for granted as everything can change in a moment.

    • bez2k
      bez2k 2 years ago +3

      Heavy. Glad you survived. Give you Mum and Brother a hug next time you see them, for no reason. Just do it.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +10

      Winter Harris I read every word. Thank you for sharing. I made this video so that nobody would ever hear your story and call it untrue. I have an uncle that worked at the World Trade Center at one of the restaurants. He had called in sick that day. He purchased a camera and filmed it, which the media picked up, and today one of his videos is used by Truthers to debunk the events. It’s important for you to know you have a voice and we hear you. Best of luck.

  • R.J. Ciambruschini
    R.J. Ciambruschini 9 months ago +5

    2:33:26 As a Firefighter Cadet in New Jersey, It's not a great idea to ever throw your helmet which costs money so you can clearly tell he was in disbelief and frustration.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  9 months ago +3

      Did you notice he went back to pick it up?

  • kashimareiko
    kashimareiko Year ago +2

    This video gave me a whole new perspective on the event when I first saw it back in 2018. I've learned so much about it since then and I've been inspired to make a video similar to this one, using FSX reconstructions I've made. If you ever reconsider making a new video, I wouldn't mind having my fsx reconstructions be used in the video. I'll be posting them soon.

    • kashimareiko
      kashimareiko Year ago

      ​@VIPPrimo We could use this:
      The program has a map of the 4 planes timestamped.

    • kashimareiko
      kashimareiko Year ago

      @VIPPrimo I originally wanted to use this but have it slowed down so it is moving in real time, but I didn't know how to and I don't think powerdirector could do something like this to a 24 second clip.anyways.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  Year ago

      Fallen Chapter I like it!!! So yes, I have been meaning to redo this, and I do have the software now. But what I want to do is have a better ground feel and I cannot live without an overhead map.

    • kashimareiko
      kashimareiko Year ago

      @VIPPrimo I followed AA77 FDR for AA77.
      and since we don't have the FDR for AA11 and UA175, I had to improvise and just follow the official flight path given out by the 911 commission report. everything is timed down to the second.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  Year ago

      Fallen Chapter I see. What GPS coordinates are you using? I would say, if we needed anything, we need an overhead map.

  • Madden Scrubs
    Madden Scrubs 3 years ago +14

    45:45 horrifying to me how 175 heard the suspicious transmission from Flight 11. Then moments later, they were next. If only something inside them would've prompted them to be more alert, lock the door, etc.

    • onegirlrev
      onegirlrev 11 months ago

      The cockpit door was a glorified baby gate. A warning message wouldn't have done and didn't anything. It's a shame.

    • Darsynia
      Darsynia 3 years ago

      It probably won't be very comforting but the cockpit doors from back then were flimsy. They have been reinforced since then--but there's basically no chance that it would have been a substantial enough deterrence on the day. They've been reinforced massively since then.

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums 3 years ago

      Yes, also Dahl was dumbfounded at that. He asked for the message to be confirmed. Unfortunately, that was right before the hijacking.

    • Madden Scrubs
      Madden Scrubs 3 years ago +1

      I didnt get that far yet. Still watching. Excellent job by the way putting this together.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +8

      Madden Scrubs You heard the warning to all flights to heighten cockpit security? That was to Flight 93. Makes you wonder if they didn’t understand the command. At least with 175 they had no idea there would be more than one plane.

  • Shannon
    Shannon 2 years ago +8

    2:43:56 - And many firefighters/responders, etc. realizing the many, many others that didn't get out in time. 😢😢 Terrible and tragic day. We must always remember! ❤

  • Anarchy Time
    Anarchy Time 3 years ago +6

    I was in the fourth grade i live in NH and i just remember them playing the news of the attack on a tv.. after the second plane hit the teachers were in tears and the shock hit.. within an hour after that they sent us home.. i got home to my dads friend that was staying with us he was in the army and he was watching the news about the attacks. he was in tears the entire day.. my dads work closed and we all just watched the news in silence all day basically.. our town held candle lighting in the center of town every night for about 3 weeks after the attack.

  • Don Joey
    Don Joey 3 years ago +6

    1:07:10 is the most chilling part for me. You can tell that the hijacker is trying to hard to ensure impact. You can see his last desperate attempt to steer the plane one last time to make sure it hits. Then when you see the reflection of the plane in the tower windows. But just in that one second, so many lives were lost. Men, women, and children. All instantly killed. Everybody in that plane, died instantly. Such a horrible event.

    • Mimi
      Mimi 6 months ago

      Al Shehhi had to bank Flight 175 or else he’d have missed the building entirely or maybe just knocked the left wing off. It just so happened that the steep bank also allowed him to do more damage. The South Tower had more damaged floors than the North Tower. The only silver lining is because Al Shehhi nearly missed the tower and struck it off center, one stairwell was spared and a few people made it out from above the impact zone.

    • molotovb
      molotovb 3 years ago +3

      Both hijacker pilots tilted the planes at the last second to insure they hit multiple floors. The most awful thing I've read about the 2nd tower hit is that one of the impact floors, the floor where people had to switch elevators to reach the bottom floor, was packed full of people due to the evacuation after WTC 1 had been hit.

  • Frazer
    Frazer 6 months ago

    Outstanding video superbly put together. Thank you for uploading. ❤️ to 🇺🇸 from 🇬🇧 - always !

  • Juanita Fagan
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    Well done thank you for sharing good job sir

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    This is pretty amazing documentation of events…

  • MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi

    1:13:55 That guy informing the pilot of cabin breach literally moments before he was hijacked.... so eerie....

    • Mimi
      Mimi 6 months ago

      That wasn’t Flight 93 the controller was talking to at that moment. However, an actual crazy moment does occur when Flight 175 spotted the already hijacked Flight 11 at 42:20 when asked by the controller whether he can see the airplane. Unfortunately, they had no way of knowing they’d suffer the same fate in less than 8 minutes. Also at 45:46, Flight 175 radios to NY ATC about the suspicious transmissions they heard shortly after their takeoff from Boston. Flight 175 was hijacked not too long after this.

    • Anarcho - Pingu
      Anarcho - Pingu Year ago +1

      this isn't flight 93 talking, it's a US Air flight

    • Neurology Love
      Neurology Love 3 years ago +2

      You could hear the gravity in his voice and lack of in the pilot's. Eerie indeed.

    • Carina Becker
      Carina Becker 3 years ago +5

      as far as i know they later got the message that 2 planes hit the towers and they even answerd asking for confirmation and after that there was a "mayday" as far as i know the stewardes knocked whill having a boxcutter to her throught. i don't know if this was told via phone call or if this is what they think happend at the time.
      information on Wikipedia: At 09:24, Flight 93 received Ballinger's ACARS warning, "Beware any cockpit intrusion-two a/c [aircraft] hit World Trade Center".[37] At 09:26, Captain Jason Dahl sent an ACARS message back, "Ed, confirm latest mssg plz -Jason".[37] At 09:27:25, the flight crew responded to routine radio traffic from air traffic control. This was the last communication made by the flight crew before the hijacking.[38]

    • windytavern
      windytavern 3 years ago

      I could be wrong, but I think it used to be common that the #1 Flight Attendant also carried a key to the cockpit?

  • RogerK526
    RogerK526 6 months ago

    Outstanding work!

  • Lego Vader
    Lego Vader 10 months ago +5

    2:33:58 those firefighters are supposed to run towards the smoke and fire, and here all they can do is walk away in defeat knowing that many of their friends were killed.

  • Buck Mulligan
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    This is excellent work.

  • shritan
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    Much better than old video. Love both.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +4

      Hoopy right! This was the one I wanted to rip my hair out too. The Vegas one is just as abusive, but I really like how this came out even with all its flaws. Thank you.

  • chloe
    chloe 3 years ago +11

    2:33:25 the firefighter throws his hat because he knew he could do something. Poor, poor people on that day. What a tragic event. Rest In Peace everyone. Except for those hijackers/terrorists.

  • daustin8888
    daustin8888 3 years ago +37

    Jesus Christ I want a time machine so badly

  • Bobby The Bob-Omb Fan

    4:00 American Airlines Flight 11 Departs Boston Bound For LAX at 7:59
    18:00 Hijack on American 11 Begins at 8:14
    18:20 United Airlines Flight 175 Departs Boston Bound For LAX at 8:14:11
    24:15 American Airlines Flight 77 Departs Dulles Bound For LAX at 8:20:15
    24:45 Mohamed Atta Turns Off The Transponder at 8:21:00
    28:48 Hijack Pilot Mohamed Atta Makes a Transmission Meant for the Passangers at 8:24:40
    31:00 American 11 Makes a 100 Degree Turn to the south to follow the Hudson River at 8:26:00
    38:00 Hijack Pilot Mohamed Atta Makes A final Transmission Again meant for The Passengers at 8:33
    42:20 United 175 Is on the same frequency as American 11 and reports the Suspicious Transmissions at 8:41
    Note: Concerning SFX At The Beginning
    46:35 United Airlines Flight 93 Departs Newark Airport Bound For San Francisco Following A 30 Minute Delay at 8:42:26
    48:40 Hijack Begins On United 175 at 8:42:26
    53:00 CCN reports that a Light civil Aircraft hit the WTC at 8:49
    56:10 United 175 Makes a Massive Turn towards New York at 8:52
    1:00:50 United 175 Avoids a collision with Delta 2315 at 8:56
    1:00:50 Hani Hanjour Turns Off The Transponder at 8:56
    1:06:40 United 175 Hits The South Tower WTC 2 at 9:02:59
    1:32:30 Hijack Begins On United 93 at 9:28:05
    1:36:10 Hijack Pilot Ziad Jarrah Makes A Transmission Meant for the Passangers at 9:31
    1:38:25 American 77 Has The Pentagon in sight
    1:41:45 American 77 Hits The Pentagon at 9:37:46
    1:45:50 United 93's Transponder is Turned Off
    1:55:50 Hijjackers Onboard United 93 get worried that the Passangers will fight Back
    2:00:00 United 93's Passangers Get ready to Revolt
    2:03:15 The South Tower WTC 2 Collapsed
    2:10:00 Washington Government Begins Evacuation
    2:32:40 The North Tower WTC 1 Collapsed
    2:51:41 The Western Wall Of The Pentagon Collapsed
    2:51:41 WTC 7 Collapsed
    I swear if someone talks s**t about my comment I'm done
    This video is so Long that I decided to make this comment with timestamps
    7:57:00 for those who want to watch the whole thing

  • James Kardys
    James Kardys 8 months ago +3

    To play this at the exact time of the day, down to the second, start the video at 7:55:42 AM.
    The video should end at 10:48:01 AM.

  • stumpy joe
    stumpy joe 2 years ago +3

    Can’t believe I’m just now finding this! I’ve sat through hours and hours of documentaries and extra footage and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Very well done. The World Trade Center documentary is another good one. And it doesn’t have any narration or music like this one and I think that really puts a “raw” feeling to it. Great job. Thank you for this.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  2 years ago +1

      stumpy joe oh yea, I’ve seen it all. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed any.

    • stumpy joe
      stumpy joe 2 years ago +1

      VIPPrimo I’ll definitely check out your playlist! Have you sat through the “September 11th New Pearl Harbor” one? If you have about 5 hours to kill, I recommend it. It’s long but it breaks it up into 3 parts. It’s pretty informative and really goes into detail.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  2 years ago +3

      stumpy joe you’re welcome! I’ve seen all those others too. I have a playlist called 9/11 the Truth and it’s connecting documentaries that is the true history. It goes way back.

  • Stephan Moore
    Stephan Moore 3 years ago +40

    2:03:17 gives me chills

    • Ty Da Gamer
      Ty Da Gamer 2 years ago

      Stephan Moore so he was in the higher floors of that tower

    • icypick
      icypick 3 years ago +3

      It looks like literal hell

    • Dylan ___
      Dylan ___ 3 years ago +6

      Notice how he counts down. " 3 of us, 2 broken windows" then 1 and collapse. Haunting to hear him count down to his death.

  • M-K-L
    M-K-L 2 years ago +13

    2:33:00 That fireman who throws his helmet on the ground.... poor guy knows he lost a bunch of friends.

  • Strawberryhair416
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    Great video thank you!

  • Amaury Chihuahua
    Amaury Chihuahua 9 months ago

    This here? Is top notch content I can only imagine how many money did you spend how many flight recreations dismissed all the render time put into this all the effort all the media all the editing so Thank you

    • Amaury Chihuahua
      Amaury Chihuahua 9 months ago

      @unclesporkums ok

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums 9 months ago

      He didn't do the flight recreations himself, they were done by a different user (cjnewson88) on Flight Simulator. He got the user's permission first.

  • Lisandro Torres
    Lisandro Torres 3 years ago +12

    50:41 WTC 1 Attack (American 11)
    1:07:17 WTC 2 Attack (United 175)
    1:42:00 Pentagon Attack (American 77)
    2:03:14 WTC 2 (South Tower) collapse.
    2:07:26 United 93 crash
    2:32:31 WTC 1 (North Tower) collapse.

  • MarEpor
    MarEpor 5 years ago +9

    this video is soo perfect i love this it's just amazing!! (not the disasters)

    • VIPPrimo
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      There are plans to make improvements on this one as well.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  5 years ago

      Thank you sir.

  • MacguffinsTV
    MacguffinsTV 3 years ago +2

    Are these the actual audio tapes from control and the aircraft? Man I still remember that day, I was in first or 2nd period in high school, computer class. We had TV's on in this classroom muted, what an insane day, and I felt so close being in southern Connecticut. Big reason I joined the Marine Corps when I did.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +3

      MacguffinsTV yes, actual audio tapes.

  • Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan

    You really did a great describing what time the planes took off the hours of the hijackings . United 93 is the only the plane that didn’t reach the capital

  • Bobby .Downs
    Bobby .Downs 5 years ago +21

    Great reconstruction.

    • VIPPrimo
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      Bobby .Downs thank you sir.

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    Thank you so much for this

  • The AABACG
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    I just watched the entire thing in real time on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

  • logyscott
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    The amount of confusion in tracon is always painful to revisit

  • Jean-Francois Aubry
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    Great work

  • Flarelia
    Flarelia 3 years ago +4

    49:38 two questions about this, based on atc only having him on primary, and 175 saying he hadint changed heights, how long would it have taken for the detail of them descending to have reached anyone? also who is the lady speaking with betty ong talking to?

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +5

      Wanuke I don’t know if I put it in the video, but the only way to know it had descended was two things. 1st, would be VFR, meaning another plan spotted it. The 2nd Bueno at Boston surmised because as the plane decreases altitude it hits thicker air and slows down so he surmised that it was slowing and therefore descending. This was mere minutes before it struck the tower. Betty Ong was speaking to reservation for her airline in NC. Basically the same place you would call to reserve a flight.

  • StonedNoob
    StonedNoob 3 years ago +3

    This was beautifully put together man. Perfectly in sync.

  • PrincessUndertaker
    PrincessUndertaker 3 years ago +4

    Great Job doing this! I was in Jr High School when it happened

  • Mikey White
    Mikey White Year ago +5

    2:33:25 broke me when the fire fighter through his helmet :(

    • R.J. Ciambruschini
      R.J. Ciambruschini 9 months ago +1

      2:33:26 As a Firefighter Cadet in New Jersey, It's not a great idea to ever throw your helmet which costs money so you can clearly tell he was in disbelief and frustration.

    • onegirlrev
      onegirlrev 11 months ago +1

      That guy knew what just happened to all his boys. All gone. In seconds. Poor dude.

  • G Direct
    G Direct 3 years ago +7

    46:00 Passengers on the right side of United 93 could see the twin towers 5 minutes before impact. Chilling.

    • G Direct
      G Direct 3 years ago +2

      United 93 took off from Newark which is right next to NYC so passengers on the right side got a view of the city (including the towers) right before 11 hit the north tower

    • Darsynia
      Darsynia 3 years ago

      I think you mean 11? 93 was never anywhere near New York City.

    CAPTAIN GRIZZLY 3 years ago +3

    i remember goin up to the roof of my project building to see. from our vantage point they looked like smoke stacks way off... had goosebumps. i never saw my city pause before

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Year ago +7

    To play it back in real time start the video at 7:55:41 AM

  • tyrantduck
    tyrantduck 4 years ago +3

    the only thing I can say about the video itself is that I wish the events all lined up with one another. the text shows up at different points on each video for different events so it's a close representation of the timeline but not exact. other than that, great use of different media and audio resources and wonderful reconstructions by CJNewson.

    • SatanicalEve
      SatanicalEve 3 years ago

      VIPPrimo I'm from NY and 9/11 and that day will forever be seared into my memory. I was in 12th grade when it happened and remember the principle coming over the loudspeaker and letting everyone know that he is getting reports that a plane of some sort crashed into one of the WTC buildings. I ran into the cafeteria, turned on the television and saw the gaping hole of the north tower and had a feeling a decent sized plane hit the building. Then a teacher came in, shut off the TV and told me to leave the cafeteria.

    • tyrantduck
      tyrantduck 4 years ago +2

      It really is. I'm only now helping my own daughter to understand it, she went to the memorial site with her grandparents two weeks ago for the first time. She's 9, I was 14 when it happened. They'll never know what the world was like before this happened, when there wasn't the threat of a terrorist attack happening every day. It's weird to think of how there are so many of us who have that as part of our history and then there's a new generation that doesn't, but that's probably how older generations have felt about WW1, WW2, etc.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +3

      Imagine, there are grown kids right now who have no idea what we're talking about when we say 9/11. It's hard to fathom.

    • tyrantduck
      tyrantduck 4 years ago +1

      Gotcha. Thanks for the reply! It's even harder to believe all this happened almost 16 years ago. It definitely doesn't feel that long.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +2

      I love the input. The timeline actually does line-up with the actual time the events happened. The problem was the CJNewson creations were a little off time, so I had to adjust it a little to line it up with the time stamps, which unfortunately effected his chat inputs on the time-line. The communications, the time the planes turn, etc. are within a second of when they actually happened. Feel free to get a timeline from Wikipedia or other reliable source and start the video at the exact time beep being 7:57:00 real time and you'll see everything matches perfectly and the chat lines will reference the times for you so you know what's going on if audio isn't available. I was able to acquire time stamps of communications with flights and conversations at NEADS, etc. If those times are off it's because they were reported to me incorrectly. So in essence you have to use the white letters as guidelines and listen to the audio. BTW, you will notice that some of the media reports did get the timings wrong so when you go back and hear reports or documentaries you'll be able to say, "that's not exactly right." I hope this helped you understand the events of the day and thank you very much for your input. As you said, CJNewson did an amazing job and served to motivate me to finish this creation. I can't believe this was created way back in 2014!

  • Bruhtholemew
    Bruhtholemew 24 days ago

    2:33:26 - That firefighters reaction hurts. He just throws his helmet from the pain of what he just saw, but he goes to pick it up because he knows it's not over. Man, that's hell.

  • Norma Bates
    Norma Bates 3 years ago +8

    Amazing reconstruction 🏃🏃🚀🚀

  • unclesporkums
    unclesporkums 3 years ago +3

    1:32:41 - Not sure on the first two syllables, maybe "Get in!", but the last two things the hijacker is yelling is definitely "Shut up!" Like what was yelled often on the transcript.

  • Michael Papp
    Michael Papp Year ago +3

    Very good video, very informative, just need a real time clock in a corner

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  10 months ago

      @BammerD will do. 👍🏻

    • BammerD
      BammerD 10 months ago +2

      @VIPPrimo If you do ever decide to do an updated version, maybe mute the aircraft sim, or at the very least lower the volume, so we can hear the ATC audio better and so it isn't so distracting.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  Year ago

      Absolutely. When I created this back in 2015 the tech wasn’t there for us. Now it is. The debate about doing a third one has come up, but it takes about 6 months to make one of these and I’m not sure I even have the old footage.

    RID COMICS 3 years ago +4

    Its difficult to watch knowing its now just a very bad day in history that can never be changed sadly.
    I tried finding the old NYC skyline for MS FSX 2010 Gold Edition but they have removed this mod scape now.
    Great job on the video though cheers

  • Brad Levantis
    Brad Levantis 3 years ago +4

    Well done

  • Gehtklar Meister
    Gehtklar Meister 6 years ago +2

    2:03:32 - do you have a link to that particular video?
    Other than that - this is an incredible effort, occasionally the news reports are a bit irritating mixing with the ATC recordings, but other than that it's a great tool to visualize the timeline of the attacks.

    • RonniStyles
      RonniStyles 3 years ago

      @VIPPrimo when you had them separated it was easy to hear all that was going on just had to wear a headset/ headphones.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  6 years ago +1

      +Hans “Shockwav3” Meier I also agree on the mixing. Originally it was "split" with surround so the background played the television while the front speakers shared the load of the air traffic, etc. The problem is few people have that capability and when it merged it sounded worse so there was a settle moment due to the capabilities we had at the time of production. I may end up making a "maximum" version which adds in every moment of the NEADS recordings, all the Pentagon material and is best played on surround sound and work directly with a local audio company that can sharpen a good deal of the material up. If we do it would be released on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Thank you again for your input.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  6 years ago

      +Hans “Shockwav3” Meier I would be happy to assist, I'm sure there's one floating around. I saw at that segment there's the sound of the takeover of flight 93, the video of the tower and the two planes. Which specific one would you like? If you're looking specifically for the air traffic this is the video and time stamp for it

  • Azalea 1975
    Azalea 1975 7 months ago +2

    This was a finely tuned reconstruction of that awful day. How terrible it must’ve been for everyone one involved that day. R.I.P. to all the victims and heroes of 9/11 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jimmy P.
    Jimmy P. 4 years ago +3

    VIPPrimo, before I ask, I am NOT a "truther". Perhaps you could explain something though. Looking at the flight maps, 11 had a North West turn that took it well into N.Y. State. 175 had a more direct route, flying over CT. How did 175 arrive 18 minutes after flight 11 despite the 15 minute head start when 11 went so far North West? One would think, 175 might arrive sooner than it did. Was it the turn North East after basically missing its target? Thank you.

    • notadev
      notadev 3 years ago

      TruthandjusticeXXL WaKe uP

    • TruthandjusticeXXL
      TruthandjusticeXXL 3 years ago +1

      + Jimmy P.
      There were no planes at all!

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +2

      Jimmy P. At some point I want to incorporate this video into mine. I never had a video of the F15s and fighter jet response. This video made not be adequate but it's what I need to have a head down view of events.

    • Jimmy P.
      Jimmy P. 4 years ago +1

      VIPPrimo Awesome, thank you!

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +5

      Not a problem. So Flight 11 and 175 were both headed to LAX (I believe). Flight 11 takes the North take-off position, so it has to turn around West to South to East to get back on course, which is the natural path for that runway. It still has a good head start on 175 though. When Atta takes the controls he fails to take that southerly turn towards LA, he keeps flight WNW until he gets to the Hudson where he turns sharply South. On his way down 175 is still going direct route. During the video you'll hear the controllers confirming 175 can see 11 off in the distance confirming his altitude of two-nine-zero. At this points 175 is told to turn to the North to avoid him. Now they've crossed paths, but 175 continues on towards LA. At the time of the first strike 175 is being hijacked. For a moment it continues its path until as the hijackers figure out how to change the transponder. First they turn it off, then they change it to code 3321. Instead of being turning back towards the city, you can see it takes a long sweeping left turn to line up from the South. These two events bring the 2 planes together and then adds the 15 minutes that it took for the plane to turn back to the city and impact the South tower. I know that was a really long way of explaining it so I found a video to better get an idea of what happened.

  • redmanish
    redmanish 4 years ago +20

    Damn I didn't know they gave the south tower people a secure in place order. Hindsight is 20/20, but what a bad call.

    • Visionist
      Visionist 2 years ago +1

      @Max Headroom is that recording on TheXvid? I've always wanted to hear the fateful announcement or at least a snippet of it

    • Darsynia
      Darsynia 3 years ago +3

      Arguably the two most famous survivors from the South Tower were Brian Clark and Stanley Prainmath worked at the impact level. Stanley had left to evacuate and went back up on an elevator to his office after hearing that order. His office was the one the wingtip destroyed on impact. Brian Clark rescued him and the two walked down all the flights together. The story is amazing if you haven't ever gotten a chance to see or read it:

    • BXMisfit est.95
      BXMisfit est.95 3 years ago +3

      Hindsight is 20/20 but you gotta have the mindset that security and first responders had. At that point most people thought what happened in WTC 1 was a bad accident. Nobody could have foreseen a 2nd plane hitting or this being one big terrorist attack. They also told people to stay inside cuz debris and people were falling outside and didn't want a mob of panicked people rushing out at once. There was just a lot of confusion and miscommunication that day. I can't just blame the security for following protocol.

    • Stranded NYer
      Stranded NYer 3 years ago +7

      In one documentary, a guy called his mother from the second tower before it was hit and said security was telling everyone to stay put. She told him, "I don't give a damn what they're telling you. Get your ass outta there NOW." He went, "OK," hung up and was about to leave when the second plane struck.

    • Max Headroom
      Max Headroom 3 years ago +4

      There's a recording of someone in the south tower before the second plane hit calling a relative telling them they were ok and the fire was in the other building. You can hear someone over the PA telling people that the south tower was secure and everyone should remain in their offices.

  • stank
    stank 3 years ago +8

    2:03:15 crazy. “3 of us, 2 broken windows”, *tower collapses* *screaming*
    This gives me the chills man.

  • Christine Michele
    Christine Michele 3 years ago +1

    51:03 you can see the fighter jet in the news broadcast. Wow. They were so close...

  • Dominic Crowe
    Dominic Crowe 3 years ago +1

    This is a answers video of the 4 planes and it is very sad too.

  • TheRubberStudiosASMR
    TheRubberStudiosASMR 3 years ago +42

    How can any idiot say these planes didn't exist?

    • Avery Rinde007
      Avery Rinde007 Year ago

      @BayviewFinch how did the terrorists fly the planes so darn well

    • Avery Rinde007
      Avery Rinde007 Year ago

      @robert1340 I never thought that so that's a really fair point

    • Mikey YouTube
      Mikey YouTube 2 years ago

      J Hibberd absolutely right

    • Mikey YouTube
      Mikey YouTube 2 years ago

      M-K-L when I was younger and less knowledgeably mature I used to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, but as I’ve gotten older I do realize this was something that was very extreme for that time, and nobody could really be prepared for anything of that sort of nature. It’s really baffling that this could even happen but if I put myself in anybody’s position from ATC to President of the United States I’m not sure how I would handle it even with years of training and experience in a crisis situation.

    • M-K-L
      M-K-L 2 years ago +2

      Also yall who think this was an "inside job" are really underestimating the kind of planning the terrorists went through to enact these attacks. America was too peaceful and not at all on edge like we are now. And the Saudis who pulled this off were very smart and very trained. They are capable of doing this too. It's not just America's military that can figure out how to fly a plane, take advantage of America's complacency and weaknesses, and pull this off.

  • Avery Rinde007
    Avery Rinde007 2 years ago +4

    The people of United 93 at hero's if it weren't for them then.......we'd be screwed

  • Christopher Vinson
    Christopher Vinson 3 years ago

    First off, still watching this, and it looks incredible, and I will watch it to the end!
    I do have a request, and I know it's a tall order. If in a couple of years you decide to edit/improve this video, can you please put subtitles in it?

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +4

      Christopher Vinson it’s not a tall order, it’s the plan. The hope and dream is to use the subtitle system of TheXvid or something similar to allow watchers to turn them off if need be. Thank you for the input. There has been discussion about making another one, but we won’t start the project until I can get everything I want in it.

    • Christopher Vinson
      Christopher Vinson 3 years ago

      Now that I'm an hour into the video, I realize subtitles would be impossible LOL

  • Denis-Carl Robidoux
    Denis-Carl Robidoux 3 years ago +3

    Great reconstruction, very hard to watch...

  • Patri Shy
    Patri Shy 2 years ago +4

    Very Good Rectreation
    i can't velieve The idiots saying
    "That Planes din't exist!"
    "It's a ologram"
    "More fake than mi brain!"

  • Eric Patton
    Eric Patton 5 years ago +7

    How none of these aircraft were intercepted by fighter jets is simply mind blowing.

    • Jay Desrochers
      Jay Desrochers 3 years ago

      I think they would be today..the scrambled fighters were out,of Otis I think..those planes are now a heck of a lot closer. Barnes in Westfield Ma. In fact I believe both hijacked planes flew almost right over Barnes. They would have been there in minutes with full afterburners

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  5 years ago +9

      That's an excellent question. As you can see from the video the response time was the major problem. The first dispatched fighter jets can be heard just seconds prior to the first impact. The Second Flight is reported after the hit. The third flight is reported earlier as missing, but there's no location in a sky full of planes. The last flight you can hear FAA arguing about reporting it to military. When it's finally reported it's after it's crashed. Nasypanny's frustration about getting the forward intel is evident in all his conversations. After reviewing similar events I found the similar timelines even after 9/11. Basically the FAA has to report an event before the military can react to it. There's a lot of information out there, but this video gives the best "real time" of events and how the reports came in.

  • JoshieBoy3449
    JoshieBoy3449 Year ago

    For those who may just wanna skip the star American 11 takes off at 3:19

  • Aviation man
    Aviation man 6 months ago

    “A new type of war. That’s what it is” #neverforget 🇺🇸

  • JoshieBoy3449
    JoshieBoy3449 2 years ago +1

    Hey dude! Just here to congradulate ya on your excellent work of art! This is the best and probably most accurate reconstruction i’ve seen. The only thing i woul take away from this is that you didn’t include Korean Air flight 85. It dosen’t really matter though. I still really like the hard work and studying put into this video. Great work!

    • JoshieBoy3449
      JoshieBoy3449 2 years ago

      VIPPrimo Oh okay. Thanks for clearing things up! I didn’t want to offend you in any way. I was just a bit curious ;)

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for your comment. 10:28 is the last tower falling and the last update, which concluded the actual attacks of the day. 11:08 am is when the HJK acars text is sent from that flight. Since this event did not occur "during" the event it was not included, nor would any actions to engage it actually intercepted any real threat or saved lives. We did include the other plane that was on the path with Flight 93, mistakenly seen as a hijack, and fighter jets were instructed to intercept it because had that event transpired it may have verified that Flight 93 could've been potentially engaged by those fighters, although it had not, dispelling much of the theories that incorrectly exist based on flawed timelines. Unfortunately on that day there were hundreds, if not thousands, of false reports of hijackings after the event. This video could've easily been a 24 hour video had we included them, but the goal was to focus specifically on the events of the "attack itself" and its results, such as the forward to the collapse of Building 7. It would be great for someone to make a list of all the "false" flights that day and document their timelines. Flight 23 for instance. There's tons of information that hasn't been looked at because it's not seen as relevant, but it's important to dispel many of the theories that tend to focus directly on the events and real research would show that even in hindsight the events weren't 20/20.

  • Fernando Kaiser
    Fernando Kaiser 3 years ago +5

    Flight simulator used in the 9/11 recreations: Microsoft Flight Simulator X

  • GamingwithJAL
    GamingwithJAL 6 months ago +2

    I listened to the CVR for United 93, the FBI released small snippets of it

    • GamingwithJAL
      GamingwithJAL 6 months ago +1

      @VIPPrimo I can send you link if you want

    • GamingwithJAL
      GamingwithJAL 6 months ago +1

      @VIPPrimo That’s the real audio as it was posted on ChilloutJrs channel

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  6 months ago +1

      Is that wishful thinking or is that real?

  • James Mcleod
    James Mcleod 2 years ago +2

    Two Words.... "Sitting Ducks"... Amazing to think that Hani Hanjour could have so easily changed his target and hit the white house with utterly no resistance.. Could you imagine how monumental that moment would have been.. Unimaginable!!!

    • Jay
      Jay 8 months ago

      @VIPPrimo wow that’s crazy, thank you for telling us

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  2 years ago +4

      James Mcleod not only an accurate statement, but there was possibly a 5th plane that never took off. Look up United Airlines Flight 23 piloted by 1st Officer Timmons. This was something that came to light awhile back, but hasn’t really come into focus until very recently. It was believed that 93 was aimed at the state house while 23 would have targeted the White House. The original plan was 10 planes, we’re well aware of that, but the logic of half that isn’t far fetched and our investigations only allowed for the ones we knew about. No one has truly investigated Flight 23’s manifest. The plane was held at the gate and the pilot refused to take off, at which point 4 Arab men became agitated. They barred the door with an axe an upon returning to the gate the 4 men fled. Box cutters were found in their luggage.

  • Ataman Wielkopolski
    Ataman Wielkopolski 3 years ago +2

    I have quick question: What program/simulator is this?

    • Ataman Wielkopolski
      Ataman Wielkopolski 3 years ago


    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +1

      Kapitan Knykieć in the description is the link to the original simulation creator and you can ask him.

  • Trend101Warrior
    Trend101Warrior 7 years ago +15

    Wow, did you create this or not?

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums 5 years ago +1

      You're very welcome! Any time.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  5 years ago +2

      unclesporkums I had a feeling! Awesome. Thank you.

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums 5 years ago +1

      And from what I've heard so far, each individual call seems to be verbally time-stamped.

    • unclesporkums
      unclesporkums 5 years ago +1

      You're welcome! I remember hearing that from about ten years ago, where the
      victims voices had to be bleeped out for privacy reasons or some such.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  5 years ago +1

      unclesporkums that is a great share! I've listened to a lot so I'm sure I'll hear something familiar, but I doubt I've heard all of that. I hope it's time stamped. A lot of stuff I couldn't use because there were no good times.

  • Sean Chaney
    Sean Chaney 4 years ago +3

    From what I understand, there were other highjacking preventions between 9/11-9/13 of 2001.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  4 years ago +2

      The only hijackings were on 9/11. Post 9/11 commercial traffic was grounded for that time period. There were a few false alarms as planes were being diverted and one is even included in this video, but most happened after the three hour mark. So it would've been impossible as commercial planes were grounded during the time frame you provided.

  • Neurology Love
    Neurology Love 3 years ago +1

    Flight 93 is especially incredible because there were American men that were going to have to shoot American citizens down had the brave passengers not done what they did.

  • Sloane
    Sloane 3 years ago +1

    Is this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?

  • Riddick tonn
    Riddick tonn 3 years ago +4

    This is better than the other one... I would never work in a building that high without a parachute as standard equipment. BASE jumping only requires 500 feet minimum... The tech does exist to jump from a high place and survive.

  • Uss Arizona / Yamato

    19 years...

  • brinks5555
    brinks5555 2 years ago +1

    IDK if this is already known but top left definitely just traveled up the hudson until they got to NYC

  • G G
    G G 3 years ago +5

    It’s a little confusing how it took so long for them to figure out Flight 11 was hijacked.

    • VIPPrimo
      VIPPrimo  3 years ago +3

      Ser Davos Seaworth the situation called NORDO is actually very common and is not a sign of foul play. It can happen from an electrical problem, pilot not listening to the channel or the most embarrassing, when they’re given the new frequency they don’t get it or don’t get it right and go to the wrong one. In the video you’ll hear them go back to the original channel, then contact the company (the airline they’re flying under) and ACARS (an in flight text messaging system) to name a few. When they lost the transponder the assumption is a serious electrical issue and yes it would raise concern, which is why they asked other flights to verify its altitude, but there really isn’t much you can do.
      The first sign of trouble would be much later in the flight when Atta accidentally keyed the mic. It took time to replay the communication and verify, but once they believed it was hijacked they went into immediate action, but what was a couple of jets an hour away going to do? They didn’t have, nor could they get, a shoot down order. Worse was by the time the jets could take off the flight was in the tower.
      Once those planes were in the air nothing would stop the results save a freak act such as a plane collision.