The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  10 months ago +440

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    • LordSlag
      LordSlag 20 days ago

      Birdperson for the WIN!

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin Month ago

      Bright future: men will be dirty plumbers and girls will be clean hookers. Heavenly times are in store

    • John Mackay
      John Mackay Month ago

      Thhanks for Zapdos

    • No Brand YT User
      No Brand YT User 2 months ago

      information age will really remove poverty in the future because they will keel the poor

  • Strike
    Strike 10 hours ago

    That’s why you become an electrical engineer. You control the robots lol

  • ThePowerExcess
    ThePowerExcess Day ago

    Or change the number of working hours to 4hours, and double the jobs?
    So that we al get improved living standards?
    Why not? That way the robots get to live at least, you monsters.

  • NickLeo Smash
    NickLeo Smash Day ago +1

    YANG 2020

  • Tabish Rahman
    Tabish Rahman Day ago +1

    so it is like once we will spend money by buying from big companies we will not be able to get money from any other way. I think the solution for this will be all back to when trading itself was being discovered when we had to give something in return of something. I am not sure how. But i think in future we will have different economy. or maybe it will be like Everything of basic needs will be free. maybe it will end of economy itself and money system

  • Sergo Pedro Khoch

    just remember this - one move of cutting Elctical Laps and all robot world will vanish in the blink of an eye. with interruption of this magnitude, it will be almost impossible to resto it.

  • Carlos Caraballo

    HEY. I flip burgers, you know.

  • Trevor Schretlen
    Trevor Schretlen 2 days ago

    The nature of jobs have definitely changed, personally I find that there are more software jobs than there are people to fill them, and with the continued boom of the information age, this sector of growth is not slowing down. It's currently one of, if not the fastest growing industry out there.

  • Evil Spinel Zooba
    Evil Spinel Zooba 2 days ago

    The 3.9 k people who disliked it are either bots or work for McDonalds

  • Calisto Hüttich
    Calisto Hüttich 2 days ago

    Can't humans live without jobs?

  • Super G
    Super G 2 days ago

    This is going to result in some Russian Revolution type shit where all the poor and middle class revolt and ban automation.

  • Shawn Kalin
    Shawn Kalin 2 days ago

    Powerful startup and tech companies dominant with only 10% of the workers of old school corps.

  • Luana Zakhm
    Luana Zakhm 3 days ago

    I love this channel!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kan of Yams
    Kan of Yams 3 days ago

    The benefit of automation to society is to lead us into a critical mass in which all of our needs are cared for without human effort, enabling us to all focus on exploration, learning, creativity and general enjoyment of life without needing to spend the greater half of our waking lives trying to survive.

  • jayvhon calma
    jayvhon calma 4 days ago

    I'm getting a nier automata vibe for some reason

  • nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli

    Maybe we just need dual system. We can use automation and traditional both

  • Andrew Mayer
    Andrew Mayer 4 days ago

    This is exactly why the number of people majoring in Computer Science and/or Data Science is rapidly increasing.

  • Godefroy St-Pierre
    Godefroy St-Pierre 4 days ago

    In Quebec, Canada, for the last 5 years or so there has been a shortage of around 1000 jobs in computer science and programming. Mind you, Quebec is a pretty small province of 7 millions people. I would assume big countries such as the united-states creates hundreds of thousands of new jobs that aren’t fullfilled each year. We will not be out of job yet, far from it, but we will just see a shift in jobs towards computer science.
    Someday, inevitebly, there will be not enough work to do and too many people. I think that before this happens, either people will gradually work less (20h/week instead of 40h) to make room for other workers, or some people will remain jobless. For most logical and moral countries, social security checks will pay their bills. Little aside: I bet my money americans would rather let people die in the streets than increasing taxes to help those in need.

  • Lua Show
    Lua Show 4 days ago

    6:17 Please no, dont ask them to make new Virus! T-Virus and G-Virus also T-Veronika! NO MORE! NO! DO NOT!
    Wait, did you...
    Nvm I will go eat others
    (Resident Evil easter egg)

  • Lei296 Plays
    Lei296 Plays 5 days ago

    So I guess the jobs of the near future is to create AI’s to create better AI’s?

  • brawl_stars history
    brawl_stars history 5 days ago

    10:07 omg he ate a kurzgesagt member

  • The Nicollas
    The Nicollas 6 days ago

    Isso não é necessariamente ruim, só significa que trabalharemos menos, o que é bom, por um lado.

  • A M
    A M 6 days ago

    Kurzgesagt, go ahead and get political. Do a video on political corruption, or broken election processes (like how super delegates can basically void people’s votes!), or anything else you like. You’re obviously YangGang, as he is literally the only presidential candidate directly addressing the exact same cutting-edge issues that you are. You don’t have to endorse anyone, as I understand your role is to be objectively informative. But you have 10.2 million subscribers. You can move the needle, and it’s time to use that power for some good and throw your hat in the ring in one way or another. How about a video on the electoral college? Or ranked-choice voting vs. the current U.S. system?

  • opensourceror
    opensourceror 6 days ago

    "It's different this time." Yeah right!

  • Grandi Madhav
    Grandi Madhav 7 days ago

    When technolgy exceeds the threshold of learning for a human(right from childhood) we humans would becomes slaves to the billionares

    • Jono Bond
      Jono Bond 3 days ago

      Didn't you know there are more slaves than billionaires? I'll put a knife to a billionaires throat. :D

  • Blixer
    Blixer 7 days ago

    Transhumanism is a solution

  • Nasty_Wolf23
    Nasty_Wolf23 8 days ago


  • Spandan Saha
    Spandan Saha 8 days ago +1

    if complete automation do take place then we can finally give up on the concept of currency as there will no longer be a need for it

  • Necron Lord
    Necron Lord 8 days ago

    About the productivity growth: since machines are replacing repetitive tasks and decreasing the required amount of working time, while keeping or increasing the outcome, a simple solution will be to shrink a working hours - i.e., make it a 4-days work week instead of 5. This will highly improve a quality of life for all involved, while less money can be paid on absence, child care and old relatives care - those workers who stays at home will do it themselves, somehow. In addition, there are a lot of jobs, no robot can do (yet) - this is the human care, such as kindergartens, nursing homes, house keeping, etc. Let's count it as job and pay for it - here we got a lot of new working hours. For example, why not to make a housekeeping a job - so every human who stays at home to take care of household and children will earn his pay? In addition, there are new demanding industries - space industry, renewable energy and so on - that requires still many workers for all those tasks machines cannot complete, from development and till installation, service and support.

  • Necron Lord
    Necron Lord 8 days ago

    About internet, it's not completely true. There are a lot of new jobs, just not in the sense we're used to think of - for example, bloggers, Instagram models, Telegram channel owners, TheXvid channel bloggers, etc. They are not the same jobs, by definition, right. But they are JOBS. Same goes about self-employed. Say, if once sitting at home and making small pretty thing wasn't able to pay your rent, today, thanks to internet, you can sell your hand-made crafts to millions at once - and this definitely can be called a job. That is, the definition of a job is changing.

  • 구자현
    구자현 9 days ago

    Kurzgesagt made by AI

  • Eilata M
    Eilata M 9 days ago +1

    Great way to quickly educate your Boomer and Silent Gen working class parents. Thanks.

  • MontanaSnack
    MontanaSnack 9 days ago

    but doesnt this mean that maybe humans dont need to work at all sometime?

  • USS Discovery
    USS Discovery 9 days ago

    Your videos r truly amazing

  • BeeZ
    BeeZ 9 days ago

    If no one needs to work there’s no point of money existing so this could completly affect the capitalistic system and probably kill it because its based on cash

  • Joshua Harvley
    Joshua Harvley 9 days ago +3

    Google Andrew Yang the only man talking about the Automation disaster that is coming.

  • Edgar Muoni
    Edgar Muoni 10 days ago +1

    Problem with automation that it will kill the economy of mass consumerism because mass produced products and services need somebody with money to buy products and use services. No country or organisation still have not given new economy model or tried a transition to a new economy model for fighting growing unemployment and unequality between rich and poor. We need to develope new system that works and adapts to human needs not making humans to adapt to system.

  • SR Brant
    SR Brant 10 days ago

    Look up the Butlerian Jihad and see how automation and AI can go _horribly wrong._

  • Edward Kim
    Edward Kim 10 days ago

    jokes on u kurzgesagt theres no machine that can out-procrastinate me

  • Laureen Jill
    Laureen Jill 10 days ago

    so... programmers will survive the longest?

  • Caffers
    Caffers 11 days ago

    Till they invent machines that can fix machines and get I to the crawl spaces I go in to do it then I'll always have work.
    Mind you, the machines I work on arent robots but water treatment and the kit varies so much I doubt there will be ap machine that can do it in my lifetime.

    GO2GULAG 11 days ago


  • Amici Nybråten
    Amici Nybråten 12 days ago

    Anyone who thinks Andrew Yang is "going to save" them is being a fool. Andrew Yang lacks political experience, and has not shown us that he is willing to fight the establishment to make things come to pass. Rather the opposite, Andrew Yang has shown a willingness to give up on his ideals by considering a position with Biden (who is a typical centrist), a position that would force him to give up on much of what he supposedly believe in. He also backtracked on Medicare For All, which shows just how unprincipled he is and willing to abandon his political stances when under pressure.

    • Redneck Scumbags
      Redneck Scumbags 10 days ago

      lies from bernie's all debunked...he said he would work with biden he would work with any politician as a president, didn't say work for biden and do his dirty work, so you're full of shit. He never backtracked on m4all...he's for m4all but a public option...he's been saying that since the beginning...stop lying, bernie bros....if anything, bernie bros are dirty liars with nooo morals whatsoever...sanders is a liar, his programs costs trillions and he's got plenty of them...his wealth tax is a failure in europe..he won't be able to get the funding and put our country into huge thanks crazy socialist. Bernie bros are idiots thinking sanders will save them...DNC nor the republicans are gonna go socialist and give him the trillions and trillions he need...he's a snake oil salesman

    GAMESHAKER 12 days ago +7

    *Correction* we are giving our jobs to the machines, they're not taking it

  • LadyViolu
    LadyViolu 12 days ago

    And this is why I support socialism

  • Pablo Octaviano
    Pablo Octaviano 12 days ago

    Historical US unemployment rate tells a different story, though it hasn't changed that much since 1994 (and further back) population has grown significantly, so new jobs where actually created during those times (still are because unemployment is still going downwards)

  • yvrelna
    yvrelna 13 days ago

    I think the realisation here is that the communists are right all along. As the robots take over all jobs, and the robots can self improve themselves better than we can teach them, the capitalist society makes less and less sense.
    UBI becomes a necessity, and not just utopia due to the rabid automations.

  • DK
    DK 13 days ago

    I recommend the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari to everyone that liked this video. :)

  • kingofthecourt
    kingofthecourt 13 days ago

    automation would mean prosperity for all if the wealth generated from it was equally distributed but capitalism doesn't allow that to happen. rich ppl aren't going to give up their massive concentrations of wealth willingly or they'd have done it already. we just gotta revolt, guillotine the billionaires, redistribute their wealth, and overthrown capitalism. that's just what we gotta do

  • AdminAnimates
    AdminAnimates 13 days ago

    millennial's killing the industry's industry

  • Sk Zafar
    Sk Zafar 13 days ago

    How much does it cost to make a animation video like this?

  • That someone
    That someone 14 days ago +1

    10:35 I can't help but think about "Where are all these people going?" when showing a post scarcity civilization. It's not like they have jobs they need to go to.

  • samuel B.
    samuel B. 14 days ago

    A Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes Automation machine that makes candy!

  • KarstDeViz
    KarstDeViz 14 days ago +6

    andrew yang 2020?

  • hola :V
    hola :V 14 days ago +1

    Let's take a look at the idiot who created skinet Bruh :-P

  • Brendan Varilek
    Brendan Varilek 14 days ago +1

    This is andrew yang territory

  • The Trashman
    The Trashman 14 days ago

    This is only a problem under capitalism.
    Imagine robots taking over if every person was guaranteed a home, food, entertainment, and health care.
    It would be a fucking miracle.

    But no, all of these gains are handed to the 20 richest """people"""" on earth, and the rest of us starve.

  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen 15 days ago +4

    Kurzgesagt's solution to everything is always space communism.

  • Cpalm
    Cpalm 15 days ago

    But guys if we automate EVERYTHING that means that since stuff is so cheap to produce, everything will get cheaper, and cheaper, which will cuase a chain reaction until everything is so cheap everyone will have their dream house and have everything they ever want. All we need to do is automate everything and then agree to all lower costs at the same time

  • Rayan Siddiqui
    Rayan Siddiqui 15 days ago

    But eventually the robots will do everything for us and we can ALL live luxurious lives ... right