The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time

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    • Hyenphea
      Hyenphea Hour ago

      The bit at the last part of the video much a fantasy. The rich will grow richer, and the poor will grow poorer. Greed is a major component in human behavior and it's more than likely the majority of the rich will not share in their wealth, they will control more and more, and see other humans only as animals. If this does happen, it may be the case that as a species, we may never get passed a point where we all can prosper doing very little. Instead it would become a cycle of revolution, economic decline, followed by the same eventual repeating pattern of the rich rising to power with machines before we tear them down again.

    • jookbj
      jookbj 15 days ago

      9:20 tou didn't explain why the wages for college grads has declined. The value of the college degree has gone down.

    • jookbj
      jookbj 15 days ago

      8:55 I would like you to expand why work ouptut hasn't increased with with pay. There's a lot factors that play into it. This doesn't indicate a bad thing.

    • jookbj
      jookbj 15 days ago

      Your business comparisons don't take into acc. dollar value and it implies that it's a bad thing that companies make more money with less employees than before.

    • Arno Inen
      Arno Inen Month ago

      @Kurzgesagt I love your channel but in this video there so many facts glossed over, generalized and overpredicted that an AI could actually do a better job.

  • блаблабла блабович

    Bird Person?! Wow! Not bad, kurzgesagt, very cool!

  • cainification
    cainification Hour ago +2

    Vote Andrew Yang 2020! The only candidate addressing these problems in a way that works for all Americans

  • Jonodonozym
    Jonodonozym 3 hours ago

    Brilliantly explained, while really emphasizing the existential crisis we're facing. I'll be keeping this on hand for people who claim that digital automation is risk-free just like past automation!

  • Forgetting December
    Forgetting December 4 hours ago +2

    ANDREW YANG 2020

  • egal
    egal 7 hours ago +6

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren need to watch this. Raising the minimum wage won't do jackshit if people don't have any jobs in the first place. And raising the minimum wage will only increase unemployment even further by making robots even cheaper than human labor. The only candidate with a real solution is Andrew Yang.

  • Warsin
    Warsin 11 hours ago +8

    This is why we need YANG

  • Horstmaniacman
    Horstmaniacman 11 hours ago

    @kurzgesagt 7:13 is that a Double King reference?

  • TheRandomNPC
    TheRandomNPC 11 hours ago

    Mann vs Machine

  • Griffin Foster
    Griffin Foster 14 hours ago +1

    Vox says that there’s another side to this, that this has happened before and that there’s nothing to be worried about. Kurzgesagt says that it’s different this time, jobs just aren’t being created fast enough. WHOS RIGHT?!

    • Jonodonozym
      Jonodonozym 3 hours ago +1

      Vox has a pro-establishment bias in politics, so it's in their interest to agree with Warren who denies that automation is a problem. As far as I'm aware, Kurzgesagt doesn't have political affiliations and just reports on interesting facts and ideas.

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas Day ago

    I want to cite you. May I ask your name?

  • YesButNo
    YesButNo Day ago

    wall-e irl

  • Quang Le
    Quang Le Day ago +9

    YangGang, where you at?

  • ShadwSonic
    ShadwSonic Day ago

    There is one thing that cannot be automated, even in theory: creativity. Ironically, that means the "poor starving artist" may be more stable than the "corporate businessman" at some point. Assuming the trend continues that far of course.

  • Jeff Greenwade
    Jeff Greenwade Day ago +7

    Andrew Yang 2020!

  • Ra YT
    Ra YT Day ago +1

    Its 2019 now, and in far off India, computers still haven't gotten my job...

  • Batkrom
    Batkrom Day ago

    Skynet but with birbs

  • Anathaël
    Anathaël 2 days ago

    What about inflation though ?

  • bapanada
    bapanada 2 days ago +1

    beep boop i am here to steal american jobs

  • Eric Hartmann
    Eric Hartmann 2 days ago

    Call me in 2025 when almost no jobs have been replaced.

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold 30 minutes ago

      Eric Hartmann
      It’s sad but I guess you’re
      The type that’s so uneducated that your own lack of access to knowledge deceives you.
      Millions of jobs have already been replaced in The USA. I’ll give you one small example.
      Look at the field of Manufacturing. Do any research and you’ll find that they have lost many many jobs.
      Look into Retail.. that’s another field experience a lot of job loss.
      Do you even look at the news man.
      Do you know How many layoffs have accrued in the past 4 years across huge corporations due to globalization and automation?

  • Plasma
    Plasma 2 days ago

    I for one, welcome our new robot overlord

  • Jiyanin Ramorinasu
    Jiyanin Ramorinasu 2 days ago +2

    This wont happen to me, my country is poor lol

  • RushRoid GG
    RushRoid GG 2 days ago

    Get ready for Tech-Priest like rich people controlling all the robots, or not

  • De Gemiddelde Nederlander

    Companies like it, it costs less money. That’s it thanks.

  • August HS
    August HS 2 days ago

    but athletes will never disappear, and there cant really be too many

  • random person
    random person 2 days ago +1

    We Can Finnaly Abolish Capitalism

    • giThreePi
      giThreePi Day ago

      While looking at all communist regimes of the 20th century: I think I'm gonna pass on that one😅
      Contact me If you got another System that might work

    • random person
      random person Day ago

      @giThreePi *perfection Yeahs

    • giThreePi
      giThreePi Day ago

      With what system? Communism?😅

  • MaxTheMaximumGamer
    MaxTheMaximumGamer 2 days ago

    And this is why capitalism is unsustainable. There is an approximately 0% chance that corporations will be interested in the rising levels of inequality as the automation technology available increases, and will instead attempt to make bank while the rest of us starve. And then there will be a tremendous amount of supply without any demand, and as anyone who took high school economics knows, that is extremely, extremely bad. The economy will inevitably collapse, and the US will be forced to migrate away from a capitalist system whether conservatives like it or not. If the wealthy and the right wing resist to hard, this will probably end up happening with a violent revolution, because civility isn't going to matter to anyone anymore when everyone is starving. The scariest part is that, if you're under 60, this could happen within your lifetime. If you're a millennial, it WILL happen during your lifetime.

  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos 2 days ago

    Kurzgesagt, in the video you forget to mention a few things.
    Yes, Google created less jobs than General Motors. However, Google has created a lot more economical and technological value than General Motors.
    The invisible hand at work is a lot bigger now and a lot more invisible.
    I mean, you "Kurzgesagt", are a product this.

  • Wobif •
    Wobif • 3 days ago

    *_"This button will solve all our problems..."_*

  • krishnaa balaji
    krishnaa balaji 3 days ago

    If there are no jobs to do. Then there is no consumer for the corporate companies. This would mean , either everything is free for everybody or everything has a price and there's no one who has the money to buy it.

  • BetaFrame098
    BetaFrame098 3 days ago

    Heres a speculative idea: what if we’re thinking too mundane? What if we keep trying to give ourselves boring easy jobs instead of innovative ones. Imagine a day in age where all the easy work is done for free via automation and humans spend all their time exploring and expanding. Maybe we’ve reached a point where we’re ready for an upgrade. Perhaps we are in a time where the term “superhuman” should be more than science fiction. What i think im getting at here is that jobs typically give us meaning and we’ve found ways that make old jobs meaningless to us. I think its time humans occupy themselves with expansion to the unknown instead of trying to make room for people where we dont need to.

  • Maxamed Awale
    Maxamed Awale 3 days ago +1

    Quite good

  • 人质解脱专家FUZE

    Cyberpunk feeling~

  • 人质解脱专家FUZE

    Human will be gone, but what if we work with robots

  • Agung Widi
    Agung Widi 3 days ago +4

    Andrew Yang gets it ...

  • 쨩승우
    쨩승우 3 days ago

    한국인 찾습니다

  • 쨩승우
    쨩승우 3 days ago +1

    학원 숙제 때문에 듣고있는데 중1이 듣기엔;; 너무 어려운거 아닙니까?? 너무 어려워요ㅜㅜ

  • fatboy7609
    fatboy7609 3 days ago

    You should adjust for inflation. Otherwise your analysis is flawed

  • fuccboi
    fuccboi 3 days ago

    Be honest; you're on a Kurzgesagt binge.

  • Tim Uren
    Tim Uren 3 days ago

    i used to have a job making other jobs obsolete, ironically i basically got paid the same as basically all the other employees

  • Delta Triangle
    Delta Triangle 3 days ago

    maybe on few decades we will find a robot youtuber

  • Loreene C
    Loreene C 3 days ago

    I think we need to have a very big think about how we see work, I mean political parties sell the idea that 'hard work is good for the soul' and a UBI remains controversial.

    But it's clear that demonization of unemployed people at a time when technology is taking over is not helpful as it's a real issue that needs to be taken into account I think.

  • Smoked
    Smoked 3 days ago


  • Ian Erickson
    Ian Erickson 3 days ago

    I’m sacred. I’m going to be in the work force in a couple years, and I’m worried that I’ll not be able to get a job.

  • steven kipus
    steven kipus 4 days ago

    I love how Umbrella Corp is the company that outsourced their management

  • Pyyre
    Pyyre 4 days ago +1

    6:21 Umbrella corp?

  • Chris Sztof
    Chris Sztof 4 days ago

    10:30 Hahahaha... Oh, you were being serious?
    - Politicians, Oligarchs, Corporations, and the rest of the 1%.

  • Kirk Garner
    Kirk Garner 4 days ago +2


  • Kramez
    Kramez 4 days ago

    We use machine learning to take over tons of legal and technical Jobs at my company. I am sorry!

  • Keegan
    Keegan 4 days ago

    I can automate half my job right now... I don't have enough time to code though.

  • ClockMan
    ClockMan 4 days ago

    Nibba wot we can just stop automatization then

  • laserr10000000
    laserr10000000 4 days ago +1

    Umbrella corporation 6:18

  • John E
    John E 4 days ago

    I work in the CNC industry and automation frightens me because this line of work is very vulnerable, our shop has already installed two robot arms.

  • Bady89
    Bady89 4 days ago +2

    Hopefully when nobody has a Job anymore and everything is made by machine, humanity will lern that Money is an self created scourge that hurt ourself.

    • Vaylinne
      Vaylinne 3 days ago

      It was a handy tool to start up our civilisations, as a universal trading token. Just that when machines take over and there are no more jobs, things will have to be given by ppl for free and money will become sort of obsolete.

  • Graham Elliott
    Graham Elliott 4 days ago

    funfact: netflix's call centers are 3rd party contracts , they don't claim them as employees but working for them you certainly are one
    legally though you're not, in a sense, because they contract another company to employ you... so when you hear about netflix employees getting a benefit like paternity leave, know that it does not extend to the folks at the other end of the phone number your aunt and uncle call when they can't figure out how to log in

  • Kirbo Birbo
    Kirbo Birbo 4 days ago

    Razer liked this vid :)

  • Catherine Ngo-Wilde
    Catherine Ngo-Wilde 5 days ago


  • Pezzenali Studios
    Pezzenali Studios 5 days ago


  • Dreckbob Bratpfanne
    Dreckbob Bratpfanne 5 days ago +1

    The two last professions will be physicists and AI programmers.
    The last physicists will find a way to produce a hardware powerful enough to beat a human brain.
    And the programmer will make the software for it.
    On one day in the near future, the last work a human will maybe ever do is clicking on the “Build Executable and Run Program“ Button in an IDE... and this program will take the job of the one who has written it from this moment on. 😊

  • Aceox
    Aceox 5 days ago +28

    I believe, that if we continue down that road, money will eventually become obsolete. Because what's the point of money, if barely anyone will have a way to earn it?

    • Gibbles bits
      Gibbles bits Hour ago

      @Aceox money is just a measurement of value. Currency the way it works today is an evolution of the object based trade in the past because it is more flexible.

    • Aceox
      Aceox 2 hours ago

      @Gibbles bits That's what I meant. After we are past the period where humans invest and create these machines. In a distant future where those machines can create other machines and maintain them. Before that, yeah, money will most definitely stay with us for a long time. Maybe in-between the time where everything is automated and money becomes obsolete, and our current time we might see a change, where the currency we use to get things will change from money to an item-based system like it was many many years ago, where you would trade objects with objects, or maybe even work-hours. Actually, now that I think about it, I think money can be replaced by any other form of currency already right now. Money is just an object backed by banks and in itself has no actual value aside from trading it for something else.

    • Gibbles bits
      Gibbles bits 2 hours ago

      @Aceox maybe in the very distant future that could happen. But before that people will invest in creating the machines that automate and profit needs to push progress. For that reason people need money to spend on those products. How they receive that money is what I see changing findumentaly. Money and work do not need to be tied together.

    • Aceox
      Aceox 2 hours ago

      @Gibbles bits Yeah but the idea I was talking about was the idea of a future where automation happened to the point where machines can even do jobs like making sure everything runs, making sure the machines work properly, upgrading system etc. In that case money would theoretically be a thing of the past, because if machine and not people create products, and do all the work on their own, humans wouldn't have anything to do as far as work is concerned, meaning if no one works, no one is making money. If machines plant food for example, make sure they all run properly by themselves and deliver the food, then there's nothing humans can do left. And I doubt machines would start demanding money for the work they put into products. That was the idea I was talking about. What might happen in a future where everything is handled by machines and programs, which is a future that might actually happen if we continue to use automation for pretty much everything we do.
      I mean, there are things like google deep mind (I think it was called) with self-learning neural networks which (I'm not sure if it was deep mind or something else not created by google) already are able to create art, recreate art of a specific artist, and there is even already a sort-of working network which can sort of recreate your voice (though as of yet, it's mostly able to recreate your pronounciation and such but not really the tone of your voice).

    • Gibbles bits
      Gibbles bits 3 hours ago

      Money will always have a place in society however how we get and use it will change. Think about money as a way to vote. You vote on the products you buy, services you use, businesses you support. I see a future where everyone shares a portion of the profit made from the production in a country. Then the money given to the people is spent on the products and services that they like. Just like now if a businesses is bad or people hate it then no one will spend money there and it will go away. People who create businesses that provide value to the masses will collect more wealth which is not a bad thing.

  • Boris Be loud us
    Boris Be loud us 5 days ago

    Why aren’t cow udders being considered for censorship?

  • Mark Rea
    Mark Rea 5 days ago

    Maintenance and repair is one of the most reliable job paths in the future

  • awesomeduo433
    awesomeduo433 5 days ago +3

    Yang 2020

  • Rexy_ Mirror
    Rexy_ Mirror 5 days ago

    So powerful....
    >Solar Storm had entered the chat
    ....yet so weak at the same time.

  • togotfury
    togotfury 5 days ago

    we are screwed

  • Lowlow
    Lowlow 5 days ago

    Let’s see a robot roof a house

    • nickrotem
      nickrotem 6 hours ago

      It's only a matter of time. It's far off I think, but just check out Boston dynamics' on a robot doing drywall work.

  • The OverSaturated Gamer

    This took you guys 900 hours to make??? Geez and it only took me 11 minutes and 40 seconds to watch it, get it together guys.

  • Benoit L
    Benoit L 5 days ago

    This video leads me to believe that the logical first step is to entirely restrict all forms of immigration into 1st world countries

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner 5 days ago

    All the 3.7k who disliked are mad cause he spitting straight facts

  • CXE 1241
    CXE 1241 5 days ago +1

    *tRaDe sToNkS*

  • TEMPEST :-[
    TEMPEST :-[ 6 days ago

    We can assume that humans were afraid of fire at first but that's what helped us to get where we are today.

  • Purple Kid
    Purple Kid 6 days ago

    God, there are so many naive people in this comment section, talking about going to mars (No), exploring the ocean: you don't need to see to know if there is something there or not. and BS like that Its also not machines taking over our jobs it is them preventing new jobs, we are growing too fast.

  • Dennis Wiebler
    Dennis Wiebler 6 days ago

    Bird Person haha

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 6 days ago +1



    Nice video