Jennifer Lopez on What Makes Cardi B So Special 💛 | TRL

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, two superstars from the Bronx, share a bond that can never be broken. #TRL airs weekdays at 8am. Check out more from TRL here,
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Comments • 335

  • Jessica Cereceres
    Jessica Cereceres 2 months ago

    JLO is awesome!!!

  • Ǝᶍᶍ
    Ǝᶍᶍ 3 months ago +1

    ITS THAT LeoLibra 💕 VIBE n LUV. Thats all that is. These two fly ass signs love and respect each others powerful energy and 🔥swag

  • Bionic Beats
    Bionic Beats 5 months ago

    I meant bodak yellow*

  • Bionic Beats
    Bionic Beats 5 months ago

    She is straight lying. The first time Cardi met Jlo back stage Jlo gave Cardi this look of “ omg not this ghetto bitch” this was before nodal hello really took off... she didn’t follow her cause if she did she would have known she was from the Bronx. The issue is that she wants to stay relevant and she can’t deal with another Bronx woman getting as much recognition as she did. Cardi has done the equivalent of what it took Jlo years to accomplish. Cardi has done it in about 3 years! I’m not hating on Jlo I just feel like she clings in to whoever is poppin just to stay relevant and steal the sauce. When Cardi wore the cowboy outfit here comes Jlo wearing the cowboy outfit when Cardi wore the high triplebun hairstyle in her music video, here comes jlo wearing the exact one. The fact she did the Motown show when she KNEW she should have declined and let a real Motown genre type of singer gave that opportunity, it only shows how much she wanted to steal the lime light off of Cardi. Why? Cause even if it’s contraversial it’s still attention! Lol nooow all of a sudden the stripper movie. Why not give Cardi the lead role? She’s never been in a pole why is she such an attention seeker? I love jlo’s hustle but she needs to just stop trying so hard. She’s good just the way she is. She’s built a great life for herself and she’s beat the odds, but when is too much too much?

  • Barbara Marino
    Barbara Marino 5 months ago

    yeah because your both a low life

  • Material Girl
    Material Girl 6 months ago +1

    She ain’t following her no more tho 🤔

  • Aslı Muffin
    Aslı Muffin 7 months ago +1

    Cardi B looks older than JLO

  • Hello World!
    Hello World! 7 months ago

    rap is a joke, but people are stupid; the only reason cardi b has a dolce gabbana is because people are stupid as hell. there is no art in having some basement nerd make a computer generate a bass beat and mix it with her yelling meaningless phrases, often often belligerent or adolescent puberty inspired. that requires zero talent, and less effort

  • Tonisiah Holley
    Tonisiah Holley 8 months ago

    Jlo so cool and that's the same reason I started following Cardi too, and I bet it is hard to say when you need a break first getting into the industry 😇🤔

  • The 2 Musketeers
    The 2 Musketeers 8 months ago


  • Laura White
    Laura White 10 months ago

    U don’t have to stalk

    NAMJOON'S DIMPLES BISH 10 months ago

    Y'all are salty af. Everytime an older artist collabs with a new one it's them TRYNNA cling. Yet wtf jlo was still relevant. She isn't the best singer yet she did improve her vocals and ik she sings better then some of u salty ass haters. Jlo is an artist amd great performer. U think she still needs to make music like some if ur faves? She has her shit on the side and performs great , yes making music still helps but jlo has her business and a huge name already and actually has talent, she might not be a singer but the Selena Gomez can't sing all that good too(sounds pretty but not a singer) yet Selena still does good music. If u can pull shit off, ur good. Jlo can pay for shit we can't and has YEARS in the industry and is still iconic y'all just haters. Cardi has talent and is popular but jlo is a worldwide known celeb before cardi came 🙄 it is typical for oldies to get with the younger artists, And? It makes them both money.

  • Ms. Beerus
    Ms. Beerus 10 months ago

    She's so beautiful!!! I love J-Lo! Boricua!

  • Laura White
    Laura White 11 months ago

    Don’t call me jealous bitch

  • thaaffguy
    thaaffguy 11 months ago +1

    Bless her legs ohh lord mami 🇵🇷

  • patfly2012
    patfly2012 11 months ago

    Cardi B IS REAL WOMAN NO FAKE AND JLO ALSO ....THIS Girl is Real .They say when u become a famous music artist,ect every body changes .But this girl didn't, she is who she was before .And that's what I like about her plus her music is the bomb she knows how to throw it down when it comes to rap music.

  • I.Z. Jr
    I.Z. Jr 11 months ago

    Jlo is one of my favorite artists. But she annoys me when she says "you know" before every freaking comment she makes. Its enough jlo. Quit saying you know so much.

  • Don’t run from me frennn !

    Interesting that J Lo spoke so highly of Cardi here . But since Cardi’s altercation with The QUEEN Nicki . J Lo has unfollowed Cardi and oh there are more artist who have unfollowed her as well! 😮🤦🏿‍♀️🤣

  • Angel Troche
    Angel Troche Year ago

    I love cardy and jlo great singer or artist. no more comment

  • Deltoria Gallant
    Deltoria Gallant Year ago

    I wonder how she feels about her now. NYFW was knot her best moment.

  • Angela
    Angela Year ago


  • Lashesha Hatcher
    Lashesha Hatcher Year ago

    She support her because she Spanish # Spanish people stick together byeeee

  • I love music
    I love music Year ago


  • E Lo!
    E Lo! Year ago

    Lies lies...she didnt follow Cardi...

  • H B
    H B Year ago

    Im from one of the worst council estates in england so maybe when i grow up and if i wanna do acting then maybe i can find someone from my area and we can wreck havoc to

  • Stud Aunty
    Stud Aunty Year ago

    How the hell did she not know Cardi was from the Bronx?! Just listening to her speak you can tell! Wtf? Lying ass JLO. She jumps on anyone that's hot at the moment. THAT is how she has been able to remain relevant at this point. Gotta give her props for her hustle though. This interview is Hollywood bullshit. She's a hustler at the end of the day.

  • charlita25
    charlita25 Year ago


  • Gil Faver
    Gil Faver Year ago

    Lopez published a viral photo of a little girl crying as a U.S. Border Patrol agent detained her mother, both from Honduras. The photo was also used by TIME magazine to symbolize the Trump administration's family separation policy.But a few days later, the girl's dad ─ who lives in Honduras ─ said mother and child were actually never separated.

  • Let it burn forever

    She's gonna shut Nicki down just watch.

  • Angelina L
    Angelina L Year ago +1

    Just bought this top 😍

  • imatrixyourbulla
    imatrixyourbulla Year ago

    People follow the dumbest shit

  • NaksPizza
    NaksPizza Year ago

    who's they??

  • Amy Alice
    Amy Alice Year ago

    I love Cardi B! I love her. She’s so unapologetic. I love that.💕

  • brandimation
    brandimation Year ago +12

    JLow STOOPP it!🖐🏽 you were only interested in Cardi B because she is a hot artist at this time...GIRL BYE!!!

    • ty hamilton
      ty hamilton 2 months ago

      You is so stupid 🥵

    • Eugénio Costa
      Eugénio Costa 5 months ago +1


    • TimeTravel Travez
      TimeTravel Travez 6 months ago

      Bitch, please. JLo is more of a powerhouse in every way. She doesn't need cardi for shit. GIRL BYE!!!

  • Geisha Cruz
    Geisha Cruz Year ago

    JLow 😝 you are a chica plastica. That is a song from Ruben Blades look it up.

  • Olga Figueroa
    Olga Figueroa Year ago +2

    Two years ago it was Iggy. Even did a cringe song with her. Why didn't you give Cardi B a holla before she took over the world? You are only interested in the massive fame she now enjoys.

  • Crystal R
    Crystal R Year ago

    After 4or 5 years she supposedly was following her. She didn’t know cardi was from the bronx? How is that

  • Crystal R
    Crystal R Year ago

    They don’t follow each other in insta. Jlo lied.Smh

  • Honey Sky
    Honey Sky Year ago

    I didn't know they had TRL again. Great job MTV!

  • Kristen Almonte
    Kristen Almonte Year ago +32

    They sound good together on JLos Song.
    They both came from the Bronx. Both Hispanic. No Brainer but JLo probably wouldn't have given her a chance if she wasn't popular. #truth

  • molta facet
    molta facet Year ago

    Yo Jlo 50 yo.

  • Harriet Warren
    Harriet Warren Year ago

    if you're not from a Spanish speaking country you have to go to school and learn Spanish so what is you saying have you ever filled out an application they ask you what is your nationality

  • S
    S Year ago

    LOVE EM ❤️❤️❤️

  • curt wall
    curt wall Year ago

    Nicki needs to up her game cardi is getting more and more talked about more singers want cardi now a days was always nicki

  • Rachel Maxwell
    Rachel Maxwell Year ago

    How does she not age?!

    • RFL SR
      RFL SR Year ago

      see her hair braids, good tips and money

  • Daniel santiago
    Daniel santiago Year ago

    Three reason that make me love cardi b, Cuz she is soo Funny, Friendly, and we both are Lil' monsters

  • Linda Alicea
    Linda Alicea Year ago +2

    I don’t believe JLo was following Cardi B on IG. Cardi is hot right now so Jennifer is going to say that. I love JLo but I think she needs to stop trying to live in her glory days. Her songs don’t do much for me anymore. I’ve stopped buying Jennifer’s music for a while now.

  • JP
    JP Year ago

    Who made this thot think she is so important?? Close your legs bitch and stop fucking everyone.... hoe

  • Joanne Escobar
    Joanne Escobar Year ago +1

    Jlo shadie for ever. She feels power with music and crutch. Never had a dream come true she has always miss something and we all no tha! Striving to be unique and it’s a nonono

  • Darcy Hernandez
    Darcy Hernandez Year ago


  • Darcy Hernandez
    Darcy Hernandez Year ago

    jlo never did a song with Nicki ! but LOOOOOVES her some cardi

  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian Collins Year ago

    Let me "aks you" rankles me.

  • Jessie Vidente
    Jessie Vidente Year ago +1

    You did not followed her On IG u lying sack lmao I do not like these music are very repetitive I'm done listening to cardi as well idc if ya bash on me lmao

  • Priscilla Espinoza

    that's what's up.✌️

  • SuperModel Atlanta

    Frozen botox face? Right jen? 🤔

  • Harriet Warren
    Harriet Warren Year ago +1

    now u see how jlo back CB. Nicki Minaj (Little Kim) ( Foxy Brown) Remy Ma and the rest need to hear and watch this both of them is latino. correct so all of you need stop fighting against one another. and come together that would be a (powerball)

  • TTSantiago821
    TTSantiago821 Year ago +1

    Jenny know her flame is why she did this lol. She didnt need it, but it's cool tho lol. Still love u jlo

  • Watacha Shelby
    Watacha Shelby Year ago

    She skated that outfit

  • Solíssa S.
    Solíssa S. Year ago

    From The Bronx

  • Lenoire Hunt
    Lenoire Hunt Year ago

    Sorry y'all no power here. All jlo new moves execution The Queen B has done already. Just check out the videos. Culture's ok though I would pimp the best melanated too....she always on somebody else dick. Oop! Till they start shooting.....ha!