Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 11/9 : OFFICIAL TRAILER - In Theaters 9/21

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9" is a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? It's the film to see before it's too late.
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  • TheMPDC5120
    TheMPDC5120 Day ago +1

    I highly recommend watching the documentary The Un-American....you folks will see the true side of Michael Moore. As a Military veteran I must say you sir Mr. Moore are a POS!

  • Kev Low
    Kev Low 6 days ago

    Please Razzies put Donald Trump as a nominee for Worst Actor!

  • Batoni Daboni
    Batoni Daboni 6 days ago

    Trump is better than Clinton's clan. Even Obama is less evil than Hillary.

  • Trader777
    Trader777 8 days ago


  • Ein Kurde
    Ein Kurde 9 days ago

    Soundtrack Name pls?????

  • Lormenkal
    Lormenkal 9 days ago +1

    I can understand that there were a lot of people who were fed up with the stablishment before trump was voted into office and supported him because of that but if you still support trump in his current policies then you are just straight up retarded by now every intelligent person has realized that he is not better then any stupid child as a president

  • debbye Lousy Ads
    debbye Lousy Ads 10 days ago

    The point of an argument is not necessarily to win, but to make someone THINK about the argument. Maybe, then opinions will change when you see from a different angle.

  • Habiba Akbar
    Habiba Akbar 10 days ago

    Folks - many of you don’t know the reality if he deep state and affairs around the world. The real deal is something different than what you see in TV. Believe me Trump is on the right track - it’s just that he is unorthodox and arrogant and doesn’t not take the preset path of other US presidents. The or set path is laid by deep state CIA and presidents act as puppets although they frame it in a way that people think US presidents are he most independent BUT it’s not the cases. Trump is the one who is going against that path and I hope he won’t get hurt for that like JFK did. Although he is mild on the Israel lobby and harsh with migrants BUT everything else he does is PERFECT. Don’t let that dirty idiotic Hillary destroy you

  • Anna Mcdearmond
    Anna Mcdearmond 11 days ago

    That's a bold statement

  • Kevin Qualls
    Kevin Qualls 12 days ago +1

    Who's going to see this CRAP...let alone believe it!

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 6 days ago +1

      +Kevin Qualls no problem and also the thank you right back to you. I appreciate having a dialogue with someone as reasonable and nice as you.

    • Kevin Qualls
      Kevin Qualls 6 days ago

      +Lila Blau Yeah, I understand what you're saying. Trump does have some racist & extreme followers and I do think that sometimes he does not take a strong enough stance against some of their actions. I appreciate you and thanks for the dialogue.

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 6 days ago

      +Kevin Qualls yes, he is doing some good things. The question is whether they outmatch the bad things.
      And in my opinion that might only be the case for the upper class.
      And even then I think that he hasn't done enough against his racist and extreme followers.
      I'm not saying I'm right, it's everyone's own opinion.

    • Kevin Qualls
      Kevin Qualls 7 days ago

      +Lila Blau Trump's not perfect and his administration has some holes but he is doing some good things! I'm a conservative Republican. Michael Moore's liberal stance and slanted interpretation of the "facts" is annoying to me. Much like my opinion is probably annoying to you.

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      Who's gonna look up facts instead of blindly believing a person like Trump? Probably not you.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 days ago

    The people have spoken. No one likes Moore. He's a FAKE liberal using his liberal BS as a way to profit. Trump is a con man but Moore is a complete piece of FAT ASS shit.

  • Martin Blom
    Martin Blom 13 days ago

    Really sad that moore fools me on 9/11 , I believe he has some legit point, yet don't be mind control by his movie.

    • Probably Gentle
      Probably Gentle 9 days ago

      Does it firstly need a reference to 9/11, to make americans interested in something?

  • RadioGuy
    RadioGuy 19 days ago +1

    What happened to logic. Sure, I might support Trump (Edit: Well, I actually didn't want him to be president at first. I was hoping Ted Cruz would win the primary. I just personally, let me just say that again, PERSONALLY preferred Trump over Clinton), but I'm leaving Trump 100% out of what I'm saying. Trump is nowhere to be found in this discussion so anyone who wants to just insult me for not agreeing with M Y O P I N I O N can please leave and watch Jimmy Kimmel to hear more fabricated lies and horrible biased content. What happened to the old ways of doing movements. What happened to the George Carlins, Martin Luther King Jrs, the John Lennons. Jesus Christ, when will we learn that when it comes to changing the minds of the people, there's 3 rules.
    1. Respect Opinions and try to keep an open mind
    2. Use logic when arguing, don't just call people idiots. There's one sure way to fuck everything up and make people disagree with you and here's an example of just that.
    Here's a story I made up and pick which argument is more likely to change your mind.
    Two guys are arguing over what kind of milk they should buy, 2% or whole.The first guy says they should buy 2% milk.
    Now tell me which is a more convincing argument.
    Argument 1: Well to be quite frank, I don't completely agree with you and here's why. 2% milk has less fats and is overall much healthier for you. It has less calories, makes bones stronger than the latter, and has a great taste.
    I think it's pretty obvious.
    Argument 2, obviously \(>w

    • RadioGuy
      RadioGuy 19 days ago

      Also, one quick note on Mr. Moore himself. I don't hate him as a filmmaker. As a matter of fact, I think he is an amazing one. He can blend political topics with satire seamlessly (except for that history of America segment in Bowling for Columbine which I just found annoying). I just don't agree with his political opinions is all.

      I will admit though, that Flint water part was hilarious. \(>w

  • Sac-916
    Sac-916 19 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 because it is time for us to put US citizens first!!

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      So you're saying that a person from a right party (the definition of a right party is doing stuff for the richer, more privatization and less welfare) is probably gonna do something for everyone. Sure.

  • Verse Squared
    Verse Squared 19 days ago

    We all know politicians are full of shit. At least Trump makes it interesting

  • Shaded Muse
    Shaded Muse 19 days ago

    Crooked Hillary was the worst canidate ever that’s how Trump won, Russia has nothing to do with the election

  • MrLeviNielsen
    MrLeviNielsen 20 days ago

    We gotta keep the likes at 11k to 9k. This is perfect.

  • Afif Gerald
    Afif Gerald 20 days ago

    Trump for Execution

  • Zachary Ewing
    Zachary Ewing 20 days ago

    would've liked an actual trailer of the film, rather than a bunch of out of context sound bites to fill cinemas with dumb liberal sheep who actually think Trump is the real enemy - he is history's biggest fall guy.

  • Zachary Ewing
    Zachary Ewing 20 days ago

    would've liked an actual trailer of the film, rather than a bunch of out of context sound bites to fill cinemas with dumb liberal sheep who actually think Trump is the real enemy - he is history's biggest fall guy.

  • witchcraft blitzkrieg

    Mike Moore is secretly working for Trump
    moore is helping Trump get re-elected in 2020

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 26 days ago

    liberal propaganda? jesus, this movie cracks the libs and hilary just as hard (and in some ways HARDER) than trump!!!
    if anything, moore states that trump is merely the symptom of a bigger problem in this country... a country of sheep sold off to the growing establishment, legitimizing the dismantling of our constitution wholesale.
    just watch the fucking movie you maga crybabies...

  • Terrence Head
    Terrence Head 27 days ago

    I'm voting for Trump, just to get back at my enemies......lol!!!

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      That is the most stupid thing you could do. Why should you vote for someone who doesn't represent what you want?

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 28 days ago

    Trump 2020_ as vice president 2024

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 28 days ago

    Trump 2020_ as vice president 2024

  • Zug75
    Zug75 29 days ago

    coming soon to a trashcan near you!

  • Zug75
    Zug75 29 days ago


  • white nation
    white nation 29 days ago

    For a french tv: www.fdesouche.com/1101901-michael-moore-comme-les-dinosaures-donald-trump-et-les-males-blancs-vont-disparaitre This traitor is predicting the death of Whites all over the world like for the dinosaurs. And this supposedly genocide seems to make him happy. I advise him to shot himself right now so he will show the example!

  • Johnny Marlin
    Johnny Marlin 29 days ago

    Michael Moore has turned into a liberal sjw mangina.

  • Sly
    Sly Month ago

    Not a trump fan but this looks overhyped

  • Diogo Pendão
    Diogo Pendão Month ago

    This is so shit and Michael Moore is full of it, this is typical liberal shit saying America is dying and it's insane and bla bla bla, I sure as hell don't want America to end up like the United Kingdom where the culture has pretty much died and everyone can just say they are british without practicing any type of costume that has been in the british culture for generations. USA has it all and it's still the greatest country in the world and there are still people in the country that bitch about things like the little crybabies that they are, in Michael Moore's case he's just trying to gain more popularity to hide the fact that he's a pitiful, old and irrelevant little man.

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      Please don't start with that "we are the greatest country in the world".
      First, it's annoying.
      Second, it's a lie. There is always a country which is better in some areas than your own. And nationalism in that sense is just stupid.
      Also, the UK has only one culture?! If they actually achieved that then they did that earlier than Germany and Spain cause these 2 still have their regional cultures.

  • James SOLDIER Austin
    James SOLDIER Austin Month ago +2

    DON'T LISTEN TO TRUMP, RESIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trumps America
    Trumps America Month ago

    Pg idiot

  • Jesus is Muslim
    Jesus is Muslim Month ago

    Hillary is the embodiment of evil... A power-hungry freak..

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 6 days ago

      +Jesus is Muslim true. A third party'd be great but that won't happen anytime soon.

    • Jesus is Muslim
      Jesus is Muslim 7 days ago

      +Lila Blau It's exactly like what Jesse Ventura had said: "Coke or Pepsi" .. USA is one-party system with two candidates...

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      But Trump isn't really better. Both options were bad...

  • Shane Jabara
    Shane Jabara Month ago

    On laws to give rights to freed slaves (legal entities), now it is global indentured servitude of the Medicci's and Niccolo Machiavelli would feel right at home.

  • 赤い悪魔
    赤い悪魔 Month ago

    I hate Obama and Trump

  • blue dale
    blue dale Month ago

    if you truely love the United States then you need to see this movie

  • Only Positive Thoughts

    this just feels like propaganda tbh

    • Lila Blau
      Lila Blau 7 days ago

      I mean, it could be. But watching it critically could also lead to the conclusion that it isn't and that it is a great movie.
      It doesn't have to (I haven't seen it) but it could be worth a shot.

    • Jamie feer
      Jamie feer 23 days ago

      fuck you

  • Stefania
    Stefania Month ago

    This was actually very informational. Please watch it. It's a viewpoint you don't want to miss whenever wanting to draw a conclusion on the Americsn politics of the last few years

  • Alvaro Canini
    Alvaro Canini Month ago

    Mentre New York stava già festeggiando Hillary Clinton, il 9 novembre 2016 veniva eletto presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America Donald Trump. Micheal Moore si domanda come sia potuto accadere ...

  • Ewan McAvoy
    Ewan McAvoy Month ago

    wheres ben shapiro

  • FightWorldSlavery
    FightWorldSlavery Month ago

    This dumbass should be kicked out of America. Mike Moore is a divisive scum bag who relies on the ignorance of pseudo libs to keep buying his tickets. If he says all white people are bad, that includes him. Lets also keep in mind the FIRST slave drivers were African and Persian slave kings. The word SLAVE comes from "slav" the word for white servant. White conservatives are the ONLY people to abolish slavery. Let that sink in...

  • Chetan Chauhan
    Chetan Chauhan Month ago


    GOLEM Month ago

    why its called 11 9

  • Jasmine Ali
    Jasmine Ali Month ago

    Was a good movie . He showed how both side is flawed. I pray for you America.

  • uragiri M
    uragiri M Month ago

    To paraphrase Michael Moore, don' t just watch the movie and go back to playing video games and checking email, do something to improve your life or create something. Don't do what the establishment wants you to do.

  • Eval Jenius
    Eval Jenius Month ago

    0:58 Thats some dumb shit

  • NPC HopeAndChange777
    NPC HopeAndChange777 Month ago +2

    Orange man bad

  • Ohm Omair أم عمير

    9.7k thumbs down: Trump supporters. Remembering Fahrenheit 9/11 and how the Bush Administration had a watch on Michael Moore. Yes, the roots were exposed even then.

  • Ti-GangStalked Willis,Tx

    Found this silver screen production for $1.00 @ EZ-PAWN in Conroe, Texas.
    I was like, "Awe Hell No", when I read produced by Harry Weinstein! I almost went to get my $dolla$ back!

  • TheLinuxYes
    TheLinuxYes Month ago

    Morpheus: "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

  • Herr Vorragend
    Herr Vorragend Month ago

    Michael Moore’s a fat piece of shady shit

  • monsieur boeuf de tête

    back when i was a young man, i was a liberal and i saw fahrenheit 9/11 on july 4th 2004 and i loved it because it bashed bushie-boy ii... after seeing this trailer for moore's latest joint, i'll probably need to check it out. however, i'm not so sure i'll be agreeing with it as much as i did f911...

    now that i am old(er), i find myself in a kind of "political purgatory"... i'm no longer a libtard, yet i'm not exactly right-leaning. i certainly didn't want to see that clinton chic take office, but i wasn't exactly behind trump (or anybody else) either.

    but now that trump is prez, i kinda dig having the guy in office! he's trolling the world hardcore-style and getting away with it (thus far)... he reminds me of some of the usenet trolls from ~20 years ago and its very entertaining watching this guy freak out "the squares" on a daily basis the way that he does... imagine how boring american politics would be with ol' "hildy" in the white hiz-ouse... she'd be every bit as "do-nothing" as obama was! o.O

  • Marcello Dupond
    Marcello Dupond Month ago

    Trump must go now .... he is fucking USA without baseline....

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone Month ago

    Just another ploy by the socialist Democratic Party to their minions to fight the majority of Americans. They are just very bad losers!

  • mrkrinkle72
    mrkrinkle72 Month ago

    It's good to know that I'll be dead and buried when you all end up ripping each other apart. You're all doomed HA HA and HA!!!

  • Wade Pierson
    Wade Pierson Month ago

    The media is ultimately the blame I believe for all of this. 24/7 fear news. But we also play a part because we watch this crap all the time. It doesn't matter what side of the coin your on fear is being misused on the American public unlike any other society. You put enough fear in people and they start doing crazy things.

  • watchthis12day
    watchthis12day Month ago

    The world is bamboozled by left/right politrix! Where is the logic?!

  • Sarrie Barret
    Sarrie Barret Month ago

    Hi Michael! With less than 10 days to go to the midterm election, it would really help the democratic candidates if you would make Fahrenheit 11/9 generally available for public viewing. Bannon posted Trump at War on his website - we need to set a level playing ground. Go Dems!

  • Grant Munk
    Grant Munk Month ago

    If Trump was looking to take over he would increase federal authority and give more power to bureaucracies which greatly increase the influence and the power of the Executive branch, since bureaucracies can create "regulations" another word for Laws without Senate or House oversight. So...why would he be dismantling these then? that alone debunks this theory.

  • Ted Sullivan
    Ted Sullivan Month ago

    Havent we've seen, and learned enough about Moore, and his failure to steamroll through American politics only to preach Marxist ideals. If you buy tickets to this film just be prepared to get preached too. He makes up inaccurate statistics, and causes more issues. He's just a soar loser. He's rich, and useless like the Kardashians, but at least they have good looks and steer clear of poltics that confuse them.

  • bossgrub27
    bossgrub27 Month ago

    i just found this and holy shit how could you do something so controversial, yet so brave. So many triggered Americans, i love it.

  • Rondell Schuyler
    Rondell Schuyler Month ago

    If you really want to know why Trump won is because people like George Bush and Barack Obama didn't do a good job as far as representing the will and needs of We the People. Factories closing and continual job loss it's no wonder that Trump was able to win. George W bush hand Embraced cheap labor behind closed doors. Bush wanted illegals to come here and then Barack Obama embraced unfair trade agreement NAFTA. Obama went on the world stage at the United nations where he would not denounce Nafta. So then again I can understand totally why Trump won. Hillary Clinton wanted an open border Society. Can you imagine Millions upon millions of people just pouring in to this country. America can only produce so many jobs if businesses do not increase at a Breakneck Pace. If you have millions and millions of people pouring into this country I guarantee you, you will have large amounts of unemployment and then eventually wages will suffer they will be beat down. Do to a large huge amount of so many immigrants coming to the country and competing for jobs. Former democrat now a Republican who voted for Donald Trump. Trump 2020

    • Rondell Schuyler
      Rondell Schuyler Month ago

      +Christopher Brown Enough of the hate filled comments. You do nothing to add to the conversation you merely just detract. Let's just be civil and agree to disagree and not be like the Washington puked. I am not a huge fan of Michael Moore. Although his documentary capitalism a love story and sicko were good flicks.

    • Rondell Schuyler
      Rondell Schuyler Month ago

      +Christopher Brown no I would not, kanye west is a self serving little bastard.

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown Month ago

      I hope your mother dies

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown Month ago

      go suck kanye west's balls

  • S.S.
    S.S. Month ago

    He's a f--king nutcase!

  • AudiophileTubes
    AudiophileTubes Month ago

    Make your movie available for STREAMING! That way, more people will SEE it, and have better access to it! Get with the times Mr. Moore!

  • Kevin Davidson
    Kevin Davidson Month ago +2

    Trump 2020

  • Rick James
    Rick James Month ago +2


  • Sac-916
    Sac-916 Month ago +1

    How bc we are tired of politicians and democrats giving free shot away. Trump is doing everything right

  • james elder
    james elder Month ago

    I don’t like trump but this is ridiculous

  • edsfarm1
    edsfarm1 Month ago

    Fat fuck!!! Michael Moore just made a comment on the Chris Hayes show. His comment was, "WE may not pull ourselves out of where Trump has taken us". Where? Out of prosperity MORON! He doesn't need a pipe bomb up his ass. Hopefully he'll die from choking on a pork chop bone.....

  • Habz11231 2
    Habz11231 2 Month ago +1

    Trump 2020
    Make America Great Again
    Make libtards cry again

  • Mentalian
    Mentalian Month ago +1

    This ad appeard while i was waching a Trump music video.Im only here just too ad a dislike.

  • Night Raid
    Night Raid Month ago

    Lol where is the real farenheith 9/11?

  • ArnoldFTW97
    ArnoldFTW97 Month ago +1

    Who noticed "takeover" song by Jay Z at the beginning of the video?

  • Paula West
    Paula West Month ago +1

    Vote red in November and in 2020 and forever !

  • ziher123
    ziher123 Month ago

    SJW propaganda?

  • RiseTigerGaming
    RiseTigerGaming Month ago

    Did this guy actually read the book or?

  • mclive25
    mclive25 Month ago +1

    Lol, the libard left is all about hyperbole. Trump is killing it in office. Accountability is back! So long welfare and socialism.

  • Sikka Bleeat
    Sikka Bleeat Month ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • Jake OG
    Jake OG Month ago +1

    I work at a movie theater and when i went to clean up the auditorium after the film was over, this lady was walking down the stairs crying, i asked her what was wrong and she said that film was sick, we live in a sick world controlled by a orange carrot man, and i said who donald trump? And she said yes and hes a horrible person, i replied well i think hes a great man actually hes what this country needs i respect your beliefs but if your so upset you can move. She told my boss, thinking i would get in trouble, but actually my boss is a trump supporter also and I didnt even get introuble. Gotta love murica

  • Grande1124
    Grande1124 Month ago

    The biggest douchebag in history.

  • Rishi
    Rishi Month ago +2

    Daily reminder that the 45th President of the United States of America is a WHITE MALE. Men are BOTH the heroes AND the villains of the human story, while women are merely background characters. All females are inherently NPCs. Men are better than women. Daily reminder that virtual reality waifus, sexbots, AI waifus, cloning technology, mind-control technology, the awakening of our siddhis and artificial wombs will make females unnecessary and shall force females to bend to our righteous will. Females are NOTHING but the SEX-SLAVES of us males. Remember that. lmao :)

  • Embittered Drunk
    Embittered Drunk Month ago

    A lot of controversial decisions Trump has made are superficial and easily reversible. The real danger is the precedence he's set, the lowering of the bar. The who follows. The Trumpite rather than Trump. That's what scares me.

  • Whatisthisplace Whatisthisplace

    What a disgusting mass of cellular tissue all cobbled together to make it the thing called Moore. At what point doest it just give into entropy.

  • Joe Fisher
    Joe Fisher Month ago +1

    The same freakshow of a human being is making the same freakshow movies that he’s been doing longer than 1/2 the people in this thread.

  • bluumax
    bluumax Month ago +1

    This fat fucking piece of shit wouldn't know the truth if it looked like a large pepperoni pizza.

    DERICK BOCAS Month ago +1

    "How did this happen?" Pretty simple.. 8 years of a dumb fuck for a president.......Where was Michael the fat ass big mouth the last 8 years? Parties over big boy. We the people have spoken loud and clear. November 6th will be the conclusion to the anti American Democrat party for the next 50 years. Freedom, liberty and prosperity has returned to claim it's rightful place in the world.
    One word of advise to Michael Moore. SlimFast buddy. Get the extra strength.

    • Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown Month ago

      Fuck you Trump cocksucker

    • bluumax
      bluumax Month ago +1

      "Where was Michael the fat ass big mouth the last 8 years?" Sucking oBlamers dick.

  • E.L.Dorado
    E.L.Dorado Month ago +1

    This stupid blow fish needs to read something other than the Communist Manifesto.
    How about starting with basic economics or better yet Atlas Shrugged?

  • Christian Co
    Christian Co Month ago +1

    So this is the film that Harvey Weinstein funded!

  • nelsonthekinger
    nelsonthekinger Month ago +1

    Thumbs up if you liked the movie!

  • konrad knops
    konrad knops Month ago +2

    Comparing Trump his victory with a terrorist attack where thousands of people died is tasteless

  • TheCausation
    TheCausation Month ago +2

    Michael Moore's face is almost as ugly as his soul.

  • Run
    Run Month ago +1

    Michael Moore is a loser

  • Steven Michael
    Steven Michael Month ago +1

    This is so disrespectful. What a fat cunt.

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! Month ago +2

    I've heard from a reliable source that Michael Moore is a sack of shit.

  • The Flaming Maniac
    The Flaming Maniac Month ago +2

    Wow how deluded are you? Try to impeach him there will be so much violence? oh yeah like the violence all your liberal senators and congress people are encouraging like waters? You all are mentally ill I feel bad for you all who believe this

  • SpyDetector1984
    SpyDetector1984 Month ago

    I had to travel very far to see this doc because it isn't in my local theatre. This doc should be in ALL THEATRES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. It should be on Netflix. It should be on all media platforms so everyone sees/hears it. People need to wake up to this reality. This doc backs up what I've been saying about how horrible this country is, and how it is NOT A DEMOCRACY, NOR EVER HAS BEEN. FACT.

  • Tylor Harris
    Tylor Harris Month ago +1

    Fahrenheit 99

  • Upper Echelons
    Upper Echelons Month ago

    Michael you inspired me to make a video of my own after I saw you on Bill Maher saying we must all do our part. I've been a songwriter all my life, so that's what I did, wrote a song. thexvid.com/video/ZjF59oZ9VgQ/video.html