Episode 8 Trailer | The Witchfinders | Doctor Who: Series 11

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
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Comments • 753

  • Michael Marzano
    Michael Marzano 3 months ago


  • he's the Master
    he's the Master 7 months ago

    Miss me yet?

  • Pranav Sarode
    Pranav Sarode 8 months ago +1

    Whichever episode Chibnal hasn't written were good. Demons of the Punjab, Kerblam! were amazing...should we start a petition to remove Chris Chibnal? Because honestly, even with the great doctor (Jodie) and her 'friends', he's going to blow this series :(

  • Secrets of Saturn
    Secrets of Saturn 8 months ago +1


  • Nicolas Masanes
    Nicolas Masanes 8 months ago

    Best episode yet

  • Kate Taylor
    Kate Taylor 8 months ago +1

    So the King and Mistress Savage both buy their lace from the exact same source (identical lace on their collars)? BBC, Steven Moffat was right this series is *so* cheap and it shows.

  • Edin Šahbaz
    Edin Šahbaz 8 months ago +1

    well...if u ask me,this was the best episode of series 11 so far

  • rory chilton
    rory chilton 8 months ago +1

    This is the best episode so far. The second half of series 11 looks like it’ll be a lot better than the first

  • Kevin Chappell
    Kevin Chappell 8 months ago

    Watching this episode now.
    “Tough time for women”, she says. Tough times for almost everyone, except the bloody king.
    This show needs to get over the feminist agenda. Amy Pond, Martha Jones, and many other women were written and acted as strong central characters without the constant lectures and attitudes.
    I so want this Doctor to succeed, but I fear it won’t.

  • The cult of Fraser lel
    The cult of Fraser lel 8 months ago

    That episode was actually pretty good

  • Eleanor Turner
    Eleanor Turner 8 months ago

    My expectations of this were low based on previous episodes but this was the first one where I put down my phone to watch. I didn’t even want to go and make a cup of tea! It was the best episode so far in my opinion. I’m finally starting to get into this series. I hope Jodie stays.

  • AnAsianGeek FX
    AnAsianGeek FX 8 months ago +1

    In this episode the Doctor says she isn't much of a believer in Satan... But she met the literal Devil in her Tenth incarnation

  • A Bored Nerd
    A Bored Nerd 8 months ago

    I just wish someone would say ‘doctor who?’ Or ‘it’s bigger on the inside’ also I thought this season was supposed to be new fan friendly but literally no one has explained the physic paper

  • Matthew Suffidy
    Matthew Suffidy 8 months ago

    Hmm this is going to be a tough one... You could beam her out of the lake and send her to Gallifrey for the last of time... perhaps Freaks

  • Notly
    Notly 8 months ago


  • Jennifer Flynn
    Jennifer Flynn 8 months ago

    RUBBISH. Get RID of Jodie & Chibbers NOW #RIPDoctorWho

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne 8 months ago

    James the first was played too camp and lacked any serious air about him, plus the aliens were revealed too late in the story so had a hurried ending. Sad to say, not the best.

  • Drifter
    Drifter 8 months ago

    Every SJW in this comments section: Look at me i'm an SJW, every negative comment about my ideology is just pure hatred!. I can't do no evil, I'm above criticism and i'm ALWAYS AND CONSTANTLY oppressed by the evil white male!

    • Drifter
      Drifter 8 months ago

      @DumDumExpress it's true I'm a little annoyed because this is a show that i liked, that was ruined by political ideology and I'm not talking about just this season they been doing this for a long time. The only difference is that this season(and the last one) it has become unbearable to watch. And you're wrong I'm not the one who ruined this show people like you did

  • Justin Sedgwick
    Justin Sedgwick 8 months ago

    Yep I was right she did get accused. Oh whoops spoilers.

  • Tandem Yeti
    Tandem Yeti 8 months ago

    A while back, I saw a comment saying that their English teacher said she played a witch in one of the episode, can't find that comment. I was just wondering weather she was?

  • Donut
    Donut 8 months ago +1


  • false name
    false name 8 months ago +1

    Harriet Jones needs to be the overarching villain for all of Jodie's run.
    Her master plan is to tell everyone in the galaxy that she is, in fact, Harriet Jones; former prime minister.

  • Andrew Dexter
    Andrew Dexter 8 months ago

    The property they filmed this episode in is an old manor house near Caerphilly and Bargoed called ''Llancaiach Fawr'' Please google it. Located in South Wales, said to be very haunted !!

  • Call My Name
    Call My Name 8 months ago +1

    She sucks as the Doctor. Just fire her and chibnall and give us a decent crew

    • Viktor Pedrova
      Viktor Pedrova 8 months ago

      @DumDumExpress Ah, so might makes right?

    • Viktor Pedrova
      Viktor Pedrova 8 months ago

      Dude, don't blame the awful writing on her. She's just an actor.

  • garbovskiyopera
    garbovskiyopera 8 months ago +1

    I don't like this doktor

  • Disappointed Optimist
    Disappointed Optimist 8 months ago

    Does she weigh the same as a duck?

  • Paul Rees
    Paul Rees 8 months ago +3

    Anyone betting that the villain for this story is yet another white bloke? Hmm, not entirely sure but i think I'm detecting a trend in this series 🤔

    • Paul Rees
      Paul Rees 8 months ago +1

      @Blap Bloppingham didn't watch it, so will take ur word on it 😉

    • Blap Bloppingham
      Blap Bloppingham 8 months ago +3

      And WRONG lol.

  • Solar phonix
    Solar phonix 8 months ago

    witches get a bad press these days still

  • Solar phonix
    Solar phonix 8 months ago

    whats wrong with being a witch these days its bordering on anti witchism lol

  • Andrew Hudson
    Andrew Hudson 8 months ago

    Next series should be even better.
    Owen jones and Diane Abbott have signed up to be her new travelling companions . In the first episode di gets her years mixed up and goes twelvtymillion into the past instead of the future. Then Owen uses up the rest of the episode sticking up for her. Peace x

  • Drifter
    Drifter 8 months ago +2

    This is what feminism looks like

    • Drifter
      Drifter 8 months ago

      @DumDumExpress "Why? Like what about this trailer signals to you that this is in any way a feminist trailer?"
      It perpetuates the feminist trope: Women are oppressed, white man = bad
      "And even if it was, what about it would be so terrible?"
      If you really wanna know watch this video (thexvid.com/video/_ohyaZrEucM/video.html) in which an ex-feminist explain it much more eloquently that i could

    • Blap Bloppingham
      Blap Bloppingham 8 months ago

      @Drifter That's right, I do.

    • Drifter
      Drifter 8 months ago

      @Blap Bloppingham I'll bet you do

    • Blap Bloppingham
      Blap Bloppingham 8 months ago

      Yeah? Well I've enjoyed it, so great.

    TWI5TED SOLITUDE 8 months ago

    Give the master his or her own police box tardis but mainly black with red, this could open many new complex and new interesting story lines. Or, what about the human version of the doctor (David Tennant) that got left behind with rose on the parallel earth, could he not become bitter and twisted living as a human with all that timelord intelligence and be bring David Tennant back as a major series villain, he'd make an awesome villan for the doctor.
    Also, I think it's extraordinarily important that Jodie hopefully stays as the doctor for a good while otherwise it may be the end of doctor who for a long long time.

  • a z
    a z 8 months ago +1

    //Alexander Harris
    There is a way in which to do “Social justice” messsages tactfully, with hard hitting messages that do not harm the story and plot.
    Chibnall is not delivering that so far. His technique is to point at the past and beat people with the message of “But it still happens today.”//
    So the real root problem is folks becoming triggered because they're suffering "guilt trips" maybe because they're still seeing aspects of those history-based episodes in modern era society.
    The hartnell era often did history stuff, and this current series is reviving that tradition. The fact these history-based episodes are triggering meltdowns and accusations of "PC, white men are evil etc etc" reflects on the people experiencing the meltdowns (yes that includes you alexander harris) . There is no attempt by chibnall or the series to point accusing fingers at modern-era society
    I wondered why the current series was generating such powerful reactions and I want to thank alexander harris for enlightening me

    • a z
      a z 8 months ago

      BTW the single companion culture only started with pertwee-doctor. I'm pretty sure every episode prior to "spearhead from space" contained 2+ companions...just like the current series. So jodie-doctor is actually reviving TWO traditions

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt 8 months ago

    The 13th doctor a witch Burn her
    And play some witch finder general music

  • SirDankALot2000
    SirDankALot2000 8 months ago

    I cannot tell you how happy I am right now! My eighteenth birthday just so happens to be on the same day this episode airs!!! Can’t wait until then! #doctorwho

  • Yoann
    Yoann 8 months ago +3

    This looks like another forgetable and annoyingly preachy episode.
    I used to be really eager to watch new who episodes as soon as they would come out, but this season was so boring I only watched Kerblam today, and I gotta say it is the first one of the season that made me feel like I was watching doctor who again. And honestly it was not above a low-tier Russel T. Davies era episode, so not great but watchable and entertaining.
    I mean this season is too serious to be entertaining, and too preachy to be genuinely emotional. I 'member when the show went as dark as to take the entire dying human species and make cannibalize its past self, and all that with great action, great acting, and great writing. I 'member when the show used to treat such a serious subject as Hitler by "putting him in the cupboard", as if he was a cartoon character. Where did it all go ?
    I'm not saying Doctor Who should be politically incorrect (I don't expect it to be South Park or Family Guy), and I'm not saying it shouldn't be political at all either. First of all because it is impossible, but also because it always had some political themes in it. All I'm saying is that I don't like being preached to all the goddamn time. I don't need to be constantly remembered not to be sexist, racist, homophobic, etc... That's just sleep inducing, and frankly insulting.
    Hope Chinballs gets fired.

  • James Toner
    James Toner 8 months ago +2

    Oh goody, another historical episode, I'll have to buy a six pack of red bull so I can stay awake till the end, what's this week's lecture topic?

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @James TonerGlad to have been of assistance.

    • James Toner
      James Toner 8 months ago

      Actually I've had a change of heart after last night's episode and your right I can't think of a single reason why I'm still watching this, I was hoping it might get better towards the end of the season but that's obviously not going to happen

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @James Toner Oh, boo hoo. What a big, brave martyr you are.

    • James Toner
      James Toner 8 months ago

      Yeah well sorry but the fanbase isnt going to dissapear just because the show is now in the hands of people who haven't the faintest idea what they're doing

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @James Toner I don't see how that alters what I said. No likey, watchy. Simple. Why continue to watch if all you're going to do is piss all over other people's parade with your bellyaching?

  • Atum Mirabilis
    Atum Mirabilis 8 months ago +4

    Force fed political ideology isn't what Doctor Who was supposed to be about. I'm sorry but this season can't get over with soon enough.

  • thunberbolt two
    thunberbolt two 8 months ago +3

    Oh look another white men bad episode.

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @thunberbolt two So which white men were 'bad' in this episode?

    • thunberbolt two
      thunberbolt two 8 months ago

      @Ian Cossey keep saying that to bad its not true.

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @thunberbolt two Bit of a fig leaf argument you're using there to cover yourself (badly). So which white men were 'bad' in this episode?

    • thunberbolt two
      thunberbolt two 8 months ago

      @DumDumExpress oh and nice us of the logical falacy strawman argument.i never said white men were the villains.just that it would be another white men bad episode.

    • thunberbolt two
      thunberbolt two 8 months ago

      @DumDumExpress nice us of the logical falcy ad hominem attack.Allso the episode was about the witch trials.Which were headed by white men.Yers I do know what I am talking about.Something that which eludes you.

  • Leila S
    Leila S 8 months ago +1

    "Don't forget to click below and subscribe to the Doctor Who youtube channel" I can actually imagine the 13th Doctor saying that in the show

  • E Forrest
    E Forrest 8 months ago

    majesty? if Alan Cumming is playing King James I, then this is way off, he was extremely sceptical of witch hunts and overruled witchhunters several times.

    • ForeverMasterless
      ForeverMasterless 8 months ago

      I get the sense that the events of this episode might be implied to be the reason why he was that way?

  • maxcardun
    maxcardun 8 months ago

    No no no you have to see if she weighs the same as a duck to see if she's made of wood. Don't THROW HER INTO THE POND with the wood.

  • Elias Ilonen
    Elias Ilonen 8 months ago +14

    I can't wait for Chibnall to leave!

    • Kevin Hodgson
      Kevin Hodgson 8 months ago +2

      @Elias Ilonen Agreed, I'd be fine if she regenerated into another female doctor, just one that has some actual presence on screen and doesn't feel like they're doing a bad impression of matt smith and david tennant.

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman 8 months ago +2

      @Howie Fisher Yes I have to admit, I thought "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" was quite good. But the other Chibnall episodes not quite as good.

    • Howie Fisher
      Howie Fisher 8 months ago +3

      @Andrew Chapman Best option I think would be to have Chibnall stay as showrunner (which he is good at ) by drastically cutting the number of stories he writes, doing just the opener and finale maybe - leaving the rest to guest writers. Jodie would then stay ( if that rumour is true, which I am 99.99% certain it isnt) and show how good she is.

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman 8 months ago +1

      @Nugget Thinking the same thing myself, Jodie would have a chance to flesh her Doctor out a bit more.

    • Nugget
      Nugget 8 months ago +6

      @Elias Ilonen Its not her,its the writting if Chibnall leaves and she stays maybe the next writter will be better and the show will continue to be good.

  • Harvey Stoner
    Harvey Stoner 8 months ago +2

    Crazy to actually see praise for this series. Worst we have ever seen

  • Jessicatzen
    Jessicatzen 8 months ago

    It'll be great to see the story behind some local history! I live a short drive away from Pendle and I've always been interested in the topic of witch trials!

  • tang roro
    tang roro 8 months ago

    If she really leaves the show, then I will lose all respect to her, a professional actor should not quit their role due to criticism, they should try even harder in sequel or second season.
    I guess that's what happen when you hire someone who has no passion on Doctor Who to play the Doctor

  • Kaiedre
    Kaiedre 8 months ago

    I really want this episode to be good. It has the potential to be so astounding. Plsplsplsplspls...

  • Zeska Roo
    Zeska Roo 8 months ago +1

    Here is one thing i have noticed. Has anyone heard of the show called Time Less. This season of dr who is really like the last season of time less. anyone else.

  • G Graham
    G Graham 8 months ago +1

    Now witch trials... can see stop with the progressive BS narrative?

  • Marquis De Potter
    Marquis De Potter 8 months ago

    This is gonna be scary... yayyyyyy

  • Doctor Thirteen
    Doctor Thirteen 8 months ago

    For those of you who think Doctor Who has only recently addressed so-called "PC' issues.

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 8 months ago

      @Doctor Thirteen I already defeated them; I hope Missy is not controlling them again...

    • Doctor Thirteen
      Doctor Thirteen 8 months ago

      The Twelfth Doctor I have a feeling a Cyberman invasion is coming

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 8 months ago

      Maybe; I'm actually on Darillium; it's been 12 years since I arrived here; if River agree, we could join you for an adventure.

    • Doctor Thirteen
      Doctor Thirteen 8 months ago

      The Twelfth Doctor Hello. Any chance joining me for an adventure?

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 8 months ago

      Hello, future me. How are you?

  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny Smith 8 months ago

    Well episode 7 was nice the package was cool and the whole we think it's the robots but it's actually the cleaner was a good plot twist.
    I'm studying the witch trials at the moment so this will be interesting to watch.
    And Lee Mack was great in this story.

    • Johnny Smith
      Johnny Smith 8 months ago

      Bethan Holly same and to be honest they just let him be him and the little jokes he made where great

    • Bethan H
      Bethan H 8 months ago

      lee mack and doctor who is the pairing i never even knew i was waiting for

  • Atsume Takahashi
    Atsume Takahashi 8 months ago +3

    I can't understand why half of people watching Doctor Who hate season 11. Although the season has suffered from some poor writing descions, the majority of episodes have been good and entertaining. Even on rewatching The Ghost Monument, an episode I originally disliked, I actually really enjoyed it. IMHO Jodie Whittaker is a great Doctor, coupling Matt Smith's eccentricity with the essence of Tennant. She's made the transistion to a woman Doctor so effortless, and seems to impact me so much more than the male Doctors (altho I love them too). The new season isn't to PC - after all, isnt Doctor Who a show about acceptance? We havent really explored non-white history over the last 55 years in this show, so it's about time (pun intended) that Doctor Who wided its reaches. All the actors are great (special mention to those who played Astos, Rosa Parks and Judy Maddox) and the regular cast just keep on giving - Graham is always hilarious! Sorry for the essay, but in light of the haters, it seemed nessecary to put it right.

    • Atsume Takahashi
      Atsume Takahashi 8 months ago

      @Sean Wray Thanks! From now on I'm just gonna tune the haters out - they can just go troll elsewhere

    • Sean Wray
      Sean Wray 8 months ago

      Atsume Takahashi well said! Brace yourself for the haters squad, they’ll be commenting soon 😂😂

  • John Nicolas
    John Nicolas 8 months ago +1

    Lol that she wants to quit with chibnall

  • Jacob Craftz
    Jacob Craftz 8 months ago +2

    Doctor who is amazing. Jodie Whitaker is amazing. But there are not enough episodes. Im not trying to be picky im just saying the last few seasons had much more episodes than this season.

  • Sean Carstens
    Sean Carstens 8 months ago +1

    So I watched this because of some sort of glitch on amazon prime and so when I thought I was going to watch Kerblam! which is what the episode was labeled as it started playing this episode which I now realize hasn't aired yet!!!

  • Seth Ryan De Los Reyes
    Seth Ryan De Los Reyes 8 months ago

    Confused, this episode did not come out yet. On Amazon Prime Video it says episode 7 is Kerblam but it showed this episode!

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 8 months ago

    Looking forward to this episode I I look forward for what Jodie Whittaker pulls up in the rest of the seasons you guys are doing great don't listen to other people what they say I will always be a Doctor Who fan no matter what.

  • bingbonga binga
    bingbonga binga 8 months ago

    Well at least this Doctor doesn't have a women leading a Time Lord by the nose.

  • The BenC
    The BenC 8 months ago +3

    This is an outrage. Dr Who used to be great. Now it is just a platform for far left ideology.

    • The BenC
      The BenC 8 months ago

      @Doctor Thirteen There has always been a political awareness in Dr Who and many other shows. The problem is that now it is not subtle. It is not clever. It is outright the main point of many if not most of the episodes.
      I have no problem with a female Doctor nor do I have a problem with minorities. They were great in previous seasons. The problem is not political awareness. Agan, the problem is the far left ideology being shoved into every episode.
      I could leave that behind and the season would still be pretty bad. For example, during the the Rosa Parks episode they break into a hotel room for some reason. Immediately an evil white man police officer shows up and questions them. How did he even know they were there? Did someone see them break in?
      So many things in the stories just do not make sense. Add in strong political bias (this time it is far left but far right politics would be equally as bad) and the show has lost me and many other long term fans.

    • Doctor Thirteen
      Doctor Thirteen 8 months ago +2

      The BenC
      Please read.

  • MLR.
    MLR. 8 months ago +1

    Jodie is definitely one of my absolute favourite incarnations of The Doctor ever!!!! Brilliant!!!

  • UnknownGamer
    UnknownGamer 8 months ago

    A episode that looks like it has a classic episode feeling/ good episode vibe. Oh hell yeah dw don’t let me down again

  • Scampstar
    Scampstar 8 months ago +1

    This is gonna be forced with to much feminism that it needs to be

  • original name
    original name 8 months ago +1

    Oh great, another episode where *WHITE MAN BAD AND ONLY WOMEN ARE GOOD* is shoved down our throats.

    • ForeverMasterless
      ForeverMasterless 8 months ago

      Actually it was more like human ignorance and fear in the face of something they can't comprehend was the villain, but hey, nice try? King James was wonderfully characterized, and so was the female "villain," who I felt sorry for more than anything. Also, all you people complaining about "white man bad," are you forgetting about Graham? If the show truly had an agenda against white men would they write Graham with such care and heart? He's wonderful. It's not like they HAD to have one of the companions be a white man, they've easily gotten away with not doing that in the past, and yet we have this incredibly positive older white male role model, a man I hope to be like one day. But yeah, the show TOTALLY hates all white men :eyeroll:
      A goal of this series seems to be letting the companions do more of the work, like in old doctor who. "flat team structure," as the doctor says in this episode. If it was anti man, wouldn't the doctor be an all powerful whamen and constantly make Graham and ryan feel inferior and emasculated, rather than respecting them and relying on them and treating them as equals? As for side characters, let's take a look, shall we? All the men in Tsurnaga are good people. Yaz's grandfather was a good man who died standing up to religious intolerance. The white corporate CEO in Kerblam seemed skeezy but turned out to be a good dude in the end, completely subverting our expectations. The white dude in Arachnids was kind of an immoral businessman but was given nuance and levity and ultimately not really villainaized for his actions even though they easily could've. And King James was not the villain here, either.
      Your argument just doesn't hold water. It's an emotional argument based in your own cognitive bias rather than actual evidence. This season isn't "anti-man," it's, "pro-people," and, "anti-hate." You sound like you have a lot of hate in you.

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @original name Well, frankly, it WILL be impossible for you to win an argument if you continuously miss the point and misrepresent the person you’re debating with and/or their arguments. And I don’t believe it’s that you’d be unwelcome in the fandom for having a different opinion (it’s YOU that’s characterised yourself that way); just that you seem determined to proffer that opinion in an unnecessarily confrontational and provocative way. (Watching so much Bowlestrek has no doubt schooled you on that front).

      It might be an idea, going forward, to devote a little time to listening properly and understanding the arguments being made, rather than falling into the trap of being triggered into thinking of your ‘opponent’ so two-dimensionally.

      Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see your name again.

    • original name
      original name 8 months ago

      @Ian Cossey No, I'm not a bad loser, I'm simply saying that it's obviously impossible to win against these people.
      Also, no, I obviously am not welcome in this fandom, as I have a different opinion. *GASP* how terrible!

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @original name Bad loser, in other words. I can look forward to not seeing your name on other DW vids, then?

  • wildsurfer12
    wildsurfer12 8 months ago +31

    They could have given her another costume for this episode. I remember when the characters would dress up on period costumes when they went back to a historical era. Imagine the fun the costume designers could have had with this episode.

    • Viktor Pedrova
      Viktor Pedrova 8 months ago

      @ForeverMasterless Yeah, it's probably the perception filter, which is such a dumb copout. I mean every single episode now, is resolved in the exact same way: She flips her magic papers that puts her in a position of authority, making the people in charge bow to her and tell her everything, and then she gets found out that she's a fraud, but still maintains her position of authority, and then she just tells people what to do nonstop. It's lazy writing on the level of amateur fanfics.

    • ForeverMasterless
      ForeverMasterless 8 months ago

      You must be remembering old doctor who then, because I can't recall a time it's ever happened in new who other than family of blood where tennant was literally living as a mortal for a long period of time. I've always wondered why they didn't. Or at least have a perception filter so it doesn't stand out so much.

    • Caleb Leland
      Caleb Leland 8 months ago

      They really haven't done that to any extent with any Doctor post Tom Baker. They pretty much just stay in their usual clothes. And they've always been inconsistent with the companions dressing in the period clothing.

    • Viktor Pedrova
      Viktor Pedrova 8 months ago

      "They could have done something that would require brains."
      Lol. Welcome to SJWho.

  • Chris Bellingham
    Chris Bellingham 8 months ago

    Does it take place in Salem

  • Lloyd Watson
    Lloyd Watson 8 months ago +2

    Jodie Whittaker is completely miscast as the Doctor. She simply doesn't have the presence or eccentricity the roll requires. Helena Bonham Carter would have been a much better choice for the first female Doctor. The less said about Chris Chibnall the better. I wouldn't even let him write my Christmas cards!

  • Ryan Neufeld
    Ryan Neufeld 8 months ago

    The Doctor will save the day once again because that is what SHE does I need a SHEro 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻♥️💯🙌🏻✊🏻💪🏻👩🏼👩🏼‍⚖️

  • Zadie wolf
    Zadie wolf 8 months ago

    I'm I the only one who ships yaz and the doctor

  • Elliot Kouame
    Elliot Kouame 8 months ago +1

    Hope she regenerates!

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr 8 months ago

    I wonder if they will mention that James the 1st was bisexual?

    • 223p 223p
      223p 223p 8 months ago

      They should, I was today years old when I learnt that.

  • Toria
    Toria 8 months ago +1

    0:10 is... is her hair wet?

  • Zach Mashups
    Zach Mashups 8 months ago

    They should've done another American history episode. The 1692 witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts is one of my favorite periods of history.

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      @Zach Mashups My apologies if I came across as abrasive in any way. At the time of my comment, I'd just seen so many comments from other people assuming that the episode 'must' be about Salem that it was getting rather annoying.

    • Zach Mashups
      Zach Mashups 8 months ago

      @Ian Cossey I know there was way more than just the American witch trials. For a show like Doctor Who, it's mainly situated in Europe, and rightfully so. My comment was just a suggestion or an episode I would've liked to seen. :)

    • Ian Cossey
      Ian Cossey 8 months ago

      Salem's been done to death, though...almost to the point where you'd think a lot of people (largely Americans, it would seem) seem to imagine that it was the only damn witch trial that ever happened. I think it's far better to base a story around a different example for a change. We see more than enough of North America in other shows as it is.

    • Zach Mashups
      Zach Mashups 8 months ago

      @Jake White yeah, I know it's a British television show. I just think they should expand the places they go, just just centered around Europe. My idea was only a suggestion and a good/cool storyline.

    • Jake White
      Jake White 8 months ago +1

      Zachary Mink well, it is a British show. I'd say one American history and one British history episode is fair.

  • koala
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  • bhind45
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    "Every witch in this village shall be destroyed" *Happy upbeat music place in the background...