What Is MGTOW? After I Lost 110 Pounds Girls Changed (MUST WATCH)


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  • coconutwater
    coconutwater Hour ago +1

    Gods design for marriage was a beautiful, intimate, sacrificial covenant that was made between a male and a female. It was meant to represent the love God has for his people.
    Men are called by God to love their wives with a sacrificial love in the same way that Jesus loved the world and died for her sins. & to not even look at another woman with lust.
    Women are called to RESPECT their husbands and do them good and not harm all the days of their lives.
    Biblically men and women are both called to fulfill one another sexually and meet each other’s needs.
    This is a great blueprint for a healthy marriage. The man feels honored, supported and respected by his wife making him feel like a hero and able to accomplish anything.
    A woman who feels truly loved and cherished by her husband is able to flourish in anything she does. & it is awesome for her to have a strong man who loves her and can lead her spiritually, pray with her through any struggles making her stronger.
    Sadly, 8/10 men are addicted to porn. They are no longer able to emotionally connect with a woman nor fulfill her emotional and spiritual needs. Expectations go unmet and people grow resentful.
    Women have turned to feminism and man hating. Women have forgotten what it means to bring goodness, femininity, peace and harmony into a mans life. They are disrespecting them at any chance they can, taking advantage of their money, houses etc...
    Both men and women have found ways to “fulfill” their lives without each other.. this is a life with no true intimacy, vulnerability and covenantal love.
    Without God and his blueprint, people become selfish and only look at what a marriage can bring THEM. It was never meant to be about what you can get, but what you can give.
    Two people who genuinely love one another and serve each other’s needs with grace and love mutually are fulfilled mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Life becomes richer with a Love like this.

  • Aervison
    Aervison 2 hours ago +1

    Remember men, you are the prize!

  • Vincent Arogya
    Vincent Arogya 2 hours ago

    I resonate with your story. I was broken up too and then discovered the red pill. I'm a fucking alpha now

  • Random Things
    Random Things 7 hours ago +1

    If you want a real MGTOW, look up "Sandman" on TheXvid. Don't follow fake MGTOW. They are the complained and MRAs. We real MGTOW don't care. We follow no person, we are not organized, we cannot be stopped and we share knowledge amongst ourselves. We are a community without being a community. We are against social norms and we don't confirm to the needs of anyone besides ourselves because our individual happiness comes first. Nice video.

  • Tim B
    Tim B 9 hours ago

    I'm at 4min 15sec of this video.... guy still hasn't taken a breath.

  • MrOrangeSoda118
    MrOrangeSoda118 12 hours ago

    Just remember one can know all this and do all the things you should but if your frame isn't solid its all for nothing.

  • MrOrangeSoda118
    MrOrangeSoda118 12 hours ago

    I went through similar transition.

  • Eduardo Andrade
    Eduardo Andrade 12 hours ago

    Honestly all girls like being treated like shit.. Ive seen that with my mom..

  • boaty mcboatface
    boaty mcboatface 13 hours ago

    You aren't talking about a girlfriend you are talking about a hook up dude. Major difference

  • God Goddi
    God Goddi 16 hours ago

    If u can came up to me and my gf and took her away....

    i would not mind cuz she is a fucking nightmare to deal with but her father is in military and her mother is my prof in sience so yeah stuck with her. Press f for respect.

  • Jinxjinx
    Jinxjinx 16 hours ago


  • Kernunn Kernunn
    Kernunn Kernunn 23 hours ago +1

    how old are you right now?

  • Ivan Campbell
    Ivan Campbell Day ago

    Well done man. Truly. You are on the right path mate. I wish you all the best mate. Everything you are saying about purpose etc is me these days. I have found meaning in my life now too. Keep going and don't give up. How tall are you by the way? 300 pounds means you must be at least 6 foot/183cm tall? Anyhow, sweet brother. Peace!

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  18 hours ago

      Thanks for the comment brotha, I'm 6'4. Life is much more meaningful when you chose to discover meaning.

  • Trailguy W
    Trailguy W Day ago +1

    I love the video but there is one thing that bothers me the would beta male and the alpha male thing has been disproven by the same guy that published the research. that supports the claim that I happen's in humans too.

  • mesley raves
    mesley raves Day ago

    This isn't a moral judgment, but the real relationship between men and women is more akin to a parasite and a host. It used to be a symbiotic relationship when most women saved themselves for marriage. Men got sex and women got babies. Now that men can (generally) get sex without marriage, the institution of marriage has become all about the woman.

  • prac2
    prac2 Day ago

    exactly the same thing happened to me, except my ex called the shots way too much so I let her go. she said she wanted to be just friends, but really, she wanted another option.

  • George Gerges
    George Gerges Day ago

    Needed this a lot

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  18 hours ago

      Glad you liked this one brotha!

  • Berrabub
    Berrabub Day ago

    Everyone is different. Stop that alpha and beta bullshit. It's silly. Just don't give a fuck and be a man

  • caporal pistachio

    Wow 300 pound and Now you look like that? Boy respect
    No homo

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  Day ago +1

      Not homo at all, thank you brotha I appreciate your compliment!

  • michael moran
    michael moran Day ago

    MGTOW (Migg - Tau)

  • michael moran
    michael moran Day ago

    Great job my Man!

  • chiono
    chiono Day ago

    my first girlfriend cheated on me too, but we only dated for like 6 weeks, i didn't really care because i knew it'd eventually happen, since most girls my age in my country are thots, and i mean most of them actually are, i don't know a single person who knows many girls who have been in a relationship for at least 2 years
    EDIT: and then i just gave up on dating since girls since they are usually thots and the chance of us having similar interests are rare

  • Niremo U
    Niremo U Day ago +3

    self growth is his "turn on". when you're "turned on" you grow. it's an infinite loop.

  • Tristan Bulluss
    Tristan Bulluss Day ago

    I got a girl a drink once, the sex was not satisfactory.

  • Almighty God
    Almighty God Day ago

    Ever consider Patrice O'neal?

    • Almighty God
      Almighty God Day ago

      +Joey Saves Sorry this is a lengthy one I'm just very passionate about this man.
      Never have I EVER looked up to someone until I listened to Patrice O'Neal, mostly because of his pure honesty, fearless attitude, and genuinuity. Like you, I also lost 100 lbs and continued my beta male tendencies until Patrice gave me a sense of direction. I'm telling you dude not everyone's the same so his words may not resonate with you as they did for me but his philosophy on women and life, really, gave me a better understanding on what it takes to be an Alpha, or have that mindset, and the best part was he did it through a comical approach which really kept my attention and had me looking for more. I could truly talk about this man all day but for now I'll leave it off with, I've grew up all my life without a father figure so I never really knew what it took to be a "man" until I listened to Patrice O'Neal and his "be righteous" ( thexvid.com/video/1svdF4ONcXY/video.html ) attitude. R.I.P.
      If you're truly interested in learning about his "philosophy" the only one video I can think of would be thexvid.com/video/-gLWvpHMrf4/video.html although there's still so much more this man has to offer (from my perspective atleast). Again, everyone's different so you may not see what I see which is understandable but lmk if he helps you any way.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  Day ago

      Started looking into him. What do you think about him

  • Aine Lourens
    Aine Lourens 2 days ago

    Hahahaha "Self development is my turn on". That's possibly the sexiest line ever. So glad my husband discovered the same thing. Since he started working out, developing his own interests, going on guys nights, listening to Jordan Peterson - our marriage has gotten so much better. I love that he is alpha and I'm special by being the woman he wants to be with. It makes me want to cook his favourite dinners and support him however I can. That makes him want to do sweet things like buying flowers on the way home from work and getting my coffee every morning which makes me want to do even more for him. It's a cycle of awesomeness... and if things get stale, all we need to do is get dressed and go out. There are enough eyes on him that I immediately step up my game to keep his attention and he does the same for me.

    • Aine Lourens
      Aine Lourens Day ago

      +Joey Saves Thanks. My marriage is a point of pride for me and my husband constantly says the same to me. Good luck on your journey wherever it leads - I'm personally rooting for more healthy male-female relationships :)

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  Day ago +1

      Now that sounds like a relationship that is working by the force of nature. I've noticed girls become very willing to be good and do exactly as you explained the more I work on myself and bring my masculine essence into our relationship. Jordan says is best, be attractive to many women but only chose one. Congrats on your marriage, make it last a lifetime.

  • Daniel Guerrero
    Daniel Guerrero 2 days ago

    Can I just shorten this up in general: be yourself, quite trying to mount to something that you’re not(don’t be a poser like those who are in lala land), love yourself, do good as they have done to you and work for your future. In addition when it comes to women: be kind, like this guy said “don’t treat her as the center of the universe” but of course be social with them and keep in touch. DO YOU is what I’m trying to say. Don’t depend on anyone or anything to be 💯% happy. Big no no. Everything comes little by little, of course you have to put your part. But if it doesn’t happen, it ain’t the end of the world. You’ve got your whole life ahead of yourselves. Peace and love you guys. God Bless.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago +1

      God bless brotha, love the positivity

  • Kerry Foster
    Kerry Foster 2 days ago

    300 lbs? Hey show us a picture!!!!

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago

      I know I wish I added one in this video, check out my channel :)

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 2 days ago

    You don't understand, it doesn't work like that, you can't just learn about how to become an alpha, in fact there is no such thing as an alpha and a beta, there is but not in the sense that people constantly talk about. What I mean is that you cannot just mirror someone else. The best way to not be what people call a beta male is to become more mature, to spend a lot of time by yourself, learning to love yourself and not worry so much about pleasing others, and by building your own self worth and being very much like an individualist, you will become immune to so called beta tendencies. Another thing that men must do if they want to become more alpha is they need to masturbate very frequently to get avoid having their lizard brain control their mind, so many people have criticized this opinion of mine because they say that when you watch porn you are looking at someone else fucking the girl you want but in reality what these men fail to realize is that you can satisfy your urge to reproduce in a matter of minutes, most of the time it takes me only 10 minutes, and if you edge enough times, the orgasm can be more powerful than real sex, especially if you stimulate the right areas. My point is that if men become individualists and jerk off to porn at least once per day (and more than once per day for teenagers), then they will never ever feel needy again because they will learn that the only person who truly matters is themselves.
    But you also have to be careful as attraction is not a subject which is as simple as many PUAs like RSD make it out to be, in reality women like men who want them, which means that even though you have to be careful to not be completely needy, you also have to not condemn neediness, as a little neediness can be very important to getting a girlfriend and keeping her. In fact, many PUAs go to the extreme of getting rid of neediness completely, you said so yourself that she has to add value to your life and she is nowhere near the top 5 or maybe even top 10 priorities in your life. Now I am not saying that she should be number 1 on your priorities list, but she should be in your top 5 at least. What men don't understand is that women don't seek alpha men who treat them like crap and never get attached, women seek real men, in the sense that they want men who act like they are supposed to act, men should be slightly needy but not too needy and not many men pull this off. How it works is this: If you want to be the man that most women are looking for you need to respect yourself and walk away when you are treated poorly, if a girl takes 4 hours to respond to your text and she wasn't at work during that time and only did so to test you, you should reciprocate by doing the same, if a girl cheats on you, you should leave her, if a girl uses sex to manipulate you, you should threaten to leave her and do so if she doesn't cut the bullshit, if a girl flakes on you, you should not contact her again, and so on, you need to stick to your most important values and respect yourself that is how you become a true alpha male.
    A true alpha male isn't some guy who follows alpha male techniques or advice from other men, a true alpha man is a guy who does what he truly wants to do and never begs for attention or acceptance, he is so in touch with his own self that he will never lower himself to try and please a woman because he knows that there are so many fish in the sea, billions of potential mates. If men understood this, they wouldn't be crying and being so beta when women don't meet their expectations. But, depending on the quality of women, if they only get low quality women, alpha males' relationships will never last long because every single woman will end up doing something to piss them off.
    But one thing to always keep in mind is that even though you should respect yourself, you should not make women so unimportant that there is no real attachment, companionship or pair bonding taking place, because if you refuse to be even slighly needy, you will not have a real relationship, it will only be like a friends with benefits relationship and you will never get the benefits of a real relationship.
    Men should never get married because there are only downsides to marriage, I won't go into all of them because it would make this comment much longer than I originally intended but I'll just say this: If you get married, you will no longer be able to be a real alpha male, because if the woman pisses you off by disrespecting you, you won't be able to reciprocate without suffering terrible consequences like losing your children, losing half of everything you own and having to pay alimony and child support for many years and maybe going to prison if you don't have enough money, and let's not forget how expensive divorce lawyers are.
    Also, I do not mean that fights shouldn't happen in a relationship, they can happen sometimes and they are normal and okay but as long as they do not end up with her controlling you and disrespecting you, you should not be alarmed. I support men who want to be MGTOW but I do not support those who act like victims and basically the opposite of feminists because they feel like women are the cause of all their pain. Not all MGTOW are like that but a lot of them are, the way they talk about women makes you think that they are just like the feminists they hate so much. The MRAs seem to only want a fair deal which is fine but I don't think they will ever get what they want in today's society. I like watching MGTOW content once in a while and while I am a man going my own way, I would not say I align myself with the group because if you fall within a group you are not really going your own way, in my opinion.
    On a final note, I will say this, men should not feel like they need to get a girlfriend, but if they want one they should start acting like real men if they don't want to feel miserable and don't want to suffer terrible relationships, the only way to get people to respect you is to respect yourself by setting up expectations in what you want in your life but you should not make it seem like you don't need women because relationships cannot be built on zero neediness, a little neediness goes a long way as long as you don't go crazy with it, so remember guys don't disrespect yourself and you will have the relationship you always wanted.

  • Caetano Wahnon
    Caetano Wahnon 2 days ago

    hahahahhh still beta

  • )jimjackyeye(
    )jimjackyeye( 2 days ago

    still beta, you're obsessed with what you appear like to women.

  • Dark
    Dark 2 days ago

    Yeah my experience was I got slapped a lot by my ex.
    She accused me of rape or something because I lost many friends and even the youth group I had met her at. Everyone hated me.
    I didn't understand and she then texted me when I was in Rome visiting. She asked me to call her beautiful. I told I didn't want to after all she did.
    She told me she hoped my plane crashes and asked me if I can call her beautiful.
    I just did it to wonder what she would do next.
    She said she knew I meant it but I didn't really mean much to her and the words didn't she just needed a self esteem boost.
    I told her I lied and that she's an evil woman.
    Two years later I accidently texted her given she has the same name as a cousin of mine who needed to get my Xbox name.
    When I did it she replied with "get out of my city I hate that you even breathe the same air as me"
    To this day idk what her deal was but when we had broken up she apparently cut herself and attempted suicide and blamed it on me.
    (fixed spelling errors)

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 days ago

      Also, you need to understand that women love attention, while men love sex, women love attention, they get off on it emotionally, it makes them feel so good and that is why women use facebook and instagram to seek approval because it makes them feel great and important, once men realize this and stop giving their attention to bad women, these women will start to crave it especially if they have never been denied by other men before, and they will go crazy to try and get it. There was once this palestinian girl I met in college and she was quite good looking and she really liked me because I am 6 foot 4 tall and good looking too, and I never gave her the attention she desired, I never became the beta, so every time there was a group project she wanted me to join her and her girl friends and I did but I never gave any of them any beta attention seeking behaviour, so every time she saw me in school she would call me and try to get me to give her tons of attention and I never did, and it went on like that so much that at one point she said she loved me, and the way she said it I could tell she wasnt joking, but she was so needy and she was coming on strong so much that at the time she freaked me out, I didnt know how to get rid of her so I friendzoned her. And this kind of thing never happened again and I never saw her again. Looking back, if I had the same opportunity once more I would just set up a fuck buddies relationship with her or fuck her once and never call her back because if she approaches men and already confesses her love to them before even knowing them on a deeper level, then they might be very crazy or unfaithful, something must have been very wrong with her and Ill never know what it was exactly.

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 days ago

      You see your problem here is you didnt respect yourself. The moment that crazy bitch slapped you, you should have bailed out of that relationship. The goal is not to mirror so called alpha males but to respect yourself, people constantly say how its not easy to get out of bad relationships. But id say this should only apply to women as they have less of an ability to control their emotions and can often let people disrespect them, in some cases they may not want to do that but their emotions have a stronger hold on their actions than their logical brain. That is not to say that they cannot think logically but they can often let their emotions take control especially when interacting with men, I have seen it happen so many times. But the same should never happen to men, if you respect yourself, the moment any woman insults you or hits you you need to leave her, there can be fights and you should never leave her because of some fight but if she uses those fights as an opportunity to hurt your self esteem, your self image, your confidence or even going as far as hurting you physically, the moment that happens she needs to be completely cut off, unless of course you get off on it, in that case it doesnt really matter. Men should never have to suffer abusive relationships, those that do either were stupid enough to get married or just dont respect themselves.

    • Dark
      Dark 2 days ago

      +Joey Saves yeah man. Now I just wanna go to school. I have my friend who is going to help me study for the medical field.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago +1

      Girls now a days are sometimes very confused about life itself. My last gf was the same way brotha.

  • A cat is fine too...
    A cat is fine too... 2 days ago +4

    MGTOW doesnt mean incel. MGTOW is a movement where men are taking the power back in relationships and dating. Were done 'chasing' women, and having them pursue us.

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 days ago

      Yeah but the reality is most of the time unless you are a hotshot like me, girls will never chase you and even in my case only a few of them will and only in the right place at the right time, I once ended up in a group project in some class in college where a 2-3 women were very interested in me even though they knew nothing about me, one of them said she loved me though she knew nothing about me. Then it never happened to me again, that was in January 2017 so 2 years ago and I have changed college programs since then and worked some jobs and I was invisible and still am, I think you need to put yourself in the right place at the right time if you want to get more than just prostitutes. If you want to get laid then go to a bar or a club and approach women and seduce them because they will never come to you. To get women in bars and clubs its very easy all you need is a bit of money to buy your own drinks, never buy her one and you need to be good looking, no need to look like a super model with a hollywood physique but you do have to look good and Game can help but dont think for a second that women will just approach you, it will never happen. If you dont care about sex then fine that is your choice but stop lying to yourself.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago +1

      I like that description

  • ozz master
    ozz master 2 days ago

    so .. now you have your way with woman little.. nice but how many mgtow man have been in better place than you?! so you need to ask yourself 1 thing, what are woman doing to make "them " better for guys? well noting .. they have a pussy thats all it takes.. how many times you found yourself with a girl that is not an 8 like you:) thing about it.. its not worth it! go find video named " pump and dumb " by sandman! hint , feels so at home:)

    • ozz master
      ozz master 2 days ago

      ​+Joey Saves tell me what you think about that video ! lets see if you will get the hint ;)

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago +1

      love his channel, ill look for that video good comment brotha!

  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif 2 days ago


  • Axxidous
    Axxidous 2 days ago

    Now watch all these unattractive men try to be alphas and fail only now they don't have to feel as self conscious cuz they can just blame it on not mastering being an alpha male. Fucking hilarious. XD

  • Axxidous
    Axxidous 2 days ago

    I get neediness being bad but you literally made it sound like being in love automatically meant needy. You also basically just said you were cheated on because you were a beta and not because she was a bitch. You also learned a lot from The Red Pill which is not the most reliable thing to learn from. It has truth to it obviously but it's a collective of basically one side of the story from very similar situations and you want that to represent the entirety of all scenarios? I've met people from this mindset and they're either cynical or just absolutely have EVERYTHING figured out about or psychology or biology after combining a little of what they learned with influenced observation. Not to mention overlooking the influences of society in general. We're basically following rules that we DECIDED in the first place. You don't HAVE to.
    But what do I know? The majority of females who were ever interested in me were because of my personality and actions and I've only made the relationship I'm in last 11 freakin years and counting. C:

  • Axxidous
    Axxidous 2 days ago

    "You need her in your life" so being in love is needy. Got it.
    Tell a girl I don't really need her and that'll work. Understood. lol

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 3 days ago +1

    What Is MGTOW? After I Lost 110 Pounds Girls Changed...this guys is pretty classic nice guy....just wait when they found out your bank account....at the end of the day this is the only thing matter..

    • the_official _Lexicon
      the_official _Lexicon 2 days ago

      +Joey Saves the info you talked about and if you feel like referring anything else go for it. I've always wanted to be alpha but felt as if I needed to be born with it or have the perfect parents to teach me.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago

      Thank you brotha, what exactly are you asking? You want to know how to get started on youtube? Or do you mean the info I talked about in this video?

    • the_official _Lexicon
      the_official _Lexicon 2 days ago

      +Joey Saves can you show me where you started learning these valuable lessons for e.g:TheXvid's,books,blogs?🤔 btw your a legend for being open to shit like this I might follow

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago

      Thank you for that compliment brotha. I'll have to wait a lifetime ;)

  • scretching08
    scretching08 3 days ago +2

    Never trust a woman, they serve a purpose, and that's that. They are like children in many ways and must be treated like children because of their childish emotions. Christ Jesus is the center of my life, not a woman. My MGTOW rules: Avoid relationships, cohabitation, pregnancies and false allegations and stay productive.

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep 3 days ago

    Idk how many guys I've cut off for trying to treat me like nothing 💯 its 2019 honeys woman don't Actually want that player bullshit attitude that isn't really anything new it just makes you look like an insecure ass and most girls dont actually want to take guys like that serious lol dont be fool i had a guy try and play with me like that once and it ended very ugly for him girls don't like assholes idk why men think this a lot have learned to put up with them because they love that guy but its NOT a turn on wtf no woman wants to be treated bad endless shes crazy and yeah i dont see many guys just dating 300+ girls either lets be real 💯 guys treated me like shit when I was a big girl and started actually treating me better and liking me when I lost weight it doesnt mean their superficial asshole i just wasn't sexually appealing thats how it works its science im sorry

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 3 days ago

    If you did that and she went with you, First thing I’d do is dump the bitch.

  • Happiness is a choice

    Mgtow used to be about mens rights and it was a intelligent community for men who actually knew and articulated the pitfalls of entitled women and how to change in the legislature and in their personal lives. Now mgtow is for men who are celibate. Its for men who wish the 1950s would come back. Its for men who treat women as sex objects and put them on such a high pedestal. Its for men who don't know how to stand up to women so they go their own way. Its for men who are pussies to the matriarchy. Its for mammas boys. Its for men who blame feminists for society ills. Its for men who don't take massive action. Men are doing it to themselves. You men are the reasons why some women are self absorbed takers, its because you put them on that pedestal and keep them in a perpetual state of childhood so you can feel "manly" and superior. Its pretty sick. If you stand up to women and treat as peers, you attract good women and deter the entitled bitches who just want to be taken care of and provided for. Then also, politicians will take notice because maybe for once in your life, you will protest in the streets for your reproductive and domestic rights in relating roe vs wade and vawa, laws like that. Men are so weak when it comes to women because they have been taught since they were little to worship their mothers and sisters and to put them on a pedestal because its a noble thing to do. Which its not. Its false nobility rooted in male guilt and machismo ideals. Its actually a sign of major disrespect to put women on pedestals.

  • Alan Cane
    Alan Cane 3 days ago

    Worst case of beta male I saw was a high school sweetheart who's girlfriend went to college and found there were other guys in the world. This culminated in the guy slashing his wrists and writing her name in blood in the dorm hall. Saw the fellow walking in front of the building from time to time. Just looked empty.

    • Alan Cane
      Alan Cane 2 days ago

      +Joey Saves I just wanted to tell him she wasn't worth it, but she was on my dorm floor and didn't want to get involved. Didn't really know either of them though.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  2 days ago +1

      That's just sad man

  • Bruno Rangel
    Bruno Rangel 3 days ago

    I go after asians, they know how to ve grateful.

  • Meaning Of Muscle
    Meaning Of Muscle 3 days ago

    wich video this you watch

  • summerlink
    summerlink 3 days ago

    search Sandman on TheXvid and watch his latest 100 videos.

  • objectivity gate
    objectivity gate 3 days ago

    Before and after picture is needed for context

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  3 days ago +1

      Check my channel banner brotha

  • Robert valdez
    Robert valdez 3 days ago

    Hurts like a bitch But These Hoes Aint Loyal My Gee lmao

  • Sérgio Magalhães
    Sérgio Magalhães 4 days ago

    I liked your video but I hate these labels, "alpha", "beta" etc. it is so stupid. Lots of things have changed to me too. I used to think that girls were better than men in many things(I have already had some very asshole friends) but now I see thats not the case, in fact the world is full of bad persons on both sides and full of ignorance and wrong values. I think the point is to not be fooled by appearances and really learn to choose better. I dont think there was nothing wrong about the way you were. Its was just the case to not allow other people to manipulate you, not been deluded by anyone easy and learn to choose better in relation to girls, friends etc.

  • Pug Tortuga
    Pug Tortuga 4 days ago

    Welcome to freedom and becoming a man in a land of soy boys.

  • Codemaster Jamal
    Codemaster Jamal 4 days ago

    RSD are my dawgs

  • J Donovan
    J Donovan 4 days ago +1

    Hey squirrel ...I’m double nickels and I’ll knock that pussy smirk right off your face. You don’t know jack about women.

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen 4 days ago

    Sounds like too much work, Juice is not worth the squeeze.

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon 4 days ago

    Overall great video! I'm not an alpha person, I'm not sure what I am. I'm not a follower, I'm not really a leader other than I lead myself well. One thing a lot of guys screw up, especially MGTOW, is viewing all women as the same in their behavior. They are not. Lesbians and bisexual women (closet lesbians) behave very differently than hetero women. Hetero women are far less vile, as they desire men. Non-Hetero women are the ones who hate men. These are the women MGTOW speak of, but mistakenly lump them with Hetero women. Hetero women are a prized gem.

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon 4 days ago

    I both agree and disagree. I agree you should never let a girl walk all over you, but I disagree that it's bad to be clingy. I'm very clingy, but so is she and so it works out. Plus, I don't let her get away with shit, I call her out on nonsense as soon as the bullshit starts. An outsider may think I'm being mean, but she then becomes turned on and wants more dick afterwards. She seems to like a man who is so confident that when he knows he's right, knows she's wrong, and has a real positive solution to the problem, he makes it known loudly. A man that will tell her she's full of shit to her face, but in a way that makes her understand that you still respect and love her, but she's not about to slide past with nonsense. And if I'm wrong, I'm real enough to admit it. BUT, we're both really clingy. It works for us, and she's no weakling, she thinks for herself.
    All Heterosexual women seem to be all about this. I don't get along with lesbians too well, as interacting with them always results in a competition similar to competing with men. So when I compete with lesbians in a job, etc, the goal is always to destroy them the way I do any man arrogant enough to think he's better than me in my own profession.



  • Joey Saves
    Joey Saves  4 days ago +1

    If you want to lose weight quick like I did then take my quiz to help you bros: savedbody.com/gender

  • Doodie the Dog
    Doodie the Dog 4 days ago

    Hahaha you can take my gf? Please do try

  • Dolores Markoš
    Dolores Markoš 4 days ago +1

    oh my goodness,this comments are so damn sad
    ya'll people will never find love
    so sad

  • Kragenator
    Kragenator 4 days ago

    Don't get me wrong. There are some good aspects of the red pill and pua community. Like learning to be confident and accepting who you are and striving for greatness. But don't take theese cultish communities serious. Especially the pua community. They sell you overprized "programs" that try to teach you how to get women based on pseudo psychology and deeply manipulative tactics. Pretty much all of the things come from business. Rsd teaches you how to become a salesman (everybody hates those guys, because you'll only get manipulated) and you sell her your dick.
    The truth is, guys like Tyler and Julien, most of the time when they go hunting, they don't get the beautiful smart women. They pick up decent (at best) drunk and insecure women at the end of the night because the actually smart women know what the fuck they are doing. Do not think women don't know about pua, they aren't that dumb. Ask yourself this, do you want a couple of drunk insecure and salty bitches a few times a month (if your lucky enough because this shit is a numbers game) or do you want to find honest intelligent and really beautiful women in your life. These women are rare, that has always been the case but the point is that you won't get beautiful and meaningfull relationships and you won't be happy if you are also insecure and salty about society.
    The important thing is to get your life together, become secure and confident about yourself (the whole alpha beta thing is also one of the over generalization that is completely useless and false). If you see a beautiful girl just be confident enough to have a normal conversation. If you aren't her type or she isn't yours go on in life and try again when you see someone else that intrigues you.
    Read 12 rulea for life and maps of meaning from Jordan Peterson. Theese are eye opening books and you will be a completely different man if you aply these principles to your life.
    Don't waste money on those PUA scumbags. Srsly 500 dollars for a stupid video collection with psychological nonsense in them is not the way to go guys. Stop joining ridiculous ideologies like feminism, pua, marxism and so on.

    • Kragenator
      Kragenator 4 days ago

      Sry for the long comment. Had to vent a little. Forgot to mention that I was also in the pua community and I had to learn the hard way that a lot of it is full of crap.

  • Turd Flinging Honkey

    failure is a learning opportunity, we must smell shit to appreciate the roses.

  • Turd Flinging Honkey

    i am not a king, i am a God.

  • riptorn
    riptorn 5 days ago

    I'd like to see you try to steal my girlfriend i'm rich.

  • Francois Van Zyl
    Francois Van Zyl 5 days ago

    Hardest is to cope with how your head grows fat

  • Robin T
    Robin T 5 days ago

    Don't get me wrong this is like watching a Alpha male red pill parody video....

  • Anna Fulop
    Anna Fulop 5 days ago +1

    Breaking: Woman respond positively to men that have a life

  • Supraifyification
    Supraifyification 5 days ago

    Redpill has qualities but redpill is also retarded in many ways, just like incels are true about some things but retarded in other ways. Don't get too obsessed with this redpill.

  • Amor Fati
    Amor Fati 6 days ago

    I'm too nice. Not just to women, but everyone. I'm trying to work on it, but how do you get out of those bad habits while not taking it too far and being intentionally just a dick?

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  5 days ago +1

      Well I learned how to find my balance after being too nice and too douchy. You test different things to find out what's acceptable and attractive when you practice

  • Dragases XI
    Dragases XI 6 days ago

    Beta male = nice guy with heart of gold and zero sex appeal.

  • DR V!le
    DR V!le 6 days ago

    RSD gang

  • stuart hodgson
    stuart hodgson 6 days ago

    You spend half your life trying to fuck them & the other half to fuck them off!

  • xzavier beamon
    xzavier beamon 6 days ago

    I dont understand why mgtow are always getting crap for it at the end of the day the only thing they have done is taking themselves off the market or just dont do relationships what's so bad about that they aren't killing or stealing just not dating what's the big fucking deal women do it its empowerment but when guys do there pussies or something and depending on how the whole Jeff Bezos divorce that would be another example of why mgtow

  • Jerry Bruckhart
    Jerry Bruckhart 6 days ago +1

    I knew by the age of 15ish that I wanted no parts of marriage, I am now 53, single never married no children. As an older guy that has seen more water go over the dam than you have at this point, I will provide a few tips you may find useful.
    1. ALWAYS pay attention to other people in relationships, closely observe how each partner gets treated by the other, in a year or two you will begin to see patterns that you can learn volumes from, WITHOUT needing to spend time or money on women.
    2. If you decide you want a family in the end, I urge you to first hone your red pill knowledge, then go to Paul Elam's channel and educate yourself on how to recognize women with personality disorders, BEFORE selecting a wife.
    3. As previously stated, I have always been single, but have been watching and listening closely for all those years, I have yet to find a man that I envy what he has.

  • Orquidia Babo
    Orquidia Babo 6 days ago

    4:43 : It's a 180 turn, not 360. 360 will leave you facing the same direction.

  • Casey Collins
    Casey Collins 6 days ago

    Failure is opportunity to learn, and every successful man I have ever met. Has just made his mistakes already. Women are just in your way. Western women are your enemy. Get some kiddo, bank stacks, smash and dash.

  • David Wright
    David Wright 6 days ago

    This guy isn't hating on Women. He's a true MGTOW. This Brother is identifying what Hypergamy is. Hypergamy isn't Love. Love is not Hypergamy.

  • A. M.
    A. M. 6 days ago

    Im sorry but both alpha and beta are insecure, youre always trying to belong somewhere or trying to prove your self for a woman, the only guys on top are the sigma male :D

  • Edward Chao
    Edward Chao 6 days ago

    someone who is awake and gets it

  • Four Littles & Frankie
    Four Littles & Frankie 6 days ago +1

    Feminism is toxic for men, women, and children. It kind of sounds like you were trying to control rather than be controlled. It's true that women love a man that can say no and imo balance is key. Both should be strong independently and willing to work as a team together. That requires more than just physical attraction. Regardless, I'm glad to see men rejecting the subservient and apologetic role feminism demands.

  • Signorino Richard
    Signorino Richard 6 days ago

    You know what just become a playboy nowadays THOTS is everywhere and Conservative girl is a High school nerds. It's extremely rare to find a PLAIN GIRL. A girl just being her.

  • segpasta
    segpasta 6 days ago

    You have your heart in the right place, but MGTOW is contradictory.
    Your life purpous as a man is to breed your seed in to another woman and create small copies of yourself, children.
    It is to ensure your own race's survival and also your own bloodline's.

  • Panda DesIIgner
    Panda DesIIgner 6 days ago +5

    All these terms... Beta, Alpha, Cuck. It's just pure cringey to me, it's just unnecessary.

    • Sleepibot
      Sleepibot 2 days ago

      I know like they wanna have cute wolf pack class nicknames that aren’t so cute 😂

    • Di Vepets
      Di Vepets 6 days ago +1

      There has to be some word to identify a group. If you got another better name, do tell and we can spread it around.

  • Anti 1 Workout/Nutritional Researcher/free Trainer


  • Projekt:Kobra
    Projekt:Kobra 7 days ago +1

    Get to the POINT.

  • Night's Freak
    Night's Freak 7 days ago

    I was fat and i had girlfriends in my life
    But after loosing 8kg and then gained 5kg of lean mass , now i dont give a shit about having a girl so now when ever i get horney i just hit and dismiss cause i realised girls want it even more .

  • reson8
    reson8 7 days ago

    R u autistic Joey? I'm seeing evidence of autistic traits in this video (obsessing, selfishness, emotional detachment, egotism to name a few).

  • James
    James 7 days ago +1

    There is no alpha and no beta it's a misconception proven wrong by the person who made it

  • Rufus Smith
    Rufus Smith 7 days ago

    Hi Joey, thanks for your video. It's funny as your situation reminds me of mine several months ago before I decided to go MGTOW.
    First of all, I used to be very skinny (got no girls at all) and then went to the gym, got very bulky and started having a lot of girls/women.
    I thought that it was cool at first but then I was like : "Don't all women say that physical appearance isn't the most important?"
    They all say it, but the truth is different. I think it was really upsetting to hear from a girl "I love your arms" when only my physical appearance changed and not my personality. Don't you feel the same now that you're slimmer? It feels like just your body matters to them and not who you are. Basically, another guy could easily replace you, as long as he's got the same/similar body.
    Also, regarding the latest gorgeous girl you're talking about: you said "I went back to this beta male attitude again". My dear friend,
    do not consider this as a failure, let me tell you why. I also met this type of beautiful girl several times, and to me, they are all mentally unstable. No matter what you would have done, it wouldn't have been enough anyway, she would have cheated on you, and so on. That was not your fault! Don't you find it unfair that you're always the one making efforts and that she doesn't seem to care at all? STOP You can't do much about crazy bitches, that's the way they are. Don't be too harsh on yourself, a decent girl would never have done that to you.
    Thanks for your video.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  7 days ago +1

      Thank you for your comment bro. You're so right. Good luck on your path

  • arkseer
    arkseer 7 days ago

    I think people have a warped perception of what an alpha male is. It seems males are more and more influenced to become this "alpha" version of themselves, but in reality you just become a lone wolf doing your own thing because of pretexts such as: my way or the highway; or my favourite one: I'm so important, why should I waste my time on you.
    While in reality an alpha male is he who leads his fellow brothers and sisters. It's not as much as doing your own things as it is about going through hell for your kind to keep their needs in check.
    But without a fellowship, my friend, you are no alpha, no beta. You're just a lone wolf drifting in the wilderness looking for a purpose you believe to be the opportunity of a lifetime.
    Don't be misguided, nor let others lead you astray.
    I'm going to paraphrase Tywin Lannister: "Any man who must say 'I am the King' is no true King."
    Try not to go around beating on your chest as you claim to be an alpha male or attempt to be one, or the above quote applies.

  • Chris Andersen
    Chris Andersen 7 days ago +1

    "my life purpose is more important then anything else"... guess that means you will never get married..... and never have kids... .because when you become a man you will learn that others sometimes are more important then yourself....... but you'll get that when you grow up a bit. :) good luck in life friend.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  7 days ago +1

      When you discover you purpose you'll understand that you are living for others. Good guess though. Good luck with your mindset.

  • BorisBollokov
    BorisBollokov 7 days ago

    No you couldn't you arrogant donkey... "I could just..." , yeahh just fuck off

    • BorisBollokov
      BorisBollokov 6 days ago

      ​+Joey Saves massively... I know it came across as rude, but hey big G, I am an Internet Warrior and I can get away with it. Anyway, I fully understand the psychological pretense behind the first four seconds. One thing I will add though... you limit you perception when the intellect is allowed to classify human beings into groups "alpha/beta/women are like this and like that", assign labels. Prejudice, regurgitation of other peoples' view points, labeling and generalization will always obscure the truth, or to be more precise clarity in you own perception. Women, man are just human beings, some are more consciously evolved than others. Consciously evolved in a sense of being self-aware and having self-knowledge.
      The materialistic nature of today's global socio-economic system and social normative influences is the consequence of many human beings be it man or woman to live and operate under illusions and primitive behaviors, being mostly driven by the impulse of their Desires, simply implying lacking of self-awareness.
      What can you expect from such a man or women? So you recognize/observe these qualities once, twice, three times, by that time it should already be clear to you that they are simply out of touch with the essence of what they truly are. Profiling and putting them into groups on the psychological level wont do much for you...
      Not everyone is like that though.
      I am sure there are women out there who are decent, self-aware and are not driven by primitive and rudimentary qualities of the reptilian brain, which tends to be compulsive at times if not kept in check. Learning how to keep yourself in check through every present moment is perhaps the hardest thing in this life.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  7 days ago

      Did I upset you bro

  • Rosen Lovis
    Rosen Lovis 7 days ago

    the thing is just, u USED to be ugly. ugly guys cant really do this imo

  • Kid Chronic
    Kid Chronic 8 days ago

    So basically... Bitches aint shit. Got it

  • 420scatman
    420scatman 8 days ago

    hey im reading some of the comments here and theres lots of hate, i honestly think these guys are just white knighting. theres one about you saying that you could go home with one of the hot girls girlfriends and that attitude making you more attractive. Some kid is talking shit about that not working, that kid has no idea. I'm not nearly as attractive as you and i use that tactic all the time. One of my favorite things to do is to break up girls friend groups like that by just flirting with all of them. Half the time i don't even sleep with them i just do it beacause im bored, then again im not redpilled more blackpilled.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  8 days ago

      blackpill is too nihilistic for my interest but I get you. TheXvid has some interesting people for sure bro.

  • 420scatman
    420scatman 8 days ago

    went through the same thing brother

  • Josiah Jones
    Josiah Jones 8 days ago

    Actually picking up another guys girl right in front of him is the most alpha thing you could possibly do,just make sure you are ready for a fight because that's how nature intended it.

  • Devon Harris
    Devon Harris 8 days ago

    Fuck the bitch, salute to u for sticking to the goal and losing that weight

  • Ben Somes
    Ben Somes 8 days ago

    Alan Roger Currie's Mode One = epiphanies

  • Christopher Betancur

    Hey Joey.
    No wonder this video blew up.
    It’s all those waking hours, with immersion and burning desire to win and blood sweat and tears so many golden nuggets here.
    The passion is undeniable and the message is unmisstskable
    Shoot for the stars and you will most likely land on the moon

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  8 days ago

      Much love brotha, keep on your grind