What Is MGTOW? After I Lost 110 Pounds Girls Changed (MUST WATCH)

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • What Is MGTOW? After I Lost 110 Pounds Girls Changed (MUST WATCH)
    Let me know in the comments what you guys think of this video.

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  • Joey Saves
    Joey Saves  Month ago +34

    Here's the plan that lost me 110 pounds: savedbody.com/gender

    • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie
      스테파니 조셉Stephanie 10 days ago

      @Joey Saves What exactly is your life's purpose? You talked about how everyone is "lucky" to even be breathing the same air as you and how much of a "king" you are. But can you please explain to me what exactly makes you so special that any partner that you ever have should be kissing the floor that you walk on?

    • M.H.F
      M.H.F 12 days ago

      Tell, have you ever been to Scotland, or looking to go there because of some reason?

    • Genius Idiot
      Genius Idiot 13 days ago +1

      Joey Saves hypergamy aka monkey branching is exactly how ALL women behave. Look into it.

    • The Purple Pill
      The Purple Pill 16 days ago

      Thanks homie

    • mhmood bodybilding Alzohili
      mhmood bodybilding Alzohili 17 days ago

      I told my friend about this channal 😊🤗

  • MGTOW Monkey
    MGTOW Monkey 3 hours ago

    I'm overweight and I already know all this shit

  • Angela Cazares
    Angela Cazares 4 hours ago

    Ayy our boy is learning.

  • Live Techs
    Live Techs 10 hours ago

    This dude is goofy af

  • Allison Griffiths
    Allison Griffiths 16 hours ago +1

    Breaking news: girls like being treated like people. 🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Day ago

    This is like finding illuminati

  • ikindawannadiebutnotreally

    I mean just treat women like human beings... :/

  • Video game vids
    Video game vids 2 days ago

    nah . not listening to you.

  • Johnny DoeVA
    Johnny DoeVA 3 days ago

    I will soon be 60-yrs old, and I've seen a whole lot of messed up women in my life, but ya know what there kid, after watching your video through you are by far a much bigger asshole than any of them. One day you will be 60 too, and you will not be all that attractive, remember that kid, just remember that.

  • nadiaela78
    nadiaela78 3 days ago

    The best thing you can do to find someone worthwhile is to stop looking for someone and focus on your self-development and growth. You should only get into a relationship when you love and respect yourself to begin with, and have a partner who you respect and has the same attitude and values (this is where you'll need to learn how to read a person effectively by the habits they show when you first get to know them). Women and men both want what isn't easy to get (basic human psychology)...it stays that way even when you're in a relationship, so it's important that you never make the other person responsible for your happiness or lack of boredom..otherwise they'll run in the other direction.

  • Shakam RaishLahab
    Shakam RaishLahab 3 days ago

    All praises

  • LanaaLanaful
    LanaaLanaful 4 days ago

    You may look better, but I bet you were a much better person before, what a shame

    • jozef Mrkvicka
      jozef Mrkvicka 4 days ago

      Sorry for my englis ! Hi i am from Europe. and i think he is still the same guy. it happned to me also. when i was 18-20 year old i had 110kg and girls always saw me as a "nice virgin friend" and now i am 26y old lean 85kg muscle guy and i workout 3-/4 times a week for my healt not for chicks. and i finished my University and girls started treat me differently (i was happy and sad at the same time becauase they judged me only on how i look), so i had 2 girlfriends and they cheated on me exaclty for this "that i was too Nice ". I think that modern 20-29y old women are not ready for marriage they want to have Fun, good job, travelling, post photos on social media ect. And they want kids when they are 35+year old like "Meghan Markle" an other celebrities. what is insane and against nature. i think they are lost generation. They are not ready for baby and for all that work what comes with it. My Mom and her generation had kids when they were like 20-24y old. So i told myself that i ll find a religious girl who is responsible and ready for marriage and wants babys and who is atleast 4-5years younger so i can provide financial stability for her. I hate both feminism and Mgtow also double standarts . Its just lack of RESPECT between man and woman . But i blame modern capitalsm for it. I am from Slovakia and this new trend is comming also to central and eastern Europe. where traditinal family values vanishing. and no woder that whole Europe and USa Jap also Russia have small birthrate around 1.5 child per woman. I work as young lawyer in a office an all my female coworkers 28-33y old still dont have a kids i can see how sad and desperate they are. They Blame man every Friday. like "men are pigs". But No intelligent man wants kids with 35y old + ladys that had xx boys before them. Thease new succesful woman they want only Succesfull man and inteligent as they are. New Modern Lost Generation. pls respsond and tell me what you think.

  • Ved Ivanov
    Ved Ivanov 4 days ago

    There is no such as as beta or alpha. It's a word construct that doesn't point to the subject. All of red pill mgtow stuff is psychology, having nothing to do with actual stuff that happens in the brain and how interaction happens in vertebrates.

  • Say Orange Again
    Say Orange Again 4 days ago

    As a westerner is it gross out here
    Just had a girl that we hung out an slept together but she was seeing another guy an got knocked up by him and he is leaving her for military I think is dumb. But having this mind set I’ve removed her from my life cause she’s gonna go look for a guy that’ll baby her an beta all day so she can go out agian

  • Cyrus 1717
    Cyrus 1717 5 days ago

    Sorry about the rant ..
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with depending on your partner. That being said that person shouldn’t be your only source of happiness. Also personally as a women (I’m 20) I don’t think your method of making them feel unimportant or ignoring them works. Personally this is cliche and for some reason because it’s cliche people don’t think it’s true but just be nice to them,be sweet , that’s literally the biggest turn on for me and for me making me feel ignored or unimportant, that just tells me that you don’t like me as a friend or anything else and so I wouldn’t put any effort into you either or pursue you. Not out of pettiness or spite it’s just I put effort into people who put effort into me.
    I think your afraid , like many other guys I’ve met, of seeming “needy” so you just act aloof and nonchalant and you don’t put any effort into building a relationship of any sort, friendship or otherwise. And if you do that how can you expect to build a friendship? And without that friend ship first there’s probably no chance of anything beyond that.
    If you like a girl, tell her. Sharing your thought, feelings and emotions doesn’t make you “needy” or weak. You might get rejected, you might not . That’s how the world goes.
    If a girl cheats it wasn’t because you did anything wrong or because you were needy , it’s because she’s a bad person with loyalty and commitment issues. Not your fault.
    Ps, making her feel special, might help you keep a girlfriend .

  • Invicta Magerit
    Invicta Magerit 5 days ago

    You guys, in general, have to do a very important task: You have to recover the old solidarity among men, you have to recover the mutual trust on each other, you have to recover the loyalty among men, you have to stop to compite to each other, like crazy, for women, you have to recover the comunication among men, the sharing of experiences, knowledge and advice.
    This kind of videos are a good first step, but you must translate this to your real lifes, to the men around you.

  • Kris Titan
    Kris Titan 5 days ago

    I'm a woman and tbh I totally fucking agree with you. Women only want men that respect themselves. Ofcourse, dont be a dick to her or anything, but you need to think of yourself first. And one day, I promise, you'll find a woman that not only respects you and loves you, but will encourage you and cheer you on through life. But make sure to work on YOURSELF.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  5 days ago +1

      Thank you for being real. I agree with you and as a man growing up in this modern age, it's hard to respect yourself fully to the point that other women feel that self respect. Self growth is something not a lot of men care to pursue and it shows in their relationships. Best of luck to you Kris, thanks for your comment

  • Joan Herring
    Joan Herring 5 days ago

    Girls perspective of why this would work:
    In my experience, when guys approach me and shower me with attention and compliments etc. it feels reaallllly uncomfortable. Like some guys give off this vibe that you are the most important beautiful person to ever exist and it just feels weird to receive that kind of attention. Like, I barely know you. It feels like either a) these guys are just trying to manipulate you to get in your pants b) they are superficial or don’t have self respect. Like it just feels like some guys grovel at the sight of an attractive girl.
    Look, I am a human being. And so are you. I would rather guys if they are interested just come up and try to have a regular conversation with me. Know your worth as a man and as a human being. We are not above one another because of gender or beauty.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  5 days ago

      Love it. I think what you said is 100% correct, but as a guy, especially in today'd world you are taught the complete opposite and ridiculed for taking the steps to achieve that self respect. As easy and simple as it sounds it can be hard on these guys out here. At the the same time they can and will go over board on being a dick because "it works". Thanks fr your comment, best of luck to you

  • No Surprises Radiohead

    Most women find fat men repulsive looking yet collectively bully the men that won't date fat women. Sheer Hypocrisy!

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd 6 days ago

    Just hit 11kg weight lost, 11kg to go!

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh 6 days ago

    This alpha, beta male theory.... ITS ALL FALSE, and guess who debunked it ?? The person who made it
    That's right, it's been proven false by the same person who advocated it so all this talk about aloha, beta is just completley false and cringy tbh. Chill dude and have fun in the process of dating, etc.

  • Aden Fischer
    Aden Fischer 6 days ago

    If you have to say “I can go up to one of your girlfriends right now and pick them up right in front of you” in your intro, it shows that you’re an insecure “beta” and need a lot of work before you do anything close to that.

  • Abe TT
    Abe TT 6 days ago

    This is garbage..girls being whores and dudes being prideful retards..so basically you morons came to this idea that being crap is the answer to the crappy behavior of girls...

  • Vincent Martin
    Vincent Martin 6 days ago

    I done this. And women love me. You gotta be a dick! You gotta be alpha man.

  • miguel garcia
    miguel garcia 6 days ago +1

    Control your emotions, chase after goals other than woman, realize you can only wife wifey material and boom. You're not putting women on pedestals or trying to be "fake". You just simply woke up to the fact that woman aren't the only reason we males live but should be a result of them entering your life, not getting in the way.

  • Wayne Beriman
    Wayne Beriman 7 days ago

    Happens to most young men

  • Hazim Kinani
    Hazim Kinani 7 days ago

    there is a lot of famous MGTOW channels
    there is (bar bar) or barbarossa this man is one of the pioneers in the movement his channel is more scientific.
    I also mention Sandman, this is a more mainstream channel and he uploads a video almost every day

  • tity bros
    tity bros 7 days ago

    watch Corey Wayne! Problem solved

  • raddy conney
    raddy conney 7 days ago

    I don’t want to sound rude but i just do not understand why would you approach a girl just make her feel like shit and prove herself to you? I think it’s a lot better if you just respect her privacy and go on your business. That is the main idea of MGTOW right?

    • raddy conney
      raddy conney 6 days ago

      Don’t get me wrong dude. I still love your message. Find a purpose, focus on your purpose and nothing else matters. 👌💪🏼

  • Chic Freak
    Chic Freak 7 days ago

    Girl gets cheated on, eats ice cream and gets over it.
    Guy gets cheated on, joins the red pill.
    And they say women are complex!

    • Tatu Pakkanen
      Tatu Pakkanen 3 days ago

      Girl thinks she is getting cheated on and keys my car

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  7 days ago

      Do you know what the red pill is?

  • Alex Ward
    Alex Ward 8 days ago

    Chad Saves

  • William Tousignant
    William Tousignant 8 days ago

    I am one of the Lucky men in the world I am married to a woman that believes that her role is there to support my beliefs and does the role females in the animal kingdom behave. She is there to maintain the household and raise the children and support me in being the hunter-gatherer type. She is one of a kind and I am very lucky We treat each other with respect and love. This is so hard to find for men these days, I pity the younger generation and the females that they are forced to deal with.

  • Reina B. Ramos
    Reina B. Ramos 8 days ago

    the reason I like man who treat me normal, not needy , not rude but normal , is because it makes me feel safe.

    • No Surprises Radiohead
      No Surprises Radiohead 6 days ago

      You don't know what your talking about. Large built men make you "feel safe." Not little wimps.

  • Reina B. Ramos
    Reina B. Ramos 8 days ago

    MGTOW sound like the male version of a feminist

  • Ivan Akinfiev
    Ivan Akinfiev 8 days ago

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  • boyblanc
    boyblanc 8 days ago

    You are alot like me

  • Yatin Bhatia
    Yatin Bhatia 8 days ago +1

    i watched like 8 minutes of video and i hear only women, women, women, which is very contradictory to being alpha or this MGTOW.

  • Cilantro
    Cilantro 9 days ago

    You're not talking mgtow, you're talking pua. Do your homework and don't mislead, thanks!

  • Fox Hound
    Fox Hound 10 days ago

    Just as what Bob Marley have writen in his song "Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end" Now apply that in having to have a woman in your life just so to be happy! don't chase! be everywhere and nowhere go your own way let your mind find peace!

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    @Joey Saves You talked about how everyone is "lucky" to even be breathing the same air as you and how much of a "king" you are. But can you please explain to me what exactly makes you so special that any partner that you ever have should be kissing the floor that you walk on?

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  10 days ago

      +스테파니 조셉Stephanie Are you genuinely interested in knowing? Sounds like you don't give a single fuck haha

    • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie
      스테파니 조셉Stephanie 10 days ago

      +Joey Saves Lol, okay cool. But seriously though what is your 'life's purpose' that you are so intent on?

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  10 days ago

      Not literally, obviously that's extremely arrogant

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  10 days ago

      Your mindset

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    I'm glad that you're not just trying to spout nonsense about how all feminists are bad and that you should stay away from women who care about money and other incel bullshit.

  • Jon Tolar
    Jon Tolar 11 days ago

    It’s like a math equation...is he Asian or white? 22 or 32? Gay or straight?

  • Vanessa Lombaard
    Vanessa Lombaard 11 days ago

    Very interesting :) Did it work? Are you in a happy relationship? Have you found the one?

  • Seb Dunleavy
    Seb Dunleavy 11 days ago

    Are you Asian? I’m confused...

  • Mullatto Johnny
    Mullatto Johnny 12 days ago

    You're still beta bro

  • DoubleTapLasVegas
    DoubleTapLasVegas 12 days ago

    The best way to pick up women is... don't. Ignore them and let them get curious. MGTOW is not about picking up women, it's about going about simply being a man. AN ALPHA MAN

  • Genius Idiot
    Genius Idiot 13 days ago +1

    No alpha male settles down. Quit getting girl friends if your goals to be a chad. Pump and dump , wash rinse repeat. MGTOW is Red Pill through a mans eyes.
    We are witnessing the birth of the Alpha Chad here. Not a MGTOW or he’d ditch the women all together. Lol

  • Genius Idiot
    Genius Idiot 13 days ago +6

    I realized at age 5 women’s nature. I’ve never dated and have zero desire to have women in my personal life. They serve no purpose and provide zero value. Maybe back when morales were a thing and loyalty mattered to more than just men... sure. That was generations ago though.

    • Fox Hound
      Fox Hound 2 days ago

      hookers are more viable as they get right into it right to the point! women are using dating basically prostitution! and heres my take in the dating scene... who should pay the bill the man? the woman? or split the bill!? Tell me why and i will tell you! my answer! lets see! who's shallow!

    • Fox Hound
      Fox Hound 2 days ago

      +ass man read carefully as to what i wrote don't assume or easyly and quickly jump on the wrong fooT lol no! why would I? i have a mother, sister, niece and cousins

    • ass
      ass 2 days ago

      +Fox Hound ok so basically what youre saying is that you hate women and stereotype all of them and you only value them for appearance. yeah some women are bad but obviously you dont have enough experience to know that most of them arent. and you literally say that youre shallow enough to only care about the exterior of a woman and yet you get mad when she turns out to be self centered and materialistic?

    • Fox Hound
      Fox Hound 2 days ago

      +ass Virgins? hahahahahaha even i who have created a child and don't regret it but my advice to these young'ns is that its not worth the squeze. hahah and don't want us? oh wow let me tell you again that its the other way around! I have approaced womens and gotten successful and to be honest i've had my defeat aswell! But in approching women though mostly are shawllo in conversations thier self centered and materialistic! Yes we too sometimes look for the exterior but the momment the innerworking of a womans mind shows to be undesirable we flee from the scene. Women though don't give a shit the momment they know someone if rolling in with bills! reguardless if thier ugly. oh by the way lets say i ignore A.I. but goes for a hooker as as you said we men looks at them as objects right? well why don't you tell that to the hookers and see what they tell ya they too have souls but choose to take thier path rather than destroy mens life!

    • ass
      ass 2 days ago

      yikes both of you are absolutely delusional. no wonder youre pathetic virgins who sit onlime complaining because women dont want you. typical incel behavior

  • Alan
    Alan 13 days ago +1

    It sounds like when you tried to become the alpha male to be with that 2nd gf, you were trying to be something you were not. And now you are trying to focus on what's important to you (your values and goals).

  • Lookat mySnikt
    Lookat mySnikt 13 days ago

    I just got into this MGTOW topic to find out what it is but I've been doing this for about 3 years now. Whatever

  • Rafael Nogueira
    Rafael Nogueira 14 days ago

    It's funny to see so many videos about coaching, and these things, When are you going to analyze the thing, you see that all are people that already have a pre-trend, to already archieve this things because their are beautiful, or just get some muscles, everything is easy when you are good looking. This is pathethic.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  13 days ago

      yeah what loser loses 110 pounds and changes his whole life. fucking idiot

  • Stephen
    Stephen 14 days ago

    Making more money as much as you can so those pussies will come after you

  • C.I.A The Central Intelligence Agency

    Sounds like you're part of the small dick coalition...

  • BigEthan391
    BigEthan391 14 days ago

    I'm fat as shit right now, balding, and a smoker...so needless to say I have some issues with my image. I dated a chick for a few months. I got all upset and shit when things didn't work, I wouldn't say I'm MGTOW right now, but I do work make decent money, and I'm trying to build myself with less concern about girls. However, you stated something about be yourself, and yourself only. I would never recommend putting friends, and family aside ever. I'm not going to let some evil bitch ruin my life, but I'm not going the set the people who have always done right by me aside. Because, the day might come when you, doing you, stops working for you....and if you put everyone aside except you, You will have will have NOBODY. Family, and friends are extremely important.

  • Franchard Lelo
    Franchard Lelo 14 days ago +1

    Alpha or beta........ Just be a F-ing man period.

  • fcsuper
    fcsuper 14 days ago

    Gawd, another self-inflated goof that doesn't understand the concept of Alpha or Beta. Someone with no Alpha tendencies isn't Beta, they are Omega, Beta's are Alphas in waiting. Also, what's makes an Alpha in one context can make someone Delta, Gamma or Omega in another. No one is at the top of the heap in all contexts.

  • Million Dolla Scrilla
    Million Dolla Scrilla 15 days ago

    Stop getting into relationships pump and dump

  • Abbey Green
    Abbey Green 15 days ago

    Good luck on your journey
    I can't promise your heart won't be broken again but every time treat it like a lesson.

  • smutgod612
    smutgod612 15 days ago


  • YoBro
    YoBro 15 days ago

    Only give girls yourself and your honesty. Nothing else. They'll love you.

  • Radical Greek 3
    Radical Greek 3 15 days ago

    Step one get fit, step two learn how to play an instrument and finally step three get an education and work towards wealth.
    If you follow the steps you'll Always have women looking at you like a catch. Don't obsess over sex and treat women like the children they are.

  • ProperlyDriven
    ProperlyDriven 15 days ago

    You’ve got a great jaw line

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel Byrne 15 days ago

    360 turn? you mean 180

  • Carolle Enkelmann
    Carolle Enkelmann 15 days ago

    Well, now, Joey, let me reverse the situation. Put a female in your position, your first loving experience.. Now what!? Your experience is only with one woman, and your first love at that. A woman who grew up in your view under the influence of a negative feminism). I grew up in the 70's and I saw and lived part of the changes. You are better advised to read competent human relationship books, like the best sellers, than concentrating on the jaded views of a stranger and his red pills. Red flags are important. Sometimes I think you should be taught these things at school, but really, it is the responsibility of the parents. If you have bad parents or none at all your in a bad way. I did not need to read a " red pill " book to teach me lessons. The lessons were all about me, for good or for worse. Now there is too much made by men of ALPHA and BETA, shoving the responsibility entirely upon the female. The female is the reason why....blah, blah, blah! Put the blame on Mame. Being "needy" is no shameful condition, just painful, when for some reason there is no longer a partner or a relationship.. It hits both sexes and it hits them just as painfully. What makes you think your pain is more deserving than your feminine counterpart? What makes you think that what you experienced is unique to men and only men ? After many years of being subjected to experiencing many undesirable traits in some men, I have managed to kept a balance and have avoided being swang over to some sort of negative philosophie according to "the mass" , male or female. I love men. I love them in all their facets. What you learn to accept as " appropriate behaviour" has a lot to do with experience and maturity. Don't go off on a band wagon of hate or revenge just because of one bad experience. Bitterness is fatal to happiness and reading about red pills can push you into this very negative structure that our society is developing into. And this Silly talk about " Shame". If both sexes could develop a bit more ' shame ' consciousness then we would treat each other better. Red Flags will always exist taught by the best teacher, experience. Of course you could do a bit of reading to improve your knowledge. Nothing like being equipted mentally to avoid a potentially bad relationship. All the best with your life.

  • Bosseking
    Bosseking 16 days ago

    This is cringe.

  • E G
    E G 16 days ago

    mgtow is fucking losers ganging together as fucking losers.

    come back to reality, we're waiting

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 16 days ago

    You're picking up girls dude, big difference than a woman.

  • Terri
    Terri 16 days ago

    Really bad intro nearly clicked off, but I stayed and it was worth it

  • 23Jpro
    23Jpro 16 days ago

    This dude is getting a lot of hate on the comment section. Kinda funny in a way. Lol. What advice can I give you? Hmmm. Well, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders bro. You’re well spoken, disciplined, perceptive of reality and you seem like a smart guy. By what it seems like and this is my honest opinion, I think you are trying too hard. And that’s not your fault. You started out by saying you lost 110 lbs. That being said, most people that are overweight have confidence issues. When someone has confidence issues, they try to lift their spirits in different ways. That’s why you hear the term a lot, “fat guys are funny” because they try to shine in other ways besides what they can’t achieve which is looking attractive. Good for you. You lost weight and that’s great. But I think what you’re doing is you’re kind of jumping up & down and saying, “hey look at me I’m an asshole” when in reality you’re a nice guy. Let’s face it. You’re a nice guy. You have a good heart. Most obese/overweight guys are nice because they already don’t have a lot of friends or pretty girls around them. You have confidence, but not natural confidence. You still have the personality of an insecure person because when someone is insecure, they try to put out “what they are” or “what they can offer”. Yo said “I can walk right up to you and take your girl” like wtf? A natural asshole doesn’t do that. Someone that’s a natural alpha hits on a girl without trying or when the situation presents itself. An Alpha is focused on his purpose, and if a female comes around while he’s completing his purpose, he’ll have a little fun with her and move on. You on the other hand, go back to your old ways and you even said that yourself. So, what can I advise you? Find your purpose. Stop trying too hard. Go make money, go work out, go travel, find hobbies, and without trying and when you least notice it, you’ll have someone at your feet, but you won’t give them much importance because you’ll be focused on your purpose. Hope that helps!

  • John Calhoun
    John Calhoun 16 days ago

    Super basic PUA advice without addressing any social problem that leads men to MGTOW. Then a basic overview on what MGTOW is...

  • Mina Myoui
    Mina Myoui 16 days ago +1

    so alpha male is kinda like fuccboi

  • Jan Schlossar
    Jan Schlossar 16 days ago

    there is not such a thing as alpha/beta male - its dominance hierarchy nonsense.. its simply called being attractive.. but women dont want to identify men as attractive because that would give a man advantage in the mating game - basically by saying it female is giving a male power over her - and women dont want to lose that because that would mean giving sex out without "price"..

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 15 days ago

      Joey Saves
      The problem are other men who are jealous and wants to ruin it for you (me or other man) - those are the actual problem one has to deal with..
      This is what I am talking about - dominance hierarchy and people living by it..
      Men being eunuchs and women prostitutes - in their mentality..
      Watch this video:

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  15 days ago

      Feminine women submit on command.

  • hypnozecat
    hypnozecat 16 days ago

    Wow boys really have built up a whole science on how to not be a soyboy. Next you may discover that women are actually fully functional humans with a full spectrum of emotions, filled with existential dread just like everybody else. Must be exciting to still have so much to discover so late in life.
    I fully endorse the message in the video, if you lack the ability for a more complex understanding of essential human suffering in all of us, then it´s at least a good start to not be the needy guy who entirely depends on a random girls approval. Ask yourself, what would you die for? Spend more time alone, take long walks or go for a run, anything that helps you find your very core and grow on that. The only thing you have control over in this life is you.

    • hypnozecat
      hypnozecat 16 days ago

      See, you make a perfect example. With "you females" you are projecting all of the dissapointments of your own personal encouters with women onto a random anonymous woman in a random comment section. If you are either "competing for the pussy" or really looking for somebody to bounce off of and have a meaningful connection with, then in both cases it´s beneficial to you that you take a step back, work on your autonomy and let the pussy come to you.

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago +1

      sure sure - unlike the way you females manipulate men in order to have power over them and you are completely ignorant to immoralities that you causing - like injuries men sustain when competing for your pussy..

  • Syncables
    Syncables 16 days ago

    Joey thank you so fucking much you’re the man. So many things you’re saying is exactly what I need to hear and it’s going to help me out so much in the future. You are like my counselor, my friend, and so many other things that I cannot explain. Thank you so much you are so underrated it’s insane.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  16 days ago +1

      Thank you brotha I love hearing that. Here for any questions or help you need. It’s hard sometimes but you’re not alone

  • Mike Maks
    Mike Maks 16 days ago

    It's a bit funny saying you can pick up anyones gf, pretty much opening the video with that, when I know I can just backhand slap you and it would be over. That opener is too arrogant. Other than that, good content.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  16 days ago

      Thank you bro, not talking about a mans gf as explained later in vid. Worked out great for this video, thanks for the feedback brotha

  • Seth Silverstein
    Seth Silverstein 16 days ago

    Great video man. I just subscribed. Keep it up 👍

    LIGHTNING CURSE 16 days ago

    so what you're saying is i should treat the girls like dogs instead of treating them like a person... because then i can have 20 sluts (or dogs) instead of 1 human...
    yeeeaaah....hell no total bs.
    one would need an IQ of 60 to become happy with your method.
    i know a guy who's doing exactly what you said.
    he's a sociopath and constantly trapped in a relationship he's build himself (daily drama included of course)
    also saw that behavior on another dude. he lost control over it because she wanted something from him that he couldn't give her (being emotional, polite, etc. and not treating her like a doll)
    they broke up on a daily basis. just so they could get back together. EVERY. DAMN. DAY.
    my best friend has a relationship in which he treats her like responsible person and the other way around. they are together to this day. happy and not unhealthy (that's what you described. an unhealthy relationship.)
    if you really treat women like that then you haven't made progress. you made one step forward and 10 steps back.
    oh and also: you said you put values of others before yours back then?
    and now you make sure your own value comes first.
    congrats. you were a hero and made yourself a villian.
    your tips would work on a self-centered shithead who wants 100 one-night-stands a year but it doesn't work in any way for a healthy relationship.

    • HopY Man
      HopY Man 16 days ago

      Listen up dude, a man who puts his needs before other's and is an ,,alpha''(very retarded term tbh) will most certainly have healthier relationships than a ,,beta''. Also, what the fuck is that ,,hero-villain'' thing? Are you 12? You need to grow up my dude. Life's not flowers. And there is no way a so called ,,alpha'' would break up and get back again every day. That's just childhood drama you're witnessing. Peace

  • mhmood bodybilding Alzohili

    Im 320 pound and today was my cheat day after 2 weeks.i get out of the house to get fast food and donats and i have seen girls difrently cause maybe i lost 8 kilo by now so my counfidents grow.tell us about that please speachely the mentaly of thinking into girls while you was fat and moving to diet forawd.
    Im so sorry about my english bro 😥😥😥😔

    • mhmood bodybilding Alzohili
      mhmood bodybilding Alzohili 16 days ago

      +Joey Saves any advice?

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  16 days ago +1

      No worries man I’m glad to hear you’re doing good on your journey. After losing the weight I started being around more girls and understanding how they worked so I started gaining confidence and practicing more.

  • mhmood bodybilding Alzohili

    I need to talk to you in privet

  • MaxiPC
    MaxiPC 17 days ago

    hmmm to everyone watching this and reading my comment, the women he is mostly referring to are "hoes" or "thots". Women that like the "badboy", "douch", "asshole" boyfriend. Not all women are like this. You will find these in their early 20s, but come mid, high 20s and 30s women will not bother with men that treat them like they don't exists. In fact, they want men like the beta male he identified himself as earlier in the video.

    If you want to date used goods, that have probably fucked more guys than you have fingers + toes then become a douche, if you want a girl you want to show to your parents, be yourself.

  • Alex Rosen
    Alex Rosen 17 days ago

    bruh I was so beta with my 1st GF too lol. You learn though

  • Jacek Jankowski
    Jacek Jankowski 17 days ago

    Great energy and self-motivation. But i'd say - try gaining extra 110 pounds and scoring more hits with girls, then you might talk about "self development" like a pro. Right now it seems to me that a fatboy turned into a fuckboi (your whole content basically evolves from this concept), which isn't exactly what i was looking for in this theme.

    • Jacek Jankowski
      Jacek Jankowski 16 days ago

      +Joey Saves Yes i suppose.

    • Jacek Jankowski
      Jacek Jankowski 16 days ago

      Allow me to add one more thing - basically the whole MGTOW is *toxic*, its really easy to loose yourself in this boys brotherhood juicy flavor and completely loose meaningful connection with females as a side effect. But it will make you gain ego which is appealing, challenging, juicy. I felt really lost after i found this appealing to me at certain stage on my path. Its especially worse if you are looking for an adult relationship. The qualities i find much more above that are 1) respect others/gain own dignity thought respecting other people 2) honesty 3) being trustworthy. Its not possible for any female or anyone at all, to find you unworthy if you are constantly feeding them with respect. They always mirror you and you mirror them through what you are. It is crucial to gain your own dignity through this process. You did what all youth males and females do, its dictated by age - ambitious, self-motivated etc. seeking challenges and prooving themselves. It works to some extent (and is a part of growing up). When you pass that 30 years of age, you have to choose the right path afterwards. It isn't exactly wealth and power which makes very sexy young females go after fat and ugly rich guys while dropping their sexy and well shaped boyfriends. Its the respect, dignity, and social status built on this kind of chivalry. Only people emanating dignity and sharing it, get the power in this world; trust, honesty and respect in return goes both ways. These things we learn. Its just my fair share of thoughts which circled for quite a while now and im pretty sure you might find them dear. Best regards.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  16 days ago

      Why the fuck would I gain 110 pounds hahaha you’re looking for the perfect content I suppose

  • Outpat
    Outpat 18 days ago

    I'm saying this with the intention of providing you with some insight...What you've described as "what women want" is literally the total opposite of what women want in a lasting partner. I often feel like what men want is the slutty, trashy girl that gets drunk every night and sleeps with a different guy every other day, but I am smart enough to know I can't really speak for what men want.

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago

      I dont have a clue what you talking about - what you saying is not based on truth..
      sex between sexes is based on pareto principle where 80% of females "compete" for 20% of men by GIVING THEM SEX..
      And 80% of men compete for 20% of women (that includes paid companionship)..
      you just bullshiting..

  • Outpat
    Outpat 18 days ago

    Coming from a woman, that method of not making your girl the center of your universe is what almost every man already does. The issue is that men are NOT attentive enough, don't care enough, and constantly cheat. In every relationship with a man I have been in, I have made him my first priority (below family and my pets and goals of course) and done whatever I could to make him happy, and he treated me the way this dude in this video is recommending. All it ends in is heartbreak because I come to the realization that the man does not care about me as much as I care about him. I don't know what kind of women you're referring to that are so materialistic and self-centered and stuck up to expect you to buy them gifts and shit, but most women are not like that. The women you attract may be that way because of the way you view us. But the women I have come into contact with have, for the most part, been the loving and caring ones in their relationships and the men have been the ones without a care in the world just using the woman for sex.

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago +1

      And also white women are behind the non-white immigration, so there is always oversupply of demand for your pussy, in order to keep their "vagina price" artificially inflated..
      Completely immorally abusing the fact that you white women are most desirable of all women..
      Again completely ignoring the consequences it has for white men!
      You have prostitute mentality - not just covertly, but overtly!

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago +1

      Why do you have blue hair? because you want to invoke protection feeling in a man so he will treat you like a weak individual - basically you want to be see as a "doll/child" combination..?
      Do you also shave your pubic hair to look like a child too??
      Why you dont want to be an adult woman?? Ah, I see - because you want to be "protected" (men being aggressive to each other, risking their health so you can brag about it with other women which man was willing to risk what for your pussy, men not trusting one another so they wont create "an agency" so they stay divided and you can easily manipulate them so they do as you wish)..

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago +1

      And I am actually not complaining about women, well yes I do - because they have a power..
      But mostly I am criticizing behavior? And not just prostitute behavior of women (indoctrinated by their own mothers - thats why they believe it to be true), but also men who are eunuchs and tolerating it because they were indoctrinated by their fathers, thats why they believe it..
      And my point is simple - I am defending myself, because prostitutes and eunuchs both attacking me and slandering me - because I am offering substitute to them on the sexual market - and they dont like competition!

    • Jan Schlossar
      Jan Schlossar 16 days ago +1

      I will tell you one more thing - very important thing.. If you have power over society (which you females do) and you abuse it (not using it correctly) and manage it bad (not in benefit of those who you have power over) - you will lose that power!

    • Outpat
      Outpat 16 days ago

      +Jan Schlossar Yet another example of male brainlessness, unable to comprehend the most simple of logic. Of course you can't face facts that threaten your defense mechanism, if you did that you might have to acknowledge that YOU'RE the issue and not the women you judge.

  • Harvey Birdman
    Harvey Birdman 18 days ago

    Did this nigga just say he was gonna steal my bitch in the first 10 seconds of this video...?

    ... I'm listening

  • Caden Jester
    Caden Jester 19 days ago

    Took 12 minutes for a 5 word definition. Thanks

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  19 days ago

      Mgtow is an abbreviation not a definition :)

  • generalsub7
    generalsub7 19 days ago

    Alpha males don't go around calling themselves alphas. only a beta like yourself will use that word so many times. i can see how insecure you really are...and by the way picking up girls in front of their boyfriends isn't alpha at all its stupid asking for trouble.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  19 days ago

      Aw, taken out of context, projecting your feelings on my video :/ it's alright man, I appreciate your positivity!

  • Rudy Tucker
    Rudy Tucker 20 days ago +2

    Treat women like crap and they treat you like gold.

  • OgerPinata
    OgerPinata 20 days ago

    Maybe you are the chosen one🤔

  • Andrei Cristian Anghel

    Thank you so much for this man! Absolutely fucking needed this

  • Xander17
    Xander17 20 days ago

    What is MGTOW? In far less than 12 minutes.
    A MGTOW bloke is someone who's been hurt by at least one woman, and has decided he hates them all. MGTOW is the male version of today's grossly mutated version of Feminism.

    • Xander17
      Xander17 19 days ago

      +Splenchshsk Q: Nope, according to the definition of Incel that I had to look up.

    • Splenchshsk
      Splenchshsk 19 days ago

      > A MGTOW bloke is someone who's been hurt by at least one woman, and has decided he hates them all.
      So basically an incel that managed to get laid?

  • Horatio Mud-Gudgeon
    Horatio Mud-Gudgeon 20 days ago

    wanting to be a alpha keeps you a beta, its circular, the trick is not being ruled by your dick, and making a life outside women

  • Frowntown
    Frowntown 20 days ago

    RSD - typically - are just douchebags. YES they are sensible but they are using gimmicks to hook up. and that's fine - if they have to. But its like being that whiny customer just so you can get a discount - and then being proud of it. Instead of just being the deserving customer and getting your discount. A PUA is like a hyena in the wild - they can get theirs.. the MGTOW is more like the lion.

  • MsMiggy85
    MsMiggy85 20 days ago

    The terms "alpha" and "beta" were eventually rejected by the scientist that studied wolves and created them. Wolves don't have alphas and betas. Women also don't like any of this. We like MEN. If you have your life together, are respectful, and see someone that you like... There's nothing wrong with making her feel special. The DIFFERENCE is that you spent time working on yourself and you have your own thing going on so you don't NEED her for validation, you just WANT her around cuz she's attractive to you.

  • Processor
    Processor 21 day ago

    The problem is people want to affect everyone around them. (Because of the social media)
    You may find only one woman out of 100s who can understand you and it's okay! That's why you feel she is special for you.
    You are not just a lion who is trying to reproduce. You are going to spend your life with that person, that's why you shouldn't act like someone else. Be yourself, have your life goals and if you find someone has similar goals, be with her.

  • M Dawson
    M Dawson 21 day ago


  • Kyrious
    Kyrious 21 day ago +3

    If you're into the red pill, check out. Rollo Tomassi, Aaron Clarey, and Richard Cooper. For a enjoyable MGTOW look at Terence Popp.

    • Fox Hound
      Fox Hound 10 days ago

      POPP is one of the best

  • Paul Atkinson
    Paul Atkinson 22 days ago +2

    Your story is a mirror of mine, it has inspired me to continue to grow.

    • Joey Saves
      Joey Saves  21 day ago +1

      Love hearing that, keep at it brotha, it's a lifelong process

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    All fun and games till Chad gets red pilled lol shit even I’m scared 😂

  • Sangui
    Sangui 22 days ago

    Being a prick will get your face smashed where I come from. Shouldn't encourage people to act like that.