Blind Coffee Chain Taste Test

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • America runs on... 7-Eleven? It's time to see if we can tell these coffee chains' coffees apart from one-another. GMM #1430
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Comments • 5 979

  • Jason Bird
    Jason Bird Day ago

    American coffee is all disgusting! Come to Australia for a good cuppa ;)

  • John Madinald
    John Madinald Day ago

    Peanuts, walnut, your nuts.

  • Michael Akowuah
    Michael Akowuah 2 days ago +1

    Should have included speedway cofee

  • Dee Kay
    Dee Kay 4 days ago

    Cheers they should have kissed!

  • Nonya Bizz
    Nonya Bizz 4 days ago

    You guys need some Tim Horton's.

  • Jayesh Ajitsaria
    Jayesh Ajitsaria 7 days ago

    These two guys spend more time with each other than with their wives

  • socie kiffa
    socie kiffa 7 days ago

    Who glued a oldschool telephone to each of those heads?

  • Qsp Bot
    Qsp Bot 10 days ago

    Slipped ahead just to see them sip coffee out of a foam head...

  • Pataganja
    Pataganja 11 days ago

    This was so disorganized lol

  • Nicholas Molina
    Nicholas Molina 12 days ago

    Starbucks has the best coffee in my area and for you to say it tastes like plastic you don’t know what good coffee is

  • DemonicafroJB
    DemonicafroJB 12 days ago

    “It receives the cream and mingles with it” alright then

  • Dalina Schwartz
    Dalina Schwartz 12 days ago

    honestly how do they even think of the game names? I can't even think a name for my cat

  • Jbean512
    Jbean512 12 days ago

    Awww no Dutch Bros

  • Charissa Schoon
    Charissa Schoon 12 days ago

    I’m thinking they just don’t like coffee

  • Anto Wibowo
    Anto Wibowo 13 days ago

    The moral of this story: Don't drink hot coffee from plastic cup.

  • Moo
    Moo 13 days ago

    Couldn't watch this because of dolls.

  • Alpha Fox
    Alpha Fox 14 days ago

    There should have bean caribou coffee.

    BE3THOVEN 15 days ago

    Is the white stuff in Link’s hair the flour from the bridesmaid episode or is he old?

  • djjazzyjeff123
    djjazzyjeff123 15 days ago +1

    You guys should do this again with the fast food places like McDonalds, BK, Wendy's etc. Basically everywhere you got those breakfast sandwiches from, try their coffees too.

  • Yo_dawg
    Yo_dawg 15 days ago

    Am i the only one, that doesn't drink coffe

  • ginoxio2004
    ginoxio2004 16 days ago

    Also, 8:19 "Coffee Tea & Bean Leaf"

  • ginoxio2004
    ginoxio2004 16 days ago

    2:14 This is where humanity as a species peaks. Its only downhill from here.

  • Deloss92
    Deloss92 18 days ago

    @11:20 Picture Napolean Dynamite.

  • Deloss92
    Deloss92 18 days ago

    WHYYYYY DIDNT YOU JUST PUT IT IN YOUR GMM MUGS!!!. I realize its not fancy taste testing but seriously plastic guys come on.

  • Deloss92
    Deloss92 18 days ago

    Just saying but Taco Bell has some bomb coffee. I get it almost every morning and its single serve cups to so fresh everytime.

  • Krissey Dye
    Krissey Dye 19 days ago

    I actually love 7eleven coffee, and it's cheap. I usually get the dark roast. Dark roast, 1 sugar, 2 cream.

  • WarStock
    WarStock 20 days ago

    Why does link have a flesh light in the bottom of his mug? Hahaha

  • Ashlyn start
    Ashlyn start 20 days ago

    I actually love Dunkin lol. It's my fave coffee

  • maxie fuqua
    maxie fuqua 21 day ago

    Somebody tell me where to get those head mugs.
    I want one.

  • KuffinsUniverse
    KuffinsUniverse 21 day ago

    I thought he was going to say Liquid Nitrogen

  • Angelica C
    Angelica C 21 day ago

    Peet's is garbage 200% of the time.

  • rzeka
    rzeka 21 day ago

    9:10 starfucks

  • ClubAmerica92
    ClubAmerica92 21 day ago

    I think 7-11 coffee wasn’t ranked properly

  • Presley Russell
    Presley Russell 22 days ago +1

    five hargrevee is quaking

  • Joshua Lackey
    Joshua Lackey 23 days ago

    demons eating souls (colorized)

  • God Gamer
    God Gamer 23 days ago

    You guys don’t even have a Dutch bros fat rip in the chat

  • Saskaruto16
    Saskaruto16 24 days ago

    Plastic makes everything taste worse, and those heads are clearly filled with Plastic. That would be disgusting.

  • Saskaruto16
    Saskaruto16 24 days ago

    >Not including Tim Hortons, the king of coffee, in a coffee tasting test.

  • Official oWaynez
    Official oWaynez 24 days ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this episode because the WHOOOPE TIME , Link is playing the game an Rhett is trying to find out who he is

  • Blind Hydra
    Blind Hydra 24 days ago +4

    Starbucks never had good coffee to be honest

  • v1antbo
    v1antbo 25 days ago

    I live in Boston and Dunkin is piss watered down.

  • Diarrhea max Cupcakes todoroki


  • Diarrhea max Cupcakes todoroki

    Rhett and link are dr Seuss exposed

  • David Goodwin
    David Goodwin 26 days ago

    Okay who is the announced girl

  • Chris Aplin
    Chris Aplin 26 days ago

    Thanks for coming to our city though. We love you.

  • ethan matheson
    ethan matheson 26 days ago

    10:00 to 11:00 is why there needs to be back ground music

  • Fireshadow DT
    Fireshadow DT 26 days ago

    liquid w o k e

  • Amie Marya
    Amie Marya 26 days ago

    tips: never drink any kind of hot drink in a plastic cup, plastic cup will always ruin the hot drinks taste, also not a for your health to.

  • (Ash)
    (Ash) 26 days ago

    Where did you get those mugs or how did you make them???? I really need to know!

  • REBL Catastrophe
    REBL Catastrophe 27 days ago

    Bet the mugs are changing the taste. No way I’d give Peet’s coffee a 2 and mc Donald’s a 7

  • Joseph Shellenhamer
    Joseph Shellenhamer 27 days ago

    Sheetz is the best

  • Franchette RJ Zamudio
    Franchette RJ Zamudio 27 days ago

    Missed seattle’s Best and Tim horton’s what an injustice

  • Lorena Aguilar
    Lorena Aguilar 28 days ago

    Moral of the story: stop wasting your money on bougie coffee.

  • GD_OG
    GD_OG 28 days ago

    You need Tim's!!

  • Céyl Anderson
    Céyl Anderson 29 days ago

    Give it to me

  • Lincoln Latimer
    Lincoln Latimer 29 days ago +1

    moral of the story is that coffee is disgusting haha

  • Banzai McButterPants
    Banzai McButterPants 29 days ago

    I really wanted to watch this video but the maniquin heads were too much

  • Max Fleming
    Max Fleming 29 days ago

    why was beard surprised by coffee being bitter

  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers Month ago

    I read that one name as “coffee tea and bean leaf.”

  • o jr
    o jr Month ago +1

    Link: do you tast nuts
    Rhett: not regularly

  • Colton Stokes
    Colton Stokes Month ago

    I heard that cheap coffee starts tasting worse the more you drink it because they usually serve it super hot and your taste buds can’t pick up all the flavors at first. So unless they are keeping these coffees at the same temp they may be experiencing a timing issue

  • Filmsparks
    Filmsparks Month ago

    could you guys gotten coffee from caffe nero?

  • kenny s
    kenny s Month ago

    Needed regular mugs. Not liking the head mugs. Not a good idea. Not funny. Not cute. 👎

  • Comrade Everclear
    Comrade Everclear Month ago

    They gave Starbucks the wrong score at the end.

  • DontReadThisComment

    look closely at the original starbucks logo lol i pass it a lot in seattle

  • SplasJ
    SplasJ Month ago

    MC Donalds has the WORST Coffee ever in Austria xD

  • Dr Wang Lang
    Dr Wang Lang Month ago

    Whoever reads this comment, have an awesome day/night! 😊💙

  • Rainne De Jesus
    Rainne De Jesus Month ago +4

    1:26 no Tim Hortons? Oh sorry, I'm Canadian

  • urie p.
    urie p. Month ago

    You ruined the taste with that plastic mug. Smh. Do it all over with a real mug. Pls

  • Brad Westlund
    Brad Westlund Month ago

    For once I actually agreed with Link's rankings lol

  • George
    George Month ago

    rhett is the biggest hipster on the internet and he doesn't know his coffees?

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco Month ago

    Lmfaooo “are they all the same coffee”

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer Month ago

    These blind taste tests are my favorite. Because it shows that many times branding/marketing is why we buy things.

  • TyNyra Lewis
    TyNyra Lewis Month ago

    Frappe/frapachino taste test

  • Nelson Interiano
    Nelson Interiano Month ago

    No FrankinCoffee!!!!!

  • Aisha
    Aisha Month ago

    Liquid wakey time!!!

  • Taylor Liles
    Taylor Liles Month ago

    Anyone else wondering what happened to Mike and Alex? I miss new episodes of 10 Feet Tall.

  • Vincent Le
    Vincent Le Month ago

    nothing like watching two men in their 40s drinking coffee out of a woman's head

  • Konstantinos avgoustis


  • Alan Milne
    Alan Milne Month ago

    Costa is my favourite coffee chain.Surprised you don’t get them in the states

  • Madi Trevino
    Madi Trevino Month ago

    Y’all need to rank the flavors of teas!

  • Josh -
    Josh - Month ago

    I’m convinced that Link cannot eat a meal or drink without dinking

  • Javier Sosa
    Javier Sosa Month ago

    These are best videos

  • John K
    John K Month ago

    I bet there’s a lot of salty Shitbucks fans here 😘😉

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal Month ago

    McGloughlin got Britney Spears....

  • Kaytlyn Long
    Kaytlyn Long Month ago

    There is so many factors that effect coffee taste. And the fact that it probably was sitting for awhile is only the beginning. I would love to see them try different specialty coffee freshly made via chemex. We need to make that happen! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Julie Park
    Julie Park Month ago

    But Wawa coffee is where it’s at

  • Cassie Mitchell
    Cassie Mitchell Month ago

    Those face mugs too creepy lol

  • craig lasiter
    craig lasiter Month ago

    I guess you can say those 2 girls have nothing but coffee on the brain

  • Luna V
    Luna V Month ago

    Peet’s coffee is my FAVORITE ever. What do you meaaaaan

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn Month ago

    Tim Hortons coffee is way better than all those

  • og verde
    og verde Month ago

    how u gonna put cream in ya coffee for a taste test

  • Molton X
    Molton X Month ago

    Take the time to appreciate Rhett and Link matching with the title screen and with each other

  • armouredcat23
    armouredcat23 Month ago

    bad cup idea

  • Adam GB
    Adam GB Month ago

    Why do I watch these? It's the same two guys talking about what they taste every time, yet i've watched like 20 episodes... Is this me losing control of my life?

  • Kyro Tureno
    Kyro Tureno Month ago

    I'm really disturbed by the head things, messed up the vid and entertainment

  • Kaitlyn Hinch
    Kaitlyn Hinch Month ago

    Poor Americans don't have Tim Hortons. Oh well, love this anyways! 😃

  • prodigy gir
    prodigy gir Month ago

    I've been saying for years that starbucks coffee is not good. Im glad link at least backed me up on this one. lol

  • Rygar Gaming
    Rygar Gaming Month ago

    i bet that link being the pretentious hipster that he is will still go to starbucks despite it not even being good in not only objective tests done across the US but also in his own opinion becuase of the identity that he has taken on and social insecurity.

  • BonnyGurl316
    BonnyGurl316 Month ago

    I wish Circle K coffee had been included. They kept me alive during college.