[ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP. 1 - The night before moving into dorms (Changbin, Woojin, Minho)

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • Subbed by Team DSML (Don't Sexualise Maknae Line); only translate to your own language after seeking for our permission and give proper credits.
    TEAM DSML can be found on Twitter at:
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    ORIGINAL VIDEO: Stray Kids [1회] ♡두근두근♡ 숙소 입성 전날 밤!|각양각색 셀프카메라 171017 EP.1 thexvid.com/video/KY-BCR-4Wx4/video.html

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  • Rozak Yahya
    Rozak Yahya Month ago +2

    Felix girlfriend is so rich

  • StrayKids Queen_17
    StrayKids Queen_17 Month ago

    Is there a video of them moving out of the trainee dorm? And if so where could I find it?

  • Minnie Nx1
    Minnie Nx1 2 months ago

    I feel bad for laughing at Minho

  • Love Bud
    Love Bud 3 months ago +4

    Everyone’s talking about Changbin’s house, just look at Bang Chan’s.

  • I'M 9 OUT
    I'M 9 OUT 3 months ago +2

    I have watched almost all of their videos except the survival show because I don't want heartbreaks. But I kinda know what happen there. But the thing is, I just happened to convince myself to watch it, and I WOULD NEVER KNOW CHANGBIN IS WEALTHY IF I DIDN'T WATCH IT. Gosh, I missed so many infos 😭😭😭

  • Fenny Zega
    Fenny Zega 3 months ago

    Next episode???

  • nadchewniel _
    nadchewniel _ 4 months ago +2

    Is it just me thinks that changbin house really look the same as chaeyeon izone house😂😂

    • HaHanaDr
      HaHanaDr 2 months ago

      I've read somewhere that they live in the same area so they are basically neighbours and that they are friends :D

    • ChimChim and ChocoCones
      ChimChim and ChocoCones 4 months ago

      Yeah.... they do 😗

  • daddy pig
    daddy pig 4 months ago

    ok changbin looks exactly like his mom wtf

  • seungwoo Daebak
    seungwoo Daebak 5 months ago

    Minho bundle always funny in my eyes..i do that if i go to sleep at my friend room..

  • tae H rice
    tae H rice 5 months ago +4

    Changbin : its suffocating , but hold it there! Haha such a softie who loves dark uwu

  • R.Rodriguez0309
    R.Rodriguez0309 6 months ago +1

    am i the only one who thought it was so cute when MINHO took out the bundle?? like i love my self a person who doesn't mind showing their upbringings and they're proud of it!! i love my humble kings!

  • Binnie’s trash
    Binnie’s trash 6 months ago

    Okay the two unlikes is probably from woojin and leeknow😂😂

  • j hope
    j hope 6 months ago +17

    Came here after seeing Bang Chan's house.

  • Angelina Dunham
    Angelina Dunham 7 months ago +6

    1:59 Woojin that thigh yum, and Changbin hella rich and never talks about how awesome his house is. Minho over here taking his whole closet.

  • Aisha Jobarteh
    Aisha Jobarteh 7 months ago

    Aww changbin woojin lee know 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bts Bangtan
    Bts Bangtan 8 months ago

    What's is the song with guitar by woojin?

  • sophia v
    sophia v 8 months ago


  • Emma Holt
    Emma Holt 8 months ago +2

    baby binnie i'm

  • stan stray kids
    stan stray kids 9 months ago +7

    i was just living my life ‘till i remembered changbin was rich, legit he’s so humble uwu

  • Autumn Fox
    Autumn Fox 9 months ago +99

    Changbin, the real-life prince: My concept is dark
    *a few minutes later*
    Changbin to Gyu: Is it ( *the clothes in his bag* ) comfortable to lean on?

    Minho is again at it with his bundles

  • Lauren Kim
    Lauren Kim 10 months ago +161

    Changbin reminds me of a character in big hero 6...where he acts humble and wears almost the same outfits but when they've entered his house they can't believe his actually rich

    • broken compass
      broken compass 15 days ago

      Who was it again? Its been a long time since i watched big hero 6

  • yakeult.
    yakeult. 10 months ago +4


  • stay okay.
    stay okay. 10 months ago +6

    the longer you watch the weirder the member becomes........AJKSHJA

  • hyeongjunnie
    hyeongjunnie 10 months ago

    Woojin is so adorable 😍

  • k i w i l e m o n a d e
    k i w i l e m o n a d e 10 months ago +26

    i wonder how they reacted to finding out changbin was loaded

    • Moonx star
      Moonx star 6 months ago +1

      @Faria Chaudhary right😂

    • Faria Chaudhary
      Faria Chaudhary 6 months ago +2

      @Cutie Bunnyland It's called idol room

    • Cutie Bunnyland
      Cutie Bunnyland 6 months ago

      @Moonx star what's the name of the show?

    • Moonx star
      Moonx star 6 months ago +4

      Watch on JTBC Entertainment there was an episode of skz where jisung told how rich changbin is😂 and they were shocked

  • 9 or None
    9 or None 10 months ago +23

    Woooooooooooow, Changbin you rich! Such fancy schamcy house, I like it
    Also it’s Minho with his bundles

  • rosé
    rosé 10 months ago +3

    minho and his bundles 😂 protecc this baby 😭

  • Jinyoung's peach is JB's favorite thing.

    0:45 I can't believe ChangBin's mom is ChangBin with wig! 😱😂

    • Gloria
      Gloria 9 months ago

      Filha de MinSung 💀

  • Taurus_Says_hi
    Taurus_Says_hi 11 months ago

    Dem shoulders tho

  • TropicalYan
    TropicalYan 11 months ago +46

    We know how rich Changbin is now!!!! 😅

  • Stray kitten
    Stray kitten Year ago +9

    minho stop wrapping my heart in your bundles

  • Stray kitten
    Stray kitten Year ago +57

    changbin rich but humble ;)

  • suga stole my wig .
    suga stole my wig . Year ago +5

    *1:35** Woojin Thick*

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone Year ago +2


  • Angela Clevenger
    Angela Clevenger Year ago

    omg ur user

  • Forever Alone
    Forever Alone Year ago +2

    Woojin 😍

  • Cathreen Zhen
    Cathreen Zhen Year ago +4

    they don't live in one dorm with the other members?

  • Lucy Grayson
    Lucy Grayson Year ago +52

    I love that Minho bundle nickname works in both languages BUNDLEEKNOW!!!!!!!!

  • sunshine bitch
    sunshine bitch Year ago


  • Vero
    Vero Year ago +45

    well changbin is super rich woah

  • Iramaxxx Whisky
    Iramaxxx Whisky Year ago +585

    While Changbin is effin' rich, Minho is...
    ...putting his clothes in a bundle.

  • Just Me
    Just Me Year ago +2

    Wait why did they blur out Changbin's T-shirt? I'm confused

  • bisa
    bisa Year ago +289

    wtf i thought it was a hotel until i heard his mom WHATTTT. changbin is rich but he’s so humble at the same time wow i love him

  • rEd LiGhT gReEn LiGhT sWaGGGG

    Can blonde woojin make a comeback??

  • Monika Mirek
    Monika Mirek Year ago +1

    Coca-cola oppa is also in this episode, he should be mentioned in the title!

  • bel jupiter
    bel jupiter Year ago +37


  • hanjinyeon한진연
    hanjinyeon한진연 Year ago +9

    at first I thought I was the only one who keep clothes in a bundle until I saw minhoe asdfghjkl

  • mllfls
    mllfls Year ago +7

    woojin's aigoo omg so cute

  • M1ss Cakal
    M1ss Cakal Year ago +5

    I Love Dark Tuu♥ xD Changbin is my Senpai♥

  • InFiniTe Pinkiy
    InFiniTe Pinkiy Year ago +16

    LMAO MINHO😂😂😂😂😂

  • InFiniTe Pinkiy
    InFiniTe Pinkiy Year ago +17

    Changbin stan here✋

  • Pufek
    Pufek Year ago +205

    *we love a wealthy boi named changbin*

  • San Jisoo, tu dios pecador

    Changbin es el Daddy de felix ahreno

  • K K
    K K Year ago +17

    Why woojin so cute

  • Ellie Natoza
    Ellie Natoza Year ago +5

    aite thats cool. guess i jus fell in ove with kim woojin aite thats fine

  • starlight baby
    starlight baby Year ago +114

    Who the hell still keep their clothes in a bundle??? Minho u cutiepie 😏

    • Berna XY
      Berna XY 5 days ago

      Maybe he doesn't have a suitcase

    • mklbln
      mklbln Month ago

      wait keeping clothes in bundles are actually a thing?

    • Cutie Bunnyland
      Cutie Bunnyland 6 months ago

      Me hahahah 😂

    • Ayu Mega
      Ayu Mega 9 months ago

      @hanjinyeon한진연 me too hahahaha

    • hanjinyeon한진연
      hanjinyeon한진연 Year ago +5

      starlight baby well, I keep my clothes in a bundle even until now hahahahahah

  • and i oop
    and i oop Year ago +22

    OMG woojin so cute 😄😙

  • Multi-fandom Enthusiast

    Changbin is a real-life prince omg

    • uwus
      uwus 5 months ago


  • Stizzy
    Stizzy Year ago +337

    My broke ass couldn't even afford to watch Changbin walk around in his own house damn.

  • julie villaver
    julie villaver Year ago +675

    Its nice that even though Changbin is really rich, he’s still humble. I would’ve never known he was rich unless someone showed me this👍