Frogfish Bite Faster Than You Can Blink

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Frogfish ambush and swallow their prey in whole, all before they can even think “that’s no moon'. - Watch 'The Health Of Our Oceans' here
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    Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


    Examining the nature of the beast.

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  • Animalogic
    Animalogic  2 years ago +358

    Hey everyone! I hope you liked this week's episode, we had a great time filming these fishies. They're so cute :)

  • xKDxx
    xKDxx 2 years ago +1

    They fart themselves away from danger. Admirable.

  • Margaret Thatcher
    Margaret Thatcher 2 years ago +1

    I love how it just sucks up entire fish

  • FilmscoreMetaler
    FilmscoreMetaler 2 years ago +863

    This is even more astonishing if you think of how much harder it is to move under water so that normally marine life takes place in slow motion.

  • Tetsuran mark 1
    Tetsuran mark 1 2 years ago +672

    I don't know why but to me frog fish always look like they're struggling to exist

  • Francesca
    Francesca 2 years ago +60

    This footage is unbelievable wow thank you Animalogic for capturing all that you do 🙌

  • Bradley
    Bradley 2 years ago +190

    Awesome video! Can you guys do a video on the difference between frogs and toads?

  • Thrilller525
    Thrilller525 2 years ago +413

    Can you imagine 4 of your fish friends disappearing as soon as you look back , wildd.

  • Call Me Jephph
    Call Me Jephph 2 years ago +401

    I think frogfish are some of the most beautiful fish in the ocean for several reasons, includi- Why is everyone laughing at me

  • PandaBearJack
    PandaBearJack 2 years ago +95

    The ocean is terrifying.

  • Hohda
    Hohda 2 years ago +2

    I love your art and all the amazing animals <3 Been binge watching these the whole day.

  • Black Feather
    Black Feather 2 years ago +6

    Awesome video, as always!!! Could You do a video about how the birds can fly on their own? I think everyone knows it, but if You will do a more detailed version, I think that would be super interesting for me!! :D ❤❤

  • CthulhuianBunny
    CthulhuianBunny 2 years ago +343

    I wonder if this is what those mimic octopuses are imitating when they look like they're running along the sea floor.

  • Maple Shade
    Maple Shade 2 years ago +562

    Fish:wants to eat a worm.

  • Jack Traveller
    Jack Traveller 2 years ago

    These are amazing! I can't believe I'd never heard of them, they're like shallow water anglerfish!

  • Joshua Zane
    Joshua Zane 2 years ago +190

    Me: "Yeah, I guess I'll check this out."

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam 2 years ago +1

    you do more work than National Geographic, you deserve a spot on TV.

  • Slenderman
    Slenderman 2 years ago +96

    I literally have to stare because if I blink I'll miss them feeding xD

  • Yambit B
    Yambit B 2 years ago +16

    Could you do a Video on Enormous Sea Scorpions? If you'd like or could you do a Animal Logic on Animals that are Extinct? The Enteladont is a really cool one in my opinion I love your vids keep up the great work <3

  • All Star Pterosaur
    All Star Pterosaur 2 years ago

    You never cease to amaze me, Animalogic. I knew about the whole color changing, mouth expanding, six millisecond bite, and lure stuff. But I never k ew about their jet propulsion! I have a question. What’s the closest relative to frogfish?